"How They Met" By: Cybernator1

The sun shined and birds chirped as the day went on. Not the most entertaining day, but the two brothers still squabled about where they would get they're next meal, as usual.

Tiger: "Are you sure there's a bakery here?"

Grey Wolf: "Yes I'm sure. I heard a human girl talking about it. She said it was right here."

Tiger: "Well, I don't see anything."

Grey Wolf: "It is here! I'm sure of it!"

Tiger: "You were probably just hearing things."

Grey Wolf: "I was not!!"

Tiger: "Then where is it!?"

Grey Wolf: "I don't know!"

Tiger: "HA! You admit it!! You don't know where it is!"

Grey Wolf: "You know what I mean!"

Tiger: "Quick! Duck behind that bush!"

Tiger and Grey Wolf duck behind a nearby bush to avoid being seen by a passing woman and her female tiger monster, but, are just enough to the side so they can watch them. The woman is young and looked very able. About the age of thirty. The female tiger was pink and pale white, like a Daton, only the white wasn't quite as yellow, so, she had to be a purebred. It was very rare for female purebred tiger's to be pink, so Tiger and Grey Wolf were quite surprised. Grey Wolf didn't really care she's a female but Tiger can't help but watch her. After what seems like minutes to Tiger, which was actually less then 30 seconds, they finally pass.

Grey Wolf: "I think we can come out now."

Tiger: "....."

Grey Wolf: "Hey, Tiger."

Tiger still doesn't respond.

Grey Wolf: "Ooohhhh, I get it."

Tiger: "What?"

Grey Wolf: "Big macho man Tiger has a crush on someone."

Tiger: "Shut up!! No I don't!!"

Grey Wolf: "Then why is your face red!?"


Grey Wolf: "Yes you do!!"

The brothers argued for almost the rest of the day. Tiger got his revenge when Grey Wolf ate a poison berry that he claimed was "perfectly edible." His stomach hurt for four hours. After the berry incident, they finally found the bakery. Later that night, when they were settling down in a cave, getting ready to go to sleep,

Tiger: "I'm gonna go take a walk."

Grey Wolf: "Gonna go see your girlfriend?"

Tiger: "*sigh* Yes. I'm gonna go see my girlfriend. And I'm gonna ask her to marry me, and we'll have many children."

Tiger get's up and starts out of the cave.

Tiger and Grey Wolf: "(to themselves) Moron."

Tiger heads back to the road where he saw that female tiger. He uses his keen sense of smell to try to find her scent.

Tiger: "*sniff sniff*I have to find her. At least I'll have a micron of a chance by talking to her."

After finding her scent, he follows it down the path for a few minutes. Then he comes across a house with a monster shed to the right of it. The female tiger is laying in front of it, staring up into the stars.

Tiger: "Um.... h_hello."

Female Tiger: "Oh! Hello. We don't get many visitors here. Hold on. I'll get my master."

Tiger: "No no. I uhhhh wanted to talk to you."

Female Tiger: "Me? Well, okay. Go ahead. Hey, wait. You were the guy hiding behind the bushes weren't you?"

Tiger: "Yeah. That was me. How did you know?

Tigress: "Your blue, so, you stood out like a sore thumb."

Tiger: "Oh. See, I was wondering if uhhhh maybe we could talk."

Female Tiger: "I understand. Come by early tomorrow morning."

Tiger: "Okay! Um, my name's Tiger."

Tigress: "Mine's Tigress. So, I'll see you tomorrow then."

Tiger: "Alright, Bye."

Tigress: "Bye."

Tiger walks away, leaving Tigress to wonder why she agreed to talk with him. After he's sure he's out of hearing range he stops.

Tiger: "*siiiiiiggggghhhhh* Phase one completed."

Tiger happily walks back to the cave where his brother was waiting. Before he let's Grey Wolf see him, he does his best to calm down, but his excitment still shows on his face.

Grey Wolf: "So, did you ask your girlfriend to marry you?"

Tiger: "No. But we're gonna talk tomorrow morning."

Grey Wolf: "Yeah. Talk."

Tiger throws a small rock at his head

Grey Wolf: "Ow!"

The next morning, while Grey Wolf is still sleeping, Tiger quietly sneaks away. He memorized the way to Tigress's house, so, he didn't have to smell his way this time. When he got there, Tigress was waiting for him in front of her shed.

Tigress: "I didn't think you'd come."

Tiger: "Why wouldn't I?"

Tigress: "I don't know. I guess maybe you would be afraid."

Tiger: "I am afraid."

Tigress: "You don't have to be."

After a few minutes, they have gotten on quite a conversation.

Tiger: "So then he found out the berries were poison."

Tigress: "Oh my. Is he okay?"

Tiger: "Yeah. His stomach just hurt for a while. So, what do you do all day here?"

Tigress: "I usually just help my master at the flower shop down the road. She doesn't really need me, but I like to help anyway.

Tiger: "At least you have something to do. All I have to do is argue with Grey Wolf all day."

Tigress: "I used to argue alot with my brother too. Then he moved away and had a family. Someday, I hope to have a family of my own. What about you?"

Tiger: "I never really thought about it. I guess that would be nice. I'd better go before Grey Wolf get's mad."

Tigress: "Okay. Um, I'd like to see you again tomorrow."

Tiger: "Sure."

Tigress: "Bye."

Tiger: "Bye."

After several meetings, Tiger has a small talk with Grey Wolf.

Grey Wolf: "Your gonna WHAT!!??"

Tiger: "You heard what I said."

Grey Wolf: "Are you sure about this?"

Tiger: "Yes I'm sure. I have to go ask her before it get's to late. She helps her master at the flower shop at noon."

Grey Wolf: "Okay. Good luck... I guess"

Tiger: "Thanks."

Tiger nervously walks out of the cave toward Tigress's house. On the way, Tiger passes a small flower patch. After picking a daisy, he continues his walking. It was alot shorter then he had hoped. It didn't give him much time to think. When he get's there, Tigress is waiting for him. But, this time was different.

Tiger: "H_Hi."

Tigress: "Hey. You look awfully nervous. Are you okay?"

Tiger: "U_Um, w_will ugh."

Tigress: "What?"

Tiger gives Tigress the flower he picked.

Tiger: "Tigresswillyoumarryme?"

Tigress: "........okay."

Tiger: "I don't think you understood me."

Tigress: "I understood. And, yes, I will marry you."

Tiger: "............wait here."

Tiger zooms back to the cave to give his brother the good news.

Tiger: "SHE SAID YES!!"

Grey Wolf: "WHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!????"

Grey Wolf does complicated calculations in his head for a few seconds.

Grey Wolf: "If my calculations are right, the chances of this happening are 654,658,468,463 to 1."


Tiger zooms back to Tigress's house.

Tiger: "I love you."

Tigress: "I love you too."

Later that day, Tigress is helping her master at the local flower shop just like she does every day. The shop's walls are lined with hundreds of different kinds of flowers. Tigress's master is still the same as when Tiger and Grey Wolf saw her. Young and very able. It looks like she made quite a living by selling flowers. She had many exotic kinds that didn't normally grow in the area and were very expensive. Tigress was sitting in the back stock room, ready to take any orders. They didn't have to wait to long before someone came in.

Woman: "Hello Anna."

Anna: "Hi Jane. What would you like today?"

Jane: "Just a boque of daisies."

Anna: "Tigress! One boque of daisies."

Tigress: "Daisies. *sigh*"

Tigress picks around 15 daisies in her mouth, brings them to the front room and sets them on the counter.

Anna: "Five golds please."

Jane takes out five golds from her purse and gives them to Anna.

Jane: "Thanks you guys. See you later."

Anna: "Bye."

Jane picks up the flowers and walks out of the store.

Tigress: "*sigghhh*"

Anna: "What wrong?"

Tigress: "You wouldn't understand."

Anna: "Try me."

TIgress: ".....Okay. This guy I really really like asked me to marry him."

Anna: "Who is it?"

Tigress: "Tiger. Remember, I told you about him."

Anna: "Oh yeah. He seems very nice. So, what did you say to him?"

Tigress: "I said yes of course!"

Anna: "Well, congratulations!"

Tigress: "Thanks. But I don't know what to do during the wedding."

Anna: "You don't have to do much. While everything is getting set up, you just sit in seperate tents until I come and get you. For Tiger I guess it would be his brother. When we come get you, you just listen to a priest guy ramble on for half an hour and kiss him. Then your married."

Tigress: "Oh. Okay. I just don't know if I'm making the right decision."

Anna: "If you really love him then you are. Do you?"

Tigress: "I think I do love him."

Anna: "You think or you do. Which is it?"

Tigress: "I do. I do love him."

Anna: "You see? It'll work out fine as long as he loves you."

Tigress: "I know he does."

Anna: "So when is the wedding?"

Tigress: "The day after tomorrow."

Back at Tiger and Grey Wolf's cave, Tiger is pasing around nervously as Grey Wolf tries to make him feel better.

Tiger: "What do I do?"

Grey Wolf: "What do you mean? I thought you were happy."

Tiger: "I mean what do I do at the wedding."

Grey Wolf: "I don't know anything you don't. I suppose you could just ask her."

Tiger: "I suppose so."

Grey Wolf: ".........Are you sure your making the right decision?"

Tiger: "I love her, and she loves me. So I am."

Grey Wolf: "Okay."

The nest day, Tigress is at Tiger's cave while Grey Wolf goes around getting their friends.

Tiger: "Um, can I ask you something? Actually two things."

Tigress: "Sure. Go ahead."

Tiger: "What are we supposed to do at the wedding?"

Tigress: "We just wait in seperate tents until someone come gets us, Then we have to listen to some guy talk for half an hour then kiss eachother. Then we're married."

Tiger: "Um, do we have to in front of all those people?"

Tigress: "It won't be that bad. Most of the people there will be stuffing they're faces."

Tiger: "Well, okay. Um, I know this sounds stupid, but, um, how do we have kids?"

Tigress: "I guess you don't know cause you lost your parents when you were young.*moan*"

Tigress wispers into Tiger's ear.

Tiger: "What the hell are those? *whisper whisper*Ew. *whisper whisper* Ehhehehhehe."

After a sleepless night for many people(and monsters), the wedding finally arrives. While everyone is getting everything ready, Tiger and Tigress wait patiently in they're seperate tents. Well, Tigress was patient. Tiger wasn't so calm though. He was uncrontrollably walking around, mumbling about everything that could go wrong.

Tiger: "What if I choke? What if I trip? What if I accidently say no? ARGH!!! I can't take this much longer!!"

Just before Tiger starts screaming, Grey Wolf walks in.

Grey Wolf: "Hey. Everything's ready."

Tiger: "*makes high pitched squeak-like noise*"

Grey Wolf: "Oh come on. It can't be that bad."

Tiger: "Well, it is."

Grey Wolf: "Okay. Don't get married. Break her heart and be miserable you whole life."

Tiger: "But what if I screw up?"

Grey Wolf: "Noone'll care. They're just here for the food."

Tiger: ".....Thanks. I think I'm ready."

One half hour later,

Priest: "Do you Tiger take Tigress to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

Tiger: "I do."

Priest: "And do you Tigress take Tiger to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Tigress: "I do."

Priest: "You may kiss the bride."

Tiger and Tigress give eachother the customary kiss while everyone else is stuffing they're face.

Priest: "I know pronounce you man and wife."

1 month later,

Tigress: "Tiger, can I talk to you?"

Tiger: "Sure."

Tigress: "I think I'm pregnant."

Tiger: "Are you sure?"

Tigress: "Yes."

Tiger: "*smiles*........*faints*"

After a grueling eight more months, the big day finally came.

Tigress: "It's a boy."

Tiger: "....My son."

Tigress; "What should we name him?"

Tiger: "Could we name him after my father?"

Tigress: "Of course."

Tiger: "Then his name shall be Trigger."

Tigress: "I like it."

Tiger and Tigress nuzzle eachother. The rest of the day went by quickly and uneventfully. A few weeks later, while the whole family is asleep, the silence is broken by the sound of Zuum troops. Tiger's eyes twitch a little, and then open. He looks around outside until he spots them. He rushes back to the cave and nudges Tigress until she wakes up.

Tigress: "(yyyyaaaawwwnnn)What's the matter?"

Tiger: "Moo is hear. Take Trigger and get out of here!"

Tigress: "Moo?! .....But what about you?"

Tiger: "I'll be fine. I'll come and get you when everything blows over."

Tigress: "Alright, but, be careful."

Tiger: "I will."

Tigress picks Trigger by the scruff of his neck and runs out of the cave and into the forest in the opposite direction the Zuum troops came from.

Tiger: "(I hope they'll be okay.)"

I think you know the rest.

The End

Incase your wondering, the ending is a modified version of the beggining of A New Side to Tiger Version 2.