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Updated 8/2/05: "Trust me. I'm absolutely pretty sure of this." "Famous last words." -Catalina and Goddard, 'Space Cases'

A REALLY cute behind-the-scenes shot from ‘Space Cases’!! Aww… Look at them! XD Poor Jewel (who plays “rainbow head” Catalina) is trying to tie her shoes and now she needs to pose. ^^; She has that “I’m tying my freakin’ shoes here, but I’ll be nice and smile for your cursed camera” look. :D You can see Walter’s (who plays “I’m a stud” Harlan Band X3 ) missing middle finger in this shot… o.O I wonder how they covered it up so well in ‘Space Cases’ and ‘Mighty Morphan Power Rangers’…

CATALINA AND HARLAN 4-EVA!!! >.< / *Kills Suzee*

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