Prologue: "The Legend of Moo"

A long time ago, say approximately five hundred years ago in the world of monsters; there was an atrocious battle between monsters and humans. This battle was called the Moo War. The Moo War was started by a vicious dragon monster name Moo. Man created Moo so it could obey man; but Moo destroyed man rather than obey man, and it's destructive nature created the war against humans. Moo made an army of bad monsters to help it fight against the humans and the war lasted for years. Every monster a human meets, there was trouble and there was no peace between both races. After all those years of fighting, the humans destroyed Moo and trapped his body in a disk stone. After that, the humans buried Moo's disk stone into the depths where no one could find it they thought; but the humans were wrong. Five hundred years after the Moo War, four dragons dug up the disk stone and unlocked Moo accidentally. When Moo was unlocked, the four dragons became his slaves and by the looks of it, the Moo War was about to start again. Who in the entire planet of monsters and humans can defeat Moo?


Get a disk, take the risk

Spin it fast, do the pass

Unlock it, claim it, you can tame it

Unlock your disk!

Mysterious Moo, leader of the bad!

Unlock your disk!

One of the baddest, the world has ever had.

Unlock your disk

Who is Moo, does anyone know?

Unlock your disk

Is there anyone, ANYONE to beat him though?

Unlock your disk

Moo is dangerous, can't you see?

Can Moo be beaten, can he?

Monsters rule!

Chapter 1: "Moo Returns"

"Give me a report on how we are doing Jespah." Someone commanded. In a black castle located in a deserted valley, four dragons face a huge shadow. The red dragon speaks to the huge shadow monster, "Everything is according to plan Lord Moo, no one can stop us now in taking over this damned world."

"Not even the humans!" The dragon made of steel said.

"Now all we have to do is destroy the monsters and humans who defy us." A shiny black dragon said.

"Those weak monsters should be no problem." A creepy dragon made of skeleton bones said.

"Fine!" The black shadow agreed. "Go my Devious Dragon Four and don't disappoint me."

"Yes, Lord Moo!" The four dragons bowed to the shadow monster and exited the castle.


"Everybody run!" A man screamed. In a village, men, women and children are being chased by dinos. The humans couldn't exit their home and were trapped inside by the dinos. A dino wearing a brown iron mantle and helmet comes into the village. "Here are orders from the great Master Ragnarok, give us disk stones or perish." A man comes forth and faces the dino captain. "We have no disc stones besides even if we did, why would we give them to you?" The man makes a fist. Captain Dino grins, "Because mammal, if you don't, Master Ragnarok will kill you."

"Well your master isn't here now isn't he dino?" The man tightens his fist. Suddenly a huge black talon grabs the man's neck. The man slowly turns his head and sees a black dragon choking him.

"He is now!" The black dragon said. The black dragon dropped the man and the man fell on his chest hacking and coughing.

"Master Ragnarok!" Captain Dino greets the black dragon. "What shall we do with the humans?" Ragnarok (Dragon/Monol) smirks at the dino captain and then turns to the humans. "Destroy them and then search the village for disc stones. The dino minions glare at the humans and lick their lips happily. The humans in the village began to tremble.

"Everybody run for it!" The man injured by Ragnarok yelled out. Suddenly Ragnarok smashes the guy's back with his foot, killing him. When the rest of the humans saw that, they ran.

"Get them!" Captain Dino ordered. The dino minions chased after the humans. Ragnarok laughs at the humans who are panicking.


Away from the village, a Rover (Tiger/Hare) and a Daton (Tiger/Pixie) hears the cries of the humans. Rover looks at Daton with his black eyes. "It must be Moo's men again!" The Daton growls, "No doubt about it, it seems almost everyday something about Moo pops up."

"Maybe there is something we can do!" Rover said.

"What can we do?" Daton glares at Rover. Rover's brown head droops.

"That's right, not a damn thing about it!" Daton ran off towards the green valley. Rover wasn't a stubborn tiger monster and he mostly cared about the humans. Daton is right; there is nothing we can do. Rover thought as he followed Daton towards the valley.


Get a disk, take the risk.

Spin it fast, do the pass.

Unlock it, claim it, you can tame it.

Unlock your disk!

Ragnarok, half Dragon and half Monol.

Unlock your disk!

He will see all the good guys fall.

Unlock your disk!

The Dinos and their captain will help their master out,

Unlock your disk!

Captain Dino asks a lot of questions from his mouth.

Unlock your disk!

Ragnarok and Dino, leave those humans alone,

If they don't get what they want, they'll never go.

Monsters rule!

Chapter 2: "Birth of Tiger"

"Gray. . . .Wolf?!" The shiny gray-furred tiger monster hears an echo calling his name. The gray tiger growls, "Who are you, show yourself!"

"Gray. .Wolf?!" The echo is heard again. The gray tiger turns around and see two golden dots sparkle in the darkness. The silvery shiny curved horns on top of the tiger's head begin to glow as he points them to the golden dots, "Lightning attack!" SWOOSH! Lightning is shot out of the silver horns and hits a wall of fire.

"What?" The gray tiger was shocked.

"No need to fight against me Gray Wolf," The golden dots said. "You must fight Moo!"

"Moo?" The Gray Wolf growls at the golden dots for talking about Moo. "Are you asking me to put my pack into danger?"

"If you don't fight Moo then everybody will die and I don't mean just your pack," The golden dots starts to glow bigger. "You, the humans, the planet, everything!" FLASH! Everything disappears in a blaze of light.


"Gray Wolf? Are you awake!" A voice asked. The gray tiger opens his blue eyes and sees two of his brothers, Daton and Rover.

"Gray Wolf, we have some news for you." Rover said. The gray tiger gets up and stares at Rover with his blue eyes. "News?"

"Yeah, Moo's men attacked a village again!" Rover said. Gray Wolf growls at the name of Moo, "Show me!" Daton and Rover runs out of the valley's cave. Gray Wolf follows and thinks about that dream he had, Could the dream be connected with the attacks in the village?


In the village that Ragnarok and the dinos attack, the three tigers look around. Gray Wolf narrows his eyes at the damage done to the village, "Hmm, this is not necessary!" Gray Wolf began to raise his voice. "Why must Moo destroy the humans?" Suddenly Gray Wolf heard a stale voice calling out to him. "Help. . . . please help me!" Gray Wolf runs around the village looking for the person who was calling him. Daton and Rover follows. They spread out through the entire village searching for the human but in no time, Gray Wolf finds the human, wounded.

"Help. .me!" The human weakly said.

"What happened here?" Gray Wolf asked. The man barely raises his head up and sees the powerful Gray Wolf. "One of Moo's "Devious Dragon Four" were here and destroyed my family." The man said. Gray Wolf growled, "What's the 'Devious Dragon Four'?"

"Moo's top monsters that are the dragon type," The man answered. "Like himself!" After he answered the question, he collapsed. Daton and Rover see the fallen human and their pack leader.

"Well, what happened?" Daton asked. Gray Wolf turns to the pinkish peach-colored tiger. "It was Moo!" Daton and Rover growls.

"I honestly think we should fight against Moo." Rover commented. Gray Wolf ignored his comment. "Let's just go home."

"Wait, I found something," Daton said. "I saw it in a house, it looks like a disc stone."

"WHAT?!" Gray Wolf was shocked.

"Moo missed one," Rover smiled. "Let's take it." Daton runs at the back and goes into a house. Seconds later, he came back with a blue disc stone in his mouth.

"Yippee!" Rover cheered.

"Now let's find a shrine." Gray Wolf commanded.

"Gray Wolf, you know how to use the shrine?" Rover asked.

"I've seen a human use it, " Gray Wolf runs out of the village. "Let's go!" Daton and Rover follows.


In a shrine, Daton puts the disc stone in the center of the machine. Rover watches and Gray Wolf stands up on his hind legs to reach the panel.

"The disc is in place." Daton said and stands besides Rover.

"Here is the big moment, unlock!" Gray Wolf presses down on the panel and the blue disc begins to glow. The three tigers watch as the blue disc stone glows. Finally, a blue ball of energy levitates in the air. The tigers look up at it. Slowly, the energy ball hovers down and reveals a blue tiger cub. "Hi!" It greets. Daton and Rover laughs. Gray Wolf walks towards the young tiger. "Hello son!" "Hiya," The tiger greets Gray Wolf." Who are you?"

"My name is Gray Wolf," The tiger leader said. "your big brother and your pack leader." Rover and Daton laughs again.

"Brother!" The tiger gets up and nuzzles his 'brother'. "My name is Tiger." Gray Wolf smiles at his baby brother and then turns to Rover and Daton. "We're going home so can you get some food for today you two?" Rover and Daton obey and run out of the shrine.

"Yippee, food!" Tiger cheers. "Good food, Tiger hungry!" Gray Wolf grabs his brother with his mouth and walks out of the shrine.


On a rock cliff, a pure bred dragon and a clay wearing a brown iron mantle and helmet watches the tigers exit the shrine. The clay captain turns to the dragon. "Those tigers lead by Gray Wolf could be an annoyance to Lord Moo."

"Maybe, " The dragon said. "I'll chance it."

"What should we do to them Master Jespah?" Captain Clay asked. The dragon chuckles, "Get rid of them."

"Yes sir!" Captain Clay turns to his clay (Jell/Monol) troops. "You heard him, let's go!"

"Yes captain!" The troops with their captain move out.


Near home carrying his baby brother in his mouth, Gray Wolf takes a break and releases Tiger.

"Big brother, I'm hungry." Tiger said.

"I know, so am I." Gray Wolf said. "Be patient, Daton and Rover will get some food."

"Ha, now we found you, tigers!" Someone commanded. Gray Wolf turns around and sees purple plants. Tiger sees them too, "Brother, what are those things?" Suddenly Gray Wolf sees the Moo symbol on the plant monsters and growls, "Just a couple of weeds that work for Moo."

Indeed they were weeds (Plant/Naga) working for Moo and they were ordered to eliminate all monsters that defy Moo. A weed wearing brown iron shoulder guards walks towards Gray Wolf. "You, Gray Wolf and your family shall perish for defying Moo." Tiger goes in front of his brother and growls at the weed. "My brother is NOT going to perish!" He snarls.

"Oh yes he will boy, you too." Captain Weed said. Gray Wolf growls at the remark and charges the weed, knocking him into the tree. "Watch your tongue weed!" One of Captain Weed's troops walk towards his fallen captain. "What's the order sir?"

"RUN FOR IT!" Captain Weed gets up and runs like the wind. The troops follow. Tiger turns to his brother and smiled. "You were great!"

"I think we better get going." Gray Wolf grabs Tiger's neck with his mouth and walks towards home.


Get a disk, take the risk.

Spin it fast, do the pass.

Unlock it, claim it, you can tame it.

Unlock your disk!

Gray Wolf is the leader of the pack.

Unlock your disk!

His brother Tiger has nothing to lack.

Unlock your disk!

The two is being attacked by plants

Unlock your disk!

These purple plants are starting a rant

Unlock your disk!

Gray Wolf has a brother, Tiger will get stronger.

Just be patient . . .just a little longer.

Monsters rule!

Chapter 3: "Trouble making Tiger"

"We're home!" Gray Wolf releases his brother. Tiger looks down in the valley of tigers from a high grassy hill. "Wow, this is our family?"

"Yep!" Gray Wolf grins. Tiger runs down the hill like the wind to see his brothers.

"Not so fast!" Gray Wolf follows.

"Hi everybody!" Tiger calls out. "My name is Tiger!" The pack of tigers including Rover and Daton who came back from their hunt looked at Tiger. Yakuto (Tiger/Worm) looked at the young tiger with all four of his green eyes.

"Hi, what's you name big brother?" Little Tiger asked.

It's Yakuto." The four-eyed brown tiger said. Tiger laughed, "You sure look funny, do you see with one eye with all of them?" Yakuto smiles at his new little brother. "I look with all of my eyes kid." Tiger laughs and runs to a green scaled Tiger. "Hi, what's your name?"

"My name is Datonare (Tiger/Zuum) kid, nice to meet you." The scaled tiger smiled at his new brother. Tiger laughed and ran towards Gray Wolf. "They like me!"

"Of course they do." Gray Wolf said. Suddenly Tiger runs off laughing.

"WAIT!" Gray Wolf called out.

"Let him go," Rover said, smiling. "He's happy to be here."


At a river, Tiger is about to catch some fish. It dips his paw into the river and rapidly spins it around. The fish swim away. Tiger stops spinning his paw. "Waste of energy!" He suddenly jumps over the river and runs up a grassy hill. From the grassy hill, he looks down and sees some kind of brownish jells. "What are those?"

"Captain Clay, I swear the tigers are around here somewhere." One of those jells said. It was the Clays ordered by the dragon Jespah to find Gray Wolf and his pack. Tiger listens to the conversation. Captain Clay puts his brown jelly hands on his thin waste. "Well we better find them understand," he said. "Or Jespah or even worse, Moo will have our heads."

"Yes sir!" The Clay minions kept on searching. Tiger gasped. "I must tell Gray Wolf." Suddenly Tiger tumbled down the hill and towards the clays. He finally stops tumbling but unfortunately, he stops right in front of Captain Clay. The Captain smiles, "Well, look it here, a tiger." Tiger looks up to the clay and growls. "What are you doing here?"

"None of your business son!" Captain Clay yelled at the cub. "Where's Gray Wolf?" Tiger began to step away from the captain. "I'll never tell you."

"Oh really?" The captain smirks and his arm morphs into a whip. "Then I might as well beat it out of you boy!" Tiger runs away.

"Get him!" Captain Clay commanded. The clay minions follow Tiger but Tiger was way in front because of his amazing speed. Captain Clay changes his body into a cannon. BOOM! He fires the cannon hitting the grassy hill. The huge explosion knocks Tiger off his feet. The captain reverts back into a jelly man and his arm transform into a whip ready to hit Tiger. "Kid you are in a LOT of trouble." Suddenly, before Captain Clay could lay the smack on Tiger, Gray Wolf charges into the clay knocking him off his muddy "feet". Gray Wolf then pins Captain Clay down. "What are you doing here clay?" He looks on the clay's mantle and sees the dragon symbol of Moo. Gray Wolf pushes his paw onto Captain Clay's chest so he couldn't breathe. "You work for Moo, talk NOW!"

"I'll never---talk!" Captain Clay gasped for breath.

"Fine, then you've just sealed your fate captain mud." Gray Wolf's silver horns begin to glow. Captain Clay gasped. ZAP! Gray Wolf zaps Captain Clay with a powerful lightning attack and the only thing left of the Moo minion was lost disk. Gray Wolf growled at the other clays.

"HA! One tiger against many clays, we can beat you." A clay smiles. Gray Wolf grins. "Don't underestimate me, or my friends!"

"Huh?" All the clays look up on top of the grassy hill and they see Gray Wolf's pack; featuring Rover, Daton, Datonare and Yakuto. Beside Gray Wolf is little Tiger. Gray Wolf whispers in little Tiger's unseen ear, "We're going to have a little talk after this is over." Tiger's head droops.

"Everybody run!" A clay said. All of the clays retreat. Gray Wolf turns to the tigers on top of the hill. "Go back, I'm going to talk to Tiger." Daton, Rover, Datonare and Yakuto goes back to their home in the valley. Gray Wolf grabs Tiger's neck with his mouth and runs into a cave outside of the valley. Gray Wolf releases his brother. Tiger's head droops, "Big brother, am I in trouble?"

"No, you're not Tiger." Gray Wolf said. "but you do not go out the valley with anyone watching you, there could be dangerous monsters like those clays you ran into."

"Gray Wolf, what were the clays doing here?" Tiger asked.

"I guess they were trying to find us so they can take us to Moo." Gray Wolf growls at the evil name.

"Moo?" Tiger titles his head in confusion. Gray Wolf sighs. "Moo is an evil monster who wants to take over our planet and those who defy him, dies."

"That's awful!" Tiger bares his teeth. "We got to do something."

"SILENCE!" Gray Wolf yells and snarls. "I shall not put you or the rest of my brothers in danger."

"But brother, we can do it." Tiger said. "We CAN do it if we try."

"There is something you should know Tiger my brother." Gray Wolf lays his head on his paws. "There are some battles that you cannot win, I hope you understand that I do not wish to get you all in trouble." Tiger lays beside his brother and snuggles him. "I understand, you don't want us to get hurt or killed."

"That's right, " Gray Wolf begins to close his eyes. "I don't want to see any of you hurt or killed." Tiger closes his eyes as well. "Thank you very much."


Get a disk, take the risk.

Spin it fast, do the pass.

Unlock it, claim it, you can tame it.

Unlock your disk!

Chibi Tiger is messing with Yakuto

Unlock your disk!

He's also messing with Datonare, there you go.

Unlock your disk!

The pack meets up with Moo's clays

Unlock your disk!

They messed with Tiger, now they'll pay.

Unlock your disk!

The clays are numerous, can the pack win?

The pack with battle, thick through thin.

Monsters rule!


Chapter 4: "The surviving tigers"

"Gray Wolf and Tiger are sure are taking long." Yakuto said. Rover sits down. "I hope Gray Wolf isn't beating my new brother into a dirty pulp."

"You know Gray Wolf wouldn't do such a thing." Daton said. "He's probably just speaking to him."

"Maybe we should check on them." Datonare said.

"Not a chance!" A voice said. The tigers look around and up on top of the grassy hill is a black tyrannosaur (Black Rex, Dino/Monol) wearing a brown mantle and helmet. The tigers growl.

"My name is Captain Black Rex." The leader said. "and by Master Jespahís order, it is our job to kill you." The leader said. The black rex minions grin at the tigers.

"Jespah? Who is Jespah?" Rover asked. Captain Black Rex smiles "Heís just a friend of Moo, just like me."

"Leave us alone and save yourself some trouble." Daton commanded the dinos.

"SILENCE TIGER!" Captain Black Rex yells. "I am the one who is giving orders around here." Daton growls.

"And here is my first order." Captain Black Rex suddenly snaps his fingers. "Kill them." The black dino minions roar and run towards the tiger pack.



"HUH?!" Suddenly Gray Wolf wakes up. Tiger beside him was still asleep. Gray Wolf nudges his little brother. "Hey wake up." Tiger yawns loudly and turns to Gray Wolf. "Hi big brother, whatís wrong?"

"I feel bad vibes." Gray Wolf said. Tiger tilts his head. "What do you mean?" Gray Wolf gets up and out of the cave. "Letís go home now." Tiger walked out of the cave and looked up in the sky. There was a huge thunderstorm coming. Tiger could here the thunder right now and fears itís loudness. Close to the valley, Gray Wolf could here roaring and howling from his brothers. Whatís going on?


BOOM! One of the black rexes lashes Daton with his tail and Daton turns into a lost disk. Datonare bites a black rexís tail tightly eagerly not wanting to let go. Suddenly from behind, another black rex grabs and crushes Datonare with his bones. The scaled tiger could feel every bone break in his body and every ounce of his blood pour on the valleyís green grass. The black rex drops Datonare and the tiger turns into a lost disk. Rover begins to run away but a black rex blocked his escape route. From behind, BOOM, Rover gets charged by a rex. Injured, Rover rolls down a hill. A rex follows and from behind is Yakuto. Yakuto leaps towards the running rex and slashes it with his brown horns. The black rex begins to slow down as it realizes it was loosing blood from itís leg. The black rex falls to the ground half unconscious. Yakuto checks on Rover who stopped rolling. With the last of his energy, Rover looks to Yakuto with his black eyes. "Donít. .forget. .me. .brother." Suddenly, Rover lies down and turns into a lost disk. All four of Yakutoís green eyes were shedding tears. Not paying attention, Yakuto feels the bones in his neck being crushed by the black rex he injured. Yakuto lies beside his brotherís lost disk and dies. The wounded black rex dies as well from using the last of his energy to kill Yakuto. With the last of his minions, Captain Black Rex runs out of the valley.


Gray Wolf and Tiger made it to the valley. Tiger looks around. "Brothers?!"

"Yakuto, Rover, Daton, Datonare, where are you?" Gray Wolf calls out. Suddenly Gray Wolf gasps in shock. Tiger runs towards his brother and sees what the problem is. Both tigers look around and they see blood and lost disks everywhere. Tiger felt tears coming down his eyes. "No, it canít be!" From the black clouds, came the depressing and wet rain.

"They are gone!" Gray Wolf looks around and finds a symbol of Moo on the bloody grass. Gray Wolf began to cry. "THEY ARE GONE!" he screams and lowers his head. Tiger cries with his brother but not as angrily as Gray Wolf is. "Everybodyís dead, now what do we do?" Gray Wolf lifts his head up slowly and looks up in the dark sky. "Tomorrow, when the sun rises and the stars fade, we will go out and get rid of Moo." Tiger sniffs. "Take down Moo?"

"Thatís right, you and me. . .together!" Gray Wolf promises. Tiger stares at the sky with his brother. Inside the black clouds, there were two golden shiny stars. What were they doing here? It seems that Gray Wolf recognizes them. Suddenly the stars fade. Now the only thing Gray Wolf can think off is the safety of his brother and his revenge.


Get a disk, take the risk.

Spin it fast, do the pass.

Unlock it, claim it, you can tame it.

Unlock your disk!

Black Rex and their captain killed the pack.

Unlock your disk!

Gray Wolf and Tiger are left to attack.

Unlock your disk!

Who watched the tigers die?

Unlock your disk!

Who watched, way up from the sky?

Everyone is dead; it's hard to believe.

Now Gray Wolf and Tiger must fight Moo, no waiting.

Monsters rule!


***Gray Wolf and Tiger are the last of the pack and now they must battle the entire army of Moo to reach Moo himself. But can Tiger and Gray Wolf beat Moo themselves? Who was watching Gray Wolf all this time? Find out next time on "Howl of the Gray Wolf".**