Ash,Misty and Brock all layed sleeping in there sleeping bags.

Misty though layed awake not able to sleep, she looked over at Ash who sleep soundly with Pikachu on his side.
"Ash how can i tell you how i feel"Misty said to herself all of a sudden Misty heard a sound of bushes rustling "Ash..... Ash.... Ash wake up" Misty said.

"What is it Misty" said a sleepy Ash" "Theres something out there" then Ash listened and heard the sounds of the rustling of busheshe clutched Misty's waist.

"Ash your.... hurting... me" "Oh sorry Misty maybe we should wake up Brock" "No let him sleep" said a unnotisable voice "who... there" said a nervous Misty, Misty and Ash didn't notice it but they were both holding hands, "Misty you could of chosen me but you chose this halfwit" "wait i know that voice its....(pause) Sammy!" said Misty "Yes Misty it is me and now i you will come to me" "Shes not going anywere buddy got" said Ash Misty looked at Ash and though to herself "oh Ash i can't believe you care about me".

"Then i will have to take her from you i chose you Ivysaur, Ivysaur trap Misty with your vinewhip."

Then vines wrapped around Misty's arms and legs keeping her from moving. "Hey let her go!" yelled Ash "Ivysaur come over here" yelled Sammy "Ash.... Help!" screamed Misty and they disappered "Misty" whispered Ash finally Brock woke up after he heard Misty's scream "Wh... what happened weres Misty" "That guy Sammy kidnapped her" "well we have to go get her" Ash and Brock are on there way to rescue Misty.

Meanwhile back at Sammy's house "Sammy whya re you doing this to me let me go" "Misty i did this cause i love you  and Ash doesn't love you i will give you anything you want anything."

"Sammy i don't like you let me go" said Misty "I knew it you like him you like Ash and don't lie about it Misty" screamed Sammy, then a smacking noise went through the house.

Then a tear went down Misty's cheek "Misty... im... im sorry" "Sammy you have no right keeping me here please let me go" "But..." Sammy's sentence was cut short by Misty "But nothing Sammy you have no right keeping here and what right do you have to touch me."

Sammy threw Misty into a empty room and said "Change in to this Misty looked at the outfit and said "this outfit looks like that outfit Princess Laya wore when she was kidnapped by Jabba the hut but in diffrent colors" "Are you done" "Yes" "then come out here" Misty slowly opened the door covering her half naked body "put your arms down" Misty slowly put her arms down and then they heard a door open from down the hall.

Sammy grabbed Misty's arm and dragged her to the door they looked out the door it was snowing outside if Misty was to lave most likely she would freeze to death instead of escapeing she was out of luck until she heard two familar voices in the distant and then two figures came out of the snowy sky "Ash! Brock!" screamed Misty.

Ash looked forward and saw Misty being dragged away from the door "Misty" screamed both of the boys running towards the house but the door slammed shut before they could get to it.

"The door its locked Ash what do we do" said a terrifed Brock "Ash hey Ash come in Ash" "oh sorry Brock" "what were you doing" "looking at that opened window maybe we could use Onix to get us up there then we can save Misty" "sounds great lets do it" "yeah lets do it" "Onik i choose you."

The grey monster was tall enough to reach the window "Onix take us to that window up there" Onix crept up to the window with Ash adn Brock both in his head. Finally they reached the open window. Ash and Brock ran down the corradors looking for were Misty would be finally they came to a room that had clothes lying on the floor "Hey those are Misty's clothes and Pokeballs" said Ash then the door opened and Sammy and Misty walked in with her hands covering her body Ash and Brock hide in the closet and Sammy toke Misty's clothes and went out the door.

Misty sat on the bed crying tears ran down her cheek "Ash now is are time to get her out of here" whispered Brock, Ash and Brock stepped out of the closet "Misty!" said the boys "Brock, Ash" said Misty, Misty ran over to Borck and Ash and hugged them when she let go she covered her body once more "Here Misty use this" Ash drapped the vest over her shoulders "Thank you Ash" "We have to go you two" said Brock.

The three of them ran down the hall and to the room were the window was "hurry we don't have much time" Ash and Brock got out but Misty didn't Sammy grabbed Misty and pushed her out the 4 story window down to the ground below but suprisenly Ash caught her Ash and Misty looked at eachother and then a passion of kissing broke out Misty and Ash were kissing when they were done they looked at eachother "Ash... i never knew you cared about me" "w... well" said Ash while Blushing Misty look at Ash and Smiled ad then kissed him on the cheek.

Sammy came up behind them and punched Ash, Brock was being held back by Tentacruel and Ivysaur, Sammy grabbed Misty and pushed her to the ground ripping her shirt top off Sammy them grabbed Misty back into the house then all you hear are muffled scream.

Sammy was rapping Misty "Misty!" screamed Brock.
Ash wake up snap out of it" Ash woke and heard Misty's screams "ah...!" "MISTY!" screamed Ash "Bulbasaur Pikachu go Pikachu Thunderbolt Bulbasaur vinewhip Ash ran into the room and saw Misty lying on the bed naked she was pale as a ghost and shaking Ash ran over to her and covered her body and held her Sammy was struggling to get out of Bulbasaurs vinewhip but just got tyed up by Brock, Brock toke Sammy into another room were he watched him.

Meanwhile back at the room "Misty he had no right to do that to you i won't let anyone touch you again ok" Misty just sat there not talking finally they left "Misty were leaving are you ready" Misty just walked out the door Brock went right behind her and Ash went to were Sammy was being held "Sammy you ahd no right to do that to Misty do you relize what you did to her she won't say anything to us you really hurt her you bastard and if you come near her again i will hurt you got it but we won't leave you tyed up in here were not that way were not you" Ash walked out of the house and caught up with his friends they were of to Ceurlean City were Misty would stay with here sisters until she got better Ash and Brock said that they would stay in Cerulean City until she wanted to leave.

Will Misty get better will she speak once again will her feelings for Ash finally come out find out in the next chapter.