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LOG ENTRY: 4/12/03

I stared out the train window as the trees and towns blurred by, my thoughts too far away for most people's likeings.

I was on my way to the last place I'd ever thought I would be. Not that anything that happened these past couple of years were anything I thought could have or would have happened before it all began. I was on my way to the Masaki house.

My name is Donna Kunz, the so-called, but not very well known, 'universe protector'.

Yeah, right. I'm the reason so many are in danger now.

Well, half the reason.

The battle my best friend, Jennifer Berry, and I are now fighting has been a long one and will probably keep going for a while now, too. Perhaps an explanation is in order before I continue. As many writers and scientists have learned and suspected, everything a fanfiction or story writer writes up happens in one reality or another. Alternate realities. It's just by chance what reality each story or fanfic would take place in.

Several years ago, when I was at the age of thirteen (Jennifer, my best friend, was at the age of eleven), I met Jennifer online through a MUCK (Multi User Connection..Not sure what the last letter stands for). A MUCK is a role-playing based chat program that many at the time were using and having fun with. We chatted there, role played as various characters, and ultimately wrote up a few fanfics. Many of which were not published, on the web or otherwise.

In many of those fanfictions, we created a villain named Doctor Tayata Lasarius. He was set in the Sega created 'Sonic the Hedgehog' world. We were both obsessed with it at the time. A green fox, a mad scientist. We created him together. Jennifer came up with his personality. I came up with his torturous experiments and fighting techniques. His looks came from both of us.

We never expected that Tayata actually came into existence because of us, in our universe, on the planet Mobius. It was a random event that led to many horrible tragedies. As well as the current war. Since we never created a background or parents for him, he somehow just knew where he came from and who his creators were. Many other worlds were created in our universe as a result of fanfictions, books, stories, television shows..You name it, it happened.

Alternate Earths, different planets with the same name and same dominate species, came as a result as well.

Sailor Moon. Tenchi Muyo. Digimon. Transformers.

Those are only a few of the examples of what our minds have created. Tayata somehow knew who his creators were. Therefore, he knew why he was created. He had a vendetta against us for that reason alone. Somehow, being created as personal enjoyment for a duo of pre-teens didn't give him peace of mind.

Tayata then set out on a mission to destroy and enslave Jennifer and I, and everything created by the humans of our world and reality. In other words, total universal domination.

We didn't even realize what was happening until several years later, two years ago. I was almost seventeen years old at the time, and Jennifer was fifteen. At that time, Neo Queen Selenity (for those of you who don't know, one of our alternate Earth's. Sailor Moon's future, '30th century' Earth. In actuality, we were living in the 21st century.) somehow contacted us. The technology in her universe is, as many would put it, 'too cool' for words.

She told us what Tayata had started and what he was doing. He had disguised himself as a human doctor, and had contacted the humans of many other planets.

Gundam Wing. Fushigi Yuugi. Monster Rancher. Digimon. Pokemon. Again, a few examples of what worlds he contacted. Tayata had convinced a majority of the population of each world that anything non-human and intelligent is evil and should be either enslaved or destroyed. All in his grand scheme, of course, to take over the universe (or universes).

Due to the actions of those other non-human villains on the various worlds, many of them followed him. They created weapons resulted from mixed technology from the different cultures and planets, erected labor, detention and death camps to destroy or enslave the non-human populations, created a mixed-human army to set out and capture who they can.

Think 'the largest crossover of all time' meets 'World War Two Holocaust'.

Neo Queen Selenity set out to rescue who she could, and to obtain as many fighters for our cause as possible. Our cause being universal peace and the defeat of Tayata.

The Susaku Senshi. The Anti-Moo Rebels. The Digidestined. The Maximals. The Cybertrons. The Autobots. More examples. Those are a few of those Selenity managed to get to our side.

We were gathered by Selenity not because of our fighting skills. But because we were Tayata's 'mothers'. We knew more about him than anyone else.

Jennifer knew how to fight very well. She trained herself in three different forms of martial arts, only because it seemed 'cool' at the time.

Me? Well, I couldn't even run without getting a nosebleed. Selenity had been smart in her planning. She set up a vast underground base directly under the largest labor and death camp our enemies had set up.

Once the Freedom Fighters (Sonic the Hedgehog universe) had gotten there, they had named it after their own underground base at their own planet as a joke. Somehow, the name stuck. Knothole2. How..quaint.

We planned, we fought, we ate and we slept in this large base. The enemy still doesn't know where our base is. And now, I'm on my way to the Masaki house, in hopes of gaining the assistance and cooperation of Tenchi Masaki and the others staying with him.

Well, my log, I'll let you know how it goes.

END LOG ENTRY: 4/12/03

Lasarius Chronicles: Chapter 2: Donna's Point of View (POV)

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Other minor note: When a member of a 'team' or the leader of a team is mentioned, their group is mentioned and the anime/show/game they are from is in parenthesis ( ). Disclaimer: Uh, all characters except for Donna Kunz, Sharon Kunz, their relatives, Jennifer Berry and Tayata Lasarius belong to their origonal creators and the nice people who put them on TV and in video games. Special thanks to CP for putting this semi-crappy fic on her site. ^_^;


"*Beep* This stop Okayama. Repeat, this stop Okayama."

The announcement took me back to reality as I closed my journal. Okayama? Oh. Thats right. According to the train station maps, this is where I had to get off.

As I walked off the ramp in the train station, the smell of the various foods being served at the station restaurant and the sight of so many people going to and fro in their daily walk about of life reminded me why I was fighting in this war. So many innocent people.. ..How many of these people will be involved in the war by the time it's through?

I shook those thoughts from my mind, looking around for the bus I had to get on to reach the Masaki Shrine.

I'm not too sure why we really needed Tenchi Masaki and what would be the cast of 'Tenchi Muyo' in my world. Jennifer herself said that they would probably be more of a bother than of a help. I don't really agree with Jennifer. I was just doubtfull that the peace we had in our temporary base of Knothole2 would last much longer with the 'Tenchi' group.

I sighed at the thoughts, looking around for the gate to the right train.

..I wonder how Jennifer and the others are doing back at Knothole2?


Mini Story: Third Person Point of View

"Aah! Damnit! This can't be happening!!" Came the furious yells of a red haired female, a few playing cards 'slamming' (more like fluttering) to the floor.

Laughter from about four people were all that responded to her, all of which were holding a few cards in their hands (or what worked as hands).

"You now owe me one million yen, Lina." The blond-haired girl grinned as she said this.

Lina Inverse, the infamous (atleast on her world) sorceress, growled. "Oh, shut up. You may be Miss Donna's little sister, but I can kick your butt!"

The blond-haired girl, Sharon Kunz, just grinned a bit. "You would be in very big trouble with the Queen.."

Lina just growled.

The other three around the table laughed more.

Lina, now quite red in the face, suddenly stood up and pointed a finger at Sharon, "I CHALLENGE YOU TO A REMATCH!!"

"..Another one?" Sharon sweated in slight embarressment.

"Oh, just quit while you're behind, Lina." Came the retort of a brown robot-like creature. It actually looked like a brown robot with animal parts.

"What was that??" Lina glared at the robot.

The robot just chuckled, getting a huge grin on his face. His name was actually Tasmanian Kid, the youngest from the Cybertron (Beast Wars 2nd) group.

Kid just chuckled, "You already owe her loads of cash. Just quit now and spare yourself some dignity."

Lina's face couldn't possibly be more red than it was at that moment. Lina growled, storming away from the area.

"..Well, that was strangely entertaining." Grinned a human-like rabbit.

"Hare, any time someone gets annoyed and it wasn't your fault you think it's entertaining."

Hare laughed, "Yup!"

"Hey, who's up for another round of Poker?" Gomamon, the white seal-like creature from the Digimon group, held up a pack of cards to emphasize his idea.

"Me!" "Sure!"

Sharon stayed a bit silent.

"..I wonder if Donna's having fun?"


Donna's POV:

Before I even entered the house, the smell was alluring. It carried the smell of a five-star restaurant.

Well, at least I knew I was at the right place.

I had heard that the young girl, Sasami, cooked meals for the rest of the residents of the Masaki Shrine, but I didn't think she had this much talent..

*Ding-dong*. Hmm. They have a doorbell that sounds on the outside as well as the inside.

I could hear happy yelling (or what I hoped was happy yelling) from inside the house.

The smell of the food, the laughter and yelling, the scenery of the shrine and the area around it..

No wonder there are so many people living in this place.


I turned around abruptly from looking at the scenery to the door. A blond with a somewhat ditsy smile was standing there, greeting me. Mihoshi, the Galaxy Police cop (and the reason space ships crash so much, and why blonds such as myself have a bad name), started asking questions before I managed to utter a sound.

"Hi! How are you? Are you here for Tenchi?"

I blinked. "Um, yes. I'm Donna Kunz. I'm from--"

"Tenchi!! Someone is at the door for you!!"

Hmm. Interrupted before I even got to say who I was. This was a first.

"Hmm?" Tenchi stood there a moment later. "Oh, come in."

I walked into his house upon the invite, looking around.

"Make yourself comfortable."

I smiled politely at that, sitting at a couch. "You're Tenchi Masaki, correct?"

Tenchi nodded, "And you would be?"

"My name is Donna Kunz. Mr. Masaki, I know of the adventures you and the others here have gone through, and the dangers you have faced."

"W-what do you mean?" Tenchi seemed somewhat taken aback at that.

"I know all about you, Yosho, Aeka, Ryoko and the others. And I need your help."


Ten minutes later:

"So..Will you all help us?"

"How much will you pay?"

I sighed at Ryoko's question. Ever greedy space pirate..

I had a feeling I would regret this. "Ten million yen."

Hmm. I've never seen jaws actually hit the ground like that before. "May I take that as a 'yes'?"

Ryoko nodded faster than I had ever seen someone nod, "Yes! When do we--"

*Beep! Beep! Beep!*

I blinked at the sudden beeping. Apparently, so did everyone else. I reached into my pocket, taking out a small round silver device with a red circle in the middle, holding it circle-up in my hands. As soon as I pressed the button on the 'front' of it (Actually, I wasn't sure if it was the front or the back, due to it's circular shape), the beeping stopped and a semi-transparent image came out of the circle.

I recognized it instantly.

"Neo Queen Selenity?"

The hologram nodded. "Miss Donna, your assistance is needed back at Knothole2 immediently."

I blinked. Strangely, everyone else was quiet.

Okay, perhaps not so strangely. They probably didn't expect me to have a transdimentional hologram communicator (a THC), if they even knew what one was.

"Um..What is that?"

I didn't even bat an eyelash at Tenchi's question, "A THC." I turned my attention back to the hologram, despite Tenchi's continued annoyed/confused expression. "Why? Did something happen?"

Another nod from the Queen. "Celious is dead."

I blinked several times at that.

"Celious? As in, the centaur warrior from the 'Monster Rancher' realm?"

Yet another nod.

"How the hell did that happen??"

Neo Queen Selenity sighed, "Our enemies. Miss Donna, his friend Dragoon is still captured, and, as you can imagine, Centaur blames himself.

I nodded. Centaur 'lead' the trio, so of course the leader would blame himself if one of the team would be killed.

"I'll return as soon as I can."

Queen Selenity nodded once again. "Good."

The hologram disipeared after that.

"..Are we leaving now?" Ryoko piped up.

I nodded, almost mirroring what Neo Queen Selenity had done a moment before.

As I put the THC in my pocket, I took out a nother device that looked like a remont control with a mini screen on it. It reminded me of the slider portal used in 'The Sliders'. I pressed a button on it, pointing it to a clear empty space. A circular vortex which seemed to suck air in (but didn't suck in anything else) appeared.

"Woah." Was all Tenchi could mutter.

"Okay, then. Follow me!" I walked right into the portal.


Knothole2, Twenty minutes later:

"Okay, what the hell is going on?!"

I blinked at my younger sister at the question. "Just what it sounds like. Neo Queen Selenity ordered an emergency meeting in the auditorium for the leaders of each team."


"Didn't you hear, Sharon? Celious died."

My sister's face had a look of shock. "Wh-What? How?"

"Ambush. Atleat, thats what I got out of Centaur."

Sharon still looked shock, "Wow..Centaur must feel pretty badly."

"To put it mildly, yes."

Sharon looked at me strangely for a moment, "I'm guessing you're representing the family, huh?"

I nodded, "Of course. Mom and dad don't know anything about anyone else here, and Leroy knows less than they do."

I thought for a moment as my sister continued to stare at me. Mom, Dad, our brother Leroy..

Oh, yeah. Almost forgot.

"And you're younger than I am, so I have age superiority."

"Yeah, right." Sharon stuck her toung out at me.

"I rest my case."


Auditorium meeting room, ten minutes later:

"As you've all heard, a warrior's life was lost in battle earlier today." Neo Queen Selenity sure gets to the point fast and bluntly. "And the warrior's friend is still captured by the enemy. Does anyone have any ideas on a rescue mission?"

The entire auditorium, filled with at least fifty leaders of the various teams, was silent for a moment.

"What about a stealth mission? Send in one or two spys for a break in-break out job." Came the suggestion from Cloud Strife, leader of the Avalanch (Final Fantasy VII) group.

"I say we fireball the place and take him by force!"

"Lina, sit down." Jennifer sweated in annoyance at Lina Inverse.

"One or two alone have a risk of getting captured themselves. The last thing we need is to loose more able bodies." Cloud brooded at the remark from Tamahome, leader of the Suzaku Senshi (Fushigi Yuugi).

"Well, if we send in more than four, we run a risk of getting seen and attacked premature to the rescue itself. Two is too small a group to do alone."

Silence again as everyone stared in surprise at the rather intelligent-sounding observation from Sonic the hedgehog himself. Sonic just blinked, "What?"

Neo Queen Selenity looked thoughtfull, "Four warriors to send in to rescue the warrior Dragoon, then."

Jennifer, who sat right next to me, thought. "But, who do we send?" Neo Queen Selenity thought for a moment, looking downward. When she did look up a moment later, she looked to me.

"Miss Donna, I want you to write up a list of the best four to go by tomorrow morning. You know more about everyone in Knothole2 than anyone else."

My eyes widened a bit in surprise, "Me?"

Neo Queen Selenity didn't need to answer the question. "You may all return to your previous duties."


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Lasarius Chronicles: Chapter 3: Jennifer's POV: What's this guy doing here? The Starlights show themselves!

Author Notes: Ah! Finally! Chapter three! @_@ Between school and writers block, i'm surprised I got it out within a month.. By the way, if anyone is wondering why i'm not using any japanese terms in this story, it's because of this: I hand in these chapters as they are written to my english teacher for editing. Now, I can't really use japanese terms for english class. Besides, I hope non-anime fans wind up reading, and I don't want to confuse them (or anyone else, for that matter).

Yet another note: These stories will from now on be point of view stories. I learned that I am horrible at third person point of view (as chapter two should have shown ^_^;). And i'm going to be fooling around with the titles a bit. I'm going to try and make the titles more epesode-ish, like in the japanese epesodes of alla animes. Anyway, nuff of my rambling: on with the fic! ^_^;; Special thanks to CP for putting this on her site. ^_^


Lasarius Chronicles: Chapter 3: Jennifer's POV: What's this guy doing here? The Starlights show themselves!

Sighing and sweating in annoyance, I began to undertake the task before me. It wasn't the usual chore Neo Queen Selenity gave me, such as dishes or to train a less-experienced soldier in fighting. No, this one was somewhat different.

I had to restrain a soldier, if you could even call him that. I turned my head to look at Sailor Mercury, one of Neo Queen Selenity's close friends and the Sailor Senshi of water/ice. "What in all the Earths possessed you to ask Happosai for help??" I continued to hold onto the 3-foot-tall 90-year-old (possible older) man. I don't care if he can crush a 30-ton boulder with his finger, he's still a jerk.

Mercury blushed, I think from embarressment, "Well..He is a strong fighter."


I looked down at the old man I was holding, begenning to twitch. "Get your hands away from there, you old fart!"

"Aaw.." Happosai withdrew his hands from my breasts.

This guy could really use a pounding.

I growled, "Know what? I am not going to restraint his guy. You asked for his help, and you're going to deal with him."

With that, I released the old man, who bounded away rather quickly. I looked to see Mercury's reaction.

Wow, she was actually twitching.

"Should I ask why Selenity wanted him restrained?"



Well, looks like I got my answer.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you look to your left, you will see Happosai carrying women's underwear and being chased by angry females.. Sighing, I walked away.

I could faintly hear the joyous sounds of Happosai being pounded by the girls..


"Let me at him! LET ME AT HIM!!!" Came the cry of a rather angry purple-haired eleven-year-old, who at the moment was being held (but struggling against) what looked like a two-legged orange rabbit with robot legs and left arm.

"Yolei, sugah, jus calm down!"


I sighed. This had 'Happosai' written all over it. Since the old fart got here, he's been nothing but trouble.

"Hey, Yolei, Bunnie."


Sigh. Yolei has such a one-track mind.

Looking to the half-robot half-rabbit, "Lemme guess..Happosai?"

"If ya'll mean tha ol' human with a love fer womahn's underpants, then yup."

I grumbled something that I wouldn't want to say out loud under my breath. Stupid Happosai..



Yolei's rant was interupted by the screech. All three of us froze, turning to where the scream came from.

...Where there's trouble, there's Happosai.

..And where there's Happosai, there's at least one angry girl chasing him.

"Ah. Akane! Hi!" I yelled somewhat cheerfully to the angry short-black-haired girl, who was chasing Happosai with a rather large mallet.

"..I really have to get one of those hammers." I could hear Yolei mumble.

Bunnie let go of Yolei at this, probably so she wouldn't attract some odd suggestions from the more sick-minded soldiers, "Is th' ol' guy always lahk this?"

It took me a moment to translate the cowboy-accent speech in my mind. "Um, yeah, pretty much."

"YES!!" Yolei bounded off, now free from Bunnie's grip, joining Akane in chasing Happosai.

"He's..He's not gonna go ohn any missiahns..Is he?"

Wow, that was almost completely without any accent. "I really hope not."

I couldn't help but grin when Akane and Yolei caught up to Happosai. Hehe.."Pound him one for me, guys!!"


"So it's agreed that the four on the rescue mission would be Rattrap from the Maximals, Ryoko from Tenchi's group, Heero from the Gundam pilots and Espio from the Chaotix. Correct?"

Donna, who sat next to me in yet another auditorium meeting, nodded. "I figured since it's an in-out mission, we should be as quick and silent as possible. Those four were the first to come into my mind for this mission."

I gagged a bit, "You're putting Rattrap and Ryoko on the same mission?!"

Donna blinked at me, "Um..Yeah..I mean, Rattrap is a spy, and Ryoko can do that neat teleporting thing.."

"Are you insane?! Rattrap has a mouth i'm not even sure Espio can handle, and he's the silent-brooding-cynical type!"

Donna blinked again. "Um..Jen, have you been eating sugar again?" I growled in frustration. "Ryoko and Rattrap would sooner blow each other up."

Silence in the auditorium. Strangely, it was silent throughout our entire argument.

Which was rather odd, considering there were at least fifty to a full hundred different leaders from the various teams here. Looking around at their expression, I noticed a mix of amused, shocked, surprised, and some even horrified expressions.

I sighed. Many of them didn't know who those four warriors were, nevertheless why they shouldn't be on the same team. "Let me put it this way so everyone can get it. Rattrap is a cynical robot who's alternate mode is a rat-like vehicle. He's proud of his rat form. His favorite past time is digging through trash, literally. He's proud that he digs through trash, and makes fun of alot of other people for what they do. Rattrap is also a guy. Ryoko is a female former space-pirate. She's proud to be a wanted criminal in half of the universe she's from. She loves Tenchi, who's sitting up three rows and to the left once from me." Tenchi blushed furiously at that. "She's even appeared naked to Tenchi at least once, if i'm not mistakened. She would kill a princess for him, and has tried. She's proud to be an attempted murderer. You see why they wouldn't get along now?"

Mumbling and whispering throughout the auditorium at this. Tenchi was silent, blushing a furious red and slinking down in his chair. He probably didn't want to be here at this point. Heck, he probably would prefer being in battle than being here.

"..You've seen her naked?" "HEY!"

Boy, Tenchi really didn't want to be there. Heh.

Donna sighed. "You painted the picture very well, Jen. But, still, they are the best combination we can get."

"And that's what scares me, D."

"And who would you send, Jen? Happosai?"

"Which brings us to our next topic.."

I blinked at the interuption from Neo Queen Selenity.

"Next topic?"


I laughed. He's become this much of a problem that he's become a meeting topic? More importantly, he's become a problem to Neo Queen Selenity?

A strange thought crossed my mind.

"Um, your highness, has Happosai stolen anything from you?" Neo Queen Selenity twitched an eyebrow. Strange for her, as she hardly shows anger. "Yes."

"What in the--HEY!!"

Blinking in slight surprise at the outburst, I looked to Donna.

"What--" Looking out the window she was pointing out of, I spotted what I knew was going to become a regular sight. Happosai 'sneaking' (he probably had no idea that we could see him) out of one of the houses. Carrying woman's underwear and bras.

"HEY!! That's MY room!!" Lina Inverse yelped, running towards the window.

Neo Queen Selenity twitched an eyebrow once again. "Dismissed." Lina took that as permission to run after Happosai, jumping out of the first-floor window with a yell of, "FIREBALL!!" I laughed. Hard. This was just too funny.


"Hey, Genki, Centaur." I greeted somewhat cheerfully to the two 'Monster Rancher' realm warriors. The chaos Happosai caused earlier made me pretty happy.

"Hey there, Miss Jen!" The ten-year-old boy, Genki, replied just as cheerfully, if not more so. His name doesn't mean 'energy' for nothing.

Centaur didn't reply at all, stareing out into nothing.

"Uuh.." I blinked. Centaur was more out of it than usual.

Genki seemed to realise it, too, "Hey, Centaur? Are you okay?"

Still no response. Hmm..

"Earth to Centaur, are you there?"

"They're gone."

..Well, at least it was a kind of response.

Genki frowned, but then smiled a moment later, "Don't worry, Centaur! Once we find the Phoenix back on our world, Celious will be alive again!"

Reminding myself for what must have been the billionth time that in the 'Monster Rancher' realm, when creatures there die (excluding humans), they turn into 'Lost Discs' (which look like large stone CDs).

Genki and his friends back on that world were looking for the legendary monster, the Phoenix, before Neo Queen Selenity got their help. The Phoenix was told to be able to bring Lost Discs back to life and defeat their enemy, Moo.

Why a big bad enemy was named after a sound cows make, I will probably never know. Centaur was still silent at Genki's attempt to cheer him up. If anything, he frowned even more.

Something wasn't right...

"Centaur, what's wrong?" Genki asked, probably not understanding why Centaur didn't respond.

It then hit me. "Centaur..Which world did Celious die at? Yours or this world?"

Centaur was silent for a moment. "This world."

Genki looked confused, "I don't get it. What difference would it make?"

I frowned deeply. I was worried about this. "Centaur, when Celious died..did he turn into a Lost Disc?"

Genki still looked confused, "Of course he did, why shouldn't he?"

Centaur responded after a short silence, "..No."

"What??" Genki yelped.

I looked to the ground, understanding. "I was afraid this would happen. In this world, they don't turn into Lost Discs. They're the same as humans here, probably because there is no Phoenix here. No way for them to return to life even if the Phoenix in your world is summoned."

Genki turned as white as a sheet sometime while I was talking, "Wh-what??"

I frowned, thinking. If the ones from Genki's world are as vulnerable as the human warriors, then..

"I'm going to tell Neo Queen Selenity to call an emergency meeting. Genki, tell the others in your team about this." Genki nodded, still in an odd form of shock, "O-okay." And with that, he raced off.

I looked to Centaur, who still looked into oblivion, before I walked off.

If my suspicions were correct, many more could suffer the same fate as Celious in this war, without the benefit of being reborn..


"What do you mean that the Digimon won't be reborn??"

Oy. Now it was getting annoying.

"This is the third time i'm explaining this, Daisuke. Davis. Whatever you wanna be called."

Daisuke (self-nicknamed Davis), the 10-year-old leader of the younger Digidestined (Digimon) group sure had a thick skull. Either that, or no brain. It's still being debated. "If the Digimon die, they won't turn into little specs of digital data like in their world. They'll jus plop down dead like humans. Understand now?" Just gotta keep it simple..


I felt like banging my head against a wall. Hard. Repeatedly. Donna chuckled a bit from her seat in the auditorium. Well, Selenity called the emergency meeting for this discussion. Now it was only a matter of time before the idiot leaders of the various teams got the information through their thick skull. At my exasperated sigh, Donna took over the explaining. "Davis, the Digimon here are made of flesh and blood just like when you're turned into digital data in their world, so--.." Donna paused at the completely confused look on Davis's face.

Seesh. How did he become leader, anyway?

Donna sighed, "They just do, okay?"


Following morning, ten AM:

They came, they saw, they got their butts kicked.

At least, that's my interpretation of Ryoko's story on the rescue mission.

Yesterday afternoon, Ryoko, Rattrap, Heero and Espio went on what was origonally a three-hour mission.

They wound up trudging in at about six this morning, all except Ryoko injured horribly, and lacking the reason of the rescue mission. "Where's Dragoon??" Donna really seemed worried about Dragoon, even though she's never met him personally.

Ryoko frowned. "Well, you see.."

I sighed. "He's dead, huh?"

"Um..Yeah." Ryoko looked to the ground with a slight frown. I didn't think Ryoko would be upset over anything like this. She is a proud-to-be space pirate, after all.

Donna blinked, frowning deeply herself. "Oh, man..Centaur is going to be majorly upset."

I frowned. "Ryoko, are you okay?"

Ryoko responded with a punch into the wall of a nearby building, "I can't believe that I had to be rescued!!."

I blinked. Donna blinked.

"Um..Wha?" Well, that was probably the most intelligent thing i've said all day.

Ryoko huffed. "We almost got caught. Well, except for me. I could have gotten myself out of it, but I couldn't take the others." She suddenly took a 'I am the greatest person alive' expression, "Yup, i'm such a great person, I stayed for the others.."

Uh-huh. Right. She probably couldn't find a way out at all.

"Anyway, after we found that the guy we were suposto save was already ka-put, a hell lot of the enemy surrounded us. Rattrap kept on saying that we were all going to die at that moment, but I was sure we would get out."

Well, the Rattrap part was believable. His most-used quote is "We're all gonna die." I wasn't too sure about her 'courage', though. "I was just about to blast all those petty humans away--.." She stopped for a moment, looking at us. "Um, no offence."

I grumbled, "None taken."

"Anyway. I was about to blast em away, but a yell of 'Star Sensitive Inferno' came from no where and blasted them away instead! Then a new voice that seemed to echo from everywhere told us to escape. So, we did."

I blinked. Alot. "Star Sensitive Inferno?" I looked to Donna, "..What the hell is a star sensitive inferno?"

Donna sighed, "You don't remember?"

What the heck was she talking about? "What the hell are you talking about?"

"The Starlights, Jen.."

I blinked. Suddenly, I remembered. "Wait..You mean the three sailor senshi from the final season of the Sailor Moon cartoon from our world?"

She nodded. "Sailor Starhealer, Sailor Starmaker, Sailor Starfighter.."

I blinked. I seemed to be doing a lot of that today. "Aren't they suposto be on their own planet with their own princess?" Donna sighed in exasperation. I don't know why she was so frustrated, though. "Yes, Jen, but mabye they heard of the trouble here and decided to help..?"

"Oh..Oh, yeah! Mabye!"

Ryoko looked from Donna to me and then back to Donna several times. "I have no idea what you two are talking about." I smirked, "Don't fret about it, Ryoko. We'll explain it to everyone later."


"Wh..What? The Starlights are arriving here soon?"

I blinked for what must have been the billionth time today. I've never seen Neo Queen Selenity in so much shock before.

"Uh..What are the Starlights, exactly?"

I sweated slightly at the question from Lina Inverse. Oh, where to begin..

..Too bad I never got to explaining it myself.

"Basically, they're three other Sailor Senshi with very skimpy outfits who have their own princess to protect that helped Neo Queen Selenity when she was Eternal Sailor Moon about a thousand years ago. Right?"

I sweated at Donna's explanation. Neo Queen Selenity sweated, too.

Heck, everyone probably sweated at it.

"..Well, i'm right, right?" Donna chuckled nervously.

I saw Ranma Saotome (Ranma 1/2) raise an eyebrow, "Skimpy outfits?"

Donna chuckled nervously again. Oh, this should be fun to hear.

"Well, yeah. Their uniform was basically a bra, a tiara, really short pants, and really really high boots. All in black."

I could barely keep from laughing. Well, atleast she got it right. But I could still add one more thing to make it sound even weirder, "And they can transform into guys!"

Silence filled the auditorium. Hehehehe..


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Chapter Four: Iie! Dark Angels and Lost Friends! Hope Dwindles!

Author's Notes: KYAHA! Bet you readers weren't expecting me to write more of this crappy storyline, didja?! Well..I'm back! And with more writing experience, to boot, so the story is alot better! Japanese terms! Yay! From now on, all chapters will look like the chapter below. ^_^ And i'm considerins rewriting the first three chapters in the same way. Hey, if anyone else is still reading this, email me and tell me weather I should rewrite the first three chapters, or to keep going with faster chapters and forget about em. Oh, and if anyone out there wants to see something specific happen, or for any certain character to have a scene with em as a main, tell me! I'm happy to oblige! Special thanks to CP for still putting this up on her wonderfull site. *^_^* CP, everything above goes to you, as well. Email me if you want to see something happen. ^_-

Chapter Four: Iie! Dark Angels and Lost Friends! Hope Dwindles!


"Hikari Yo!"

Believe it or not, that came from my mouth. Gourry Gabriev, swordsman for the Slayers (well, one of the swordsmen. There are, what, three? Four?) had lent me his sword in a form of 'good luck' for the battle.

Not that the battle was going too well as it was.

Despite how I kept on slicing and dicing (the result of Zangulus teaching me how to use a sword), the lot of us, about thirty of us in all, we were still loosing. We weren't expecting Lasarius' troops to have extra protection.

We were there on what was ment to be a simple routine rescue mission. Surprise the enemy by a frontal assault, rescue some captured people, and then leave.

We did not expect to be attacked by a pack of young children, all donning military chamoflauge gear and shaven heads. Even the obviously young girls had no hair. Something about their appearance pricked at the back of my mind, but I was too busy attempting not to get shot by the guns each kid carried to give it any mind at that time.

The Hikari no Ken cleanly cut off the ends of some guns and wounded some of my opponents, protecting me well. Most of us were faceing against several enemies at once, as the usual so far in this war, but we were still being pushed back. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a brown-furred ally get pounced by about a dozen of the shaven-head children.

Shit! "Hare!" How the hell does that rabbit always manage to get his neck in trouble?! I knocked my curent opponent aside, trying to get through to save the bunny, but caught the sight of the back of one of the kids' necks. A barcode? What the heck..?

Momentarilly distracted by the barcode, more enemies filled my line of vision. It took two seconds (which is pretty long in life-and-death situations) to knock them clear. However, not only was Hare no where to be seen, but so were the kids that trounced him. I cursed, but yelled for a retreat to my other allies. What was left of them, anyway. We managed to get out with a dozen of our origonal thirty-one. Six of those dozen were injured. The thirteen that went missing in battle were captured.



Once we got back to Knothole2, I began thinking about what I saw. A barcode? Why a barcode? Why did I keep getting a feeling of deja vu' whenever I think about those kids?

I stopped my walk. My body went rigid. My face blanched. Eyes widened to saucers. Those around me looked to me curiously, and I distantly felt a hand touch my shoulder, a voice asking me if I was all right.

Answering that I was 'fine' (even though I wasn't), I immediently ran off. If Selenity didn't know about this before, she's defenitally going to want to know about it now.


I barged into the Queen's quarters, a nicely furnished, if small, place. "Queen!" I yelled. A moment later, Neo Queen Selenity came in from an attatched back room, "Miss Donna? What's wrong?"

I gaped for a moment. Okay, perhaps she didn't know about this. "Why didn't you tell us that Manticore soldiers were here?!"

She blinked in confusion at first, "Manticore?" She walked over to a wall console (a computer, really), turned it on, and began to type furiously. After a moment, an image of the backside of one of the children appeared on the screen, barcode and all.

Selenity visibly whitened, gasping. I heard her voice faintly order a meeting.


The 'meeting room' is large, fancy, well-kept area. Think about the Roman colleseum, shink it to half it's size, stuff it underground, and here it was.

There were well over a hundred different teams, and the leader (who seemed to be the leader, anyway. Seemed being the operative word.) of each team was here. Some gurmbled and complained about the emergency call.

Jennifer and I were both here. We sat at the lower front, our usual seats, as we normally had to speak during a meeting. I had a feeling it was going to be all me this time, however, as Jen had no knowlage of Manticore and what they do.

Selenity stood in the center of the 'colleseum', microphone in hand. "Lasarius," She seemed to wince as she began, "has gotten the upper hand in this war."

Several shocked murmers were heard. Never before has Selenity ever acknowlaged if Lasarius appeared to be winning the war. "He has gotten the help of Manticore soldiers, scientists and commanders. Manticore is actually the name of a recently destroyed government facility in the Dark Angel universe, but the name has been givin to those involved and to the soldiers they produced."

Selenity looked to me, and I sat up in surprise. Did she want me to explain? "Uh.." Was my intellectual start to my speech, "Well..Manticore is, or was, a government facility that specialized in the creation and training of genetically engineered soldiers, as your highness has already..sorta..explained.."

You get the feeling I'm not good at speeches? "Those children on the field are all born and raised killing machines. From what I know, most are completely loyal to their superiors and creators. The barcodes on the back of their necks each has a number, which is their designation. Different kids are seperated into different models, literelly. The older they are, usually the older the model. Ex-Seven, Ex-Eight, Ex-Nine, and so on. They all also have different animal DNA within them, to enhance they're already insane skill levels."

It was dead silent when my explanation ended. Can't blame them. This was all fairly insane. I looked to Selenity, "What model are the kids we faught?"

Selenity frowned, "Those children are Ex-Eleven's." I winced. Selenity seemed reluctant to say something, but got it out a moment later, "The ones you fought today, Miss Donna, have been seen before. Quite a number appear to have risin from the dead."

I blinked, confused, "What do you mean? "They've fallen in battle. Wounds that should have been fatal." I blinked again, "Internal?" Selenity nodded.

...Wait a minute. I blanched, rising from my seat, "As if they've never been injured? As if they got new organs?!"

Selenity, and just about everyone else in the room, didn't seem to understand what I ment. I frowned, gaping, still pale, "In the year Two thousand nine, in that universe, some Ex-Five's escaped. In Two thousand nineteen or Two thousand twenty, I don't remember which, two were recaptured, one female, Ex-five-four-five-two, one male, Ex-five-four-nine-three. Four-five-two had been shot in the heart, and Four-nine-three tried to commit suicide so that Manticore's commandant at the time would be forced to transplant the heart from Four-nine-three to Four-five-two.

"The commandant did transplant the heart, but the suicide attempt failed. Manticore kept Four-nine-three alive, even as they removed his organs for other Ex soldiers hurt in training or whatever. He lived and suffered even after loosing his heart, kidneys, liver..

"Selenity, where are they getting the organs for these Ex-Eleven's, if they all seem to live, while our allies go missing after capture?!"

It, of course, was a hypothesis, but it rang true. I don't think there was a single person who didn't get a chill up their spine. Selenity, all blood drained from her face in shock, banged her staff against the ground to silence the voices that began to talk amongst themselves after my speech. "We're going to attempt a rescue mission tomorrow. Miss Donna, if what you say is true.."

I cut her off, "Queen, if what I say is true, alot of our friends could be in serious danger!"


I couldn't sleep that night. Not surprising, I guess, but it ment I wouldn't be up to par for the mission in the morning. Instead, I spent the night sitting on a bench in a sort of park that we built for the younger soldiers in our little army. I wasn't expecting anyone to be at the park at two in the morning.

As soon as I sat down on the hard wood, thoughts flooded my already exhausted mind. What were we going to do, is my hypothesis correct, I really hoped not, I don't want any of my friends to suffer, especially a fate like that, a fate worse than death, we needed more help, we were loosing the war, I don't want my friends to die!

It became too much after a while. Tears streamed down my cheeks, dripping to my PJ pants, nearly waterfalling. I sobbed, just trying to figure out what I could do.

"Are you okay?" I started up at the simple question, noticing the child-like lisp coating the words. Bringing my blurry eyes and tear-streaked face up, I came face to face with a six year old girl. Silver white hair waterfalled from twin ponytails at either side of her head, bangs brushed back over bright green eyes. She seemed familliar, but I couldn't quite place from where.

"..What are you doing up so late, little one?" I asked with as much gentleness as I could, even as I sniffled and tried to hold back further tears. She smiled at me, "Mommy fell asleep. I wanted to give mommy a present." I noticed her holding a rose in her hand. She must have gotten it from the garden we planted.

I couldn't help but chuckle at the childish innocence radiating from her. "What's your name?" She smiled at my question, crawling ontop of the bench to sit next to me. She wasn't all too tall for her age, I noticed. "Akiko Yaten."

...Yaten? ..Wait..Silver hair, green eyes.. "Is your mommy, by any chance, Kou Yaten?" She nodded rapidly, still smiling, "You know my mommy?"

..She was Kou Yaten's daughter?! This really shocked me. I didn't let it show to the child, though, "You could say that, I suppose. ..Why don't you go back to bed, and show mommy your present in the morning?"

She nodded, replying with an energetic, "Okay!" And ran off. I couldn't help but smile. There was still innocence left in the universe.

..So, Kou Yaten had a daughter? Amazing. Alot can change in a thousand years, I suppose.


It's amazing how many different people will ask the same exact question. I was seriously close to just blowing up and shrieking, "YES! I'm fine! Leave me 'lone!"

If you hadn't noticed, I was very cranky. Sleepless night. But I was still willing to go on the rescue mission. I had to go on the rescue mission. My friends needed to be safe.

We were in the meeting room again. The leaders from each team there. Triple holographic diagrams of the center of the labor camp above us, a huge building, rotated (one faceing each third of the room) as people sat in their seats. Sailor Mercury was at the controls of the hologram, Jennifer stood below it with a microphone.

As soon as the last were seated, the holograms stopped rotating simontaneously. "Now then.." Jen began, even as the diagrams changed views to a skyward view of the building, "Here's the plan. Teams have already been chosen, mixed up from all the teams within our army, and seperated into groups of twelve. We've pinpointed the group of rooms where some of our friends are, the rest in the labor fields. One group will rescue the ones in the fields, one will go with the first group to take out guards and such. A third group will head into the building itself," Here, the diagrams showed a small map of the area where the rooms were, "And try to locate our friends that are being held there. A fourth group will go with the third to take out guards and soldiers. A fifth and sixth group will be sent as well for backup, and to possibly take out the Ex-Eleven's. We leave as soon as the sun sets."

The diagrams changed again, to a list of all the names of the groups, and who was seperated to each one. The various leaders looked grim about the whole mission, even the youngest, some as young as ten years of age. I was not surprised to find my name as leader of the third group.

Looking over the group I was ment to lead, I frowned slightly. Three of the Destined children, as well as four of their partners. I would have to watch those seven.

As the meeting ended, and the leaders scurried to inform their teammates who was going to be where, I couldn't help but smile wryly. Who would ever have thought we would be working together? So many, from so many different places. It really gave me hope for the future, even with those who wish to do us harm.


Nightcrawler and Saint Tail reappeard at my side with a *bamf*, ending a return teleport with the light scent of brimstone covering the area. With a small nod, Saint Tail acknowlaged that we had, indeed, broke into the facility.

We smashed open a window and jumped into the third floor, where we believed our friends were being held, with no fear of any alarms. Of course, there were still guards. Quite alot of them, actually, which at first surprised us. Our backup group took care of those guards, though, even as my group seperated to search the rooms for our friends.

Going from room to room, occasionally breaking down the doors to locked rooms, with only Gundam Pilot 01, Heero Yuy, at my side, I noticed that even here in the building I could hear the battle cries and attacks from outside. Explosions shook the building every few moments.

The audio-only THC clipped to my belt suddenly beeped, indicating a transmission from within my group. I grabbed mine quickly, almost yelling into it, "Who and where?!" No one answered at first, but then I heard Jenrya Lee's voice almost whispering the room number where he was at.

I ran out of there like a bat out of hell. Heero calmly followed at walking pace.


I hadn't even gotten within ten feet to the door of the obvious lab (what other rooms had metal doors?) when I spotted both of the Gargomon and a Wendimon trying to rouse an unconscious Jenrya. Wallace stood a foot or so away, looking to be in shock. "What the hell happened here?!"

The Gargomon both seemed to be busy, so Wendimon answered, "Perhaps it's best that you go in there and see for yourself." I blinked with confusion, but opened the steel door.

All blood drained from my face, my flesh turning a sick shade of pale, as my mind tried to take in the sight before me.

Well, we did find one of our friends. He hung suspended midair, cheast, stomach and pelvic region restrained by the very brace keeping him aloft, metal slabs retracted from the back of the brace, shackles binding the poor soul's wrists and ankles down. What I could only describe as a breathing mask parallel to those used in hospitals for patients who can't breath on their own covered his muzzle and nose, making speech all but impossible. Tubes, wires, what looked like IV's, were stuck in every place possible, even through the brace itself, going from the still living body to machines and liquid-filled bags around the room. Monitors that kept track of life, pulse, breathing, mind, beeped with their own rythyms into the silence. It was obvious that he could not move at all, save for his hands above the wrists, feet below the ankles, his long ears, eyes, and the very muscles themselves.

I was in too much shock to faint, or to even fall on my knees. I did take one step forward though, resulting in my friend's eyes snapping open as the sound of my shoes hitting metal echoed around the laboratory. Horror, so much pain, and a deep setted fear were more than obvious within the twin black orbs, looking around the room with frenzy. Open-palmed hands and lax feet seemed to clench at the possibility of someone entering the room..

..And then his eyes fell upon me. The horror and fear quickly fled, though as the pain remained, replaced by joy and clear hope. He probably would have smiled had he been able to.

I gasped out the rabbit's name, barely noticing as Heero stepped to my side, but hearing the disturbed sound that the pilot made at the sight of such torture. "Heero.." I whispered, horror-struck, "Try to check what they did to him.."

I never found out if Heero nodded or what, my eyes still locked to Hare, strung out in a mockery of a crucifixion, his voice letting out strange sounds, as if trying to talk through a gag. Oh my god.. Was all I could think at the time, my own voice not working at the moment.

Heero walked over a minute or two later, holding a clipboard I assumed he took from somewhere within the lab. He called my name, getting my attention, as he explained just what had happened to the bunny.

Heart. Both lungs. Liver. A kidney. All taken from the still living body, and I somehow knew, with a horrible clenching deep within my stomach, that Hare knew what was going on. He knew what was being done to him.

I looked back to Hare, and sobbed with realization. We couldn't get him out. We couldn't get him out! WE COULDN'T GET HIM OUT!! "We can't get you out.."

Hare's eyes widened for a moment, then shut again, probably in pain. I wasn't sure if his mind was too far gone from all the torture he's been through, I wasn't sure if he understood. But that thought quickly left my mind, as I noticed his cheekfur seemed to be wet.

I sobbed, realising that he was crying as well. I fell to my knees then, unable to stand any longer. My eyes still had not left Hare's face, and I saw his eyes open again.

I gasped, noticing the new emotion within his eyes. The pain had always been there, and the horror and fear had returned, but his eyes pleaded with me. He wanted me to kill him.

Ohmygod, Ohmygod, Ohmygod.. I couldn't do that. No way. But..But I couldn't leave him here this, either! I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I looked up to Heero's face, his expression as stony as ever. "We should leave."

A gagged cry got my attention once again, and I looked back to Hare, tears streaming along streamlined fur, dripping to the steel foor, creating a small puddle. He obviously didn't want us to leave him, and I couldn't blame him. But I knew I couldn't stay there, I couldn't get him out with as much as he lost, and killing him was defenitally not an option. "O-okay.."

We heard him scream and cry even as Heero half-dragged me out.


When we came back to Knothole2, within twenty minutes after entering the relative safety of the underground city, I found myself within our self-built 'church'. I wasn't a Christian, or even very religious at all, really. The place was more of a general 'house of worship', where all the creatures and beings within Selenity's army could freely pray to whatever god they believed in. Even the Destrons and Predacons come here often.

This time, however, I wasn't here to pray. I was crying, sobbing hardly, releasing all my pent up horror, shock, and sadness. I was alone, and glad to be alone, glad that no one was there to see my emotional breakdown.

I really have no idea how long I kneeled there, on the ground, sobbing untill the stone beneath me became wet. It could have been anywhere from half an hour to five hours, the time all blended in together. I wasn't too aware of the passage of time. All I knew was that it was quite some time before the heavy door opened, marking that I was no longer alone.

Metal-upon-stone footfalls heralded the arrival of a Transformer. "None of this is yer fault, ya know." I didn't have to turn around to know who it was.

"Leave me alone, Quickstrike." I managed to say rather flatly, sounding exhausted. My crying had died down to silent tears a short time before.

"Nuh-uh." I heard his head shake. "Can't leave ya here like this, Missy Donna. Ain't right." It was relatively silent for a few long minutes. "Besides, ah was sorta' sent to tell ya that those 'Dark Angel' fellas are here. And them 'ring-bearer protectors', too, or whatever they're called."

I turned to look at him slowly, blinking once at the Predacon, "The guardians of the ring bearer?"

He seemed to smile, "Uh, yeah. So, are ya gonna come out, then?" I was silently touched that he would care about me. I was amazed about who actually did care. I shook my head at him, letting out a soft sob, fat tears rolling down my face, making me appear younger than I actually am.

"N-no. I can't. Quickstrike, they're all as good as gone. I couldn't kill them! I can't free them! They're doomed to suffer, and it's all my fault!" I broke down into sobbing again, nearly falling onto the floor but instead taking a seat, wiping at my tears hastilly with my sleeves.

Quickstrike stood there, in mute shock, for a moment before walking over. Four clanks, and he was right in front of me. The top pincers of his beast-leg arm touched my shoulder in a form of consolation, "Missy Donna, none of us blame ya. Slag, ya'll probably saved us all. None of us coulda gotten this far alive if it wasn't fer you and Missy Jen."

I looked up at him with tear-filled eyes, wet droplets continuing to cascade over my cheeks, "But how many of the others think like that?!"

Quickstrike had a sad smile-like expression on his face. It's rather hard to tell for someone with no mouth. "We all think like that, Missy Donna. Slag, even Boss Bot respects ya." He paused for a moment. "..Well, as much as Boss Bot can respect a fleshy anyway."

I couldn't help but let out a small giggle. "Yeah, Megatron isn't one for respect, is he?" He let out a slight laugh as well. I knew he was only trying to cheer me up.

You know, it's strange. Before all of this happened, I never would have thought that Quickstrike had a soft spot, or that he could be sympathetic. Alot of the people i've met are different than how I imagined them to be. These thoughts stuck with me as Quickstrike escorted me out of the 'church', talking idly about a few things that I wasn't very much paying attention to. I was just happy that there was someone to cheer me up.

It gave me hope. Perhaps we can still win this war. And after that, even live in peace.

..Hey, if Megatron can respect a 'fleshy', anything is possible.


Half an hour after being escorted from the 'Church' by a robot cobra-scorpian Transformer (It sounds so weird when I say it like that..), I was summoned to the meeting room. The leaders from all the other teams, including the entire 'Dark Angel' and 'Fellowship' teams. Both teams, newly asked for assitance and had only arrived a couple hours before (or as Quickstrike told me, anyway), were being filled in on everything recent that's been happening, and on the war in general.

I took my usual seat and glanced around. Quite a number of upset leaders. Not unusual, considering what had happened just this morning. As soon as the last of the team leaders showed up, Selenity took the podium. She then went on into a long speech on keeping up the teams' moral, half of which I don't remember, before talking about our current situation. It was probably just to fill in the two newly arrived teams. After a couple of hours of the speech (looooong speech), she began the real discussion. "Who has been rescued this morning?"

"Most of the people that were captured yesterday were rescued, Selenity-jo'o-sama. Only four remain, and we all know of their current state." Lina Inverse herself said first.

"Four?" I looked over to Taichi Yagami at the question. "I was told that five were victimized."

I saw Knuckles Echidna raise a hand at that, "One of mine were..victimized. We managed to get him out. He's in the hospital now."

Jennifer frowned from her seat next to mine. "Who were the ones who were hurt like this?" I winced at the tone of her voice. Lots of anger.

Knuckles frowned at the question, as well. "Mighty, the armadillo, from my team."

Genki Sakura let out a sob, "Hare.." ..Aw geeze, the kid was crying.

I was surprised when Lina piped up again, "Filia." Shit. That one isn't good. ..Well, not that any of them were good in this state, but Filia is--was--raising a baby. "..And Zelgadiss."

Demitri Maximoff was last to speak, "Kitty." Now, that one put quite alot of people in an uproar. There are several fighters in our army that go by the name 'Kitty', but only one within the 'Darkstalkers' team.

"Kitty Talbain?! But she's eight years old!!" I heard someone, I think Daisuke Motomiya, yell out. Demitri only shook his head, a tone of sadness on the vampire's face, "She was still taken."

"What was she doing on the mission? I thought she was banned on all missions that don't take place on a full moon night." Daisuke asked again. Hey, he's been paying attention to alot of things lately, I see.

"The evening following the mission was a full moon night." Demitri patiently explained. Ah. That figures. I looked to Knuckles, who was nearly directly accross from me, "Knuckles-san, how did you get Mighty out?"

There was relative quiet within the meeting room at this question. Knuckles sweated at the sudden attention. "They had..taken..a kidney. We figured he could live with one kidney for the moment, and we didn't want to leave him there, so.." He trailed off, suddenly a bit shy from all the attention on him.

"This is nuts!" I blinked, startled along with everyone else, at the sudden outburst. Max Geuvara, 'leader' of the 'Dark Angel' team, stood up and looked around at everyone. "Why didn't you just mercifully kill them?!"

Quite a few glares from around, and I could tell that everyone wanted to say something harsh. I came up with the best retort, though, "Max, AKA Ex-Five-Four-Five-Two, you didn't kill Ben when the same thing happened to him."

She paled at my response, but sat back down. I noticed several surprised expressions around as they realised who this woman was.

Arguments continued on several fronts, even as I glanced towards the 'Fellowship' team. Yes, the same Fellowship of the Ring from the 'Lord of the Rings' books/movies. Only seven were there, however. Boromir and Gandalf were not amongst them. Odd.

Oh, and, yes, Legolas really is hot.

What do you want from me? I'm a teenage girl. I can have these thoughts.


It was a few hours after the meeting.

I was in the cafeteria, this time, sitting at a table, at about five in the afternoon this time. Alot of people around, but it didn't seem like anyone was actually eating anything (Except for Jen and Duo Maxwell. Figured.). Everyone was mourning for someone, I guess. Alot of people did loose their lives, in a sense.

I really don't know why I wasn't mourning. In shock, I guess. Or it was a sense of duty. Jen and I held everyone up, sort of.

I headed over to the table that Jen, Duo, and quite a few others were seated at. Huh. Even Lina Inverse wasn't eating. Dear god.

I stared at Jen, standing behind her, sweatdropping, as she munched furiously upon what I think was chicken fingers, hamburgers, and chugging Fresca all at once. That girl is going to get a heart attack by thirty, I can just tell. Duo was busy stuffing his face on hotdogs.

I sighed at my best friend, "I wish I had your spirit."

She swallowed hard on a mouthfull of burgers, and wiped her face quickly with a napkin, "It's no biggy. Just gotta cheer up!"

"I can't think of anything good about this at all, Jen-san!" Amelia said with a frown, sitting at the same table.

Duo chugged down some cola, grinning the same weird grin as Jen, almost at the same time. "When everyone else is down, what else can we do? Someone's gotta keep the high spirits!"

"Honastly, Maxwell. You and Onna-kun just don't know when to quit." I sweatdropped over at Wufei as he walked over. Onna-kun. Huh. A nickname for Jen, I suppose. "Besides the point, leaving those four alive mean that they still have doners. You should have put them out of their misery."

Amelia stared at Wufei in disbelief, "Wufei-san! That's so cold!"

Jen sighed and rubbed at her forhead, "There ya go again, Wuwu, trying to be tough. It's not that easy..."

"Enlighten me." Was his response.

Jen chewed on some chicken, "Well, I'm not normally the one who gives insight, but since I'm patient with ya, Wuwu, here goes. It's like you. You don't wanna fight or kill women and children, anyone who you deem is weaker than you, am I right? They were just so... helpless... I honestly couldn't do that. I know I should have, but my choices were One: to do the right thing, or Two: to do the thing I want to think is right. Killing them should have been right, but to kill any of them, especially in that state, was impossible morally."

"In other words, you were too weak-minded to do it." Wufei muttered.

I frowned, and was about ready to yell at him, but noticed Jen shrugging before I got the chance.

"Yeah, to put it that way I guess so. But, I think you would have done the same thing if you were there. You weren't, so you wouldn't really have the first-hand experience. Anyway, enough of sounding so smart! Duo-kuuuun! Let's finish!" They went back to digging in, which got a groan out of many other people, including me.

"Ano." Someone called, and we all looked towards the speaker. Duo and Jen looked rather silly with food sticking out of their mouths. Jen immediently grew a look of admiration, swallowing noisilly before squeeling, "Rikki-samaaaa! Konnichiwaaa!"

The merman sweatdropped. "Uh... hi."

I chuckled, "Don't mind her too much, Rik; she just gets a little obsessive over favorites. She cut it out in about a minute."

Rikuo sighed, "That's comforting."

Jen started to bounce in her seat, "C'mon and sit down! Want anything? Water? Shrimp? Fries? Air?"

"No thanks." Rikuo said, not quite as happily as he sat down.

Jen calmed down a bit as Amelia then spoke up, "How is Felicia-san doing, Rikuo-san?"

"Not any better. I don't blame her or Jon at all; if it were Alba, I'd be in the exact same state." Rikuo replied, crossing his arms. "Just wish we could figure out a way to get them back without killing them... This is worse than death for them, I'm sure."

"I say we ought to have a mission to put them out of their misery." Wufei suggested, narrowing his eyes. "To let them suffer is the worst fate imaginable, even if they are being kept alive but it's only for their body parts."

"It's not that easy." Rikuo hissed at the Chinese man. "Not at all. The last thing I want to do is to let them die, especially Kitty!"

"Second to last you mean. If you leave them like this, they're slowly dying anyway." Wufei argued the point.

The two stood up, glareing at each other before Jen got up and popped up between them. "Time out!" She shouted, Duo blowing a whistle (a little plastic one. What, was he carrying it around?) to pantomine her 'coach line'. She glanced at them both.

"You're both right, but we basically have to leave the planning to Selenity right now. Our feelings are mixed up, so let's NOT fight each other. Oh, crap. There I go with insight again. Now look at what you made me do! I'm getting salsa!"

My eyes widened in horror. "No! Jen-chan! Waaait!" I ran after her, trying to catch her as she headed for the fridge.


I remembered at midnight.

Well, sort of. I woke up at midnight for a snack, of course thinking about everything that's been going on, before I remembered something from before the war. When I used to watch Dark Angel on television, when it was still fantasy.

We faught Ex-Eleven's. Ex-Eleven's were never created. Manticore's genetics lab was destroyed after the Ex-Ten's were born, or so I figured, since the Ex-Nine's were about nine to ten years old.

On this line of thought, I came accross something that happened a few days before Manticore's destruction. The woman in charge of Manticore at the time (can't remember her name. Eh, she's dead anyway.), after the destruction of the genetics lab (they couldn't clone the children anymore, after that), had ordered that the Ex-Five's be paired up for breeding. And even when the genetics lab was around, a surrogate carried the child.

What did this mean to me, exactly? Well, considering that there probably were a heck of a lot of captured females, not only from Selenity's army but from the different planets as well, and the Ex-Eleven's came from seemingly nowhere AFTER the destruction of Manticore..

I droped a teacup once that thought kicked in. Hey, I like midnight tea. It didn't seem like I was going to be having any tonight, though.


We found Zelgadiss the following morning.

Okay, well, Amelia found Zelgadiss in the morning. In the forest, about twenty miles from the enemy concentration camp above us. Seems that he was being held there.

He was hurt. That goes without saying. Arm broken. Small injury, really, considering how others captured were fareing. And after getting him to the hospital wing, where just about half of our army crowded either inside or out, it was found that he had some scalpel marks on his lower abdomen.

From what I found out, considering Doctor Mizuno wouldn't let anyone in the rooms where Zelgadiss was being checked out, it seems that his stony chimera hide got in the way of Lasarius's doctors removing his organs. His curse saved his life.

After a few hours, Jen and I were called in to see him. Not Lina or any of his other friends; Just us. It startled us all, and I think I saw hurt expressions on Amelia's and Lina's faces. We went in, anyway, after leaving a few kind words to everyone else.

"Hey, Zelgadiss-san. How are you feeling?" That's what I started with, in as kind a tone as I could muster. Jen didn't say a word at first, which scared the hell out of me, though I didn't show it.

Zelgadiss was lying down on a standard hospital bed, white blanket covering him till mid-cheast, one arm underneath the blanket, the broken one in a cast and atop. Dr. Mizuno was at the side of the bed, checking some medical machinery that showed the rate of who-knows-what. All I know was that it beeped quite annoyingly, and it didn't look like a heart monitor.

Zelgadiss frowned at us, and I couldn't help but noticing the troubled expression in his eyes. The same expression that a child would have after seeing war at it's worst. But Zelgadiss wasn't an innocent child, the furthest from it, in fact.

"Genereux..That bitch.." Was what broke the silence about five minutes later, nearly unheard, mumbled by Zelgadiss.

Jen blinked once, "Who?"

I gaped in oncememory, but didn't comment. It was probably a coincidence. "Who's Genereux?" The name was pronounced 'Jen-e-roo'. French name, I think.

Zelgadiss shook his head, and I think I saw tears forming in his eyes. He didn't cry, though. "One of Lasarius's scientists. Bitch of a woman. From what I saw, she was in charge of myself.." He paused for a moment, taking a shaky breath, "And Filia."

Jen's eyes widened in a bit of understanding, accompaning it with an 'Oooh'. I could tell that she wasn't going to press it further.

I did, however. "What happened to Filia, Zel?"

He looked streight at us, right in my eyes. Or both of our eyes. Jen seemed just as freaked out. He looked rather sorrowfull, very strange for the usually broody-angry cursed youth. "Her womb is not even hers to control, anymore."

There was a few seconds of dead silence. Dr. Mizuno left the room after hearing that.

Jen paled, "They even took out her womb!?"

Zelgadiss shook his head. "No."

Jen blinked, "But you just said.."

I cut her off, "Aw, FUCK!" Both pairs of eyes looked at me. It's horribly rare for me to curse. "This is exactly what i've been afraid of.." I then explained all I knew, and what occured to me the other day.

Jen looked horribly shocked. Can't blame her. Zelgadiss seemed to have already known it.

Jen growled, "That bitch of a scientist! What did you say her name was, again, Zel? Jenarow?"

I frowned, "Genereux.." I looked at Zelgadiss, "What did she look like?"

Both Zelgadiss and Jen looked confused at my question. Jen answered with a question, "Who cares?! She's a bitch!"

Zelgadiss had a confused-but-trying-to-understand expression, "Cacausian, blonde hair, blue eyes, round face.."

I sighed, "Split personality?"

He blinked twice, "How the.." He paused, then sighed. "Let me guess. Another enemy of yours."

Jen stared at me. "Split personality?" She then gaped, remembering as well, "You're kidding me, right? The same woman with Lady Une syndrome?"

I chuckled wryly, nodding. "Yup. Funny, I thought I wouldn't have to deal with her after high school."

Zelgadiss stared at me, "She was your teacher?!"

I nodded, "Travel and tourism teacher. Weird woman, she was. I knew she also taught science, but this is just weird."


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