Title: A Monster Wonderland: Holly's Merry Christmas

Author: Master Gray Wolf

Rating: PG


            Today was a glourious day within Holly's house; a nice, well-built brick

house that is. Hey, what hapened to the grass? Whta happened to it's

beautiful green color? It was replaced by white. Snow white that is. No, not

the movie, the color. All of the trees were white too and so were the tears

"falling" from the gray clouds. It was snow falling from the sky and on the

ground. It was the wintery season and today was Christmas. Singing voices

filled homes; it also filled Holly's home.


                        In the Night, stars are gleaming.

                        In the house, mons are singing.

            So much for the Fall, so here coems the calls *ring*

                        Welcome to the Monster Wonderland



            Holly's house was sure packed; packed with monsters than is. The girl had 8

monster friends invited to her house, namely Tiger, Basilisk, Moochi,

Henger, Tyrant, Hopper, Hare and Skyfire (who was outside, enjoying the

snow). Holly was a girl about 13 years old, well liked. She had brown hair

and brown sparkling eyes, sparkling enough to make Basilisk's black cheeks

become replaced with red....second thought, the same with the others. This

sounds quite dangerous; there wasn't a single female monster in her house.

Didn't matter. Holyl was having a good time. They sang and shared gifts.




Holly: In the night, here we eat cake.


Tiger: In the night...


Basilisk: Beer, juice for Pete's sake.


Moonshi: *interupts* Basilisk chi!


Basilisk: Sorry


ALL: Girl we love you and all, cause Holly you are our doll. Welcome to the

Monster Wonderland.


Basilisk: *Cries out* My turn! On the first day of Christmas, my true love

gave to me *Snuggles Holly*


ALL: *Growls* A dead Basilisk in a tree


Basilisk: *Backs away from Holly* Sorry!


Henger: How about we start from 12?


ALL: Okay


Holly: On the 12th day of Christmas my true loves gave to me.


All Mons: *__* You really want to know?


Holly: Go ahead.




            Moochi: 12 Moochis bouncing


            Basilisk: 11 Stone zuum statues


            Henger: 10 Hengers levitating


            Skyfire: *Forwards his head near the door from the outside* 9 phoinexs



            Tiger: 8 Tigers barking


            Tyrant: 7 Tyrants Marching


            Hopper: 6 Hoppers Hopping


            Hare: FIVE SCALED HARES!!!!


            Tiger: 4 little Bowwows


            Skyfire: 3 Cinder Bird


            Basilisk: 2 Wildsaurians


            ALL: And a little tiger in a SPARE TREE!


*A tiger cub enters from hiding in another room*

Tari: Hi!


Holly: *Gasp, clapping her hands together* He's so cute


Tiger: He's yours Holly. *Smiles*


Holly: Thank you *Hugs Tiger*


*Tiger Blushes*


Moochi: I made a banana split for you, topped with cherry blossoms for a

good scent *Hands it to Holly and kisses her cheek*


*Basilisk grabs Moochi and growls, showing his fangs. Intimidation!*


Moochi: ?!


Holly: *Calmly* Mr. Basilisk please.


*Basilisk puts Moochi down*


Moochi: Basilisk, give her your gift and maybe she'll give you one


Basilisk: Okay *Turns to Holly* Hey Holly, I made a delicious cake. People

call it cheesecake. It's in the kitchen. We can eat it together, okay?


Holly: Okay ^__^;;;


Henger: I made a Henger Statue


Tiger: *Smiels* Well Tari is my present. I hope you like him.


Skyfire: I'm sorry Holly. Don't feel bad please. I was...


Holly: *laughs* I know. You were guarding the Earth and you don't give

mortals any Christmas presents.


Skyfire: Right *looks down*


Holly: It's okay. This is the best Christmas yet. You all made me very



*Everyone smiles*


Holly: Here's my gift to all of you


*Holly Kisses everyone*


All Monsters: HELLO!!!