Chapter 10: "Unlock the Phoenix"

"Drat, these guys are tough," Basilisk comments while panting. "but we still won."

"Now all we have to beat two more dragon until we reach Moo." Tiger said, then he turns to his brother. "Two, right Gray Wolf?"

"Right!" Gray Wolf nods. "And when we beat that two who are left of the Devious Dragon Four, we must be strong while fighting Moo."

"I'm ready when you are Gray Wolf." Basilisk said.

"I'm with you!" Tyrant said to his zuum companion.

"Me too!" Moochi added.

"I will always fight with you brother!" Tiger said to his brother that he loves the most.

"With my courage, I shall fight for my family." Hopper raises his small fist in the air.

"You all are very brave and very acceptable for monsters." A voice said. The monsters look up and there was a golden light blinding everybody. Gray Wolf and Basilisk growls but from the light, a monster with no body levitates in front of Gray Wolf. It had a face shaped like a sun and a white-golden cape with pictures behind it. Gray Wolf's eyes grow big. "God?" The 'god' monster puts it's hands of energy onto Gray Wolf's mane. "Honorable Gray Wolf who wishes to destroy Moo, I've been watching over you." That voice, Gray Wolf thought, I've heard it before. Gray Wolf remembers that dream he had about the two 'golden dots' telling him to fight Moo. Also he remembers seeing the same thing when he looked up in the black sky when his brothers died; when he promises his revenge. Gray Wolf looks at the god monster. "Was it you, who told me to destroy Moo?"

"Yes Gray Wolf, is was me." The monster said. "My name is Gali, and I have come to guide you." All the monster's eyes grow big. Moochi smiles at Gali, "So, it's true what they say about you."

"Indeed, Moochi of Friendship." Gali said.

"Chi?" Moochi tilts his head.

"Friendship," Gali began to explain. "The thing, that put you and Tiger and Gray Wolf together, also the rest of the team." Then the god monster turns to young Tiger. "Tiger of Love, you care a lot about your brother's safety and you respect all creatures." Now he turns to Hopper. "Hopper of Courage, like you said to Gray Wolf, you use your courage to fight for your family who is frightened of Moo."

"How did you know?" Hopper asked.

"Trust me, I know everything about you son." Gali said, then he turns to Tyrant. "Tyrant of power, with force you protect everyone you like, including yourself." Now he turns to Basilisk. "Basilisk of Rage, you are blood thirsty and you want to kill your enemies with a vengeance, quite dangerous and you must control your anger." Finally, he turns to Gray Wolf. "Revenge of the Gray Wolf, you as well wants to kill Moo with a vengeance.

"But Lord Gali, I..." Gray Wolf tries to explain.

"Shhh!" Gali cuts Gray Wolf off. "But as long you are with your friends, also with your brother, you have a responsibility."

"What kind of responsibly?" Gray Wolf asked.

"You are like love, rage, power, friendship and courage together, " Gali explained. "And that was makes you the strongest of them all and that's how you got this far."

"Really?" Gray Wolf began to smile.

"Yes indeed," Gali said. "but there is one more monster you must find before the team is entirely whole."

"Which monster Lord Gali?" Tiger asked.

"Monster of Fire, the Phoenix of Fire." Gali said.

"The Phoenix?!" All the monsters were surprised.

"So it also exist?" Moochi asked.

"Moochi, Tyrant, come with me." Gali ordered.

"Huh?" Tyrant tilts his head to the side.

"Why, chi?" Moochi asked. "What about the others?"

"I need you and Tyrant to come with me to find the disk stone that holds the phoenix," Gali explained. "and rest of you will fight Syler." Suddenly he levitates in the forest. Moochi turns to Gray Wolf, "You guys go on ahead, Tyrant and I will go will Gali, chi!" Moochi runs and follows Gali. Tyrant slowly follows Moochi and Gali, "Wait up!"

"Alright, let's get Syler." Gray Wolf rushes up in front. Basilisk, Hopper and Tiger follows.


"Those fools are more trouble than I thought." Slithering out of Syler's bone castle, Naga thinks to himself, out loud. From the forest, Gray Wolf stares at Naga looking around. He turns to Basilisk. "I will deal with Naga," he said. "you, Tiger and Hopper will go get Syler in that castle. Got it?" Basilisk, Hopper and Tiger nods.

"Hey, how are we going to get passed him?" Basilisk asked.

"I will attack Naga then you go." Gray Wolf said.

"Right!" Basilisk nods. Looking around, Naga snorts at the forest. "Humph, soon Moo will rule this poor excuse of a planet."

"Don't think so Naga." A voice said. Naga turns and sees Gray Wolf walking out of the forest. "YOU! What are YOU doing here?"

"I'm here to destroy you." Gray Wolf runs at Naga. Naga smiles and raises his claw into the air. "We will see, cannon attack!" The purple lizard waves his claw and fires a golden energy blast at Gray Wolf. Gray Wolf jumps over the blast and bites Naga's neck. Naga roars in pain and clutches his claw into Gray Wolf's neck that's covered with his gray mane. "ARRGG, curse you!" Naga pulls Gray Wolf off his neck and throws the old tiger. The lizard feels he is loosing some conscious because of blood lost from the bite wound.

"LIGHTNING ATTACK!" Gray Wolf's horns glow white and he fires lightning bolts.

"CANNON ATTACK!" Naga waves his claw and fires another golden blast.



Basilisk, Tiger and Hopper sneaks into the bone castle. Basilisk growls, "I can smell this Syler already."

"Yeah, let's lure him out into the open." Hopper said.

"Right, I just hope in time Moochi, Tyrant, Gray Wolf and Gali can help us." Tiger said.

"HAHAHA, there is no hope for you." Someone said. Basilisk growls and looks into the shadows where the voice is coming from. Out of the shadows, a dragon made of bone looks at the monster trio. Basilisk's black eyes grow big at the sight of the dragon. The dragon smiles, "So you are the monsters who defeated Ragnarok eh?"

"Who are you?" Tiger asked.

"I am Syler of Fear, death dragon of the Devious Dragon Four." The dragon said. Suddenly Basilisk growls loudly, "It was YOU!" The dragon tilts his head in confusion.

"You killed my father you MURDERER!" With a roar, Basilisk leaps into Syler's rib case and bites the bones.

"No don't!" Tiger warned his angry friend. Syler roars in pain as Basilisk bites his ribs. Quickly he grabs Basilisk and squeezes him. "Your father was WildSaurian wasn't IT!" he yells. "He died trying to protect you and the rest of his zuum clan from me but he failed; but it seems you survived, but not for long."

"GRRR, NO!" Basilisk bites deeply into Syler's claw and is freed. Crust from Syler's claw fell to the ground. Syler looks at the teeth marks in his talon then looks at the trio, including Basilisk. "Grrr, you shall join your father NOW." The dragon flaps his wings and flies out of the cave.

"Let's follow him!" Basilisk runs out of the cave. Tiger and Hopper follows.


"Had enough old tiger?" Naga hisses.

"I'm just getting starting you snake." Gray Wolf growls. Naga growls then looks up seeing a death dragon. "It's Master Syler!" Gray Wolf looks up and sees the bone dragon Naga calls Syler.

"Gray Wolf, let's go!" Basilisk commanded, following Syler Gray Wolf nodded then turned to Naga. Naga glares at the tiger. "This isn't over Gray Wolf."

"No it isn't!" Gray Wolf follows Basilisk, Tiger and Hopper who's chasing after Syler. Basilisk growls, "COME DOWN AND FIGHT YOU COWARD!" Syler lands in front of Basilisk feeling annoyed about being called a coward. "You fool, you can't beat me," Finally, Gray Wolf joins with Basilisk, Hopper and his baby brother. "Do you mean 'fools'?" Gray Wolf horns began to glow, "Lightning attack!" Lightning blows shoots out of Gray Wolf's horns.


The lightning impacts Syler's rib cage showing a black burn. Syler roars at Gray Wolf, "HOW DARE YOU!" Basilisk roars and runs at Syler. Syler spins around and swings his tail at Basilisk. With great agility, Basilisk jumps up dodging the tail.

"HHHAAAAAAAA!!!" Basilisk curls up and rolls at Syler. Syler raises his talon and brings it down towards Basilisk.


Syler's talon made of bone slaps Basilisk back to the ground.

"AUGH!" Basilisk hits the ground hard on the back of his neck. Tiger runs towards Basilisk and aids him. "Are you okay?" Basilisk opens his eyes and shakes his head, growling and glaring at Syler. "I will be when I kill that murderous dragon." Basilisk tries to get up but quickly drops. "AHH!"

"I think it would be better if we handle him Basilisk." Tiger said. Basilisk growls and breathes heavily. "NO, he killed my father, damn him, DAMN HIM!"

"Basilisk STOP!" Gray Wolf commanded. "Get a hold of yourself lizard."

"The only way to defeat Syler is to work together Basilisk." Tiger said in a sad voice, thinking about his friend. Basilisk takes a deep breath and lies down. Gray Wolf smiles then charges Syler. Syler takes a deep breath and an orange flame flares up inside his rib cage.

"Take this, BLIZZARD!" Gray Wolf opens his mouth wide and a blast mixed with snow and chilling wind heads towards Syler.

"HHAAAAA!" Syler fires his fire breath and it's locks with Gray Wolf's blizzard. Suddenly, Syler's fire increases in strength and overwhelms Gray Wolf's attack. Gray Wolf screams as he is burned with the heat. As the heat goes away, Gray Wolf collapses to the ground exhausted.

"Brother!" Tiger cries out. Basilisk slowly gets up. "I'm! Again he drops. "AUGH!"

"Now I shall kill you all!" Syler said. Tiger looks at the hurt Basilisk and Gray Wolf. Moochi, Tyrant, Lord Gali, we need your help.


"Um...Lord Gali, do you know where the disk stone that holds the phoenix is, chi?" Moochi asked. Gali turns to Moochi. "It's in a small tower that ancient people built long ago."

"Hmm?" Tyrant and Moochi tilt their heads.

"The ancients praised the phoenix monster and created a temple for it; the phoenix kept it's soul in the temple within the disk stone and rested for centuries. The phopecy says that the phoenix will rise again when the planet is under hell, and will help the ones who has the will to keep the balance alive."

"Really?" Moochi was surprised.

"Yes, that is correct!" Gali said. "You want to stop Moo from upset the balance, by not letting the dark take over the light, but your chances will increase, with only the help of the phoenix."

"Then let's go unlock that phoenix and save the planet." Moochi said.

"Yes!" Tyrant agreed. Gali nodded his sun face and went off. Tyrant and Moochi followed. Trees, trees and more trees that Gali, Tyrant and Moochi keep passing. If they don't hurry, Syler will kill Gray Wolf, Tiger, Hopper and Basilisk.

"There it is!" Gali cried out. Moochi and Tyrant's eyes grow big, as they look upon a brick red colored temple. A red statue of the phoenix sits on top of it showing that it is what Gali explained. Moochi and Tyrant looked at the temple with awe.

"The temple of the all we must do is unlock him from the disk stone and then we can defeat Moo." Gali said, looking at the temple.

"YAY CHI!" Moochi cheers and heads towards the entrance of the temple. Gali slowly follows behind "Such energy!"

"Yeah!" Tyrant follows Gali. Inside the temple, Moochi sees a red lost disk levitating over a stone pedestal. Moochi happily grabs it. "Come to me phoenix!" Suddenly, the red lost disk began to glow. At the entrance of the temple, Gali and Tyrant watches Moochi and the red glowing disk. The red glow engulfs the entire temple and a sound of a bird cries in the air.


"AHHHHH!!" Tiger falls to the ground, injured. Syler gets ready to deliver the final blow to the youngling until suddenly, Syler hears a bird cry. "What is that?!" Basilisk opens his eyes and sees a giant red bird in the sky. His eyes grow wide. "Is THAT what I think it IS?" Gray Wolf opens his eyes and sees the bird too, same with Hopper. Syler sees the bird, "No, it's can't's the phoenix!"

"The Phoenix!" Gray Wolf and Hopper both said. Basilisk gets up and smiles at Syler, hope is now here and so is Syler's death. He chuckles while he thinks. After we deal with Syler and the other dragon general, we can beat Moo. On top of the phoenix, Moochi, Gali and Tyrant wave at Gray Wolf and the others. "HEY! Here HE IS!" The phoenix glares at Syler. "Is that him?"

"No, that's not him, just one of his generals." Moochi explained, smiling.

"Right!" The phoenix stretched his wings out. "HEAT BEAM!" Syler gasped. From the phoenix's wings, a giant red beam of fire hits Syler with full force, burning him in seconds. Basilisk gasped at the phoenix's power. After seconds of roaring pain, Syler turns into a lost disk stone of fire. Everybody cheers except Basilisk who turns. The phoenix lands in front of Gray Wolf and the gang. Moochi, Gali and Tyrant walk off of the bird's back. Moochi smiles, "Everybody this is the legendary phoenix, Skyfire!"

"Your friends here said something about the evil dragon Moo coming back to life, is it true?" Skyfire asked.

"Yes, oh great Skyfire." Gray Wolf looked up at the phoenix. "Moo has returned after five hundred years and now we need your help to stop him."

"We have one more of the Devious Dragon Four to defeat before we reach Moo." Tiger smiles.

"Yep chi!" Moochi added with a smile.

"Well what are we waiting for, let's go!" Hopper raises his small fist in the air.

"YEAH!" everyone agreed except for one. Gray Wolf turned around and sees Basilisk all sad. Gray Wolf walks over to him. The others wonder what's wrong.

"Hey Basilisk, what's wrong?" Gray Wolf asked. "Cheer up, we're almost there."

"It's just that I couldn't beat Syler." Basilisk said.

"I know, it was about avenging your father's death was it?" Gray Wolf asked. Basilisk didn't say anything.

"Look, I know how you feel." Gray Wolf said. "Syler killed your father and brothers, and you were almost killed too. I feel the same way when someone mentions Moo but don't forget what Gali said about revenge and anger; we will get Moo, together."

"Right!" Basilisk nods. Gray Wolf turns to the others. "Let's go guys!"

"RIGHT!" Everyone cheers.


In a large urban city, a group of bronze robots levitates downstairs to a dark underground control center. In the control center, a monster that can't be identified in the dark looks on a screen. On the screen were pictures of Gray Wolf and his team. In the dark, the thing watches Gray Wolf and Skyfire with his green glowing eyes. "Those two monsters are strong."

"Um sir?" One of the robots talks behind the giant monster.

"What do you want Henger?" The monster asked.

"Those monsters on the screen defeated Master Syler and are heading here right now; and it's Moo's orders that you must destroy them." The robot said. The monster keeps staring at the screen "Indeed!"


Get a disk, take the risk

Spin it fast, do the past.

Unlock it, claim it, you can tame it.

Unlock your disk!

Gray Wolf & team are close to Moo.

Unlock your disk!

Gali comes down, Skyfire too.

Unlock your disk!

Another dragon was defeat, Master Syler.

Unlock your disk!

He was defeated by the phoenix's fire.

Unlock them all!

Syler's defeat, let's continue the trip.

Who is the next dragon, who is it?

Monsters rule!

Chapter 11: "The Demise of Gali"

"Lord Moo?!" Naga calls out. "Terrible news!" Inside the castle, Moo turns around and glares at Naga with his red eyes. "What terrible news?"

"Master Syler has been defeat and what makes things worse, is that Gray Wolf has unlocked the phoenix!"

"WHAT?!" Moo's eyes glow red at the naga.

"Almost forgot to mention, Lord Gali the god monster of legend has joined him." Naga added.

"Where are they now?" Moo asked.

"According to the latest intelligence report, they are close to the large city of Banjia." Naga said. "I got news from the henger troops there that Master Techno Dragon knows that they are coming and is ready for them."

"Then it is up to him." Moo said.

"Yes my lord!"


A day has passes after the rebels defeated Syler and yet, the guys are having a little free time.

"AARRROOO!" Tiger runs out on the field, chasing a baby deer. Gray Wolf thinks to himself while watching Tiger hunt, the first time I unlocked Tiger...hmmm, he's changed so much since then.

"I gotcha!" Tiger leaps onto the baby deer's back and bites it's neck. Gray Wolf glares at Tiger who's taking down the deer and smiles. "He's getting better!" He runs at his brother and his prey. Tiger tears up the deer's flesh and he sees Gray Wolf coming. Gray Wolf walks beside and gets ready to eat. "May I?" Suddenly, Tiger whacks his brother's gray nose with his paw. He smiles, "No, MY kill!"

"OH YEAH!" Gray Wolf suddenly grabs Tiger's neck with his mouth. Tiger laughs. Gray Wolf runs up the hill, "I taught you how to hunt you little squirt." Quickly he drops Tiger then runs to the dead deer.

"NO WAY!" Tiger runs after Gray Wolf. Suddenly from out of the sky, Skyfire grabs the kill with his talons.

"HEY, THAT'S OURS!" Gray Wolf and Tiger both said.

"Well if you keep arguing over it then it's mine!" Skyfire said from the sky.

"It's ours, really!" Tiger said.

"Alright!" Skyfire drops the kill and the two tigers runs towards it.

"Hungry!" Tiger gets there first and eats the flesh. Gray Wolf gets there last and eats with his brother. Tiger stops eating and runs to a lake. He looks into the lake and suddenly he falls in.

"HEY!" Tiger pokes his head out of the water and sees Gray Wolf.

"Nice in there isn't it?" Gray Wolf asked.

"It feels pretty good." Tiger closes his eyes and relaxes.

"Hey guys, I see something!" Skyfire says. "It looks like a large city." From a hill, Basilisk looks up at the phoenix. "A city?"

"Yes, it's the city Banjia." Skyfire lands. Hopper, Gray Wolf, Tiger, Basilisk, Moochi and Tyrant crowds around the phoenix. "Banjia?"

" ancient city of ancient technologies." Gali explained. The rebels turned to Gali. Gali began to explain. "Henger, Gobi, Melcarba, all those monsters were created there and still are." Basilisk growls. "Water, land, air...who has a feeling that Moo controls the urban as well?"

"I have a feeling and also I have a feeling that we are going to meet his goons there." Gray Wolf said.

"What about the last of the Devious Dragon Four?" Moochi asked.

"Maybe, since Banjia is a large city." Skyfire commented.

"And as you can see so far, Moo controls the large places." Hopper says to Moochi.

"Well we better get going...perhaps we should wait to sunset and we can sneak inside Banjia." Gray Wolf planned.

"RIGHT!" Everyone agrees.


The golden sun turned orange as it sinks under the mountains. Gray Wolf wakes up and sees the sun go down. "Sunset!" The others wake up and see Gray Wolf.

"We're awake, let's go to Banjia!" Hopper jumps up and down.

"I'm with the rodent!" Basilisk said.

"Let's go!" Gray Wolf runs off. Skyfire flies into the air and the ones without wings, follow Gray Wolf with feet...except, Gali doesn't have any feet. All the monsters go up a mountain but Skyfire got there faster than the others did. From on top of the mountain, Gray Wolf and Skyfire look down on Banjia.

"Look at the pretty lights!" Gray Wolf said smiling. Suddenly the smile disappears. "Too bad a pretty city is ruled by Moo but it will be free again once Moo is gone." Skyfire nods at Gray Wolf. Tiger, Tyrant, Hopper, Moochi and Basilisk finally made it on top of the mountain and looked at the city.

"Well what are we waiting for?" Moochi asked. "LET'S GO!" Moochi curled into a ball and bounced down the mountain. Hopper, who hops swiftly down the mountain, follows Moochi. Basilisk, Gray Wolf and Tiger runs and Skyfire flies. Gali disappears.

"I'm going to be first down the mountain!" Moochi laughs. Suddenly, he sees Gali right in front of him. "GAAAA!" Moochi bounces high into the air and lands behind Gali. "Hey, how did you..."

"I teleported Moochi." Gali said. Moochi looks up at the high skyscrapers. "Wow!" The other monsters arrived and they stare at the skyscrapers with Moochi.

"Let's go and stay on your guard." Gray Wolf commanded as he enters Banjia. Gali, Hopper, Basilisk, Tyrant, Moochi and Tiger follows. Skyfire flies into the air. "I'll see what's going on."

From the air, Skyfire looks down. "It's more beautiful in the sky, all those lights."

"FIRE!" Someone yelled out.

"Huh?!" Skyfire looks around. Suddenly...


"What was that?!" Gray Wolf looked up and saw Skyfire falling. He gasped. "SKYFIRE NO!" Skyfire lands behind the monster group with a large thud. Basilisk growls and runs deeper into the city.

"Mr. Basilisk!" Tiger called out. Basilisk keeps running and suddenly hears something. "Huh?!"

"FIRE!" The hengers fire at Basilisk with their cannons. Basilisk snarls and jumps out of the way.

"FIRE!" The hengers fires again. Basilisk jumps out of way again and then growls at the henger. "FIRE BREATH!" The black zuum opens his mouth wide and fires a flame breath at the henger and it's cannon. Suddenly Gray Wolf came along and points his horns at the henger. "LIGHTNING ATTACK!" The lightning attack hits the cannon.


The cannons blow up from the explosion and so does the hengers. The other monsters appear. Basilisk hisses, "I just KNEW Moo rules this place." Gray Wolf turns to his brother. "Is Skyfire alright?"

"Well he's unconscious now but I'll he'll be alright." Tiger said.

"But you'll won't be alright!" A voice said. The Moo rebels look around wondering where the voice is coming from. Suddenly, alarms come on. Gray Wolf and Basilisk growled as they look at the alarms glowing. Moochi turned around and yelled. "YAAAAA, hey look!" The other monsters turn around seeing a dragon made of metal. Gray Wolf and Basilisk growls.

"Probably the other dragon of the Devious Dragon Four!" Tyrant commented.

"I am Techno Dragon!" The metal dragon backs up and roars.

"You're dead that's what you are!" Basilisk charges at the dragon. Techno Dragon stretches his wings and flies towards Basilisk. "BAKA NE!" Basilisk jumps to the side and bites his tail as the dragon flies by. Techno Dragon turns around seeing Basilisk on his tail. "Oh yeah?!" The dragon lifts his tail up.

"I think not!" Basilisk releases the tail and jumps off of it. Techno Dragon slams his tail onto the ground.

"Come on, we got to help him!" Gray Wolf ran towards Techno Dragon.

"RIGHT!" The others join the fight but Gali stays where he is. From the jump, Basilisk dives at Techno Dragon's neck and bites it. Techno Dragon growls at the pain. "Enough!" The dragon reaches for the zuum but suddenly Gray Wolf and Tiger attacks.

"LIGHTNING ATTACK!" Gray Wolf's horns glow and he fires lightning bolt at Techno Dragon's chest. Basilisk jumps off and the lightning electrocutes the metal dragon.

"Cool brother, ICE BOMB!" Tiger opens his mouth wide and fires his favorite cold bullet move. The bomb hits Techno Dragon but only freezes his chest. Techno Dragon scraps the ice off his chest. "Ha, such a pathetic attack!"

"Here, have a knuckle sandwich, JAB ATTACK!" Hopper comes out of nowhere and punches the dragon's face.


"OW OW OW!!!" Hopper runs his fist and lands on the ground. Techno Dragon laughs and looks down at the puny monster. "HA, your punch can't even put a dent in my armor."

"Perhaps mine can!" Tyrant runs under Techno Dragon and makes a fist. "UPPERCUT!" The golem raises his fist and hits Techno in his unusual place.

"GKKK!!" Techno Dragon's green eyes grow big and he falls to his knees. Basilisk, Gray Wolf, Hopper, Moochi and Tiger's eyes grow big.

"Damn chi, now that's what I call a special attack!" Moochi said. The others nodded. "Mmmm hmmm!"

"Hn..." Gali tilted his sun head after what he saw.

"CHI!" Moochi runs at Techno Dragon who was kneeling. "Roll attack!" He jumps into the air and curls into a ball. Techno Dragon slaps Tyrant and then turns to Moochi. "NOT SO FAST!" The robot dragon opens his mouth wide. "FIRE BREATH!" A blaze of fire shoots out of the dragon's mouth.

"MOOCHI!" Tiger yells. "LOOK OUT!"

"Whoa!" Moochi unrolls and begin to fall. The dragon fire misses Moochi by an inch. "CHI!!!" Being close to the heat, Moochi is overwhelmed. He lands on his back half unconscious.

"MOOCHI!" Tiger runs at his friend. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah!" Moochi said, as he raises his head up a bit.

"GRRAAAA!" Basilisk jumps at Techno Dragon who is slowly getting up. "FLAMING ROLL!" Basilisk's body is surrounded by fire and he curls his body up, rolling towards Techno Dragon. Techno quickly slaps Basilisk with one of his wings. After the zuum got smacked away, Tyrant with Gray Wolf on his back charges at him.

"DRAGON PUNCH!" Techno Dragon rears his arms back and darts his palms at Tyrant. Quickly, Gray Wolf jumps into the air. Tyrant gets hit with Tencho's palms and with a speck of electricity, Tyrant falls to the ground.

"Roll assault!" In the air, Gray Wolf rolls and pounces onto Tencho's head. He quickly jumps off and lands behind him. Without notice...


Gray Wolf gets whacked into a skyscraper by the robot dragon's tail. The dragon turns to Tiger. "It's your turn now." Tiger begins to tremble and whine.

"NO YOU DON'T!" Hopper leaps at Techno Dragon. Techno Dragon roars and slaps Hopper into a skyscraper. He turns to Tiger. "So much for him!" Tiger growls at the dragon. Suddenly, Moochi gets up.

"Moochi, you're not strong enough!" Tiger said.

"Hey kid, I didn't come all this way just to see you die." Moochi's body began to glow pink. "MOOCHI CANNON!" From his mouth, a giant pink energy beam darts towards Techno Dragon. The beam goes through Techno Dragon's chest. The dragon roars and covers his wound with his "hand". He growls at Moochi. "Grr...damn you!" He swings and bashes Moochi with his tail.

"NO!" Tiger cried as he watches Moochi fly into a garbage dump. Techno Dragon once again, turns to Tiger. "Goodbye kid!" Tiger whines but suddenly there is a voice.

"THUNDERBOLT!" Out from the darkness, a large bolt of lightning hits Techno Dragon electrocuting him. Tiger turns around and sees Gali attacking. "GALI!" He said with a wide smile. Gali stopped shooting the dragon. "You dare try to kill a child, you and your boss Moo is the most ruthless!"

"All of Moo's family is ruthless you fool!" Techo Dragon opens his mouth wide and fires his fire breath. Gali dodges to the right and his sun face spins around. "WHIRLWIND!" From his spinning face, Gali fires a gigantic tornado at Techno Dragon. Tehcno Dragon falls on his back. Tiger cheers. Gray Wolf and the rest of his team are about to get up. Techno Dragon gets up and glares at Gali with his glowing green eyes. "Before I deal with the others, I will kill you first!" Techno Dragon opens his mouth wide and fires his flame breath at Gali. No time to dodge, the heat with full force hits Gali.

"GALI!" Tiger yells. Gali lies on the ground and he doesn't even have a body. His sun face is burnt and black like a log in a fireplace; the same with his cape. Techno Dragon laughs at the fallen god monster. Suddenly, Skyfire comes out of no where and bashes the dragon with his head. Skyfire then lands in front of the dragon. The dragon roars. "How dare you hit me?!"

"FIRE TORNADO!" Skyfire flaps his wings and a blaze of fire hits Techno Dragon. The dragon laughs as flames surround his body. "You foolish bird, do you think your heat can go through this metal?"

"LIGHTNING ATTACK!" Bolts of lightning electrocute the burning Techno Dragon. Skyfire looks behind the dragon and sees Gray Wolf firing his lightning attack. "You're okay!"

"Basilisk do it now!" Gray Wolf commanded as he keeps firing. Near a skyscraper, Basilisk stands beside buckets of gas. Techno Dragon turns to Basilisk and gasped. Basilisk smirks and bashes the buckets into the air with his tail.

"NOOO!!" The burning Techno Dragon yells as the buckets come right at him.



A blinding orange light fills the sky. The Moo rebels turn away from the light. Finally, the light disappears and from the sky, pieces of burned metal came falling. A lost disk stone stands on a large burn from the explosion. Skyfire smiled, "Techno Dragon could handle the fire, but not the explosion."

"Yeah!" Gray Wolf and Basilisk laughed.

"Gali, speak to us PLEASE!" Tiger cried out. Gray Wolf turns and sees Tiger, Moochi, Hopper and Tyrant surround the fallen Gali. Gray Wolf runs at Gali. Tyrant moves out of the way for Gray Wolf to come in. Gray Wolf sniffs the hurt god monster. "Gali, speak to me!" Gali slowly raises his sun head at Gray Wolf. "Gray Wolf of leadership, you are close to Moo." Gray Wolf felt like he was going to cry. "Gali, where are you going?"

"No where different." Gali said. "Gray Wolf...I have a request."

"Anything Lord Gali." Gray Wolf said.

"Leadership, friendship, love, rage, power, courage, loyalty...those are things that you need for you last battle," Gali said. With his last breath, he finishes. "with those things Gray Wolf, this world!" Gali's head drops and he turns into a lost disk. Tiger, Hopper, Gray Wolf, Tyrant, Moochi began to cry. Skyfire's head dropped and Basilisk growls trying not to cry but to stay angry because of Gali's death. Moo is defiantly going down.

"DAMNIT CHI, I HATE THIS!" Moochi yelled. "It's always Moo, I hate him. All of out friends are dead because of him"

"We all do Moochi!" Basilisk yells back. "What better reason must we defeat Moo, for letting our friends and family die!"

"ENOUGH!" Gray Wolf yells at the two monsters. Moochi and Basilisk shut their mouths. Gray Wolf looks at the stars. "It is time...time to face our true enemy. We had succeeded beating the Devious Dragon Four and now we must beat Moo to save our planet."

"Brother, what if we fail?" Tiger asked.

"Yes, what if we all die?" Moochi asked. Gray Wolf turns to Moochi and Tiger. "If we do die, then we'll die together. Who agrees?"

"I agree!" Moochi said.

"Tyrant and I has been waiting for this day for a very long time." Basilisk said. Tyrant nodded.

"I'll always be with you brother." Tiger said.

"For Lord Gali and for the entire planet, I agree!" Skyfire said.

"For my family, I will fight to regain their courage." Hopper said. Gray Wolf nodded at his team. "Alright, we will sleep until mourning...when morning comes, it's us versus Moo." All of the monsters watch the sky. They knew Gali would be watching them he was God himself. Just hope, he will help the brave monsters to fight against Moo...for only heaven knows that it might be their last battle.


Get a disk, take the risk.

Spin it fast, do the pass.

Unlock it, claim it, you can tame it.

Unlock your disk!

Gray Wolf and team ends up in Banjia.

Unlock your disk!

Where Master Techno Dragon blows up.

Unlock your disk!

Gali's last words, he says goodbye.

Unlock your disk!

Please save this world Gray Wolf as Gali dies.

Unlock them all!

Everyone is sad, from Gali's doom.

Now it's time to go after Moo.

Monsters Rule!


Chapter 11: "The Final Battle"

So many sacrifices that Gray Wolf and his team had to suffer. Family and friends are dying by Moo's destruction, people are being slaves or killed and other horrible things; but the worse thing that happened so far to the monsters was Gali's death. The god monster's last words were to the leader Gray Wolf: "Please save this world!" After those words, Gali dies. Gray Wolf had vowed to himself that he would beat Moo with the help if his friends...even though it might be their last battle.

The sun rises up into the blue sky. Gray Wolf opens his eyes and the sun partially blinds him. He turns away, "What a wake up call!" Beside him, Tiger woke up and looked at the sun. "Wow, that's pretty!" Gray Wolf looks at the sun feeling depressed, too bad it will only last for awhile, Moo is near.

"Hey Gray Wolf?" Basilisk was awake as well. "When are we about to pound Moo?" Gray Wolf turns to the black zuum. "Basilisk, please understand that the life on Earth is precious and it might be the last time you see it for it is dying because of Moo."

"I understand," Basilisk said. "but that's exactly why we must stop Moo, to restore life."

"But can defeating Moo restore life to the ones who died?" Tiger asked, looking at his brother.

"Maybe not," Gray Wolf said. "but if we beat Moo, the lost souls of many monsters many rest well without worrying about him."

"Daton, Datonare, Yakuto and Rover too?" Tiger began to smile.

"Them plus Moochi's father, Basilisk's father, Basilisk's brothers, Gali and others." Gray Wolf said.

"Don't forget to fight for my family's courage." Hopper said.

"I didn't know you were awake." Gray Wolf nodded. Hopper flexed his tiny muscles. "Heh, everyone is!" Suddenly Tyrant, Skyfire and Moochi crowd around Gray Wolf.

"Let's go chi!" Moochi said. "Moo must be stopped."

"Indeed!" Gray Wolf gets up and the sunlight shines on his gray mane. "It's fight Moo and there is NO turning back."

"RIGHT!" Everyone agreed. Suddenly, the sunlight on Gray Wolf's mane disappears and a shadow covers him. Gray Wolf looks up in the sky and gasped. The others gasped as they see a dark cloud covering the entire sky. Gray Wolf growls. "I feel him coming."

"So do I!" Basilisk growls. "Let's go!" The zuum runs off. Suddenly, the entire plain is covered by black dense fog.

"WHOA!" Moochi couldn't see a thing. Nor could the others. After seconds, finally the black fog disappears. Gray Wolf looks around, "Where are we?" Suddenly, Basilisk screams. "LOOK!" Gray Wolf and the others ran where Basilisk is and gasps.

"Is that what I think it is?" Skyfire looks upon a large black castle. The rebels look at the castle, with awe. Gray Wolf narrows his eyes. "It's Moo...and I think he's expecting us."

"Let's go!" Basilisk was ready to take on Moo. Gray Wolf turns to his other teammates. They all nod. They all agree they would fight Moo and whatever happens, they will be together, even in death. The brave monsters Gray Wolf, Tiger, Moochi, Skyfire, Tyrant, Basilisk and Hopper run towards the castle to face their most deadliest enemy. Suddenly the ground began to crack and shake.

"EARTHQUAKE!" Tiger yells.

"NO, LOOK!" Moochi points. From the ground, A large dragon with brownish, purplish, and whitish fur comes out of the ground. The dragon looks at Gray Wolf and his team with it's red eyes. Basilisk roars, "GRRAAA, IT'S MOO!"

"Hello Gray Wolf, nice to see you again. " Moo looks at the gray tiger. Gray Wolf growls, "Too bad I can't say the same thing for you." All the monsters line up to face Moo. Basilisk glares at Moo and growls, "MOO, you're friend Syler killed my father and brothers, you will pay!"

"I'm with him!" Tyrant gets in a fighting stance.

"Your goons killed my father Sir Moochi!" Moochi grumbled. "Grhbrmm!"

"You put me and my brother in a lot of grief." Tiger growls.

"You cause my family to cower in fear." Hopper shakes his fist at Moo. "But I'm here to put a stop to it."

"You plunge the world that praised me for centuries in darkness and now I'm here to bring back the light." Skyfire said.

"And also, one of your generals killed Gali," Gray Wolf yells. "and now you shall join him."

"HO HO HO HO!" Moo laughs. "You fools, you think you can beat me?"

"Together as one we can," Moochi yells. "That's how we got this far to you Moo! Friendship!"

"Love!" Tiger sides with Moochi.

"Power with trust!" Tyrant said.

"Rage with reliability!" Basilisk said.

"Fire with loyalty!" Skyfire said.

"Courage with honor!" Hopper said.

"Leadership with everything my friends hold." Gray Wolf said. "And now Moo, together will our combined power, we will beat you!"

"HAHA, FOOLS!" Moo laughs. "Enough with your speeches, it's time for you all to meet your doom." Suddenly, a thunderstorm comes in within the dense black cloud that covers the sun and blue sky. Gray Wolf growls feeling tense. His heart beats as he worries about his brother and his friends. Moo stretches his wings, "FLUTTER ATTACK!" He flaps them and they shoot a blaze of fire. The rebels jump out of the way. On the side of Moo was Gray Wolf. His horns glow. "Alright, let's shown this damned monster what we're made of, LIGHTNING ATTACK!" The horns shoot two bolts of lightning at Moo. Moo just slaps the lightning attack away. Gray Wolf was shocked, Moo chuckled at him. "I'll kill you after I deal with your brother and friends." Gray Wolf growls.

"Come on Tiger, together!" Moochi began to glow pink. "MOOCHI CANNON!"

"Right!" Tiger nods to his friend the turns to Moo. "BLIZZARD!" The blast of ice and the beam of pink energy headed towards Moo's head. Moo opens his mouth wide. "FIRE BREATH!" A large burst of fire shoots out of Moo's mouth locking with the blizzard and the beam. The fire overwhelms the two attacks and burns Moochi and Tiger. Gray Wolf hears his brother scream and yells. "NO!" Tiger and Moochi falls to the ground. Gray Wolf runs to his brother and nuzzles him. "No Tiger!" Tiger slowly lives up his head and looks at his brother. "Brother...I'm okay." Gray Wolf looks up at Moo and growls loudly. "God DAMN YOU!" Moo chuckles at Gray Wolf's temper, knowing that's he's going to keep him for last.

"MOO!" A voice is heard from behind Moo. Moo turns around and sees Basilisk with Tyrant charging at him.

"FIVE BALLS!" Basilisk opens his mouth wide and fires five powerful fireball at Moo. Moo manages to knock four away but the fifth one hit him in his face. Moo is blinded but only temporarily.

"Go get him Tyrant!" Basilisk commanded. Tyrant's body broke into little pieces they swirl around like a twister. "TORNADO!" Tyrant's tornado hits Moo causing him to fall down.

"Bull's-eye! " Skyfire said from the air. His eyesight coming back to him, Moo gets up and growls at Tyrant. He flies into the air and grabs Tyrant with his talons.

"HELP! I'm afraid of heights!" Tyrant strangles in Moo's claws.

"Hang on!" Basilisk yelled. Suddenly, Moo drops Tyrant and the dragon golem lands on his back, unconscious. Basilisk runs to his friend. "Tyrant, please don't die!" Tyrant wouldn't move.

"TYRANT!" The zuum yells and he turns to Moo. "I'm going to KILL YOU!" Suddenly he leaps into the air.

"You fool!"


Moo slaps Basilisk to the ground. The powerless zuum falls beside his friend Tyrant. The beast now turns to Hopper. "You're next!"

"Enough Moo!" Suddenly Gray Wolf leaps onto Moo's arm and bites it. Moo roars and quickly grabs Gray Wolf. "Do you really want to die now?" Gray Wolf growls at the beast while in it's grasp. Moo's eyes glow red. "FINE!" Suddenly, Moo throws Gray Wolf into the ground then turns to Hopper.

"HAAAAA!" Hopper runs to Moo. "JUMP BLOW!" The small monster jumps into the air and uppercuts Moo's chin. Moo was angry that a little hopper could hurt him like that so he grabs him. "You are strong little one." Moo begins to squeeze the life out of Hopper. "But not stronger than me!" Suddenly, he throws Hopper to ground beside Gray Wolf. Moo laughs but suddenly from the air...

"FIRE TORNADO!" Skyfire flaps his wings and shoots a blaze of fire. Moo leaps to the side and dodges the fire tornado. Skyfire lands and opens his mouth wide. "FLAME SHOT!" From his mouth, a ball of fire darts towards Moo.

"FIRE BREATH!" Moo counter attacks with his flame breath. The fire breath is going straight towards Skyfire. The phoenix flies into the air to dodge the breath. "Take this!" Skyfire dives towards Moo and charges into the dragon. Moo recovers quickly and slashes his claws at the bird of fire. Skyfire screams as he is wounded. Moo chuckles at the bloody scars on Skyfire's face. Skyfire counters with his talons. He slashes Moo's chest with his talon. Moo roars in pain and slaps Skyfire to the ground. "Damn bird!" All of Gray Wolf's team was down. Moo laughs in victory as the rain falls upon him and the thunder roars. "I win you fools, you came all this way just to die after all the fights you've succeeded getting through"

"Gkkk!" Suddenly Gray Wolf gets up. Moo turns to him. "Ah, you still alive?"

"Yes!" Gray Wolf struggles getting up and growl at Moo. "Now I'm going to defeat you!"

"Defeat me?" Moo laughs. "HA HA HA! Now die!" Moo takes a deep breath and fires his flame attack at Gray Wolf. From the air, Skyfire grabs Gray Wolf with his talons and misses the flame. Skyfire looks down at Gray Wolf. "You alright Gray Wolf?" Gray Wolf looks up at the phoenix. "Yeah!" Skyfire with Gray Wolf in his talons flies high into the thunderstorm.

"Skyfire, what are you doing?" Gray Wolf asked. "It's dangerous up there!"

"All seven of us couldn't beat Moo, perhaps his own devastation can." Skyfire said, still diving into the air.

"You can't escape Moo, lord of darkness." Moo stretched his wings and flew into the air, following Skyfire and Gray Wolf. The thunderstorm starts to get more rough and the lightning strikes more often than before. Moo was quickly at Skyfire's height and grabs the fire bird by it's neck. Gray Wolf growls and points his horns at Moo. "LIGHTNING ATTACK!" The horns glow and shoots lightning bolts at Moo. The attack hits Moo and the beast releases Skyfire. Moo roars and flies at the tiger. "DAMN YOU GRAY WOLF!" Suddenly, a giant lightning bolt from the storm strikes Moo, along with Skyfire and Gray Wolf who's close to him.

"YYYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" A huge white light fills the sky and then spreads through the entire planet. All the animals, humans and monsters that were left from Moo's onslaught were blinded from the light.


The sun broke through the dense black clouds and shines the entire planet. The humans and monsters cheered as the sun comes in. The animals wondered what has happened. In the deserted battlefield, Gray Wolf and his friends lay on the ground lifeless. The light from the sun shines on the brave monsters that fought Moo. Suddenly, Gray Wolf opened his eyes and he saw everybody crowded around him. Tiger smiles, looking beat up. "Hi brother, guess what?"

"Huh...what?" Gray Wolf slightly raised his head up and blinks at everyone.

"Moo is dead man!" Basilisk said. Gray Wolf got up and looked around. While looking around, he saw a large lost disk sizzling with electricity.

"Gray Wolf-San, you did it!" Moochi said. Gray Wolf turned to his friends. "No, we did it." Everyone smiled.

"Now that Moo is gone, what are we gonna do?" Tyrant asked Gray Wolf.

"Yeah, what are we gonna do?" Hopper added. Gray Wolf smiles then looked at the sky. "I say we go home and have a feast for heroes."

"Aw damn chi!" Moochi sat on his read and rubbed his stomach. "Let's hurry okay, I'm STARVING!" Everybody laughed. At last, Moo was gone; and now things will be different. The humans, the monsters and the animals of the entire planet will no longer suffer or fear and the monsters that served Moo will turn back to their original selves. But what about Naga...Moo's faithful servant next to the Devious Dragon Four?


Get a disk, take the risk.

Spin it fast, do the pass?

Unlock it, claim it, you can tame it.

Unlock your disk!

Gray Wolf fights Moo one more time.

Unlock your disk!

Gray Wolf and friends will kick his behind.

Unlock your disk!

Moo is powerful, very frightening.

Unlock your disk!

But in the very end, he got struck by lightning.

Unlock them all.

Good job everybody, Moo is gone.

Now it's time to sing a happy song.

Monsters Rule!


Epilogue: "The Eternal Life"

One year has passed since Moo has been defeated and things have been changing. Tiger is now grown up, Moochi stays with Tiger and Gray Wolf as apart of his family, same with Basilisk, Tyrant travels the world, Hopper goes back to his family and Skyfire goes back to his resting place in the phoenix temple until he is needed again. As for Gray Wolf...he seems to be losing his grit.

Out on the field, Tiger and Gray Wolf watches a horse eating grass. Tiger gets up and growls. The horse hears Tiger's voice and quickly runs off. Tiger runs off after it. "I got this one Gray Wolf!" Gray Wolf chuckles at Tiger's comment. "We'll see about that!" He dashes in front of Tiger. Gray Wolf leaps on the horse and sinks his teeth into it's neck. Tiger runs beside the weakening horse and bashes his head onto it's side, knocking it down. The horse lands on it's side and the tigers tear on it's flesh. Tiger turns to his brother. "Not bad brother, it seems you still have a little strength in you." Gray Wolf stops eating and his head droops. Tiger gives his old brother a worry look. "Gray Wolf, what's wrong?" Gray Wolf sighs and walks up a grassy hill. Tiger follows. "Hey, I'm sorry I called you old."

"It's not that Tiger, it's just that..." Suddenly Gray Wolf collapses on top of the hill. Tiger gasped and runs up to his brother. "GRAY WOLF!" He runs up to his brother and nuzzles him. "Gray Wolf, please say something!" Gray Wolf closes his eyes and softly speaks. "Brother, it is time for me to go to the stars."

"Huh, what does that mean?" Tiger asked feeling very worried for his brother. Gray Wolf sighs. "It's nothing terrible, it's just a time when all old monsters must reach it's turning point."

"You's time to..." Tiger began to shed tears knowing what is about to happened.

"Yes Tiger, It's for me to meet my end." Gray Wolf began to lose soundness in his voice. "Brother, do me a favor?"

"Anything!" Tiger said.

"Please take care of your family, and Moochi." Gray Wolf said. "Remember the things I taught you and please, do not forget me."

"I...I will!" Tiger promised. Gray Wolf takes a deep breath and howls at the sunset. "AAARRRROOOOOO!!!!!" After a loud howl, Gray Wolf turns into a lost disk. Tiger cries. Moochi, Cabalos (Tiger/Naga), Mono (Mono-Eyed, Tiger/Suezo), Rocky (RockHound, Tiger/Golem) and Petal (TropicalHound, Tiger/Plant) runs up the hill and sees Tiger crying over a lost disk. They all cried knowing that today was the day that Gray Wolf has to pass on. Tiger turns to his family. "Gray Wolf told me to take of you all and I will." Moochi and the tigers nod. Tiger than turns to the gray lost disk. "Farewell my brother!" With the tears in his eyes, Tiger howls. "AAAAARRRROOOOOO!!" The howl was loud enough for all to here...for all to know how much Tiger loved Gray Wolf. He remembers when he first met his brother, his first kill and other wonderful things. Almost forgot to mention, Gray Wolf pushing him into the river and those battles against Moo. Tiger will never forget his best friend in the whole world...his big brother Gray Wolf.