"Monster Park" By: Warrior

(Warning this story has some explicit content and some readers may be offended)

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((cut to a large castle in the mountains north of Heavens Canyon cut to the "Throne Room" or something of the castle. Moo has captured all of our heroes and is telling them of slavery and imprisonment))

Moo: Mwa, ha, ha,ha,!! Its'time to introduce my long lost brother: Poo! (true name: Mr. Hankey)

Genki: Oh god, what is that smell!

Holly: Phew!

Suezo: Alright, who cut the cheese?!

Golem: Smell bad, bad smell turn rock soft. Not nice.

Hare: Tiger, cough it up, you know you did it.

Tiger: What!!?? ((Tiger chases Hare around the room))

Moo: It was my honorable brother, Poo!

Genki: Who's this "Poo"?

Moo: BKN and Comedy Central merged to make the show more comical... shows how smart those network execs are.

Genki: Oh... Who is he? ((cut to show Cartman and Kenny))

Cartman: Goddammit! First, I got stuck in that crappy Colorado town, now I'm in a damned castle!?

Kenny: Mmmm hmmm hmm mmm?

Cartman: He asked whats in your hand.

Holly: This? It's a mystery disc.

Cartman: Cool! C'mon everyone, Frisbee time! ((Cartman grabs the disc and starts tossing it around them all, Genki rollerblades and grabs the disc from the air))

Genki: Stop, thats fragile!!

Cartman: I'll ro-shambo you for it!

Genki: Whats ro-shambo?

Cartman:It's where we kick eachother in the nuts, and when someone falls down, they get the frisbee

Holly: It's a mystery disc!

Cartman: Whatever.Lets go! ((Genki and Cartman go at it and Genki finally falls down and groans in pain))

Holly: Genki!! ((Holly walks over and tries to console his pain, then 2 people come onto the set uncle Jimbo and Ned, Jimbo looks at Naga))

Uncle Jimbo: Ned, It's coming right for us, shoot! ((Jimbo and Ned shoot Naga to bits and pieces))

Cartman: Is that a snugglebutt? ((He points at Moo))

Holly: Whats a "Snugglebutt"?

Moo: Whatever it is, its not me, I'm Moo.

Cartman: Moo? What are you, F***ing cow? Aw, screw you guys I'm goin' home.

Kenny: Mmmmmmmmmm? Mmmmm hmmmn.

**This is only the beginning and the name is only tentative, but I'm not gonna make any more stories 'til I get some Reviews

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