Insanity Reins!

Genki is behind a bush watching the sunset with Holly sitting next to him when he hears a weird noise. He goes off to investigate. He finds Tiger and Hare betting on a Datonare pup fight going on in a pit.

Genki: what's going on?

They look up from the pit.

They: Nothing.

Genki: You're lying!

Suddenly Moochi comes running out of a couple of bushes to the right of them. He's on fire.

Moochi- AAAHHHHH, chi!!!!!

Everyone else: O_O

Suezo comes from where Moochi came. His eye is glazed over and he has a care free matter.

Suezo: Just chill Moochi. It'll be all right.

Everyone else: O_o?

Suezo: Grass is good.

Everyone else: O_O!

Holly comes from where she and Genki where.

Holly: (british accent) WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON?

Everyone else(including Suezo and Moochi): O_o?

Holly: (still using british accent) What?

Genki: Since when were you british? Since when did Suezo !@#$% ^&*? What the !(#$?

A censor comes out.

Censorlady: We at Fox Kids think you need to be edited more often. From now on you won't be able to say any type of curse word or use any words that have to do with drugs and alcohol.

Tiger: You ~!@#$%^& )(*&& %&*.

Censorlady: See?

Genki: Well that's not fair!

??: I think it's not fair either!

All: Who's there?

Tiger420 (me) steps out of no where.

Tiger420: Me! The goddess of the world!

Tiger: You're not the goddess of the world.

Tiger420: *whispering* I can always dream. *out loud* That's not the point!!! The point is you guys aren't going to be able to talk soon cuz of stupid Censorlady!

Censorlady: That's not true!

Moochi: (who is still on fire) Where's Golem, chi?

Censorlady: We kicked him off the show. He was making fun of retards.

Tiger420: I should kick you in the jimmies!

Censorlady: That would work if I had them! Hahahahahahahaha!

Tiger420: Grrr.

Tiger: What the !@#$ was that?

Tiger420: What?

Tiger: Grrr. How lame. Try, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Tiger420: Okay! Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgrrr. Cool!

Tiger: baka...

Tiger420 turns on Tiger.

Tiger420: what?

Tiger: nothing o_._o!

Tiger420 wacks him across the face with a frying pan.

Tiger420: BAKA!!! I rule this world! I'm a goddess here!

Suezo: (still high) No you're not.

Tiger420: Yes I am! Watch!

Tiger420 strangles the Censorlady.

Tiger420: Ha! I killed! Now you can curse and use all sorts of bad words!

Tiger420 walks away. Then, stops and walks two feet back to where all the others are (except Golem).

Tiger420: Moo in a pink tutu.

Tiger420 runs away like an idiot. Moo comes through the forest bellowing.

Moo: I told you that was a secret!!!!!

Everyone else: O_O!

Genki: That didn't explain why Holly has a british accent.

Holly: Stupid blaggard! Who the bloody hell do you think you are?

All of those that are still there look at her in surprise. Then Tiger420 comes running past with Moo still behind. Tiger420 grabs Holly's blade and sticks it in Moo's face.

Tiger420: Get away! Get away before I give you a hair cut!

Moo grabs the knife and eats it!

Tiger420: (looking at empty hands) Um... Bye!

Tiger420 runs away with Moo still after her. Moo accidentally steps on the Datonare puppies.

Moochi: (still on fire) Puppies go squish squish, chi.

Moo looks horrified at the now pancake puppies.

Moo: (crying) I killed the puppies!

Hare: (protecting his ears from the crying Moo) He's caterwauling like a wounded banshee!

Censorlady's Ghost: (who popped out of no where) Caterwauling, A.K.A. crying!

Tiger420 walks up to the ghost and pummels it into the ground. Then the MR Crew (what's left of them anyway) walks over and starts curbstomping her. Tiger420 then walks over to the still crying Moo and wacks him with her frying pan. He ends up eating a lot of dirt.

Tiger420- What happened to the evil warlord!

Moo- He killed puppies!

Tiger420- No he didn't! The puppies are fine!

Tiger420 tries to pick one up to show him when the pup bites her.

Tiger420: (frothing at the mouth and wacking it with the frying pan) Let me go you stupid little thing.

Genki: (crossing his fingers) She's a deamon!

Tiger420: Am not!

Holly: Are so!

Tiger420: Am not!

Suezo: I don't know, mmmmaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn.

Tiger420: Am not!

Moochi: (finally realizing he's still on fire) ahhhhh! Help, chi!

Tiger420 smacks Moochi with the frying pan until the flames are put out.

Tiger420: That's what you get for getting so close to my chicken!

Suezo: Chicken, mmmmaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn.

Tiger420: (wapping Suezo upside the head w/ FP) Not that kind!

Everyone else: 0_o?

Tiger420: DON'T ASK!!!

Genki: Who said we were going to ask?

Moochi: @_@ chiiiii...

Tiger420: (looking down at Moochi) Did I kill him?

Tiger: No you didn't. You just beat the living crap out of him.

Tiger420: Oh, ok! By the way I gave Holly the accent. I just wanted to see what she was like with it. Now I'm going to give her back her normal voice. I'm just going to change her personality.

Tiger420 runs away like an idiot (again) taking with her Moo and the Datonare pups, one still clinging onto her arm. Moochi, Tiger, Genki, Hare, and Suezo all watch her run away.

Hare: Okay. That was weird.

Tiger: Yeah.

Moochi: (stumbling around like a drunkard) The room is still spinning chi.

Suezo: Mmmmaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn, that was so cooool.

Genki: Whatever!

All of them turn around to see Holly standing in front of them, frothing at the mouth, with her broken half dagger raised above her head.

Tiger: At least she didn't eat brownies this time.

Holly: Esdsdfjdsfhjfdsghafgafjfhgj!

All: What?

Holly: Esdsdfjdsfhjfdsghafgafjfhgj!

Genki: Translation Hare!

Hare: Simply put? I'll eat your soul, and your little dog too.

All: O_o?

Hare: Tiger.

All: O_O! AHHHHHH!!!!

Holly: rreweoiasdjhdfshajsdhfuiaweyrudhsflahdsfhsdhhfjdshfsafhdsjvbkgajh!

Translation: I hungry! GIVE ME FOOD! OR AT LEAST YOUR SOUL!


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Genki: Change Holly back you freak!


Gets chased by the MR crew. (except for Golem)