"Kimito" By:CP

Kimito translates into "Together" in Japanese.

This is a Holly and Suezo story which takes place on the first day of their journey and before finding Genki's Mystery Disk.

And I admit, this is a story that will probably make you tear or feel depressed. (Or maybe you'll feel nothing..but I felt depressed after writing this.. ;_; )

A Poem/Story: like "Life's Revenge"

[[Let us start on a new journey, me and you..]]

Holly and Suezo walked (and hopped) away from the once prosperious village, now completely destroyed. They took one longing glance back at the smoky ruins and the graves Holly dug for the bodies she could find. Her hands were stained with dirt and the blood which dripped off the bodies. Suezo looked at her hands for a long time, then looked into her face. It was like someone had carved it in stone, her eyes mixed of sadness and anger. His own eye narrowed as he remembered the horrible noices of screams and crashing while Holly clutch to his body.

[[Let us forget what happended and give each other smiles]]

Suezo felt her hot tears stream onto his body as he recited a prayer in his head. One that Holly taught him and made him recite before they went to bed. That prayer never came true, everyone was dead. Gone. He would be happy again when they find the Phoenix and revive his monster friends, but Holly would have none of her human companions back. She would never have a family..

[[Even if we fake those smiles.]]

Holly's cheeks were stained with tears, but after a little bit, she wipped them away stubbornly. "Suezo.."

Suezo looked at his young master. Her voice was cracking with anger and deep sadness. "What?" He kept his voice quiet, for once.

[[We have to turn to tomorrow! For tomorrow always comes!]]

"You have to promise me..I have to promise myself.. That I won't cry again!" Holly said, a little stubbornly.

Suezo, a little angry and shocked, gagged, "That's not right! You can't do that to yourself!"

[[I will cry a little, trip a little, but promise me you'll help me up!]]

Holly turned to Suezo, a little angry, her face making Suezo cringe. Suddenly, she realized she must've looked like she was going to slap him, so her face softened as she forced a smile.

"Everytime I cry, it isn't like the Phoenix is going to come flapping down to me and say 'Oh, poor Holly! I'm right here!', tears just waste time to find the Phoenix!" Holly said.

Suezo blinked, "You're really going to find the Phoenix?"

"Not me...," Holly said softly.

Suezo blinked.

"Us, hai?" Holly asked, smiling more gently.

Suezo smiled and nodded, "Hai."

[[For I will always help you up.]]

They walked down a dirt path, after a quick check again at the Magic Stone. Of course, they paused by a small pond so Holly could wash off her hands. Suezo, picking fruit, noticed how Holly stared at the blood stain the pond's water around her hands. She looked like she was going to cry, eyes wavering deeply. Holly suddenly, slapped herself across the face harshly as Suezo's mouth dropped open in shock.

"HOLLY!" Suezo exclaimed, angry at her stubborness.

[[Let us go, now! I can't wait anymore!]]

Holly, a red mark on her right cheek, got up and ignored Suezo. She dried her hands off on her cloth and nodded back to the road at Suezo. Suezo sighed, a little proud at her bravery, but angry as hell at her stubborness.

[[So here we go. Already facing opsticals..]]

They got to a town after a long day of walking in silence. Tired and hungry, the two found an Inn and paid the innkeeper for a room. Soon, Holly sat infront of a mirror, brushing her hair in silence. Suezo lied on the bed, staring at the ceiling.

"Holly," Suezo said.

Holly looked at him, blinking.

"We ARE gonna talk to each other, right?" Suezo asked with a grin.

Holly blinked, then started to laugh with Suezo.

[[You hold closely to me, as I hold you.]]

Suddenly, their window shattered and Naga leaped through, grabbing and pinning Holly down by the throat.

"TAIL ATTACK!" Suezo exclaimed, leaping at Naga.

Naga hissed and grabbed Suezo in midair by his tail and threw him into the wall. Suezo slid to the floor, spiral eyed.

[[Suddenly, like a storm, our tomorrow comes!]]

Holly struggled as Naga laughed.

"Sssstupid, usssselessss girl! You don't desssserve to live! But, ssssince Massster Moo wants you to live, I have to make thisssss a warning!" Naga hissed.

Holly screamed in rage and bit his fingers, teeth turning into fangs of fury. Naga yelped and released her. Holly rushed forward and pinned him in midair. Suezo gasped as they fell out the window, followed by a hard *THUMP*!

[[The tomorrow may be our last, but still we struggle on.]]

Naga got up painfully, holding his back. "Damn you, human! ARRGH! We'll meet someother day."

He slithered away, leaving an unconscious Holly behind.

[[You and me, forever, together.]]

The next day, Holly woke up in a hospital, head pounding gratefully. Suezo leaned over into her view, eye filled with old tears.

"Holly..?" he asked.

Holly shook her head weakly, sitting up.

"Just lay back, Holly. The doc says you're gonna be fine in a day or two," Suezo said concernly.

Holly lied back, groaning and holding her head. "Suezo..did I kill Naga?"

Suezo shook his head sadly. Holly smiled as her eyes closed half way. "Good."

A question mark flashed over Suezo's head. "Ei?!"

"We'll show him another day. I have a feeling, that one day, we'll have more people then just you and me, Suezo," Holly sighed, smiling. "That's when we'll show him how strong the power of friendship is."

Suezo sweated as Holly laughed. "I think you're bruised head is making you say this.. Just go to sleep.."

Holly closed her eyes, still chuckling in her throat. Suezo looked down, thinking.

"Holly...?" he asked.

Holly opened her eyes. "Yes Suezo?"

Suezo looked into Holly's chestnut eyes. "We'll find the Phoenix..together..right? I mean, if we do get new people, you're not gonna leave me out or anything..are ya?"

Holly smiled wider, but softly. "Kimito."

Suezo's sad eyes brightened, "Hai, kimito."

Soon, a doctor peeked in to see Suezo asleep under Holly's arm, both smiling.