"Monster Rancher vs. Pokemon vs. Digimon" by: Macrossgrn


I have borrowed a whole lot of videogame characters, real life wrestlers and names, etc… All videogame characters belong to their respective companies, all cameo appearances are made up, as is this work of fiction. If anyone is offended by the idea of cartoon characters getting completely killed, I would suggest going to read another fan fiction. If not, enjoy!

A camera zooms into an empty stadium. Suddenly, the stadium begins filling up with all sorts of video game heroes. Samus Aran, Mario, James Bond, Joanna Dark, Fox McCloud, Kirby, Jigglypuff, Link, and Zelda all take their places in the VIP section of one half of the stadium. Soon, the lesser heroes- such as, Luigi, Wario, Mankey, the Ninja Turtles, Simon Belmont, and Kid Icarus, joined them, as well as the smaller people in the higher stands surrounded them.

On the other side of the stadium, Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockeheart, Mankind, the Rock, the Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, all took their seats. Al Snow, Mega Man and Mega Man X, Tron Bonne, Ryu's from all games, 108 Stars of Destiny, Claude C. Kenni, and many, many more took their seats in one of the largest VIP sections ever seen. (Author's note- Squall Lionheart did not manage to make it- he was killed at the ticket booth by all the smaller heroes who wanted tickets to the fight. Not to mention because so many of the lesser videogame heroes were much brighter and more intelligent than Squall, and they couldn't stand it.) Lara Croft was also in attendance, in her own private skybox section because other wise she would have been assaulted by all of the other women in attendance.

And finally, in a smaller section between those two factions stood the some of the best of the best VIPs, though unpopular though they may be now. Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails (a.k.a. Miles Prower), Ivy, Toejam & Earl, Dr. Robotnik, the cast of Dead or Alive 2, Rayman, and the ever-cursing Seaman were also in attendance. Their fewer heroes flanked that VIP section as if to keep the other console heroes away.

Finally, with help from the orbiting Enterprise, cross-linked with Rebel Command and Dr. Light's lab, three sets of teleporter sites were established, and the contestants took to the field. In a hovering platform about 100ft above the arena, Michael Cole was set to provide spot on commentary, when suddenly WCW's Lance Storm came onto the big screen, stepping onto the platform.

"Show some respect, for the Canadian National Anthem" Lance said, and held his hands behind his back as his anthem began to come on. Michael Cole, in an unusual act of spirit, responded. "Shut that off!" and with that, took out a gun, and blasted the stereo that Lance Storm had brought to play the anthem with. After that, Cole threw it into Storm's arms, and then ran forward, with Lance backing away up to the railing, and dropkicked the bastard, knocking Lance Storm head first over the railing and down to splatter onto the ground below.

"Sorry for the delay, everyone." He said, picking up the microphone again, and was greeted with applause from all in attendance. All of a sudden, JR and the King appeared at Cole's side, congratulating him for a job well done. "And without further delay…" suddenly, something real strange happened- a high piercing tone, with a slight rhythm, pierced the arena as 5 individuals were teleported onto the platform as well.

"What're they doing here?" the King asked, as he saw those despicable figures appear. They were wearing white uniforms and slacks, except for one who was wearing an ankle length black skirt. "Right to Censor? I cannot believe it!" JR responded, and then King, and JR nodded to each other, threw the microphones to the platform as they both performed a spear-like maneuver to each and every RTC member. The fall killed them instantly, as each one died with a scream and leaving a bloody mess. Even more, louder applause could be heard now- the 6 most annoying people ever found in wrestling communities were now dead.

Nick Diamond and Johnny Gomez, in all their Clay-glory appeared on the screen, and Mills Lane appeared below on the battlefield.

"Well, it's time for another round of Anime Deathmatch! I'm your host, Johnny Gomez, here with my partner, Nick Diamond. It looks like we've had quite a night so far, so Nick, why don't you tell everyone what this fight's all about?" Johnny said, looking to Nick.

"Right you are, Johnny, and tonight's special edition of Anime Deathmatch is brought to us by three of the greatest Videogame consoles ever created. Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, and the Sony Playstation! We don't have enough time left for the two starting events, but we're going straight for the best! In one corner, we have the crew of Protagonists from the world of Pokemon! Ash, Misty, Brock, Tracy, James, Jesse, Meowth, and Professor Oak! These individuals all have their pokemon with them for this fight, and believe me, they'll need them!" Nick Diamond exclaimed, looking over at that corner. Then Johny spoke up.

"In another corner, we have the protagonists from the Digimon Cartoons! We have placed special rings on them to allow their digivolving process to work here, which will be taken off once the fight, is done and over with! They'll need all the power they can get, because with our last set of contestants, there's just too many for words!" Johnny couldn't help but to laugh lightly at that one.

"Last, but not least, is the entire roster of monsters from the Monster Rancher World! Led by Genki and his friends, they're looking to take out all the competition, and with well over 400 monsters, they stand a good chance!" Nick said. "This fight is something that we would like to call- 'The Tri-Anime twist of Death!'" his voice echoed as he said the words.

The camera zooms in on Mills Lane, who calls over the main characters from each Anime cartoon. "I want a good clean fight, and I don't want to not see anyone get killed. Now, let's get it on!" Mills Lane stepped away and into a safe booth as the bell rings. Suddenly, all the monsters begin fighting as the humans all pile into a huge fight in the center of the arena, covering the arena with dust, smoke, water, ice, and all sorts of special attacks. The 11 Digimon start digivolving, and take an early lead until they're wiped out by a squadron of Dragon monsters from Monster Rancher. Genki's Mocchi squares off against Pikachu, who uses most of its electricity to try and fry Mocchi. However, Mocchi's rubbery body protects him, and he fires a Mocchi cannon directly at the cute yellow pokemon, making it evaporate into thin air.

As the battle rages, a strange melody finds its way onto the speakers. "What the hell is that?" Johnny asks, and camera moves around until finally it comes to a shot of Jigglypuff having a microphone in its hand, singing as usual. "Somebody shut that puffball up!" Nick exclaims, wondering who could get it done. A single shot rings out, and Jigglypuff dies with a bullet between its eyes. "Mission accomplished" says Snake, as he turned to leave, to the cheers of all the PSX and Dreamcast Heroes.

Soon, the humans were knocked out, as well as most of the Digimon. Gomamon, who had digivolved into Zudomon, had made an agreement with the Monster Rancher monsters and was now helping them after destroying WarGreymon with his hammer, and started after MetalGarurumon as it tried to blast Pixie monsters with its ice attacks. The pokemon were too weak, and all got killed easily by Arrowheads, Ghosts, and Lillymon, who soon found itself crushed underneath Zudomon's paw.

"Oh my god Nick, this is the most brutal match ever here on Anime Deathmatch!" Johnny exclaimed, taking a drink from a beer, imitating Steve Austin, who was doing the same thing below. "You said it Johnny, this is going to be a record breaking event that'll get shown for a year!" Nick responded, and both announcers laughed. Suddenly, the sounds of battle stopped, and the dust began to clear. "Who do you thin is gonna win? We'll find out when Anime Deathmatch continues!"

Two minutes later, the dust had settled, and it was found that on top of the mountain of dead pokemon and digimon, Pixies, dragons, and all sorts of Monster Rancher monsters had survived, as well as Genki and Holly's team. Mills Lane walks out of his booth and climbs the mountain to raise Genki's hand. "Genki and Monster Rancher are the winner!"

"Un-be-lievable!" Johny exclaimed loudly into the microphone. "There's a winner to this match after all. The pokemon and their trainers are all dead; I think that only two of the so-called digdestined are breathing, and most of the Monster Rancher monsters and Zudomon are alive! This is the best Anime Deathmatch ever!"