"Good Morning" By: Stolen Spark

Note: I reserve the right to be mushy, and this fic is.

"Hey, wake up." He said, touching her shoulder lightly.

"Mmm. Good morning, Genki." She said, stretching with a quiet yawn.

"Look, I ah," He began to blush a bit.

"About last night. Genki, it meant a lot to me too. I'm not going to leave you."

"Thanks." He put one arm around her shoulder. "It's just that..."

"I'm untrustworthy?"

"No! WHAT is it with you and that attitude?"

She smirked. "You said you liked my attitude."

He gave her a little kiss. "What are we going to tell the others?" she asked in a low voice.

"The truth? Although I don't think some of them will take it that well. I think Big Blue is going to squish me. Or throw me off a cliff."

"Nah. Besides, if he throws you off a cliff, I'll just catch you."

"You might not want to. Remember what happened last time?"

She began to laugh. "Genki, is there absolutely anything you don't think you can do?"

"Get through Holly's reaction unscathed?"

She rolled her eyes at this. "Don't tell me you're afraid of a human."

"I'm afraid of her frying pan. She can swing that thing pretty hard." He looked at her again. "You know I love you, right."

"Thank you Genki." She said, tears running down her cheeks.

"Why are you crying? Was it something I said?'

"No-one's ever told me they loved me."

"Then I'll tell you again. I love you, Pixie."

"I love you too, Genki."