Okay read this so you can get ur facts staight in this fan fic. Ash is 16,
Misty is 16, and brock is 25

    Ash having reached his goal of becoming a Pokemon master sits at home
slumped on the coach watching one off Misty and her sisters water shows. With
reporters coming at all hours, but Pikachu always at his side.
   On the other hand Misty is now a young lady, and her sisters finaly
accepted her a a sensational sister, Misty now has a boyfriend, named rick
(when Ash heard this it hit him hard, he fell face first on to the couch
while say "NO"). But Rick isn't what he seems, he ecationaly hit Misty for no
apparent reason, but of curse her sisters know nothing of this behaveour.
   Now Brock is a world famous Pokemon Breeder, with his beautiful with at
his side, he is a father too two children, Lory who is 6 and  Tommy who is 5,
they both have the same goal, to catch every Pokemon there is, But Kelsey,
Brocks wife says "there goal is to drive her and Brock out of there minds".
           Ash, Misty and Brock do keep in contact, with calls and letters,
mostly letters, or if Ash dose get a call the carges are usally reversed to

   Mom do you think I should pay a surprise visit to Misty and Brock?? asked
Ash as he walked in to the kichen to grab a cookie.

    Well, just how do you accept to get to Pewter City with out getting
draged down by reporters Ash??, answered Ash's mom as she grab the cookie out
of Ash's hand
 I'll sneak out tonight first I'll buy Misty and Brock a little present,
said Ash with a grin on his face.Oh I just can't wait to see Misty!!!!

  You mean Misty and Brock, said ash's mom
   thats what I said.

     No Ash you only said Misty, replyed his mom

    NO, I said Misty and Brock, yeld Ash as he walked into the living room.

        That night Ash went out as planned, with pikachu at his side, and
went on to pewter city.
       Misty was in here room take'in off her make up

       Hey sweetie, You left the party so early I thought you might have
wanted to be alone with me, said rick walk'in in Mistys room.

    Ahhh actaly I wanted to be totally alone, but you can stay, said Misty
as she looked in mirror at the bruses on her face off rick.

      Ha, who's this guy Misty, asked Rick as he looked at a picture of Ash
that Ash gave Misty on there last day together.

    My best friend Ash.

      But Misty this guys a guy?!?!

      Yeah sooo

      SOOO, your not aloud to have other guys as friends in this relastion
ship, yeld Rick as he smashed and ripped up Ash's photo, then went and and
hit Misty, she fell to the ground and Rick walked out
         Ash on the other hand was pick'in up a present for Misty and Brock.
For Misty he bought a gold ring with a bluish, greenish circle on it that Ash
said reminded him of Misty's eyes. And he bought Brock a new pokemon breeders

         Pika pi pi ka chu ( are you giving that ring to misty Ash)? asked

         Yeah, if you think its ok for her, or dose it make me look like I
am an idiot??, replyed Ash.

         Pi chu chu ( No its just fine, she'll love )

         Thanks Pikachu

         other at Brocks end  things are quiet.

           Oh, Brock dear I got a call of your friend Ash he's visiting here
, He sad he'll be here in 3 hours, explained Kelsey

            Oh, thats great, I bet he's grown alot, I mine he is 16 now.

            Oh and Brock dear Ash asked if you could call Misty and ask her
to come into Pewter City to see him, He said something about a present for

           Oh I'll call her straight away

       Afer Brocks call Misty drove over to Pewter City

           Hi, Misty long time no see, said Brock

           Yeah, Is Ash ehere yet Brock??

          Not yet Misty

 Brock and Misty went inside, 5 minutes later the door bell rang, It was Ash.

         Ash buddy, hows it go'in?, asked Brock

        Great, answered Ash

            Hi Ash, came a voice from behind Brock, It was misty.

        Ash stood staring at how prefectly Misty had filled out, Amazed by
her beauty

         Ehhhh, H..Hi Misty, you look great, answered Ash slowly

          Oh thanks said Misty as she blushed.

        Brock, Misty I have present for you guys, Brock heres your. Brock
open it and some how seemed to love, Now you Misty, she slowly opened it.

          Oh Ash its.....its....so.. beauiful, Rick would die if he saw me

           Here Misty let me help, Ash bent down and slid the ring on
Misty's finger, then they stood once again staring at each other.

         Brock thought to him self that this might be the day he see's Ash
and Misty fall in love.

             the door bell gose, Brock opens the door to see Rick standing

                Ehhhhhhh, can I help you ,asked Brock

                 Wheres Misty, answered Rick

                 Rich, what are you doing here??, asked Misty

                  Looking for you, and hey thats the guy in the photo I

                 My names Ash Ketchum and I am the Pokemon master

                Yeah, well you had better step away from my girlfriend or
I'll punch you into next year!!!!!!

                Rick stop, leave Ash out of this, please Ash is a good

                Shut up , yeld Rick as he hit Misty to the ground.

                Ash ran to Misty's side, how dare you hit her, and you call
yourself a boyfriend.!!!!!!, yeld Ash back

                Fine, you take her, she ain't worth my time of day, said
Rick as he turned an left.  

                 Misty are you okay, asked Ash as he helped her up from the
ground, that was your boyfriend?

                  Yeah but he isn't any more, and know I'll be alone when I
go to partys, and I won't have anyone there for me when I am in trouble.

          You'll always have Me and Brock, Misty

           Yeah but I'll be a dead beat at the specal sensational sisters
dance, because I couldn't just dance with anyone I need a boyfriend, cried

          Well I guess that where I come in Misty, said Ash blushing

            do you mean that you.....

               I gues it does, said Ash
              Ash and Misty began Kissing

               After that Ash and Misty went back to Ash's moms house, where
Misty was now staying.

               Misty, Misty, Misty,
                 al of a sudden Misty awoke to see Ash and Brock where young

             Mister, you Must of had one heck off a dream you rolled out of
your sleeping bag, said Ash

             Yeah its lucky Ash safed you before you hit the water, replyed

              It was all a dream ,Misty said to her self then looked at Ash
and sighed

             By Ms. Sophie, L, J