Forces of Creation: Rebirth By Fireblazing

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights or characters of Monster Rancher. The situation is of my own design but any coincidences to other stories are unintentional unless otherwise stated. This is meant to be a slightly darker fiction because the mood must be set for the enemy to led the reader to blind hatred, that is if I do it right.


Within a year of Moo's defeat an evil Joker appeared after being unlocked from a mystery disk that had been embedded in a rock beneath the earth. The child had no idea that his monster was one of a corrupt race of monsters. This Joker allowed the boy to believe that he was a good monster. Every time the boy had him do household chores, the Joker would control his rage while waiting for the correct time to strike. That day came after four months of living with the boy.

The time had finally come when the Joker's powers could be fully revived. The day of the solar eclipse came and with it innocent blood was shed. The boy and his family were the first to be murdered by the monster they called their friend. The evil within the Joker had become greater and when the sun was completely covered, Joker's bloodlust was unleashed on the village. No one was spared; even the monsters that served the humans were killed. The stench of death filled the air as the Joker left the village in ruin. He took only a moment to bast in the deaths he had caused. On his way toward another village he walked over the body of the young boy who first unlocked him. The body was no longer distinguishable from the others. As the eclipse ended, the Joker had begun the journey to the town where his friend was buried.

"You will have your revenge brothers, the monster world will once again be under our control," vowed the Joker. "Bloodshed lives again!"

A week passed and the Joker had reached his destination, a small town that was outside of a rock valley. Here is where his friend was killed and it was here that he would be reborn. Villagers fled as they saw the monster approach them. Everyone feared this monster because they had heard the rumor of a village's destruction at the hands of a Joker hybrid. However, despite their fear of the Joker, they still did not have a chance to escape their deaths. The Joker spared no one and lived up to his name of Bloodshed. After the humans and monsters were eradicated, the Joker walked to the spot where his friend laid buried.

"It is time to arise brother, the hour of or vengeance is nearly upon us!" said Bloodshed before he began to chant an ancient spell that no one has known for centuries.

It was ten minutes before the Joker completed his spell and the ground began to tremble.

"The sleeper has finally awaken!" cried Bloodshed in triumph.

Out of the ground sprung the remains of what appeared to have been a dragon. All that was left of him was his skeleton but the memories of his defeat were still fresh in his mind.

"Brother, welcome to the land of the living," said Bloodshed.

"It is good to be back, but from now on, call me Death Dragon!" roared the newly awaken monster.

"And what is it you crave Death Dragon!" asked the Joker already sure of the answer.

"Vengeance!" roared the dragon so loud that the ground rumbled.

"Then come with me, after I awaken a few friends, we will have our vengeance!" replied the Joker.

"Yes those weaklings will pay for my death with their own," vowed Death Dragon.

Joker and Death Dragon continued their carnage though every village they came through. No one survived their destruction and all that remained of the villages was piles of rubble. However, after the destruction of the latest village, they stopped at a cavern near the village.

Upon entering the cavern an energy shield blocked them from continuing further. Nevertheless, Joker destroyed the shield and continued into the darkest part of the cavern. There, in the far corner of the room was a disk that resonated evil. Both Bloodshed and Death Dragon released the monster within through magic. What appeared beside them was a mammoth creature with crimson eyes.

"It is good to see you again after all these years brother," said Bloodshed.

"Wish I could say the same Joker," replied the behemoth.

"You remember Death Dragon do you not Jaggernaunt?" asked Bloodshed.

"His appearance has changed but I still remember the evil that resides in him," replied the Beaclon hybrid.

"It is time for revenge against those that imprisoned us," order Bloodshed.

"Yes, I crave the sticky feeling of blood in my claws," said Jaggernaunt. "Especially the blood of the woman who imprisoned me."

"Come, there is one more who craved the blood of revenge," said Death Dragon. This time there were few deaths between these evil monsters and there destination. An old shrine that was completely in disrepair was the site of the next rebirth. A powerful monster that desired only the death of the human race for the destruction they caused to her home before a powerful woman defeated it.

"Arise sister, your moment of vengeance is nearly upon you," said Joker as he and his fellow monsters spoke the spell that would revive their last companion.

The shine was encompassed with darkness until it was completely destroyed. Within the rubble stood a Pixie hybrid. Evil shone in her eyes like it shone in the eyes of her "brothers."

"Finally, I am free to enact my vengeance on that dog of a woman!" cried the Pixie.

"At last we are all reunited, the time of her death will soon be at hand," said Jaggernaunt.

"Welcome back Poison, we've missed you," said Death Dragon.

"It is time we begin the plan for the woman's destruction," ordered Bloodshed. "We will return home and rebuild our army to assist us in removing the human race as well as the pathetic monsters who defend them."

"One thing bothers me brother," said Poison.

"And what is that Poison," replied Bloodshed.

"How was it that you were revived and received your full powers again?" asked the Pixie hybrid.

"A young bot found my disk while harvesting the ground. He had no idea of what evil he had unlocked and I kept it that way. Many times in the four months I spent as "his" monster, I wanted to kill him and his family," said Bloodshed.

"Why didn't you?" asked Death Dragon.

"Because if I did I would have been found out and my power would not have been strong enough to defeat all the villagers monsters," replied Bloodshed.

"How did you get your full powers back? I thought that witch of a woman had destroyed them," said Jaggernaunt.

"At the time of a solar eclipse when the right spell is spoken, the powers that I once had were returned to me," answered Bloodshed. "After that I took no mercy and destroyed the boy and his village. The look on the boy's parents was priceless as I sliced his body right in front of them."

"Wish I could have seen it," said Poison.

"Do not worry sister, there will be plenty more humans to kill after the witch is dead," said Bloodshed.

"I cannot wait," replied Poison.

"Now let us go and prepare for her destruction," said Bloodshed.

Chapter One

The day was nearly over and Holly and her father Yosho were just finishing her training.

"You have gotten much stronger since you first received the power," said Yosho.

"If you had it your way, I would be training night and day," replied Holly as she completed blasting the wood that was thrown at her.

"Too bad you did not have this much control when we were fighting the baddies," said Suezo as he threw another piece of wood at Holly with his telekinesis.

"The same can be said for your new found talent Suezo," said Holly destroying yet another log.

"Time for dinner," yelled Hare from the kitchen.

"That's enough for today Holly, now let's eat," said Yosho.

"Good idea, I'm starved," yelled Suezo charging for the door.

"Some things never change," whispered Holly to herself while following Suezo and her father to dinner.

After dinner had been severed and devoured by the group, a few of the monsters stayed up to talk of news they heard from the nearby village.

"It seems that there is still no news about those mysterious deaths on the eastern continent," said Hare.

"Yes, it has been a year and the mass murderers have yet to be found," said Pixie.

"Do you think that there are still some baddies that were not changed by the Phoenix?" asked Tiger.

"I don't think so Tiger, if there were they would not have stopped killing so soon," said Pixie.

"Besides, the Phoenix would not have left if there were still baddies," added Grey Wolf. "What do you think is the cause Yosho?"

"It was probably some wacko who wanted publicity," answered Yosho. [I wish I could tell them about this evil but it is too soon and I don't know for certain if it is them,] thought Yosho.

"What about you Holly, you haven't said much about this topic," inquired Pixie.

"It looks like she trained a little too hard," said Tiger observing that Holly was asleep in her chair.

"Let's all take a lesson from Holly and get some sleep," said Yosho. Yosho carried Holly into her own room and quietly left her to sleep. Holly had not been sleeping well and he did not want to wake her when she was finally getting rest. The cause of Holly not being able to sleep was that the nightmares had returned after years of not having them. Instead of fighting Moo, Holly and her friends were fighting an unknown monster that was covered in shadows.

The attack came swiftly in the mid-afternoon. Holly was training with her father and Yosho when a troop of monsters would attack them. The others would come to their aid and defeat these evil monsters with little effort. However, a shadowed monster soon attacked them. No matter what direction Holly looked at him, all she could see was the shadow. Evil radiated off of his body and he quickly destroyed her monster friends with a flick of his arm. Holly and her father tried to fight but were quickly overwhelmed when three other shadows joined the first. Holly and her father lost the battle and Holly could feel the coldness of death in her. Instead of waking up like she usually did at this point, Holly heard a voice. The voice was that of a woman and Holly could barely make out what she thought was a warning before Tiger awakened her.

"You have been screaming again in your sleep Holly," said Tiger.

"I'm sorry, it's just these dreams have not stopped. Every night it is the same dream where we all die," Holly said shivering.

"Do you think that there is a reason for them. Like when you first got your powers you said that you had dreams that told you of the past," suggested Tiger.

"I think that the dream was showing me a possible future because this time there was a warning," replied Holly.

"What was the warning?" asked Tiger concerned.

"I could barely hear it but I think it said that I was going to have to leave," said Holly trying to remember what the voice was trying to say.

"Where would you have to go?" asked Tiger.

"I don't know but I think it was to get the help we needed to stop these creatures," answered Holly.

"Why don't you try to get some more sleep and I'll stay with you in case the dreams return," suggested Tiger.

"Thank you Tiger but I think I'll be okay," said Holly. "Good night."

"Good night Holly," said Tiger as he left the room.

Holly went back to sleep and the dreams did not return for that night.

Chapter Two

The four evil monsters had continued to build their army since the day they were revived. The army was not as large as Moo but they did not have the ability to change monsters to baddies as easily as Moo did. Bloodshed was the one who had the most power to change a monster into an evil slave. In time their army would begin its mission to find the woman and bring her back alive. The pleasure of killing her was for Bloodshed and his friends to enjoy. Hers would be a long and painful death at their hands.

"Why don't we just go after her ourselves?" asked Jaggernaunt because it had been taking too long to build the army.

"Because this way after we kill her we can instantly begin our destruction of the human race," replied Poison.

"Yes but I'm tried of waiting for her death," said Death Dragon.

"Patience brothers, her death will come but we must also look toward our ultimate goal," said Bloodshed after ordering his troops to continue the search on the western continent.

"What I don't understand is how you could have been beaten by such weakling children and their monster?" asked Poison.

"It was the girl who defeated me. Had it not been for her, Vesuvius and I would have destroyed those rebels," answered Death Dragon.

"What girl?" asked Jaggernaunt.

"It was Moo's daughter at least the host body of Moo was," answered Death Dragon.

"How did she defeat you?" asked Poison.

"She was weaken but a yellow aura surrounded her and she used it to create an energy shot that destroyed me and my fellow monsters," replied Death Dragon.

"You idiot, why didn't you tell me this sooner!" yelled Bloodshed.

"Why, that a girl defeated me?" asked Death Dragon.

"No that she used a yellow aura to do it numbskull," yelled Bloodshed.

"What does that matter brother?" asked Jaggernaunt.

"Don't any of you see that we have been searching for a woman when we should have been searching for that girl!" screamed Bloodshed.

"Why would we want the girl?" asked Poison.

"Because she inherited the powers of the woman who killed us!" yelled Bloodshed at the stupidity of his friends. "The woman we fought had the same yellow aura that she used for both offensive and defensive uses."

"So we should tell the troops to look for this girl?" asked Jaggernaunt.

"No she would be a young woman by now. Death Dragon describe the girl in detail to the group so that they know what to look for," ordered Bloodshed.

"She had long brown hair and brown eyes. She worn a red tunic and carried a jeweled dagger with her. She was also always accompanied by a Suezo, Tiger, Hare, Moochi, and Golem purebreds," said Death Dragon.

"Go now and find this girl, also tell any of our troops that you run into who they are looking for," ordered Bloodshed to the troops.

"Now we should see some results," replied Poison.

Two Weeks Later

"That's it Holly, keep it up," said Yosho. "You're doing great."

"I don't know how much longer I can keep him up," said Holly threw clenched teeth.

The item that Holly was lifting was Golem. The training today involved lifting Golem with her energy field and to keep him up in the air for as long as she could. The record was ten minutes and today the stopwatch read thirteen minutes.

"Holly is doing well," said Golem from the air.

"I'm sorry Golem but I can't hold you up anymore," said Holly as her energy field let go of Golem causing the ground to shake with his weight.

"Good work Holly, that was three minutes more than your record," added Yosho.

Unknown to them, they were being watched by a group of Drill Tusks (Worm/Tiger) and Tropical Apes (Ape/Plant). No symbol marked their allegiance however their eyes glowed a dark red.

"There is the girl that Master Bloodshed wanted alive, the others are ours to do as we wish," said the led Drill Tusk.

"What are your orders for attack," asked a Tropical Ape.

"You Apes will go in first because your sweet scent will lower their desire to fight," said the Drill Tusk. "Once their spirit to fight is low we will attack from the ground. Now remember the master wants her alive so we can injure her but not severely or it will be our deaths."

"Right," said the monsters in union.

"Now let's start," ordered the led Drill Tusk. After Holly had helped Golem to his feet a group of Apes came surging out of the forest toward them. Their eyes had an eerie red glow.

"Holly get inside now and ware the others," yelled Yosho as he unsheathed the dagger at his side.

"Right," said Holly already at the door. "We're under attack!"

"By who?" asked Pixie already in the air and out the door.

"I don't know but they mean business," replied Holly following Pixie out the door.

"Lightning!" Pixie yelled throwing her attack into the closest Ape.

"Big Blue how about a little double team action?" asked Golem to the approaching giant.

"Right, Tornado!" yelled Big Blue as Golem joined him in the attack.

"Blizzard!" roared the Tiger brothers in unison hitting two Apes at once.

The apes were easily defeated however; the sweet scent still remained in the air. Each of the rebels began to fell the urge not to fight. Suddenly the ground began to shake and the Worms attacked with full force. The group of Drill Tusks surrounded the rebels and began their attack.

"Poison Gas!" yelled the Drill Tusks.

"Everyone, don't breathe in!" yelled Hare before he succumbed to the gas.

No one even had a chance to stop the Drill Tusks. One by one the rebels fell to the ground unconscious. The only one still standing was Holly with her aura surrounding her. Her aura had surrounded her the minute that the poison gas was released in an attempt to protect her.

"Get her!" yelled the led Worm.

Each of the worms and recovering Apes attacked Holly at once. He powers were able to stop most of the monsters but the scent from the Apes had begun to take effect. Holly normal nature of not wanting to fight and the Apes attack made her easy prey for a well placed Sting attack. Holly collapsed to the ground next to her friends.

"Apes, take her and make sure she is tied tightly. We don't want her to escape before we return to our masters," ordered the Drill Tusks.

Chapter Three

Three hours after the battle

The group began to wake up and the majority of them wondered why they were still alive. Each began to look for the attacking monsters only to find that Holly was not with them.

"Can you find where they have taken her Tiger?" asked Yosho.

"I'll try but the scent may not be too strong," replied Tiger already sniffing the air. "Grey Wolf, can you help me?"

"Of course," answered Grey Wolf as he too sniffed the air.

"They went this way," both Tigers said in unison.

"Then let's go, the longer we wait the worst shape we might fond Holly," said Hare.

Meanwhile at the base of evil

"We have word Lord Bloodshed that the worms have captured the human girl and are coming here," said a Red Eye (Suezo/Monol)

"What time will they arrive?" asked Bloodshed in anticipation.

"They will arrive within twelve hours my Lord," answered the Red Eye.

"Good, nothing can go wrong now that we have the girl," said Jaggernaunt.

"Fool, anything can go wrong with a twelve hour wait!" spat Bloodshed. [Why did I revive these idiots?] asked Bloodshed to himself.

In the background whispered could be heard.

"I'm not telling him you tell him," said the Red Eye to his companion.

"No way," said the Arrowhead. "You think I want to be a lost disk again?"

"Tell me now or you both will be lost disks," roared Bloodshed who had overheard the discussion.

"The girl is no longer coming master," muttered the Red Eye.

"What?" yelled Bloodshed.

"The girl began to glow and then disappeared," said the Arrowhead.

"No," screamed Bloodshed before he destroyed both of the messengers. "It would appear that we must go after her ourselves. Who will volunteer first?"

"I will go brother, I will not fail," said Jaggernaunt.

"You had better not," replied Bloodshed.

One hour before in the ocean

"Let me go, why are you doing this?" asked Holly while struggling in the ropes.

"We do that and we all will be lost disks," said one of the Horns (Suezo/Tiger) that manned the ship. "Now shut up."

"Why don't I make it easier on you and leave all together," said Holly as her aura surrounded her.

"What are you doing," asked a Horn too late.

"Leaving," said Holly as she disappeared.

"Bloodshed is going to kill us," said a Horn.

"Let's just not go home," said the lead Horn. "Change course!"

At that minute in front of Holly's house

Holly began to reappear in front of the rebels. Her aura disappeared and Holly collapsed to the ground still tied up.

"How the heck did that happen?" asked Suezo.

"It appears that Holly had a trick that none of us knew about," said Hare.

"Or she did not want us to know," replied Pixie to Big Blue.

"Let's get her untied and find some place safe for the night," said Yosho.

"But first we better get supplies incase we can't come back," said Hare.

"Good idea but make it fast and only take what we need to survive," replied Yosho carrying the untied Holly.

One hour later

Perfect spot Grey Wolf, how did you find it so fast," asked Golem quietly.

"While I was patrolling the area I found this cave and thought it would be the perfect spot to relax," answered Grey Wolf.

"Pixie would you mind getting some firewood?" asked Yosho as he set Holly down.

"Of course," said Pixie. [Don't think I'm doing this for you old man. It is only for Holly,] thought Pixie before taking off into the night.

"Got something on your mind Yosho?" asked Suezo when he saw Yosho's dark expression.

"Nothing that can't wait until Holly wakes up," replied Yosho.

"Okay," said Suezo and resumed his efforts to keep Moochi from moving. Suezo was given the job of keeping the hyper active monster from opening his wounds before they heal.

"I'm back with your wood," muttered Pixie sopping wet from the rain outside.

"Thank you Pixie, here have my blanket to keep you warm," replied Yosho handing her his extra blanket.

"Dad?" asked Holly in a weak voice.

"I'm right here Holly, are you okay?" asked Yosho.

"Just tired and worried," answered Holly. "Where did those monsters come from?"

"It's a long story," said Yosho. "A story that I hoped I would never have to tell."

"What do you mean Yosho?" asked Pixie. "How the heck would you know where these monsters come from or why?"

"It is because Moo knew about the monster's masters and even feared them," replied Yosho whose eyes were distant and full of grief.

"How did Moo know them?" asked Big Blue.

"They were unlocked when he was first born. They were good monster once until a force more heinous that Moo changed them," started Yosho.

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