Ancient City

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Ancient City

Running. The wind flowing past him, the ground solid beneath his feet. He had to get there. The city... the city had been there since the universe first created the guardians. It had always been perfect, beautifully tall pillars of silver and black crystal. And now... the stone gates were smashed, the pillars themselves beginning to crumble. That could only mean... that the guardians were gone.

Hare stopped at the entrance, his hands touching the stone wall that surrounded the city. Peering through the smashed up gateway, he could see the streets littered with fallen debris. Stairways were crumbling, fountains no longer spraying clear streams of water. The city had no life to it, simply a dead place without the guardians to protect it.

'There is at least, one guardian left to fight,' Hare told himself aloud, stepping into his home. 'And who would that be?' the bunny froze, the voice so familiar that it brought back more memories of pain.


'Where do you think you're going?' 'Moo is going to reward us for capturing you,' 'You won't escape this time,'

~end memories~

A giant shadow enveloped him as he turned to see the dino captain blocking the gateway. 'Look, a little bunny lost and alone. I won't hurt you, kid... if you tell us where the missing guardians are,' the scaly creature spoke. 'I don't know. And even if I did, why the hell would I tell you?' Hare answered back, getting ready to box. ~The others, some of them must have escaped.~

'Fine!' the dino attacked, his giant teeth aimed for the hare. ~Crap. Gonna have to use my powers~ 'Punch wave!' Hare cried, leaping to the side and powering up his fist. A bolt of red light shot out, hitting the dino square between the eyes. It snarled and bit at him, even as the hare leapt past. A giant beefy tail came pounding in to the center of his back, causing Hare to involuntary scream in pain as he was hit to the ground.


'What the hell are you doing here?' Genki questioned, watching the baddies. 'We've been here all along, kid. Moo wants the powers of the guardians and he's going to get them,' the large dino monster answered. 'Yeah, we just gotta find the three missing guardians and then he can take over the world,' a cocky gel smirked. 'Shut up!' the leader snarled, turning his attention back to the group.

~Three missing guardians? Who could they be?~ Holly watched as Genki and Mocchi attacked.


~That stupid hare.~ Tiger raced towards the gates, having heard the familiar scream. No doubt, he was in trouble again.


Hare pushed himself to his knees, glancing over his shoulder as the dino approached. ~I can't beat him like this. I need to... transform.~ Tasting the blood in his mouth, he tried to concentrate on the change.

The dino captain stopped, eyeing the red glowing figure before him. The brown fur became smooth pale skin, a humanoid body barely outlined in the glow. White and red robes drifted over his slim form, a crimson ribbon appearing around his waist. Several golden spiral necklaces wove around his neck and upper arms. His bare feet graced only by twin gold anklets studded with rubies. Baggy black pants could be seen covering what the robe revealed of his legs. The dino continued to stare in shock.


Tiger approached the gates, glancing through, careful not to be seen. A giant dino, probably the captain, stood transfixed by a strange glowing creature. As the red light died down, Tiger found himself staring at a young man with spiky brown hair and robes. Two long rabbit ears hung from his head, his dark eyes staring at the dino with contempt. Tiger noticed that the boy's fist began to glow blood red, as if he was gathering a ball of energy into his fist.

And then, he attacked.


Genki glanced around at the lost disks and then towards the city. 'Come on, you guys. We've got to find Hare and Tiger,' he announced, speeding off down the path on his rollarblades. The other three followed. Mocchi, as usual, was enjoying the ride sitting on his best friend's back.


Hare leapt at the dino, ready to slam him into the ground. Reaching out, he struck the monster square on the cheek, sending him flying back into the wall with a CRACK! Landing, he twirled to find the dino back on his feet with a loud ROAR! The monster raced at him, swinging his tail that the hare boy barely jumped over.

'So, you're the hare guardian. Lucky for me that you didn't die falling off the cliff. Why don't you be a good little half monster and tell me where the other two are? I'm sure you must know where the tiger guardian is and the other one,' the dino snarled, pacing forwards.

~Tiger got away.~ Hare nearly sighed in relief, before focusing on the creature stalking him. 'I don't know where they are, but they're not stupid enough to stick around here and get captured by you,' Hare charged up again. 'What a shame. Then, I guess you'll be the only gift for Moo today,' the Dino smirked. A flash of light caught Hare's eye and he half turned... only to find himself trapped in a wire net.

'Heh, heh, heh,' a pixie chuckled as she floated behind him. Hare struggled against the net, only to have it charge up and electrify him. A scream echoed through the air before he blacked out.


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The Hare Guardian Appears

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The Hare Guardian Appears

'Did you hear that?' Genki whispered to his partner, staring up at the city they were racing towards. 'Mocchi!' 'It must have been Hare!' he sped up.


Tiger of the Wind snarled and attacked, lightning flowing from his horns. The dino captain turned in surprise, just in time for him to swipe. In a flash, there was only a glowing lost disk upon the ground. The pixie flew off to inform her master of this new situation, leaving a tied up and unconscious youth in the dust.

Tiger was approaching him just as Genki reached the gates. 'Tiger!' he yelled, pushing himself over there. That was when he noticed the boy. The boy with flowing white and red robes and brown hair... wait... were those bunny ears?

'Tiger, who is he?' the boy asked, staring at his friend. The wolf monster simply stared down, noticing for the first time that a strange tear shaped red gem hung from the young man's throat. Was that... the Phoenix Tear?


'Who could he be?' Holly wondered aloud, watching Genki sitting next to the new youth. 'You said... the guardians were half monster, right? Well, I think he's a guardian,' Genki said, pointing to the obvious bunny ears dangling from the other boy's spiky brown hair. 'The hare guardian,' Suezo whispered, hopping up for a better look. Tiger narrowed his eyes, something about this whole situation just gave him a weird feeling.


~This place... I feel as though I know it. Like I've been here before.~ Tiger sat at the edge of the fire, staring at the ancient city in ruins around them. The group had moved into one of the buildings to hide themselves from any baddies that might come looking. This place they were in, was large enough for even Golem to enter.

A movement drew his attention to their guest. Genki watched the youth's dark eyes blink open, unfocused for a moment. 'Are you all right?' he asked, watching as the eyes found his own. The older boy nodded, one ear falling over his cheek. 'Can you sit up?' Genki helped him do that, even though it seemed like a struggle.

The youth gazed around the campfire, taking in the scene. He didn't seem shocked or afraid of them, that was good. 'Are you the hare guardian?' Holly wanted to know, smiling gently. The boy nodded and returned his gaze to the blue furred monster at the edge of the circle. Seeing his attention, Genki decided to introduce them. 'He's Tiger of the Wind, he saved you,' the boy grinned at his friend who simply turned away.

'I know,' came a hoarse whisper. The youth coughed suddenly into his hand. 'Here, have some water,' Genki took the cup from Holly and helped the boy sip it. When he finished, dark brown eyes gazed down at Genki. ~He looks about 16.~ Genki mused to himself.

'Thank you, Genki' the younger boy's eyes widened in surprise. 'You know me?' he asked, with a tilt of his head. 'Yes. I know all of you,' a hand held up something for them to see. A very familiar red handkerchief.

~Could it be?~ Tiger stared at it, then at the youth. 'Do you know where our friend, Hare, is?' Genki asked, blinking at the guardian. 'He's the hare guardian, of course he does!' Suezo yelled from his seat across the fire. 'Yes, I do. He's... safe,' the youth whispered, tucking the handkerchief into his crimson belt. ~I can't tell them yet. It's too dangerous.~


'Master Moo, one of the guardians was seen in the city,' the pixie knelt before her master. 'Bring him to me,' the evil creature commanded, turning away. He needed the last three to complete the chain. Needed their powers to fuel his own.

'Yes, my lord.'


'What's your name?' Genki decided to ask, glancing at the boy beside him. 'As guardians, we take the names of the species we protect. I am Hare... or just the hare guardian. It matters not what you call me,' was his answer. 'That's weird, our friend's name is Hare too. I don't know why he was never given a name of his own... but Suezo and Golem and Mocchi over there are the same. Only Tiger has a unique name,' Genki glanced at the curled up figure in the shadows. 'Yes, I know. Tiger of the Wind,' Hare let himself smile gently before becoming expressionless again.

'Why are you doing that?' Genki asked, looking at the boy. 'Doing what?' the other wanted to know. 'You... and our Hare... both wear masks. Why can't you just let us know how you feel?' the younger boy wondered. The look of surprise was replaced by a thoughtful one. 'Perhaps, because we both have secrets, ones that are dangerous to tell. Besides, he smiles to bring happiness to your group, especially that creature over there,' Hare motioned to Tiger with his head. 'You don't have to be happy all the time. Sometimes, it's nice to cry,' Genki admitted, wrapping his arms around his legs. 'There is no time for tears. I've learned that,' the hare guardian whispered, looking up at the ceiling of crystal above them. ~Tiger...~


It was dawn when the group decided to leave the safety of their shelter. With the hare guardian leading the way, at least they knew where they were going. Where were they going?

'It's not safe to stay here, Moo will come looking for me,' Hare admitted, walking beside Genki. 'Why is he after you anyway?' the boy wanted to know. 'Because, guardians have powers that normal monsters do not. And if we pool our energy together, it is very strong indeed. I think... no, I know that Moo desires that power to help him conquer the world. That is why, I can't let him find me or the other two...'

'So, who are we looking for?' Holly asked, pacing in front of Golem who brought up the rear. 'I'm not sure. He said there were two others... one is... the tiger guardian,' Hare frowned to himself. Genki glanced back to find that Tiger was now staring at the youth in shock. 'Yes, Tiger... that's right. The tiger guardian, your guardian, managed to escape. Him and one other, but I don't know who,' Hare turned to gaze at the blue furred beast with saddened eyes.

~Why is this affecting me? What is it about him that..?~ Tiger tried not to react to the other's presence, but could not explain the connection. This hare guardian was making him realize things that he didn't want to admit. That perhaps... he felt concern for him and the missing Hare. ~No! I could care less about any stupid hare. Even a guardian.~


'Search the city!' the pixie ordered, flying high above to search from the air. Baddies pooled into small groups and began running through the streets.


Hare suddenly looked up, ears twitching. 'What is it?' Genki asked, glancing around. 'We've got company,' Tiger growled, picking up the scent of evil. 'Tiger's right. Hurry, this way,' Hare led them through the passageways of the city. ~Where to hide, where to hide..?~


'You shouldn't play around the labyrinth. If you get lost in there, we may never find you again,' the dragon youth scolded the boy. Said hare guardian simply smiled and agreed to never ever, ever do it again. Course, he had his fingers crossed behind his back the entire time.


'I'm lost!' Hare wailed, searching back the way he had come. There were just too many twists and turns, too much pale light and too many shadows. 'I wish I'd never come down here,' he sobbed quietly to himself, sniffling. ~Now no one will find me... guess they'll all be happy that I'm not around to play tricks on them anymore... especially Tiger. He'd never come to save me... not in a million...~

'Bunny brat, hurry up. I'm not waiting forever,' a gruff voice spoke. The youth stood and turned, only to see a blue mane with white streaks disappear around the corner. 'Wait for meeee!' he called, racing after the figure. He turned the corner and went sprawling to the ground. Looking up, he found himself transfixed by a pair of golden eyes. 'You never listen, do you? This is not a place to play in,' the tiger guardian snarled down. 'I'm sorry... I promise, I won't come in here again.~


Hare stopped at the hidden entrance. A sapphire crystal was the key to unlocking the doors to the labyrinth. 'Sorry Tiger, guess I won't be keeping that promise after all,' he mumbled under his breath, reaching out a finger to touch the crystal.


'Eeee!' Hare fell back on his robed butt at the electrical attack. 'Are you ok?' Genki held out a hand to help him up. Rubbing his poor, now sore, brown tailed behind, Hare glared at the crystal. 'So, can we get in?' Holly asked. 'No,' Hare crossed his arms over his chest, glaring still. Stupid key. Stupid Tiger. 'He must have put a seal on it to keep me from breaking my promise, stupid Tiger,' Hare grumbled under his breath.

'I'll assume you aren't talking about me,' Tiger of the Wind snarled. 'I wasn't,' Hare hissed back, still angry at the lock. 'What do we do now?' Genki wanted to know. 'Keep running, I guess,' the hare guardian sighed in defeat. Tiger paced up beside him and studied the crystal. ~So, just touch it and...~ His let his nose touch the crystal's surface and pulled back as it began to glow.

Hare noticed the light and turned, staring wide eyed as the entrance opened. 'How did..?' he whispered, even as the others pouring into the labyrinth. 'Let's go,' Tiger growled, taking his arm robe between his teeth and pulling the halfling inside. Hare yelped and tripped, sending them sprawling as the door closed behind them.


'There's no sign of them.' 'I don't care, keep searching. Master Moo will have our heads if we don't capture that guardian.'

From the shadows, something listened and crept away unnoticed. ~So, one of the other guardians is still in the city.~


Hare groaned and opened his eyes. Blue fur was staring him in the face, making him realize that he was currently sprawled half on top of Tiger. Jolting back, he tried to hide the flush that came over his face from the contact. ~This feeling again... why doesn't it just go away? I don't like Tiger, he's a total jerk. No, must be because he reminds me of the tiger guardian. That's all. Just friends... sort of... whatever.~ Getting to his feet, he found the others gone. 'Uh, we have a problem,' he sighed, knowing full well what a hard place this was to find your way around. If Genki or anyone else got lost, they may never leave the labyrinth. And being mortal, they didn't have hundreds of years to spend searching every tunnel.

'Tiger, wake up,' he knelt down and touched the fur. ~It's soft. Baka, don't think about that right now!~ 'Tiger, please wake up,' he leaned down, trying to wake the creature. The wolf monster's eyes popped open and he bolted upright, nearly brushing against the hare guardian's cheek. 'Uh... the others are gone. We've got to find them. This place is a labyrinth,' Hare whispered, trying to calm his beating heart. Tiger just stared at him for a moment, before getting to his feet. 'Then, lets go,' he spoke calmly, leading the way. Hare blinked, and then followed, thankful that Tiger had such a good nose. ~Maybe we'll be able to win this battle after all.~


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'Where did Hare and Tiger go?' Genki glanced around, realizing that the two were not following them. 'I hope they didn't get lost,' Holly stopped and turned round to look back the way they came. 'Bakas. They probably did,' Suezo commented. 'Mocchi!'

'Tiger can find us again, like he found you that time, Holly,' Genki grinned, starting to walk forward again. 'If you say so,' the girl sighed as they continued on.


Silence. The air tingled with the sound of footsteps and dust. The pair walked alongside, neither speaking a word to the other. The hare guardian finally sighed, it just wasn't like him to stay quiet for so long. 'What's he like?' the question came out of nowhere. Hare blinked in surprise down at the blue furred beast pacing next to him. 'Who?' he finally choked out, shocked that Tiger was asking him. 'The tiger guardian,' came a toneless reply.

'I see. Well, he's... how do I put it?...He's really... gee, I've never actually thought about that before. He's one of a kind, that's for sure.' Tiger let his golden eyes fall upon the halfling beside him as the hareboy spoke. There was a strange smile on his face. By all rights, even a guardian hare should be intimidated by the tiger guardian. 'Don't look at me like that, Tiger.' Tiger of the Wind felt his eyes widen at being caught and he immediately focused forward on the path once more.

'He... the tiger guardian I mean... he was noble. No matter what was happening, he'd always come up with a solution to the problem, even if others disagreed with it. Course, he also tended to be very stubborn and more of a loner. He never really enjoyed staying within the city, all the other guardians stuck around there. Nah, most of the time I found him meditating or something in the forest, or at the Crystal Springs. Sigh! That baka...' Hare mumbled the last part to himself, remembering all the times the tiger guardian had snarled at him for annoying him in his private moments.

'You obviously didn't like him,' Tiger grinned to himself. 'Actually, you couldn't be more wrong,' Hare whispered, staring down at the ground. He obviously hadn't meant for the other monster to hear, but glanced up to find Tiger of the Wind staring right at him. 'Uh... I mean, the guy was a real pain most of the time, but... uh, we got along,' the hare guardian laughed nervously. ~Yeah, we got along all right. As if. He couldn't stand me following him around all the time. Is it my fault I felt drawn to him? Is it?! Not like we were meant to bond or anything, I just... wanted to get to know him better. Is that too much to ask?~

'I can't see that being true,' Tiger commented. 'What do you mean by that?' Hare asked. 'You are a hare, even if you are a guardian. Tigers do not socialize with baka monsters,' the other told him. 'I'll have you know that hares are intelligent creatures. You're just saying that because you are under the impression that all hares act like your Hare. Well, they don't. Your hare was very different from them. What? Just because he tried to get you to lighten up once in a while, you feel the need to speak against him. You forget, I know everything about each and every hare upon the lands below. I know the way your hare thinks and why he acts the way he does. I just wish... you'd be able to understand for once,' the Hare guardian calmed down as he whispered the last part. Tiger never understood, he just didn't care.

'Understand what? My hare... I mean, Hare, was nothing more than a trickster and a thief,' Tiger growled. 'Takes one to know one, Tiger of the Wind,' the guardian smirked. 'Snarl! Why the hell should I even listen to you? You obviously do not understand why Hare and I fight as we do,' Tiger growled back. 'You think I don't? Why not tell me why you fight him so much? Could it be that you... might like him?' the guardian teased, darting quickly out of the way to avoid getting pounced.

'I do not like that little...' Tiger growled, lightning flashing. 'He liked you well enough,' Hare commented aloud, before shutting his mouth tight. ~Smooth move. You've just dug your other form into a pit of no return. Tiger's gonna kill me... or, the other me...~ Tiger could do nothing but stare at the nervous halfling, who in turn started walking faster to escape the gaze. 'What did you mean by that?' the wolf monster rushed to catch up. 'Mean by what, Tiger?' the guardian asked, trying to get off the subject, but failing.


~I wonder where Hare is... not the guardian, our hare.~ Genki pondered this thought in his young mind as they walked on. The pathways seemed endless, always twisting and turning, sometimes forking so that they were forced to choose a path out of many. It was all very confusing. That's why it's called a labyrinth.

~How did the hare guardian know us? Is it because he somehow has a connection with our hare?~


'Thank you, Genki' the younger boy's eyes widened in surprise. 'You know me?' he asked, with a tilt of his head. 'Yes. I know all of you,' a hand held up something for them to see. A very familiar red handkerchief.

~Could it be?~ Tiger stared at it, then at the youth. 'Do you know where our friend, Hare, is?' Genki asked, blinking at the guardian. 'He's the hare guardian, of course he does!' Suezo yelled from his seat across the fire. 'Yes, I do. He's... safe,' the youth whispered, tucking the handkerchief into his crimson belt.

~End Flashback~

~It doesn't make sense. Why didn't the hare guardian take us to Hare before we hid here. If Hare is still in the city, he's in danger. I just can't leave a friend in danger. But... this whole adventure has been weird. Let's see... we get attacked, Hare falls of a cliff, he rejoins us finally... he was acting pretty strange since then. Leading us to the mountain and all. How did he know where to go? It was almost as if he had some hidden knowledge of the passageway and this place. Could the hare guardian have gifted him with such a thing? So that Hare would know where to lead us?

~It still doesn't make sense. This hare guardian shows up and Hare disappears. Tiger doesn't even know where he is. Now those two are missing and Moo is after us. This adventure is just getting mixed up!~

~Wait a minute... I remember...~


'You... and our Hare... both wear masks. Why can't you just let us know how you feel?' the younger boy wondered. The look of surprise was replaced by a thoughtful one. 'Perhaps, because we both have secrets, ones that are dangerous to tell. Besides, he smiles to bring happiness to your group, especially that creature over there,' Hare motioned to Tiger with his head. 'You don't have to be happy all the time. Sometimes, it's nice to cry,' Genki admitted, wrapping his arms around his legs. 'There is no time for tears. I've learned that,' the hare guardian whispered.

~End Flashback~

~They both have secrets that they hide. The hare guardian seemed to know our Hare inside and out. But, his comment... almost as if they were the same monster...~ Genki's eyes widened as the realization hit him. ~Why didn't I see it? We all heard Hare scream from the city. Tiger was there before us, but all we found was the guardian hare. Then, the guardian hare knows us and claims that our hare is safe. Of course he was, he was safe all along... with us. Hare would never willingly give up his scarf, Tiger was right, he was hiding something. But, he's not one of Moo's creatures... our Hare... is a guardian.~


'You know what! Hare didn't like me, that's just... growl! You have no idea what you're talking about,' Tiger of the Wind snarled aloud. 'Of course, you're absolutely right. After all, I'm just a guardian, how could I know about my charges? How could I know their hearts' desires, their strongest wishes, their hidden secrets? I'm only a guardian, not a god. Perhaps I spoke too quickly, ignore my words,' Hare replied, trying to make the other monster less angry at him. Tiger simply grumbled under his breath as they kept walking.

~Hare likes me? That can't be true. The trickster plays more pranks on me than anyone else. He never stops with his teasing and flirting ways... no, not flirting... what the hell am I thinking? Hare is just a baka creature, not even my own species... but then, crossbreeding is not unknown among the monster race... growl! Tiger, get your mind off those thoughts. You are both male, both a different species, and not suited to each other at all. Besides, when did you start thinking of Hare like that?... Ever since you first met him.~

Tiger went shock still, the hare guardian not even noticing his sudden lack of movement as he continued walking. Brown eyes glanced back to find the blue furred monster stuck in his own self realization. 'Tiger,' he spoke aloud, waking the creature from his trance. 'Hai. We'd better find the others,' Tiger mumbled, hurrying past, still caught up in his thoughts.

~What's up with him?~ The hare guardian just shook his own head and followed.

~Could it be? Do I... have feelings for that... Hare?~


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Masks Revealed

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Masks Revealed

'What was that?' the voice startled Tiger from his thoughts. Glancing to the side, he saw the hare guardian standing very still, bunny ears perked, nose twitching lightly. Cocking his own head, he could hear the distant sound of voices... and fighting. 'Genki... they must be in trouble. But, I didn't think Moo could get in here,' the hare guardian whispered under his breath. 'Looks like he can,' Tiger said, racing off with the half bunnyboy following close behind.


'Tell us where the guardian is, brat,' one of the monsters growled, pinning the young human to the wall with his claws. 'N-never,' the kid managed to get out, even in the strangle-like hold. 'Genki!' Holly's shout came, drawing his eyes to where she was backed into a corner with Suezo and Mocchi. Golem was face to face with a giant worm monster, he couldn't possibly help them.

'We're coming!' a familiar voice shouted, as two figures came racing down the pathway. The monster holding Genki turned to look over his shoulder at the interruption, but was soon tackled and slashed by Tiger. 'Are you ok, kid?' the halfing asked, bending to help his friend off the ground. 'Yeah, thanks Hare,' the boy whispered.

'It's the guardian, get him!' a shout came from the enemy, as all the baddies rushed at once towards Genki and the hare guardian. 'Genki, run,' the guardian whispered over his shoulder. 'Sorry, can't do that. We're friends, and that means we're always there for each other... Hare.' The guardian was shocked as he stared back into the youth's dark eyes. ~He knows.~

In seconds, they were surrounded. 'Just give up and come peacefully, and maybe we won't hurt your friends,' one of the monsters chuckled. 'Like I'd believe that,' Hare replied, warming up his fist.



~The battle was over almost as soon as it had begun. I can't believe Hare used the power of the Phoenix Tear to blast all the baddies into mystery disks. Course, that might be because Tiger got knocked out by the worm. Boy, did that piss our guardian off. He totally freaked out, blasting fire punches everywhere. And now...~ Genki glanced around the small room they had been in when the fight had started.

Holly was sitting a ways away with Golem, Suezo, and Mocchi. The hare guardian was sitting next to the unconscious Tiger, weakened from the use of his powers. Still... it almost seemed like Hare actually cared for the blue furred beast. ~Does he? I mean... they always seemed to hate each other. Could it be that Hare was only trying to hide his feelings? Tiger never shows his feelings, so I don't know what he really thinks of Hare. I'm not too young to understand about love, I've felt it myself.~ The youth glanced over at the girl again. ~Holly. One day I'll be old enough to show you how I feel,~


Hare jumped to his feet, robes swishing as Tiger of the Wind awoke. 'Are you ok?' he asked, pushing the brown bangs out of his eyes and staring down at the wolf monster. 'What happened?' Tiger's voice was slurred in confusion. 'You got knocked out and Hare decided to barbecue the baddies,' Genki laughed from the other side of the room. The hare guardian flushed red and turned away, coughing into his hand. Tiger's golden eyes searched the room, narrowing on the lost disks. 'I see,' he grumbled as he lifted himself to his feet.


''Maybe we should... part,' a voice interrupted the silence... if you could call it silence. Actually, the entire group was spread out as they ate dinner in the barely lit room. 'What are you talking about?' Genki demanded, putting down his bowl. 'It's just that... Moo is looking for me right now, not you. You have a chance to reach the end of the labyrinth and find the other two guardians if I stay here,' the bunnyboy explained, sitting across from the boy.

'Don't be stupid. We can't just leave you defenseless,' Genki reprimanded. Suezo snorted and grumbled, 'Oh yes. Very weak and helpless. He's got more power than any of us!'

'You aren't going,' Tiger cut in, laying a little ways away from the guardian. Hare simply stared at him in surprise. 'Tiger's right. We can't just leave you here alone,' Holly smiled. 'I'll only lead them to you,' Hare said as he shook off her words. 'That may be true. But... we don't abandon our friends,' Genki said, with a large grin.

'Right,' many voices echoed the chamber, well, except Tiger and Mocchi. Of course, Mocchi only said, 'Mocchi,' in response, and Tiger refused to agree to anything, he had his pride.


'If what they are searching for is the hare guardian, why don't we change the faces a bit?' Genki suggested, nodding his head towards the halfling creature standing before them. 'Hm... you have a point,' the older teen mused aloud. 'So, what are you going to do?' Holly asked, glancing back and forth between the two boys. 'Just bring back an old friend,' Genki smiled at them, only turning away as the guardian began to glow. Crimson light circled him, even as his form shifted.

Opening their eyes, the group stared in awe at the creature before them. It was... Hare. The fuzzy bunny monster smiled almost apologetically at them, slipping the scarf from out of nowhere. Around his neck was a dark red tear shaped stone hanging from a chain. 'Is that... the Phoenix Tear?' Holly stared in wonder. 'You know it is. Long story,' Hare's voice was far from its usual teasing tone. Instead, it was as gentle as the words of the guardian hare that had once stood in his place. The monster easily tied the red handkerchief around his neck, hiding the gem from view.

'Wait a minute!' Suezo shouted, bouncing up to the hare. He studied him enough to make the brown furred monster sweatdrop at the scrutiny. 'Where did the hare guardian go?' Holly asked, glancing around. No sign of the half bunny boy. Genki and Hare facedropped.

'Bakas. He is the hare guardian,' Tiger hissed, glaring at the bunny tailed monster. 'So, Tiger has a brain in his head after all,' Hare grinned to himself. But, the trickster smile he'd once worn as the hare monster soon vanished, to be replaced by a calm expression. 'We should get moving, there could be more of Moo's monsters lurking in this maze,' the bunny announced, watching the rest of the group.

Tiger bit back his anger and grumbled as he passed, taking the lead. 'Um, Tiger... do you know where you're going?' Holly asked, as they headed after him. 'He's got more than luck on his side,' Hare mused aloud. 'What do you mean by that?' Genki asked, walking alongside his friend. 'The tiger guardian is still free. I have a feeling he's helping Tiger somehow. After all, he managed to open the labyrinth entrance and only a guardian or one gifted by a guardian can do that,' the bunny answered. 'I see. So, where are we headed?' the youth wanted to know. 'Hmm... If I remember correctly... there are several ways out of here, but they are very hard to find even for a guardian. If we can get to one of those, then we'll be able to seal it from the otherside, preventing Moo's monsters from following us. Do you think you can find one of them, Tiger?' Hare asked, gazing forwards at the blue furred beast. Tiger, along with everyone else, were shocked and now staring at the hare.

'What did I say?' Hare asked selfconciously, aware of all the eyes focused on him. 'He's become polite, amazing,' Suezo commented loudly. 'You just asked Tiger for help. You've never, ever done that, ever,' Genki gapped at the bunny. 'I don't see what the fuss is about... Sigh! Let me put it this way. The old Hare wouldn't have asked Tiger for help because he had a very large ego, as can be explained by his experiences in your world. I have the memories of both guardian and monster, so we are not the same Hare any longer. Does that make sense?' the bunny tailed one asked.

'Now that you mention it, not really,' Genki sweatdropped. Hare just sighed and they all started walking again. 'Hare, why don't you tell us how you came to travel with us?' Holly suggested happily. 'Yeah. I'd like to know how a guardian became the annoying Hare we knew, then you,' Suezo commented. 'Story time!' Genki laughed aloud. 'Mocchi!' 'Golem.'

'I guess you could say that it all started when the dragon guardian summoned the rest of us...'


'So, you got back your memories after falling in the river. Come to think of it, you were acting a bit weird when we joined up again,' Holly commented, as they walked along. 'That's how you knew about the mountain,' Genki grinned. 'Not to mention the hidden entrance,' Tiger replied sarcastically. 'So I fibbed a bit on that one. I couldn't just announce that I was a guardian, you never would have believed me,' Hare said in return. 'Well that's true,' Suezo grumbled. 'Thanks a lot. Back to the point, we don't have much time. I can only hope that the other two are still in hiding. Hm... I don't think Moo realizes the truth behind my identity in this form, so it is better that I do not use any of my powers, as that will only draw him to our location.


'Hare, you ok?' a soft voice pulled the monster from his personal thoughts. 'Hm? I'm fine, Genki. Why do you ask?' the hare questioned, strangely calm despite their situation. 'Just because... you seem so quiet lately. Are you tired? Should we rest a while?' the boy wanted to know, genuinely concerned. 'Yes, perhaps we should. Don't worry about me though, I'm a guardian, remember? I can take care of myself,' Hare replied, sitting down on the side of the path and leaning back against the stone wall. 'Friends worry about each other. Besides, you must be tired from using up all that energy,' the kid commented, sitting down next to him as the others proceeded to sit a ways away to leave the two a bit of privacy.

'I am tired, but I didn't think you'd be able to tell,' Hare replied softly. 'Because you're so good at hiding your feelings,' the statement nearly shocked the monster, nearly. Instead, it caused a half smile to cross his face as he nodded. 'You don't have to hide anything from us, Hare. Friends don't keep secrets,' Genki grinned, assured that he was quite correct. 'Genki... you are so innocent,' a soft furred hand touched his cheek. Hare shook the bangs from his eyes and smiled down at the boy blinking back at him.

Further ahead, Tiger glared at the happy pair from the shadows. What the hell did Hare think he was doing?! Golden eyes watched as the rabbit withdrew, leaning his head back against the wall and sighing. He really was tired, why didn't he just sleep?

~If I sleep, I may dream. If I dream, will it be the same when I wake up? Will I dream the same dream I've had everynight of my new life as both hare and guardian? I don't want that dream to come true, please let it stay a dream. Please!~

And so, the group slept, building their strength for the journey ahead.


Author's Note: Love the review everyone, thanks! I'm sure everyone wants to know more about the two guardians they are searching for, don't worry, they'll be in the picture soon enough! Meanwhile, Tiger's getting jealous and Hare's still trying to hide his feelings. More adventure, and more yaoi coming up!

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