Monster Rancher Awards
                                                                        By: Brere Marer

Part 1

Most likely to......

be arrested by the fashion police: Genki

tear down the White House and cover its foundation in flowers: Gollem

be slapped later in life: Suezo

be voted off the island: Hare

be taken to a mental asylum: Ed

become the Good Witch of the North: Holly

become a stunt double for Clint Eastwood: Tiger

annoy the world to death: Mocchi

to marry Mocchi: Spot Dino (theyıd be happy together)

go as himself on Halloween: Gali

to be attached to a spear: Arrowhead

to join ³The Fight Club²: Tiger

Part 2

Awards Ceremonies

Announcer: Welcome to the Monster Rancher Awards ceremonies! A lot of you
donıt care what youıre here for and just came for the 14 layer cake, but we
love you anyway. Now on with the awards. Our first award goes to Mocchi for
the stupidest character award.

((Mocchi walks onto stage))

Announcer: Mocchi, for being the stupidest character you get a......uh.....

((pulls out lunchbox))

Announcer: ....Here, have this ham sandwich.

((Mocchi sits down))

Announcer: Our next award is for the most annoying laugh. Hare, would you
please come up here?

((Hare walks onto stage))

Announcer: Could you give us a sample of your laugh?

((Hare takes a breath))

Announcer: On second thought, uhh.....donıt. You can sit down now.

Hare: But what about my award?!

Announcer: Uhh.....oh yeah!, have this.

((Gives him a fortune cookie))

Hare: WHAT?!?! A fortune cookie?!?! I donıt even know why I came here!!

((Crane tears down wall and forklift brings in cake. Hare turns to

Hare: Thank you for that prompt response.

Announcer: The rest of the awards are for the other rebels and are totally
worthless, so lets skip right to the end. The best monster award goes to the
one and only: TIGER OF THE WIND!!!!!!!!

((Tiger walks onto stage))

Announcer: Tiger, you do know that this is the biggest honor any monster
could ever have in his or her life??

Tiger: Yeah, but what did I win? A car? A 4x4? What?

Announcer: Even better!!!! You win a Winne-the-Pooh pencil sharpener!!!!

((The ending to this story is too brutal to tell. Besides, I canıt write it
for you if is wasnıt because Tiger is on my but along with all the other
monsters I wrote about. Guys! Canıt we talk about this?! Huh?! But it
becomes you Tiger!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!))