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"Life's Revenge"


My Only Love: Sailor Moon sad midi

Holly sighed, laying in her sleeping bag one night with Suezo snoring loudly next to her. Tiger was awake too and they both stared into the starry night.

((My life seems useless))

Tiger closed his eyes slowly, remembering Gray Wolf.

((So I close my eyes))

After attacking Moo with his pack, Tiger woke up slowly in the cold arctic, surrounded by glittering Lost Disks, and tracks in the deep snow.

((Close my eyes, pretending it was all a dream))

Tiger gasped, getting up. Only a few of his friends remained in the snow, dying. He stumbled over to them, the wind violently blowing his fur as he limped over to a Cyclops.

((When I open them..and no one is there))

The one-eyed wolf looked up at him painfully.

"Where is my brother?" Tiger asked.

The Cyclops coughed, but replied, "He was Moo.."

Tiger growled, "Moo..."

The Cyclops closed his eye, and turned into yet another Lost Disk. Tiger gasped and stared at the Lost Disk for a long time, his mouth hanging open..his emotions confused and torn at the same time.

((Something called reality hits me over the head))

Tiger turned away, a single tear hitting the cold, snowy ground his face.

"No..There's no time to cry. I have to create a new pack...we will be like the wind," Tiger said solemnly.

A gust of wind blew onto his face, he sneered and turned away from it, eyes tightly closed.

((I'll always remember the good times, I shared with you.))

Tiger walked in the direction of the wind.

((I face my fears, no more tears))

Tiger sighed as he opened his eyes again. He shook away his memory stubbornly and looked at Holly, who was staring into the stars.

((I let the strength within come to))

Holly looked away from the stars and closed her eyes, remembering..

((Please give me more strength, God))

Her grandfather's hand slipped away, breathing his last breath.

((I know I can't go on...))

Holly's eyes teared, Suezo closed his eye. Holly's grandfather was dead.

((Please help me, my friends))

Holly sobbed and looked down. Later, Holly and Suezo stared at a mound of dirt and a grave. She blinked, tears rolling down her soft cheeks.

((I know I cannot climb my mountain of life alone))

Suezo comforted her with his head.

"Holly...," Suezo murmured.

Holly took in a breath, looking at The Magic Stone.

((I look down, with a frown))

"Suezo. I swear, I'll never cry again," Holly murmured.

"Holly-chan...," Suezo murmured. "That's insane."

Holly wiped away her tears. "I have to be strong...and fulfill my promise to find the Phoenix."

She put the stone around her neck as Suezo watched. "I must be strong."

((But a smile appears, as you take my hand))

Holly opened her eyes, wavering in sadness, but she closed them again stubbornly. Tiger laid his head in his paws with a frown.

"Life is hard, Holly. I know, we both know," Tiger said, surprising Holly.

They both were silent.

((I suddenly stop, looking up))

Holly nodded, "I'm sure it will get better one day, Tiger. I believe that one part of your life is bad for a reason, then the other part is happier. It shapes your karma."

Tiger looked into her eyes, then smiled. "Yeah. I hope you're right."

Holly smiled too, settling back into her bag as Tiger closed his eyes.

((I see the peak))

Genki secretly smiled to himself, one eye open. He sat up, looking at a now sleeping Tiger and Holly.

"Goodnight, guys. I swear, once we find the two will be happy again," he said.

((I see "The Answer" I hoped for all my life))

Silence and peace filled the night as the heavens twinkled above, a shooting star shooting over the courageous seven.

Dedicated to my parents and my passed away grandmother. Let happiness fill all our lives.