Tiger Rules!

There's only three reasons why he's following them.

1. To find his lost brother

2. His pack of friends were turned to Lost Disks, so he would be alone again if he didn't join them.

3. A feeling called happiness.

Tiger of the Wind is called a thief to all who heard or seen him. He and his brother, a long time ago in order to survive, stole from markets and travelers. Soon, after joining a pack of Tigers, they met up with the demon monster himself---Moo. After a battle, Tiger's brother was single-handily taken by Moo, never to be seen again. He has join the band to find his brother and to get Moo.

Tiger Info In Monster Rancher 1


Buy him from the Market. ^^;

But if you want a stronger one, go to the shrine.

Tiger's CD Database:

PC Bible Library

PC Next Generation Vol 40

PC Star Trek: Borg Disk 3

PC Terminal Velocity

PC This is Spinal Tap: Disk 2

PC Tomb Raider Gold Demo

PSX Bloody Roar

PSX Bushido Blade

PSX Caesar's Palace

PSX Einhander

PSX FIFA 99 PSX Forsaken

PSX Gex: Enter the Gecko

PSX Ghost in the Shell

PSX Herc's Adventures

PSX Madden NFL 99

PSX NFL Faceoff 99

PSX Parasite Eve: Disk 2

PSX Soul Blade

PSX Import: Kitty the Kool

PSX Import: LSD

PSX Import: Sexy Pariodus

Misc TV info:

Tiger's first appearence: Episode 5

Key moment (so far): Captures Hare by using his roaring attack, knocking down a whole bridge!

Personality: A little cold, but sometimes he's caring.