Monster Rancher-The New Journey Part 1

Note: A lot, and I mean a lot, of characters in this story are characters from or taken after Sailor Moon and Final Fantasy IX. All rights are reserved to their makers and I promise I'm not making any money of this. So you can't sue, HA!! ^__^ Now that that's clear, I will make a point that () means thoughts. Also, this is almost like a HUGE crossover between the names mentioned above. Mostly FFIX. The difference being that the characters from those things have different purposes in my story. Get it? Probably not, but you will once you read it. ^.^;;; Thanks for your time. Please e-mail me at for comments or questions. Flame me if you wish, but you'll just get laughed at! ^__~ ENJOY!!!!

Chapter 1 The Warning

Skye stood at the front of the group with her brown hair flowing down her back and some loose strands hanging near her face. Her flare jeans were tight on her, yet loose enough to move in. Her icy blue, long sleeved shirt matched nicely with her hair. She hid in the shadows against the cold stone wall, being as quiet as possible.

"Make sure to stay silent." came Holly's soft whisper.

"Easier said than done." came an annoyed Eiko.

"I hear something! Hush!" Gray Wolf snapped at everyone.

"Skye, what do you see?" asked Mint slowly.

Skye peered around the corner of the dark room. Instead of seeing anything, she herd a clicking of claws echoing through the long, dark hallways of the castle. Skye puled herself back into the shadows.

"I don't see anything, but someone's coming alright." Skye said. "Like what?" asked Tiger.

"A monster, no doubt. I bet it's Jessy, that traitor. Everyone be quiet!" Freya snapped coldly.

Everyone listened as the clicking finally came to a stop. Skye couldn't help but peer out and watch. It was indeed Jessy and she stood at the foot of a large stage. On it was a chair, or more of a throne. On it sat their enemy. Mistress Nine. Her glowing red eyes fixed on Jessy with an icy stare. Jessy bowed low to her.

"I'm sorry this took so long, mistress. Please forgive the wait, but I assure you, it was wroth it." Jessy said.

"Yes,.....yes I'm sure it was. Did it work or not?" Mistress Nine said in a too calm of a voice. "I don't like that voice of her's. She sounds too.......smug about something." Genki whispered hoarsely.

"Yes, mistress. It has worked and she is ready to see you." Jessy said, hinting question in her voice.

Mistress Nine sighed, annoyed by this, and stood up. Jessy backed away as far as possible. The evil mistress fixed another icy stare at her servant. Her smug manner quickly changed to one of hate and coldness.

"Well? Bring her too me!" she screamed, her voice echoing all over the place.

"Sh-she needs to stay put for now, mistress. We-we can't bring her out at the moment." Jessy said, trembling horribly.

"IDIOT!!" Mistress Nine exploded and blasted a deadly black ray from her hand straight towards Jessy. It smacked her dead center in the chest. Skye gasped and quickly covered her mouth with one hand.

"She deserved it." Freya growled in a whisper.

The monster flew back and smashed into the wall. She landed with a sicken thump, her golden wings crumpled around her. Her mistress loomed over her. "I told you to capture her and bring her to me so I could take her power from her body! Why can't she come to me!?" she screamed.

"Yes-yes, I-I know, mistress. She-she won't come and it-it seems her po-powers are already......go-gone." Jessy stammered and lowered herself to seem even with the floor.

"WHAT?!?!" shouted Mistress Nine and shot an angry black ray towards Skye and her friends.

"Skye quickly withdrew back behind the wall as the ray exploded on it. Saffire shivered from fear at her feet. Skye quickly peered back over when the danger had passed. Mistress Nine cursed under her breath and stormed off quickly down the dark hallway. Clicking following her as she disappeared into darkness. Jessy sighed with relief. She struggled to her paws and straightened out her wings. With another sigh, she turned and followed down the dark hallway.

"Let's follow too. Come on." Eiko said and she motioned for them to follow her.

They all slipped into the hallway and followed. They stopped at the end and hid once more, using the shadows to shield them from the danger of being spotted, Jessy came up next to Tiger, silent as possible. He growled at her, but didn't do more than that. Mistress Nine stood in the room. She glared at three steel cages. One held the injured princess and the one next to her held her guard. The female worrier glared at Mistress Nine, but made no move to get up. Neither did the person in the other cage behind the princess. The princess herself stared up at Mistress Nine with sad and frightened eyes.

"Why won't he do anything?" asked Mine in an angry whisper.

"I.......don't know. I never did figure him out." Freya answered softly.

"I have her your power is already gone. Who has your power, princess? Who owns the power I will have in my clutches?" Mistress Nine asked, a sneer in all her words.

The princess glared at Mistress Nine, but didn't do a thing. Mistress Nine's eyes flashed an angry red as she stared at all the cages. "Why don't you help her? You seemed so protective before." Mistress Nine sneered, addressing the person in the third cage.

The princess turned behind her, her eyes sad as she watched him.

"I don't care anymore what happens." He answered softly.

"He what!" Skye almost yelled.

"SSSSHHHH!!!" Freya hissed at her and Mint clapped a hand over her mouth.

"Oh, really? You don't care about her anymore?" Mistress Nine sneered and a ball of black energy collected in her thin hands.

"Then perhaps you won't care about this!" she yelled and shot the energy forward in a powerful beam. The beam hit the cage, black lighting bolts sparked everywhere as the painful cries and screams of pain rose from the cage. Skye didn't see his reaction, but she knew it was what Mistress Nine wanted. She gave an evil laugh and stopped her attack. The princess was breathing hard,, on her knees in pain.

"That's what I thought." Mistress Nine sneered at him.

"Dammit, you!" he cursed loudly at her.

"Exactly what I thought. Now tell me, princess! Who has your power?" Mistress Nine demanded, anger raising in her voice.

When no answer came, she blasted the princess with another ray. She cried in pain as she hit the back of the cage and slumped back down.

"Princess!" the warrior cried and ran to the side of her cage.

She clenched a fist of anger at Mistress Nine, but said nothing else. Suddenly, realizing how useless it was he turned back towards his corner and sat back down without a care. Skye wished at that point she could run over there and kick the crap out of him.

"Until your ready to tell me who hold your power, you and your comrades will stay here. Enjoy your pain free life while it last." She sneered before turning towards the hallway where the group stood.

Before they could move, she approached them and stopped next to them. She smiled at them with evil and her red eyes flashed bloody red.

"NO!!!" cried Jessy before a white light began to glow.

A flash of white suddenly lit the room in a silent explosion. Skye stood in front of her friends. All of them were backing away towards the three cages. The captive ones held inside the cages gasped at the seance before them. The horror in their eyes didn't seem to bother Skye as she stared down. Another flash of white lit the room and showed Freya, her animal like face was still and not moving. She lay in front of Skye. A flash of white again showed the bloody dagger Skye held in her hand. A drop of red blood fell from the tip and splattered to the ground. Once more, a flash of white and then Skye looked up at all her friends, who suddenly fell to the floor. Even the ones held in the cages. She looked back down at Freya, motionless. An insane laughter came from nowhere as Skye's face twisted into a cold, heartless and evil smile........

To Be Continued..........

Chapter 2: The Adventure Begins......

Skye sat bolt up right, breathing hard. Her heart pounded in her chest as she could still hear the insane laughing and see the bloody dagger. Who had been killed? What had it all meant? Skye couldn't remember anything but the bloody dagger, dripping red blood.

"Man.....I've got to stop watching scary movies before bed." Skye mumbled to herself as she got up.

She changed into her favorite icy blue shirt and flare jeans. She brushed her long, brown hair, letting it flow down her back and her bangs hanging loosely in the front. She then headed down the staircase to the kitchen were Marge stood cooking breakfast. Her long dress swayed with her body as she rushed from the table to the stove. She stopped in the center and turned to Skye, smiling at her brightly.

"Good morning, dear! Glad to see you up! But why so early on a Saturday?" she asked as she placed a plate on the table.

"Dunno. I couldn't go back to sleep after I woke up." Skye answered simply and sat down in the chair hard.

Marge smiled and gave her some pancakes with bacon and eggs on her plate. Skye stared at them blankly for a few minutes before digging in. It was nice to have Marge around, but it wasn't the same. Her parents had always made breakfast like this on a Sunday, then they would all sit down together and eat them. Skye always wondered everyday of her life what had happened to her parents. She had blurry memories of a beautiful woman singing to her a lullaby and telling her to be strong. Then she saw a man, handsome and tall, come and kiss her on the forehead. After that.....nothing. From when Skye could remember, she had been at the orphanage. She had always asked the people there about her parents, but they always smiled and said they didn't know. When Skye was twelve, she ran away and met Marge who promised to take acre of her. She was a nice lady, but not a person Skye called Mom. Marge respected that very much, which made Skye happy. Now that Skye was thirteen, she was even more curious than every about her parents disappearances. She wondered if they were dead......Skye shook her head and clear her thoughts and stood up. She took her plate and dumped it in the sink with a loud clatter.

"That reminds me, do you mind picking up some milk from the store for me? I used the last bit up making pancakes this morning." Marge said and smiled.

"Sure, I don't mind." Skye told her with the same friendly smile. After grabbing her jacket and boots, she headed out into the cold January air. The snow wasn't that deep, but it ccovered every inch of ground and roof top in sight. The streets were empty because of the fresh ice that lay over it. It was even hard enough for people to ice skate on, which they were. Skye pulled her jacket closer to her andcontinuedd down the slippery sidewalk. Suddenly, she ran smack into someone. She fell hard on the sidewalk.

"Ow.....that hurt." she moaned and looked to see who she had run into. It was a boy, maybe a year older than her, with brown hair. He wore a white shirt with long sleeves and brown pants. She blinked at him. (How come he looks so.....familiar...?) Skye asked herself as hesmiledd at her.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going." he said in a friendly voice and helped her stand.

"That's alright, I wasn't either. I'm sorry too." Skye told him and nodded with a friendly smile.

"Well, see ya!" he called and ran off in the opposite direction. She watched him until he was out of sight. (How seems like I've met him before....) Suddenly, her mind flashed and she saw a bloody dagger. Then she saw a boy's face laying on the ground in front of her, motionless. Skye staggered back and suddenly, she couldn't remember what had just happened. (What's wrong with me....?) Skye shook her head and continued on her way.

"I'm home mom!" the boy said as he ran in and slammed the front door.

"Hi, dear. Don't go on the carpet with your shoes on if they're covered in ice, okay?" his mom called from the kitchen.

"Sure, mom!" he called and threw off his shoes, bring them upstairs with him.

He ran into his room and shut the door behind him. He threw his jacket and shoes on his bed before sitting down cross-legged on the floor. He grabbed his controller and quickly began his favorite game, Monster Rancher. After only about a minute of gameplay, the screen began to get fuzzy and break up.

"Huh...? What's wrong with this thing...?" he wondered.

The screen suddenly went totally fuzzy before displaying a girls face. The boy knew it right away.

"It that really you?! What's going on!?" he yelped in surprise.

"We" the girl told him, voice breaking up.

"Okay....I'm on my way." he told her.

A few seconds later, the boy stood in a small hut with the same girl.

"I hope this wasn't.....too much trouble for you. I know it's been awhile....but we desperately need you." she told him with a sheepish smile.

"Oh, it's never too much trouble to see you!" the boy told her with a smile.

The girl blushed and giggled.

"Thanks, but that's not why I called you here. I need you to locate this girl." she said and held up a photo of the girl.

The boy blinked and nodded.

"You won't believe it....but I ran into that girl today on the way home. Why do you need her though?" the boy asked and scratched his head.

"Listen carefully, Genki......." the girl began.

"Here's the milk you wanted Marge." Skye said as she came in the door.

She placed the bag down and took off her heavy jacket and boots. Skye walked into the kitchen, with the bag in hand, and placed it on the table. Marge came in from the other doorway.

"Thanks, dear." Marge said before disappearing.

Skye shrugged and headed up into her room. She shut the door behind her and sighed. (Well, now what should I do?) She went over and sat down in front of her TV. She stared at it before turning it on and watching whatever was on. Suddenly, the screen blacked out.

"Huh? Man, no what's wrong with this thing...?" Skye grumbled angrily and began to hit it.

After a few hits, the screen began to swirl rainbow colors. Skye backed away from it.

"Okay, maybe I shouldn't have hit it." Skye told no one.

The colors began to swirl in a fast circle. Soon, everything began to get pulled inside the TV as white light exploded from it. Skye held onto her desk before going flying into it. Her world went black.

Skye slowly opened her eyes and blinked at the ceiling. Where was she? What happened? Her head was throbbing in pain as she sat up. She was laying in a bed that was in a small room. It had a single window and a desk. That was it. he house itself looked like it was made out of straw.

"This isn't my house. Where am I?" Skye asked out loud.

"Your right, it isn't your house." came a voice.

Skye turned to the doorway and gasped. It was the same boy she had run into earlier. He smiled at her and came all the way in.

"You!!" she gasped and pointed at him in surprise.

"Actually, my name's Genki. What's yours?" he asked her gently.

"Where am I!? What are you doing here!? What am I doing here!?" Skye cried and jumped up from the bed.

"Whoa, whoa! Calm down!" Genki told her.

"Calm down!? Are you insane!? Where are we!?" Skye cried, panicking.

"Your in the Monster World." came a soft voice.

Stepping into the room was a girl with brown hair tied in a loose ponytail that rested on her back. Skye blinked at her. (She seems familiar too.....come to think of it, so dose the name Genki....)

"My name is Holly. Please, tell us your name." she said gently.

"Skye. My name's Skye..." she answered and suddenly, a flash of white light in her mind showed her the bloody dagger again. Then it showed this girls face.....Holly....laying motionless in front of the dagger.

Skye shook her head and looked up at the two.

"Nice to meet you, Skye. You've already met Genki, I assume?" Holly asked.

"Um, yeah. What is a Monster World anyway? I've played the game but.....uh...." Skye asked and looked around.

"Boy, have we got some explaining to do or what, huh Holly?" Genki said and turned to her.

"Yes, we do. Come this way, Skye." Holly said and beckoned with her hand.

Skye nodded and followed the two out of the room, an uneasy chill running down her spine.

"Have you found her location yet, Jessy?" she asked from on top of her throne.

The monster bowed low, her golden wings grazed the ground.

"Not yet, mistress. Sentra and Catze have not reported anything either. We are still searching for her." Jessy answered.

"Very well. Leave now so I may rest." she ordered.

Jessy nodded and quickly left the room. She turned away from her servant and towards a glowing crystal ball. She placed her hands on it and it glowed with an eerie white light.

"Show me, white magic. Tell me who stands in my way for the mission I seek." she chanted.

The ball turned and reveled her answer. She gasped in surprise.

"WHAT?! How can this be?!" she cried and clenched her fist tightly. "Damn, that cursed empress! She knew it all along! She knew I would be after her so she sent a body guard! I'll show her and her 'chosen one' that no one can stop me!!"

With an angry slap, the crystal ball shattered into a million glimmering pieces. She stood up and stepped over the pieces to stare into them. She glared at every single piece that lay on the dark floor.

"Soon, it won't matter what you do, empress. Soon, this whole hellish world will be laying in pieces. Then, we'll see who laughs then." she snarled and slowly walked out of her chamber.

"That's the story of Moo and the Monster World? Werid." Skye said, slowly beginning to understand it all.

"So you believe us?" asked Holly.

"I'll have to. I mean, you said this was the monster's world and I don't know of any other place this could be." Skye said and shrugged.

"How about we prove more to you?" asked Genki brightly.

"Uh, okay." she answered.

The two exchanged smiles and lead Skye out the front door and into the bright sunshine. Skye blinked and then gasped.

"No......way. They're REAL monsters!!" Skye cried in pure joy.

"Well, they aren't machines." Genki answered.

Skye ran towards some of the monsters. A little Hare cocked his head and hid behind a Pink Eye. The monster smiled as Skye went past. A Hare Hound was trying to outwit a Pixie at a game of checkers, but he was losing. The two stopped for a moment as she walked past. All sorts of monsters roamed this area. A Suezo chased a Mew around a tree, both laughing happily. Skye finally came to a tall tree. She froze as she stared at the monster under the shade. The cute creature was one she had never seen before.

"What kind of monster is that?" she asked as Holly and Genki approached behind her.

"After Moo was destroyed, many new breeds of monsters started appearing. Unlike the others, these new ones can't be fused. So there is only one of there spices. Like this one is a SilverFur, a female I'm sure. This is the only kind of SilverFur there is." Holly explained.

Skye, curious, approached the little creature carefully. She looked like a fox with a little unicorn's horn coming from the center of her forehead. Her two ears twitched at the sound of her steps, but the little one didn't lift her head up. She had two, beautiful and bushy fox tails that were white at the tip. The fur on the monster was silver, but with a mix of snowy white. She had an almost wolf like feature, but the features were shrunk to match her small size. The size of a baby fox, Skye guessed. She had bright blue eyes that stared at the ground, refusing to look up at Skye. She had sharp, black claws on her paws that looked like a Tiger's gray ones. Skye knelt down to her.

"Hello, little one. What's your name?" she asked her.

The little monster looked up at her with sad eyes. She stood up and turned her back to Skye, lashing her tails out at her.

"She can't talk. That's another strange thing about some of the knew monsters. Some can't talk." Holly said and shook her head.

Skye looked at the little silver fox with pity. Suddenly, a strong wind zipped through the trees and blew the grass to one side. Skye stood up quickly and shielded her eyes. All the monsters, including the little silver fox, raced from the open area to seek shelter. A lightning bolt struck the ground, causing the little silver fox to fly backward and land at Skye's feet. Skye picked up the shaking monster and looked up at what had appeared from the lightning bolt. Three figures stood with icy cold stares full of hate.

"Who are they?" Skye asked.

"The new enemies you were brought here to fight." Genki answered and glared back at them.

"What!?" Skye gasped and turned to examine them. "You didn't say anything about a fight!"

The fist one, she noticed, was definitely a monster. It looked like a Tiger, but the changes were amazing. It had the same gray horns and sharp gray claws. However, instead of one tail, it had two tails with the tips of them white. And on this monster's back were two, golden wings. The feathers on the wings seemed to sparkle in the sunlight. The part where the feathers connected to make the wing were a light brown, matching with the golden feathers. Its back and the fur around its neck were a fiery red. The red color, as Skye looked down the body, turned orange. It then zigzagged to leave all four legs white and at the zigzagged part was a little bit of yellow to highlight it. Similar to a Tiger. Its two tails went from red to orange also and had the same yellow highlight at the zigzagged part where the white took place. The blue eyes of the monster were cold, unlike the fox monster who's eyes were bright and full of spirit.

Next to her was a half animal half human creature. Skye wasn't sure whether of not to call her a monster. A long, cat tail hung down and curled at the end near her feet. She wore a skin tight black suit that was all one outfit. It was long sleeved with black boots and a rubber like look to it. Her hands were like humans except for the black claws to replace regular finger nail. The fur resembled that of a mountain lion's. Her face was also of a mountain lion. She had yellow eyes that seemed to burn a hole right through Skye's heart. Her mountain lion ears at the top of her head twitched and the gentle wind that blew past made her long brown hair blow to one side.

Another human figure stood with them as well. Her long black hair was shaped like cat's ears at the top. She wore a long sleeved, turtle neck black shirt. Her hands were normal humans with the exception of black cat claws. Unlike the other girl's looks, this one was more human like. Her face was a human's with black eyes and bright red lips. She had a black cat tail that she let hang loosely down with her black, ruffled skirt. She had black boots on her feet, but they didn't have high heels like the other girl's boots.

"Wh-who are you?" Skye stammered.

"That isn't what you should be concerned about, brat!" the monster snapped.

"Now, now, show them some manners." the woman with the cat face said and shook her clawed finger.

The other woman bowed.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Catze, the faithful servant of my mistress."

The woman with the cat face stepped forward with an evil smile. She bowed down as well.

"I am Sentra. Who I am will soon come to you in the future. I look forward to our battle."

The monster growled and showed white teeth. She stepped in front of all of them, but didn't bow. She just glared at them with a snarl and cold blue eyes.

"I'm Jessy and I will tear you apart right here and now!"

Jessy leaped but was suddenly stopped but Sentra, who grabbed a hold of one of her tails.

"You heard the mistress, Jessy. We are not to harm them." she said and looked up at them with an evil smile. "Not yet, anyway."

Jessy snarled and pulled away, taking her place beside the two others once more.

"Hurt me? But why would you want to do that? I'm just a girl that was trapped in this world of monsters! I don't want you to hurt me!" she cried and hugged the little monster in her arms tightly.

"Coward." Sentra sneered and leaped into the air.

"The empress chose such a foolish child." Catze agreed and followed.

Jessy said nothing as she flapped her golden wings and took to the sky. They all floated there, Jessy flapping her wings while the other two just floated in the air like gravity never existed.

"Why don't we just destroy her now?" asked Catze.

"Hmmm.....but what about mistress?" Sentra asked.

"She won't care. I'm sure she'll reward us for destroying her." Jessy said and snarled at them.

Sentra shook her head. "Mistress said she didn't want her destroyed. She said she had other plans for her. Killing this coward is not her goal."

"Oh well." Catze said and looked down at Skye. "Whatever my mistress has planned for you, it will involve death! Or worse! You have been warned!"

With that, the two girls disappeared in black smoke. Jessy gave another icy cold stare before she too disappeared. Skye sank to her knees and let the little silver fox go. However the little monster merely turned back to her, wondering if Skye was okay.

"Skye?" asked Genki.

"Will you fight for us?" Holly asked.

Skye stared at the ground with her bangs covering her eyes. Should she? Can she? Would she? What about her dream? The bloody dagger.......? What did it all mean? If she agreed, then would she see that bloody dagger again? However if she didn't agree, then this world would be lost. The silver fox came up and licked Skye gently on the cheek. Skye looked up at the monster.

She smiled a cute smile and looked as happy as ever. Skye smiled and stood up. She erased her fears and knew what she had to do.

"Let's do it!" she cried and raised a fist into the air.

She laughed a heartless laugh as she watched the girl's decision in her torch of black flames.

"That's right, my pawn. Fight me and come to me. Then, the real game shall begin!" she snarled and let out another heartless laugh as her servants returned from their doing.

Chapter 3: The Return of the Free Wind

Okay, I understand I have to destroy them, but why? Who is their mistress?" Skye asked Genki and Holly.

"Her name is Mistress Nine." Holly began. "She came to the Monster World recently and began to launch an attack. She turned many monsters bad, but not by force. By will. Her darkness entered their heart and made them think baddies are better. Anyway, she is destroying the Monster Worlds in search of something she claims is the "most powerful creature of all". She says once she finds the empress, she'll have more power than anyone. She plans to then let darkness over rule this world.....and then yours, Skye."

"She almost sounds like Moo......but ten times worse. Okay, so is that the only reason I was brought here? To stop Mistress Nine?" she asked.

The little silver fox looked up at her from her lap and blinked.

"Kinda, yeah. But me and Holly are gonna go with you too, so you won't be alone!" Genki told her happily.

"Cool! Can she come?" Skye asked and pointed to the monster in her lap.

"If she wants. It looks like you've found yourself your own monster." Holly said and smiled.

Skye looked at the little fox. The monster nodded happily.

"Yeah, I guess I have! I guess is she's coming, we have to give her a name. How about.....Snow White!" Skye cried.

The little monster fell over with a sweatdrop. Holly and Genki sweatdropped as well.

"Aw, I was only kidding. Okay, what about Saffire?" she asked.

The fox monster nodded happily.

"Okay, Saffire it is then." Holly agreed.

"So, now what?" Skye asked the two.

"First, we should pack a few things. Then we can get moving to our adventure." Genki told her.

After Skye had put a backpack together, she threw it on her back and headed out the door with Saffire at her heels and Genki and Holly behind her. They waved good bye to the village before disappearing from sight. Skye looked around at the forest they now walked in.

"So, we have to find this magical creature before Mistress Nine dose?" Skye asked as they walked.

"Yes, and I know what can help us." Holly said and suddenly pulled out the Magic Stone.

"That!? I thought it was only good for finding phoenix's? Besides, how will we know it's pointing us in the right direction when we don't even know what this creature is?" Genki pointed out.

"The Magic Stone knows, I just feel it. Trust me, alright?" Holly told them.

"Okay Holly. We trust you." Genki said and nodded.

Holly closed her eyes and concentrated. The Magic Stone floated up an a shape of a fiery phoenix appeared. It flapped twice before pointing straight down the path they were headed.

"Guess were on the right track. Let's go!" Skye said and raced forward with the other two following.

Suddenly, a gray blur shot past and nearly knocked Skye down. She stopped just in time before smashing into the monster that stood in front of her. She backed away as Saffire leaped forward, snarling at him. Genki and Holly gasped. They knew right away who it was.

"Gray Wolf!?" Genki cried in surprise.

Gray Wolf's snarl disappeared and he blinked at them with blue eyes. He smirked with evil.

"Well, well, if it isn't Holly and Genki, part of the rebel group." he said and sat down.

Saffire, seeing no threat, returned to stand beside Skye.

"Gray.....Wolf? You mean that one you told me about that worked for Moo!?" Skye yelped.

"That's me. Of course I don't work for Moo anymore. I use to be a Lost Disk, but the Phoenix fixed that for me. The last thing I knew was that I was standing in front of a friendly man. He smiled at me and said I was now his. I was only a puppy, I realized, so I went alone. I live with him now. Come, you must meet him." Gray Wolf insisted and smiled.

"Gosh, you sure have changed." Genki said and scratched his head.

"Maybe because I'm not evil." Gray Wolf laughed and ran off.

The group followed him and soon found themselves in a large field. A river ran around the whole farm with a single bridge. The one they had just went over. A large tree was growing next a huge barn. An even bigger house was next to that. Another house was next to the river with a large water wheel turning slowly.

"This place is huge!" Skye cried in awe.

Gray Wolf turned to her and Skye looked back at him uneasily.

"I don't believe I got your name. Who are you?" he asked.

"Me? I'm Skye and this is Saffire."

Gary Wolf nodded. Suddenly, a man's whistle was heard. Gray Wolf looked up happily as a man in his early twenties with brown hair came running up to them. He stopped next to Gray Wolf.

"Who are you, if I may ask?" the man asked.

"These are my old friends, Holly, Genki, Saffire and Skye. I brought them to meet you." Gray Wolf answered.

The man smiled and patted Gray Wolf on the head before turning to the group.

"My name's Harvey and it's a pleasure to met ya'll. Ya'll are just in time cause I found a Mystery Disk!" he said happily and held one up.

"Really!? Are you gonna unlock?!" Skye asked with excitement.

"But of ccourse! Follow me to town and we can unlock it there!" he said with a friendly smile.

The group followed Harvey and Gray Wolf out of the farm area and into a busy town with tall buildings and many people. Harvey lead them into a huge shrine. He handed the disk to Skye and ordered her to place it in the center. She did so before returning to the group. The man placed his hands on the giant button and closed his eyes as the disk began to spin.

"UNLOCK!!!" he cried and pressed down.

Light flooded the room as everyone watched with interested eyes. When the ball of light papered, it floated down and sat gently on the ground before forming the shape of a monster. It was a Tiger, a little puppy indeed. He blinked and looked at everyone. His eyes locked on Gray Wolf, Genki and Holly.

"Um.....hi?" Skye said in a small voice.

The Tiger suddenly ran forward and stopped in front of Holly and Genki. He looked up at them with happy eyes and a smile. Genki looked at saw a scar near his eye.

"T-Tiger......?" he asked.

"Now way!" Holly gasped.

"Brother......?" Gray Wolf asked in shock.

"Hi guys! I'm Tiger of the Wind, remember me?" he asked in a high child voice.

Genki and Holly sweatdropped.

"He dosen't sound like him." Genki laughed.

"Or act like him." Holly added.

"Brother, that is you!" Gray Wolf cried.

"Gray Wolf!!!" Tiger cried happily and ran up to his brother.

He wagged his tail with glee and joy.

"I never thought I'd see you again!" Gray Wolf said happily.

"But......but I thought they were fused with the Phoenix?" Skye asked.

"He was.....but if he was a Lost Disk then that means.....that means the others must be!" Holly cried. "Suezo!"

"Mocchi too! We have to find them!" Genki said.

"Hold on there fellers! If ya'll want to take the litter Tiger of the Wind and Gray Wolf with ya, ya'll can. But don't ya'll think ya'll should take an adult Tiger with ya? Especially Tiger of the Wind. He'd be more usefully as an adult." Harvey pointed out.

"Good idea! Do you have one?" Holly asked.

"Sure do! Let's get back home and I'll let ya use it." he said happily.

The group headed back to Harvey's house and soon, they were all standing in front of a giant machine. It looked like an elevator door on a machine with wires coming everywhere. (Think of the machines they used in "Poke'mon The Movie" when they cloned the Poke'mon! ^_^;;;;;;;) Harvey walked over to some controls and opened the door.

"Go on, Tiger." Gray Wolf urged.

The little puppy happily bounded inside the machine doors. They shut right behind him.

"What is this machine anyway?" Skye asked.

"It's a Time Capsule. The latest technology let's your monster grow up in a matter of minutes with all the experience that monster use to have." Holly explained.

Harvey fooled with the controls some more when suddenly, a huge explosion shook the house.

"What was that!?" Harvey cried.

"The baddies! Their attacking!" Gray Wolf cried while looking out the window.

"What are they?" Genki asked, joining him.

"Cabaloses! We've gotta stop them before they destroy the place!" Gray Wolf cried and rushed out the door.

Holly and Genki followed.

"Fight them....?" Skye asked.

Saffire nodded and ran after them. Skye gathered her courage and turned to Harvey.

"Don't let anything happen to that machine while Tiger's in there." she said before running out the door.

Harvey turned to the controls and pressed a red button. Light began to flash wildly in the room as mist and smoke flew from it. The process was starting. The Cabaloses suddenly spotted the group. The leader stepped forward as the group stopped in front of them.

"Under orders of Master Sentra, we are to destroy you! ATTACK!!!" the leader cried.

The pack attacked at full force. Genki sped forward, now on his roller blades. He smashed a fist into the side of a Cabalos sending him flying back and onto the ground. He was now a Lost Disk. Holly grabbed her dagger from her case and slashed at one, turning that one into a Lost Disk as well.

"Holly......?" Genki asked, surprised by her actually fighting.

"Hey, I've gotta help this time. Don't expect it much." she said and slashed another one.

"Yeah, sure." Genki laughed and dodged an attack.

Saffire began to glow with white embers. She opened her mouth wide and shot a blast of white flames at a Cabalos. It exploded and sent some into the ground, turning them into Lost Disks.

"Cold Bullet!!"

The cold snow bullet flew forward and smashed into two, sending them into a doom of being Lost Disks forever. Gray Wolf leaped up, dodging an attack from one Cabalos, only to get hit by the leader. Gary Wolf landed hard on the ground.

"Torpedo!!" the leader shouted and shocked Saffire back into a tree.

Skye didn't know what to do. She cried out and ducked as one sailed over her and landed head frist into a tree. He fell back on the ground and turned into a Lost Disk.

"I......I dunno what to fight with!" Skye cried.

At her words, a blue light exploded in front of her. The battle stopped as the blue glow increased its glow. The light disappeared suddenly and a strange thing floated in front of her. It looked like the bottom of a sword. There wasn't a blade at all, but it was defiantly a sword. The bottom was a dull brown with icy blue jewels surrounding the top. They matched her shirt, Skye realized.

"Take it, hurry!" Genki cried and suddenly cried in pain as he was blasted away by a Torpedo from the leader.

"Genki!" Holly cried and ran to him.

Saffire joined them and Gray Wolf backed away, growling. Skye reached out a shaky hand and grabbed it. Power suddenly filled her and knew exactly how to use it. A blue blade shot up from the top and glowed with power. The blue glow still surrounding the blade. Skye ran forward and slashed a Cabalos across the face. It turned into a Lost Disk right away. The leader gasped and stepped back as Skye turned two more into a Lost Disk.

"Wow.......but where did it come from?" asked Holly.

Gray Wolf leaped at the leader and tackled him. Skye slashed another one and dodged a Torpedo attack from another. The door suddenly slide open as Harvey stepped away.

"It's done!" he cried.

A shadow emerged from the smoke and mist. Harvey backed away and a suddenly gust of wind blew up as the blue and white streak went shooting out of the door. The leader raised a claw, ready to kill Gray Wolf with a single swipe. Suddenly,


The familiar voice echoed as the blue lightning bolts smashed into the leader and sent him flying away. Gray Wolf leaped up, snarling as a new shape joined beside him. Skye slashed one last Cabalos before turning to the two Tiger brothers.

"Go get 'em Tiger!!" Genki cried.

Gray Wolf smiled at his brother, who smiled back.

"Feel better?" Gray Wolf asked.

"You bet." Tiger answered.

The leader Cabalos leaped from the bushes and slashed at the two. They dodged easily before charging up Torpedo. The leader sweat as their horns glowed with power. He snarled at them before running off.

"You won't when!!" he cried and disappeared.

Tiger and Gray Wolf let the charge disappear. Skye came up to everyone and let the blade disappear from the sword. It was once again the bottom of one. "Where did that come from?" Harvey asked as he joined them.

"Tiger! Good to have you back!" Genki cried happily!

"Good to be back, kid." he said and nodded.

"Brother......I've missed you." Gray Wolf said.

"As have I." Tiger agreed.

"'d you know to use that?" Holly asked.

Skye stared at the sword in her hands.

"I......I dunno. A power just washed over me and I knew how to use it." Skye said.

Suddenly, a note fell from the sword. With it, a case to keep it in. Skye picked up both items and unfolded the paper that read,

You never know when this will come in handy. Please use it well, Skye.

"Huh? Who sent this?" Skye asked out loud.

"Good question." Genki agreed.

Skye shrugged and strapped the belt around her waist with the case to the right side of her. She placed her swoard in it and nodded as if saying it was cool.

"Well, we'd better get going." Holly told everyone.

Gray Wolf went up to Harvey and smiled.

"Thank you for everything." he said and nodded.

"Yer welcome, Gray Wolf. Take care on ya journey!" Harvey cried and waved them off as they left.

Skye laughed happily as she ran forward with Saffire behind her and Tiger, Gray Wolf, Holly and Genki running to keep up. Skye new that this adventure was just beginning......and so was the danger.

To Be Continued........

Chapter 4: Loneliness


"Rain, rain, rain.....that's all we ever get from the sky." Skye grumbled while staring out the mouth of a cave.

"Yeah, tell me about it." Tiger agreed, resting his head on his paws from deeper inside the cave.

Skye, Genki, Holly, Gray Wolf, Tiger and Saffire all sat inside a pretty big cave with a dying fire in the center. Genki poked at it with a stick, trying to make the embers start again. Holly sat on a large rock watching Genki as he burned himself by a flying ember. Tiger and Gray Wolf both lay with Holly, heads on their paws and staring out the mouth of the cave. Skye and Saffire sat on a rock a little more leveled with the ground. The rain that had been pouring down had been doing this for two days straight, marking this as the third day.

"Okay gang. We need more firewood. Who wants to get it this time?" Genki asked, standing up from his crouching position.

"No way I'm I getting it again!" Tiger snorted and turned away.

"I got it last night, in the dark mind you." Holly grumbled.

"Well, I got some this morning." Gray Wolf said simply.

"And I got some yesterday afternoon. So, Skye, your the only one who hasn't gone out there yet." Genki said and turned to her.

"WHAT?!" Skye looked around and grabbed Saffire, who sweatdropped, and held her up in Genki's face. "Make her go get it! She hasn't got any wood either!"

Everyone sweatdropped. Saffire leaped from Skye's grasp and hid behind a rock.

"Why don't you just go instead of make a big deal about it?" Tiger asked stiffly.

"I......I can't ruin my good looks out in the rain!" Skye said quickly and nodded with a serious look on her face.

Everyone grew angry as they loomed over a sweatdropping Skye. A few minutes later, Skye was struggling against the wind and rain with Saffire grumbling at her heels as they made their way up a slipper, muddy, grassy hill. The black clouds rumbled over head as lightning lit them from time to time.

"Well, it sounded good when I said it." Skye sighed.

Saffire snarled at her and snorted, shaking water off her head at the same time. Skye pulled the brown cloak Holly had made for her closer to her body. She pulled the hood on tighter, making sure it didn't slip off against the wind. Skye stopped upon reaching the top of the grassy hill. (Where to find firewood......where to find firewood.....) Skye scanned the area and smiled with joy when she spotted a small batch of trees. (Great!) Skye took off down the hill, being careful not to slip. She reached the trees and began to gather the sticks that lay around some fallen trees. She felt around for them, since she couldn't see in the rain very well. She could only hope she didn't pick up something other than the sticks.

"Try and get as much as you can, Saffire." Skye told the little monster as she picked up more of the branches.

Suddenly, Saffire lifted her head up, ears perked. Skye stopped and turned to her monster.

"What's wrong? What do you hear?" Skye asked.

Without an answer, Saffire dashed off into the trees.

"H-hey! Wait! We shouldn't go in any further!" Skye cried and ran after the little fox.

She was only able to keep up with the white blur as she made her way through the rain and darkness. Saffire suddenly stopped behind a large tree, snarling fiercely. Skye put down her pile of sticks near the tree and crept up to it. She slowly peeked behind it and gasped. A grass hill slopped up and then dropped down 50 feet into a raging river. Standing, with her back facing Skye and Saffire, was Sentra. With Sentra was a strange Pixie monster.

Obviously a new type. The monster had great red dragon wings with a tail like a Tiger, but it was red with a white tip. Her hair was fiery red and, unlike the other Pixie's, was long. It came to the middle of her back, past her wings a little. She had sharp finger nails, obviously claws. She had bright red lips and cold blue eyes. She wore the same outfit a regular Pixie would wear except it was red in color. The monster also had her back to Skye. Skye backed up a little to keep herself out of sight, but still able to watch. The Pixie monster stepped forward and snatched a woman by the arm who was dangerously close to the edge of the 50 feet drop. Sentra laughed with evil and tossed back her brown hair. Water flung from it at her simply movement.

"Well, we've finally caught you. Mistress Nine will be very pleased with us. But I'm even more pleased." Sentra told the captive person with an evil chuckle.

Skye moved her eyes to get a better look at the woman, or at least she thought it was a woman. Skye looked as hard as she could through the rain and dark to find that it was. The woman wore a big red coat that stuck out on both sides at the end. The red coatís long sleeves nearly covered her hands. They had dull pink nails at the end of her crooked, gray colored fingers. Fur, Skye realized. The coat also covered most of her legs. It also covered the brown shorts that were there. They seemed only a hair longer than the red coat, which was how Skye knew she had them on. The rest of her legs were visible, but were also covered in some way. While the brown shorts were there, brown covering that was skin tight covered the rest of her legs. It stopped at the beginning of her toes, which weren't human. Her feet were basically a ratís or maybe a bird's with four toes and claws at the end. On the front of her coat was a shield that was divided into four sections. One part was white, one dark blue, one yellow and another green. On the white side was a symbol of a dragon head. Above that shield, near her neck, was a strange, greenish blue colored piece of wrinkled cloth. It seemed to come from the collar of the coat. It hung down in front of her, covering a little bit of the top of the shield.

Her hat was red with black bat wings coming from either side. Skye cou ldn't tell if they were her ears or decorations on her hat. She was pretty sure they weren't ears, however. There were black spots on her hat that looked like eyes, but were actually slits cut into them. She had a ratís tail with a small, yellow ribbon that was tied near the end of her tail. Her face was the weirdest of all. Her face wasn't a woman's, but a ratís face with the right side of it covered by her long, white hair. Most of her hair was in the front of her face while some was coming down her back and over her shoulder. Her eyes were a blazing green and she stared hard at the two evil creatures. Skye wanted to help her and suddenly noticed a dark blue spear that had been kicked aside near a tree. Close to her, but barely out of her reach. (If only I could get it, maybe I could help her.....but first I should decide if I need to help this woman or not. She seems familiar to me somehow.....)

"The fierce warrior is finally brought to her knees by the one she swore to destroy a long time ago." Sentra sneered and at this point let another evil chuckle. "Well, it seems I will destroy you, instead. You took my life away from me, so it was only right I take yours. Now, I finish what I started."

Sentra snapped her fingers and the monster raised the woman to her feet. The woman glared at Sentra with angry green eyes.

"You shall not defeat me, Sentra. You may believe that I am dead, and I may very well be dead, but not destroyed. You cannot destroy a soul, Sentra." the woman told her in a strong voice.

Sentra laughed. "Of course you can't destroy the soul....but you can over power it. And soon, Freya, soon you and everyone else in this world will bow down to Mistress Nine!" Sentra snarled and snapped her fingers again. "Destroy her, Dragixe!"

(Freya.......) A flash of white suddenly showed the face of this woman, Freya, laying motionless on the floor in front of a person holding a bloody dagger. Then, just like it had come, it was gone. And Skye couldn't remember it for the life of her.

The monster, Dragixe, dragged Freya to the edge of the cliff and shoved her forward. She now stood at the very edge. Dragixe came behind her and raised a fist, ready to punch her in the back and send her flying off the cliff.

"CATCH!!" Skye cried and made a dive at the spear, causing her protective hood and only source of secret identity to fall off.

Ignoring it, she snatched the spear from the ground and threw it hard at the woman. Freya caught it in the air and slashed the Dragixe, sending her flying back into Sentra. Saffire joined beside Skye as she grabbed her sword from it's case and held it out in front of her. The blade shot out from the top with the eerie blue glow surrounding it. Through the rain, it was even more eerie. Sentra was up with Dragixe.

"Dammit, you pesky brat! Destroy her!" she ordered the Dragixe and then turned to Freya. "I'll deal with you later!"

She then disappeared in black smoke. Skye ran foreword and lashed out her sword. Dragixe caught it with a hand and threw it back. Skye smashed into a tree, knocking the wind out of her. Freya lashed her spear at the monster and stabbed her shoulder.

"Your more of a fool than I thought!" laughed Dragixe.

She grabbed the spear and flipped it over her head, sending Freya smashing into the ground hard. The Dragixe yanked the spear from her hand and was ready to throw it into Freya's back. Saffire attacked and bit down hard on the hand of Dragixe. She screeched in pain and threw the fox onto the ground as well as the spear. Freya snatched it from the ground and pointed it forward, long ways. She waited a moment before racing forward and slashing the Dragixe with a swirl of blue smoke that formed three dragon heads. The dragon heads swirled around Dragixe and then disappeared. The monster stumbled back and collected a blue ball of light in her hands.

"Big Bang!!" she cried and threw it.

Freya suddenly leaped into the dark sky, high into the air until she was out of sight. Skye blinked. (She disappeared!) Dragixe turned to her.


Skye leaped and dodged as the tree she had been near exploded. She placed her sword in front of her and felt power. Before she realized what was happening, she swung the sword to the right and then slashed it to the left in a very fast motion. Blue light exploded from the sword and flew forward in a semicircle. It smashed into Dragixe, sending her back near the edge of the cliff.

"Whoa....." Skye gasped as Saffire ran up next to her.

Suddenly, a spear flew down and stabbed the Dragixe badly. She cried in pain as Freya landed on her feet and collected her spear.


Freya and Skye were both hit and thrown back while Saffire was able to duck. Her whole body surged with a white power and a white beam collected in her mouth. She opened wide and the glowing white beam was shot at the Dragixe. The power beam collided with Dragixe and sent her over the edge of the cliff. The monster opened her wings, trying to catch herself, but the pain was too much for her. The monster suddenly realized that Freya's spear had tore a great, big hole in her left dragon wing. She screamed in horror and was suddenly silenced as she smashed into the rocky ground and disappeared as a Lost Disk. Skye let out a sigh of relief as the blade of the sward disappeared from sight. Skye placed it back in its case and ran to hug Saffire.

"You did great, Saffire! Thanks!" Skye cried happily.

"Were not done yet." Freya suddenly said. Skye looked up to see a bunch of glowing red eyes in the trees.

"Wha-!? What is that!?" Skye cried and stood up.

Saffire looked frightened by the eyes as she stepped back.

"Never mind that! Follow me!" Freya cried and grabbed Skye's arm roughly.

"Hey!" Skye cried as she was dragged into the woods.

Howls, barks and snarls suddenly were heard from every angle as they raced through the rain and darkness. Skye looked over her shoulder and past her cloak that was flying around wildly with the wind. They were Terror Dogs (Tiger/Monol)! And a lot of them too. They continued to run through the trees being hounded by the Terror Dogs. Saffire struggled to keep up and even Skye was having trouble keeping up with the fast woman. Lightning bolts were being shot at every direction from behind them as the Terror Dogs shot their Torpedo and Lightning attacks. Suddenly, a well placed Lightning attack smashed into a giant tree and brought it crashing down a few feet in front of them. Skye didn't know what Freya was going to do as she ran toward it. Suddenly, she leaped. Skye was barely able to grab Saffire as they soared over it.

"Whoa!! Hey!!" Skye cried in surprise.

They landed hard on the ground and Skye was surprised to land on her feet and still keep running. Saffire yelped in her arms from the surprise.

"Next time warn me before you're gonna do that!" Skye cried as they kept running.

The Terror Dogs had no problems as they leaped over the fallen tree. Skye was out of breath until she suddenly realized they weren't in the forest any more. They were at the top of the hill she had previously been standing on.

Here, Freya stopped and let Skye's arm go.

"Wait, the firewood!" Skye suddenly remembered.

Saffire shook her head from Skye's arms.

"But.....I need it!" Skye protested.

"You also need your arms, legs and head." Freya snapped and continued down the hill.

"Good point." Skye agreed and followed.

Saffire jumped from Skye's arms and continued to follow on foot. Skye ran as hard as she could, considering she was already dead tired and soaked from the rain to the bone. She panted hard and kept the woman in her sights, following her red coat through the rain. Suddenly, she spotted the cave.

"Stop!! Hey, over here!!" Skye cried over a sound of thunder.

She was sure the woman hadn't heard, but was surprised to see her stop and turn to Skye.

"This way!" Skye cried and pointed at the cave.

Freya hesitated for a moment. Skye looked behind her and saw the Terror Dogs coming down the hill. It was at least 50 or more. Skye decided she didn't need to wait and ran off towards the direction of the cave. Freya suddenly sprinted off, following Skye and Saffire. (Wait, I can't lead them to all of my friends! What should I do....?) Skye suddenly had an idea. She race toward the cave and then leaped onto on of the rocks. She turned to Saffire.

"Tell the others to get the hell outta that cave, NOW!!" she gasped and then continued to scramble up the side of the cave toward the top.

Saffire race down the cave and into the opening. Freya skidded to a halt and looked up at Skye as she climbed upward.

"What are you doing!? Why aren't you going inside with your monster!?" Freya called up.

"I have an idea on how to knock these Terror Dogs out of the game!" Skye called back and then disappeared from Freya's view.

Freya turned to see the Terror Dogs closing in. She shook her head and took a giant leap from her current spot. She then landed hard on the top of the cave with Skye. Skye was pushing hard on a giant bolder to roll forward, but wasn't having much luck.

"You honestly think you can do that?" Freya laughed.

"Don't know until I try!" Skye snapped back.

Freya stopped her laughing and stared at Skye while she pushed hard on the large bolder. The cold rain poured harder than ever and the black clouds made it impossible to see. Still, Skye wasn't going to give up. Ferya smiled at Skye.

"I have a better idea." she told her.

Skye looked up at her in confusion. Suddenly, the Terror Dogs were in front of them.

"Keep pushing that rock and try to get it to the very center!" Freya ordered and ran forward into the batch of Terror Dogs. They all attacked her at once.

"Wait, Freya!! I......I can't move it..." Skye sighed and shook her head, causing water to fling off in different directions.

"Need some help?" came Holly as she ran up beside Skye in a purple cloak.

"Great timing!" Skye cried and continued to push on the large rock.

Genki came up beside Holly in a brown one, pushing as well. Tiger, Gray Wolf and Saffire joined in.

"Alright everyone, push!!" Skye ordered over the sound of thunder.

Freya suddenly leaped back from the mob of Terror Dogs and near the others. She began to help roll the bolder forward. They pushed with all their strength and it began to roll, but barely.


Lightning bolts were shot from the group of monsters and at everyone. The force hit the bolder and cracked it.

"If they do that again, it'll break! Someone has to fight them!" Skye cried as they powered their horns again.

"Big Bang!!"


The two attacks smashed into the Terror Dogs and sent them down. Pixie suddenly landed next to them all and Big Blue wasn't far behind.

"Pixie, your here! Or should I say Granity!" Holly cried happily.

"Big Blue....? But he was.....?" Genki asked in confusion.

"Long story. Big Blue?" Pixie asked.

Big Blue lifted the bolder and threw it hard into the center. It smashed through, bring the Terror Dogs with it. Everyone leaped and landed hard on the muddy ground just as the whole thing collapsed. It seemed the rain excepted the victory and disappeared. The dark clouds parted and sun shined brightly down on everyone, soaked to the bone from the rain. Everyone cheered happily as the sun sparkled brightly. Skye sighed heavily and flopped down on the wet and muddy grass. She was already so wet, it didn't matter.

"Now, explain." Genki said, turning to Big Blue and Pixie.

"Well, I found a Mystery Disk one day and decided to unlock it. You know, for the company. It turned out to be Big Blue. I used a Time Capsule to turn him into his normal self again." Pixie explained.

" seems all the monsters that were fused during that battle with Moo came back as Mystery Disks. First Tiger, now Big Blue. The question is, how? Fusing is a whole different thing than dying." Holly pondered.

"In the meantime, who's she?" asked Tiger with a low growl.

Everyone turned to face Freya who had her spear resting on the ground. It suddenly disappeared in a flash of blue light and she lowered her arm, looking at them all with no emotion shown in her green eyes.

"Who are you?" asked Holly more gently than Tiger had.

"I am Freya, a Dragon Knight from Assoclicia." she answered.

"Be nice to her, Tiger! She's a really nice person! She helped me out today!" Skye said and smiled at her. "Oh, and my name's Skye, in case you don't know!"

When Freya returned her smile with a cold glare, Skye's smile faded.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Skye asked.

Freya turned to have her back facing them.

"I only helped you to return the favor." she said simply.

"Oh, come on! I know you helped me because you wanted to!" Skye said and crossed her arms over her chest with a nod.

Freya looked off into the distance.

"Perhaps......" she answered in a dreamy like tone.

"Perhaps? Perhaps what?" asked Genki.

"Perhaps it was because I admire your strength. You are strong willed, Skye." Freya answered.

"I......I am?" Skye asked.

Freya continued to keep her back to them all.

"I was once like you. I was once a proud and strong girl like you. I served my kingdom with respect and honor, as any Dragon Knight should. Then, destruction hit my kingdom. It was destroyed. I had failed to protect my kingdom, and I was the only survivor left.....I was the only one who had lived. The one I loved.....the king and queen.....all dead because of.....her......and that day........that day I lost my courage.....everything that made me a Dragon Knight." Freya said and closed her eyes, but refused to hang her head.

Everyone stood, watching her with sad eyes and unable to speak as she continued.

"I told myself it was my fault. I couldn't stop her.....I couldn't fight her....she was too strong....I had failed my kingdom. I left my kingdom and began to travel in pursuit of the one who had done this. Soon, my travel became a search. A search for who I use to be. A proud Dragon Knight with a will no one could break...........I never found her. I never found the answer to my search."

"Freya.......I.......I'm sorry....." Skye said and hung her head sadly.

"How awful......" Holly agreed.

"Who? Who did that?" Pixie growled angrily.

Everyone looked up in surprise. Freya didn't answer for a moment. There was a tense moment before an answer came.


"WHAT?! She was the one with that Dragixe.......the one who had said finally caught you....what's going on!?" Skye cried.

"Sentra use to be a warrior at my kingdom.....but left after she was rejected by the king as Dragon Knight. I had won the place instead. A few years later, she returned and destroyed my kingdom, punishing everyone for something she didn't get. She let me live for one reason that I would always be alone."


Saffire looked up at Skye, who had found nothing to say to her. Freya turned her head to the group, her white hair still dripping wet from the soaking rain.

"Thank you for saving me from her and Dragixe, Skye. You have my everlasting gratitude." she said and turned back from facing them.

She began to walk off, leaving then behind.

"Wait, Freya!" Skye cried, running forward a little.

Freya stopped, but didn't turn around.

"Come with us! Come help us destroy Sentra and Mistress Nine! Then, you won't be alone any more!" Skye said as a light wind blew past the seance, blowing Skye's cloak to one side.

Freya hesitated, standing there for a moment as the wind blew past her. Then, she walked on through the wet grass and away from them all. Skye watched her leave with sad eyes. Skye began to go after her but Tiger leaped in front of her to stop Skye from going any further.

"Tiger, I must go after her! Please, let me!" Skye begged the blue wolf.

Tiger shook his head and stared off into the wind where Freya was, walking away from the group. The wind blew past him, ruffling his fur.

"Many wolves walk in packs. However some are better off, walking alone." Tiger told her as Freya disappeared from their sight.

To Be Continued..........

Quick note: Freya is copyrighted from Final Fantasy IX with all rights reserved. I'm just using her in my story with a whole different purpose than in the game, but it is still the same character. I just wanted to point out that all rights are reserved and you can't sue cause I'm not making money off this.

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