Cowboy Bebop meets Monster Rancher!!!

By: Chibi-chan

It's a beautiful day in MR land. It's been at least a few months after the
battle of moo. (A/N:Never saw the episode..gomen!) Anywho..Everyone is at
Genki's house. Genki is teaching the others about computers.

Genki: Okay..this is called the internet or also known as the web. In here
tons of information is stored in things called data. The data is made and is
put on the web.

Suezo: English?

Genki: *sigh* is-

Hare: Data is info that is man put on to this thing called the internet for
everyone to see.

Tiger: *To Holly* Where the heck is he coming up with this stuff?

Holly: *Shrugs*

All of a sudden the computer screen begins to static and the words begin to
float around finally a screen pops up and in the screen is a girl with short
wild red hair, and golden eyes with a pair of goggles hanging from her neck.

Genki: Who are you?..Wait a sec when did we ever  have a live chat line?

Ed: Helloo out there! Ed is Ed! Ed is short for Edward Wong Hau Pepelu
Tivrusky the 4th! Ed came up with that name. It's nice to meet you!

We then hear  voices coming from the background.

Faye: HEY JET! Have you seen my make up?

Jet: No..why?

Faye: Then why is it in the trash?

Jet: Hey don't look at me it's probably Spike.

Faye: SPIKE! Did you dump my make up in the garbage?

Spike: Yeah..

Faye: Why did you do that?

Spike: Most of that stuff was old and moldy! Besides it was taking up most
of the space in the cabinet.


Spike: Jeeze don't have to yell!!! Just take it out of the trash.

MR gang: O.o;;

Spike: Ed have you found the info on that guy yet? Hey what are you doing?

We then see a young man with spikey green hair.

Spike: Ed will you please stop fooling around.

Ed: *Saluting*  Ed will find that info! *Wave to the MR gang* Bye-bye!!
*Screen goes blank*

The MR gang is just staring at the blank screen

Suezo: Okay..that was weird....

Golem: Who was that?

Genki: A hacker...a very strange hacker....

Mean while in space.


Ed:*Has remote control and is guiding the Bebop to Earth. *see episode nine*
Ed's going to visit nice kid and friends on earth. YAY! THERE'S EARTH!!! ON
WARDS!!!!! ZOOOOM!!!! *Makes air plane noises*

Spike: You just had to make promises didn't you!

Faye: Oh shut up!!

The Bebop makes a landing next to Genki's house and Ed runs out with Ein the
Corgi following her along with Spike, Jet and Faye.

Ed: *Knocks on the door*

Genki's mom: Oh hi..may I help you.

Edward: Edward would like to see kid with friends please.

Genki's mom: Oh you mean Genki..hold on please. Genki you have a visiter!
Why don't you come in.  *To Spike* Excuse me but can you please not smoke in
the house? Thanks. Would any of you like something to eat or drink.

Faye: Uh some coffe please.

Jet: Same here.

Spike: Nothing please..

Jet: Uh..we're sorry about this..uh Ed can be a little..

Faye: Crazy?

Spike: Hyper? Nuts?

Jet: *Kicks both of them under the table* Drastic at times..

Genki's mom: No problem..Genki's friends always drop by like this..


Ed: Hello! Ed is here!!!

Tiger: How the heck did she get here so fast?

Ein: Woof!!

Holly: What's he saying Tiger?

Tiger: He says his name is Ein.

Ed: It's nice to meet you! *Shakes Genki's hand*

Genki: Uh..nice to meet you

Mochi: Doggy chi!!

Ein: BARK!

Ed: This is Ein..he's a cowboy woof woof!

Suezo: Is this kid an escapee from an asylum?


Genki's mom: So Ed's a hacker?

Jet: Yep...

Genki's mom: Poor thing..growing up with no parents...

Spike: Actually she seemed fine without us..


Genki: This is mochi, Suezo, Holly, Golem, Tiger, Golem and Hare. And I'm

Ed: Ed knows who you are! You're from the tv show Monster Rancher!

Hare: Holly, can we pleeese call the asylum?

Holly: Hare!

Hare: She's freaking me out here!

Ed: *Giggles* Genki, Suezo, Holly, Mochi, Tiger, Golem and Hare are from a
world far away from here!!

Suezo: Pleeese can we call the Asylum?

Tiger: Stop your whining..


Spike: Thanks for the stuff..but we have to go..*Yells upstairs* HEY ED

Ed: Ooh! Ed's gotta go..see ya later!! *Cartwheels out of the room*

Hare: There goes one disturbed kid...

Tiger: Kind of reminds you of someone....

Hare: Yeah..hey!!!

Outside the Bebop takes off for space. Back on earth, the computer screen
comes to life and a huge yellow smiley face fills the screen and a screen
pops up.

Ed: Hello! Ed wants to say thank you for talking with Ed..gotta go!
BYEEEEEEEE!!!!!! *Screen goes blank*

Suezo: I'll never understand that kid...

The end....