What Is Tenchi Muyo?

Tenchi Muyo starts with Tenchi Masaki, a high school student, who tricks his grandfather in getting the keys to an old shrine. Family legend says that a hero defeated a horrific demon long ago, and the demon was imprisoned here. The hero's sword was placed next to the demon to guard it. Tenchi finds the old sword and the mummy. Tenchi breaks the seals, causing the mummy to arise. Frantically, Tenchi reseals the shrine and escapes. Later, Tenchi is back at school. He is startled by a girl who appears out of nowhere. This is Ryoko, evil space pirate, former mummy, and a *VERY* annoyed demon. She decides to kill Tenchi, because she has to take it out on *someone*. Tenchi escapes from the destroyed school...to find that Ryoko has decided to move in with him. Things get REALLY interesting when Ayeka, Princess of the Jurai, comes to Earth looking for her brother..the long-dead hero who sealed Ryoko up the first time. The story goes on with meeting Washu, the legendary mad scientist banned from her planet because of her experiments. Then, later on, a Galaxy Police officer (a dumb one) Mihoshi, joins the group after crash landing on Earth to find a criminal. Kiyone, her partner, joins the group later on in the series since she (sadly) found her partner and got assigned as a Residential Officer on Earth.

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