Monster Rancher: The Last Battle Saga

~ Note before Note: Bleh….I started this when I was 13. I'm 15 now (2002), and have attempted to edit some of my horrible writing. So, please excuse the awefulness of the first 7 chapters or so…except the ones CP and SL wrote. ^^

VERY IMPORTANT: You must have had read CP's MR 200x before reading this! Otherwise, you'll be spoiled about the ending and other things of 200x, not to mention confused! So please, please, please read all of 200x before this! If you don't, I can't be blamed. (Wow, that sounded arrogant…gomen…)

~ Note: This takes place 2 years after CP’s Monster Rancher 200x ends. Thanx a lot to CP for giving me permission to write a sequel to her story! Oh, and the Blue Phoenix’s power lengthened all the monster’s life span to about the average human life. So, Tiger and the others aren’t "old" anymore. Now they’re young adults again. Hey, I couldn’t stand it if Tiger died from old age! Hope you like it as much as Monster Rancher 200x! Read on! @_@.

Rated PG-13

The Saga Continues...