Monster Farm C 100 Years Later: Death Dragon Saga Episode 01

Monster Farm C 100 Years Later Series and characters created by Tony “Toe” Reardon Original Monster Farm/ Monster Rancher concept by “Tecmo” ™

Authors Note There are several terms that I keep Japanese. They are as followed…

Mazoku: Monster race. Used to refer to what was known as Baddies in the original TV dub series

Teikoku: Empire. Used by to refer to the Mazoku army in full

Shogun: General. Used when referring to the top ranking officers of the Teikoku.

Death Dragon Saga Episode 01

A New Beginning

Prologue: Nine Years Ago

He stood there, sweat dripping from his brow, mouth dry, muscles aching. Pain was the greatest feeling in his body. Jonathan Delmyer stood ready to defend his town, wife and son from the evil army that threatened them.

Jonathan winced as he felt a slimy tentacle from a Jell slash across his face. He looked at his hand after feeling the scratch and saw his own blood. He gritted his teeth and held The Sword Of The Monsters ready to do battle.

Jonathan: “We lived in peace! Not harming anyone! Not being a threat to anyone! Why do you attack us?”

A Death Dragon stood before him and grinned smugly. He wore a black and red, torn cape and on it was a golden medallion. It bore the long forgotten symbol of Moo on it. The many other monsters behind him had on the same medallion.

Dragon: “You hold the answer in your hand my friend.”

Jonathan looked at his blade. The legendary sword of the monsters was said to be able to give any human the powers of all monsters. However, Jonathan was not use to having to use it in real combat. He wiped his brow dry and charged at Dragon, who met Jonathan with a Flutter attack that threw him back. As Jonathan struggled to his feet, Dragon blasted a fire ball at him. Jonathan held the sword up just in time to block it. But when Jonathan lowered his sword, Dragon stood right in his face.

Dragon: “Come now. Why must we fight like this? You will never defeat our lord. Why resist? Give us the sword and we will spare you and your towns people's lives. Refuse us, and you will die!”

He growled menacingly as his red eyes pierced through Jonathan's like fire. Jonathan narrowed his eyes.

Jonathan: “Never.”

He froze as he felt a tearing pain in his chest. Dragon has clawed right through him. Jonathan's family cried out in horror as Dragon's hand was pierced straight through Jonathan's chest and out his back. Dragon pulled his hand out of Jonathan's body and let him fall to the ground. Jonathan's son, Trent, ran over to his father.

Melissa: “Trent! Come back!”

Trent: “Father!”

Trent fell onto his father, shaking him madly, hoping that his father was still alive. However, life had already slipped from Jonathan. His eyes rolled in the back of his head as his blood stained the ground and his only son. Trent shook with fear and rage.

Trent: “You killed him...”

Dragon: “No hard feelings junior. Just doing as I was ordered.”

Trent: “But... why?.... Who would want to do this... to us?...”

Trent’s eyes overflowed with tears as he held his father’s head in his arms. Jonathan’s blood splattered all over his son’s body.

Dragon: “My lord and master, Time Noise.”

Melissa: “Jonathan!”

Jonathan’s wife, Melissa, wept as she joined her sons side. Trent looked down at the sword. He then saw his mother lift it up and challenge Dragon.

Melissa: “It's YOUR fault this happened! Not your masters! YOU were the one who did this!”

Melissa roared as she dashed into Dragon.

Trent: “MOM! NO!”

Trent’s plea availed no such luck. In a few quick swipes and splashes of blood, Trent's mother was also dead.

Trent: “MOTHER!!”

Trent's eyes were wide with shock as his mother's head fell to the ground, separated from her body. And then something inside Trent snapped. He lifted the sword from his mother's dead hand and also held it.

Dragon: “Don't be foolish boy... just give me the sword and you won't be hurt.”

Trent: “YOU LIE! You'll use this sword for you own evil greedy purposes! I cannot allow it to fall into your hands! My father was right to try and keep it from you!”

Trent roared. He too began to run at Dragon, the sword ready to slice him apart.

Trent: “I'm gonna kill you Dragon!!”

Dragon smugly grinned and held a hand forward. From that hand came a small ball of flame energy.

Dragon: “Die.”

Dragon blasted a beam of fire at Trent. Trent screamed as he was engulfed by the beam, but he had held the sword up before it hit him, and rather than rip his body apart, it threw him back farther than they could see. Sword and all.

Dragon: “NO! DAMN! How could I have been so foolish!??!”

Dragon stomped on Jonathan's dead body, crushing it beneath his feet. He spun around to his men.

Dragon: “Find that kid! Kill him and bring me the sword!! NOW!!!”

His men ran in the direction Trent flew off in.


A good distance from the city, a young woman carried Trent's unconscious body and his sword into her cottage. She wrapped him in several thick cloths to keep his blood from dripping out and leaving a trail. She double checked behind her for blood traces and Mazoku, and closed the door.

Woman: “Don't worry lad. You're safe now.”


Dragon: “I take it you didn't find him...”

His men bowed their heads in shame.

Jell: “Forgive us sir. We found no trace.”

Dragon: “Very well. Let us return to Chronos Tower. We'll be able to locate him from there.”

Dragon and the Mazoku gathered in the Battle Ship. They then flew back to their base, confident that they would achieve their masters goal and get the Sword of the Monsters for him.

01:Never One Day In Paradise

He stood in the market place. A brown leather cape draped over his back. Deep bronze chest and shoulder armor sat on him over a dark blue sleeveless shirt. On his head he wore a blood red bandana. His brown shaggy mid back hair fell over it. Scars struck across his face, making it obvious that he was a warrior of some sort. A giant sword hovered against his back, it's blade stained and rusted with dry blood. He looked around and saw a fruit stand. He paid the vender and took an apple to eat. Throwing the core into a trash can when he was done, he looked around for the nearest hotel. He found it.

???: “Excuse me. I'd like a room for the night.”

The clerk turned around to see his customer. He smiled warmly and began to check the young man in.

Clerk: “Very good sir. We have one room left. It's a hundred Golds a night. Shall I register you?”

???: “Yes. I'll only be staying one night.”

Clerk: “I see. Name?”

T-Bone: “Just call me T-Bone.”

The clerk smiled, nodded and wrote it down. He handed him the key and sent him on his way.


T-Bone sat his armor on a dresser and threw his cloak on a chair. He then laid on the bed and gently sat his sword against the wall next to it.

T-Bone: “Mabey I'll get lucky and they won't attack for a while.”

He looked out of the balcony window into the sky. Hatred was wiped across his face as he thought of the injustice on his parents nine years ago. How Death Dragon skewered his father’s body, and beheaded his mother. The expressions on their faces were still fresh in his mind. How he hated Time Noise and the Teikoku. Never since Moo that century ago was there such a powerful evil such as Time Noise. It was that very power that took the lives of his family and friends. Ever since then, the only family T-Bone's really had was Kigakari, Konomu and their Horn monster Pin-Head, who took him in and raised him after they found his bloody battered body floating in the river. They were the only people T-Bone let get close to him after what happened.

T-Bone: “Perhaps I should give them a call today.”

Even after the century of Moo, not much has changed. However some of the ancients technology was rebuilt and put to use. Phones were one of them.

T-Bone: “How ironic that the very technological advances that almost destroyed this world, is also that which could bring family and friends together, even when there's such a big gap between them.”

Suddenly, T-Bone's wandering thoughts changed as he heard the sound of screams and carnage. Looks like the Mazoku weren't gonna let up at all.

T-Bone: “No matter... I'll just kill them and be done with it.”

He placed his sword against his back and jumped down the balcony.

T-Bone landed just in front of the group, who turned their heads to see him. It was the Mazoku Zuum troops. T-Bone cracked his knuckles and grinned at the monsters.

T-Bone: “Party time...”

The Zuum troops dashed into T-Bone with rage. However, T-Bone simply jumped over the entire party. He drew his swords and in one clean slice, half of the Zuum army was nothing but lost disks. T-Bone grinned devilishly as the rest of the Zuum army coward back slowly from the fight.

T-Bone: “I don't think so boys...”

T-Bone slyly grinned as he held a hand up. He powered up energy from the sword and fired a huge Naga's Energy Shot attack at them. It engulfed the Zuum army and turned them all into lost disks. T-Bone stood over his work with a smirk of amusement and hatred across his face. The citizens of the city cheered as T-Bone leapt back up to his room in the hotel. The entire Northern Continent was very familiar with him. He went many places and protected many people from Time Noise's Teikoku. And everyone was amazed and grateful for his work.

T-Bone: “Now... If they're quite done... I'm gonna take a nap.”

With a mean smirk on his face, T-Bone pulled the covers over him and fell asleep.


Hoshi: “Yumei! Come here child! Quickly!”

Hoshi Mizuchii called to her grand daughter. Yumei Mizuchii came running fast from the group of monsters attacking her village. Yumei was the direct descendant of Holly, who back in the time of Moo used the magic stone to find the Phoenix. Yumei wore the very same stone around her neck. And as of now, a group of Mazoku was attacking her, trying to get it.

Ichiban: “Yumei, quickly!”

Yumei’s grandfather called to her. Yumei tried to run faster, but slipped and fell on a stone. When she regained herself, a giant shadow stood over her. There stood one of Time Noise's most feared men, Death Dragon.

Dragon: “Honestly child... why waste time in such a manner? Just give me the stone and we will leave you be...”

Yumei: “I'll never help you achieve your evil goals! You'll have to kill me to get it! But then who will work it?”

Dragon: “Don't be foolish! Just give us the stone and your life will be spared!”

Yumei: “Hello! Weren't you listening? I'm the only one who can make the stone work!”

Dragon stood tall and smiled wickedly at his victim beneath him.

Dragon: “Heh... so you say child... but do you know the full of Time Noise's powers?”

Yumei's face of confidence turned into a face of fear.

Yumei: “Well you'll still have to kill me first!”

She clutched the stone for dear life.

Dragon: “That could be arranged, my dear.”

With an evil smile on his face, Dragon lifted his wing into the air and poised it to come down on top of Yumei. Yumei shut her eyes and screamed as she saw Dragon's wing falling towards her, ready to take her life.

But it never touched. And even stranger, she heard Dragon crying out in pain. Yumei opened her eyes to see blasts of energy being fired into Dragon.


Dragon roared as he saw T-Bone Delmyer walking toward him. His hand outstretched, firing Naga Shots at Dragon.

T-Bone: “Didn't your momma ever tell you it's not nice to pick on a lady?”

Dragon's snarl faded away and he smiled wickedly.

Dragon: “Feh... You're the one who needs reminding... of who I am child!”

Dragon dashed toward T-Bone. T-Bone just dodged at a high speed and appeared next to Yumei.

T-Bone: “Best for you to run now.”

Yumei stared at him amazed for a bit and then nodded. She took off running towards her grandparents.

Dragon: “Not so fast my dear!”

Dragon roared as he charged at her as high speeds. T-Bone ran just as fast and caught Dragon just before he hit Yumei. T-Bone and Dragon stared into each others eyes. Hate pouring form them both.

T-Bone: “You ain't gonna do nothin Dragon!”

Dragon: “Give it up T-Bone! You never could defeat me, and this time will be no different!”

Dragon roared as he tried to push harder. T-Bone slowly moved back as Dragon pushed harder than T-Bone.

T-Bone: “No... You... DON'T!”

T-Bone shot a Naga Shot and sent Dragon flying backward. T-Bone stood hunched over, trying to recover himself while he could.

Yumei: “Are... you ok mister?”

Yumei called out when she saw T-Bone fall onto one knee.

T-Bone: “Get back in hiding!”

When Yumei saw Dragon get up, she did as she was told.

Dragon: “No use T-Bone... I saw her!”

Dragon leapt into the air and came down in front of the Mizuchiis. Yumei, Hoshi and Ichiban stood there in horror. Dragon grinned evilly.

Dragon: “Give me the stone.”

Yumei: “Never!”

Dragon roared and shot flames at them, but when the Mizuchiis opened their eyes, T-Bone held his sword up in front of the flames, protecting the Mizuchiis. Yumei looked on amazed. T-Bone looked back at them.

T-Bone: “RUN!”

The Mizuchiis ran as fast as their feet could carry them, which was not very fast. For Dragon had stopped and flew after them, shooting balls of fire in their path.

Hoshi: “Hurry!”

Yumei lagged behind as she stumbled about. The land was set a flame and there were many holes to stumble in. Yumei tried her best, but she was blown back by a fireball.

Ichiban & Hoshi: “YUMEI!”

Ichiban and Hoshi cowered in fear when they saw Yumei get blown back. Yumei laid there, slowly getting up. She gasped in horror as she saw Death Dragon land in front of her.

Dragon: “Foolish girl! If you won't give me the stone, I'll just take it from you! Along with your life!!”

He roared as he grabbed Yumei and lifted her off the ground. Yumei cried out as Dragon began to squeeze her, trying to crush her and kill her.

T-Bone: “STOP IT!!”

T-Bone shouted as he sliced across Dragon's bony face with his sword. Dragon roared in pain and dropped Yumei, who was caught by T-Bone.

Dragon: “HOW DARE YOU?!!?”

Dragon roared as he swung his tail, striking T-Bone across the face. T-Bone flew back but successfully landed on his feet. He leapt over to Hoshi and Ichiban, who took their granddaughter from T-Bone.

T-Bone: “Get the hell out of here!”

Hoshi and Ichiban ran as fast as they could. But Dragon cut their path off with another fire ball. The Mizuchiis stopped and fell back a bit. Dragon sneered and held his hand out. An evil grin spread across his face as he slowly spoke.

Dragon: “Die.”

He shot a large flaming blast at the Mizuchiis, who stood there in fear. They slowly were surprised when T-Bone stood in front of them and countered Dragon's blast with a blast of his own.

T-Bone mustered up enough energy to overpower Dragon's blast, and the giant monster was shot into the air and away from the burning village.

Dragon: “NO! If I can't have the stone, I'll take your head as a conciliation prize!”

Dragon roared as he fired a very powerful beam at T-Bone and the Mizuchiis. T-Bone saw the beam headed his way. He drew his arms back and preformed a Flutter attack, blowing the Mizuchiis a great distance away from him. Then the blast connected with his body.

Yumei: “NO!!”

Yumei cried out as T-Bone roared loudly as pain ripped through him as the beam engulfed his entire body.



???: “We lived in peace... not harming anyone... not being a threat to anyone... why do you attack us?”

T-Bone: What?

???: “Come now. Why must we fight like this? You will never defeat our lord. Why resist? Give us the sword and we will spare you and your towns people's lives. Refuse us, and you will die!”

T-Bone: Dragon?

???: “Take this!”

T-Bone: Dad!


T-Bone: No...

???: “No hard feelings junior... just doing as I was ordered.”

T-Bone: Oh no...

???: “MOM! NO!”

T-Bone: Oh please god...

???: “MOTHER!”

T-Bone: Stop it...

???: "Just give us the sword."

T-Bone: Stop....

???: "I'm gonna kill you Dragon!"

T-Bone: Stop!

???: "Die..."

T-Bone: STOP!!!

???: "AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!"


T-Bone: “AAH!!”

T-Bone shot up. He looked around as he panted. He was in a small, one person room. The bed he was laying in was warm, and very soft. The covers were woven neatly. Next to the bed was a night stand with a lamp on it. Over in the corner, next to a well furnished dresser, sat his armor and sword, his brown cape draped over them. Where was he? Was he even alive? He sighed and hung his head in his hands.

T-Bone: “Same dream every night for years... How I hate that day..”

T-Bone slowly stepped out of bed and got on his shirt. He tied his bandana back around his head to get his hair out of his eyes. He walked down stairs into a kitchen. Soup was brewing on the stove. Outside he heard voices, so that's where he went. He stepped out into the dusk as the sun was just beginning to set, and saw three people cutting wood and harvesting crops from the fields.

Yumei: “Ah… it lives.”

A young blonde girl placed the axe down and ran over to T-Bone. He recognized her.

T-Bone: “You're… that girl…”

He now got a better look at the girl. She was only an inch or so from his full height. She had long blonde hair falling to the mid of her back. Her brown eyes sparkled in the dim sunlight as she stared at him. Her smile was just too cute for words. She was also extremely perky. Kinda like pixi sticks without the cavities. Her clothes were basic farmer style. She wore a brown leather vest over a white, short sleeve button shirt. She had on brown shorts that came down to her knees. She smiled at him and grabbed T-Bone's hand, shaking it enthusiastically.

Yumei: “Yep! You're the guy who saved me! Thanks!”

She did a small bow before T-Bone, a customary introduction in the Northern Continent.

Yumei: “My name is Yumei Mizuchii. The woman in the corn field is my grandmother, Hoshi, and the guy cutting logs is my grandfather, Ichiban. We took care of you while you were laid out from Dragon.”

T-Bone: “Ugh… I feel like crap.”

T-Bone staggered about. He walked towards the logs Yumei was cutting and picked up the axe. Yumei stood there confused.

The logs to be cut were piled up next to the tree stump used as the cutting board. T-Bone made one clean fall with the small axe and cut all the logs in half. Yumei stood there surprised. Her eyes wide. T-Bone grinned.

T-Bone: “Well… at least everything still works ok…”

He stood up and began to walk towards the house. Yumei watched as he entered and followed.

Yumei: “Uhm… so what's your name?”

No reply.

Yumei: “Where do ya come from?"”

Still nothing

Yumei: “Are ya ok?”


Yumei: “Do you understand English?”

T-Bone: “Please leave me alone.”

T-Bone groaned as he began to put his armor on. Yumei stood there befuddled.

Yumei: “You're not leaving are you?”

T-Bone: “Yes…”

Yumei: “But… you're hurt!”

T-Bone: “I'm fine… leave me alone…”

Yumei: “But can't you at least stay for dinner… we have to pay you back somehow.”

Yumei: “Leave me alone…”

Yumei: “But sir…”


T-Bone shouted as he spun around. Yumei gasped and fell on her rear end. She sat there dumbfounded and looked at the floor.

Yumei: “…I was only trying to help…”

She sat there, a bit hurt. T-Bone sighed and helped her to her feet. He then returned to getting his armor on.

T-Bone: “I can't stay… I'm needed in other places.”

He slowly alofted his sword over his back. Yumei looked at him confused.

Yumei: “Why?”

T-Bone: “I fight against Time Noise and his men. So I can never stay in one place for to long. There are many other places that need my help.”

Yumei: “Sounds like a lonely life…”

Yumei frowned sympathetically.

T-Bone: “It is…”

T-Bone looked out the window. His eyes seemed to trail off as he watched the sun slowly set behind the mountains.

Ichiban: “Yumei! Dinner!”

Ichiban yelled as he and Hoshi came back into the house.

Yumei: “Coming!”

Yumei came up behind T-Bone and put a hand on his shoulder. T-Bone jumped at this action. Physical contact like this was new to him. He looked at Yumei, who smiled.

Yumei: “Please just stay for dinner? We're having soup, corn and all kinds of other stuff.”

T-Bone looked at her, surprised. Her hand was still on his shoulder. His skin was still tingling from the touch. His face burnt and he felt blood inch towards his nose. He breathed through his mouth in order to not let it trickle. What was the feeling? He knew the word for it, but it escaped him.

Yumei: “Please?”

T-Bone sighed and hung his head slightly.

T-Bone: “Alright.”

Yumei smiled wider.

Yumei: “Great! Let's go!”

She grabbed T-Bone by the hand and began to drag him back down stairs. T-Bone hung his head sympathetically for himself.

T-Bone: “Why me?…”


Ichiban: “So what's your name son?”

T-Bone: “T-Bone.”

Hoshi: “Hmm… that's an interesting name.”

Ichiban: “Why are ya called that?”

T-Bone: “Long story…”

T-Bone made it quite obvious that he wasn't in the mood to talk. Ichiban backed down, but Yumei quickly took his place.

Yumei: “I like long stories!”

T-Bone didn't reply.

Yumei: “Oh not that again… C'mon! Please tell us!”

T-Bone: “No.”

T-Bone quietly finished his soup. He stood up and pushed his chair in.

Hoshi: “It'd be best if you stay another night before you go son. You can use the room you were in for the night.”

T-Bone: “*Sigh* Very well…”

He trudged back upstairs.

Ichiban: “Kinda bitter, wasn't he?”

Hoshi: “Yes… but I'm sure he has his reasons.”

Yumei: “Hmm… I wonder what his reasons are?”

Yumei thought to herself as she watched T-Bone disappear from sight.

Yumei: “I'd sure like to know…”


???: “RUN!”

T-Bone: Not again…

???: “Kill everyone!”

T-Bone: Please no…

???: “Mommy!”

???: “Shut up kid!”

T-Bone: Stop this…


T-Bone: Leave them alone…

???: “Heh… pathetic humans…”

???: “Die!”

???: “AAAAAAAA….”

T-Bone: Stop it…

???: “Kill them all!”

T-Bone: Stop it!

???: “KILL THEM ALL!!!”

T-Bone: STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T-Bone shot up. Again in a cold sweat. He laid back down and looked at the roof.

T-Bone: “Just once… I'd like to have a normal nights sleep…”

He looked towards the door as he saw someone peek in. They quickly closed the door a bit, but not completely.

T-Bone: “C'mon in here girl… I know you're there.”

Yumei stepped in slowly. A pink night shirt and pants on her. She looked towards the floor.

Yumei: “I.. I heard you yelling, and I thought… I should check up on you…”

T-Bone: “It's nothing. I'm fine.”

Yumei: “Well… that's good…”

Yumei shyly looked towards him. She felt like a bumbling idiot. T-Bone obviously wasn't the sociable type, so why did she even try? She turned to leave, a little hurt and disappointed.

T-Bone: “Goodnight Yumei.”

Yumei froze. A sudden spark flickered in her heart. She turned around to see T-Bone smiling at her. Yumei blushed at this and dumbly smiled back.

T-Bone: “Good night… T-bone….”

She shyly waved as she walked out the door, smiling all the way.


???: She seems like a nice girl.

T-Bone: Yep…

???: But aren't they all?

T-Bone: Pretty much…

???: ………

T-Bone: What?

???: Honestly Trent, why do you even deny the fact that you still do have emotions?

T-Bone: I'm not denying anything…

???: Or you're not eh?

T-Bone: No…

???: So you say m'boy… but I know better… I am your father after all.

T-Bone: Your point?

Jonathan: Oh my son… what did they take from you besides your parents that day?

T-Bone: ….

Jonathan: Too much, huh?

T-Bone: ……Yes…

Jonathan: It'll be alright son… It'll all be alright…

T-Bone: I don't get it dad… what was the feeling I felt when she touched me earlier?

Jonathan: I don't know son… only you would know.

T-Bone: But… I don't…

Jonathan: Mabey you should stick around here for a while and find out.

T-Bone: But…

Jonathan: Honestly Trent… try to relax a bit.

T-Bone: Easy for you to say dad…

Jonathan: C'mon. Try to spend a while getting to know humanity again.

T-Bone: ………I don't know…

Jonathan: You may even be able to find out a bit more about yourself.

T-Bone: ……………

Jonathan: Trent?

T-Bone: Alright… I'll stay…

02: The new kid in town; A stroll down memory lane

The Mizuchiis stepped out of the house, ready to begin their daily chores, but as they stepped out into the light, their eyes grew wide with shock as they noticed everything was already done. Each of the three gaped at the freshly chopped wood, the corn that had already been picked, the crops that were already watered and fertilized, and the animals out to pasture until noon.

Ichiban: “Who…”

T-Bone: “Good morning.”

T-Bone placed the axe against the newly chopped wood. All Mizuchiis present stared in shock as all the chores that would take them to a bit after lunch to finish were done in the time it took them to wake up and eat breakfast. Yumei thought to herself as she watched T-Bone walk back into the house and went upstairs.

Yumei: Amazing… But why’d he do it?


Yumei: “Alright… whats your big secret?”

Yumei leaned against the doorway of T-Bone's room. T-Bone sat against the head board, reading a book.

T-Bone: “Secret… no secret… just talent…”

Yumei: “Not that… how do you got such incredible strength? And how could you finish five and a half hours worth of chores in twenty three minutes? And why for that matter?”

T-Bone: “Cause I owed you for the dinner… nothing more.”

T-Bone obviously did not want to tell Yumei the key to his powers. Yumei stood there, a bit angry.

Yumei: “C'mon… at least tell me how you did it. What kind of 'talent' do you have?”

T-Bone: “Speed, skill, strength and swordsmanship… that's how.”

Yumei scoffed.

Yumei: “Oh yeah… some talent…”

T-Bone: “Feh… figures you wouldn't be grateful…”

T-Bone folded a page and closed his book. Yumei made a shocked expression and looked towards the floor.

Yumei: “I… I… I am grateful… But…”

T-Bone gazed out of the window.

T-Bone: “Yumei, don't you realize that I'm not the kind of person to be talking to about secrets or personal history? You have your secrets… and I have mine… Why can't you let that be?”

Yumei: “Well… cause I…”

Yumei searched for how to put this.

Yumei: “I… want to know… more… about you… T-Bone.”

Yumei shyly looked at him. T-Bone's eyes grew mildly wide with shock. He turned to face Yumei.

T-Bone: “But… why would you want to know about my past?”

Yumei: “I… don't know… But I do…”

Yumei sighed and leaned against the door way. T-Bone stared at her intently. A bit confused. His eyes were fixated on her. Her entire body was in even less attire than before. She wore a plain short sleeve shirt, cut off jeans and the same brown boots. It was a little more revealing. He felt his face begin to burn again. Why couldn't he look away? He jerked to attention as he heard her giggle.

Yumei: “I'm sorry… You must think I'm a complete goof… Anyways… thanks for the help T-Bone, and I'll go tell my grandparents that you'll be staying for a while longer to help with all the repairs to the village.”

T-Bone: “Yumei…”

Yumei turned around as she was about to leave. She noticed T-Bone had a smile on his face. She blushed.

T-Bone: “C'mer.”

He motioned towards the bed. Yumei blushed even greater. What could T-Bone want? She reluctantly obeyed T-Bone and sat on his bed. T-Bone sat on the bed's edge, his hands cupped in his lap. Then he spoke.

T-Bone: “Yumei… No one has ever really asked me about my past. In the seven years I've been fighting against Time Noise, no one has ever wanted to know… But I guess I should talk about it with someone…”

Yumei's face brightened a bit, and she began to listen intently as T-Bone told his story.


T-Bone: “About nine or so years ago, I was an average kid. I wasn't powerful like I am now, and not to brave either… but I guess all places must have a beginning. It was in my home, Terenlarn City, the very first place to feel the wrath of Time Noise and the Mazoku. My father was the leader of my village, and also the keeper of my sword, the legendary Sword of Monsters.”

Yumei gasped. The Sword of the Monsters was a legendary blade, that was said to give it's wielder all the powers and strengths of all monsters. Thus making him the ultimate human warrior. No wonder T-Bone was so powerful.

T-Bone: “Anyways, Time Noise wanted the sword… He wanted the power the sword could have given him. So he sent Death Dragon to attack us. Dragon's men killed everyone in my village, and Dragon himself slaughtered my parents right in front of my eyes.”

Yumei gasped again. T-Bone's parents… She almost saw Death Dragon's evil face looming over T-Bone and his parents fallen bodies.

T-Bone: “I retaliated against Dragon, but I wasn't anywhere near powerful enough to defeat him, let alone put up a challenge. He blasted me aways out of the village, and luckily, I survived and now had the sword in my possession. I landed near a small cottage on the outskirts of our neighboring village. The two there were kind enough to take me in for two years before I embarked on my journey to stop Time Noise, by finding the legendary God Slate and using it to gain the power needed to defeat him.”

Yumei was speechless. No wonder T-Bone acted so cold to everyone. He had lost his entire life at a very young age. She hung her head sympathetically.

Yumei: “You must lead a very sad life…”

T-Bone: “Yes… I do lead a sad life… but it's all I've ever known since then…”

Yumei began to cry softly. T-Bone stared at her, dumbfounded as to why she was crying.

T-Bone: “Are you ok Yumei? Are you hurt?”

Yumei dried her eyes and sighed.

Yumei: “Oh T-Bone… I'm sorry for prying so much… I had no idea that your past was such a painful one… Oh please forgive me…”

Yumei almost started to cry again. She stopped however as she felt T-Bone's firm, yet gentle hand take place on her shoulder. She blushed and shyly looked at T-Bone.

T-Bone: Yumei there's no need for apologizing. I may suffer because of my past, but I am strong willed… It does not hurt me as much as it use to.”

He said smiling gently at her. Yumei dried her eyes and smiled back.

Yumei: “I can see that… Thank you T-Bone for telling me about yourself. Well… I guess I better go talk with my grandparents about you staying…”

She stood up and walked towards the door and waved at T-Bone before she left. T-Bone waved back. He didn't know why… but he was happy he had told Yumei about himself… His wonders soon disappeared as he slowly fell asleep.


Jonathan: Gee… quite a changed man already…

T-Bone: What are you talking about?

Jonathan: What ever do you mean Trent? I'm only stating the fact that you have some kind of feelings for this girl…

T-Bone: And?

Jonathan: Oh my poor son… what is it that keeps you away from emotions, even when you yourself can sense them?

T-Bone: ……

Jonathan: I guess it doesn't really matter… I know that one day you'll return to humanity, and once again feel.

T-Bone: ……

Jonathan: You'll be the kind kid you once were, and will feel humanities warmth again.

T-Bone: ……

Jonathan: And mabey you'll even find out what love is.

T-Bone: ……………………

Jonathan: Trent? Why so quiet?

T-Bone: I was just thinking about Yumei… How she cares about me for some reason… Why does she care for me so much dad? She was even crying for me.

Jonathan: What do you mean? You saved her life, and she's very grateful to you for it. You only sacrificed your own bodies well being for three days of pain to save her. Sounds like reason enough to like a person to me.

T-Bone: I suppose… but… It's all happening so fast… I'm not sure what to do…

Jonathan: Just take it one step at a time son… You'll find out what to do as you go along…

T-Bone: I hope so… because I'm afraid what might happen if I make a wrong move…


Ichiban: “So you decided to stay after all huh?”

T-Bone nodded as he bit down into his lunch. Yumei smiled.

Yumei: “Mabey we can talk him into taking care of the chores for us… It's been a while since we've all had a rest.”

Hoshi: “Now Yumei… You know that he's a guest… guests shouldn't be made to do the work of the host.”

Yumei: “I know. I was just joking.”

T-Bone: “Sure you were… But I guess something like that would be enough to repay you all for your kindness.”

T-Bone said as he finished his lunch. They all looked at T-Bone shocked. Hoshi smiled.

Hoshi: “No, no, no T-bone… we mustn't…”

T-Bone: “Don't worry about it Hoshi… It's not any trouble at all.”

T-Bone said as he went back up to his room.

Ichiban: “Well… what a remarkable young man…”

Yumei: Yes he is.


Girl 1: “So Yumei, is it true you have the hero who saved the village boarding in your house?”

Amika Kamaii asked her friend as they walked towards the reconstruction of the grocery shop.

Yumei: “Yep. He's even offered to help out with repairs and in the fields with the chores.”

Girl 2: “And just what do you intend to give him for his kindness?”

Kari Mazahta asked, winking with a wicked smile on her face. Yumei blushed.

Yumei: “Kari! Get your mind out of whatever gutter it's in! I'd never do such a thing.”

The four girls laughed.

Girl 3: “Well… you may not… but that doesn't mean I won't.”

Suliieh Foo said as she looked at T-Bone up on the roof top of the grocery shop, helping to repair it.

Kari: “What a man.”

Kari and the other girls watched as T-Bone single handedly lifted a heavy support beam up off of the roof. His muscles flexed with every move.

Kari: “Hey stranger! Why don't ya take a break and come check out our project?”

T-Bone, who had just finished helping to complete the grocery shops rooftop, looked down to the three women who waved and winked at him. Among them was Yumei, who only stood there, smiling up at T-Bone. He grinned and leapt down to the ground, retrieving his brown leather cloak. He wrapped his sword's blade in it and alofted it over his back.

T-Bone: “And what's your project ladies?”

Suliieh: “Come with us and you'll see.”

They began to walk towards the center of the city. T-Bone took a spot in the very back, and soon found himself being moved on by Kari and Suliieh.

Kari: “You must lead such a lonely life, fighting and traveling all the time. Why don't you stay here and help us protect our town?”

Kari grabbed one of T-Bone's arms. He eyed her a bit nervously, blood inching from his nose.

Suliieh: “Yeah! You can stay here… with all of us…”

Suliieh grabbed the second arm. T-Bone now had a small trickle of blood running down his face. He stuttered dumbfounded.

T-Bone: “Well… eh… I, uh…”

Yumei: “Hey you girls, I hate to break your little flirting session up, but the Head Mistress wants to see you girls over there.”

Yumei said pointing to the Head Mistress. The two quickly scurried off to see what they needed to do. With a sigh of relief, and a quick wipe of blood from his nose, T-Bone looked up at the large statue before him.

T-Bone: “So what's this?”

T-Bone stared at the large stone statue. It was a statue of a short boy and girl with a Suezo.

Yumei: “This is a statue of my great grandmother, Holly Mizuchii. She founded the village and helped to defeat Moo back ages ago. This statue is a monument that is still being worked on. The all girls academy in town is also participating.”

T-Bone: “Who's the guy?”

Yumei: “No one knows. But my as far as anyone remembers, Holly owed the victory over Moo to that man.”

T-Bone stared at him questionably. He was a bit shorter than Holly, and also a bit odd looking. He dressed nothing like those of today did. He wore odd looking head wear, and had on strange looking devices that kind of resembled the feet of a Henger. He was what seemed to be leaping into the air in a cheer.

T-Bone: Looks like a yutz.


???: “Run!!”

T-Bone: Dammit…

???: “Help us!!”

???: “Die you damn primates!”

T-Bone: Just stop this…

???: “Mother!”

T-Bone: Leave them be…

???: “Go to hell damned humans!”

T-Bone: Stop this…

???: “Spare no one!”

T-Bone: Stop…

???: “KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!”

T-Bone: Stop this!!


T-Bone: STOP THIS!!!!!!

T-Bone shot up. He was breathing heavily. His sheets were soaked with sweat.

T-Bone: “Why… can't I have a regular nights sleep?”

T-Bone then saw a dim yellow light enter his doorway and in peaked Yumei. She was wearing the same pink night outfit she was last night.

Yumei: “Are you alright T-Bone?”

T-Bone sighed and laid back down.

T-Bone: “I suppose…”

The way his voice broke told her different.

Yumei: “What's the matter?”

She asked as she sat down on the edge of his bed, placing the candle on his nightstand. T-Bone tried so hard to avoid eye contact, but his eyes met hers. He quickly looked away.

T-Bone: What the hell is wrong with me?

T-Bone felt his face burning again. Yumei stared at him confused.

Yumei: “Are you ok? You look flushed.”

T-Bone: “I do feel a bit sick…”

Yumei: “Would you like me to get you a bucket?”

T-Bone: “No… I'll be ok…”

She nodded and stood up. Bad idea. She tripped over her own feet and landed right on top of T-Bone. He caught her, but for the longest time nothing happened between them. Yumei was what seemed to be mesmerized. T-Bone as well. They couldn't let go of one another. They just seemed froze there. Looking into eachothers eyes. Yumei's face began to burn. And T-Bone's burn became even greater till blood was trickling from his nose. Yet… they liked it.

T-Bone: “What the hell am I doing?!?”

T-Bone quickly let go of Yumei and looked away, wiping the blood from his nose.

T-Bone: “Sorry… I…”

He tried to form words, but nothing came out.

Yumei: “Yeah… uh…. sorry…. And, uh…”

Yumei was also rendered speechless. What just took place there? They both had no idea. But while it was happening, they enjoyed it… it was nice feeling.

Yumei: “I.. ah… guess I'll be going to bed now…”

T-Bone: “Yeah… uhm… ok..”

T-Bone stuttered. What was up with him? He felt like an idiot. Yumei smiled bashfully and lifted the candle up off of T-Bone's night stand. She began to walk away, and made a small little wave to T-Bone. T-Bone made a small wave back. After Yumei was gone… T-Bone laid back, and pulled the covers over his head.

T-Bone: “What.. on Terra… was that all about?……”


Jonathan: Already moving in on all the ladies, aren't we?

T-Bone: Not really…

Jonathan: Oh c'mon… you can't fool this old man.

T-Bone: Fair enough…

Jonathan: Heh. You really are a stubborn one, aren't ya?

T-Bone: …I guess…

Jonathan: You take after me and grandpa in that sense.

T-Bone: Figures…

Jonathan: But back to today. You've got some pretty deep feelings for this girl Yumei, eh?

T-Bone: ……No…

Jonathan: Are you sure?

T-Bone: ….Yes.. No… I dunno!

Jonathan: Give it up son. I know that you're falling for this girl. And you do to.

T-Bone: I am not!

Jonathan: Then why is it you get a nose bleed whenever you make any kind of physical contact with her, or even by thinking about it?

T-Bone: ………

Jonathan: It's nothing to be ashamed of Trent… Everyone feels

T-Bone: Not me…

Jonathan: Apparently you do… You feel hate… sadness… and even…

T-Bone: Love……

Jonathan: Is that what it is?

T-Bone: ….No…. It can't be…

Jonathan: But it is…

T-Bone: This isn't a good thing dad!

Jonathan: Why not?

T-Bone: I… I don't want to get to close to anyone… with the kind of life I live… It won't work out!

Jonathan: You've got four more days left here Trent before the week is up… I'd say think things over…

T-Bone: Whaty whaty whaty?

Jonathan: She's also got feelings for you Trent… that much is quite obvious…

T-Bone: Yeah… but…

Jonathan: She knows about you… do you know about her?

T-Bone: No…

Jonathan: So ask her… It's only fair.. right?

T-Bone: ………Yeah… But…

Jonathan: You may be able to solve this problem… Ask her… I'm sure you'll be surprised.

T-Bone: How do you know?

Jonathan: Trent… I'm up in heaven… Up here… We know everything. Trust me…

T-Bone: ………… Alright… you win again.

Jonathan: That's my boy.


Yumei: “You… wanna know about me?”

Yumei asked, a bit surprised that T-Bone would even care.

T-Bone: “Yeah. Do ya mind telling?”

Yumei: “Well… what is it you want to know?”

T-Bone: “Well, why do you live with your grandparents? Did your real parents get a divorce or something?”

Yumei said nothing. Almost a minute passed before T-Bone turned around to see Yumei sitting on the edge of his bed, crying.

T-Bone: “Yu… Yumei…”

Yumei: “I hate them…”

Yumei blurted out. T-Bone stood there, a bit thrown off guard by what Yumei was doing.

Yumei: “They left me… They left me behind to fight against Time Noise… and they were killed… They left me! I hate them! I hate them both!!”

T-Bone: “Yumei…”

T-Bone stood there… thrown off guard. Never had he seen Yumei act like this in the short time that he's been staying here. She was almost always trying to be cheery. T-Bone sat down next to Yumei, who cried with a face of hatred on. He reluctantly put a hand on her shoulder. He was even more surprised when she fell into his chest and poured her heart out. T-Bone had no idea what to do. This behavior was extremely different to him. His face was cherry red and blood oozed from his nose. He quickly wiped it away before it fell on Yumei's head.

Yumei: “I… I, uh… I'm, sorry T-Bone…”

Yumei calmed down a little. T-Bone's face returned to normal as she got up off of his chest.

T-Bone: “It's ok… everyone feels, right?”

T-Bone said, remembering his fathers words from last night.

Yumei: “Yes… Some are best to not though.”

They both jerked to attention as they heard a high pitched scream come from the town.

T-Bone: “The Mazoku!”

T-Bone hissed and began to put his armor on. Yumei stared at him. He was different this time. His face was hateful and menacing. He almost looked like he could rip apart even the toughest monster.

Yumei: “The town is under attack!??!”

T-Bone: “Yes. Yumei, tell your grandparents to try and get everyone they can out of the city streets. I need the streets to be cleared to handle them.”

T-Bone alofted his sword over his back. Yumei nodded and went to find her grandparents. T-Bone gritted his teeth and cracked his knuckles.

T-Bone: “Party time…”

03: A Decisive Showdown

The village stood smoking, and half ruined. The repairs would never get done at this rate.

Yumei: “This is horrible… Why would they do this to us?”

Yumei carried an unconscious and hurt little girl in her arms and tried to run back towards the outskirts of the city with the last remaining citizen. T-Bone saw her go by, and stood up against the Mazoku, ready to fight to the death if needed.

Jell: “He’s got a lot of balls, doesn’t he folks?”

Zuum: “That he does.”

T-Bone: “You won’t feel so tough once I’m finished with you. You won’t be feeling much of anything else either, but why worry about those little details?”

Clay: “He can say that about us! Let’s get him!”

The various monsters present charged at T-Bone, and others were arriving from all over the town to combat T-Bone. T-Bone grinned wickedly and drew his sword, taking a battle stance.

T-Bone: “Who’s first?”

A Zuum leapt forward and met the happy end of T-Bone’s sword in his chest. The other monsters stopped their charge and watched as their comrade became a lost disk and a puddle of blood right in front of their eyes. More Mazoku began to gather around from other parts of the city. After the Zuum monster was dead T-Bone looked around.

T-Bone: “Ok… who’s our next happy contestant?”

All at once, every Mazoku present began to charge at him, deadly attacks ready to kill him. He simply leapt in the air and prepared a special technique that would slaughter them all in one hit. His sword held high above his head, charging with energy, he began his descent.


T-Bone fell to the ground sword first in a blinding flash of light, and engulfed all the Mazoku with the devastating energy from the attack. Soon, all the Mazoku were nothing but lost disks littering the street in a large cluster. T-Bone pulled his sword from the ground and alofted it over his back, awaiting what was to occur next. What he got, was the sound of clapping from behind him.

???: “Excellent! Absolutely perfect in it’s form! Not a attack among that army could have stood up to such a technique!”

T-Bone snarled viciously and spun around.

T-Bone: “Death Dragon…”

Dragon stood there. His arms crossed and a wicked grin on his face.

Dragon: “Well… I’m surprised to see you up and walking around so soon. Last time I used the Pulse Flare on you it tore you apart for almost a whole month! And in only a weeks time you’ve recovered! Amazing! It’s such a shame you have to work for the pathetic humans. We could really use a warrior of your magnitude in our forces.”

T-Bone drew his sword and stood ready to face Dragon.

T-Bone: “Shut the hell up and fight me Dragon!”

Dragon grinned evilly.

Dragon: “Aww…… You don’t want to talk with me? I’m hurt T-Bone!”

T-Bone: “You will be here in a minute… Now shut up and fight!”

Dragon: “Heh… As you wish.”

And with that Dragon leapt at T-Bone, who leapt at Dragon. T-Bone’s sword clashed against Dragon’s claws in a struggled lock. Both warriors forced on their tools of death, but each one got no closer or further from where they stood. Finally, the two combatants leapt away from each other. They exchanged brief glares of hatred, and then resumed their attack on eachother.

Dragon swung his tail at T-Bone. However the human warrior blocked it with his sword and shot a Naga Shot at the large skeletal beast. Dragon barely evaded and launched a swarm of fireballs at his target. T-Bone effortlessly dodged each attack Dragon sent at him.

T-Bone: “Is that all you have for me? You’re pathetic!”

Dragon flew at T-Bone and slammed into him in a tackle. T-Bone tried to force Dragon off of him, but he couldn’t. The two slammed into the brick wall of a building and T-Bone found himself shaken up by the hard crash landing.

Dragon: “Is that any better?”

T-Bone glared at his aggressor, who only grinned smugly at his victim. T-Bone swung his sword at Dragon, and caught him across the chin. A huge cut in Dragon’s skeletal face seeped an odd lemon colored fluid in a fashion that seemed to resemble blood flowing from an open wound. Dragon looked at the strange yellowish substance and growled.

Dragon: “You bastard! You made my beautiful face bleed!!!”

T-Bone: “A little loss of marrow builds character ya putz!”

T-Bone then shot a Fire Bomb into the gut of the huge demonic dragonoid.

Dragon: “Damn your soul T-Bone!”

T-Bone: “You first!”

The two began to lock hands and claws in a struggle for dominance. Hate pouring from their bodies as the warriors struggled to overpower one another. T-Bone’s muscles soon began to give way as Dragon began to squeeze his hands, forcing his bones to give way under the pressure of Dragon’s grip.

Dragon: “I’ve saved this one for you T-Bone!”

Dragon grabbed T-Bone by the waist with his massive feet, and began to fly high into the air. T-Bone had seen this attack before, and he was struggling for his life to break free.

T-Bone: “Lemme go you damned airborne monkey!”

Dragon stopped in the air and then began to fall at a high speed. T-Bone gritted his teeth and began to amass energy into his body.

Dragon: “What is this?!”

Dragon then saw a strange orange glow emit from T-Bone.


T-Bone then engulfed himself and Dragon in a mighty ball of fire that poured from his body. The two foes were thrown from eachother and landed with sickening thuds. Smoke rose from their bodies, and both of them had spent every drop of strength just to survive the fall. The battle was a stalemate.

Dragon tilted his head to look at T-Bone, who looked at Dragon.

Dragon: “Not bad…”

T-Bone: “Same to you…”

Then, a large airship came down from the sky and a group of Black Dinos lifted their master up and began to carry him into the ship.

Dragon: “Till we next meet Trent.”

T-Bone: “I won’t lose next time.”

Dragon and T-Bone stared at eachother with hatred, yet they both smiled. Because yet again, neither of them could outmatch the other, just as it’s been for over nine years. Bitter enemies with a high respect for eachother.

The air ship then closed, and began to lift off. T-Bone managed to pull his body off of the ground and stand as the ship took off. He then alofted his sword over his back, and began to walk towards the outskirts of the city.


Woman: “The commotion has stopped.”

Ichiban: “Is it safe though?”

Man: “Let us check.”

Hoshi: “Wait… what if it isn’t safe. Let’s stay here until T-Bone has returned.”

Ichiban: “Agreed. That way we’ll know if the city’s been cleared of the Mazoku.”

Child: “Daddy… are the bad guys gonna win?”

Man: “No son… T-Bone will beat them.”

Yumei: “What’s that?”

All at once, every citizen turned to face the shadowy figure headed towards them from the distance.

Then as he grew closer, everyone cheered. T-Bone’s figure became visible. Everyone rushed down towards their hero.

They all gathered around and lifted him above their heads.

All: “Three cheers for T-Bone! The strongest man alive!!”

The crowd cheered as they made their way back towards the city.

Yumei walked in the very back, looking at the semi mangled T-Bone above the crowd, hoisted on their arms and hands. She smiled at him.

Yumei: I knew he’d come through for us.


That night, T-Bone silently leapt out of the window of the Mizuchii home. He felt his time here was up, and he wanted to leave before they tried to stop him.

T-Bone: Thanks for the hospitality folks, but it’s better this way. Here, I’m a danger to you. They’re after me too much.

T-Bone looked at the dim light in the top right window, the curtains drawn. Yumei had just finished putting her night clothes on and was now preparing for bed.

T-Bone: Sorry kid… I can’t have anyone getting close to me… See you around one day mabey…

And with that, he turned to leave.

Behind him, Yumei looked out the window and watched him walking towards the woods, frowning at him. She then closed the curtain and turned off the light.


T-Bone had walked for nearly fifteen minutes and suddenly stopped. He was in the woods now, and there was complete darkness around him, except for the scattered beams of moon light pouring through the open areas in the forest. T-Bone turned around with a sigh and crossed his arms. He stared directly at a bush in the side of the rode.

T-Bone: “Are you going to come out or am I gonna have to set the brush on fire?”

Slowly, Yumei crept out from the bush. She dusted herself off and looked at him, anger and sadness all mixed together on her face.

Yumei: “You were going to leave without even saying goodbye… Why?”

T-Bone: “I knew you were wanting to come with me. I can’t let you.”

Yumei: “Why? I won’t get in your way! Plus the magic stone can help to point us in the right direction! We’d make a great team T-Bone!”

T-Bone sighed and looked up at the stars through an opening he stood under. Yumei’s magic stone could point him in the right direction of the God Slate. He sighed and walked up to her. She looked at him nervously.

T-Bone: “Let’s go back to your house. I’ll give you an answer by morning.”

Yumei’s face seemed to brighten a bit and she nodded. They turned around and began walking back towards the Mizuchii family ranch.


Jonathan: I take it you’re wanting to talk to me.

T-Bone: That’s why I came back.

Jonathan: You want to know what to do.

T-Bone: Yep.

Jonathan: I’m sorry Trent… I can’t help you here.

T-Bone: But… can’t you at least tell me why she wants to come with me… or what might happen if I say yes?

Jonathan: Nope. Sorry Trent, but you’re on your own here.

T-Bone: Just great…

Jonathan: I can give you my opinion about it if you’d like.

T-Bone: What’s that?

Jonathan: Let her come along.

T-Bone: Why?

Jonathan: Call it a hunch… but I have a feeling that you’ll enjoy her company. Ya like her right.

T-Bone: Moderately…

Jonathan: Only moderately?

T-Bone: What are you implying dad?

Jonathan: Oh nothing… nothing at all…

T-Bone: Why… do I not believe you?

Jonathan: Just try it. You can always see her back home if things get too dangerous for her, right?

T-Bone: I suppose… but…

Jonathan: Trust me…

T-Bone: …………………………Fine… I’ll give it a shot…

Jonathan: That’s my boy.

04: The Journey's beginning

Yumei: “Magic Stone… please point us in the direction of the God Slate.”

Yumei instructed the Magic Stone. The ancient Phoenix appeared in the stone and pointed in the direction of the God Slate. Yumei smiled went to tell T-Bone.

T-Bone stood on a small peak. Looking out over the land. The land he protects with his life. The land he trys to keep at peace.

T-Bone: “Well… off I go again dad… gonna follow me?”

He asked the sky. His thoughts soon changed as he heard Yumei running toward him.

Yumei: “The stone has told us the direction… To the north.”

T-Bone: “Then lets go.”

Hoshi: “Take care Yumei! Don't forget to brush your teeth and wash your face everyday!”

Yumei: “I won't!”

T-Bone: “So long T-Bone! Look after Yumei for us!”

Ichiban called out. T-Bone nodded.

T-Bone: “Let's go.”

T-Bone turned and walked away from the place that was his home for a week. The place that he found a scrap of humanity and compassion for the people that he protected so bravely. But would he ever find all that he lost that day? Only the blade on his back may know the answer to that question.

Yumei: “Goodbye! I'll miss you! And I love you!”

Yumei waved to her grandparents as she and T-Bone walked away from her home town to embark on a great adventure.


Yumei: “So T-Bone… what will happen when we do find the God Slate?”

T-Bone shrugged.

T-Bone: “Who knows. All I know is it's supposed to be linked to the Sword Of The Monster's energy and is a key to one of the greatest powers on earth. Time Noise needs both my sword and your stone to be able to unlock the power. He believes it will help him gain immortality.”

Yumei: “So that's why he's ravaging the lands.”

T-Bone: “Yep. He wants to rule over the world for all time. But I'm not gonna let him!”

Yumei: “Well now that we're working together, it should be a lot easier.”

Yumei smiled. T-Bone sighed.

Yumei: “Perhaps… But this isn't a field trip, and Time Noise sends his men to attack me often. So when ever I'm under attack, I need you to stay back and let me do the fighting. If they come after you, just call for me and I'll protect you.”

Yumei nodded and made a determined face.

Yumei: “You don't need to worry about me T-Bone… I'll make sure to stay out of your way!”

T-Bone smiled. He determination to help him was amazing. Not many would have the guts to help T-Bone. Pin Head did volunteer, but T-Bone knew that he was afraid. So he turned his foster parents monster down.

Yumei: “So… what's first?”

T-Bone: “Walking… and lots of it. We'll stop for lunch at noon, walk more, then stop to set up camp at nightfall.”

Yumei: “Man… Talk about pain on the feet.”

Yumei rubbed her heels just thinking about it. T-Bone grinned wickedly.

T-Bone: “You'll get use to it.”


Yumei: “Dinner's ready.”

T-Bone took a fierce punch into the tree and then stopped. He wiped his sweat from his brow and sat down by the fire. The night's were cool, so he didn't mind the heat from the flames. Yumei poured T-Bone a bowl of stew, and then poured herself a bowl. T-Bone gulped it down quickly and poured himself another. Again it was gone before Yumei could even finish half of hers, and T-Bone was back to training.

Yumei: Man… he's tough. He eats like a Golem and fights like a Naga.

Yumei smiled slightly as she watched T-Bone pound his fists into the tree, cracking and denting it with every hit. Finally the tree began to fall, and T-Bone took one uppercut at it and sent it flying. He pulled his arm back and charged up a Naga Shot and fired it at the tree, blowing it to dust. Yumei gulped.

Yumei: Boy… I'd hate to be one of Time Noise's men…


T-Bone sat against the tree stump. His feet under his sleeping bag. His eyes on Yumei, who slept peacefully in her warm sleeping bag by the dim, yet warm fire. His eyes were fixated on her. Every move and breath that she took he could see and hear it. He felt his face begin to burn and his heart race. What was this feeling? Was his feelings love… like his father said? Or something else? He was unsure. His feelings were not something he wished to think about, because they always confused him.

T-Bone: What on Terra is wrong with me? I can't have any feelings for her… I just can't!

The wind came quick and without warning. Blowing the fire out and chilling Yumei even through her covers. T-Bone didn't even shiver. He just stared at Yumei through his hair. Her body shivering from the cold gust of wind. Finally it stopped, but Yumei was still shivering. T-Bone stood up, not even sure what he was about to do. He took his leather brown cape and laid it over Yumei. Yumei's shivers stopped and she smiled contently, snuggling into her blankets even deeper. T-Bone stood over her, a gentle smile on his face. He walked back over to his sleeping bag and laid down. Slowly he too fell asleep.


Jonathan: See? Told you. You can't hide your feelings for her from me Trent.

T-Bone: *Sigh*.... Hello dad.

Jonathan: Heh. We seem to be getting a little annoyed with hearing me say that, aren't we?

T-Bone: What gave it away? My smart ass tone or my face of disgust?

Jonathan: Heh. A little of both actually.

T-Bone: Feh... Figures.

Jonathan: Aww c'mon Trent. Those feelings aren't bad. They're good.

T-Bone: Says you.

Jonathan: Yes. Says me.

T-Bone: Dad don't you get it? If I grow feelings Time Noise will have a weakness to exploit.

Jonathan: But Trent… by taking this girl with you, you've already given yourself a weakness to exploit.

T-Bone: ……………

Jonathan: Sorry… but it's true.

T-Bone: I know. What was I thinking?

Jonathan: You've been alone for too long Trent. It's time for you to return to humanity.

T-Bone: But...

Jonathan: Face it Trent. That's all that it is. You will never win this on your own. You'll need to team up with more people in order to win this war.

T-Bone: More?

Jonathan: Yes. This is not a job for a pair… it's a job for a small group.

T-Bone: But....

Jonathan: Trust me Trent. You'll see one day.

T-Bone: ………… ok… you win. I'll make the best of this.

Jonathan: That's my boy.


Yumei: “From here… East!”

Yumei said as she asked the magic stone for directions. T-Bone looked at his map from where they currently were.

T-Bone: “Look’s like we’re heading for Katera City. It’s a seven mile walk, we should be there by a little after noon.”

Yumei: “Alright then! Let’s go!”

T-Bone: “Not so fast…”

Yumei stopped in her tracks and turned to face T-Bone.

Yumei: “Why?”

T-Bone placed his hand out to the side of him and shot a Naga shot at a brush. A whelp of pain could be heard and out from the brush popped a Mazoku Datonare.

Yumei: “Mazoku!”

T-Bone: “Don’t worry… there’s only this one.”

The Datonare looked up in fear at T-Bone, who glared down upon the monster viciously.

T-Bone: “Here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to give this girl a ride until we get to town, and you’re not gonna try any kind of funny stuff, or I’ll kill you. Understand?”

The Datonare managed to nod.

Slowly Yumei climbed onto the back of the Mazoku and it trotted along side T-Bone, fearing for his life.

Datonare: “You will let me live if I get her to town for you?”

T-Bone: “And don’t try nothing stupid.”

The Datonare sighed and hung its head.

Datonare: “Once a proud member of Time Noise’s forces and now I’m reduced to a short term slave for our enemies… It can’t get any worse…”

The Datonare yelped in pain as Yumei kicked its ribs.

Yumei: “Oh hush up! You deserve this you beast!”

The two new partners, and the briefly enslaved Datonare, walked on towards their new location, awaiting whatever adventures should befall them.

T-Bone sighed and held his head high and proud, knowing full well that he couldn’t lose, no matter what happens.

T-Bone: Look out Time Noise… It’s party time!

The End Coming Next: The Determination Of A Child

Episode 2: The Determination of a Child

Authors Note

There are several terms that I keep Japanese. They are as followed…

Mazoku: Monster race. Used to refer to what was known as Baddies in the original TV dub series

Teikoku: Empire. Used by to refer to the Mazoku army in full

Shogun: General. Used when referring to the top ranking officers of the Teikoku.

Sake’: A very strong alcoholic drink in Japan

Sama: Anime fans that don’t know this one can take a scalding hot iron and bash their face into it until they looks like a giant red cough drop, and then take a nice dip in a bath of boiling hot lead, because they’re a shmuck!

*************Yumei: "Finally… We’re at Katera City."

Yumei Mizuchii and her partner and protector, T-Bone Delmyer, looked around at the large city they were in. The city of Katera was an extravagant one. Tall, illustrious buildings of great architecture. Tall towers, steeples and all sorts of group hangouts and restaurants, even a Grand Hall, that had bingo every Friday, for the two weary travelers to rest at.

T-Bone: "The first thing we should do is find a hotel, that way we can have a place to go to when it’s time to sleep."

Yumei nodded and checked their money bag. She then cringed.

Yumei: "Uh oh…"

T-Bone stopped dead in his tracks and slowly turned around, his eyes narrowed.

T-Bone: "What do you mean… uh oh?"

Yumei looked at him meekly.

Yumei: "That… that Datonare I rode on… He stole our money!"

T-Bone growled. The last thing he wanted was to be swindled by a second rate Mazoku warrior. But it had obviously happened.

T-Bone: "Dammit… From now on, I’ll watch the money."

Yumei nodded slowly.

Yumei: "I’m sorry T-Bone."

T-Bone sighed.

T-Bone: "Don’t worry about it… It’s not your fault. I should’ve known not to even half trust a Mazoku anyways."

The two decided to walk around town and see if any errands needed to be ran, in hopes of reclaiming enough money to stay the night at a decent hotel.


T-Bone: "Nothing! Two whole hours of looking and no one needs anything done, or at least doesn’t want to pay for it!"

The two sat by a fountain and rested. Yumei drank from the clean cool water of the square’s fountain and smiled, her thirst quenched.

Yumei: "We could always enter you in a Monster Battle."

T-Bone managed to choke out a laugh.

T-Bone: "Nope. I’ve tried it before. No human can participate, regardless of whether or not he can put up a fight."

Yumei frowned.

Yumei: "Then what do we do?"

The thoughts of the two were suddenly broken as they saw a young monster get tossed out of an ally way. A group of young monsters crowded around him, beating on him.

Yumei: "That poor boy! We got to stop this!"

T-Bone got a good look at the victimized monster and snarled. A Naga. A poor defenseless Naga was being beaten up. He stood up and walked towards the group of bullies, a wicked face on. The closer he got the more he began to seethe with anger over the torment being unleashed upon the young monster.

Hare: "You suck Snake! You can’t even fight!"

Skipper: "What a waste of time! I hope you leave and never come back!"

Plant: "You’re nothing but a worthless bag of useless flesh!"

Snake: "Leave me alone! I never did anything to you guys!"

The group of monsters suddenly stopped their attack. Snake slowly opened his eyes, and he noticed a large shadow standing over them. The three monsters who were beating on him, now looked up in fear at the man above them.

T-Bone: "Run away or I’ll beat up on you guys…"

The three monsters took off in a flash, screaming whining and crying for their mommies. Snake watched them go through his un-blackened eye, and then looked up at T-Bone who stood above him smiling.

T-Bone: "You alright kid?"

Snake’s eyes widened and began to sparkle with admiration. What T-Bone got next was not what he expected.

Snake: "WOAH!!!!"

T-Bone squinted and cleaned out his newly busted ear with his finger.

Snake: "It’s really you! I always knew I’d meet you one day T-Bone-sama! I’m you’re biggest fan!"

T-Bone: "Fan? Heh… never knew I had a fan club. What’s yer name little man?"

Snake: "I’m Snake! Will you come with me to see my master? I think he’d want to thank you!"

T-Bone’s eyes glimmered. He wasn’t one to mooch of another just for doing his duty, but perhaps the boy’s master would provide a place to stay for a day or two.

T-Bone: "Lead the way Snake."

Snake grinned and leapt into the air.

Snake: "Follow me!"


Man: "Snake! Thank goodness you’re ok! I heard you were being beat up on again!"

Snake rushed towards his master and hugged him.

Snake: "Sorry to worry you Tom… and… I lost the food… I’m sorry…"

Tomas: "That’s alright son… just as long as you’re not hurt."

Then, Thomas looked up and noticed T-Bone and Yumei. He smiled.

Tomas: "Well look at what you did manage to bring home."

Snake looked behind him and smiled. He bounded over to the two.

Snake: "Hehe… Yep! T-Bone saved me from the bullies who were beating me up dad!"

Tomas: "Well thank goodness he arrived here just in time then."

Tomas nodded to T-Bone and Yumei.

Tomas: "Thank you my friends. He may be a Naga, but unfortunately Snake’s not very good at defending himself, seeing as I’m not sure how to train him to fight."

T-Bone nodded.

T-Bone: "Not a problem."

Tomas: "Would you like to come in, have a drink, take a rest perhaps? It’s the least we could do for you."

T-Bone smiled. Just as he had hoped.

T-Bone: "Thank you Tomas."


Tomas: "So, what’s you’re name young lady?"

Tomas handed Yumei a cup of warm cocoa. Yumei smiled in gratitude and thanked him. She took a long sip from it then answered.

Yumei: "I’m Yumei Mizuchii. It’s a pleasure to meet you Tomas."

She tried to bow her head, but she accidentally slammed her forehead into the table. The three others stared at her silently.

Yumei: "…. Owiee…"

T-Bone laughed. Upon hearing this Yumei’s head shot up and she looked at her partner.

Yumei: "I don’t believe it. He actually can laugh!"

T-Bone’s laughter died down slowly.

Tomas: "What? He doesn’t laugh much?"

Yumei: "Well… it’s just that he acts very cold to everyone."

Snake: "Why’s that?"

T-Bone: "Long story…"

Tomas: "We like long stories… Don’t we Snake."

Snake: "Yep!"

Yumei sighed and giggled a bit.

Yumei: "Don’t we all…"

T-Bone growled low.

T-Bone: "Hush up Yumei…"

Yumei laughed.

T-Bone: "Sorry… but I’d prefer not to talk about my past."

Tomas stared for a while. Then nodded.

Tomas: "I understand. Not exactly picture perfect I take it."

T-Bone: "Feh… Not even close to it."

Tomas: "That’s fine. I won’t pry."

T-Bone smiled. He appreciated that. He hated talking of his past. Just then, they all heard an explosion in town.

Tom: "What was that?"

Yumei: "Is it the Mazoku, T-Bone?"

T-Bone snarled and drew his sword.

T-Bone: "Yes. All of you, stay here. I’ll stop them."

Snake: "I wanna come too!"

Tomas: "No Snake! Stay out of T-Bone’s way son. You could get hurt."

Snake: "But dad…"

T-Bone: "He’s right kid. Less people around, easier it is for me to wipe them out. Stay here."

T-Bone ran outside and headed for the city. Tomas, Snake and Yumei watched him go.

Yumei: "Be careful…"


Datonare Captain: "Where is he!??! We’ll make him pay for humiliating our brother!"

A pack of Mazoku Datonare’s were blasting the town with ice, fire, lightning and anything else in their arsenal. Soon, the saw their target.

Datonare: "Boss! It’s him! He’s here!"

T-Bone ran as fast as a Tiger and skidded to a halt in front of the aggressing Mazoku.

Datonare Capt.: "You made a fool of our brother! Now we’ll make you pay!"

T-Bone: "You mean that stupid putz I made carry Yumei? Is he here? He has my money and I’d like it back."

The Datonare that T-Bone enslaved stepped forward, holding his money in his jaw.

Datonare: "Looking for this scum ball? You can have it back if you beat us!"

The pack of Datonare’s blinked and then their brother and T-Bone were gone. They looked over and saw T-Bone holding the defenseless Datonare up by its neck, his money bag in hand. T-Bone quickly placed it in his bag and drew his sword.

T-Bone: "Thanks for returning that pal. But like I said, pull any funny stuff and you die."

T-Bone turned and tossed the Datonare up a little. One clean swing of his sword and the Datonare’s body was cut in half. The Datonare pack watched as their brother was now a puddle of blood and a red stained lost disk. They coward back. T-Bone smiled wickedly.

T-Bone: "Boo…. I think not…"

He held his hand up and fired a large Naga’s Shot into the pack. The blast exploded on the ground and threw the Datonare army back, turning those that felt pain from the blast itself into lost disks. T-Bone dove through what was left of the pack, cutting into them with his blade. The Datonare’s yelped and cried in horror as they were being decimated. One by one they fell until the captain was left. He cringed against a wall, trying to back away from T-Bone.

T-Bone: "Alright pal… You’re the last one. But I’m feeling generous today, so I think I’ll let you live. But should I ever see you again, I’ll rip your stomach out and make you eat it. Got me?"

The Datonare managed a nod.

T-Bone: "Now get!"

The Datonare took of yelping for his mommy. T-Bone did a flutter attack and put out the fires in the city. The citizens cheered and began to repopulate the area as T-Bone walked back towards Tom’s ranch.


T-Bone was greeted back to Tom’s with a tackle from Snake, who spewed forth a barrage of questions and praise to his idol. Tom and Yumei laughed as they joined the young Naga outside.

Tomas: "Alright Snake, I think T-Bone has had enough praise for one day."

Tom pried his monster from T-Bone’s body and helped him up.

Tomas: "Forgive him. He thinks very highly of you."

T-Bone: "Obviously… Kid reminds me of me at his age."

T-Bone recomposed himself and walked inside with the others.

Inside, they returned to the table. While T-Bone was gone, Tom began to make dinner. He offered T-Bone and Yumei to join them, and they gladly accepted.

T-Bone: "Guess what I got Yumei."

Yumei looked up from her drink at him. T-Bone placed their stolen bag of money on the table.

Yumei: "So it was that Datonare that attacked the city?"

T-Bone: "Him and his whole crew. No problem though. I got them."

Snake: "Wow! Took out a whole army of Datonare’s in five minutes! I wish I could fight like you T-Bone! Think you could teach me?"

T-Bone looked at Snake with a raised eyebrow.

T-Bone: "Teach you…? Well…"

Tomas: "Actually T-Bone, if you wouldn’t mind I’d like you to give him a few lessons. I can’t train to fight very well and he at least needs to learn to protect himself from the other kid monsters in town. They pick on him because he doesn’t know how to fight very well."

T-Bone remembered the little beating that he and Yumei witnessed earlier. He though it over.

T-Bone: "Well… that doesn’t exactly fall into my area of jurisdiction… But I’ll make y’all a deal. Me and Yumei need a place to stay for two or three days. I’ll give the kid some lessons if you let us chill here with you guys for that period of time."

Tomas: "Done and done! We have a guest room with two beds, so it’s no problem."

Snake leapt in the air.

Snake: "YEAH!!!!!! I’m gonna learn to fight! I’m gonna learn to fight!"

T-Bone and Yumei chuckled at the young Naga who danced around in joy. T-Bone thought to himself.

T-Bone: That kid’s got a lot of fighting potential… Maybe I can make a protector for the city even…

T-Bone’s thoughts then changed as Tom’s stove went off, announcing that dinner was ready.


Yumei: "So comfortable!!"

Yumei snuggled deep into a bed that was in the room Tom gave them for their stay. She then sat up and got into her bag for her night clothes.

Yumei: "How about that Snake kid? He really seems to like you. Think you can make a fighter out of him?"

T-Bone: "Who knows…"

T-Bone sat against his bed’s head rest and read more in the book he carried around with him. Yumei looked at him.

Yumei: "What is that book anyways? You was reading it when you stayed at my grandparents place too."

T-Bone: "My father had a book on swordsmanship… I’ve memorized one page of it every other night now for the past seven years."

Yumei: "No wonder you’re so skilled with it then."

T-Bone: "I can still learn more… like for inst…"

T-Bone turned to face her and immediately turned a bright cherry red as he instead saw Yumei’s bare back. She turned to lift her shirt off of the bed and saw T-Bone facing her. She covered her unmentionables and shrieked.

Yumei: "Turn around!"

Yumei threw an alarm clock at T-Bone and pelted him in the head. T-Bone yelped and hid his face with the pillow. He quickly pulled out a tissue and wiped away blood that trickled down his nose."

T-Bone: "Ya might wanna warn me next time!"

Yumei: "Well who said you should look at me?"

T-Bone: "I didn’t know! You forget, I never had company on my travels!"

Yumei had to give him that. For several years T-bone has traveled alone. It always seemed so sad to her that he was all alone for so long. No one to talk to, so she couldn’t really blame him.

Yumei: "I’m sorry T-Bone. I guess I’m just not use to having the company of a man too much. I didn’t even ever have a boy friend."

T-Bone: "Too much info Yumei. Is it safe to look yet?"

Yumei: "Yes it is."

T-Bone returned the pillow back to it’s proper spot and marked his place in his book.

T-Bone: "Let’s just get some sleep… we got a early day tomorrow…"

Yumei nodded and returned to snuggling into her bed. T-Bone watched with a smile as she giggled.

Yumei: "Oooo… the bed’s so comfortable. Not even my bed at home was this comfortable."

T-Bone snickered. He did have to admit, Yumei did look cute all curled up in her night clothes in that bed. He shook his head and laid down, pulling the covers over him.

T-Bone: *Knock it off Trent! you can’t do that, remember!*

Yumei: "Hm? You say something T-Bone?"

T-Bone: "No… Let’s get some sleep."

He turned out his light and turned over to sleep.

Yumei: "Good night!"

Yumei plopped down with a giggle and also turned to sleep. T-Bone smiled and shook his head.

T-Bone: "Yeah yeah.. goodnight."


Jonathan: Peeping tom…

T-Bone: What? What are you babbling about now?

Jonathan: You know… The little skin show earlier… Heh, you devil you

T-Bone: Oh hush up!

Jonathan: It looks better from the front view y’know?

T-Bone: Shut up already!

Jonathan: Hahaha! Aww.. what’s the matter Trent? You embarrassed to have an attraction to the human skin?

T-Bone: No! And I’m not interested either.

Jonathan: Well you’re nose tells me different.

T-Bone: ………

Jonathan: Heh. Nothing to say anymore? Just admit that you’re at least mildly attracted to her already!

T-Bone: I’m not!

Jonathan: Why don’t I believe you?

T-Bone: It was free Sake’ night there again maybe?

Jonathan: Heh. Nope. But seriously Trent… I don’t like that you’re keeping those emotions inside.

T-Bone: Well neither do I, but I’m not admitting to anything that’s not happening.

Jonathan: Well could I ask why?

T-Bone: Cause it….

Jonathan: It’s….?

T-Bone: …… dangerous.

Jonathan: To who?

T-Bone: Everyone… Everyone who tries to get close to me… You know what I’m capable of! That day… That god awful day… So many people… So many… children… and…… and… Jessie……… she…

Jonathan: …………

T-Bone: And then there’s the Mazoku! It just wouldn’t work out… I’m not even sure I should have her here.

Jonathan: ………Shame… I think you’d find emotions much more easier to live with than holding everything inside.

T-Bone: Even so… I’m more worried about the advantages gained if the Mazoku ever decide to exploit such a weakness.

Jonathan: I see… Well, I guess all I can do then is wait for you to open your eyes to the truth.

T-Bone: What?

Jonathan: You’ll see son…… You’ll see…


Yumei’s eyes squinted as a ray of sun pierced through the curtains and struck her face. She slowly awoke to the sound of birds chirping outside their room’s window. A bird flew in from the open window and landed on Yumei’s lap. It stared at her, peeping happily. Yumei smiled widely and stoked the neck feathers of the bird. It chirped in response, and soon more birds began to flock onto her. Yumei smiled happily and closed her eyes, enjoying the serene occurrence that had befallen her. Suddenly, the silence was broken.


T-Bone busted in and not only scared away the birds, but also scared Yumei, causing her to fall flat onto her face. She groaned in pain as her rear end stuck straight into the air. T-Bone looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

Yumei: "Don’t you knock?"

T-Bone: "No…"

Yumei sunk deeper into the floor. T-Bone grinned wickedly.

T-Bone: "C’mon…Breakfast time, then you’re helping Tom with the chores."

Yumei sunk in deeper still. T-Bone not only scared the life out of her but he also signed her into slavery while they were here.

Yumei: "Joyous rapture… Lemme get dressed and I’ll be down."


Yumei: "So tell me again why I have to help with the yard work?"

T-Bone: "Cause I’m gonna be teaching Snake here how to be a combatant."

Snake grinned widely from fin to fin.

Snake: "Hehehe! Yep!"

Yumei smiled at the young Naga.

Yumei: "I guess I shouldn’t complain then… I get the easy work after all."

Tomas: "You don’t have to help too much Yumei, I’d just like a hand here and there. Things that are difficult to do on ones own to begin with. I hope it’s no trouble."

Yumei: "Oh don’t worry about it Tom. I don’t mind, I just wish it had been discussed with me a little more, that’s all."

Tom: "Yes… sorry about that. I’ll try to keep your work limited in exchange."

Yumei: "Thank you Tom."

Tom flipped the final pancake off of the frying pan and set it down on the plate. Yumei grabbed her fork and knife, ready to eat.

Yumei: "Oh boy oh boy……"

Tomas: "Here you go T-Bone."

T-Bone took the huge stack of pancakes from Tom and began to eat them, quickly at that. Yumei gawked.

Yumei: "Where’s mine?!?"

T-Bone: "*mouth full* Hss muggn ht."

Yumei: "Whut?"

T-Bone: "*mouth still full* Hss muggn ht!"

Yumei: "Never mind…"


Snake fell to the ground with a thud.

Snake: "Ow… that hurt."

Training was much more difficult than he though it would be. He didn’t know that T-Bone was such a strict teacher. But he was determined to prove to both his father and teacher that he could become a powerful warrior.

Snake got up and charged at T-Bone upon command. He threw a punch here and there, easy attacks for T-Bone to dodge.

T-Bone: "C’mon… you’ll never get anywhere with predictable attack’s like that! Surprise me!"

Snake tried all kinds of different slurred attacks, but nothing connected. T-Bone was gonna show his pupil how it was done.

T-Bone: "Like this!"

T-Bone crouched down and came back up in the air with a flip kick that threw Snake back a good distance from him.

Tom: "Whew… This is always the hardest job."

Tom and Yumei leaned against the newly stacked hay blocks. Lifting the hay was hard work, and Tom usually had Snake’s Naga strength to help him.

Yumei: "Wasn’t exactly no picnic, eh?"

Tom: "Got that right. What’s say we take a break for something to drink?"

Yumei nodded. Then all of a sudden, they saw Snake flying towards them. He landed about three feet from them and skidded along the ground, making a small trench. They looked at T-Bone who walked towards them. He smiled at Snake, who slowly sat up, shaking his head.

T-Bone: "Looks like you two aren’t the only one’s who need a break."


Snake sipped long from his soda can. He pulled it away and breathed.

Snake: "AH! Tha’s betta!"

T-Bone grinned at the young Naga. He to drank from his can. They laid on a hill side and stared up at the sky. The clouds passing by overhead.

Snake: "It’s all so big up there. I wonder if there’s enough of it to go around for everyone."

T-Bone grinned. The mind of a child alright. No matter, he didn’t expect adult behavior from a baby monster.

T-Bone: "Sure. There’s plenty."

Snake: "T-Bone-sama… Why do you and Yumei travel together?"

T-Bone: "Well… she’s helping me to find a legendary stone that will stop the Mazoku once and for all."

Snake: "Do you like fighting against the Mazoku?"

T-Bone: "I like to fight. But I don’t like fighting against them. I have to kill too much, and plus there’s always a chance I could die too."

Snake: "No way! No one can beat you T-Bone! You’re too strong!"

T-Bone: "Believe it or not kid, there’s some out there stronger than me. So I ain’t got much of a chance if I don’t get stronger. That’s why I train, and up my skill as a warrior so that I can hopefully beat the Mazoku and live long enough to find the God Slate, which will help me stop them."

Snake listened in awe and admiration. T-Bone was so brave, and despite what he said to Snake, Snake felt he couldn’t be defeated.

Snake: "Did you ever have anyone to travel with before Yumei?"

T-Bone thought for a moment. He didn’t want to seem hurt, so he answered.

T-Bone: "Yes… Once… A very beautiful girl named Jessica Megami. She and I were both warriors. We use to have the Mazoku in check, until she got killed in battle one day."

Snake: "Do you miss her."

T-Bone: "Yes… But I know she’d want me to go on. Yumei kinda reminds me of her, with the way she’s always so cheerful all the time."

Yumei: "Reminds you of who?"

T-Bone shot up and looked behind him. There stood Yumei. He blushed and searched for words.

T-Bone: "Of… a girl I once met. Whats up?"

Yumei: "Tom made lunch if you all are hungry."

Snake: "Oh boy! I smell beef! My favorite!"

Snake ran to the house, ready to eat. Yumei noticed T-Bone wasn’t moving. She didn’t understand how he would even pass up the chance to eat.

Yumei: "You ok?"

T-Bone: "I’m fine. Just a little tired is all."

Yumei: "Go take a nap… I’ll wake you if anything’s going on."

T-Bone: "Thanks Yumei."

T-Bone stood up to walk to the house. As he did, Yumei noticed a slip of paper fall out of his pocket. She lifted it off the ground. It was a picture of a beautiful brown haired woman.

Yumei: "Who is this?"

Yumei ran up to T-Bone. He turned around to see her.

Yumei: "You dropped this."

T-Bone: "Oh. Thanks."

T-Bone slipped the picture back into his pocket. Yumei breathed and spoke.

Yumei: "Who… was that anyways?"

But T-Bone didn’t answer. He just kept walking. Yumei looked at him. She noticed he had sad eyes when looked at the picture.

Yumei: "What are you keeping from me?"


???: You’ve changed T.

T-Bone: Not really.

???: Sure… back in our day, there wasn’t a girl you wouldn’t hit on. Then ya got shy as you withheld all your emotions from others.

T-Bone: I just don’t want to hurt anyone anymore.. that’s all.

???: I know you still blamed yourself for what happened to me T… but I keep telling you… you didn’t know what you were doing.

T-Bone: I knew enough about that attack to not use it. And yet I still may have to again one day…

???: Why do you keep everything inside? You still even keep things from me anymore.

T-Bone: Losing you was the most horrible thing that ever happened to me Jessie. Once you were gone, I didn’t have a reason to feel love anymore.

Jessica: That’s a load of bull. What about this new girl, Yumei?

T-Bone: I’m not gonna do nothing about it.

Jessica: Damn you’re stubborn.

T-Bone: You weren’t any better.

Jessica: Point taken…

T-Bone: I’m just afraid I’ll hurt her too… I could barely keep going after I realized what I did to you. If it wasn’t for that promise I made to you I probably wouldn’t of.

Jessica: ………T… I loved you too… still do… and knowing that you still care about me so much makes me happy… but I also want you to be happy. I want you to return to humanity, as does your father.

T-Bone: I don’t think I can.

Jessica: Not even for me?

T-Bone: Not until the war’s over.

Jessica: That’s sad to know T. I thought that you would at least listen to me, if not your father.

T-Bone: I just want to make sure that I don’t hurt her. Maybe after the war…

Jessie: And if she’s gone?

T-Bone: Then I’ll keep traveling alone. I have no place to call home anymore. Except for Kigakari and Konomu’s. But I can’t live there for the rest of my life after the war either.

Jessica: Shame… I’m sorry to hear that T. I was hoping that you’d at least show someone your kind heart before it was too late. You held back with me…

T-Bone: Doing so was the biggest mistake I ever made.

Jessica: I have to go now.

T-Bone: What? Wait… don’t go yet!

Jessica: I must.

T-Bone: Jessica.. please stay. Be with me for just a little while longer.

Jessica :*while hugging T-Bone* I’m sorry. I have to go. I’ll be back to talk some other time.

T-Bone: *as Jessica pulls away* No… don’t go.

*Jessica disappears*

T-Bone: Jessie…


Yumei: "T-Bone! Please get up!!"

T-Bone stirred and slowly opened his eyes. Yumei stood above him. He sat up.

T-Bone: "What’s going on?"

Yumei: "It’s Death Dragon!! He’s outside!"

T-Bone: "WHAT!??!"

02: Hidden Powers Revealed

Death Dragon stood outside of Tomas’ house, awaiting the arrival of his mortal enemy, T-Bone Delmyer. T-Bone rushed out of the house, his sword already drawn, ready to do battle with Dragon. Dragon grinned smugly and uncrossed his arms.

Dragon: "Well well… It would seem I finally caught up to you."

A Datonare stood next to Dragon. He growled viciously at T-Bone.

T-Bone: "Went crying to mommy, eh Capt. Datonare?"

Before the Datonare could answer, T-Bone dashed and lifted the Mazoku Datonare off the ground. He drew his sword and sliced the Datonare’s stomach open. He pulled the Mazoku’s stomach from his carcass and shoved it into his mouth, forcing the Datonare to chew it. After T-Bone mocked his victim, he made one clean slice downward and tossed the two separate pieces to Death Dragon’s feet. Dragon just looked as his minion shriveled up into a lost disk. Dragon then returned his gaze to T-Bone.

Dragon: "So… are we ready for another round?"

T-Bone: "Bring it on… but we leave them out of it!"

Dragon: "But of course, unless you lose, at which point they’ll die. Now, lets do this!"

T-Bone motioned for Yumei and the others to get in the house. They went inside and locked the door. T-Bone and Dragon then returned their look to one another, and the battle began.

Dragon started the fight. He did a flying charge at T-Bone, who evaded out of the way. Dragon flew upward and back down towards his opponent.

T-Bone: "My turn!"

T-Bone opened his palm and a small ball of white energy emitted forth from it.

T-Bone: "Spreading Ray!"

The energy ball split into five separate blasts that homed in on Dragon’s life energy. Dragon evaded them and flew high above them all. The five shots traveled up ward at him until they couldn’t go no further. Dragon flew down under the blasts as they collided together and exploded.

Dragon: "Nice try boy! But didn’t work!"

Dragon opened his mouth and charged fire from it.

Dragon: "Die!!"

Dragon fired a straight beam of fire from his mouth that traveled along the ground. T-Bone leapt out of the beams path and pulled his hand back.

T-Bone: "You first!"

T-Bone threw his hand forward and fired a barrage of purple energy balls at Dragon.

Dragon: "A Death Blast!?"

Dragon had seen this attack before. Joker’s used it. It was called Death Blast, a barrage of energy shots that would follow its target, making it an attack guaranteed to hit its target.

Dragon: "I’ve got one chance with this…"

Dragon flew towards the attack, and curved under it as it came closer to him. T-Bone watched as Dragon did aerial acrobatics to dodge the attack.

T-Bone: "What’s he up to?"

Dragon then flew towards T-Bone, the attack close to him.

Dragon: "NOW!"

Dragon shot a fireball at T-Bone’s feet. T-Bone leapt up into the air, and Dragon flew up when he reached him. T-Bone then began to panic.

T-Bone: "OH FU—"

T-Bone’s words were cut short as the Death Blast smashed into him and exploded. T-Bone flew back and crash landed a good distance from them. He rolled along the ground until his body came to a halt. From in the house the group screamed in fear.

All: "T-BONE!!"

Snake leapt off the windowsill and made a mad dash out the door.

Tom: "Snake!! Come back!"

Snake didn’t listen. He ran towards T-Bone.

T-Bone: "Get… outta here kid… You’ll get hurt…"

Snake: "But I wanna help…"

Dragon landed in front of the two with a wicked grin on his face as he loomed over his prey.

Dragon: "Aww… what’s this? A lil’ kiddy Naga come to give his hero a helping hand? HA! I’ll wipe the blood off my bones with you kid! Get lost… this is where the big boys play."

Snake began glow with a deep violet energy hue. He turned to face Dragon, his eyes narrowed.

Snake: "You leave him alone."

Snake then exploded. He dashed at Death Dragon, slicing him across his face. Marrow seeped from Dragon’s new wound.

Dragon: "I’ll kill you for that kid!!"

Dragon turned around to throw a fireball at Snake, but he met with a claw to the forehead. Snake then smacked Dragon a good distance away with his tail. T-Bone sat there and watched as Snake dodged Dragon’s moves effortlessly.

T-Bone: "This kid… where’s he getting all this power? Could it be….?"

Snake threw hard jabs into Dragon’s bony gut. Dragon fell to one knee and stared at the young Naga with hatred.

Dragon: "Damn you kid… I’ll rip you in two!"

Dragon flew high above Snake and began to charge up his most deadly attack. The Pulse Flare.

T-Bone: "Crap! Snake! Get outta there now!!"

Snake stood his ground and began to glow deeper with energy.

Dragon: "Die."

Dragon shot the Pulse Flare from his mouth and it spiraled down towards Snake. Snake stood his ground.

Yumei: "I can’t look!"

Tom: "Snake!! NO!!"

T-Bone: "What’s that…?"

Snake did a hand stand and then using his arms, pushed himself into the air with all his might. His spike tipped tail hit Dragon’s beam hard and sent Snake spiraling up through the attack, unharmed.

Dragon: "WHAT?!?"


Snake did the famous Piledriver Drill attack that Naga’s have. He broke through and Dragon’s beam shattered and became nothing but cinders in the sky, and Snake collided with Dragon’s face. Dragon roared angrily and fell back down towards the ground in pain. Snake landed and took a fighting stance. Dragon slowly got up and looked at the young Naga angrily.

Dragon: "Damn you kid!! I’ll make you pay for this!!"

Dragon took to the air and began to retreat. The last thing he wanted was to be killed in battle by a little kid, and he knew that the kid was fighting under focused mind energy. Dragon growled to himself as he flew off.

Dragon: "A rookie Naga going… Impossible!!! There’s something about that kid…"

Back on the Hakida farm, Snake stood there, watching Dragon go, then collapsed unconscious.

All: "Snake!"

Tom and Yumei ran outside to check on the young Naga and T-Bone. Yumei tended to T-Bone as Tom lifted his monster up.

Yumei: "What happened? How’d he get so strong all of a sudden?"

T-Bone: "That kid’s got a lot of fighting potential in him… He just went Real."


Tom & Yumei: "Real?"

T-Bone: "It’s a state of consciousness in a monster where they are focused so much that their abilities increase several folds over, making their battle style flawless in it’s own perfection. No one’s sure how to acquire the ability willingly though, it just happens."

Tom and Yumei looked at one another.

Yumei: "Snake did a number on Dragon… that must be a powerful technique."

T-Bone looked at the sleeping body of Snake. The young Naga smiled contently as he dreamed of better things in life.

T-Bone: "That kid’s got a lot of fighting potential. Almost Terenlarn like… Tom, where did you acquire his disk?"

Tom thought back to not too long ago.

Tom: "I was traveling as a merchant at the time and then I discovered a Mystery Disk just lying there in the ground. I took it to Katera’s shrine and boom! There he was, right from the disk."

T-Bone: "Was the location a ruined city?"

Tom: "Yes… as I recall it was."

T-Bone pointed to the Terenlarn symbol on his left chest plate on his armor.

T-Bone: "Did you see this symbol anywhere."

Tom: "Yes… I did in fact."

T-Bone: "No wonder he has such great potential… he’s a Terenlarn bred Naga."

Yumei looked on puzzled.

Yumei: "Terenlarn bred?"

T-Bone: "My people, the Terenlarns, were a group of highly skilled warriors. Even those that couldn’t fight fought as good as the normal man when forced to. And by nature, we were Naga breeders. Therefore, it was only natural a powerful Naga like this kid here could have been found on our land."

Tom and Yumei soon began to understand the depth on Snake’s powers. They all looked at him in surprise.

T-Bone: "He’s got a lot of power inside him… he just needs to learn to use it."


Jonathan: Quite a kid.

T-Bone: Right about that… who’d of thought?

Jonathan: Not even I knew this.

T-Bone: Look’s like I stumbled onto something big then…

Jonathan: You may want to bring him with you to fight the Mazoku.

T-bone: No way! He’s only a child dad! I don’t wanna endanger a child!

Jonathan: You’d be surprised. Under your tutelage he could become a powerful warrior. you may even enjoy his company. You’ve never raised a monster after all, and the Naga’s have always been your favorite.

T-Bone: True…

Jonathan: So what do you say?

T-Bone: I’ll think about it…

Jonathan: That’s my boy.


Yumei: "Take Snake with us?"

T-Bone: "I just have this feeling about the kid. But I’m not sure if we should endanger him like we would be. The Mazoku don’t play fair after all."

Yumei: "True…"

Just then, Tom knocked on the door.

Tom: "Hey… Snake’s awake!"

T-Bone and Yumei went down the hall to see the awoken hero.

T-Bone: "Welcome back to reality lil’ man."

Snake opened his eyes and saw T-Bone, he immediately launched like a mini rocket from his bed and tackled T-Bone.

Snake:"WowT-BoneyouweresocooloutthereIwishIcouldahelpedyououttheredoyou thinkI’lleverbeabletofightlikeyoucanT-Bone-sama!??!"

A drop of sweat trickled down T-Bone’s head and he raised his eyebrows.

T-Bone: "Uh… Don’t you remember Snake?"

Snake: "I remember I saw you whip up but good on that big skeleton dragon guy thing! You were so cool!!"

T-Bone Tom and Yumei looked at one another.

Tom: "You don’t remember, do you Snake? It was YOU who defeated the Death Dragon."

Snake raised his reptilian eyebrows.

Snake: "Wha…"

Yumei: "That’s right… we all watched you rip apart that bully like it was nothing! You don’t remember?"

Snake stood in awe.

Snake: "I… I thought T-Bone beat…"

T-Bone: "Obviously one of the effects of Real is that they don’t remember what they did while under it’s effects. Otherwise Snake’d be on a serious ego trip right about now."

Snake’s jaw was almost hitting the floor. They all looked at the stunned Naga.

Yumei: "Man… looks like the shock of his first win was too much for him."

Snake then fell over, fainted from the surprise.

Yumei & Tom: "Snake!"

T-Bone sighed.

T-Bone: "Worry about if he’s fine or not later… right now… GET HIM OFF ME!!"


Snake: "So I really beat that brute up all by myself!?!"

T-Bone: "Yep. You have great power within you Snake. But you need to learn to control it... so I have the perfect training for you."

They all looked at him stunned.

Yumei & Tom: "Special Training?"

T-Bone: "No… nothing special… just away to get him to learn the combat styles better."

Snake: "What? What am I gonna do?"

T-Bone: "In a day there’s a Monster Battle. I’m entering you in it."

All: "WHAT?!!?"

Tom: "A Monster Battle!??! He can’t even fight yet!"

Yumei: "Easy Tom. It may seem harsh… but T-Bone has spent his life training hard and fighting… I think you should let him do whatever is needed."

Tom’s face of worry soon disappeared.

Tom: "I just hope you’re sure on this T-Bone."

T-Bone: "I’m never sure on anything… but it’s the best way to learn the basics of a fight."

Snake: "I’m gonna fight in a tournament?"

T-Bone: "That’s right little man. And just you watch. You’re sure to win too."

Snake: "Think so?"

T-bone: "I know so. Just trust me."


Jonathan: Smart move. I always said that a Battle was the best way to learn how to manage a defense and offense.

T-Bone: Where ya think I got the idea?

Jonathan: Well do you think he can do it?

T-Bone: Always possible. I don’t doubt the capabilities of a Naga for a second.

Jonathan: Wise decision. We weren’t the best Naga trainers for nothing after all. We know what they’re really capable of.

T-Bone: I think I may be able to make this one into a powerful warrior… with the right amount of time.

Jonathan: Only two days left. And tomorrow afternoon’s the big day for our little purple friend.

T-Bone: Picking up your implying that I should take him with me and Yumei.

Jonathan: Yep.

T-Bone: *Sigh* Maybe… ok… maybe…

Jonathan: You’ll see…

T-Bone: That we will…


Yumei slowly opened her eyes. Again the birds chirping outside, and the window open, allowing them access to greet her. A bird perched on the windowsill and looked at Yumei. Then, a horrible thought popped into her head.

Yumei: "……T-Bone!"

Yumei noticed T-Bone wasn’t in his bed. Meaning Yumei had to be up soon. She fell out of bed and struggled to get dressed for the day in time before T-Bone’s wonderful vocal wakeup calls came around again. Her face was still sore from the other day’s wonderful morning.

Yumei: Shoot! I can here him coming!

Yumei struggled with her boots and finally got it on. She prepared to open the door when it slammed open and T-Bone gave his morning greeting to her.


T-Bone noticed Yumei was no where in sight. Her night clothes were on the bed from where she had changed, but she wasn’t there.

T-Bone: "Yumei?"

A muffled noise that sounded like a raccoon trying to strangle a dog, or something remotely close to it, came from behind the door. T-Bone pulled the door away from the wall to see Yumei imprinted in the wall, her eyes spinning in dizziness and pain.

Yumei: "Why me?"

T-Bone struggled not to snicker, and helped her from the wall.

T-Bone: "Nice try… Ya almost made the deadline."

Yumei hung her head. She could have strangled T-Bone, but he might not like that, and she didn’t feel like trying to fight off someone capable of taking on an entire human army on their own. So she did her best to brush it aside without yelling at him.

T-Bone: "I guess this is where I apologize, but that’ll have to wait. Breakfast is ready, and we have things to do."

Yumei’s stomach growled at the mention of food.

Yumei: "Can those of us with a normal appetite eat first?"

A drop of sweat ran down T-Bone’s face.

T-Bone: "Uh… I guess…"

Yumei: "Then move it!!"

Yumei ran as fast as her legs would carry her down the hall and to the kitchen.

T-Bone watched her go, eyebrows raised. He scratched his head.

T-Bone: "Uh… ok…"


Noon arrived. And just as planned, T-Bone and his friend had already scheduled Snake for the tournament and now the tournament was under way.

In their assigned room, Snake’s crew was preparing for their match. A monitor showed the fight from outside. A Hare Hound and a Mustardy fought. The Hare Hound seemed to have the advantage.

Yumei: "Nervous?"

Snake: "A lot! I’m not sure I can do this!"

T-Bone: "Don’t worry… I’ll be giving ya advice."

Snake: "Think I can do it?"

T-Bone: "Trust me…"

They all watched as T-Bone returned his gaze to the screen.

T-Bone: "We’ll be fighting the winner of this match. So make sure you pay attention Snake."

Soon, the match was over. The Mustardy was declared the victor. They all watched on, studying the moves of each contestant, until finally, it was Snake’s turn to fight.

Workhand: "T-Bone-Sama, Snake, you’re up."

T-Bone stood up and prepared for the match. The rest joined him and were soon out in the field.

Announcer: "Now, we have a first timer here ladies and gentlemen! Please give a round of applause for Snake Hakida, and his trainer, the one and only T-Bone!!"

The crowd cheered as T-Bone and crew came out into the stadium. Tom and Yumei stood in the door way as T-Bone and Snake walked up to the ring side. A little girl came bounding up beside T-Bone from the other side of the ring.

Girl: "T-Bone-Sama… can I have you’re autograph?"

T-Bone: "Uh… sure.."

Snake: "Lily! I didn’t know you were that monsters trainer!"

Lily: "Yep! I see you finally found someone to teach you to fight to! I hope we have a good match Snake! I always told you ya could be a great fighter.

Snake blushed and scratched the side of his head. T-Bone smiled and handed the book back to Lily. Lily bowed in thanks and went back over to the other side of the ring.

Lily: "Alright Harikicks! Let’s get another win!"

Lily’s monster howled in excitement and leapt up to the ring. Snake looked back at T-Bone, who nodded at him with a smile. Snake too got onto the ring and prepared to fight.

The bell sounded, and the first move was made.

Lily: "Tail Attack Harikicks!"

Harikicks swung his tail at Snake, who dodged out of the way.

T-Bone: "Gut Punch."

Snake stood up and ran towards Harikicks, succeeding in connecting with the Gut Punch.

Lily: "Scratch Harikicks!"

T-Bone: "Evade."

Each command followed through. Harikicks tried to scratch Snake, who dodged out of the way.

T-Bone: "Naga Shot."

Snake leapt back and a ball of energy formed in his hand. He brought his hand forward and blasted Harikicks in the stomach with a Naga Shot. The Mustardy fell back and slowly pulled back up.

Lily: "Don’t give up yet Harikicks! Try a fireball!"

Harikicks followed his trainers instructions and blasted a ball of flame from his mouth that flew towards Snake.

T-Bone: "Counter it with another Naga Shot."

Snake threw an energy blast at the fire ball and dispelled it.

Lily: "Now’s our chance! Charging Flame!"

Harikicks ran towards Snake and began to glow with orange flame.

Snake: "Now what!?"

T-Bone: "Rolling Assault."

Snake nodded, and threw himself forward with his hands. He began to roll across the ground and caught Harikicks with his tail. The blow sent Harikicks flying back, and out of the ring. The bell sounded.

Lily: "Harikicks!"

Announcer: "And the winner is Snake!"

The crowd cheered as the young Naga sat up. He realized he won, and leapt into the air.

Yumei: "He did it!"

Tom: "Way to go son!!"

T-Bone stood there as silent as a cat, but smiling as Snake danced around the ring in joy.

The battles continued, each opponent that one, Snake would face, and each battle, Snake won. Soon it was into the finals, and Snake faced his opponent, a Fake Penguin.

Announcer: "It’s down to the final fight! Snake VS Junomoule!"

Snake: "I’m ready for him!"

Snake stood in the ring, and awaited as his opponent entered the ring. The Fake Penguin looked cute and innocent, but Snake and T-Bone saw that he fought like a devil.

Junomoule: "You’re mine kid!"

Snake: "We’ll see!"

03: The Final Stand

The Bell.

Snake’s first attack was a Naga Shot, what he’s come to call his Snake Shot. Junomoule dodged and retaliated using a Rolling Attack. Snake fell back.

T-Bone: "Get up!"

Snake slowly pulled himself up.

T-Bone: "Let’s show him how a Rolling Assault is done!"

Snake threw himself forward and began to roll along the ground. Junomoule dodged, but Snake curved around and caught the Fake Penguin in the back.

Junomoule: "You’re gonna get it for that one!"

Junomoule puffed up to very large sizes. Snake dropped back a bit and prepared his next move. Then Junomoule made his move.

Junomoule: "Cannon!"

Junomoule blasted a stream of energy at Snake. Snake dodged and the blast traveled towards T-Bone. They all watched as T-Bone simply uppercutted the blast into the air.

Snake: "Let me show you a real attack!"

Snake’s words were cut short. Junomoule tried for the Cannon attack again. This time, Snake leapt into the air and completely dodged the blast. They all watched as Snake began his descent, and his attack.


Snake began the Drill PileDriver attack again, and caught Junomoule on the head. Snake landed, none to gracefully mind you, and prepared to defend himself. Junomoule staggered around, and fell flat on his face. The bell was sounded and the result announced.

Announcer: "The tournament goes to the undefeated Snake!!!!"

The crowd cheered and hollered at the victor of the match. snake, feeling pretty confident about himself, did his victory dance in joy again in the ring.

Tom: "That’s my boy!!"

Yumei: "Way to go Snake!!"

But all cheering was cut short as T-Bone drew his sword. He felt something. Something not good.

T-Bone: "Show you’re face Dragon!! I know you’re here!!"

Then, Death Dragon leapt from atop a high balcony and landed in front of T-Bone.

Death Dragon: "I must admit… you really are a Terenlarn. Only a Terenlarn could get a victory with an inexperienced Naga. Undefeated no less."

T-Bone: "I take it you’re here to get the both of us then!"

Dragon: "You and everyone here if you lose my friend. Now, which of you shall I kill first?"

Dragon fell forward in pain as he felt a sharp sensation in the back of his neck. Snake had done a Drill PileDriver to him again. T-Bone joined the side of his young monster friend and prepared to do battle.

T-Bone: "He’s as strong as a B level monster kid… think your ready for that?"

Snake: "Let’s do it!"

T-Bone grinned and prepared his sword. Dragon recovered himself, and the battle began.

Dragon made the first move again. This time, he launched himself into the air and threw layers of fire at the two warriors. They both dodged and assumed the same standing pose.

T-Bone: "Definitely a Terenlarn bred Naga."

They then began their attack. Both warriors shot deadly Naga Shots at the huge skeletal beast before them. Dragon evaded and threw a fire ball at them. Snake countered with a Naga Shot and T-Bone did a Rolling Slasher at Dragon. Dragon roared in pain as T-Bone cut into him deeper and deeper with his blade. Finally Dragon threw his hand forward and knocked T-Bone off of him. T-Bone fell to the ground and landed on his feet. He assumed a battle stance and awaited Dragon’s move.

Dragon: "I’LL MAKE YOU PAY!!"

Dragon threw his head back and began to amass large amounts of flame energy over it. T-Bone’s eyes dilated and he motioned to Tom and Yumei.

T-Bone: "GET OUT!!"

The entire stadium began to empty out faster than a restaurant that has cockroaches. Soon, T-Bone and Snake were the only ones in the arena with Dragon.

Then, it happened. Dragon shot the Pulse Flare at them. The mighty column of fire swirled down towards the two warriors. As it reached them, T-Bone held his sword up in front of them and blocked the attack. He then gave his commands.

T-Bone: "Snake, pay attention!"

Snake looked at his teacher.

T-Bone: "Do a PileDriver at him! It’s the only way! I can’t hold this much longer!"

Snake nodded and did a handstand, then he launched himself in the air. Dragon saw him and panicked.


Snake crashed into Dragon with his tail spike, causing Dragon to loosen his attack’s power. T-Bone then made his move.

T-Bone: "Death Finale!!"

T-Bone leapt into the air at Dragon, a white trail left following him. Dragon roared as T-Bone had slices into his side. T-Bone landed and caught Snake as he fell. They stared at Dragon.

Dragon: "Damn… them… I’ll make them… pay for… this…"

Dragon turned to face T-Bone. He was bleeding marrow severely. His eyes glowed an ominous crimson.

Dragon: "You have me down for now… but I’ll be back and make you both pay…"

Then, an air ship came flying overhead and two Jells came down as helicopters and lifted their master up onboard. T-Bone and Dragon looked at eachother hatefully as Dragon’s ship began to depart. Once out of sight, T-Bone and Snake began to head back outside.


The cheer came in a big way. Everyone outside cheered for both T-Bone and Snake as they made their big exit from the stadium. The prize money was given to Snake, and both him and T-Bone were lifted above their heads.

Yumei: "What a pair."

Tom watched as Snake smiled widely, getting a bigger ego by the minute. In just three short days, he went from the worst fighter in the world, to the hero of the city.

Tom: "Hmmm… maybe…"


Tom: "T-Bone…"

T-bone looked up at Tom, they were the only two in the kitchen. Snake was asleep, and Yumei had gone out to buy supplies for when they leave tomorrow.

T-Bone: "Yea?"

Tom: "Well… I was wondering… would you like to take Snake with you and Yumei on your quest?"

T-Bone’s eyes widened.

T-bone: "What?"

Tom: "Well… As you know, he thinks really highly of you.. and I want him to be able to make a difference. He beat low level monsters like it was nothing at all."

T-Bone: "Well he is a Terenlarn Bred after all…"

Tom: "And as such… I think he would best be suited for care under a Terenlarn."

T-Bone: "I see… I’m not sure it’s wise Tom. Yumei and I must constantly deal with Mazoku. And it’s not an easy job to hold them off. Snake’d be in real danger."

Tom: "I understand T-Bone. But I trust you… Besides… he’s Terenlarn Bred, right? He belongs to the Terenlarns."

T-Bone: "……… I’ll think about it. Let you know by morning."

Tom: "I just want him to fulfil his dream of becoming a great warrior like you. Ever since I can remember he’s always wanted to be a great fighter."

T-Bone: "The roads hard… but if any one can get him there… it’s me."


Jonathan: Your decision?

T-Bone: On Snake?

Jonathan: Yes.

T-Bone: Not sure… Any ideas whether or not the kid will be safe traveling with us?

Jonathan: Are you ever safe?

T-Bone: …Point taken…

Jonathan: But either way… he could and can become a powerful member of the team.

T-Bone: Team?

Jonathan: You still need a few more people to complete your quest… I’ll leave it up to you to decide who they are.

T-Bone: Well gee… aren’t you nice?

Jonathan: Heh. Who says you don’t have a sense of humor? Even if it is a smartass sense of humor.

T-Bone: Must get that from mom.

Jonathan: Her father actually.

T-Bone: Whateva…

Jonathan: So what’s the choice? Take him, or leave him here?

T-Bone: …………What’s to lose? I’ll simply have to take you’re word for it this time… for the eleventeenth time.

Jonathan: That’s my boy.


Yumei awoke to the sound of birds. She opened her eyes wide, and what she got next was unexpected.

T-Bone: "WAKEUP!!!!!!"

Yumei leapt from her bed and fell hard onto her bottom. She rubbed her hind end and looked at T-Bone menacingly.

Yumei: "Don’t you ever sleep in?"

T-Bone: "Nope. Never have."

T-Bone sat down on his bed in front of her.

T-Bone: "Here’s the deal… we’re taking that Snake kid with us, got it? He’s a Terenlarn Bred, so he’ll be an excellent body guard for you once I train him a bit more. That way I won’t have to worry so much when the Mazoku attack and you’re left defenseless."

Yumei: "Good thinking… now if you don’t mind, I’d like to get dressed."

Yumei shoved a pillow in T-Bone’s face. The warrior held it there.

Yumei: "And no peeking!"

T-Bone hung his head sympathetically for himself.

T-Bone: "Yes ma’am…"


Tom: "Be careful Snake, and mind T-Bone."

Snake: "Yes sir!"

Snake and Tom hugged one another, their last time seeing eachother for quite a while.

Tom: "I’m proud of you son… Go out there, and fulfil your dream."

Snake: "I will."

Yumei was holding the magic stone in her hands, awaiting for the stone to point out their new direction.

Yumei: "It says… East."

T-Bone: "Snake! Its time little man."

Snake and Tom exchanged one last good bye and Snake ran over to his new teammates.

Tom: "Good luck to all of you! Take care of Snake for me!"

Yumei: "Bye Tom! Thanks for everything!"

T-Bone gave Tom a nod, and turned and began to walk away. Snake crawled backwards, waving at his father and master the whole way.

Snake: "Bye Dad! I’ll miss you! Don’t forget to tell everyone goodbye for me!"

Soon, they all lost sight of one another. Tom stared into the sky, turned around, and went inside.


Nightfall came fast as the hero’s and the young heroine entered the woods. Camp was set up, and Yumei prepared dinner. As she cooked Snake was put through some training drills T-Bone had set up.

T-Bone: "Again!"

Snake threw furiously hard punches into the tree. The training was much like the one Yumei saw T-Bone doing the first night they had left Pendant II.

Yumei: This is great! All three of us here, working to make the world safe again. It’s almost like this was all destined to happen.

T-Bone: "Ok, that’s enough for tonight. Ya did good Snake."

Snake grinned. He was finally achieving his goals of becoming a warrior, and he had his new friends to help him.

Snake: "I smell beef!"

Yumei: "You should. This stews got enough in it for everyone to like it."

T-Bone: "Good, great, grand, wonderful… now can we eat it?"


Jonathan: Well, looks like you and the kid are getting along just fine.

T-Bone: Naturally… He’s a Naga, I’m a Naga trainer. Remember how well I handled Chlorosmash?

Jonathan: How could I forget. He liked you more than me, his father and trainer.

T-Bone: Just goes to show what monster I was born to raise.

Jonathan: So, what about Yumei? How are things going with her?

T-Bone: Fine I guess. I just…. wait… what do you mean?

Jonathan: Nothing.. nothing at all.

T-Bone: When you say nothing you always mean nothing that I’m gonna say to you straight out.

Jonathan: Heh. You know me too well.

T-Bone: I should… I am your son after all.

Jonathan: So then tell me… How are you gonna tell her?

T-Bone: Tell her what?

Jonathan: How you feel?

T-Bone: About what?

Jonathan: About her.

T-Bone: She’s ok.

Jonathan: Just ok?

T-Bone: Dad I’ve only known the girl a week and a half. There’s nothing even remotely romantic going on right now, kay?

Jonathan: Shame… but will you at least accept that you are attracted to her?

T-Bone: ………

Jonathan: I’ll take that as a no.

T-Bone: I don’t even want to think about it… It confuses me… I’ve not dealt with these emotions for so long I don’t understand them anymore.

Jonathan: You’ll get he hang of it son. Just give it some time, you’ll start to come around.

T-Bone: If you say so dad… if you say so.


Yumei: "North from here."

Yumei said as she controlled the magic stone. T-Bone turned towards the direction the stone pointed and lifted Snake up off the ground.

T-Bone: "You stay here."

T-Bone placed the Naga on the shoulder guard of his armor. Snake perched happily on his master’s shoulder.

Snake: "Yes sir!"

Yumei: "Shall we be off then?"

T-Bone nodded and the three adventurers set off.

T-Bone: "So are we already? There’s a pack of Mazoku ahead."

The two gasped and looked at him.

Yumei: "Are you sure?"

T-Bone nodded and motioned for her to take cover. Sure enough, a pack of Black Dinos came into view. Snake leapt down from T-Bone’s shoulder and prepared to fight along side his master. T-Bone drew his sword and grinned smugly. He cracked his knuckles, and as expected, said his battle line.

T-Bone: "Party time…"

The End

Coming Next: Partners of Trouble

Death Dragon Saga: Episode 03: Partners of Trouble

Authors Note

I keep some of them Japanese, you know the drill by now…

Mazoku: Monster race. Used to refer to what was known as Baddies in the original TV dub series

Teikoku: Empire. Used by to refer to the Mazoku army in full

Shogun: General. Used when referring to the top ranking officers of the Teikoku.

Sake’: Japanese booze.

Ramen: Noodle soup, usually served with various different vegetables, meats and sometimes Curry Rice.

Sama: Go blow your brains out if you don’t know this one…

Daimou: Great Demon King. Used to refer to Time Noise himself.

Death Dragon Saga

Episode 03

Partners of Trouble

01: Prepare for trouble, and make it double

Yumei: "West."

Yumei Mizuchii said, as she and the others looked into the magic stone for directions to the God Slate.

Snake: "The directions never are the same. Is it really pointing us in the right direction? Maybe it’s not."

T-Bone: "We have to trust in the stone’s powers. It’s the only really liable lead we have."

Yumei: "That’s right, and besides, we’re not even sure if the God Slate really exists."

T-Bone: "Enough chit chat, let’s move you two."

Yumei and Snake nodded and the three team mates took off.

Yumei: "So, it’s been three day’s since you’ve joined up with us Snake. How’re you liking the journey so far?"

Snake grinned from fin to fin.

Snake: "It RULES! I’ve never had so much fun in my life! The only thing that could make me feel better than I already do right now is a fight! Where’s the stupid Mazoku when you need them?"

T-Bone laughed. He liked the kid’s enthusiasm. It reminded him of himself, but that was a long time ago.

T-Bone: "You’ve got spunk little man.. I’ll give ya that."

Snake grinned wider. Praise from his hero and master was always something that Snake enjoyed. He hopped up onto T-Bone’s shoulder guard and rode on his favorite spot.

Snake: "So where’re we headed anyways?"

Yumei: "That’s right, we forgot to check the map."

T-Bone dug into his side bag and pulled out the world map he had.

T-Bone: "According to this, the next city is Niierou. Hey, I’ve been there before! Great, we’ll have a place to stay, I know a guy there who’ll lend us a room for a day or two."

Yumei: "Great! How far to it?"

T-Bone: "Bout a half a day’s hike. Fourteen miles from here to give an estimate. Well, guess we better get trucking then."

T-Bone slipped the map back into his bag and the team resumed their journey.


Yumei: "Tired… hungry… hot… sweaty… I wanna take a bath… I wanna have some dinner… I wanna use the potty!!"

Yumei halted and plopped down non-to gentle on her hind end. T-Bone and Snake turned to see the fallen heroine.

Snake: "C’mon aunt Yumei! We have to keep moving or we’ll never get there!"

Yumei: "Easy for you to say! You got a ride!"

Snake looked at T-Bone’s shoulder guard where he was perched and dumbly laughed. T-Bone sighed.

T-Bone: "Little man’s right though… get back up. I’ll get have a nice bed and a bubble bath made for you once we get there, but only if you keep moving."

Yumei fought to get up. She just couldn’t. Her legs and hands wouldn’t cooperate with one another. She then noticed a hand reaching out to her.

???: "Need some help miss?"

Yumei: "Yes, thank you."

Yumei grabbed hold of the hand and pulled herself back up. But when she turned to face the person who helped her, what she saw was unexpected. It was a black top hat just floating there, then from underneath the hat, a strange figure came out, scaring Yumei in the process.

Yumei: "GAAAHH!! What the heck is this thing!!??!!"

???: "He’s not a thing you dope!"

Another voice cried out. This time a small Mocchi type monster came out. He had on clown paint, complete with red nose, and wore a purple silk leotard with a small gold body shield down the stomach and back. The first that helped Yumei was to be honest, a Ghost. He wore a black top hat with a playing card sticking out of it. He grinned smugly as the second one snorted.

T-Bone: "Who are you two clowns?"

Ghost: "I'm the undeniably hansom poltergeist pretty boy! Ghost!"

Pierrot: "I'm the crude and rude dude with the biggest attitude! Call me Pierrot!"

Both: "And together we make up the renegade team of anti-hero’s, Double Trouble!"

The three team mates looked on, sweat trickling down their face, at the two gooney monsters that posed dramatically before them.

T-Bone: "…. Good for you…"


T-Bone, Yumei and Snake stopped in front of a local pub.

Yumei: "Uh… why we stopping in a bar T-Bone?"

T-Bone: "This is it. The guy I was talking about owns this place."

Yumei: "Ah, ok…"

Pierrot: "Ron’s Bar and Grill… nice choice."

The three team mates looked down to see the Ghost and Hell Pierrot standing next to them.

T-Bone: "Yea… anyhoo… why are you two following us?"

Ghost: "You guys are searching for the God Slate, right?"

T-Bone: "Yea.."

Pierrot: "And you’re gonna fight against Time Noise, aren’t you?"

Yumei: "Yeah. Why?"

Ghost: "We’re coming with you guys!"

The three team members stared at each other confused.

T-Bone: "Uh… what?"

Pierrot: "Did we stutter?!? We’re looking for the God Slate so that Ghost can learn who he was before he died, and Time Noise destroyed my home, leaving me with no memory of my past, so I owe him a Pierrot style ass kicking!"

T-Bone sighed. Was these two some of the monsters destined to aid him in his quest. His father did say that he’ll need more to help him, but he didn’t even know these two goofballs and already they had said they were gonna assist them in finding the God Slate.

T-Bone: "What? Do I have a sign on my back that says everyone in the world can follow me!?"

Yumei and Snake looked at one another and shrugged.

Pierrot: "Well, are we just going to stand here or are we gonna go get something to eat!?"


In the deserted regions of the north, a cold, foreboding tower stood tall. The tower bore the unmistakable markings of the Mazoku. Chronos Tower.

Inside the tower at the highest level, a vicious looking Naga type sat on a thrown. His head was a dark brown, and his skin a fair cream color. His blood red eyes glimmered in the low lighting. He wore golden shoulder armor, from which underneath it lied his body suit, a blue vest designed not only for comfort but for combat, as it was made from special material. A steel lantern was strapped to his belt. In his hand sat an hourglass. The figure rested his head on his palm as he stared intently at the timepiece in his grasp.

???: "Perfect in it’s form… is it not?"

Another odd looking Naga type in front of the one on the thrown nodded. This one was a rather aggressive looking type. He was a deep auburn brown with deep ebony stripes on his body. He had six purely red eyes with small black pupils that stared at his master. His fins were ragged looking, as if they had been mangled in some battle. His claws were red, stained with the blood of his opponents. Across his chest lied a huge red scar, obviously gotten from a very grueling battle.

???: "Yes master… Quite an exquisitely built hourglass. You have excellent taste my lord."

???: "So my dear Punisher… how is the search progressing?"

Punisher: "On schedule master Time Noise… We should be ready to proceed soon…"

Time Noise: "And the God Slate?"

Punisher: "Not to worry… I’ve left the search for that up to my two top minions here, Striker and Cyclops."

Punisher pointed to another pair of Naga types standing beside him. One was a Tiger half. Deep blue markings on his body, and white furry areas here and there. The other was a Suezo half, and as most, had only one eye. His skin was a moderate lemon color, and his eye glowed an almost ominous purple. They nodded in respects to their masters.

Time Noise: "Ah… I see… then I shall be expecting good results."

Striker & Cyclops: "Yes my lord."

As they left the room, Time Noise stood up and began to crawl towards a large window. Punisher joined his master’s side.

Time Noise: "What’s his name again?"

Punisher: "According to Dragon, the young boy’s name is Trent, but he’s better known to our boys as ‘T-Bone, the Demon Slayer.’"

Time Noise: "He’s been a thorn in our side for quite a while. He’s even managed to make Death Dragon’s life a living hell."

Punisher: "Haha! Dragons not exactly one who can do a job with the efficiency it sometimes requires. He’s to trusting, and not only that, like Magma Heart, to high in pride."

Time Noise: "True. However, I want you to make sure that he is monitored closely. Dragon still has the reserved right to be the one to take care of him, and until his true death comes around, I don’t want another of our high minions getting to him first, understood?"

Punisher nodded.

Punisher: "Yes master."


Ghost: "That’s mine!"

Pierrot: "You wish!"

Ghost: "Give it up!"

Pierrot: "No way!"

Yumei and Snake looked and chewed at the two fighting monsters that claimed to now be part of the team. T-Bone was sitting over at the bar, having a serving of sake’. He drank from the small cup and let out a hiccup.

???: "Hey pal! You gonna pay for that?"

T-Bone: "Depends on who I’m giving the money to."

T-Bone smiled and opened his eyes to see a tall man standing before him, smiling. He looked about late thirties, maybe early forties. He had brown hair slicked back and full beard and moustache. He wore a large flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

???: "How ya doing Trent?"

T-Bone: "Could be better Ron… Life’s not been treating me good lately."

Ron: "I heard that Jessie was killed in battle. I’m sorry. If there’s anything I can do, just tell me."

T-Bone: "A room for two nights maybe, and dinner."

Ron: "No problem. I’m always glad to help you. You saved Olivia after all."

T-Bone: "Think nothing of it… gimme another please."

Ron: "This’ you third bottle Trent. Last one you get pal. Sorry but rules is rules."

T-Bone only chuckled and poured shot after shot of sake’ down. He was glad to finally be back in a town where he knew of a pub. Drinking mildly helped him to calm his nerves, which because of the Mazoku were constantly hair triggered.

Yumei: "Hey T-Bone, where’re we gonna stay?"

Yumei then noticed Ron looking at her and smiling.

Ron: "This you’re latest girlie Trent?"

T-Bone choked on sake’ and glared at Ron, who laughed. T-Bone noticed Yumei was looking at him oddly, and blushing.

T-Bone: "No! She’s just a friend. And to answer you’re question Yumei we’re staying here. This is Ron, he owns the pub. He’s agreed to lend us a room for two days, food included."

Yumei: "Nice to meet you Ron! I’m Yumei!"

Yumei bowed before Ron, who nodded.

Ron: "Pleasure to meet you miss. And who’s your other friends Trent?"

T-Bone: "The Naga’s Snake Hakida, and the one two monsters over there I’m not too sure who they are. They basically forced us to let them join."

Ron: "Oh! I know who they are. That’s Ghost and Pierrot, the anti-hero monsters who call themselves Double Trouble. They’re regulars in here. They also helped to protect the city from the Mazoku for the past half year."

Yumei: "So they do fight against the Mazoku?"

Ron: "Yep. They say that they have a vendetta to settle with the Mazoku, and that they’re starting by protecting us. No one’s sure where they came from, they just showed up one day."

T-Bone: "Hmmm… kinda sounds like my first big rescue in Kijutsuokoku."

The rest of the team soon joined T-Bone at the bar. So much for peace and quiet T-Bone thought.

Ron: "Something to drink fellas?"

Pierrot: "Jack…"

Ghost: "…and Coke!"

Ron: "How bout you Yumei, Snake?"

Yumei: "I’ll take some Root Beer if ya got any."

Snake: "Ditto!"

Ron: "Of course. Gotta have something for the non drinkers. It’s bad for business not to."

Ron served the team their drinks and they all sipped happily.

T-Bone turned his face to the side slightly and saw someone standing in the doorway. He half choked on sake’ and turned his head, avoiding eye contact. His teammates looked at him and then up to where he was staring. A beautiful young girl about Yumei’s age walked towards them. She had curly brown shoulder length hair. Twinkling yellow eyes that stared kindly in T-Bone’s general direction. She wore a silky blue short sleeve waitress uniform with a white apron that read "Ron’s" across the middle. A small blue bead necklace hung around her neck. She walked up politely and sat down on the stool next to T-Bone, who shyly blushed as he tried to avoid eye contact.

???: "What’s the matter Trent? Surprised to see me?"

T-Bone: "Please don’t call me that Olivia. I’m T-Bone now."

Olivia: "Ah yes… T-Bone the Demon Slayer. That’s what they call you now, isn’t it?"

T-Bone: "Yes it is."

Olivia: "You know, I still owe you that kiss from the last time you and Jessie were here."

The rest of the team all turned with faces of surprise on as T-Bone’s face turned a bright cherry red.



T-Bone: "I’ll… pass thanks Olivia…"

Ghost: "Well if he don’t want it I’ll take it!"

Ghost flew towards Olivia with his lips puckered up. Olivia just held up a clipboard and Ghost smacked face first into it. Everyone but Ghost and T-Bone laughed.

Ghost: "You would think I could pass through that…"

Pierrot: "Hehehe… face it Ghost, she’s one chicky you’ll never get your hands on…"

Olivia: "Did her death really affected you that much Trent? Pardon my bluntness but you were a huge flirt back then."

T-Bone: "Yes.. it did… and again, it’s T-Bone now…"

T-Bone stood up and walked into the back towards the rooms. He stopped in the middle of the doorway and turned to Ron.

T-Bone: "Hey Ron, Yumei was a little under the weather on her way here, would you mind fixing her up a bath?"

Ron: "Sure T-Bone, be a pleasure to help such a pretty lady out."

Ron smiled at Yumei warmly, but Olivia just sighed and put the clipboard in front of her father’s face.

Olivia: "I will, no need for a dirty old man like my dad to be involving himself with a young girl. He’ll get dirty ideas."

Ron fell over and the others laughed, except for T-Bone. The others noticed he had already gone into the back. Olivia frowned.

Olivia: "I think I should have been a little easier on him."

Ron: "It’s not your fault Olivia… He loved Jessie a great deal after all."

Yumei: "Who’s Jessie?"

Olivia: "You don’t know? T-Bone use to travel around with a powerful sorceress named Jessica Megami. She and him use to be a dominating force against the Mazoku, but last we heard Jessie was killed in battle with Death Dragon. And Trent has since then changed his identity."

Yumei: "I never knew… He’s so secretive towards me."

Ron: "He thinks that if he ever falls in love again that they will suffer the same fate as she did, so he secludes himself from all feelings. He used to have a serious crush on Olivia here. Naturally driving Jessie crazy, even though she never would admit it. But now he seems to just cast out all feelings for anyone else."

Snake: "That’s so sad…"

Ghost: "Sounds like a real bum deal. No wonder he’s a cold guy."

Pierrot: "Yea… First off I thought he just had a stick up his ass or something, now I kinda feel sorry for him… That’s gotta be hard…"

Olivia: "I hope he’s able to work through his pain… It’s not becoming of a ladies man like himself to hold in his feelings like that…"


Yumei sighed and laid back. She and Olivia quickly hit it off and the whole group was taking a visit to a local hot spring. The guys were on the other side of the bamboo gate, but Yumei and Olivia relaxed on the female’s side.

Olivia: "This is the top hot spring on the whole continent. Niierou is famous for restaurants, casinos and these hot springs."

Yumei: "I’ve heard about these hot springs. It’s always been an ideal vacation spot. Ooo I’m in heaven."

Olivia: "So how’d you and Trent meet?"

Yumei: "He saved my village from Death Dragon. And since the magic stone can help us find the God Slate I volunteered to tag along and help in the search."

Olivia: "Hmm… Death Dragon’s Trent’s worst enemy. Y’know he was the one who killed his parents."

Yumei: "Yea. Surprisingly that’s one story he did tell me."

Olivia: "Poor guy… he’s been through a lot… It has to be tough…"

Yumei: "I’m sure he can handle it. He’s T-Bone the Demon Slayer after all!"

Olivia smiled and nodded in agreement. She stood up and wrapped a towel around her, going to go order a drink for her and Yumei. The two were probably gonna be in the hot springs for a while, so they both decided to get something to drink.

Inside, Olivia turned a corner and saw a figure standing there menacingly. She gasped and turned around, running for dear life. But the shadowy figure gave hot pursuit.

Olivia: Oh no! Not him! I gotta get Trent, he’s the only one who can help!!


T-Bone was submerged entirely by water. He’d learned how to hold his breath for extremely long periods of time due to the powers from the sword and he didn’t want the water to miss a single spot on his skin.

Ron: "Man oh man… I never get tired of these hot springs…"

Snake: "This is fun!"

Snake splashed and played in the water like the kid he was. Ron and Ghost watched him go, while Pierrot was nose deep in the water, basically because that was how high it went up on him when he was standing.

Pierrot: "So T-Bone, do you mind us coming with you? I mean it’s obvious you’re a little skeptical about us and I figured we should probably try to earn your trust before we go."

Ghost: "Hah! Look! Pierrot is trying to be nice!"

Pierrot: "Shut up you ecto-plasmic bastard!"

Ron: "There’s the Pierrot we all know and for some sick reason love…"

The two laughed, while Pierrot mumbled curses and hexes under his breath. They all looked as T-Bone’s eyes came up out of the water, and then they saw Olivia, covered by a towel run out panting.

Olivia: "Trent, help!"

T-Bone stood up and drew his sword from the side of the hot spring. They all watched as Olivia screamed in terror. A quick and dark figure leapt out at them and landed on a tree behind them all.

???: "Olivia! You’re coming with me!"

T-Bone turned around to get a look at the figure. It was an Ardebaran, a Magic type that had been thought to be extinct. He stood there menacingly as he looked over the group. But T-Bone noticed he had no Mazoku crest on him.

Olivia: "I’m never going with you! Not to that creep!"

Ardebaran: "You’ll come with me or I’ll destroy your friends! I’m sick of playing with you! Now lets be off!"

T-Bone drew his sword and the Ardebaran’s attention went to him.

Ardebaran: "I don’t know who you are, but if you interfere, I’ll destroy you!"

T-Bone cracked his knuckles and took a fighting stance.

T-Bone: "Bring it on then…"

The Ardebaran growled and leapt down towards T-Bone, who leapt up at him.

Ardebaran: "You can’t stop me!"

But the Ardebaran was in for a surprise, as T-Bone had merely placed a hand up and caught him by his foot, then swung him around and threw him head first into the ground below. T-Bone leapt over and pulled the Ardebaran from the ground and tossed him against a tree, then placed his sword to his neck and growled menacingly.

T-Bone: "Ok punk ass… Why are you here? What do you want with Olivia?"

The Ardebaran only growled evilly and kicked T-Bone in the gut. T-Bone fell back a bit and prepared to retaliate, but the Ardebaran leapt up and away from the group.

Snake: "What was that all about?"

Ron: "It’s complicated. I’ll explain when we get back to the Tavern."

T-Bone placed his sword against his back and turned to face Olivia, intending to make sure she was ok, but what he got instead was unexpected. Both Olivia and Yumei were bright cherry red and struggling to try to look away from him. But for some reason their eyes were fixated on him. T-Bone then also turned bright cherry red as he remembered that he had on no covering to block his naughty bits from their view. His nose bursted in an eruption of blood and he fell over backward into the water. Ron, Ghost and Pierrot laughed, Olivia and Yumei turned away shyly and murmured about… that general region… to each other, and Snake tried to see if T-Bone was ok.

Ghost: "Ahhh… I guess all in all it was another interesting day…"


T-Bone: "Now… why was that guy after you earlier?"

T-Bone asked, adjusting the tissue he had shoved up his nose.

Ron: "Well… About a month ago we were becoming low on cash, and the land broker that rented us the land to run the bar was becoming impatient for a payment. So to keep the pub going, we borrowed money from a loanshark and unfortunately we can’t pay back for a while, but he is demanding payment, otherwise he’ll take Olivia here as collateral until he gets it. The only problem is, he’s also a pimp, so you can imagine what he has in store for Olivia."

T-Bone: "Ah… I see… Well, don’t worry. This guy’s small time compared to the Mazoku, so it should be no problem for us to handle."

Snake: "Yep! We’ll protect Olivia! Right T-Bone-Sama?"

T-Bone: "Heh.. right little man."

Olivia: "One problem though… He has the Mazoku backing him up."

T-Bone: "Well that puts a damper on things then… I wonder…"

Pierrot: "I’ve seen who the guy’s picked to help him. If it wasn’t for us they’d already have her."

T-Bone: "Who is it?"

Ghost: "A Death Dragon. He…"

T-Bone: "Oh it figures!"

Ghost: "I take it you’ve already had a share of problems with him?"

T-Bone: "He’s only been making my life hell now for nine years, nothing major."

Pierrot: "Dang man! Well perhaps you can still win this. If you’re both still alive you must be pretty evenly matched."

T-Bone: "We are."

Yumei: "Then this is still in the bag!"

T-Bone: "Not that simple. If Dragon’s helping this guy, who’s to say that Dragon won’t come prepared? Dragon knows who I am after all…"

Pierrot: "Ah.. but you forget one thing…"

T-Bone looked towards Pierrot confused.

T-Bone: "What’s that?"

Pierrot: "Ardebaran doesn’t know who you are either."

T-Bone then remembered that Ardebaran said he had no idea who he was. He grinned slyly.

T-Bone: "Y’know… I may like having you guys on the team after all…"

Pierrot and Ghost grinned triumphantly.

Pierrot: "Hah! Not a problem…"

Ghost: "…For the ever indomitable…"

Pierrot: "…Ever inscrutable…"

Ghost: "Ever edible…"

Pierrot: "…Ever…. wait… edible?"

Ghost: "You got a better idea?"

Pierrot: "Whatever.. anyways…"

Both: "Team of Double Trouble!!"

T-Bone and the others looked on with raised eyebrows.

T-Bone: "Yeah… Anyhow, let’s get some sleep, we got an early day tomorrow."

T-Bone’s team nodded and they all went towards the back where the bedrooms were. They did have an early day tomorrow, and a dangerous one at that.

02: Dragon’s trap

???: "You idiot! You failed to get her again?!?"

Ardebaran: "Sir forgive me! I didn’t mean to! But someone new was there and he was damned good! I could of handled Double Trouble, but this guy was a hand full and then some…"

???: "Excuses, excuses… I don’t care what it takes! She’s fresh meat waiting to be tenderized, if you know what I mean, and knowing me you better, for proper sale! And if we can’t get paid in full, then she’s gonna be my new little girly pie! I don’t care how many Mazoku you need to borrow from Time Noise to get the job done, just get it done!!"

Ardebaran: "Yes sir! At once! I’ll call for Dragon!"

???: "Good! Now leave my sights… Oh, and while your out there, have two of my gals get in here. I’m feeling frisky at the moment."

Ardebaran: "Yes sir."


Pierrot: "YAAAAAAAWWWWWWWNNNNN…. Morning Han… milk toast and Eggo Waffles if you please…"

Ghost threw his hat and bopped Pierrot against his head. Pierrot growled and tossed Ghost’s hat back at him, but it just passed through his body. Ghost stuck his tongue out at Pierrot and then rolled back over to sleep more.

Pierrot: "Jerk."

Pierrot stretched out again and pulled the covers from him. He looked around to take note of who wasn’t up yet. Ghost, Yumei and Snake where the only ones not up yet. Which meant T-Bone was awake. Pierrot noted the time was 8:55.

Pierrot: "I’m surprised… I usually don’t wake up this early…"

Pierrot got up out of bed and walked out the door, noticing T-Bone coming down the hall way.

T-Bone: "They up?"

Pierrot shook his head.

T-Bone: "Well, if ya wanna see some entertainment, then check this."

Pierrot grinned as he saw a devilish look in T-Bone’s eyes as he walked to the door.

The sun had just started to rise up past the window. The beams struck Yumei’s nose and tickled it. She slowly opened her eyes, and then she sprang up, but it was too late.


Yumei, Snake and Ghost leapt up and fell out of the beds. They all groaned and slowly stood up (or floated to surface in Ghost’s case) and looked at him menacingly.

Yumei: "You could at least give us a warning Pierrot…"

Pierrot: "I could… but where would the fun in that be?"

Ghost: "I hate you Pierrot."

Pierrot: "I love you too sweetums."

Pierrot blew a kiss to Ghost and then turned tail and walked out the room.

T-Bone: "Everyone get ready, we’re gonna help Ron and Olivia get ready to open."


Yumei placed the steel cauldron overtop of the stove and began to heat up the stove.

Yumei: "Whew… well everything’s ready here Olivia."

Olivia: "Great, thanks Yumei. That means it’ll only take us fifteen minutes to get breakfast going for the customers."

Yumei: "So Olivia… I was wondering last night, how did you and T-Bone first meet?"

Olivia: "Hm? Oh, well, we met about five years ago. He had saved our town from a big army of Mazoku with little trouble at all! The man is amazing if nothing else. But we met personally when a Mazoku had broken my father’s leg and I tried to help him. I was almost a goner when he lunged for me, but Trent leapt in his way and dealt with him in one clean slice."

Yumei: "He is surprising, isn’t he?"

Olivia: "He use to have a huge crush on me a long time ago, but after Jessie died he just, withdrew himself from everyone…"

Yumei: "So I’ve noticed… It’s sad really. He’s such a nice guy and he’s always going out of his way just to save everyone one Terra… But just think! One day everything will be just like it use to be! Peaceful! And it’ll be because he was willing to stand up to the Mazoku!"

Olivia: "Right!"

The two girls smiled and began to prepare breakfast for the bar. Opening time was coming close and they we’re going to need a lot of breakfast to be ready in a short amount of time.


Dragon: "So… someone wielding a massive sword and wearing bronze combat armor, eh?"

Ardebaran: "Yes… He was quite powerful…"

Dragon: "He is nothing compared to me… I know him… that is T-Bone Delmyer, the Demon Slayer."

Ardebaran: "Truly? Unreal… no wonder I was defeated so easily…"

Dragon: "It doesn’t matter… I shall be able to handle him adequately…"

Ardebaran: "Yes… by the way…"

Dragon: "I know… the girl… don’t worry, it will take all T-Bone has to stop me, this will allow you to get the girl while I’m distracting him."

Ardebaran: "Clever plan Dragon… I can see now why my lord hired you to aid in this…"

Dragon: "Heh… anything to make T-Bone’s life hell…"


Ron and Olivia shuffled about from table to table, doing their best to serve breakfast to the masses of travelers, pub goers and armed Anti-Mazoku vigilantes that were arriving today. T-Bone and crew sat at the bar, enjoying their morning meal, a hefty bowl of Olivia’s famous Miso-Butter Corn Ramen, broiled fish, and a drink to meet each of their liking.

Yumei: "Mmmmm!! Man! Remind me to get the recipe for this from Olivia before we leave! I’ve never tasted home made ramen this good ever!"

Pierrot: "It’s the house specialty recommended by me. I was the one to suggest it to her actually."

Snake: "MMMMM!! I could go for a few bowls of seconds, and maybe even some thirds to go with my fourths!"

The crew ate happily as T-Bone, who had already scarfed down a whole pot of Curry Ramen and a fried squid, shot back another gulp of sake’ and let out a small belch.

Pierrot: "So what’s on the agenda for today?"

The team sucked down the broth in their bowls, wiped their mouths, and then began to plan their day.

Ghost: "I was actually wanting to do some gambling later."

Yumei: "I heard that you were the cities best card player Ghost."

Ghost smiled with pride and pulled out a deck of Bicycle Cards ™ from underneath his hat.

Ghost: "Yep! When it comes to Black Jack, Poker, Gin, Old Maid… no matter what it is your looking to play me in, I guarantee I’ll always win."

T-Bone: "Twenty One…"

The group looked at T-Bone, who glanced over at Ghost.

T-Bone: "Don’t make me repeat my self."

Ghost: "What’s the prize?"

T-Bone: "I win, you pay my tab… You win, I’ll pay your tab…"

Ghost: "You’re on!"

Ghost dealt T-Bone two cards, himself two cards, and placed the rest of the deck between them. Ghost drew a card and then placed down a King and an eight.

Ghost: "You?"

T-Bone tossed Ghost his card. Ghost turned them over, and to their surprise, a ten and a jack.

Ghost: "But… but that’s impossible! I never lose! A fluke… yea, that’s it… a fluke! One more game, winner takes all!"

T-Bone shrugged and sipped another shot of sake’. Ghost snorted and dealt the cards. His hand was again a twenty.

Ghost: "Now… let’s see you win to this again!"

T-Bone glanced at his cards and smiled. He pulled a card from the top of the deck and placed them down. King, eight, and an Ace. Ghost tossed up the cards in surprise and pulled out money from his hat.

Pierrot: "It’s so nice to see this bastard finally get what’s coming to him."

Ghost: "Oh screw you Pierrot!"

Pierrot: "You’re not my type big boy, but thanks for the offer!"

Ghost grumbled as he handed Ron the sum of T-Bone’s tab.

T-Bone: "Alright… funs over. Snake."

Snake: "Yea?"

T-Bone: "C’mon kid… your coming with me to the stadium to do some training."

Snake: "Right!"


Yumei sat and watched as Snake and T-Bone traded punches back and forth. They were sparring at incredibly fast speeds, and it was hard for Yumei to keep up with who was hitting who at times.

Snake: "Try this on! Snake Slash!"

T-Bone blocked and kneed his pupil in the stomach. Snake spat and fell to the ground, grabbing his stomach in pain.

Snake: "You could’ve at least warned me…"

T-Bone: "Don’t be foolish… this is real combat practice… out in the field the only warnings your gonna get from the Mazoku are hits you can live through."

Snake: "Yea… but your not the Mazoku…"

T-Bone sighed and pulled Snake up to stand again.

T-Bone: "You wanted this kid… so lets go… Attack me with all you have this time, you hold back too much…"

Snake nodded and dashed at T-Bone, beginning to punch, jab, claw and tail slap with all he was worth. T-Bone blocked every hit, but his pupil came out on top with a surprise Naga Shot to the face. T-Bone flew back a few feet and landed roughly with a thud. Snake awaited to see if T-Bone moved, and was thoroughly surprised when T-Bone stood up, smiling at his student.

T-Bone: "That’s the way to do it kid…"

Snake smiled and prepared to go again. Yumei watched as the two dashed for each other again, and then noticed someone sitting down beside her. It was Olivia.

Olivia: "So who’s winning?"

Yumei: "T-Bone, of course… but what do you expect from someone like him?"

Olivia laughed and the two looked out over the teacher and monster. Punches and kicks (or tails in Snake’s case…) flew in every direction.

Olivia: "Y’know… When I first met Trent, he was fairly novice. Almost as much as the kid there."

Yumei: "Gotta start somewhere."

Olivia: "True… So, have you shown signs of interest yet?"

Yumei looked at her puzzled.

Yumei: "Interest?"

Olivia: "In Trent."

Yumei: "How so?"

Olivia: "I mean have you made a pass, so to speak."

Yumei got wide eyed and squealed.

Yumei: "No way! I mean I’ve thought about it once or twice, but I haven’t done anything like that!"

Olivia laughed.

Olivia: "Only once or twice?"

Yumei looked away sheepishly and diddled her thumbs.

Yumei: "Well… maybe a bit more…"

Olivia: "I don’t blame ya… it’s the curse after all."

Yumei looked at her curious.

Yumei: "Curse?"

Olivia: "The curse of the Demon Slayer… they say that the more he reveals about himself to you, the more and more you’ll desire to be the one he stays with forever…"

Yumei: "I wouldn’t say I’m that interested… I’ll admit attraction to him, no questions there."

Olivia: "Naturally…"

Yumei: "I’m just trying to find out about my parents really… they were lost fighting the Teikoku, so I wanna find out if they’re still out there, and find out why they left me when I was a baby to fight when they knew they had no chance to return. And if I help T-Bone… maybe I can find out what happened to them when we find the God Slate."

Olivia: "Does the Slate really exist?"

Yumei: "No idea… but it’s worth a try, right?"

Olivia nodded. If anyone could find it and stop the Mazoku, it was T-Bone. Olivia smiled and they both returned their view to the two fighters in the arena.


Ardebaran: "She’s in the arena… The other’s are there too…"

Dragon: "Is T-Bone?"

Ardebaran: "Um, lemme check… Yes, he is as well."

Dragon grinned smugly and unfolded his wings.

Dragon: "Perfect…"

Dragon began a slow decent to the stadium and perched on top of it.

T-Bone: "Snake, wait…"

Snake stopped in mid assault and looked at T-Bone.

Snake: "What is it?"

T-Bone snarled and pulled his sword, then looked up at Dragon.

T-Bone: "I should of known…"

Dragon: "Nice to see you too pal…"

Dragon leapt down and landed with a mighty boom. Yumei and Olivia gasped and tried to run away, but Ardebaran leapt in their way, followed by a small force of Jannes.

Ardebaran: "Ladies… get the girl."

Olivia coward back and the Jannes gave aerial chase. Olivia couldn’t get far before she was surrounded on all sides.

Janne 1: "Give it up.."

Janne 2: "No where to hide…"

Janne 3: "Don’t resist the master… he’ll be as gentle as possible…"

Olivia: "No! Never!!"

T-Bone turned his head to see Olivia surrounded, and got smashed to the other end of the arena for it. He had been so busy fighting Dragon that he hadn’t notice Ardebaran and the Janne army enter the arena.

T-Bone: "Snake! Go help Yumei and Olivia!!"

Snake dodged a fireball from Dragon and nodded, then leapt over to aid in the fall of the Jannes.

Snake: "Leave them alone!"

Janne 2: "Well well… isn’t this a surprise girls… someone thinks he’s a big bad monster!"

The Jannes laughed briefly and Snake became angry.

Snake: "I’ll show you! Eat this… Double Snake Shot!"

Snake fired two Naga Shots at the Jannes, who leapt into the air, avoiding the first explosion, but the second one sent a Janne falling down to the ground, a smoking mess.

Janne 1: "That little brat! Let’s get him!"

The Jannes began to descend towards Snake, but the young Naga merely smiled and closed his eyes.

Olivia: "You can’t beat them by sleeping kid!"

Snake grinned wider and then opened his eyes suddenly.


Snake launched an Eye Beam attack at a Janne, making contact and knocking her out of the air.

Olivia: "I take it back!"

Snake: "No sweat…"

Snake grinned and then charged up another pair of Naga Shots.

Janne 2: "He’s more than expected… commence attack pattern Beta-Tango!"

The Janne’s began their attack pattern. Swooping overhead and basically flying in such a confusing motion that it caused Snake to panic at first. But then remembered something that T-Bone had told him the other day.

T-Bone: ~ "Remember… Some Mazoku can fly. They may have very confusing attack patterns in the air. Just ignore the attack pattern and concentrate your efforts on the leader. Often when the leader falls, the minions will follow shortly." ~

Snake nodded and looked around for the head Janne.

Snake: "They all look the same…"

Then Snake noticed Ardebaran standing a distance from him. He was the commander of the Janne army. But to break away to fight him would mean leaving the girls vulnerable. T-Bone said to protect them.

Snake: "Darn! I need to take care of Ardebaran, but I also need to keep Olivia and aunt Yumei safe too… What do I do now?"

Ghost: "Leave the girls to us kid!"

Snake and the girls turned around to see Ghost flying in over the stadium, Pierrot hanging on by his partners tail.

Pierrot: "Double Trouble time ladies! Stand back it may get messy!!"

Ghost: "Go get Ardebaran kid… and be careful, he’s more than he looks!"

Snake nodded and dashed for Ardebaran, who was caught by surprise since he was watching the Janne’s above. But as he saw Snake dash for him, he barely reacted in time to dodge the rookie Naga’s attack.

Ardebaran: "So kid… you wanna play the hero? Well let’s see if your man enough to beat a villain like me!"

Snake gritted his teeth and charged up a Naga Shot. Ardebaran charged up an Energy Blast of his own and the two leapt at each other.


Off in another part of the city, T-Bone and Dragon’s battle had become so intense that they couldn’t contain it within the stadium anymore. T-Bone and Dragon threw swift punches and kicks, and the occasional energy shot and fire ball coming at the others head. The entire city was lit with the explosions of the two warrior’s blasts.

T-Bone: "I’ve been saving this one for you Dragon!"

Dragon leapt into the air and prepared to do a Trample attack on T-Bone. T-Bone simply held up both hands and charged up multi colored energy.

T-Bone: "Delta Bomber Blast!!"

Three separate blasts came at Dragon fast, and exploded on him before he could react. Dragon roared in pain as he fell to the ground. T-Bone saw an opening and began to make his charge towards Dragon.

T-Bone: "Dashing Slash!!"

Dragon opened his eye just in time to see T-bone rushing towards him at high speeds. Dragon panicked and threw his tail to the side, catching T-Bone across the face. T-Bone cursed and flew back a good six feet before regaining himself, and by that time, Dragon had also recovered his bearings and was on the prowl. T-Bone ran towards Dragon, ready to lock horns with the Mazoku yet again. But Dragon’s attack came very unexpectedly. The giant beast leapt into the air and shot down a fiery cluster of cinders.

Dragon: "Inferno attack!!"

T-Bone: "Dammit all!"

T-Bone was caught in the flames, and did his best to get through them unharmed. But to no such avail, as he was caught in the explosion of the flames. He flew backward and crashed through the side of a bamboo gate, landing in a local hot spring. The hot spring populists looked in fear as Dragon loomed over T-Bone’s fallen body in the water.

Dragon: "You’re not dead boy… I’m to smart for that kind of a trick…"

T-Bone: "Well how about this kind?"

Dragon snarled as he saw T-Bone hold up his hand. What came next was very unexpected. A roaring purple explosion hit Dragon hard, sending the beast flying backward, unable to stop. T-Bone had used a Death Blast. The crowd cheered as T-Bone stood from the water, pulling his wet hair out of his eyes. What came next was something he’d have not liked to see. The Stadium suffered a serious explosion, taking down a section of the outer walls.

T-Bone: "The girls and the kid!! I gotta help them while Dragon’s down!"

T-Bone leapt from rooftop to rooftop, hoping to get there as fast as possible.


T-Bone: "Snake!! Yumei!! Olivia!! Where are you?"

Yumei: "Over here T-Bone!!"

T-Bone plowed through the dust to find Yumei tending to Snake’s wounds. Double Trouble was also down, and Olivia no where in sight.

T-Bone: "What happened here? Where’s Olivia?"

Ghost: "They… got her…"

T-Bone gasped.

T-Bone: "Where’d they take her?"

Pierrot: "There’s a caravan that leads to the desert Ardebaran’s boss’ lair’s at. They said they were gonna hop a ride on it, but we have no idea where the caravan comes. We’ve never seen it."

T-Bone snarled. He’d promised to protect Olivia, and then he let her get captured. Just great.

T-Bone: "Get the kid Yumei… we’re going back to Ron’s."

Yumei nodded and lifted Snake into her arms. The four began to walk back to Ron’s Bar and Grill.


Ron: "What?!"

Ghost: "I’m sorry…"

Ron looked on in amazement. His only daughter was now a prisoner to that sick jerk. How could this be…

Ron: "I… I can’t.. believe it…"

T-Bone: "It doesn’t matter…"

They all looked over to T-Bone, who had just finished patching up Snake’s arm.

T-Bone: "They haven’t left the city yet… So all we gotta do is find them and get Olivia back."

Yumei: "But we don’t know where to begin looking… they could be anywhere…"

T-Bone: "I’ve got a feeling… and I’m taking it. Ron, cook me up a few bowls of ramen. I need some food to regain my energy."

Ron nodded and went into the kitchen to begin.

03: The Final Round

Ardebaran: "Stay put girl… we wouldn’t want to have to harm any of that pretty skin of yours… that’s bad for business…"

Olivia shivered back into the corner of her cage. She was finally caught by Ardebaran, and the others didn’t know where she was. She sobbed as she cradled her head on her knees.

Olivia: "I wanna go home."

Janne #1: "Better to save your tears girl… they won’t do you any good against us… but the boss however is a different story."

Olivia sighed. How would she get out of this. She wiped away a tear and looked out into the sky through a small window.

Olivia: "Please save me Trent… You’re the only one who can."


Ardebaran: "Boss… It’s me. We have the girl."

???: "Excellent! Wonderful in fact! How soon till you return?"

Ardebaran: "I’m at the Plucky Duck Casino right now… a caravan is coming through to do a one night show tomorrow. We’ve already made arrangements to smuggle her on board and travel with the caravan up to the desert. Three days at most."

???: "Very well then. Notify me of your leaving tomorrow. I have to go, business to tend to."

Ardebaran: "Yes sir. Goodbye."

Ardebaran hung up and turned around to face Dragon.

Ardebaran: "I must thank you for your assistance."

Dragon: "Then how about my pay?"

Ardebaran grinned and pulled a pouch from his side, tossing it to Dragon.

Ardebaran: "That’s half… If we get out of here ok, I’ll give you the rest before I go."

Dragon: "He’ll be here tonight."

Ardebaran’s smiled faded fast, and his eyes dilated.

Ardebaran: "By ‘he’… you mean?…"

Dragon: "Yes. He knows we’re here."

Ardebaran: "But how?"

Dragon: "You didn’t tell me where to find you… and I knew you were here. He and I have been at odds for some nine years now… In a month it will be ten. He and I are very similar in certain aspects. One being that we can sense more than normal people. He knows you’re here… You should be on guard… because I won’t be hear to help you."

Ardebaran: "What!? Why?"

Dragon: "I’ve been called back to do another mission, and my master’s orders out rule yours… I’m leaving in a few moments. As for the rest of my payment… I’ll simply take it from your cold dead hand on my way out."

Ardebaran gasped as Dragon threw his hood over him and pulled his cloak around him. He then turned, and walked out into the daylight, preparing to leave the city.

Ardebaran: "Just great… what if he’s right? Oh dammit all.. what am I gonna do now?!"


T-Bone: "What do you see?"

T-Bone, Snake, Ghost and Pierrot were perched on a rooftop a few away from the Plucky Duck Casino. They were hoping to get Olivia out quietly… then as Double Trouble took her back to Ron’s, T-Bone and Snake would deal with Ardebaran and the Janne army. Ghost looked through a telescope into a window. He saw a dim light on, and sure enough, there was Olivia in a cage.

Ghost: "They have her caged up. She’s in the room with the light on."

T-Bone: "Let’s move…"

The four slowly leapt over roof tops, slinking through the shadows towards the back entrance to the Plucky Duck casino.

Pierrot: "Dang… Guards."

Indeed, two Janne soldiers were guarding the back entrance. Obviously Ardebaran was making sure they did not try anything.

Snake: "Leave them to me."

They all looked at Snake who began to suck in air, puffing his chest out. T-Bone grinned.

Snake: "Toxic Gas attack!"

Snake blew out a gentle toxic mist.

Janne 1: "What was that?"

Janne 2: "I didn’t hear nothin…"

But soon they both smelt something, and then the darkness as they collapsed. Knocked unconscious by the noxious fumes of Snake’s attack.

Ghost: "Smooth kid! You’re one smart little creeper ain’tcha?"

Snake: "Hehehe! Thanks!"

T-Bone: "No time for celebration yet… we’ve still got a job to do."

The others nodded and began their decent towards the casino.

Ghost: "I’ll take care of these two… you go get Olivia before it’s too late."

They nodded and began to make their way into the casino.


Olivia sat curled up into a ball in the corner of the cage. Her tears of fear and sadness the only comfort she found in the situation that had befallen her.

Janne: "No use crying girl… The boss won’t give you any pity… Want someone to blame, blame your old man for not paying up."

Olivia: "My dad was going to pay soon dammit!"

Janne: "Well then pray that he does soon, or you’re ours."

With that the Janne went to get a bite to eat. However she felt the blade of a sword striking her neck, knocking her down in a small spurt of blood. T-Bone crept out of the shadows… a slim sword he had found among the casino’s stage props.

T-Bone: "Don’t worry… I hit you with the back of the sword…"

Pierrot: "Uhm… T-Bone… that swords double bladed…"

T-Bone looked at the blade, a trickle of sweat running down the side of his face.

T-Bone: "Oh…"

Olivia leapt up to the cage, T-Bone and the others gathered around the cage as T-Bone crushed the lock in his hand with the strength of a Golem. Olivia flung the cage door open and threw herself into T-Bone’s arms, crying furiously in his chest. T-Bone struggled to maintain his composure.

Olivia: "Oh thank god! I was so scared!"

T-Bone: "It’s ok now… But we need you need to get outta here fast while I take care of the Janne’s and Ardebaran… The celebration can wait…"

Olivia: "Right… And Trent…"

T-Bone: "Yea?"

Olivia: "After this is over… remind me to give you that kiss I promised you!"

T-Bone blushed and shyly looked away. Pierrot grabbed Olivia by the hand and began to drag her out the door.

Pierrot: "You can moonlight later! We gotta get going!"

Just as they made it out the door, Ardebaran and the other Jannes burst into the room.

Ardebaran: "What!? You two!"

T-Bone: "Damn skippy boy!"

Ardebaran: "Get them!!"

The Jannes began to make a mad dash towards the two Terenlarn warriors. T-Bone and Snake began to charge up the double team attack they had been working on.

T-Bone: "Time to field test this baby… Ready kid?"

Snake: "Let’s do it!"

The two warriors then fired double Naga Shots into the crowd, and then took claws and swords and sliced those they could before T-Bone’s blade and Snake’s talons clashed against each other.

Janne 1: "Regroup!"

And thus the Jannes began to hover in the air, encircling the two combatants with three grouped rings as they plotted their attack. However, T-Bone planned to thin the heard.

T-Bone: "Snake, get down!"

Snake did as commanded and ducked, guarding his head.

T-Bone: "Twister Slash!"

And upon these words, the first ring of Jannes found themselves sliced into two separate halves, then lost disks. The others looked on as T-Bone’s Twister Slash attack had taken out at least fifteen Jannes in one single blow. They all needed more room than the small area they were in to overcome their opponents, and so took the incentive, blasting a hole in the wall to escape.

Snake got up and he and T-Bone pursued the army, ready to dispatch them all and ensure Olivia’s safe arrival. No doubt that Double Trouble had been hindered by Ardebaran’s chase by now, if not already.

T-Bone: "Wait for us Olivia… we’ll be there soon. Until then, Double Trouble’s the best hope we have…"


Indeed T-Bone’s thoughts were correct, for at this moment, Ghost and Pierrot was doing all they could to fend off Ardebaran, and make sure to guard Olivia.

Ghost: "Trick Card Slash!"

Ghost unleashed a swarm of energy enhanced playing cards, their edges now amplified to cut from the entwining energy. But no such luck as Ardebaran had dodged the barrage of cards effortlessly.

Ardebaran: "Give it up Double Trouble! You can’t beat me! My power is far beyond yours!"

Pierrot: "Then don’t bother dodging this one bastard! Dark Cannon!!"

Pierrot blasted a beam of black energy from his mouth, making an explosion right on Ardebaran. The evil monster fell back, taken by surprise as he struggled to recover himself.

Ardebaran: "You’ll pay for that you swine!"

He leapt up, dashing for Pierrot, his hand outstretched as he prepared o cut into Pierrot with his claws.

???: "Think again punk!"

A metal bar came out of nowhere, striking Ardebaran across the face, knocking him to the ground.

Double Trouble: "RON?!!?"

Ron: "Sorry to but in… but I had to make sure my baby girl would be ok."

Olivia: "Dad! You’re the best!"

Ron ran and join his comrades side.

Ardebaran: "Urgh… You old jerk! You’ll really catch it now!"

Ardebaran charged a black pulse into his hand and charged at the defending heroes.

Ardebaran: "Here! Have this!! From me to—"

Then with a spurt of blood. Ardebaran stopped short. And Double Trouble and the Matral family saw Ardebaran fall to the ground, a giant blade impaled through his back.

Olivia: "…Trent!"

All looked as there on the roof top stood T-Bone, Snake, and a half conscious Janne soldier. The two heroes and their captive leapt down and advanced the fallen Ardebaran.

Ardebaran: "Damn… bastard…"

He screamed as T-Bone drew his blade from Ardebaran’s back. The evil monster gasping and sputtering as he hopelessly clung to his last few moments.

T-Bone: "Finish it Snake."

Snake nodded and charged up energy into his hand.

Snake: "This is for earlier you jerk. It’ll teach you to not mess with T-Bone and Snake Hakida."

And with that, a burst of energy engulfed as Ardebaran uttered his last scream. Then he reformed into a lost disk as the smoke cleared. T-Bone cut the Janne’s ropes and pulled Ardebaran’s disk from the ground and handed it to her, then threw her into the air.

T-Bone: "Take it to your master! Tell him that if he ever again bothers the Matral’s, that I will personally hunt him down and rip his head free from his body! Now go!"

With a violent look, the Janne flew off into the night air towards the Mandy Desert, and her boss’ city.


Punisher: "Dragon… You didn’t help Ardebaran and the Janne’s against T-Bone… Why?"

Dragon: "That pathetic Ardebaran had no idea what he was facing… And he expected ME to do all of his work… It’s not like they were helpless or anything. I just taught them to respect the power of their enemies…"

Punisher: "In any case LoanShark is very upset with us."

Dragon: "Should we care?"

Punisher: "Look Dragon… We’ve known eachother for as long as the Volcanic Bred have roamed the land… I know you were fully capable of completing that task at any given moment. Now one of our supporting sources of money is pissed at us! What are you gonna do about it?"

Dragon: "Nothing… We’re the Mazoku. It’s not like we are dependent on anyone else… We’re the future rulers of the world! Why should we ask support from someone whom we could wipe out on a moments notice?"

Punisher: "While you are right Dragon, and while I agree with you… The master doesn’t."

Dragon: "……Daimou-Sama…"

Punisher: "The Daimou wants you to return the payment Ardebaran gave you to LoanShark… He feels you were careless and undeserving of the payment."

Dragon: "………"

Punisher: "Am I understood? Daimou clearly stated that if you failed to fill out his command that he would give the privilege of killing T-Bone to another hunter in our brigades."

Dragon: "NEVER!! I refuse to give up the prize that has eluded me for so long! If it wasn’t for him I’d still be but two ranks underneath you! I refuse to let him go! LoanShark can have the payment, but T-Bone is mine!!"

Punisher: "Then I should tell Daimou that you agree to return the payment? And thus admitting you were defeated by T-Bone?"

Dragon: "Grrrr……… Very well…. Just so long as T-Bone’s life is still mine to take…"


Ron: "Trent… I don’t know how we can thank you… You yet again saved my daughter and helped us keep our business going. You truly are a good friend…"

T-Bone smiled.

T-Bone: "Think nothing of it… were it not for you two we wouldn’t have a place to of stayed, at least not free anyways…"

Yumei: "Yes… thank you all very much!"

Olivia: "Just don’t be strangers! Come visit whenever your in the neighborhood!"

Snake: "No problem! I’d run a hundred miles for a bowl of your ramen Olivia!"

Olivia smiled and gave Snake a small kiss on the cheek. Snake giggled like a goon.

T-Bone: "Well… are you two ready?"

Pierrot and Ghost could be heard from within the bar, cluttering as they packed up everything they had important. They came out with a small backpack and a bag of money they had earned from the casinos.

Ghost: "We’re ready!"

Pierrot: "You two gonna be ok here without us to help ya out?"

Ron put his hand on Olivia’s shoulders.

Ron: "Don’t worry… We’re gonna make sure that we earn our money the honest way from now on. They won’t be coming back to bother us anymore…"

Olivia nodded in agreement, then stepped up to T-Bone.

Olivia: "Come back again soon Trent…"

Before he could answer, she clamped her lips over his. Yumei and Snake smiled and Ghost and Pierrot mumbled curses of jealousy under their breath.

T-Bone: "Snake… get a tissue…"

And with that his nose erupted in a fountain of blood. Snake plugged his masters nose up and began to drag him along.

Snake: "Take care you two!!"

Ron and Olivia waved back as they escaped from sight of our heroes as they left the town.

Yumei: "According to the stone and the map, the closest town next is Jargeen City. We should head there next then."

Ghost: "Is he gonna be alright?"

Ghost asked, pointing to the unconscious and bloodied T-Bone.

Yumei: "He’ll be fine… he just needs a few minutes, that’s all.

Pierrot: "Well, lets go before we get caught in any more trouble today."

Yumei: "Something needs to be done first before we get under way… though… I can’t quite put my finger on what…"

Snake grinned.

Snake: "Allow me aunt Yumei."

Snake threw his finger into the air with a cheer.

Snake: "Alright! It’s party time!"

The others cheered and T-Bone squeaked as they set off into a new day, ready for action, adventure, and whatever else may befall them.

The End

Coming Next: The Lost Pack’s Prince