"If Only Tears Could Bring You Back" by: sabriel angelfire

Holly watched in fear, astonishment, excitement, and surprise as the phoenix raked its talons across Moo.

Moo went mad and began turning around, slashing wherever he could, but he didnít see Moochi come up behind him.

"Fools! The odds of me dying are a million to one!" he snarled.

"Cherry blossom blizzard!" Moochi yelled. His now familiar leaves of ice filled the air, swirling around Moo and striking at any exposed flesh.

"And...that would be a one!" Genki yelled back. All of a sudden, Moo stopped.

He didnít struggle any more. As a matter of fact, he looked downright happy.

"Maybe I should show you my true for right NOW" he shouted. Mooís skin melted away, leaving electronic parts in its wake.

A large fan with four jets was sticking out of his back. He resembled a small orb. The phoenix reared back and let loose a blast of flame.

"Looks like hes got a new tune for you" Genki said, smiling.

"Care to make it... a duet?" Moo brought his claws up and a bright blue shield surrounded him. The flames reflected backwards and slammed into the phoenix, sending it flying into the wall.

"Now we know your true form, but we do not forgive you for destroying the most wondrous thing in existence" Tiger of the Wind yelled. He dove onto Moo and began tearing at him. He came back with a mouthful of electronic wires.

Moo turned around and swatted Moochi away, then turned to face Golem.

But before Moo could make a move, Genkiís anger was too much for him to bear, and Genki leaped onto the fan on his back. Mew began flying around the world wildly, trying to shake him off.

"Giddyup!" he yelled. He slammed his hand down into the spot where Tiger of the Wind had chewed and pulled out a long wire.

"Yeee-hawww!" he yelled, slinging the wire in the air. Genki leaped off.

"So Golem, I think its your turn" Moo said. He charged toward Golem. Golem mad no move to defend himself.

At the last second, he put his head down, and then forced it upwards, in the effort, tossing Moo over his back. He turned around and delivered a good stroke to him with his fist.

Moo was caused to see stars at that, but he was still strong. He turned around and thought for a moment, while at the same time hovering past Golem.

What was it that Golem was weak against? That was it!

Moo ran over and grabbed a faucet on the wall and bent toward Golem and turned it on as far as it would go.

The water sprayed Golem full force, and Golem was putting his hands in front of him to try to absorb some of the shock, he sat down and then fell to the floor.

"Your turn!" Moo snarled, throwing a small spike at Holly. It stabbed her in the stomach, then reared back and stabbed her several more times in the stomach.

The spike transformed into a small club of some sort and hammered at Hollyís face. She collapsed to the ground. Genki ran over and stopped in front of her.

He knelt down beside her and looked at her. She was bleeding bad and her face had bruises all over it. He took her pendant and ripped it off her neck and turned to face Moo.

How do you make this work? He thought. Wheres the button? He took it and held it in front of him.

The pendant floated in his hands and then suddenly exploded in an eardrum shattering sound.

All of the shock and debris flew from the explosion straight into Moo. He screamed in pain, a horrible sound.

He slowly began to disorient and his parts came into a column, filtering into the air. A bright light appeared and all of his parts flew into it, when finally, Moo exploded and flew into the vortex.

"Holly!" Genki exclaimed, running over to her. He slapped his roller blades on in record time and hoisted her on his back.

He flew out of the castle on his roller blades as fast as he could go and cursing his blades on how they couldnít go faster. He tore out of the gate and flew down the road as fast as he could go.


"Theres the city Holly, where almost there" Genki whispered. Holly woke up eventually, sometime when Genki entered the city. He looked so...brave. Him roller blading as fast as he could, his teeth clenched, sweating like heck.

And all for her.

Genki almost ripped the door off its hinges in his hurry to get into the hospital. He ran up to the counter.

"Do you have any insurance?" the nurse asked.

"What, insurance?" Genki said, confused.

"There arenít any charity hospitals here, you have to have insurance" the nurse said calmly.

Genki muttered a curse and threw his wallet at the nurse, then ran down the aisle. There were three doctors and they all turned to look at hi for a moment, actually, for at least ten seconds.

It didnít even occur to him about what he might look like, showing up drenched in blood and sweating like heck. The doctors nodded to each other, then took her into the closest room.

"Youíll have to go to the waiting room young man" the doctors said and shut the door.

"Look!, I am hungry, tired, and irritated! Whatever you do, donít let her die" he pleaded.

Genki sat there with his pathetic body in the waiting room when the doctors walked in.

"I think we should explain the situation to you, she is awake only because we have her on life support, what it would cost to keep it on weekly, is what you would be paid yearly" the doc said sadly.

"No! I can work here for it! Iíll do anything!" Genki yelled desperately.

"We did everything we could, youíll just have to give her these and turn off the machine" the doc said calmly. They werenít going to let her die were they? She was just a kid!

"Only...only one thing" Genki gasped.


"I gotta pull the plug, no one else can" Genki said and took the pills and walked hesitantly into Hollyís room. He gasped at what he saw.

She was there with many tubes around her and a large bandage across her stomach. One of her eyes were swelled shut.

"Holly, the docs are gonna give you some pills to help you sleep okay?" he said, handing her the pills.

She took them.

"Okay, um go get me some ice cream from the parlor when I wake up okay?" Holly asked, then she was asleep.

He looked at the cord lined along the wall

If he pulled that plug then he would not just be pulling its power off. He would be pulling out her entire life, everything ahead of her. Her past, her present, her future, everything that was hers.

"Iím sorry I never told you how I felt" Genki said softly and gave her a kiss.

He leaned over and looked at the plug, the stupid cord. He took it and ripped it out of the wall, in that instant the beeping stopped and everything turned off. Genki just leaned there and fell over, unconscious. It was about three hours later that he woke up. The bed was cleared now, holly was gone.

He slowly walked out of the hospital and walked onto the bridge.

"Iíve lost one of the two things that let me survive, and now I canít live without it" he said to no one in particular.

"Now Holly, Iím comin to join ya" he said noncommitingly, he looked once more back at the cruel hospital, then cast himself off the bridge onto the water below.

I originally planned to have Genki do something to bring her back, but I had to make it fit up to its drama/romance type. I just want you to know that I cried my eyes out while writing this one, yaíll should read some of my other work, I send them to various digimon and cardcaptors pages and my name normally is sabriel angelfire, byebyebye.

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