Hope and Destiny

Genki,Holly,Mocchi,Suezo,Tiger,Hare and Golem were walking in the forest it's sunset. Genki said:- its beutiful sunset, right?

Holly:- yeah you are right Genki .she smile to Genki,Genki look at Holly and smile to her. it's come darker and darker ..

Hare said :-Hey guys i think we must stop and camp here .

Genki looked to Hare and said :-No we can't we must walk...

Holly looked at Genki and said :- Genki..Hare was right i think we must stop ...it's danger to walked in the forest at night ..

Tiger said :- she is right Genki... also we need to sleep.

Genki said:- ok,but we need place to camp frist.after a few minutes ago

Holly was makeing dinner,Golem was seting alone,Tiger and Hare were fighting about some thing and Genki and Mocchi were playing.. Holly was test the food and said :- it's ready now, come guys.

Hare said:-it's yummy.

Tiger and Suezo:- yeah.

Mocchi and Golem :- it's good.

Genki said:-I think really yummy thanks Holly.

Holly smile and said:- welcome guys .


mean while Tiger,Hare,Mocchi,Golem,Genki,Suezo and Holly were setting around the fire,they were talking about Moo.

Suezo said:-I really want to see the day when we defeat Moo . Hare said :- yeah.

Mocchi said:- but Moo is strong,chi.

Genki said:- Hay guys but we are stronger than Moo and we will defeat him

Tiger said:- you are right Genki,we will defeat him..

Holly smile and said :- we will find the phoenix and we save the monster world.

Genki:- Yeah we will find the phoenxi..

Tiger:- ok guys i think we must to sleep,good night

every one :- good night ************************************************

after hour Holly was woke up and she was checking everyone were sleeping except Genki who was setting alone she stand up,she went to him and put her hand on his shoulder and said:-Genki,you can't sleep.

Genki look to Holly:-Holly,yeah i can't sleep...I was thinking about....

Holly look at him worried:- about what?Genki.Holly set next to him.

Genki look at her and said:-If we can defeat Moo and his army Holly.

Holly said:-If course we can defeat Moo....we can defeat him..you can go back to your world

Genki looked at her for a while..

Holly said:-When Moo attacked my village and kill everyone there, i take my decision to find the phoenxi to destroy him and to make this world safe..i want to over this thing that is my destiny...

Genki was looking to Holly...and Holly look at him

Holly completed:- also to find my father i need hope..Genki.

suddenly Holly's tears fall from her eyes...

Genki looked at her and said:-Holly are ok? you are crying.

Holly said :-yeah am ok Genki..

Genki wiped her tears and said to her:-Holly dont be sad..please stop cry.. and he smiled to her..he completed:-Holly when are in big problem and we can't get out we need only hope to get out from problem. Holly looked at him and she smiled aweaked

Holly said:-you are right Genki..

then she looked at his eyes..and Genki looked at her eyes for a while suddenly the black Dinos attack them when they was looking at each other..Holly&Genki stand up on there foots and Holly and Genki were running ...

Holly said:-Oh no they found us ..

GenkI said:- I don't know i think we should warn the other..

Holly said :- you are right...

Genki said:-Hay guys wake up..

Hare was wakeing and said:-HUH?what's happened

Holly said and try to take breath:-the black dinos comeing after us

Tiger:- Are sure?


The captain said:-ATTACK.

The group of the black dinos attacked..

Golem:- we will fight them.


Genki hit one by his head,Tiger used his thunder attack..when they all fighting. there was one of the black dinos behind Genki..

Tiger shouted at Genki:-Hay kid watch out.

Genki looked behind him and saw one of the black dinos was try to attack Genki with his tail.

Holly ran to Genki and pushed Genki away.. and the black dinos smashed her with his tail sent her to the tree..


He looked at her....

Holly was trying to get up she was holding her arm,her head was bleeding and sill breathing hard from the knocked...then she fell in the ground.

Genki said angry:-You will paid what you done with her...

The group of black dinos luaghed at him..

Genki shouted:- ALL FOR ONE ATTACK.

everyone attacked the group of black dinos..

the captain said:- every one run away,we will come back again.

Genki said:-Holly.then he ran to here keeled next to her and said to her :-Holly are you ok?Holly.

Genki holded Holly every one looked at Genki..

Hare said:- we must take care of her injuries.

Genki said:-What i done with her...it's my mistake.

Tiger said:- NO it's not your mistake.

Golem:-don't be sad Genki.

Mocchi:-yeah Genki chi.

Suezo:-She was trying to protect you.

Genki said :-But why?

Hare:-you can ask her when she wakeup Genki, i will try to remedy her injuries.

After a while Holly opened her eyes and saw Genki...

Genki said:-Holly are ok?

Holly said:- that painful am fine, Genki whats happened?

Genki said happly :- thank god you are fine, the black dino knocked to the tree with it's tail.

Holly said:-OH,AH i feel like my arm broken.

Genki said :-don't worry Hare taked care of you.

then Tiger said :- How are you?

Golem:-you feel good.

Holly smiled to them and said:-I'm fine thanks guys,Hare thank u. Hare smiled to her and said:- No problem Holly.

Suezo said :-let live them alone now.

every one:-ok.

the monster leave them and went outside.

Genki said :-I'm really sorry Holly it's my mistake...sorry cause am not careful.

Holly smiled to him and said:- It's ok Genki.

Genki said:-but why you protected me..Holly i want to know why you do that?

Holly and she was feeling her heart was beating faster and faster and said :-Cause... cause....I....I.....I...Genki(her face was red) I LOVE YOU and i care about you.

************************************************* now the both of them there faces is red.

Genki:- you really care about me.

Holly:- yeah.(and her face still) red.

a few days past...


HOLLY smiled to Genki:-yeah i'm fine.



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