Part one: Tigertia is reborn

Author's note: I love Monster Rancher. It's so funny! (it's on Family ch. And MR come on every Sunday morning) I love Tiger and Pixle. I'm 100% in love with MR show. Fear not! I'm still love RW/YST! None have RW/MR x-over stories! Keda want me doing it. ^_^ She loves Pixie too! One thing before you read this, please don't steal my new character! I mean I make up the new monster! And I don't own RW or MR characters. My other characters belong me but Sailor Eos owns Keda and Akira.


He is panting hard from running. The snow didn't bother him. His fur keeps him stay warm. They won the war against Moo. And the groups are looking for the disks to unlock the useful monsters. He look like wolf but have two horns on top of his head. His fur is blue and white. He returns where he and Gray Wolf fought against Moo but lost. That's when Moo took his brother, Gary Wolf. There's a disk he wants to unlock. Tiger don't want lost her forever. She is part of his family. He saw the cave, where the disk is.


"Lighting!" said Tiger, aim at Moo.

He is laughing evil.

"Fool, you can't beat me!" said Moo.

Moo saw a puppy hid behind Tiger. She looks like Tiger. Her fur is same as Tiger's fur but is pink. She has brown eyes. Her horns are white too.

"Well, well.. What are we having here? Another a Tiger." Said Moo.

"Don't you ever close to her!" said Tiger.

"Let me guess. She's your daughter, right?"

"Why you!" said Tiger, attack Moo.

"Tiger!" said Gray Wolf.

Moo hit Tiger before he has a chance. He yells in pain. His face starts bleeding from Moo's claw.


"No, Tigertia, stay back!" said Tiger.

"Ahh.. Tigertia, what's a beautiful name for her, but not anymore." Said Moo, raise his hand.

"Tigertia, run!" yelled Tiger.

Tigertia is started running. She'll do what Tiger told her to. The glowing ball appeared on Moo's hand. Moo aims it at Tigertia.

"Watch out!!" yelled Tiger.

Tigertia saw it coming. She has to do it..

"Lighting!!" said Tigertia.

The lighting came out of her horns, aim at the blastball. Her attack is defect Moo's attack. But it turn out it didn't. Tigertia was cried in pain.

Her side is covered her blood. Gray Wolf ran and licking his niece.

"Uncle.. It's hurt so bad!" said Tigertia, crying.

"Don't cry. I'm here." Said Gray Wolf.

"You.. How dare you hurt her!" said Tiger.

"I'll take something that belong to you." Said Moo, threw another one. Gray Wolf and Tigertia are cried in pain.

"No!" said Tiger.

His face still bleeding. He's too weak. Moo walked and took Gray Wolf who is faint from his attack, away from Tigertia. Tiger was shocked to see that Tigertia is covered the blood all over her. Moo is walking away from Tiger with Gray Wolf in his hand.

"Gray Wolf!" said Tiger, watching Moo was walked disappeared.

He ran to Tigertia.

"Tigertia.." said Tiger, start crying.

He lost his mate, Angel. The baddies killed her. Tiger is very mad when the baddies killed Angel in front of Tigertia. That was long time ago. But he doesn't want lost Angel and Tigertia.

"Daddy.. What's happen to me?" said Tigertia.

"You're going be ok. You got hurt. I need find a place for you to rest." Said Tiger, looking around.

"Daddy!!" cried Tigertia.

Tiger looked at her and shocked. Tigertia's body is glowing pink. Her body changes into the lost disk. She is gone forever.

"Tigertia!!! Nnnoooo!!" yelled Tiger.

::End of flashback.::

He knows where he buried her disk. It's in the cave so it'll safe. All Tiger do is take the disk and return the village.

"How come Anna isn't go with us?" said Rowen.

"She's busy with writing her new book." Said Keda.

"I can't believe it. My own sister is author.." said Sage.

"Yeah. And it's good thing because Anna give half of paycheck to help our kendo building!" said Eric.

Date's kendo building is ruin. The wall needs paint. The roof need repair, need more rooms, need to buy swords. With Anna's help, she gave Grandfather Date the money. She says she doesn't need that much money, so she gives him. Anna is enjoying writing.

She writing a book that everybody like, is science fiction. It talks about a boy who went inside TV and helps the people to free the monsters from the evils. He is 7 year old but when he pull the sword out, he became a handsome man. He has to fight against the evils to free the princess. Of course, everybody can't put that book down. They hope Anna writing another one. And she is going to.

"Rowen, I thought you always read that book.." said Keda.

"Yes. But I can't put it down until Anna's new book come in bookstore!" said Rowen.

"Ryo, you have to start read the book." Said Sea.

"Umm.. I'm not really reader.." said Ryo.

He is very uncomfortable. His tiger-like tail isn't in right place. And his tiger-like ears are inside his cap.

"Ryo! If you don't, it'll hurt Anna's feeling!" said Keda.

"You know that I don't like to read the book!" said Ryo.

"But Ryo! That book is sure kick! When I read it for first time, I can't put it down!" said Rowen.

They try to make Ryo to read the books. Kento is sweatdrop. He is remembers something.


Anna is sitting on her computer chair.

"I'm sorry. I can't go with you. I'm working on new book. You know I'm helping my family."

"Yeah. Oh, I read your book few days ago. It's pretty good. You're good fighter and now you're good writer." Said Kento.

Anna is giggling.

"You're right. I do. My dream is become best author in whole world. And since Talpa and Terry are gone for good, and I'll spent time to writing a book."



"Do you know that a new video game of Monster Rancher is coming to store today?"

"Oh my gosh! Is it today? Oh no! I forgot about it! If I don't buy one, they'll sold out for sure!"

"That's because you spent time to working on your book." Anna gets up and open her purse.

"Here you go." Said Anna, gave Kento her money.

Kento look at it.

"While you're at the mall, I want you buy that for me." Said Anna.

"I'm not going it!" said Kento, sullen.

"If you do that, I'll making the chocolate and nuts cookies!" said Anna.

"On second thought, I'll do it." Said Kento.

::End of Flashback::

Kento can't wait to eat her cookies. They still fussing Ryo about start read the book. Kento saw a store that selling video game.

"Excuse me while I'm going to buy video game for Anna." Said Kento. But they're busy with fussing. Kento is walking to the store. He is looking around. Kento saw the new game of Monster Rancher. Anna love that game.

She's very good with that game. The others try to beat Anna in the game, but lost. Anna is champion of that game. Kento take one and going to buy it. He gave the money that Anna gave him, to the worker.

"Have a good day." Said the worker.

"You too." Said Kento.

At 6:30 P.M.

"Oh dear.. It's my last chapter and I can't think of!" Said Anna, biting her finger.

She looks at the clock. She is starts worrying about the others. They never have gone for long time. Maybe they came in and Anna didn't know about that. She needs a break. Anna is on her computer all day without have a break. She is walking downstairs. Nobody.

"Hello? Are you home?" said Anna, walking all over the house. Maybe it's bad idea about stay home but I need to work on my new book. Thought Anna. Something jumped on her.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!" yelled Anna.

Anna fell on the floor. Tiger Lily and White Blaze are licking her. Anna is laughing.

"Ok! I give up! You win!" said Anna.

"Where is everybody?" said Tiger Lily.

"Shopping but they never gone too long. I'm worry." Said Anna, getting up.

Somebody open the door where Anna is standing. She flew and hit by the wall.

"Ow.. Why me?" said Anna, sliding down the wall.

"I can't stand it!" said Ryo, took his cap off.

"Oh Ryo! You're fine until now!" said Cye.

"I can't help if my cap didn't make my ears itch!" said Ryo.

"Ryo! You killed Anna!" said Eric.

"I'm ok.. Really.." said Anna, waving her hand, weak.

"Now, where is my elf?" said Kento.

"Yeah and where's my gargoyle?" said Eric.

"They'll coming over. Did you ate your supper or not?" Said Anna, rubbing her head.

"No." said everybody.

"Is it ok to you when I'm going to order the pizza?" said Anna.

"YYYEEEESSS!!!!" yelled everybody.

Their yelling make Anna flew and hit the wall again.

"Ow." said Anna, slides down.

He is missing his friends so badly. He want sees his friends again. A young boy is about 11 year old. (I don't know how old Genki is) He has brown hair and brown eyes. He wore white T-shirt and tan short pant. His cap is backward. He really want to see Holly again, his friends too.

"Genki? The supper is ready!" said Genki's mom.

"Coming!" said Genki, pause the new game of Monster Rancher.

Before he left, Genki look at the game.

"Tiger, Hare, Golem, Mocchi, Pixie, Suezo, Holly, I miss you so much." Said Genki, left the room.

An hour later.

Ronins are finish their supper. Karia, Akira, Wingblade, and Jabu came over the house.

"Kento-chan!" said Karia, hugging Kento.

"Hello, there.." said Kento.

Karia is elf. She has long blue hair with pink steaks and brown eyes. She wore sleeveless yellow shirt with black belt. Her pant is black too.

"Hey, babe." Said Sage, kissing Akira.

"Hello, airhead." Said Akira.

"Not funny.."

"Hi, baby." Said Eric, kissing Wingblade.

"Hi! Sorry we take too long. It take Jabu forever to coming over." Said Wingblade.

"I can't help if Athena is talking!" said Jabu.

"Just slap her and say shut up." Said Kento.

"No!" said Jabu.

"Ok! Who want try to beat me in the game?!" said Anna.

"I'll do it!!" said boys.

The girls except Anna are sweatdrop. They'll do everything to beat Anna in the game but they're lost all the time.

"Since Ryo is my beau. He'll go first." Said Anna.

"Alright!" said Ryo, jumped and sitting down.

He can't stop wiggle his tiger-like tail.

"And don't ever think about tickle me with your tail!" Said Anna.

"Awww.. Come on.." said Ryo.

Anna opened and took the CD out and put it in playstalton. It takes awhile..

Genki ate his supper. He is unpauses the game. He is restarts the game because he wants play it again. In few second..

Anna is waiting. When it come on in TV, Anna and Genki are yelled.

"Unlock!!" said Genki and Anna.

Something went wrong. The TV is starts glowing.

"Umm. Is that part of game?" said Kento.

Everybody feel like they're going inside the TV. Genki went inside the TV.

"Aaaaahhhh!!" said everybody.

A brown haired girl covered her face when the pink smoke flew. Genki fell down and land the hard floor.

"Aaaaahhhhhh!!!" said Ronins and tigers.

They fell and landed on Genki. Tiger Lily and White Blaze are the last to land on somebody.

"OOOWWW!!" cried everybody.

"Wow! Holly, that disk have lots of humans!" said the big eyeball monster.

"But how? I mean I thought that disk have only one, Suezo." Said Holly.

"Tiger Lily, White Blaze, gets off!! You're crushing us!" said everybody.

Everybody try to get up.

"What's the big idea?!" said Genki.

"Genki!" said Holly.

"Holly! Ow!" said Genki.

"Kento! Get your arms out of my face!" yelled Jabu.

"You're crush my hair!" said Sage.

"Ow! You poke my eye!" said Anna.

"Who are those humans? Chi." Said Mocchi.

It takes half hour to get out of the mess.

"Where are we?" said Ryo.

"I don't believe it! We're inside the game!" said Anna.

"Who are you?" said Holly.

Before Keda say a word, Rowen covered her mouth.

"Before we say something, where are we?" said Rowen.

"You're in the world where monsters and people are living." Said Holly.

"I'm Ryo."













"Tiger Lily. And this is my brother, White Blaze." Said Tiger Lily.

"I'm Holly."


"Mocchi. Chi!"




"Hey, where is Tiger and Granity?" said Genki.

"Granity is looking for disks. And Tiger.. Well, he left without let us know." Said Holly.

"I can't put my tongue on.. What's kind monster are you?" said Suezo, looking at Ryo.

"I'm not monster!!!!" yelled Ryo.

"He is not. His mom is half tiger half human and his dad is human. So that's how he have that ears and tail." Said Anna.

"And one thing, Anna is a monster!" said Sage, waving the white fans with red circle at Anna.

"Am not!!!!" said Anna, kicking Sage.

Sage flew and went through the ceiling.

"Sage-sama!" said Akira.

"Why we are here?" said Cye.

"I have no idea. But I guess you're here to help us find the disks." Said Holly.

"Yeah. Her stone disappeared unknown." Said Hare.

"Oh my gosh!! Phoenix won the fight against Moo! And all baddies are freed! And all the lost disks return the disks that you can unlock it!" said Anna.

"How she know?!" said Suezo.

Sage is falling and land on the ground.

"Ow." Said Sage.

"Yeah! That's right!" said Genki.

"It's almost like she know everything!" said Hare.

"Who care? They're here to help us!" said Genki.

"Think we tell them who we are?" said Eric, whisper to the gangs.

"I don't know. I mean what if they don't know the legend of Ronin Warriors." Said Rowen.

"But what's about Sun Goddess? Everybody hear that legend." Said Jabu.

"What's they doing?" said Golem.

"Maybe they need talk about finding the disks!" said Genki.

"But if we don't, we never return home!" said Keda.

"I think they need our help because they lost the stone that help them to find the disks." Said Anna.

"What's you think, gang?" said Ryo.

"What we waiting for? Let's do it!" said Kento.

"Yeah!" said Kaira.

Ryo looked at Holly, Genki and the monsters.

"We can help you to find the disks!" said Ryo.

"Yupper!!" said monsters, Holly and Genki.

"Do you think you can find another stone?" said Keda.

"I don't know.." said Holly.

"If you can't, Anna will thinking a way." Said Keda.

"You mean you have brain to figure out??" said Hare.

"Yes and Rowen too." Said Anna.

"Thanks to Phoenix! I'm not only monster who have brain!" said Hare. Everybody fell down.

"We're not monsters!!!!!" yelled Anna, waving her arms.

"Look like our goddess get uptight.." said Akira.

"Holly? Who are these people?"

They looked up.

"Tiger! I'm worry to death! Where're you been?" said Holly.

"This." Said Tiger, put the disk down.

"You make Holly worry over that?! You gotta out of your mind! She stay up late and worry about you!" said Suezo.

"Be quiet!"

Everybody look at Anna.

"What if that disk is somebody that Tiger love? I mean when he badly want it unlock, that mean there's somebody he love in past. And after Moo's death, all disks will be reborn. That's why he leave without let you know.

Because he can't wait. He want to go to find it and bring the disk to unlock.." said Anna.

Everybody look at Anna. She look at everybody and sweatdrops.

"Let me guess.. I talk too much, right?" said Anna.

Tiger smiled at her. She's right.

"No. You're right. I don't know who you are but you got a point. It is." Said Tiger.

"Thanks.." said Anna, blushing.

Ronins know that look. Anna's huge fan of Tiger.

"Holly, will you unlock it?" said Tiger, give her the disk.

"Sure." Said Holly.

"Miss me?" said Hare.

"NO!!" said Tiger.

They're in fighting. Golem stopped the fight. "Will you move off that place? If you stand in the way, you may become a monster!" said Holly.

In one second, everybody quick out of the way. Holly is sweatdrop. She put the disk down. The disk is floating over the hole. Genki put his hand on the thing that can unlock the disk. (I can't remember what it call!- author) Holly walked to Genki. The room is glowing bright. The disk is spinning. In a minute.

"UNLOCK!!!" yelled Genki, push it down.

The pink smoke came out like strong wind. They looked up and saw a pink ball floating, then it coming down. When it landed, it turns into a baby monster. It transformed. A baby Tiger has pink fur.

"I never see that monster before." Said Suezo.

Tiger ran to the baby and licking the baby.

"Great.. What we need is another Tiger." said Hare.

Baby Tiger look at Tiger.

"Remember me?" said Tiger.

"Daddy!" said baby Tiger.

"Daddy???" said everybody, shock.

Anna starts dizzy and faint. It turn out her favorite monster have a daughter. All her life, she have no idea Tiger have a daughter.

"Oh, dear.. That is very shock for Anna." Said Ryo, waving the fan at Anna, whom lying on the floor.

"Everybody, I want you meet my daughter, Tigertia." Said Tiger.

"She is so cute! But how come you didn't say something about her?" said Holly.

"Remember I told you how I got scar? I lost her that battle." Said Tiger.

"I'm sorry to hear that." Said Holly.

Tigertia licking Tiger.

"Is somebody have smelling salt?" said Ryo.

Anna felt somebody licking her hand. She opens her eyes and saw Tigertia.

"Hello, there.." said Anna.

She is look around. The place looks like she's inside the hut. "Tigertia like you." Said Tiger.

"That's because I love animals and monsters." Said Anna, petting Tigertia.

"Tiger?" said Anna.

"Yes?" said Tiger.

"I thought your daughter is Daton."

"I thought same thing too. People say that she may new kind of monster between Tiger and Pixie."

"I think they're right. Hey, where are my friends?" said Anna.

"Outside. I'll show you where." Said Tiger.

Before Anna stand up, Tigertia jumped on her lap.

"Tigertia.." said Tiger.

"No, that's ok. I don't mind carry her." Said Anna, carry Tigertia.

"I never saw a person who have blue and brown eyes before." Said Tiger.

Anna is blushing.

"I was born that way. It's in my genes. My beau say my eyes are like look at ground and sky at same time." Said Anna, still blushing.

"He's right about that." Said Tiger.

"Thanks." Said Anna.

"Come on, I'll show you where." Said Tiger.

They walked out of hut.

"So.. Some disks have useful monsters? And all we do is find and unlock the disks?" said Jabu.

"Yes." Said Holly.

"With you and your gang, that'll make it faster and easier." Said Hare.

"I think we have to wait until Granity is here." Said Holly.

"Let's hope she find the stone." Said Suezo.

"Umm. Wingblade. You're look like Pixie but I can't put my finger on another kind of monster.." said Hare.

"I'm half gargoyle and half human." Said Wingblade.

"Gargoyle? I never hear of that before." Said Hare.

"Let me explain this one, sweetheart." Said Eric.

"Thanks." Said Wingblade.

"Gargoyles are stone for daytime but at the night they woke and protect their home!" said Eric.

"Just like Disney's Gargoyles." said Akira.

"Oh, look like Anna woke up! Chi!" said Mocchi.

"Did I miss something?" said Anna.

"No. We just talking about the disks." Said Rowen.

"Chi! Granity's coming! Chi!" said Mocchi.

They look up and saw Granity. She looks like Pixie but have rock outfict. Granity landed.

"Well?" said Suezo.

"No luck. I fear that stone is gone forever. Genki! I have no idea you come here!" said Granity.

"Yeah! And of course, they're landed on me!" said Genki.

"Who're these people?" said Granity.

"They're here to help us!" said Genki.

"Oh good! Who's that? I never see that kind of monster before." Said Granity.

"It'll make you shock. Her name is Tigertia. She's new kind of monster between Pixie and Tiger." Said Genki.

"I didn't know that but it didn't make me shock."

"She's Tiger's daughter." Said Holly.

Now, Granity is very shock.

"No way!" said Granity.

"Since you can't find the stone. I think I'll go ahead to thinking of a way." Said Anna.

Tigertia fell asleep while Anna carries her. Why she like Anna lots? Is she meaning to her? Thought Tiger.

"You know what? You're look like you are mother!" said Sage.

Ryo is quick blushing. Anna caught on fire. He means she's mother of Tigertia.

"Just try play a trick on me, you'll be dead meat.." said Anna.

"I'll let ya know something. Sage is Anna's older brother and Eric is her twin brother." Said Keda.

"I thought Eric and Sage are twin." Said Tiger.

Eric and Sage fell down.

"Hahahahaha.. They thought I'm dead but I'm not!" said Terry.

Ronins destroys Talpa and Terry but they have no idea Terry is still alive.

"It look like they're trapping in monsters' world. Good thing I have army of monsters! Oh Moo.. If you're alive, we'll go out!" said Terry, blushing.

"He's so handsome!" said Terry, giggle madly.

Terry's armies are sweatdrop.

"Ok! Before I bring Talpa back to live, I found the disks and I unlock it! Don't worry, Moo! I'll take over that world for you!" said Terry. She looked at her monsters.

"Now.. Let see. I know! I chose you, Blue Phoenix!" said Terry. Blue Phoenix appeared. He's not good monster. He's evil monster. Blue Phoenix born evil.

"I want you destroy Ronins and the 7 people who kill Moo!" said Terry. Then Blue Phoenix disappeared.

Anna, Keda, Akira, and Sea have bad feeling. They're looking around.

"What's wrong, girls?" said Ryo.

"Better stay warn. We sense something evil." Said Kaira.

Anna jerks her head at Golem.

"Fire beam!" said Anna, aim at Golem.

He was shocked to see it coming. But it's not coming to him. It's passed his head.

"Golem! Get out of the way! Before it attack you!" said Anna.

Golem saw Blue Phoenix and ran out of the way.

"Phoenix? What's wrong with him?!" said Holly.

"That's not Phoenix what you think! It's Blue Phoenix! One of evil monsters!" said Anna.

"Lighting!" said Tiger.

"Cherry blooms!" said Mocchi.

"Lighting!" said Granity.

Their attacks didn't work.

"Guys, we have no chose but.. Armor up!" said Ryo.

Everybody except Anna wearing their subarmor but Jabu doesn't have one so he calls his armor.

"Gem of Unicorn!" said Jabu, now wearing his armor.

"Here you go. Now, quick hide!" said Anna, give Holly Tigertia. "But." said Holly.

"No but! Hurry!" said Anna, wearing her subarmor.

"Armor up, gang!" said Ryo.

"Armor of Wildfire Dao Jin!"

"Armor of Halo Dao Chi!"

"Armor of Torrent Dao Shin!"

"Armor of Hardrock Dao Inichi!"

"Armor of Strata Dao Inochi!"

"Armor of Tsuki Dao Ki!"

"Armor of Star Wildfire Dao Jan!"

"Gem of Star Torrent!"

"Gem of Star Halo!"

"Gem of Gargoyle!"

The monsters and two people drop their jaw when they saw that. They're hides behind the large rock.

"How come Kaira didn't have a armor?" said Genki.

"Maybe she don't have one?" said Suezo.

"Iron Rock Crusher!" said Kento.

His attack didn't work on Blue Phoenix. The blue rings came out of his mouth.

"Watch out!" said Ryo, jumped out of the way.

"If our attack isn't work, we need give Ryo our power!" said Keda. Kento, Cye, Rowen, Sage and Keda give their power to Ryo. His armor transforms into Inferno. White Blaze transforms into Black Blaze.

"How they do that??" said Genki.

Ryo took the swords out of Black Blaze's back.

"Rage of Inferno!!" said Ryo.

It looks like Blue Phoenix is lost. But until his wings slap the attack and it straight to Ryo and Ronins except Anna. They caught in Ryo's attack!

"Ryo! Guys!! Noo!!" said Anna, running to Ryo.

She holds Ryo's head.

"Ryo.." said Anna.

"I'm failed.. And we lost our power.. It's all up to you. You're our hope."

Said Ryo, then pass out.

"Ryo!" said Anna.

She jerks her head at Blue Phoenix who laughing evil. Anna carefully put Ryo down, then stand up.

"You'll pay for what's you done!!" yelled Anna.

She felt her forehead get hot. Her helmet disappeared. Her crescent sun appeared on her forehead.

"What's happen? Chi!" said Mocchi.

"Look like Anna get uptight.." said Hare.

Her armor disappeared.

"Angel Inferno, lead me to your power!" said Anna.

Her subarmor isn't pink anymore; it turns into white. Her pure white wings came out of her back. Her body starts glowing then stopped. Lots of feathers are flying.

"Oh wow." Said Golem and Granity.

"She is a angel?" said Holly.

Anna's Angel Inferno look like Ryo's Inferno but is all white except her helmet. She has pink silk around her sides. Her helmet's mask isn't tiger; it's mask of unicorn. She raised her hand. The two swords appeared in front of her. It has jewel of ruby sun and has pink heart in middle of Sun. Anna grasped her Star Hearts. Blue Phoenix raises his wings and flying. Anna is flying and attack Blue Phoenix. The blue rings came out his mouth. Anna uses her Star Hearts to block the way.

"What?! Who are you?!" said Blue Phoenix.

"I'm Sun Goddess! And you're close to your death!" said Anna.

"Never!" said Blue Phoenix, attacking Anna.

Anna flew out of the way. Her swords are caught on fire. Her body is on fire too.

Tigertia woke up and saw Anna fighting against Blue Phoenix.

"Go, Anna!" said Tigertia.

Blue Phoenix is now afraid of her. Her power is too powerful than his power. Anna moved one of her Star Hearts and it went through his chest and his heart. Blue Phoenix gasping for the air. And he died. His body turns into the lost disk. It's falling but Anna isn't going to catch it. Her Star Hearts disappeared. Anna flew down. When she landed, she knows Ronins are badly hurt. The only thing left is..

Anna took her pink silk off her sides and waving it.

"Angel's silk, please heal Ronins!" said Anna.

The yellow bust came out of her silk and healed Ronins. When Ronins are recovering but still pass out, Anna tied her silk around her sides. She looked at the other gang.

"Guys, I need your help to carry Ronins inside." Said Anna.

"Ok." Said Golem.

They helped Anna to carry Ronins and walking to village.

(Angel Inferno will coming in The New Battle Reborn soon)

Part two: The pain of the past

(Unknown voice) The reason why Ronin Warriors are trapping in the world where the monsters live is to help to unlock the new kinds of monsters. Genki and Holly need more help to find the disks to unlock the useful monsters. Some of their races are unknown. Ronin Warriors can’t return to their home. The new kinds of monsters are unknown. I have four words for ya. Gotta unlock them all!

(Monol’s voice) In the legend of Sun Goddess says that Sun was born thousand years ago but when Sun was 15 year old, she died in the war. Her aunt whom adopted her niece after her parents died when Sun was born. Sun’s aunt was once queen of Unicornsland. She uses all her power to send all monsters and people plus Sun to the Earth to be reborn but it’ll take a thousand years to be reborn. Some monsters may be came from Unicornsland. The legend says that Sun’s mother was once monster. Her name is Daina. She knows she must not to fell in love with Phoenix. Phoenix must fell in love with other Phoenix but it was too late. Daina and Phoenix fell in love and become mate. When she gave birth to Sun, she died unknown. They think somebody may kill her and steal her baby but Phoenix fought the witch named Terry. When he got hurt, his friend returns his daughter to safe. But Phoenix died while holding his baby. In about 993 years later, Phoenix is reborn. He knows his daughter is reborn. Daina is still dead, is she?

“I heard of legend of Sun Goddess but I never heard of Ronin Warriors.” Said Holly. “It’s long story. Are you sure you never saw Blue Phoenix before?” said Anna. “Yes. I mean I have no idea there’s a evil Phoenix.” Said Holly. Ronins are resting. Before they came in, Anna’s armor disappeared and her wings too. Tigertia is sleeping close to Tiger’s side. “Sometime I have this feeling. It’s almost like Moo is alive.” Said Tiger. “No, it’s not. It’s something else. Remember Blue Phoenix doesn’t have baddie chest? That means Moo is still dead but.. He’s evil one. It’s almost like he was sent by somebody.” Said Anna. “What’s about ‘Angel Inferno’?” said Hare. “Well, I didn’t use that much but if Ryo’s Inferno fail, I’ll fight with my Angel Inferno.” Said Anna. “So, that’s why Tigertia like you lots.” Said Tiger. “What’s you mean?” said Genki. “She thought Anna is her mother.” Said Tiger. Anna’s face turn into bright red. “My mate’s name is Angel. She died from protect Tigertia from baddies.” Said Tiger. “Do you think we can find her disk?” said Genki. “No. Angel doesn’t want me to unlock her. She want me to care of Tigertia.” Zap!! “OOWWW!” said Anna. “You alright?” said Genki. “Yeah.. Note to self, don’t turn green and blue wire together…” said Anna. “What’s you working on?” said Hare. “Since I came from outer space, our things are different than your. This can help us to find the disks.” Said Anna. But can we unlock the gold disks? I hear they add new monsters in new game of Monster Rancher. All I know are Rainbow, Rubies, Colorful and Rosemon. I’m not sure if there’s more monsters. Are they safe for people? And why we’re here? Thought Anna. “I’ll go with you.” Said Tiger. “Why?” said Anna. “Because I want to. I mean what if all people want to have their own monsters when this world didn’t have enough monsters?” said Tiger. “I agree with him.” Said Genki. “All monsters are very helpful, useful, care, love, and be friend with people and their children.” Said Holly. “Don’t forget they’re protect too.” Said Anna. Everybody is quiet until Suezo break the queit. “The disks are all over places. Maybe we’ll ask other people or monsters to help us to find it.” Said Suezo. “Good idea..” said Hare. Tigertia have nightmare but she isn’t going to wake up.

::Inside Tigertia’s dream:: Everything is dark. But Tigertia saw the lost disks. It’s not brown; it’s gold disks. One of gold disks transform into a Tiger but he have colorful fur. The other disks transform too. Lots of monsters Tigertia never saw before. Maybe her father may know those kinds of monsters. “Are you going to help us?” said Tigertia. But all the monsters disappeared and a shadow appeared. It has red eyes. He is laughing evil, and then transform into somebody Tigertia knows. Moo. He has lots of monsters that are standing in front of Moo. They have baddie chests. Evils are everywhere, close to Tigertia. “No no no no!!!” cried Tigertia. ::End of Tigertia’s dream::

“Tigertia! Wake up!” said Tiger, shaking Tigertia. Tigertia quick woke up. “Daddy..” said Tigertia, cries. “It’s ok. It just a dream.” Said Tiger. “But that dream is awful!” “Would you like to tell us about that?” said Grantiy. “I dream of lots of monsters that I never saw before. And I saw Moo.” Said Tigertia. Everybody gasped. “Lots of monsters have baddie chests too..” said Tigertia. “I fear that we may be too late…” said Anna.

On the Earth.

A tall black haired man nodded everybody are not home. He has blue and brown eyes. He is sighed. “Home alone again…” said Phoenix, sweatdrop. He saw a picture of Ryo and Anna. I can’t believe it. My own daughter has her mate. Thought Phoenix. “What’s I do? I mean, do I still have tell Anna about you, Daina?” said Phoenix. He misses his mate so much. Phoenix wish Daina can reborn but somebody killed her after she gave birth to their daughter. Phoenix’s army thought Daina died from childbirth but they’re wrong. Phoenix knew who did it and never forget her face, Terry. He hates Terry so much because when his old friend bought Anna to safe but something is wrong. Anna doesn’t have a monster body. She has a human body. Terry may destroy her true form. Phoenix have no idea what’s Anna look like. Maybe her body is same as Daina’s body or may have feathers like Phoenix. “Aaahhh!!” yelled Phoenix. The pain is strike through his body. He never feels that pain before but it’s getting worse! The pain force Phoenix to stand on his knees. When he lifted his head up, he saw a woman. She is redhead. She has wings and has red scales all over her body. “Hello, Phoenix. It’s been long time.” Said unknown monster. “Daina? You’re alive?” said Phoenix. Then he lost his consciousness.

“Aaaahhh!” yelled Anna. The pain is strike through her body. That pain is reminding her something that Anna can’t put her finger on. But that pain is came from her past. She is remembering in thousand years ago. When she was a baby, she felt the pain. And in her life on the Earth, when she was 5 year old, Terry tried to rip her wings but Ancient One and White Blaze saved Anna’s life. “Anna!” said Genki. “Daddy? What’s happen to Anna?!” said Tigertia. “I have no idea! Is she have heart attack?!” said Tiger. “No! She is too young to have one!” said Hare. They don’t know what they do when Anna is in pain. Then Granity knows that pain. Before she joins Genki’s team, when she was inside the disk, Pixie felt the pain when she became a baddie. And Granity fear of one thing.. “Oh no! She may become a baddie!” said Granity. “What?!” said Genki. Before Anna passed out, she saw an image of a monster. She is Pixie type but her red scales looks like dragon. Anna knows that type. That monster is Daina, Pixie/Dragon. And she lost the consciousness. “Anna!” said Holly. “She is in coma!” said Hare. Before they do a thing, Anna is disappeared with strange light. “What? Where’s she go?” said Golem. “I fear they may got her..” said Granity. They hear somebody is panting hard. They looked up and shocked. Ryo is standing. They fear that he may saw everything. “Where is my girl?!” yelled Ryo.

“I don’t understand why you want to bring Phoenix and Anna here.” Said Jelly Hound. (he is Tiger/Jell) “Because I have a plan for both. I remember a monster ask me to turn her into a human so she can win Phoenix’s heart.” Said Terry. She is looking at the two mirrors. The place looks like a cell and one of mirror have Phoenix and another one has Anna. They’re still in coma. Jelly Hound’s baddie chest is shining by the moonlight. “You mean Daina?” said Jelly Hound. “Yes. After she was reborn, she has no memory of Anna and Phoenix. After I killed her, I stole Anna’s form. I have a plan about that. If I give Anna her form, her mind will become like in thousand years ago. And after her body will change, I’ll control her.” “But you told me that control half Phoenix, half dragon is hard to do. You say that Anna have body of half Pixie half Dragon but she have blood of Phoenix and the power of Phoenix too.” Said Jelly Hound. “I know but I changed my mind! And her best friend, Sea is Undine’s daughter. I’ll try to turn Sea into Siren.” Said Terry. (Siren is Undine/Joker) “You mean your plan is you’ll turn all Ronins into one of the monsters?” said Jelly Hound. “Yes. And I want go to do that to Anna first. If it’s work, I’ll do same thing to Ronins.” “What if it didn’t work?” “Anna will die.” Said Terry, laughing evil. “Oh, Moo! I wish you’re alive so you’ll happy with my works and my plans!” said Terry. Jelly Hound is sweatdrop. That’s it. I’m out of here. She’s creeping me out.. Thought Jelly Hound, leaving.

The gang explains everything to Ronins. Ryo is very uptight about that. He thinks they’re not destroying Terry enough. But he won’t sure if it’s Terry. Maybe a new evil, new foe.. Sea is crying. Cye try to make her feel better like going to find Anna but no luck. “Why Anna?!” said Sea. “Is she Anna’s sister?” said Holly. “No, Anna and Sea are close friend. But to Sea, Anna is more big sister than friend is. Sea thinks Anna as her big sister. That’s why they hang out lots.” Said Cye. “Look like Anna is finish with this before she disappeared.” Said Keda. “And what’s you mean?” said Jabu. “This.” Said Keda, holding a small computer. (that computer looks almost Sailor Mercury’s computer but is different) The computer is gold and it has the picture of Sun on top of the computer. “Let see if it’s work.” Said Keda. When she begin typing, the others looked each other. Tiger try to make Tigertia to feel better but failed. Tiger Lily walked to him. “I have a son and I think it’ll work.” Said Tiger Lily. “Thanks.” Said Tiger. “Tigertia, I know how you felt but I’m sure Anna is going be ok.” Said Tiger Lily. “But how you can tell?” said Tigertia. Tiger is sighed. “She is a week old. I don’t think she can understand it.” Said Tiger. “Let me try this.. Tigertia, do you remember you saw Anna wearing pink and white armor?” said Tiger Lily. “Yes.” Said Tigertia. “She is very powerful warrior. She knows what’s she going. Anna is very smart and can fool the foes all the times.” Said Tiger Lily. “But can she do that when she’s hurt?” said Tigertia. Tiger Lily is bit her lip. She’s right. Anna is in pain. There’s no way to Anna fight when she is in pain. Tiger know Tiger Lily’s looks but he didn’t say a thing. Anna, I know you’re tough fighter. Please don’t let something’s happen to you. Tigertia is counting on you. Thought Tiger, sighed. Anna looks like Angel so much. Tiger miss Angel so much. “This computer is pick only one of kinds of monsters. And I know which monsters is that.” Said Keda. “What?” said Wingblade. “Come on! Tell us!” said Jabu. “Who want unlock all kinds of Centaurs?” said Keda. “Me! Me! Me! MMMEEEE!!!!” said Jabu, waving his arms. Everybody is sweatdrop. Sage’s head is big as Godzilla’s head. Jabu’s head is small as a apple. “Are you forgot something?!” yelled Sage. Now, Jabu’s head is big as Godzilla’s head. His eyes are all white. Sage’s head is now small as an apple. “No! I’m not forgot about her!” said Jabu. “Oh no.. Here we go again.” Said Wingblade. Eric and Wingblade pulled Sage and Jabu away from each other. “I have a question. How Jabu know Anna?” said Holly. “When Anna was 7 year old, she and Jabu are first met. They’re been friend until when Anna was 10 year old, she got killed in the war. Jabu thought she is died until when he was 13 year old.” Said Tiger Lily. “I have a plan. Why do you Ronins go to find Anna and the Gem Ronins will go to find the disks.” Said Jabu. “Gem Ronins, ch?” said Mocchi. “The Gem Ronins are Jabu, Eric, Sea, and Wingblade. Their armor are not inside the orbs, their armors are inside the gem. Their armor colors are same as the gem. But their power aren’t belong to Talpa, their power belong to the comet. But the comet leave the power and armors in their hand.” Said Tiger Lily. She was shocked to see that Tigertia look at her and she is lying her head on Tiger Lily’s paw. “That’s great story! I want to hear more!” said Tigertia. “Oh.. She remind me of Snowclaw!” said Tiger Lily. “Who is Snowclaw?” said Tigertia. “My son. Let see… This story talks about Unicornsland. It’s a moon where all unicorns to live.” Said Tiger Lily. “Why?” said Tigertia. “So the hunter can’t reach them.” Tiger can’t help but smile. That strange monster is good with the kids. He looked at Ryo. He looks unhappy. Tiger have an idea. When he get up, Tigertia saw him. “Daddy? Where are you going?” said Tigertia. “To have fresh air. I want you stay here and listen to Tiger Lily’s story, ok?” said Tiger. “O-kay!” said Tigertia. Tiger walked out but before he left, Tiger looked at Ryo. He nodded that Tiger want him. Ryo gets up and walked out of the hut.

“What is it, Tiger?” said Ryo. “We can’t wait. I fear that Anna may become baddie now.” Said Tiger. “What?!” said Ryo. “Tigertia have nightmare. I hate to say that but.. I think Moo is alive.. Remember Blue Phoenix? I know he was born evil but it’s almost like he was sent by somebody.” Said Tiger. “I don’t want Anna is one of baddies! We can’t wait! What if it was too late?!” said Ryo. “Then let’s do it.” “What?” “I’ll go with you. We’ll save Anna before it’s too late. And the gangs are slowing us.” “But what’s about Tigertia?” “Holly will take care of her. She’s almost like mother to us.” “Ok. I want White Blaze go with us.” Said Ryo, calling White Blaze. White Blaze ran to Ryo. “White Blaze, we’re going to find Anna.” Said Ryo. White Blaze is growling. “C’mon!” said Ryo. Ryo, Tiger and White Blaze are running off to save Anna but what if they’re too late?

Phoenix woke up. His body is ache. What was that? I never felt that pain before! Thought Phoenix. He found himself inside the cell. He nodded he have the chains are around his wrists and his ankles. He tries to burn the chain but it’s not working. “Oh, great. What’s I do now?” said Phoenix.

“Where is it?!” yelled Terry. Her room is messy. She tries to find something. Jelly Hound has no idea what’s she looking for. “Umm. What’s you look for?” said Jelly Hound. “I’m looking for the black box that have Anna’s form!” said Terry, still dug the stuff. Jelly Hound saw a black box that ready to fell off and will hit on Terry. “Watch out!” said Jelly Hound. But it was too late. The box landed on Terry’s head. “Ow!” said Terry, rubbing her head. She saw the box and opened it. Jelly Hound saw a glowing ball inside the box. “Aaahhh! I found it! C’mon!” said Terry, running out of her room. Jelly Hound shakes his head. Terry is act like teenage girl. And the one who never clean her room. Jelly Hound ran out of the room. Phoenix saw a tall woman. He knew that woman… “Terry! What is meaning of this?!” said Phoenix. “Ha ha ha ha.. I have something that belong to your daughter.” Said Terry. “What?! Where’s Sun?!” said Phoenix. “Oh.. Still call her true name? Eh.. I want to do that in front of you.” “What?” Terry snapped her fingers. Anna is appeared. She is in chain too. “Sun!” said Phoenix. “Time to wake up!” said Terry, tapping Anna’s check. Anna slowly opens her eyes and gasp. “Terry?! But you’re dead!” said Anna. “Nope! And I have something for you.” Said Terry. Anna and Phoenix are watching in horror. They have no idea what’s she mean. “I have this for almost a thousand year ago. I stole it from you and now, I want give you to have it.” Said Terry. What? She still has Anna’s form?! Thought Phoenix. Terry opened the box. Inside the box, the huge ball is glowing. Phoenix is sense Anna is afraid. “Leave Anna alone!!” said Phoenix. “Oh? I thought you want to see your daughter’s true form.” Said Terry, have the glowing ball on her hand. “Daddy, what’s she mean my true form?” said Anna. “You didn’t tell her? Oh, well. I’ll tell her.” Said Terry. “Anna, you’re not half human, half Phoenix. You’re full blood of monster.” Said Phoenix. “What?” said Anna. “Your mother made a deal with Terry. She was once monster. Her name is Daina. After Terry killed her, she kidnapped you and stole your true form.” Said Phoenix. “What? But I have a human body!” said Anna. “Not anymore!” said Terry, push the glowing ball at Anna’s chest. Anna is scream in pain. She felt the hot ball is going inside her. Phoenix is shocked to watch her daughter is in pain. “Anna!” yelled Phoenix.

“Aaaaahhhh!!!” Somebody scream echo inside Ryo’s head. “What’s wrong?” said Tiger. “Anna! She is in pain! We’re too late!” said Ryo.

Anna is still screaming in pain. She feels her brain is on fire. Her body is full of pain. The glowing ball is going to inside her. When it’s disappeared inside Anna’s chest, Anna is now in coma. “Oops! Silly me! It’ll take few days and.. It’ll be painful when your body is going to change.” Said Terry. “What?!” said Phoenix. The chains are disappeared. Anna fell on her knees and fell on the floor. “You madwoman! What’s you done to her?!” said Phoenix. “Oh, just going my plan..” said Terry. Phoenix saw Anna is disappeared. “Where is Anna?!” said Phoenix. “Don’t worry about it. She is in her cell.” Said Terry, leaving. “Let me go! You!” said Phoenix. He gets very uptight. His body is changing. His feet are turn into claws. The feathers came out of his skin. His head turns into huge bird’s head. Terry saw Phoenix is transform into legend bird. Terry is laughing. “Fool! You can’t break the chain! And your monster form isn’t help you!” said Terry. Without the warning, Phoenix broke the chains. He uses his attack to make a huge hole in the wall. “What?!” said Terry, in horror. The legend Phoenix is now freed. Jelly Hound ran in. “Do you want me call the army to catch him?” said Jelly Hound. “No. Let him go. All I need is Anna.” Said Terry.

To be continued…