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                                                                      In a Perfect World

                                                                         By:Brere Marer

Genkišs Perfect World

Sugar is the biggest food group

School? Whatšs school?

Roller skates are more popular than cars

Genki is acctually the monster champ

Pixie is a supermodel

Gollemšs Perfect World

Every space on the globe will be covered in flowers

Mocchišs Perfect World

You have to have a licence to be stupid

Resturaunts serve free food

Sweetcake eating is banned

Every 2 miles a human offers to carry you

Mocchišs acctually cute

Suezošs Perfect World

Gollems are payed to catch you

His teleport technique works

Harešs Perfect World

People give golds to him for free

The floating castle is turned into another Las Vegas

Rename Pangea Hareland

Tigeršs Perfect World

Monster battles happen every 2 seconds (this  would make Hare happy too,
gold city)

Hollyšs Perfect World

She knew why the magic stone was glowing.

Everybody is way too happy in Hollyšs perfect world. Need I say more?