Melvin has said "Molly" about times.

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"Gossip" By: CP

*This story takes place during the Negamoon episodes. Oh yeah. Sailor Moon belong to DiC and her creators. Don't sue me...blah, blah, blaaah...okay! Onto the story!


"AH-hahahahahahaha!! This is great! An extra negative point we've never seen before! Ha! Prince Diamond will be pleased to hear this news!" Emerald laughed as she walked down the streets of Tokyo. "Hm.. Where is it?" She turned her black crystal earring to a diner and smiled evilly. "Perfect."


"AAAAHHHHHHH-AHHHHHHH!!!!" Serena screamed as she got back her test. "A forty-five?!" A sweat drop slid down her head slowly. "Hey Molly. What did you get?"

"A ninety," Molly replied. "Why?"

Serena laughed and rubbed the back of her neck. "Wanna switch papers?"

"Serena! Really!" Serena's teacher sighed. "I want to see a better grade next time...or I'll have to speak with your mother."

Serena gulped, remembering she was thrown out of her house the day when she met Luna because of her test grade. She could imagine her mother booting her out of the house permanently, throwing her clothes and stuff out with her.

"Yes sir, er..., ma'am! I'll try!" Serena laughed nervously.

The last bell of the day rang. Serena and Molly started to walk home with Amy and Lita.

Molly smiled at her friend and teased,"Maybe you can study with me someday."

"UGH! Study....yuck. Noooooo thank you! I'd rather go out with Melvin," Serena replied.

"Serena! Really! Studying isn't that bad," Lita sighed.

"Yes. I study everyday. It's fun when you study with a snack," Amy replied.

"Oooh! Hey, Molly! Let's me, you, Amy and Lita study together one day...with snacks!" Serena exclaimed with stars in her eyes, thinking of food.

Her three friends tripped to the ground while yelling,"Serena!!"


"Another dark point? How could this be?" asked Prince Diamond as he sat on his throne.

"I don't know, but with this extra point we can make the Dark Gate stronger!" Emerald replied.

Prince Diamond thought for a moment and replied,"Yes, true, Emerald. Then there will be no stopping the Dark Gate from opening."

"I'll get on it right away--AHhh-HAhahahaha!!" Emerald laughed like a hyena, then disappeared.

"I always get what I want--always," Prince Diamond said as he held up his whine glass to a hologram of the Earth.


At the Cherry Hill Temple, Rini was reading Raye's comics as Raye swept her room floor. Rini burst out into hysterical laughter as a sweat drop appeared on Raye's head, noticing how Rini laughed like Serena.

[She laughs just like that meatball head Serena. It's like they're related or something.] Raye thought as she looked back at her sweeping.

"Hey Raye!" Serena's voice rang.

Raye turned and saw Serena, Molly, Luna, Lita and Amy at her door.

"Hey girls!" Raye greeted.

Rini looked at Molly and asked,"Who's that?"

Serena slapped Molly on the back, sending Molly crashing down to the floor with a yelp."This is Molly, my friend!"

A sweat drop appeared on Lita's head and said,"Um...Serena? Did you have too much sugar today..?"

Amy replied,"She had three cupcakes for breakfast and stuffed three more into her lunchbag for lunch, at least that's what she told me."

"Hi Molly," Rini greeted Molly who laid on the floor with spirals replacing her eyes.

"Woooowww....This floor is clean.....," Molly said dizzily.


Emerald appeared ontop of the diner from before and laughed. She threw a green crystal shaped as herself onto the roof and watched as the dark energy started to spread.

"LUNCH LADY! I ORDER YOU TO SHOW YOURSELF NOW!" Emerald yelled as she waved her pink fan of her head.

A female monster with food items covering her appeared from the crystal. "Lunch Lady at your service, master!"

"Listen up, have fun, but keep it clean and private until tomorrow night. And make sure no Sailor Pimps show up to ruin our fun," Emerald ordered.

"Yes, Emerald," Lunch Lady replied as she disguised herself as a waitress.

"AHHHhh-Hahahahahaha!! I'd like to see the Sailor Losers try to stop us now! Hahahahaha!" Emerald laughed as she disappeared.


"GIVE ME THAT COMIC!!!" Serena yelled as she and Rini fought over a Sailor Venus comic outside the temple.

"No way!!" Rini yelled as they tugged at it.

"You guys!! That's a...!" Raye started.


".......Collector's issue......," Raye ended her sentence.

"Oops," Serena and Rini said in unison as they stared at the pieces of the once Sailor Venus comic.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! YOU MEATBALL HEADS!!!!!" Raye screamed as her violet eyes filled with fire.

"Raye, Raye! Don't worry! I got that issue for my birthday from my grandma. I read it once, but I couldn't understand it since I'm not a common reader," Molly said. "You can have it."

"Thanks Molly," Raye beamed.

Meanwhile, Melvin turned the corner and listened in to their conversation.

"Bye, guys. I gotta go," Molly said. "I'll give it to ya' tomorra', Raye," Molly said in her Brooklynish accent as she walked off.

"Bye Molly!" everyone said in unison.

When she disappeared from view, Luna sighed as a cloud of air floated out of her mouth.

"Serena, Rini! Really! You should respect other people's property!" Luna exclaimed. "There once was an old saying..."

"WOW! A talking cat!! Wait till everyone hears about this!!" Melvin exclaimed as he rushed off.

"Me-rrrow?" Luna gasped as she covered her mouth.

"Oh-NO!" Lita exclaimed.

"Nice going smartie-cat!" Serena snapped.

"I didn't know he was standing there!" Luna yelled.

Amy sighed,"Now Melvin is going to tell the whole school!"

Raye exclaimed,"Then we gotta stop him! MARS---!" Raye started.

"Hold on, pyro! What are you going to do? Kill him?" Lita asked.

"Ummm..," Raye replied.

"'Cause if you are...then...JUPITER ST---!" Lita started.

"HOOooooold ON! We're warriors of love and justice, not assassins!" Serena exclaimed.

"Aww man," Lita sighed.

Luna replied,"Yes, but how are we going to stop him?"

"Heeeyyy, guys!" Molly huffed as she ran towards them. "I dropped a book when Serena slapped me to the ground. Can I go get it?"

The others exchanged glances and smiled.

"....Please?" Molly asked. "Hey! What are you guys looking at me funny.....?"


At the Tokyo Diner, everyone was eating peacefully until a huge, dark-powered wave struck them. Everyone inside screamed in pain, and then, there faces became a darker color.

"HEY! WAITER! WHERE'S MY FOOD?!" a fat man asked as he shot up from his seat.


The two men yelled and pounced onto each other, punching and fighting as everyone else did the same.

"Hahahaha! Emerald will be pleased," Lunch Lady said as she watched from a safe distance.


".....And Lita gave Luna a piece of food so it would look like she's moving her mouth and Amy made up a voice to trick me," Serena explained to Molly.

"And that dweeb Melvin actually believed that your cat could talk?!" Molly exclaimed madly.

"Yeah! Hey Molly, if you're gonna beat him up, let me get a few punches!" Lita laughed.

"LITA!" Raye, Amy and Serena exclaimed.

"So what should we do?" Molly asked.

"We.........?" Serena asked.

"Um, that's what I hope....," Molly replied.

Amy giggled,"You know Melvin best so we were hoping you could help us."

A sweat drop appeared on the back of Molly's head and asked,"What do you mean by *that*..?"

"Oh, I don't know, go to the movies with him, the diner for a prune shake...," Serena hinted.

"Oh NO! No way! If I'm caught with that dweeb---," Molly started.

Serena's eyes filled with tears and started to sparkle. Molly sighed as a cloud of air flew out.

"Alright...but just this once, okay?" Molly replied.

"Thanks Molly," Serena sniffed.

"Alright!" Rini exclaimed.

Luna purred and thought [Phew! I'm lucky to have a meatball head with good friends!]


"Yeah, sure, Melvin. A cat that talks!" a girl in school uniform laughed nastily.

"I think you fried too many brain cells on the internet!" another girl laughed as they walked away from Melvin.

Melvin adjusted his spiral glasses and frowned. "But---."

"Hey Melvin!" Molly exclaimed. [Oh boy, I hope Amy's plan works! Okay, meet at the diner to show Melvin how Lita made Luna talk--got it!]

"Molly! Ha-ha! Want to hear something?" Melvin laughed.

"Um.., let me guess, Serena's cat talks, right?" Molly snapped. "That's what I want to talk to you about! Really, Melvin! You can't surely believe *that*!"

Melvin sighed. "But Moooolllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy!"

Molly looked back and spotted Rini, Amy, Raye and Lita who gave her a supportive wink. Molly sighed.

"Anyway, I was just," Molly said dully.

"Yes?" Melvin asked, drawing closer.

"Wouldyouliketogotothediner? Serenaandherfriendswillbetheretoo," Molly said quickly.

"Sure! Can we share a prune milkshake too?" asked Melvin.

"Yeah, whatever...," Molly replied.

"WaHHOOOO! Let's go!" Melvin exclaimed as he dragged Molly away who hung her head with a sweat drop hanging over her temple.

Lita turned to Raye and said,"Poor Molly. I don't know if this is right."

"Don't worry, Lita! As soon as we're done, we'll escape with her and run like---," Serena started.

"Serena! There's a child here!" Amy laughed, knowing her next word.

"What? What was she gonna say?" asked Rini.

"Nothing!" the girls laughed in unison.


"I'm really glad you're going out with me, Molly!" Melvin exclaimed as Molly blushed a little.

"It's not a date, dweebmister! You're just lucky," Molly exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Amy, Lita, Raye, Luna, Serena and Rini followed them silently. They arrived at the diner which was surrounded in dark mist.

"Huh?" Molly asked, staring at the diner.

"Oh!" Amy, Lita, Raye, Luna, Serena and Rini gasped.

Amy, Lita, Raye, Luna, Serena and Rini ran up to Molly and Melvin.

"Let's see what's going on!" Raye said.

"Right!" the others agreed.

Lita opened the door with the others close behind.

"Oooo! This is creeeeeepppyyy!" Serena moaned.

"Yeah," Molly agreed.

"Hm? Customers?" the disguised Lunch Lady asked.

"What is wrong with this place?! It's filled with black mist!" Melvin exclaimed.

They turned to see a bunch of customers fighting with each other.

"Wow, this is really weird," Molly gasped. She turned to see the disguised Lunch Lady. "Hey! She looks normal! Excuse me!"

"Yeah!" Lita agreed. "HEY! Waitress!"

Lunch Lady growled and transformed into her monster form. Melvin screamed.

"Oh! Do shut-up!" Lunch Lady screamed as she blasted out a black ray mixed with gravy at Melvin.

"MELVIN!" Molly exclaimed as she pushed him out of the way, taking the beam for him.

"MOLLY!" Amy, Lita, Raye, Serena, Rini and Melvin screamed.

Molly screamed and fell to the floor. Melvin and Serena rushed over, holding her up.

"...Molly? Why did you do it?" Melvin asked.

"Yeah," Serena agreed, her eyes sparkling with tears.

"...You guys...I would do friends," Molly explained weakly, then slipped unconscious slowly.

"Molly!" Melvin exclaimed.

"Don't just sit there, you dork! Take her to a safe place!" Raye yelled.

Melvin, with Lita's help, dragged Molly outside. Then Melvin took over and rushed her to a hospital.

"Alright scouts! Let's do it!" Serena exclaimed. "MOON PRISM--POWER!!!"

"MARS STAR POWER!!" Raye exclaimed, holding her pen in her hand.

"JUPITER STAR POWER!!" Lita exclaimed, holding her pen high in the air.

"MERCURY STAR POWER!!!" Amy exclaimed, holding her pen high in the air.

"SAILOR SCOUT POWER!!" they all exclaimed at once.

The four scouts transformed and then faced the Lunch Lady.

"Who are you?" Lunch Lady asked.

"I am Sailor Moon, the champion of justice! And in the name of the moon, I, and my scouts, will triumph over all evil--and that means you!" Sailor Moon said as she struck a pose.

"Nobody messes with our friend!" Sailor Mercury said, striking a pose.

"Yeah! Especially Molly!" Sailor Mars replied, also striking a pose.

"And now, you must take you punishment!" Sailor Jupiter exclaimed, sticking a pose.

"Oooh, I'm shaking," Lunch Lady laughed.

"You will be shaking--in pain that is!" Sailor Mars exclaimed. "MARS---CELESTIAL----FIRE......SURROUND!!" She yelled as a bunch of fire rings shot towards Lunch Lady.

Lunch Lady laughed as she dodged the fire rings. "I enjoyed hurting your friend, actually! Ha!"

"That's it you slimy pile of crud! JUPITER! THUNDER CLAP--ZAP!" Sailor Jupiter exclaimed madly as she shot out a disk of thunder from her hands.

Lunch Lady was hit with it, but merely yelped. "That's it! You brats are gonna end up like your friend!" She shot out the same ray as before.

Sailor Moon screamed as the ray closed in on her. Suddenly, a red rose stopped it. Everyone looked up to see Tuxedo Mask standing on the cash register.

"You take pleasure in hurting others, but really *you* are the one who is going to get hurt!" He exclaimed.

"Huh?" Lunch Lady said.

"VENUS LOVE CHAIN ENCIRCLE!!!" Sailor Venus' voice screamed from behind.

Lunch Lady screamed as the chain wrapped around her.

"SHINE AQUA ILLUSION!" Sailor Mercury cried as she used her power on Lunch Lady to weaken her more.

"Finish the job, Sailor Moon!" Tuxedo Mask exclaimed.

"Gladly!" Sailor Moon exclaimed as she pulled out her moon scepter. "Moooooooon....SCEPTER....ACTIVATION!!!!"

Lunch Lady screamed as she was disintegrated into a pile of blue dust. A jewel fell down into the dust and faded.

"Good work, scouts! As usual! See ya!" Tuxedo Mask exclaimed as he twirled around in his cape and rushed out.

Meanwhile, Emerald watched in displeasure as the crystal on the roof crashed to the ground, cracking into pieces.

"Oooh! One day, I will get rid of those Sailor brats once and for all! AHHhh-hahahahaha!" Emerald exclaimed as she disappeared.


"How did you find us anyway, Mina?" Serena asked as her and the other scouts, with Luna and Arthemus, walked to the hospital.

"Melvin ran by with Molly in his arms and told me," Mina replied. "Me and Arthemus rushed over here!"

Arthemus agreed,"Melvin looked really worried."

"How can you tell with those huge glasses?!" Rini laughed.

The others laughed too as they entered the hospital.


"Molly? Molly? Mooolllllllllyyyyyyy," Melvin whined as he watched over Molly in a hospital bed.

Molly didn't reply because she was still out. Suddenly, Mina, Raye, Amy, Serena, Lita, Arthemus, Luna and Rini entered the room. Serena rushed over to Molly.

"Is she okay?" asked Serena to Melvin.

"The doctors said she will be," Melvin replied.

"Oh, by the way, Melvin. Me and Lita played a trick on Serena about Luna--," Amy started.

"I don't care! That cat can't talk! Right now I'm worried about Molly," Melvin snapped.

Raye and Serena exchanged glances. Raye spotted some flowers.

"Hey Melvin? Did you buy those for her?" asked Raye.

"Yep! She'll love them! They're violets!" Melvin exclaimed proudly.

"Um......Melvin...," Serena gasped as a sweat drop appeared on her head.

"*Achoo*!" Molly sneezed as she woke up slowly.

"Molly!" Melvin exclaimed. "Here are some flowers!"

"*AChhoo*!" Molly sneezed as her eyes teared up. "Melvin! 'Chhoo! I'm allergic to violets! *AChho*! Oh. All this sneezing is making my head...*achoo*, feel worse!"

Melvin laughed nervously as a sweat drop hung over everybody's head.

"*Achhoo!*" Molly sneezed again.

"Bless you!" the others laughed.

"Meeelllllviiiiiin! *Achoo*! Get those flowers out of here! *Achoo*! I saved your butt, so at least you can throw out some..*achoo*!" Molly moaned.

Melvin turned bright red and grabbed the flowers, throwing them out the window.

Molly laughed,"That Melvin! What a dweebmister!"

"OOOooooo! Molly and Melvin sitting in a tree....!" Serena, Rini, Raye, Lita, Mina and Amy sang.


The End