By: Space Cadet

Just thought I'd write another side story for my series. This one is called 'Hope', and it takes place after Chapter 13: 'Thieves and Disappearance'. Ta-ta for now.

A chill breeze swept over the calm sea, rippling the water gently. The ship’s timbers creaked slightly, as the sail billowed out and allowed the breeze to push the ship along. The ship was silent, though not all occupants were asleep.

Gray Wolf sat at the front of the vessel, the breeze brushing his silver mane of fur back. His blue eyes wandered upwards to gaze at the full moon, bringing thoughts of the past.

[It is of course possible that this journey may claim my life…though such is the risk we took. But if only I could see my brother again…or at least some of the old pack. I haven’t laid eyes on them for so long…and the other day, that Voltie, he…looked just like Vistain, one who traveled with our pack for a long time…maybe I was mistaken…maybe I’m hoping too much. But we are nothing without hope, for that is what keeps us going. I will never give up hope.]

The wolf monster shut his eyes, and began to drift off to sleep, with renewed hope for himself, his friends, and his brother.

Meanwhile, below decks, Katsurin lay awake on a small bed next to Lirrik (who was snoring loudly of course). Kat reached down next to the bed where his hat, belt, map, and bag were all in a heap on the floor, and fumbled around a bit before pulling the bag up. He reached inside, sorting through the various items inside. A water bottle, some food, a money pouch, medical supplies, compass, a small book and pen, and…there it was…

Kat drew back his paw and opened it, revealing a shell necklace. The necklace with the glittering, multi-coloured beauty of a shell in the center. The necklace he made for Rayla’s birthday, and which she had pressed into his paw before she died, as a farewell gift, a keepsake of his soul mate.

A single tear dropped onto the center shell as Kat hugged the necklace to his chest. [Ah won’t give oop mah hope, an’ Ah will keep a searchin’ for ye…’cause the Phoenix would have revived ye…leastways if’n yer disk stayed intact. But Ah’ll never fail ye…Ah will find ye, Rayla…]

Two different souls, different beings, with different pasts had both made the same vow. Neither would give up…ever.