Chapter 1: Renunion


The Gariels (Dragon/Gali) had surrounded our heroes . One of them was pointing some sort of laser at Holly.


Captain Gariel: Now none of you rebels move our your pretty companion is going to get a taste of that laser.


Suezo: When I get me tongue on ………..


Genki: Quiet Suezo


Suezo can’t stand it anymore and attacks.


Suezo: Tongue whip!


He knocks Captain Gariel down. Captain Gariel gets up.


Cap. Gariel: Fools! Fire!


The Gariel that is holding the laser fires. Tiger jumps in front of Holly taking the beam himself. He falls to the ground unconscious and badly wounded.


Holly: TIGER! NO!


Then a silvery- white flash darts in the center of the group and attacks all the Gariel. In no less that three minutes all that remains of them are lost disks.


Genki: Uhhh………..


The white flash turns out to be a beautiful young tiger, with fur  the color of moon light and silver.


Gray Wolf: It can’t be……… Mistian!!


Mistian: Gray Wolf!!


Both them run to each other. Mistian licks Gray wolf’s cheek.


Gray Wolf: I thought they killed you!


Mistian (With a laugh): Almost, but mom saved me.


Gray Wolf: Let me introduce you to Mistian, our little sister.


Mistian Smiles and nods, then gasps.

Mistian: Oh No! Tiger!