Hare's Secret: Part 1

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Hare's Secret

The night wind whistled around the campfire surrounded by seven figures. The evening had been spent going over their mission, as well as finding out more about each other's pasts. 'And that's how I saved the day again,' Suezo boasted, standing tall on his tail. 'Oh, come on Suezo, do you really think we'll believe that you single taily (handedly) defeated a group of dinos, not to mention becoming the hero of the city,' Genki smiled even as his yellow friend flipped around to glare at him with his large green eye. 'IT'S TRUE!' the suezo yelled, flashing his white teeth and jumping in frustration. The rest of the group simply sighed as they watched the two friends continue to bicker.

Dark blue fur rustled as Tiger of the Wind gazed around the fire with his ancient golden eyes. The child Genki, a boy from another world, standing next to Holly, the girl with the Phoenix gem. Suezo, an annoying eyeball monster who was trying to get his point across to the roller blade wearing Genki. Next to him on one side sat the silent Golem, holding a tiny sleeping pink sweetcake monster named Mochi in his one large stone hand. And on the other side... the monster's gaze narrowed on a tanned brown furred form. One boxing hand was cuffing the blood red handkerchief wrapped around his neck, the other resting on his cheek as Hare sat in total silence. For Hare, that was either a miracle or... he was planning some kind of trick that likely involved stealing something or trying to annoy Tiger, as usual. But... there was something hidden deep in those dark blackish eyes, something that even Tiger of the Wind could not understand. It seemed that, for once, Hare was actually oblivious on the world around him, simply focused on something unknown to anyone else. Then, a light voice caught Tiger's attention, drawing his eyes to the light brown haired girl sitting by the fire.

'Stop arguing, you two. It's late and we have to get some rest for tomorrow so we can find the Phoenix,' Holly was insisting. Suezo 'humphed' loudly and hopped over next to her to sulk, leaving Genki to blink at her even as he to sat down. 'But, we haven't heard everyone's story yet,' the boy was saying, turning to gaze at the hare across the fire. Tiger glanced back at Hare, who seemed to have been jolted from his thinking, a strangely vulnerable and shocked look on his face. 'Huh? What was that, Genki?' the hare asked, straightening. The look had quickly been replaced by the ever present smiling mask. 'We haven't heard your story yet, Hare,' Holly explained, hands tucked in her lap. 'My story?' Hare's voice echoed the clearing, filled with uncertainty and something... else.

'Yeah, Hare,' Genki obviously hadn't noticed the slight shift in tone, grinning. 'Tell us all about it. What happened to you before you joined us? How come you were at the fighting ring?' the boy was eagerly awaiting the answer, which strangely never came. The hare merely contemplated his question for a moment, his hand unconsciously clutching the scarf around his neck. Tiger's eyes narrowed, what was so important about it? 'Come on, Hare. Tell us about where you grew up, what your life was like,' Holly urged gently, smiling sweetly. 'We told you our stories, now spit out yours,' Suezo grumbled, still upset about Genki's words earlier. 'Yes, tell us... Hare. About your past,' Golem's deep voice filled the woods, focused on the boxer monster.

'My past? I don't really have one,' Hare admitted solemnly. 'Come on, Hare. Tell us about where you used to live, your family and friends,' Genki urged. 'I'd love to, Genki. But I really don't remember. As far as I know I am an orphan. I don't remember anything other than traveling alone,' said the monster. 'How can that be?' Holly inquired softly. 'Yeah, you must know something,' Suezo urged loudly. 'Afraid not,' said Hare, shaking his head. 'Well, you didn't just appear out of nowhere,' Tiger growled at the hare beside him. Silence stretched the small campsite. Hare's expression was unreadable as he simply turned his head to stare into the tiger's golden eyes. His deep black orbs held something that made Tiger's mind swirl, it was like a forbidden memory of long ago. There was something very familiar about that very look, those same dark eyes filled with a strange emptiness.

'You know, Tiger. Maybe I did,' the monster finally exclaimed, staring up at the stars. 'Did what?' Genki asked, sitting straighter. 'Just appear out of nowhere. The first thing I remember was waking up alone. I was... lying on sand, I think. My fur was strangely damp, like I had just washed up from the river behind me. As I stood, I tried to gather my thoughts, but I felt strangely blank. I couldn't remember what had happened, where I was, or even who I was. But, there has always been this strangely empty feeling deep inside. Like something is missing. But, I don't know what it was. Maybe it's just my imagination or something,' Hare tried to laugh off the comment, but it sounded strangely hollow. 'It's ok, Hare. You don't need to hide from us,' Holly assured him. 'Yeah, we're your friends. And don't you forget it,' Genki announced, bolting to his feet. 'Mochi' the pink creature jumped up from his recent doze.

'Thanks, guys,' Hare whispered, smiling back. Tiger eyed the annoying monster beside him. Hare was hiding something, but what? Gracefully, he allowed himself to curl up even as the other got ready for bed. Hare stared up at the stars a while longer, then he too felt the weariness from their long day. Tiger watched through slitted eyes as the hare curled up on his side away from him and seemed to drift to sleep. Yes, that Hare would be trouble. Whatever he was hiding was something that made Tiger want to study him even more closely. The questions burned in his mind, but he had no answers at the moment for them. No matter, he'd figure everything out soon enough, and perhaps even be rid of that annoying Hare.

Even as the shadows drifted over the glowing pale moon, a single set of ebony orbs remained open, staring into the darkness. Hare had told the truth, he was unsure of his past, as well as the reasons behind why he had been drawn to the little group. He would know the answers, but he wasn't sure if he really wanted to remember the past. A shiver passed through his furred body. There was something buried deep within his locked memories, a reason behind everything. But, it was dark and sorrowfilled, just like his past.


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The sun lit up the beautiful morning sky, a small group packing up and ready to head on their way. 'Hurry up, guys! We've got to find that Phoenix!' Genki yelled, racing off down the path on his roller blades, with Mochi giggling on his back. Hare smiled and walked after them, only to find that Tiger was now pacing along next to him.

~He's so moody.~ An evil grin came over Hare's face, a twinkle set in his dark eyes. 'Don't even think about it,' came a dark voice from beside him. 'Think about what?' Hare laughed, sweatdropping as he grinned down at the other monster. 'You're planning something, and I know I'm not going to like it,' Tiger replied, turning his dark sapphire eyes on the bunny. 'You are paranoid, Tiger. Why would I do something to you?' Hare paced along innocently. 'Because you're an annoying idiot who enjoys getting on everyone's nerves,' with that, Tiger left the hare behind him as he quickened his pace. No one noticed the strangely sad look crossing over the bunny-boy's face before he started walking again.

~Why are you always so mean to me? I just want to keep everyone happy.~ Hare sighed to himself and shook his head. These were the only friends he had in the world, and it really did hurt to be insulted, even if they didn't realize at times that he took it so hard. Yeah, each of them had put him down at one time or another, but he had just pretended to laugh it off, letting everything whell up inside of him. They all thought he was just a playful hare, someone who always has a trick up his sleeve. But, none of them knew who he really was. Heck, he was still trying to figure it out.

A scream broke Hare from his thoughts, ripping his eyes towards the group. Suezo was guarding Holly, Golem and Mochi trying to attack the group of baddies from one side. Tiger was shooting lightning all over the place, and Genki... shit, Genki was cornered at the edge of a cliff by a vicious looking dino. Hare forgot his troubles and raced forward to save his friend.

Genki tried not to shiver as the dino came closer, long teeth snapping at him. He could see the others bravely fighting near the edge of the forest, but... the dino was getting closer and closer. Readying himself, the boy launched his body at the monster, shoving him aside as he tried to escape. A dino reached out and caught the youth by the back of his t-shirt, yanking him up into the air. Genki struggled against him, even as another set of claws enclosed around his bare throat. 'Genki!' the boy's eyes parted to see Hare racing towards them, punching at the dino. The monster just knocked the hare with his beefy tail, sending the smaller creature over the edge of the cliff with a startled cry. 'HARE!' Genki screamed, before his breath was cut off as the claws tightened.

Tiger of the Wind turned towards the sound of the cry. His golden eyes widened in shock as he watched the brown furred monster bunny fall, the boy being choked to death by a giant dino. 'Damn it!' the tiger growled to himself, launching his body at the dino and catching him off guard. Genki dropped to the ground coughing, even as Tiger fought the larger monster off. The dino seemed ridiculously strong, smashing the great Tiger of the Wind down into the dirt. The dino towered over his prey, ready to snap their necks with his jaws.


Black eyes stared up even as his body fell down towards the rushing river. The sounds of fighting grew in his long ears, overwhelming him. Even as the water closed around him, dragging him into the depths of the river, black eyes remained staring upwards, towards the friends he had left behind. ~I'm sorry, everyone. Genki, I couldn't save you. In the end, I can't even save myself. Maybe...Tiger was right. I am just a worthless creature.~ A beating sound grew louder, filling his very mind. Strangely enough, the hare could have sworn he heard Tiger cry out, even as he felt himself lose conciousness. ~Tiger... Must... save you. Save...~ Hare didn't notice the red glow from beneath his water soaked scarf. It grew brighter, filling his vision with crimson. And then, the glow disappeared, letting blackness seep in to fill his existence. The Hare was finally silent, lost in the realm between death and life.


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Memories of Eternity Mountain

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Memories of Eternity Mountain

Up on the cliff top, Tiger of the Wind glared his hatred at the dino posed above him, ready to slash. ~I refuse to lose to this...~ A red glow suddenly appeared around their enemy, engulfing the dino completely in a blood red haze. 'Tiger,' Genki whispered even as he stared at the light. Shocked yelps from near the forest alerted them that the same crimson beam had captured every single enemy that had attacked them, flowing up from the very ground they stood upon. As suddenly as it had appeared, the glow evaporated into a clear mist. Shocked eyes took in the mystery disks that littered the ground.

Golden orbs narrowed as the tiger stood. 'What the hell was that,' he growled into the air, not expecting an answer from the unknown. 'Hare!' the boy's voice broke the silence. Tiger turned to find the youth perched on the edge of the cliff, staring down at the raging river below. 'He's gone,' Genki whispered, his bangs shadowing his tear-filled eyes.

(Memories of another time)

'It is imperative that we all get ready for the coming of Moo. His forces are set to attack at any moment, we must shield ourselves away from this realm,' the ancient voice filled the air atop the giant mountain. All eyes were focused on the form of a young boy with golden dragon wings curving into the wind behind him. 'If we shield ourselves away, we will not be in a position to continue our roles as guardians over this planet,' another voice echoed. A pixie winged female came forth from her perch high in a twisted tree. 'This is true,' an older looking teenager with stone-like blue skin stood amidst the mass of halfling creatures. 'We should fight!' a hare eared youth leapt to his feet in response. 'That is madness. We will surely be destroyed if we try to stand against Moo,' a one eyed, yellow skinned boy frowned at the over-hyper hareboy. The hare youth bristled, ears standing straight over his head. But, before he could speak, his companion stood up beside him.

'Although the hare guardian is a fool, his words are noble. We were created at the beginning of time, each of us given a species to guard and protect. Till Moo came our charges grew and flourished, but now they dwindle in numbers, some even joining the evil that is trying to conquer us all. If we do not stand and face Moo, then this world will not be worth guarding for much longer,' the tiger maned teenager remained calm even as his words were realized by the rest of the guardians. 'How do you suggest we fight against an evil with powers far greater than our own. Even the Phoenix has not shown himself in this time of need,' the dragon youth stated abruptly. 'Um, we could attack him first,' the hare guardian suggested, a wide grin growing on his face. 'Suicide,' many voices echoed into the air. Wincing at the tone, the hareboy's ears drooped. 'Any other ideas?' the dragon youth glanced around at the other guardians who mumbled amongst themselves. 'I have one. We could bring someone to aid us. A warrior from another world,' the tigerteen's voice shut everyone up. 'It would take a great amount of power from each of us to do such a thing. It also means that Moo will be able to attack us without any trouble at all. No, the shield is the only solution. We can evade the attack and decided what to do from there,' the dragon boy turned away as the large group of halfling guardians began to file out of the glade.

The tiger guardian glanced around, only to find that the hareboy had disappeared. ~Damn that hare.~

(towards the cave)

The hare youth stumbled into a dark cold cave, a forbidden cave that lead deep into Eternity Mountain. When they were created, the guardians were given the mountaintop for their home, to watch over the monster and human races that lived upon the land below. The most ancient of all monsters lived within the mountain itself, a creature with no single race, or guardian. The Phoenix.

The air became heavier as he made his way down the twisted path, the humid temperature growing hotter and hotter, getting almost too much even for a guardian. A spark of red suddenly appeared in the blackness, leading the hare guardian towards his fate. ~Spooky, really spooky. I hope the Phoenix doesn't try to barbecue me for dinner.~ The youth was frightened, for this fire powered creature was known for its equally fiery temper. It might just decided to attack first and ask questions later. The hareboy was in the Phoenix's lair, intruding where he should never have gone. The youth froze when one giant black eye stared down at him from the huge bird form perched in the centre of the room. ~Who are you?~

(Eternity Mountaintop)

Tiger gazed around at the proceedings. Every guardian was in his or her place, each gathering up their own energy to create the barrier. All except one annoying bunny-eared boy. Grunting to himself, the youth turned, his long blue and white streaked hair floating in the icy wind, to walk away from the circle. He had enough time to find the boy and drag his brown bunny-tailed behind back before the barrier was put in place. Even with that thought, the tiger youth began to run as fast as the creatures he guarded, even on two human legs. A long blue tail disappeared into the emerald forest.

(Deep in the Cave of Fire)

'I...I...' ~Calm down, Hare. You came all this way, don't back down now.~ 'I am the Hare Guardian and I have come to request your help,' the boy finally stated, trying to sound brave. ~I wish Tiger was here. He'd be able to do this without even breaking into a sweat.~ ~'You are trespassing!'~ a voice boomed in his mind, nearly knocking him down. 'I know, I'm sorry. We need your help. Please, Moo is going to attack us, and the other guardians are planning to shield the mountaintop from the rest of the world. Please, we need your help. If you don't help us, then the mortal monsters and humans down on the surface will be killed or worse. Please,' the youth was nearly in tears as he forced himself to bow low before the crimson winged Phoenix. The creature gazed at the guardian youth for a very long time, making his decision.

~'What do you want me to do?'~


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Emerald Forest

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Emerald Forest

The tiger guardian's golden eyes widened as he saw the hare youth step out of the mouth of the Cave of Fire. ~He didn't. Even that hare isn't stupid enough to anger the Phoenix. Damn!~ 'Hare,' the tiger began to growl. Startled black eyes rose to meet gold as the other boy realized he was no longer alone. 'T-tiger,' the youth stuttered, forcing himself to remain calm as he approached the horned tiger guardian. Tiger opened his mouth to yell at the boy, but a shattering boom echoed through the air. Both guardians turned to see the barrier holding unsteadily against a sudden attack. ~Shit, Moo is attacking. Damn! We can't get through the barrier now.~ Tiger grabbed the other youth's hand and yanked him towards the cave. They had to find a place to hide before...

'Where do you think you're going?' a deep voice rumbled as a giant dino stepped out of the bushes in front of the pair. Both boys froze, ready to run in the other direction. Unfortunately, several other monsters encircled them from behind. Hare trembled, his long white and red robes flowing in the wind. Clenching their hands tightly together, Tiger searched for an escape route. 'Moo is going to reward us for capturing you,' the dino leader announced, stepping forward towards his prey. 'I don't think so,' a blue light shot from the tigerboy's hand as he threw his power at the dino. Hare nodded and turned, allowing his own power to pool into a red ball before shooting it at the monsters behind them. Ignoring the angry cries, the pair raced off down the path, knowing that their distraction would not hold the monsters at bay for very long. They had to escape.

'Tiger, a cliff!' the hare's voice shook the other guardian from his thoughts, causing them both to jerk to a halt right on the edge of the mountain. Behind them, Moo's monsters were approaching, leaving them nowhere to run. 'Shit,' Tiger hissed, glaring angrily with his golden eyes. 'I'm sorry, Tiger. I was just trying to get the Phoenix to help us...' Hare shut up when the other youth turned his glare on him. 'Baka. You could have been killed. And now look where we are. Shut up and think of a way out of this mess,' Tiger ordered, ignoring the youth's upset look.

Moo's monsters approached from all sides, surrounding the unfortunate pair. Hare took an involuntary step back and felt his foot touch the very edge of the cliff, rocks sliding down the slope from his movement. ~How are we ever going to get out of this one?~ Hare glanced at his partner to find the Tiger Guardian glaring at the large dino captain who simply smirked back at them.

'You won't escape this time,' the dino leader snarled, the pack drawing closer. Hare felt his partner's shift in attention. He was readying himself for a lightning attack. ~Aw, man... I wish I had more than just a puny punch wave attack. Oh well.~ He concentrated on his fist, hiding it behind his back to keep their enemies from noticing the light. 'ATTACK!' the dino commanded.

Tiger surged forward, twin horns peaking out of his mane. Lightning shot from them, sending a small section of the creatures back. Hare followed, punching with his fury strikes, fist glowing with his power. ~We're going to win.~ Hare smiled to himself and leapt at the dino leader who took a step back in surprise. The bunny boy didn't see the tail swinging at him until it smashed against his side, sending him hurling over the cliff edge. Tiger noticed, turning to help his fallen comrade.

Hare gripped the edge of the cliff with all his might, the fingers on his hand digging into the earth. 'Shit!' Tiger found himself surrounded, blocked off from the edge. The dino captain smirked down, taking in the dangling halfing creature. 'Is this ironic. You're so pathetic, Moo won't even need you puny powers,' the evil beast gloated, raising his heavy foot. Hare screamed as his fingers took the blow, loosing their grip on the dirt. 'Tiger!' was his last call, as he plunged down towards the land below.



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