"In The Night" By: Anime-Girl

*Wish I could believe, that you care for me that way, Mirror, Mirror, speak to me in the night.*

Genki laid on his back, silently staring at the stars. He sighed sadly turning his head to look over at his friends. Suezo, Tiger, Golem, Hare, Mocchi....but one was missing. That one was Holly. He bit his lip to keep from sobbing. He still couldnít believe she was gone.

That day, they had been over confident and Moo had attacked. He beat them all and he took Holly. Genki silently cursed himself. ĎWhy couldnít I do anything? All I could do was watch as she was taken away. Iím so useless...I canít even protect the only girl I ever truly love.í he felt bitter tears sting his eyes. Ď I have to be strong, if Iím not i wont be able to save her,And I wont let her be harmed no matter what!í He let his mind be silent for a moment as he stared at the stars dancing over head. ĎI wonder, but does she love me the same way I love her? Or does she just think of me as a little brother?í

*Donít you think I know, that your grief canít be cried awake, In the tears you hide, I see rainy days.*

He shut his eyes, ĎI want to be the one to protect her from all her fears, and all her troubles, from all the sadness and losses she was forced to undergo and will undergo in the future. I want to be the one to save her, but most of all I want her to be OK.í Genki jumped slightly startled as a drop of rain landed on his cheek like a tear drop. ĎRainí he sighed. ĎI wish I were there with her now, to take away the grief that this rain brings for her.í

*Why is it I love you so much sleep wont come to me? With the eyes close, the mind has a perfect view!*

He began to feel tired and ill from worrying but he was to worried to fall asleep, he couldnít sleep, not with knowing that Holly was being held by Moo, the monster responsible for the destruction of her homeí Perhaps if it had been anyone else captured, even Tiger, he would still would have been worried sick but at least he would be able to sleep, but it was not anyone else, It was Holly, and he loved her so much... he wished he could shut his eyes and dream of her safe and well, but it would be just that, a dream. But only in a dream did he have the guts to tell her ĎI love youí

*Itís just we do, Not have away to save you and you are very far away,*

Genki clenched his first angrily as the image of her being taken away once again flashed before his eyes. ĎI had no way of saving you then, and I still have no way of saving you now. I know that the pirate dragons might help, but what will happen when or if we get to Mooís castle? And Itíll be tomorrow night before we reach Falcon! What if, what if....No I canít let myself think of that! I just canít! I wont give up hope no matter what! I know that Moo is strong and that we may not even be a challenge to him but what if we did nothing? I would never forgive myself if I let you die!

*But donít you know that once daylight comes, Iím searching for you*

Genki gazed up at the sky as the sun began to rise over the mountains. Ď Holly, I promise you, I wont let Moo winí He let his head fall to his side letting a single tear run down his cheek Ďand that maybe someday Iíll have the guts to tell you that I love you.í