Lina (above) Goury (below) and Zel (below Goury)

Lina Inverse:

Lina is almost like a X-Robin Hood... She steals from the rich and herself. Lina has magical powers because, duh, she's a sorceress. (A powerful one I might add.) A little stubborn and nasty sometimes, Lina is proven to be lazy, steady going, ......under developed ^^;, 15 or 16 year old sorceress. Her most powerful (and fearful) attack is Dragon Slave. Lina is always explaining to Goury about ancient monsters and objects. Her knowledge of magic is almost endless. Her most favorite thing to do is...EATING! She hates being teased about her body, age and weight.

Goury Gabrieth:

Goury is a tall, handsome, sword swinging master. Although he's sort-of light-headed or a better explanation---STUPID. But you got to give him credit, he's real good at the sword, he even got the ancient Sword of Light! When he first met Lina, he thought he was saving a "luscious damsel in distress--not a flat chested little girl." Lina played along, although she thought some pretty mean comments, acting like a weak, lost, little girl. Goury then devoted himself to protecting her.

Zelgadiss Grewers:

Zel, when we first saw him, introduced himself as a cloaked, mysterious man after Lina's statue she stole from the Dragon Fangs. The Red Priest told Goury and Lina that he wanted to release a nightmare monster from the statue, but they finally found out that T.R.P was lying, for he wanted the statue to regain his human form which T.R.P took away from him, turning poor Zel into a Golem/human/demon! Zel has proven himself as a powerful member of the team and a VIP. Many Slayers fans love him (I personally like Lina the best..) and that proves that many would rather be watching him instead of the dim-witted Goury. ^^;



Amelia is a cute-looking, justice loving girl. She's alot smaller then Lina but are bigger. ("You Can't Escape! The Return of the Obsessive Martina!" --Slayers Next) She's a princess in another place but was chased out after destroying her father's palace. (Accidentally) She's a little annoying sometimes, especially to Lina who always beats up her. (Picture coming soon)