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~Episode Guide/Spoilers~



1."Grant's Death! At last, Into the Tower!": The first episode! Koh, a young boy, is just chasing his dreams! But will all these nutty girls get in his way?


2."Koh Defeated? A Twisted Dream!": Koh is K.O.ed in the Tower, and starts having horrible dreams…


3."Nico's Fundation! Ghosh Again?!": Basically like the game’s events, but all the girls try to warn Nico about Ghosh and Patty talks to her woman to woman about their dreams.


4."Shy Venus! Remove Your Mask!": Mia enters the scene thanks to a pool of money to build the library after Nico’s cultural speech. But Mia isn’t all that aloof, she starts to stalk everyone and then…


5."The Lavender Egg! Hello Cyclone!": Koh finds a Lavender Egg and hatches it at home. But the Cyclone isn’t very obedient, and it keeps running off. Why?


6. “Help! Why All This Possession?”: The priest Yodo (?) tells Koh and the others not to enter the mansion far at the edge of the city, because it’s haunted! But Yodo wants it moved so they can build a bowling alley, so with Mia’s ‘Spirit Guide to the Unknown World’ and Selfi’s ‘Ghostbusting powers’ ^^;;;; ya right… They investigate it and keep getting possessed by a lonely ghost who only wants to have some fun, as Weedy finds out.


7."What Is This Feeling? Selfi's Confusion!": Like in the game, Selfi saves Koh in the tower, but why?   


8."Memories! Dance, Happiness!": Like the game, Koh goes to bar (sees Selfi there ^^;;;) and listens to a sad story. Then goes to the tower, finds a blue cape and the owner girl gets all upset, closes the bar for awhile until she sees Vivian dancing in the streets…


9."No Pool?! Back to the Tower!": Koh finds the Water Medallion and the pool is reopened. Mia wants to go, but Ghosh starts picking on her and so the girls help Mia get ready to the pool to “date” Koh. It’s a sweet episode. ^^


10."The Dark Blade! A False Sense of the Future!": Koh finds the dark blade and is cursed by the evil within it. The only way to decurse him, according to Mia’s book ^^; is to find the decurse scroll. So the girls go into the tower with Koh’s familiars to find one, but it ain’t easy, especially when Selfi decides to wonder off to find it on her own.


11." The Sick Girl! Koh's New Love Interest?": Koh rebuilds the hospital and is walking away from it with Fur when they accidentally scare a little girl looking out the window… Who is the new face to the world?


12."GHOSH! Fur's New Man?!": While working, Ghosh starts flirting with Fur. Koh and the others are mad about Fur treating him so nice, not understanding that Fur’s POV is that he’s a customer…


13."The Festival! The Fireworks Ablaze!": It’s time for a festival! Selfi and Nico are in competition for Koh who has his eyes on someone else…


14."The Octopus Balls From Hell!”: A pointless, but hopefully funny short episode about Koh making the windmills work again! Yay-ee! But…the person selling the Octopus Balls…is trying to manipulate everyone?! O_o;;;;;;; In order to stop these possessing little…um…treats… Fur may have to do something against her Octopus nature!!!!


15."The Orphan Troll! A New Friend?": Koh is training Cy (Cyclone) in the tower when a Troll steals his only Wind. Come back, you thief! But is it really a thief?


16."Back To The Tower! Fur's Dead?!": Fur, witnessing her mother almost die in horror, decides to rush into the tower alone, despite Patty’s pleads. Patty wakes up Koh and send him after her. After searching for awhile, he finds Fur on the brink of death on the level where the Special Herb (not a real item, but sue me :p ) is. While Koh tends to her and talks, his familiars must find it!


17."Rush! Koh Is Determined!”: Fur is being treated in the hospital, but to stabilize her, Koh needs money to buy the equipment. Ayeka doesn’t have enough, even from their shop and none of the girls have it either. So Koh races to earn the money, but why is Ghosh selfishly trying to win?!


18."Fur Wakes! Can She Be..?": Fur finally wakes up and Koh is by her side. Ayeka brings her home to recover and Vivian visits. Vivian can swear she’s the girl who gave her the confidence to go chase her dream in the west, but…


19. "A Book of Desire? What Is This?!”: Everyone has a desire. Whether it’s to be rich, beautiful, married, or just to have their dream come true. But when Mia purchases a book and brings everyone over to see it, they are brought to a world where their desires come true… Can they avoid the temptation and get out?


20."The Healing Herb! Koh-The Hero!": Koh finds the Healing Herb to help Cheryl and becomes a hero. But the problem is, that Kewne found the Healing Herb and Koh was going to throw it away…now WHO is the hero, again? Help! Rabid Kewne! Run Koh!!


21."Koh In Trouble! Nico and Selfi?!": Cyclone comes rushing out of the tower and Nico and Selfi find him and follow him back into the tower. Koh is being held hostage in a monster den!! Can these two rivals but 2+2 together? …No, not really…


22."Beauty! Ego! Insanity! Help…”: A “beauty expert” is coming to town to chose his new dish for his world-famous fashion show. Selfi and Nico try out, but Mia ends up winning it?! But, she didn’t want to win… But now the crazy fool is keeping her hostage, and while Koh explores the Tower, the girls must defeat him…somehow…


23."Mirror Shield! The Other Sides!”: Koh finds a weird Mirror Shield shoved in a small stream in the Tower, but when he brings it back home, everything seems different… Mia loud! Selfi squeaky and blushing?! Wreath…crazy? O_O;


24."OH! My Goddess?”: A little girl comes into town, looking for her Dream Goddess. But what is she talking about?


25."The Casino! Caught Ya, Vivian!": The Casino opens and what a sight! But Vivian swears to Koh she’ll never step in. But when the theater’s popularity drops because of it, it’s her Showtime…in a different way…


26."A Small Talk! Are We Destined?!": Everyone starts having horrifying dreams of death, despair and a sword… Can Koh help sort things out or what?


27."To The 40th Floor! Grant's Past?": Koh ventures out and reaches the 40th level, but a sorcerer is awaiting him with a horrible story…


28."Twisted Thoughts! Shattered Images!": One by one, death comes to everyone Koh loves. Can Koh overcome his mental anguish and defeat the evil?!


29."In Other Worlds, I Love You": A lyric from NG Evangelion ending song lyric that was taken from FRANK SINATRA’S “Fly Me to the Moon”! BOO-YA! Frankie: Japanese!!! …Ahem, anyways… ^^;;;  I couldn’t help myself. After watching the end of Sorcerer Hunters over and over and over…the girls are reborn in another world where they can’t remember Koh. That’s when a mysterious visitor reminds them of where they once lived…and whom they once loved. With Koh weakening, can they return to him?!


30."I’ll Miss You, Always": The horrifying end to the series!!! Well, actually, it gets happier… ^^;;;;;;;



Nahga: “THE DRAMA!!!!”

 –Slayers the motion picture (English)




Azure Dreams: Ai Ga Daiji to Minna Wa iu Keredo (Everyone Says Love Is Important, But…)

Years have passed and Weedy is now 15. But too many things have happened…Koh is missing in the tower and nobody knows just why. But Weedy, along with her friends, decide to take a look for themselves to discover something horrifying that they alone must face…

“You must risk your life for love.” –Big Momma; Sorcerer Hunters