Chapter 5: "Monster attack in the village"

Last Time on "Howl of the Gray Wolf"

-Moo's Origin is told

-Master Ragnarok destroys village

-Gray Wolf has weird dream

-Daton, Gray Wolf and Rover find disk stone

-Tiger is born

-Tiger meets Gray Wolf, Rover, Daton, Datonare and Yakuto.

-Tiger bumps into Captain Clay and his minions

-Daton, Datonare, Rover and Yakuto are killed by Jespah's dinos.

-Gray Wolf promises revenge


The sun rises up and over the horizon. In a large village; a lot bigger than the village that Ragnarok attacked, Master Jespah watches his dino and red eye (Suezo/Monol) minions attack. He watches up on top of a village house like gargoyle on a cathedral. "Listen you human fools, I need a disc stone NOW!" Suddenly, a howl from a wolf caught Jespah's ear. "AARROOOOO!!" Jespah turns to the exit of the village and sees a tiger coming straight at the village. "AAAARRRROOOO!!" Like the wind, the small tiger dashes into the village bashing some of Jespah's red eyes. It was Tiger; laughing at the bad monsters he bashes away but suddenly BOOM, he is knocked into a village house from a dino minion's tail attack. The dino laughs but without notice, a white blur pass his body and his eyes white out.

"WHAT?!" Jespah is shocked. The dino falls to the ground and turns into a lost disk. The dino and red eye minions turn around and sees Gray Wolf. He's alive, Jespah deeply growls, but not for long.

"You guys from Moo shall pay for what you done." Gray Wolf growls at the evil monsters. The dinos and red eyes look deeply into Gray Wolf's blue eyes. While they look at them, they begin to step back slowly from the gray tiger. They feel that Gray Wolf is full of anger and rage. The wind blows through Gray Wolf's gray thick mane. With all his might, he rears up and roars." GGRRRAAAA!!" An invisible force knocks the dinos and red eyes off their feet. Jespah watches the Gray Wolf, amazed. The minions of Jespah runs away not minding their leader Jespah. Gray Wolf growls and Tiger laughs. Jespah claps, "Good job Gray Wolf, I am very surprised." Gray Wolf and Tiger looks up on a village house rooftop and sees Jespah. Gray Wolf growls. "Who are you, one of Moo's men?"

"Actually, I am Jespah." The dragon smiles at the old tiger. "One of Moo's devious dragon four." He added. Tiger walks besides Gray Wolf. "You mean you are one of the four of Moo's powerful dragons?"

"That's right young one." Jespah said. "I am VERY surprised that you and Gray Wolf survived when I sent my black rex minions to get rid of you."

"Humph, big mistake dragon" Gray Wolf snorts. "After I kill you, I will get the others, then your fool boss Moo." Tiger turns to Gray Wolf a little worried. Jespah laughs, "Fool, you will never reach Moo, NEVER!"

"Oh yeah, why do you say that?" Gray Wolf growls again. Jespah jumps of the rooftop and lands in front of the tigers. Tiger and Gray Wolf get into attack formation. Jespah smirks, "Because this village will be your graveyard." From inside the houses, the humans watch with fear.

"Everybody letís get out of here." A man yelled. All the humans ran out of the village. Gray Wolf wastes no time and leaps into the air.

"No donít!" Tiger warns his brother.

"Blizzard!" Gray Wolf fires his blizzard breath at Jespahís head, freezing it. Gray Wolf lands.

"Lightning!" Tigerís white horns glow blue energy and it fires lightning bolts at Jespahís frozen head. As Jespah heard Tiger, he ducks and the lightning misses him. Gray Wolf curses when the lightning bolts missed. "Damn it!" Jespah scrapes the ice off his entire head and looks at the two tigers with glowing orange eyes. "Now itís my turn." Jespah widely stretches his wings out. "Flutter attack!"

Jespah flaps his wings and shoots a giant blast of fire at the tigers. Gray Wolf grabs Tigerís neck with his mouth and jumps out of the way. The fire from Jespahís flutter attack misses the tigers and it disappears, leaving a huge burnt black mark on the ground. Gray Wolf releases Tiger and charges towards Jespah with great speeds. Jespah swishes his tail at him but quickly Gray Wolf leaps over the dragonís tail. With all he's got, Gray Wolf jumps high on top of a roof. Jespah turns to Gray Wolf and uses his fire breath. Gray Wolf jumps away dodging the fire breath and lands on Jespahís neck. Tiger cheers. "HOORAY!" Brutally, the mighty and brave gray tiger sinks his teeth deeply into the evil dragonís neck, feeling a taste of blood. Jespah roars in pain. Tiger gets up and walks in front of the roaring Jespah. Letís see, should I do lightning or blizzard, Tiger thought. Or maybe ice bomb!

"Damn you!" Jespah curses at Gray Wolf. Gray Wolf keeps biting into the dragonís neck. Suddenly, Jespah grabs Gray Wolf and pulls him off his neck, feeling his own red blood gushing out of the bite wound. The dragon began to squeeze the life out of Gray Wolf. "I swear Iíll kill you!" With Gray Wolf in his huge claw, Jespah throws the old gray tiger to the ground. Gray Wolf hit the ground roughly and is knocked out unconscious.

"NO!" Tiger cries out as he ran towards his brother. Jespah laughs, "You and your brother little tiger has some serious guts to go against me." The dragon smirks, "I love the challenge." Tiger growls and leaps towards Jespah. Big mistake! Jespah knocks Tiger back down with his talon. Tiger is unconscious with his brother. Jespah laughs again, "Iíll crush you both!" Gray Wolfís eyes partially open and he can only see Jespah blurry. Half unconscious, Gray Wolf sees a dark figure coming down from the sun.

"Huh?" Gray Wolfís eyes open real wide. Tiger is starting to come back too. Suddenly a dragon with brown, purple and white fur lands behind Jespah. Jespah is stiff. The dragon sees Tiger and Gray Wolf and his eyes glow red. Gray Wolf and Tiger was starting to regain full conscious slowly. The unknown dragon growls, "I thought your minions killed them."

"No they didnít Lord Moo, but they will be dead in a minute." Jespah's head turns and smiles at the dragon. The dragon had an angry look on his face, "You failure!" Jespah began to shake, "But Lord Moo, IÖ"

"SILENCE!" Moo cuts Jespah off. "Let me show you what I do to failures." Jespah shakes even more. Moo backs up and fires his flame breath at Jespah. Jespah roars as he feels his back burning. Tiger and Gray Wolf watches in shock. After a few seconds of pain, Jespah turns into a lost disk. Tiger looks at the burnt lost disk, smoke rising from it. Moo steps on the lost disk of his old slave, crushing it. The dragonís eyes glow red as he looks at Gray Wolf. Tiger hides behind his big brother.

"So you are Gray Wolf," Moo said. "Iíve heard of many things about you, at last we finally meet." Is this the evil dragon Moo that Gray Wolf despises so much? The dragon that Gray Wolf wanted revenge on? The dragon that Gray Wolf wanted to kill?


Get a disk, take the risk.

Spin it fast, do that pass.

Unlock it, claim it, you can tame it

Unlock your disk!

In a village, red eyes attacks

Unlock your disk!

The dinos chill and get a snack.

Unlock your disk!

Jespah the dragon watches from above.

Unlock your disk!

He sits on the roof, like a dove.

Unlock your disk!

Jespah and dinos, red eyes and all.

Tiger and Gray Wolf, that's who you call.

Monsters rule!


Chapter 6: "First Appearance"

Gray Wolf and Tiger looks up at the brownish, whitish and purplish furred dragon with red eyes and tan curved horns. He has a furred tail of a wolf and sharp golden claws of an eagle's talon.. The dragon looks down at the tigers, "I am Moo, dragon lord of darkness and your new leader." The dragon's introduction caused Gray Wolf to snap. Gray Wolf growled loudly at the dragon that calls himself Moo. He started to get wrinkles all over his face. The hair on his back started to stick up. He hisses and snarls. Tiger growled with his brother.

"MOO!" Gray Wolf reared up and leaps towards the dragon. Tiger follows. Moo quickly slaps Gray Wolf and Tiger with one of his wings. The two tigers land on their feet. Moo laughs, "You can't beat me Gray Wolf, you and your brother Tiger will die in this village." Tiger was a little hurt. Gray Wolf takes a deep breath and roars. "GRRAAA!!" Moo felt the powerful force trying to push him back but it had no effect on him. Gray Wolf gasps.

"Try your lightning attack brother." Tiger said. Gray Wolf nods at his little brother and his silver horns began to glow. "Lightning attack!" SSCCRREE! White lighting bolts are shot out of the horns heading towards Moo. BOOM! The lightning impacts Moo's chest leaving a burn. Moo looks at the burn and his eyes glows red. "How dare you?!" Gray Wolf pants. Moo opens his mouth and releases a fire attack. Gray Wolf and Tiger jumps out of the way. Gray Wolf was on top of a roof. Tiger was hiding in a house. Gray Wolf knew his brother was scared but he should be safe in there.

"Give up Gray Wolf?" Moo asked. "Do you still want revenge?" Gray Wolf growls and jumps at Moo's neck with his jaw open. I'm going to bite you harder than Jespah, he promised in thought. Tiger pokes his head out of the house watching Gray Wolf and Moo. Moo turns his head to Gray Wolf who's coming at him. "Fire breath!"

"NO!" Tiger runs out of the house, towards Moo's leg and bites it. Moo felt a tiny pain in his leg and shakes it. Gray Wolf lands near Moo's neck and bites it with all his might. Now he feels both bites of Tiger and Gray Wolf but the most pain was coming from his neck, which was bleeding. Moo knew that Gray Wolf wanted to kill him but he also knew that Gray Wolf couldn't win. Moo kicks and Tiger goes flying. Then he grabs Gray Wolf and started squeezing him. "I will dig my claws into your body until you vigorously bleed to death." Gray Wolf felt Moo's claws touch his gray fur. Gray Wolf struggles. "Let go of me!" Slowly, Mooís golden claws dig into Gray Wolfís back. Gray Wolf yells as he feels his blood gushing out and a huge sharp pain in his back. Finally, Gray Wolf is unconscious. Moo laughs victorious. "You old fool, you thought you could beat me and have your revenge?" The dragon throws the unconscious gray tiger on the ground. Moo smiles and turns away from the nearly dead tiger, "Well Gray Wolf, itís time for me to go," he said. "I hope your eternal vacation in hell would prove nicely to you."

"STOP!" Someone yells. Moo turns around and sees a weird pink duck monster. The monster has a green thin shell-like head covering that goes down to itís rear. "PETAL SWIRL!" It yelled. Suddenly, many cherry blossom petals fly all over the place. Moo roars, "WHATóWHATíS HAPPENING?!" The huge blizzard of cherry blossoms disappears and so did Gray Wolf and the weird monster. "Where are they?" Moo stretches his wings and flies into the air. Where were Tiger and Gray Wolf?


Get a disk, take the risk

Spin it fast, do the pass

Unlock it, claim it, you can tame it

Unlock your disk!

Tiger and Gray Wolf has met Moo

Unlock your disk!

He caused all the trouble, Jespah too.

Unlock your disk!

Moo sends Jespah on his way

Unlock your disk!

He shall tale care of the tigers today.

Unlock your disk!

Tiger and Gray Wolf, can they beat Moo?

One must win and one must lose.

Chapter 7: "Moochi's first appearance"

Gray Wolf wakes up in an open grass field. Confused, he wonders where he is. Beside him is Tiger, who is awake.

"You're alive!" Tiger nuzzled his brother. Gray Wolf looked around the grassy plain. Cherry blossoms flew everywhere and so did some dandelion seeds. "I know we are alive, but how come?"

"Because I saved you." A voice said. Tiger and Gray Wolf turned around and saw the monster that saved them. The monster pointed at itself, "My name is Moochi." it said. Gray wolf smiles, "Thank you for saving us."

"It's very foolish to fight against Moo, Gray Wolf-San." Moochi started to get a little angry and yells. "What's wrong with you, you've could of been killed!" Gray Wolf and Tiger were speechless from Moochi's yelling. Moochi stops yelling, "Look, you better get out of here before Moo's men finds that you are alive."

"Yeah we're going right now Moochi but do you want to come with us?" Tiger asked.

"With you, to fight Moo?" Moochi felt his anger go up. "I told you, stay away from Moo, he's dangerous."

"Can't do that," Gray Wolf said. "Look, you helped us and we appreciate that, but we can't quit now."

"Because Moo must be stopped and we could use your help Moochi." Tiger added. Moochi's face twists with anger; he yells, "GET OUT!"

"Fine!" Gray Wolf walks away. Tiger follows.

"I travel, not fight." Moochi said behind the two tigers's back. Gray Wolf turned to Moochi growling, "I bet you met Moo's minions while traveling, you are just not saying so because you are a coward." The gray tiger turns and walks away.

"You both will die when fighting Moo and so will I if I come with you, YOU HERE ME!?" Moochi yelled. "CHI!" Gray Wolf and Tiger left the cherry blossom field. Moochi's angry expression on his face turned into a worried one. In his mind, he thought, good luck.


"There are rumors that a powerful monster lives around these fields and soon it will become one of Moo's monsters." A jell wearing a brown iron mantle and brown iron pointy helmet said. Behind the armored jell, were his minions.

"All right jells, let's find that monster!" Captain Jell commanded.

"YAH!" The minions yelled, ready for action. Suddenly Gray Wolf and Tiger jumps out of the bushes and growls at the jells.

"Hold it!" Gray Wolf commanded. "You are not going anywhere jell of Moo." Suddenly, Gray Wolf's horns begin to glow and he quickly, fires his lightning attack. Impact! Captain Jell felt is blue jelly body melt into a pool of water, only his head still moving. The jell troops looked at the pool.

"Uh captain, are you okay?" A jell troop asked confused.

"Dwot juwt stanwd terwe, gret them!" Captain Jell says , trying to recover his body.

"I don't think so!" Gray Wolf roars and jumps onto Captain Jell's melted body. Gray wolf looks at the other jells. The jell troops scream and retreat.

"YATTA!" Tiger cheers. Gray Wolf walks off Captain Jell's melted body and growls at him, "Where's Moo?"

"Nun ug yourl busizzness wolf!" The jell said, still trying to recover.

"IS THAT SO?!" Gray Wolf smiles toothy and his horns charge up.

"NO!" Captain Jell gets up quickly and runs.

"LIGHTING ATTACK!" Gray Wolf yells. Two lighting bolts are shot out of the horns. BOOM! Smoke surrounds the area and there is no sign of Captain Jell. Gray Wolf turns to his baby brother. "Let's get the other Jells, they must not report."

"Right!" Tiger nods to his brother.


In a dark and large cave, the jell troops bow down.

"Master Ragnarok!" A Jell calls out while bowing. "When we were looking for the powerful monster in the cheery blossom forest, a gray wolf and a tiger attacked us." All the jells looked upon a large shiny black dragon. The black dragon looks down at the jell monsters. "A gray wolf and a tiger?"

"Yes sir!" The jell answered. "They defeated our captain."

"That's because you are ALL weak!" The dragon yelled. The jell troops tremble with fear.

"I give you one last chance, you will destroy them two tigers or suffer the consequences." The dragon deeply growls.

"YES SIR!" The jell troops run out of the cave. The black dragon chuckles.


"Damn, they got away!" Gray Wolf curses, looking around.

"Now what do we do?" Tiger asked.

"We continue our journey to stop Moo." Gray Wolf looks at his brother.

"We're back!" A voice says. Gray Wolf and Tiger turns around and sees the jell troops waving at them.

"Hi, you miss us?" A jell teases. "New orders from Master Ragnarok, we must destroy you." Gray Wolf growls, "Ragnarok? That name sounds familiar."

"Ragnarok is one of Moo's Devious Dragon Four," A jell answered. "and your death." Gray Wolf roars and charges at the jells. One jell troop swings his arm around, getting ready to whip Gray Wolf.


Gray Wolf feels a stinging pain on his back and stops running. The jell ties Gray Wolf up with his arm.

"Brother!" Tiger yells. "BLIZZARD!" Tiger opens his mouth wide and a blast of cold passes through the jells. The jells are frozen stiff. Gray Wolf bites off the frozen arm that wrapped him up and gets up. The gray tiger smiles at his baby brother. "Not bad!"

"Thanks!" Tiger smiles, but quickly the smile disappears. "AHH!" Gray Wolf turns to the frozen jell troops. The jell troops suddenly break out of their thin ice prisons. All the jells laugh. Gray Wolf and Tiger growls.

"Is that the best you can do?" A jell teases the tigers.

"ARF ARF!" Tiger barks. The jell troops laugh even more.

"Oh how cute!"



A white explosion engulfs the entire area. The blaze of light from the explosion overwhelms Tiger and Gray wolf. Finally, the light disappears.

"Huh?!" Tiger and Gray Wolf looks about and they only see lost disks in front of them.

"The jells, where are they?" Tiger wondered.

"They were destroyed," Gray Wolf said. "But by what?"

"Damn, you two just don't listen do you?" A voice said. That voice caught Gray Wolf and Tiger's ears (wherever they maybe) and they look up, seeing their old friend Moochi on top of a hill. Tiger let out a large smile, "Moochi, you saved us again!" Moochi crouches into a ball and rolls down the hill, stopping in front of the tigers.

"You saved us again, why?" Gray Wolf asked.

"Since we're friends, I thought you could use some help to fight Moo." Moochi said, smiling.

"You would really help us?" Tiger asked, smiling.

"Well dang, sure I will kid." Moochi said, pointing to himself.

"Thanks Moochi!" Tiger nuzzles his new friend who saved his life and his brothers. Gray Wolf smiles at Moochi. "Welcome to the team friend."

"Aww shucks!" Moochi smiles and scratches his head.


Get a disk, take the risk.

Spin it fast, do the pass.

Unlock it, claim it, you can tame it.

Unlock your disk!

Moochi is a friend from the natural world.

Unlock your disk!

His cherry blossom blizzards will give you a whirl.

Unlock your disk!

The jell minions are ready to fight.

Unlock your disk!

Tiger duo and Moochi will fight for right.

Unlock them all!

Moochi and Jells, in this chapter.

Tiger duo and Moochi are now together.

Monsters rule!


Chapter 8: "The Stampede"

In a small human village, a man rakes his garden. His three pets, a leaf hare (Hare/Plant), an usaba (Plant/Suezo), and a tropical hound (Tiger/Plant) helps him out in the garden. Scarlo, his leaf hare waters the plants while Tropicana his tropical hound, and Gold his usaba, watches the area for intruders. The man had something with plants; that's why he has these main and sub typed plant monsters. Suddenly, Scarlo's bunny ears perk up. The man turns to the leaf hare. "What's wrong?" Gold looks around with his one eyes and Tropicana growls. The man looks around and he suddenly hears a rumbling sound.

"ARF ARF!" Tropical barks at the entrance of the village. At the village, a pack of zuums runs towards them with quick speeds. Tropicana's white horns glow and he fires lighting bolts at the zuums. One zuum dodges the lightning.


A zuum charges into Tropicana knocking him up to the sky. The colorful tiger hits the ground roughly and turns into a lost disk.

"NO!" The man cries.

"Here they come!" Gold screams and runs as fast as he can. Scarlo leaps into the air kicks a zumm, knocking it out. Scarlo lands and side kicks a zuum.

"SCARLO!" The man calls out. "RUN!"

"No, you run!" Scarlo said. Suddenly, a zumm bashes Scarlo's back with his head. The leaf hare falls to the ground for the zuums to kill him. Gold and his master watches in terror as the zuums tear the leafy skin off of Scarlo.

"Terrible, isn't it?" A voice said. Gold and the man look up on a high rock seeing a white zumm with black stripes.

"Who are you?" The man asked.

"I am Captain ZebraSaurian (Zuum/???, another rare like Moo) and your demise!" it said. Gold trembles and the man clenches a fist.

"Zuum troops, ATTACK!" ZebraSaurian ordered. The zuums stopped picking on Scarlo and charges towards the man and Gold.



"Damn, such noise!" Moochi commented, as he hears the scream echoing through the mountains. Gray Wolf growls, "Must be Moo again."

"If it's alright to ask, why do you want to kill Moo so badly?" Moochi asked.

"He killed many, plus my brothers." Gray Wolf said. "He must be stopped, once and for all."

"Moochi-San, you didn't just come because we needed help didn't you?" Tiger asked.

"Naw chi, not just that!" Moochi smirks. "I came because I love you guys." Tiger laughs. Gray Wolf chuckles and suddenly he pauses.

"Chi?" Moochi wondered.

"What's wrong brother?" Tiger asked. Gray Wolf looks around. "I feel some kind of presence." Tiger titled his head. "What kind of presence?"

"Nothing's wrong Gray Wolf." Moochi said. Suddenly, Moochi feels the earth shaking under his feet. "CHI, what's going on?"

"I feel it too!" Tiger said. Gray Wolf growls and looks into the forest filled with pine trees. "THERE!" From out of the forest, a group of zuums runs towards them.

"YIKES!" Moochi, Gray Wolf and Tiger jumps out of the way of the zuum stampede. The zuums stop running and turns to the three monsters.

"Damn chi, watch where you're going." Moochi rubs his back. From the crowd, Captain ZebraSaurian walks out and looks at the monsters. "Oi, we missed some." Gray Wolf looks at the symbol of moo on the captain's and their troops' chest. He bares his teeth. "You're Moo's men!"

"Yeah so," ZebraSaurian said. "And just who are you?"

"Grrrr, who do you think?" Gray Wolf's silver horns began to glow and he fires! ZebraSaurian jumps into the air dodging the lightning. The striped zuum opens him mouth and fires a fireball at Gray Wolf.


The explosion of the fireball knocks Gray Wolf off his feet and onto his side.

"BROTHER!" Tiger yells.

"You'll pay!" Moochi threats the striped zuum. Captain ZebraSaurian lands. "So, you are the ones who oppose Moo eh?" the zuum smiles. "Well, you three are dead, ATTACK!" The zuum troops charge at Tiger and Moochi.

"BLIZZARD!" Tiger fires a blast of ice at the zuums. All were frozen but they quickly recovered.

"Roll Attack!" Moochi curls into a ball and bounces at the zuum troops. One of the zuum troops hits Moochi with it's tail. Moochi injured, unrolls and lands on his back. Tiger leaps at the zuum that hit Moochi and without a problem, gets bashed with a tail attack as well. Tiger lands on his front.

"Is that the best you rebels have to offer?" ZebraSaurian taunts. "I pity the fool." Gray Wolf tries to get up but fails because of his hurt side. ZebraSaurian grabs Gray Wolf by his neck and begins to dig his claws into them. "You die first old one."



"STOP!" A voice yelled out. Moochi and Tiger looks at the woods. Standing in front of them, a giant man made of red stones with small bat wings on his back and a head of a dragon glares at the zuum troops and their leader. ZebraSaurian drops Gray Wolf and glares back, "TYRANT! (Golem/Dragon)" The zuum troops feared Tyrant because of it's massive power and they began to back up.

"ATTACK!" ZebraSaurian commanded. The zuum troops trembles.

"NOW!" The zuum captain yells. The zuum troops roar and they charge at Tyrant. Tyrant roars and raises his large rocky fist. The zuum troops stopped charging.


Tyrant bashes his large fist in the zuum crowd. All the zuums landed on their sides and they turn into lost disks.

"WOW!" Tiger and Moochi watched in amazement. ZebraSaurian began to flee but his exit is suddenly blocked by another zuum. This zuum's skin was shadowy black; black as death or evil perhaps, so was it's eyes. It had white strips all over it's body, and at the tip of it's tail was a spade shape. The zuum bared it's teeth, "Leaving so soon ZebraSaurian?"

"Get out of my way Basilisk (Zuum/Joker)!" ZebraSaurian threats. The dark zuum growls loudly, "What if I don't?"

"Then I kill you!" ZebraSaurian open his mouth and fires his flame breath. Basilisk dodges the flame and runs at ZebraSaurian. This time, the zebra zuum fires a fireball. Basilisk leaps into the air dodging the fireball and he begins to roll.

"WHAT?!" ZebraSaurian looks up at Basilisk.

The shadowy zuum bashes his rolling body into the striped zuum, knocking him off his feet. It lands gracefully behind ZebraSaurian.

"YATTA!" Tiger cheers. Moochi walks towards the bleeding Gray Wolf. He puts his round hand on Gray Wolf's bleeding neck. In a pink light, the injury was gone. Gray Wolf lifts his head and looks at Moochi. "How did you do that, Moochi monsters can't heal."

"I know, I am a very special Moochi." Moochi points to himself and smiles. ZebraSaurian gets up and shakes his head. With no waste of time, Basilisk leaps at ZebraSaurian's back and bites it. ZebraSaurian roars as he feels extreme pain. Basilisk bites deeper into ZebraSaurian's back, causing the zuum captain to harshly bleed. Gray Wolf gets up and runs towards ZebraSaurian. He leaps at the captain's neck and bites it. ZebraSaurian roars in pain and his body glows red. The glow shrinks and disappears, revealing a lost disk. Moochi and Tiger cheers victoriously. Tyrant watches the two monsters cheer and he smiles. Gray Wolf and Basilisk glare at each other. "Hmmm!"


It was night and the monsters sit around a fire.

"I heard everything!" Basilisk said. "I heard that you want to defeat Moo."

"I heard too, is it true?" Tyrant asked.

"Yes," Gray Wolf answered. "he must be stopped, he's killed my brothers."

"He's hunted me!" Moochi growls. "GRRRR!" Basilisk lowers his head. "I know how you feel."

"HUH?" All the monsters except Tyrant look at the zuum. Basilisk growls as he remembers about his awful past. "My family and I were destroyed by Moo."

"Please explain!" Moochi said.

"When I was young, my brothers, my father and I came across a death dragon. The dragon's jaggernaut (Beaclon/Joker) troops killed my brothers quickly; my father and I were left to fight. My father, WildSaurian destroyed some of the jaggarnauts and attacked the dragon leader. The death dragon killed him and then I attacked. I was knocked out." Gray Wolf and his gang gasped. Basilisk continued, "When I woke up, I was alone with nobody to be with; but one day, I met up with Tyrant and stayed with him."

"So, you are an orphan?" Moochi asked.

"Yes but Tyrant and I always stick together." Basilisk said.

"Come with us!" Gray Wolf smiles. "To defeat Moo." Basilisk quickly gets up, "The hell I will come."

"Huh?!" Tyrant tilts his head.

"My only purpose now is to kill that bastard Moo and his monsters that side him." Basilisk said.

"I know you want revenge, so does Gray Wolf." Moochi says. "But don't let your anger get the best of you."

"We should go tomorrow morning." Tyrant said. Basilisk turns to Tyrant. "RIGHT!" So it's settled. Could a gray wolf, a tiger, a moochi, a tyrant and a basilisk be a match for Moo?


"Lord Moo!" A naga bows. "Gray Wolf and Tiger are still alive." Moo's eyes glow red. "WHAT?!"

"Master Ragnarok says that they are near his lair now." The naga says. "What is the plan?"

"Let Ragnarok destroy them."

"I almost forgot to mention;" Naga cleared his throat. "a moochi, a tyrant and a basilisk joined them and things has been getting very turned around. They destroyed ZebraSaurian and his troops, Ragnarok's jells and Jespah's dinos and suezos."

"They might be a huge problem." Moo itches his chin. "Naga?"

"Yes my Lord!" The naga answered.

"Report to Techno Dragon and Syler now, just in case Ragnarok fails." Moo commanded.

"Yes Lord Moo!"


Get a disk, take the risk

Spin it fast, do the pass.

Unlock it, claim it, you can tame it.

Unlock your disk!

ZebraSaurian and zuum troops attack!

Unlock your disk!

Are Tiger, Gray Wolf and Moochi a match?

Unlock your disk!

The heroes are down and taking hits.

Unlock your disk!

But the day is saved by Tyrant and Basilisk.

Unlock them all!

Basilisk and Tyrant, welcome to the team.

With all of them together, Moo will get creamed.

Monsters Rule!


Next Time On "Howl of the Gray Wolf"

Basilisk and Tyrant team up with Moochi, Gray Wolf and Tiger. As they fight Ragnarok's monsters, they are close to Moo. Plus, they will find a new power, a new friend and guidance. What about the rest of the Devious Dragon Four? What is Moo's plan? Next time on "Howl of the Gray Wolf"

Chapter 9: "The Underground Cavern"

Last time on "Howl of the Gray Wolf"

-Tiger and Gray Wolf fights Master Jespah of Devious Dragon Four.

-Moo kills Jespah and fights Tiger and Gray Wolf.

-Moo injures Gray Wolf. Moochi saves Tiger and Gray Wolf.

-Jell troops look for Moochi. Jells fight Tiger and Gray Wolf.

-Moochi joins team.

-ZebraSaurian and his troops kill man and his pets.

-ZebraSaurian and his troops fight Gray Wolf, Tiger and Moochi.

-Tyrant destroys zuum troops.

-Basilisk kills ZebraSaurian.

-Basilisk and Tyrant joins team.

-Naga tells Moo that Gray Wolf and Tiger are alive and are sided with others.

-Moo rebels are close to Master Ragnarok and the rest of the DD4.


Gray Wolf and Tiger continue their quest to stop Moo. With the help of their new friends Moochi who helped them earlier, Basilisk who's only coming along just to kill Moo, and Tyrant who's always with Basilisk. Together, can they beat Moo?

"Damn, when was the last time we ate?" Moochi asked.

"Yeah that's a good question." Tiger said, then he turns to Gray Wolf. "What are we going to eat brother?"

"Don't know!" Gray Wolf said. Then quickly he smiles. "Perhaps this is a great time to show you the rule of the hunt." Tiger tilts his head to the side, "Hunt?"

"Yes Tiger!" Moochi said. "Gray Wolf is going to show you how to hunt animals."

"That sounds evil!" Tiger said.

"Sort of kid, but it's life." Basilisk said to the youngster. "Tyrant and I does it all the time."

"Hunting is like to capture or kill a wild animal for food." Tyrant said.

"NO!" Tiger's eyes grow big. "I can't kill!" Suddenly, Gray Wolf grabs Tiger's neck with his mouth and runs up a hill.

"Brother, I can't do this!" Tiger said.

"You must and you will." Gray Wolf releases Tiger on top of the hill and lies down. Tiger lies beside his big brother. They both look down and they see a bunny rabbit eating a carrot all alone.

"Okay this is the rule of the hunt." Gray Wolf began to explain. "You must choose wisely, the bigger the better, but we are just going to start with this bunny rabbit today okay?"

"Okay!" Tiger reluctantly nods.

"Also, you cannot be soft while hunting, you must be fierce and you must have great concentration." Gray Wolf said.

"One question brother, is it mean to eat the animals?" Tiger asked, looking at his brother with seemly guilty eyes.

"Something that you must understand Tiger my brother, in a life some must die," Gray Wolf said. "And that also includes in hunting."

"I understand brother." Tiger gets up and stares at the rabbit.

"Now go and show no mercy to your prey." Gray Wolf said.

"AARRRROOO!!" Tiger runs down the hill and towards the rabbit. The rabbit flees but Tiger was right on it's tail. Tiger sprints and digs his claws into the rabbit's white fur. The rabbit begins to slow down. On top of the hill, Gray Wolf watches his brother and smiles, "Success!" Finally, the rabbit stops and Tiger sink his tiny teeth into the rabbit. After a few seconds, the rabbit was finally dead. Tiger carries the dead rabbit in his mouth and looks at Gray Wolf.

"Good job!" Gray Wolf cheers. Tiger puts down the rabbit and smiles, "Thanks, that wasn't all THAT bad."

"Eat brother, I'm going to check on the others." Gray Wolf ran off.

"Right!" Tiger starts to tear off the rabbit's skin.


Meanwhile at Ragnarok's lair, the black dragon gets news by Syler's jaggernaut (Just in case you forgot, Beaclon/Joker) and sneak hopper (Hopper/Joker) troops.

"Master Ragnarok, Lord Moo says that the fools who defy him must be destroyed." Captain Sneak Hopper said.

"Forgot to mention Master Ragnarok, that they are close to your lair right now." Captain Jaggernaut's red eyes glow. "Allow us to kill them."

"Fine," Ragnarok said. "but if you fail, you fail."

"Yes sir!" Captain Sneak Hopper quickly hops out of the lair. Captain Jaggernaut follows. Watching them leave, Ragnarok crosses his black arms and thinks, I know how strong those rebels are and those two will lose, strategically it's all up to me now, then I will prove myself the greatest of the Devious Dragon Four to Lord Moo.


In a deep pine tree forest, the Moo rebels take a break.

"I heard you caught a rabbit tiger." Moochi claps. "Great job!"

"Earlier than I expected." Gray Wolf said smiling. "Hell, he learned a little more earlier than I did." Everybody laughed.

"Your dad taught you?" tiger asked his lovely brother.

"Yeah, my dad White Hound taught." Gray Wolf said. "But he's dead now, sad."

"Sad!" Tiger's head droops.

"But he was a funny monster." Gray Wolf smiles widely and closes eyes. "I remember his voice when I was trying to take his bone"

"Really, what he say?" Tyrant asked.

"He said this.." Gray Wolf narrows his eyes and begins to mimic his dad. "'Yo, you, stay away from my food and get your OWN food boy, I didn't sent you out to hunt just to take my food boy." Everybody laughed. Moochi rolled on the floor. Gray Wolf continued, "Boy, you steal from me again, I'll, I'll, I'll put your gray ass in a sling boy!" Moochi was rolling. "Damn, did you steal again Gray Wolf-San?" Gray Wolf shakes his head. "Oh no" he said. "Even if my father was a old bastard, I still loved him."

"You really miss your dad, do you?" Tiger asked.

"Yeah, he was the greatest." Gray Wolf sighs. Tiger turned to Moochi. "Hey, Moochi, did you have a dad?"

"Yep!" Moochi smiled. "His name was Sir Moochi, he was a Knight Moochi (Moochi/Durahan)..." Suddenly, Moochi's smile disappears. "but he was killed by Moo's minions protecting me."

"So was my father!" Basilisk growls.

"Don't worry, you will be joining him very soon." A voice said. Suddenly Captain Sneak Hopper and Captain Jaggernaut attack.

"WHOA!" Tiger and Gray Wolf jumps to side to avoid Jaggernaut's sharp side on his curved shaped horn. Jaggernaut flies straight towards Tyrant. Tyrant guards himself and Jaggernaut bounces off his rocky body. Sneak Hopper leaps towards Moochi. Moochi jumps to the side. The black hopper lands and sees Basilisk leaps towards him with his claws outstretched.

"GRRRR DIE!" The angry zuum roars.

"WHOA!" Sneak Hopper leaps into the air. Basilisk lands and misses the Hopper. Sneak Hopper lands on a tree branch. Jaggernaut hovers beside him.

"By Master Ragnarok's order..." Sneak Hopper started.

"And by Master Syler's order..." Jaggernaut added.

"We must destroy you." The both said together. Gray Wolf growls. "There goes that name Ragnarok again." Jaggernaut and Sneak Hopper laughs and flees out of the forest. Gray Wolf and the others follow. Quickly they were out of the forest but suddenly, Gray Wolf and his team except Tyrant fall into a deep hole.


"NO!" Tyrant yells.






"Where are we?"

From above, Tyrant calls. "Gray Wolf, Basilisk, Moochi, Tiger, are you alright?"

"HAHAHA, they can't hear you." Jaggernaut laughs.

"They are trapped in Ragnarok's underground cavern for all time." Sneak Hopper said. "Everyone ATTACK!" Suddenly from the forest they were in, a swarm of jaggernauts and a group of sneak hoppers attack Tyrant. Tyrant swings his large fist left and right but the enemy was all over him.


"It looks like a cavern, chi." Moochi said.

"Just great, now how are we going to get out of here?" Basilisk growls. "While we are down here, Tyrant has to fight alone." Gray Wolf looks at his team. "By instinct." Tiger starts to sniff.

"I can help you." A voice said. Everybody looks in the dark cave where the voice is coming from. From out of the darkness, a pure bred hopper walks out and smiles. "My name is Hopper and I'm going to help you with Moo."

"A hopper?" Gray Wolf eyes grow big. "All hoppers love to fight but they are tremble towards Moo, are you sure?"

"Yeah it's true, all my kind fear Moo but not me." Hopper explains. "All my kind loves to fight. but when Moo came along, they lost their courage. I didn't lose my courage. I use my courage to protect my family from the enemy they fear, Moo."

"You're a trick, that's what I think!" Basilisk growls at the hopper. "Just another one of Moo's flunkies right?"

"No, you're wrong!" Hopper makes a fist. "I've come to help you and stop Moo, come on." Hopper walks into the dark cave.

"Let's follow him." Gray Wolf commanded and follows Hopper.

"Right!" The others follow Gray Wolf. Gray Wolf is right behind Hopper. "Hey, where does this cave lead to when it comes to the outside?"

"Well, it leads to a temple that talks about Moo." Hopper said as he kept on walking. "When you get out of the tunnel, you'll be near Ragnarok's lair." Basilisk snarls. "I KNEW IT, he's leading us to Ragnarok."

"Silence!" Hopper yelled. "If you want to defeat Moo, you should defeat his Devious Dragon Four first."

"Hopper-San, do you know about the Devious Dragon Four?" Gray Wolf asked.

"Well some, I only know Syler, Jespah and Ragnarok but I don't know who the other one is." Hopper explains. "There are rumors, that it is the most loyal to Moo."

"Who cares, all I know that they must die with Moo." Basilisk said.

"YEAH CHI!" Moochi agrees.

"Well for a start, Jespah already dead because Moo killed him for his failure to get rid of Tiger and I earlier." Gray Wolf said.

"Hey, here's the ladder." Hopper climbs up the ladder and opens up a hatch. The rest of the team follows.

"Here's the temple." Hopper said as he climbs out of the hatch. The other monsters who climbed out of the hatch, looks around. On the golden walls, there were hieroglyphs and pictures of dragons. Gray Wolf sees a large bird and a sun that has a face. "Who are they?"

"Those guys are monster gods or monster myths, the phoenix and the great Gali." Hopper said.

"I've heard of the phoenix," Moochi said. "And Gali too."

"So did I. The phoenix was a legendary fire bird that has great power that saved the planet once and it is immortal." Basilisk said.

"So, who is Gali?" Tiger asked. Moochi began to explain, "Gali is a monster that resembles God." He said. "He gives wisdom and faith to all."

"They sound very special." Gray Wolf smiles. "Damn, we could use them against Moo right now."

"Yeah I know how you feel." Hopper hops out of the temple. The others follow.


"HAHAHAHA, destroy him!" Jaggernaut commanded. Tyrant ran as fast as he could. The hopper and jaggernaut troops were way on his tail. In his sight, Tyrant sees a temple. Also he sees monsters running from it. Suddenly, a huge smile appears on Tyrant's face. "HEY!" It was Gray Wolf and the gang to the rescue.

"Hang on Tyrant!" Basilisk says. Tyrant moves so the enemy is in the open.

"LIGHTNING ATTACK!" Tiger and Gray Wolf's horns fire lighting bolts from their horns.


Sneak Hopper and his troops get electrocuted and suddenly, BOOM! They blow up.

"Petal swirl!" Moochi points at the jaggernauts. A tornado of cherry blossoms swirl the jaggernaut troops around and around. Gray Wolf charges his horns and fires his lightning at the swirling jaggernauts.


The jaggernauts blow up and there was nothing left of them except lost disk stones.

Captain Jaggernaut turns around and he sees lost disks that use to be the sneak hoppers and his troops. "Damn you all...huh?!" Suddenly, Basilisk bashes Jaggernaut with his head. Jaggernaut hits a tree and falls to the ground unconscious. Basilisk runs towards the unconscious beetle monster with his jaws open. "ERRRRRRRAAAA!!" With no mercy, Basilisk crunches Jaggernaut in between his jaws. The zuum's teeth break through the beetle's hard shell and finally into it's flesh. Basilisk feels a taste of blood and he watches the jaggernaut turn into a lost disk.

"Well that's it!" Gray Wolf said. "After our rest, we go after Ragnarok."

"Right!" The others agree.


"Master Ragnarok!" Captain Terror Dog (Tiger/Monol) looks up at the black dragon. "Captain Jaggernaut and Captain Sneak Hopper has failed." Ragnarok growls. "I knew they would."

"Let me and my troops deal with them!" Terror Dog said looking at his terror dog pack. Suddenly, Ragnarok stretches his black wings, "Come with me!" He flaps and flies out of the lair. Terror Dog and his troops follow.


"These guys are not so tough are they?" Moochi smiles.

"Nah!" Basilisk smiles with Moochi.

"Annoying fools who defy Moo!" A voice yells from the air. Gray Wolf and the rest of the gang looks up and sees a black dragon.

"AAHHH, that's Ragnarok!" Hopper's eyes grow big. Everybody gasped.

"Prepare to die, flutter attack!" From the air, Ragnarok's wings began to glow. He flaps and his wings fire a huge blast of fire.

"LOOK OUT!" Gray Wolf warns. Everybody jumps out of the way and the flutter attack misses them but leaves a black mark on the grass. Ragnarok lands and Captain Terror Dog commands his squad to attack

"BLIZZARD!" Gray Wolf opens his mouth wide and fires a huge cold blast. All the terror dogs troops are frozen.




Gray Wolf, Tiger, Basilisk and Moochi fires their energy attacks at the frozen black tigers.


The terror dogs explode into tiny ice crystals. Gray Wolf and his team cheers.

"Don't cheer just yet!" Ragnarok warns them. "You are now about to perish." Gray Wolf growls. "So you are Ragnarok, you've attacked a human village near where I live."

"Correct, I did." Ragnarok smiles. "So what are you going to do about it you old fool?"

"Just wait and see." Gray Wolf points his horns at Ragnarok's head. "Everyone attack, LIGHTNING ATTACK!" Gray Wolf fires. Ragnarok ducks and spins around.


Ragnarok's tail hits Gray Wolf. Tiger runs to his brother and nuzzles him. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah!" Gray Wolf says weakly. Basilisk leaps onto Ragnarok's chest and bites it. Ragnarok roars in pain. With no fear, Hopper runs up the black dragon's tail and stops on top of his head. Hopper leaps up and down, irritating Master Ragnarok. Tiger walks in front of the busy Ragnarok and opens his mouth wide. "ICE BOMB!" From his mouth, he fires a small bullet of cold energy at Ragnarok's head. Hopper jumps off and the ice bomb impacts, freezing Ragnarok's head. Ragnarok scrapes the ice off his head and looks down on his chest seeing Basilisk still biting him. The black dragon grabs the zuum with his claws. Tyrant gasps. "Let him go!"

"You shall die for harming me FOOL!" Ragnarok throws Basilisk onto the ground. Basilisk is unconscious. Moochi jumps on Tyrant's fist and nods to the rock dragon man.

"I see!" Tyrant points his large fist at Ragnarok's head. Moochi began to glow pink.

"Alright now, FIST ATTACK!" Tyrant fires his large fist at the dragon's head. Moochi leaps off the flying fist.


Ragnarok is hit and he begins to reel back. He sees Moochi in the air, glowing. "OH NO!"

"Oh yes, MOOCHI CANNON CHI!" From his mouth, Moochi fires a giant pink at Ragnarok's head. Ragnarok screams as he sees the beam coming at him. Moochi's beam go through Ragnarok's mouth and ends behind his neck. The black dragon falls, mortally wounded and turns into a lost disk.

"YAHOO!" Everyone cheers.

"Two down, two more to go." Gray Wolf says. Suddenly Captain Terror Dog leaps at Gray Wolf. "GRRRRR...SHINE!!!" Gray Wolf turns around and gasps seeing Terror Dog.

"ICE BOMB!" Tiger opens his mouth and fires his cold energy bullet. The bullet hits Terror Dog freezing him.


In a valley, the Naga who reported to Moo earlier stares at a small castle made of bones. He slithers in and inside, he sees a death dragon (Dragon/Joker) standing on a large rock.

"Master Ragnarok has been killed." Naga said in his snake like voice. "Lord Moo says that you must destroy them."

"I will destroy them!" The death dragon promises. "No one messes with the Devious Dragon Four."


Get a disk, take the risk.

Spin it fast, do the past.

Unlock it, claim it, you can tame it.

Unlock your disk!

Jaggernaut attacks also Sneak Hopper.

Unlock your disk!

Also Terror Dog, what a whopper.

Unlock your disk!

Gray Wolf and team meets Hopper who hops.

Unlock your disk!

What's worse, they meet the mighty Ragnarok.

Unlock them all!

Terror dog, jaggernauts, sneak hoppers and Ragnarok.

Can Gray Wolf and company beat Moo, win or drop?

Monsters rule!