Part 1

A girl ran down the wet streets, rain plummeting onto her skin, tears freshly running down her cheeks, they, those demons was after her, burned her home, killed her family. He foot game into contact with a stone and she fell hitting the ground with a meaty tug. The figure loomed over her, drool dripping from it’s huge jaws.

"LEAVE HER ALONE!!!" A boy 15 jumped infront of her a sword griped in his hands as he guard the girl.

His name was Genki, once the Monster champ and holder of the Phoenix’s mind, now forced to battle the darkness of men kinds creations. With a raged battle cry he shot forward sword bared in hand, the area turned red.

In monster land it was peaceful had been for five years now but the corsages 6 was not to happy, sure they were happy moo was destroyed and all the baddies had became goodies again and all those who had died were revived but they missed Genki, even after Five years. The group walked around threw the thick bushes for old time sake when they came across an old friend of there’s.

"Monol!!" Suezo greeted.

"Hi Monol long time no see." Hare greeted.

"So how has every thing been Monol.

"Not to good I’m afraid."

"What do you mean." Holy asked concerned.

"In another world right now a terrible thing is happening, ’am afraid, my story is my purpose will you listen?"

"Of Coarse."

"Just don’t go overboard this time, last time you told us a story it got pretty heavy." Suezo warned.

"I’m afraid this story has no way of going lightly."

"Wait a moment now, why should something going on in another world concern us?" Tiger broke in.

"It concerns one of your friends, a boy named Genki I imagine."

"Genki!?" The group gasped surprised.

"What happened to Genki?" Moochi asked angrily.


"Monol wake up!!" Suezo said desperately.

"Oh sorry will it all started........."

[Once your friend returned home, he decided it best that no one knew the truth of where he had been for that year he had been missing from his home, mostly from the knowledge that the humans back where he came from would try and copy what the ancients did hear so long ago, and create another Moo, so he never told but unfortunately Genki had kept all of the recordings of what went on hear into a journal which had been found by his older sister Yoko and cleaver scientist who secretly recreated the monsters. She created only goodies for she knew what the baddies had done in your world but one other scientist name Butch jealous of Yoko’s knowledge and power secretly created his own monster, eviler and more powerful than moo had ever been, it had been Moo reborn. After turning many monster and human’s into baddies there are only few left able to resist the power of darkness.]

The group watched in awe at the creations of the monsters by Yoko and the creation and power of Moo reborn. The picture switched to the seen of the little girl running in the rain.

[The monster’s filled with the evil of moo reborn had changed physically and became something else no longer monsters but demons. they killed of many no matter how young ]

Shows a image of a few bodies of women, men children scattered upon the soil all with dim eyes staring accusing at them forever lost in darkness.

[The remaining human’s formed an group in hopes of defeating these demand’s the leader of the group was Genki Saukra.]

The group gasped as a image of Genki stepping out of the shadows filled there mind’s . He was older and his face was hardened, no smile that regularly taped his face was readable none of the kiss the sky attitude that had made him so likable just an coldness surrounded him like the ghost of that he had lost. He was clutching a sword and he looked upward at one of the demons.

[The demons were powerful and some nearly unbeatable the resistance tried with all there might but now only Genki and four other’s of his friends are the only one’s left to fight.]

The image of Genki charging at the monster, while protecting the little girl from it’s clutches filled there heads, He leap forward with a surprising amount of speed impaling the sword threw the stomach of the creature. The image changes once again and now a picture of the man Butch and Yoko appeared. Butch had thick locks of blue hair and ocean green eyes, a thing of darkness surrounded him has he glared at Yoko. Yoko Saukra looked like a sweet girl but had an intelligent air about her. Her hair was tied up in a bun and she wore an official enough suit. She glared angrily at Butch threw her wired glasses.

[After realizing it was Butch who had created moo, Yoko went to confront her once good partner.

"Butch." Yoko said softly but firmly with a thick Coarse of anger. "What the hell did you think you were doing? Have you no idea what you have done!?"

Butch smiled at Yoko grinning at her a slow cruel grin. "Of Coarse I know what I have done, and it’s exactly what I wanted to do."

Yoko took a step back gasping shortly. "Have you no regrets!? People are dying! Children!!"

"That what makes it so fun. There’s nothing like the screams of dying innocents to cheer me up in the morning."

"YOU MONSTER!!" Yoko growled angrily taking a swing at him with her fist which he caught in his hand effortlessly

"My dear Yoko , In this world only the strong survive. And you my dear partner are week!"

Butch’s eyes flashed red and with a scream Yoko pushed by an invisible force threw the glass pangs of the window and over the Balcony.]

The image’s that once filled there mind disappeared and they all were silent for a moment letting what happened in Genki’s world sink in.

" there anything we can do?" Holy asked Monol after collecting herself.

"Yes, there is away."

The group leaned forward listening intently.


The group tips.

"MONOL!!!!!" Suezo hissed.

"What oh sorry again. Go to the Shrine and use the powers of the magic stone to teleport to Genki’s world."

"How, can the magic stone do that?" Holy asked curiously looking down at the stone which laid in her hands.

"You have the power Holy, your heart will tell you what to do."

Holy nodded determinedly looking up towards the sky she thought silently. "Hold on Genki we are coming."

Turning to the group she said.. "Let’s go!"

Part 2

It was setting onto dusk by the time Holly and the others left the village and said goodbye to there friends and family. They traveled onward until they reached an small private area in the woods. Holly sat down with a frown looking down at the magic stone.

"I wonder how can the magic stone can bring us to Genki’s world." Holly said sadly not removing her eyes from the stone. "Monol said that I would know what to do but I don’t." Holly finished sadly.

"Don’t worry Holly, we’ll find away." Suezo said sympaticly.

"Thank you Suezo, but....." Holly breathed in deeply." But what if Genki’s all ready....all ready dead?" She had to force the last few words out of her mouth. "We are stuck hear and we have no idea how to get there and help him!"

"Holly, don’t worry Genki’s strong." Mocchi said tenderly.

"Genki is will be OK." Golem chimed in.

"But we need to get there soon, or else he might not be." Tiger reminded.

Holly nodded thoughtfully reverting her attention back to the magic stone.

‘Genki, please be all right.’ she thought as she remembered when the first met, and all the battles, and all the funny things he had done to cheer her up, right up to the image of him in Monol’s story.

A tear spilt over her cheek shattering as it hit the magic stone which began to glow. Holly gasped surprised than the area turned white.

"Oh no!!" A young girl cried as she ran as fast as her legs could carry her down the wet pavement of the cobblestone street. The roars of an angry and hungry demon was the only thing she could hear. Still running she brushed away soggy blue bangs which were getting in the way of her vision. "Why me! Why didn’t I listen to the others? I should had stayed in the shelter!!" The girl who was named Azami wailed.

"There is no use running, it will only make you scrawny." The demon said behind her.

Azami looked over her shoulder looking and screamed fearfully at the thing. Before she knew it she was coming to meet the ground quick. She groaned as she picked herself off the street. She winced holding her ankle which had became twisted in the fall.

The demon grinned down at her "Now, you die."

"No, Don’t come any closer!! If you do I’ll have to shoot and my shoot will really hurt you!"

The demon only smiled wickedly down at her and began to step forward.

Azami shakily unhooked the gun which hung on a belt at her side and began to fire clumsy at the demon who managed to side step each flying bullet as it zoomed pass her.

"Whimp." The demon outstretched it’s hand power surging threw it in the form of an blue aura ready to blast Azami with a power that would kill her instantly.


"Please no!!" Azami cried hiding her head between her knees shaking uncontrollably. A scream echoed in the night. But it was not Azami’s scream it was the demons.

Azami opened her blue eyes and stared wide eyed at the demon who was now clutching it’s arm were blue was gushing from after having it’s hand cut neatly off.

"Damn you......" The demon turned towards his attackers. At first all he could make slithouthes of three humans and one tiger than gradually he could make out there faces. One of them was Genki the leader of these rebels the demon noted in disdain, White hound the Tiger his sister had created just before she died stood beside him protectively. Beside the Tiger stood Blue Thunder the strongest warrior on the rebels team and next to him was Aiko a expert at Gun handler and the swiftest in all of them including the tiger.

" Aiko, get Azami to safety, me and Blue Thunder will take care of this guy."

"All right Genki, you guys be careful." Aiko ran over to Azami lifting the younger girl up on her back.

"Blue Thunder don’t you die on me!" Azami whimpered as Aiko carried her out of sight.

"Sweet kid." Blue Thunder commented as he watched her and Aiko leave turning to Genki and White Hound he smiled. "Lets go kick some demon butt."

"All right!" Genki smiled drawing out his sword.

"Fools, you won’t defeat me!" The demon hissed.

"Oh ya, Lets see you get pass this!" Genki charged towards the demon his sword bared only to get slapped away.

"Genki!!" White Hound went to his side. "I told you not to rush into these things, you’ll get yourself killed."

"I know, White Hound , It was stupid to charge head on like that." Genki wiped away some blood from his nose with his sleeve. "I should have learnt that by now."

"It’s all right." White Hound assured.

Genki looked at the demon in time to see Blue Thunder neatly dispatch it’s head.

"Way to go BT!" Genki congratulated as he got up.

"Thanks, Genki we should get back to the shelter now ok, we are too to tired to fight off anymore of these creatures tonight."

"Your right, we should call it a night." Genki agreed stretching his arms.

"Wait!" White Hound ordered suddenly.

"What is it?" Genki asked startled.

"I smell something, A human and some...monsters over in that direction." White Hound pointed towards the east part of the city.

"Monsters? You mean some who are unchanged by Moo?" Blue Thunder asked.

"Yes, but I can also sense one of the demons coming closer to them."

"Lets go help them!" Genki shouted jumping onto White Hounds back.

"Just becareful this time, OK Genki." White Hound warned with a small smile on his face.

"I will. BT, come on!" The Tiger speed off with Blue Thunder following.

Holly and the others gasped at the sight around them, they no longer stood in the woods they stood in a destroyed city, buildings burnt and some still aflame dispite the rain which hammered down on them, and hear and there laid the body of a human or monster killed in a fight for peace.

"This is Horrible." Holly whispered.

"This place is worst to north town!" Suezo exclaimed.

"I fine it hard to believe that anyone could still be alive." Hare looked at the area teary eyed.

"I hope Genki is not hurt." Mocchi said also teary eyed.

"Fighting is a bad thing." Golem sighed looking at the body of a man sprawled limply on the ground a baby Dino also dead beside him.

"Something’s coming!" Tiger hissed suddenly turning his head to the south.

The group looked up startled and watched as something approached them. It looked like a Pixie but it was bigger and more muscular. It’s skin was as black the night and it’s hair as white as snow it glared at them threw empty eyes, it slowly parted it’s lip to revile sharp little fangs.

"Lightning!!" Tiger roared attacking the demon who laughed "foolish monster" and batted the attack away hitting it right into Tiger, he slid limply backward with groan.

"Tiger!!" Holly gasped following by his side. She noted with relief he was not dead just unconscious with maybe a broken rib or two.

"Dragon Kick!!" Hare flung himself at the Pixie Demon who calmly outstretched her hand grabbing him by the leg flinging him to the ground.

"Oh, Please, please spare me!" Hare began with his old deceitful trick. "What was I thinking changeling you? Your stronger than I could ever be, I can never compare to you. I nothing but a little bit of dirt compared to you......."

"If that’s all what you are than putting you out of you misery will be doing you a great favor." Demon Pixie grinned giving Hare a powerful kick to the gut which sent him flying unconscious.

"Mocchi Cannon!!" Mocchi screamed angrily blasting Demon Pixie.

"Why you...." Demon Pixie hissed angrily clutching her side which the cannon had hit.

"Cherry Blossom Blizzard!"

Mocchi attacked again.

"Fire Wall!" Demon Pixie shielded the attack and than threw a fire ball knocking out Suezo and Mocchi.

"Noo!" Holly cried as she watched her two friends fall.

"You both have a choice." Demon Pixie said Eyeing Holly and Golem."You can join Moo or you can die.The later is fine with me."

"We will never join you!" Holly snapped at demon Pixie.

"Than Die." She outstretched her hand.

"No You die!!" Genki shouted jump kicking her.

"Lightning!!" White Hound attacked.

While still being shocked by the electricity Blue Thunder drove his sword threw demon Pixie’s heart.

There was a agonizing scream as Demon Pixie fell to the ground dead.

Holly sat Staring in fight at the violent Sean and looked up startled as Genki knelt beside her putting a hand on her shoulder. Holly stared in his eyes for a few moments before whispering


Notes For this Chapter: The characters of White Hound and Blue Thunder given to me by Brad. He also gave me the character of Dr. Wilo who will be seen in next chapter.

Part 3

Holly slowly opened her eyes at first everything was blurry and all she could make out was a hussle of voices and a person setting beside her changing a cold cloth that had been laid on her forehead. She forced her eyes to focus but she still could not make out who he was, the place was to dark to see well, and reeked of a musty sent like wet wood.

"Where I’m I?" She asked groggily trying to set up.

The boy held her down gently saying in a voice barely above a whisper. "Holly, try and relax yourself, you had passed out."

That voice, it was so familiar.

"Genki." Holy said looking up at him. He smiled a small sad little smile at her in return.

"I don’t know how you guys got hear but it’s nice of you to visit, but as you probably have guessed it’s not the best time to be hear. You all should go back home."

Holly shook her head slowly "No."


"You heard me Genki." Holly said setting up. "This is why me and the others came, Monol told us what was happening hear, so we came to help."

"B..But why?" Genki stuttered.

"Because your our friend Genki, you know that and we won’t let you get hurt. We’ll stop Moo."

"But...That’s just foolish Holly!" Genki said softly but firmly. "It’s to dangerous to be hear, you guys are my friends and I don’t want to see any of you hurt, just as much as you don’t want to see me hurt."

"If we leave and you died I could never forgive myself!"

" Holly." Genki began. "Do you think I would be able to forgive myself if anything where to happen to you, Mocchi, Tiger, Hare, Suezo or Golem?What is more important? The life of six or the life of one?"

"Oh!" an Angel said interrupting the compensation as she walked into the room with a tray containing small and slightly chipped cups filled with steaming tea. The tray rattled nosily as she walked towards them. Holly noted that the Angel did not look like the kind that she was use to. For one instead of wearing the usual Pixie-like clothes she wore a nurses outfit, and had a gentle air about her. She flashed her a warm happy smile as she said

"Oh wonderful Your awake!! That’s great you gave us quite a scare, especially Genki hear." Angel winked at Holly grinning ear from ear as Holly blushed slightly while Genki looked as if he where a strawberry. "Halo......"He said in an embarrassed tone.

"I’m sorry!I'm sorry!" Halo giggled "I just couldn’t resist, it’s real hard to make you blush now a days Genki, with you being so serious all the time."She made a quick expression of a serious face as she sat the Tea on a night-stand next to Holly. "Tea’s already!" She informed brightening. "Be careful not to burn yourselves on it."

"Thanks Halo." Genki thanked the Angel he turned back to Holly "Are you feeling any better?"

"Kind of."

"That’s good." Halo said. "The shock must have worn off. You’ll be as good as new in no time."

"Hear." Genki handed her a cup of Halo’s tea. "Halo makes the best tea ever, it’ll make you feel allot better."

Halo blushed at Genki’s comment saying very modestly "It’s not that good."

"No, he’s right, it is very good." Holly smiled at Halo after taking a sip of the tea.

"Thanks miss........" Halo trailed of with uncertainty.

"Holly." Holy informed her.

"Holly." Halo finished her sentence with a smile.

"My name is Halo, I’m the nurse around hear, these people are always coming back hurt!" Halo shook her head like a mother shaking her head at her children’s dirty clothes.

"Halo, how is my other friends?" Holly asked worriedly. Halo smiled in reassurance.

"They are fine! Don’t worry the worst is a few broken ribs and some scratches, nothing that can’t be fixed by me!"

Holly saw Genki frown at Angel and Angel’s face turned a bit white as she seemed to remember something very important.

"Oh, Genki! Your not assuming that, Moo’s virus could......?"

"Probably would."

"Probably would what? What virus?" Holly asked confused.

"There’s a virus Holly that Moo has created. The only way to get infected by it would be to have been scratched by one of the demons. It turns monsters and humans into slaves of the darkness. Your all right you have not been scratched but Mocchi,Tiger.......and the others except for Golem have."

Holly gasped.


A voice said rather gruffly threw the doorway.

Holly saw Genki roll his eyes a breathed a sigh and turned his neck lazily around.

"Yes, Durahan?"

"Dr.Wilo wishes to see you, he says he thinks he perfected the Vaccine."

Holy noted Halo’s eyes brighten with hope, but Genki’s facial expression stayed fixed in that serious, sad, hopeless way that it never seemed to change from.

"What perfect timing!" Halo cheered.

"Don’t get your hopes up, Halo, you know the old fool always gets it wrong." Durahan looked at her coolly.

"Yes, Durahan, I know but you can always hope."

"Hope is just an illusion." Durahan said looking away from Halo whose eyes teared.

"Angel, Take care of Holly while I’m gone ok? Durahan don’t be so cold."Genki told them softly noticing Halo’s teary eyes.

" It’s not the students place to tell there teacher what to and what not to Genki." Durahan pushed past Genki muttering "I’m going to sleep, tell me if something important happens."

"He use to be much nicer." Halo told Holly with a sigh.

"Don’t worry Halo someday He’ll come around." Genki said as he left the room.

"I just hope he does soon." Halo sighed sadly as she watched Genki leave.

Genki peeked into the room where his friends laid.

"Tiger, Hare, Suezo, Mocchi, you all should had stayed where you where safe, I would rather die than have you guys hurt because of me" He shook his head sadly letting a tear fall from his cheek he turned away and began to force himself towards Dr.Wilo’s laboratory.

"Mocchi?" Mocchi whispered as it woke up,it looked at his fallen friends laying limply on some beds covered in white sheets that badly needed washing. Mocchi listened and heard footsteps walking away from the room. He hoped out of the bed and ran towards the door, he could see a young man walking away, he wouldn’t have known whom it was if it wasn’t for the familiar orange hat marked with a "G."

"Genki!! Wait for me!!"He called.

Genki stopped dead in his tracks as Mocchi ran towards him.

"Mocchi, your all right!?" Genki gasped surprised.

"Genki is all right too Chi!" Mocchi said jumping into his arms sounding like he did when he was still a baby monster.

"Mocchi." Genki repeated giving him a hug. "I thought you have been infected with the virus."

"Virus? No Mocchi feels fine.Mochie’s not sick."

"You wouldn’t believe what a relief that is! Are the others up?"


Genki frowned"Than they must have been infected..........The virus usually starts working by now....."he said aloud ‘by why isn’t Mocchi infected?’

"Will are friends be all right?" Mocchi asked worriedly.

"Of coarse they will!" Genki said but he wasn’t all that sure."They’ll be fine, a friend of mine thinks he found a vaccine that’ll make them all better again."

"That’s good!"

Genki smiled warmly at his old friend. "Mocchi, do you want to come with me to Dr.Wilo’s to check out this new Vaccine?"

"Mocchi would love to, Genki."

"All right." Genki chuckled softly smiling, something that he had not truly done for along time now.

"Azami!What where you thinking go out there? We told you stay hear with Angel!!" Aiko hissed at her younger sister.

"I'm sorry." Azami said teary eyed. "I just wanted to do something important."

"Well, all what you caused was trouble! Staying hear where it was save and helping Angel tend to the many other hurt people and monsters, wasn’t that important enough?"

Aiko glanced down at the gun strapped at her sisters side and snatched it away.

" And might I add, your to young to be handling guns, your only 12 years old! And not only have you taken it with out my permission you wasted all of those bullets! Don’t you know how hard it is to get them now because of this stupid war!?"

"I’m sorry." Azami repeated tears flowing down her cheeks, her green eyes had turned misty.

"Azami." Aiko’s voice softened. "Your still a kid, you have your whole life a head of you, do you want to die and give up your whole future?"

"Aiko, I’m not just a kid!! I can help you guys please, I can help!!"

"No!! My decision is final you will not leave this place ever again, is that clear?"

"Yes, Aiko." Azami sighed softly and walked away sulking while grumbling ‘mean old sister, thinks she can tell me what to do, the nerve’ and other such ramblings.

"What am I going to do with that kid?She’ll probably try and get out again. What can I do to prevent that?" she asked herself putting her hands on her hips.

"Lock her in her room?" Blue Thunder smiled as he approached Aiko.

"BT!" Aiko exclaimed happily as she spun around. "So you and Genki made it back all right?"

"Yup, And you’ll never guess what."

"What." Aiko took his arm as they walked.

"Genki found a few friends of his."


"From the monster world."

Aiko stopped dead in her tracks. "You mean.......? The same friends he wrote about in the journal, that damn foolish Yoko copied?"


"Oh, I wish that Genki had never been brought to that world, that way he could never had wrote that journal that way his stupid Bitch of a sister could never had recreated theses monsters, that way we could all live in peace!"

"Aiko, It is not Yoko that is to blame, It Butch. Anyhow if Yoko had never recreated the monsters I would not be hear." Blue Thunder told her softly.

Aiko moaned apoligicly. "I’m sorry BT, I keep on forgetting that your part monster! With an handsome face like yours it’s hard to remember that fact." Aiko laughed putting her arms around BT giving him a happy little peck on the cheek.

"We better go someplace more private to talk, You know Azami....." Blue Thunder said.

Aiko groaned and rolled her eyes. "Don’t I know, she’d take a fit if she saw us talking let alone kissing."

"Don’t worry someday she’ll grow out of the kiddy crush she has on me." BT reassured.

"I hope she does soon." Aiko sighed frowning in the direction her little sister had went.

"I’m not just a useless little kid." Azami sighed setting down on the cold wet pavement. Some dirt crumbled of of the rocky ceiling and landed in the puddle infront of her slightly splashing the edge of her dress. She looked at her reflection sadly "Am I?" She sighed sadly.

" I hate it hear! I want my daddy! I want my Mommy!!" Azami began to cry hugging her knees close to her.

"Don’t cry." A voice from the shadows startled her and she turned around and asked fearfully

"Whose there!?"

She watched tensely as Golem stepped out of the shadows.

"Oh!?" She gasped surprised looking up at him. "I thought that Angel,White Hound, and that mean old Durahan were the only healthy monsters around hear. I never met a Golem before! are good aren’t you?"


"My name is Azami. Do you have a name or does people just call you Golem?"


"Well it’s nice meet you. Did BT and Genki bring you hear? Because I’m certain I never saw you before!" She laughed childlike.

"Genki brought me hear. I’m not sure who BT is."

Azami sighed dreamily. "BT, he’s cute. He has shoulder length whitish blue hair, sapphire blue eyes, he’s tall, he has big mussels, handsome." Azami sighed dreamily again.

"I do recall a man that sounded like that with Genki."

"Golem, how do you know Genki without knowing BT? There always partnered up, unless you met him before this war started."

"I met him when he was ten years old."

"Ten years old?But monsters were not even hear than, unless........." Azami took a step back and gasped.

"Unless your one of his friends from the Monster World, the same friends he wrote about in that Journal!! Oh cool! Are the others hear too? Genki told me all about you guys!! " Azamo stared up at him admiring and Golem just smiled down at her.

"Halo?" Holly asked watching the Angel who just continued to stare at the doorway.

"Yes?" Halo whipped around with a forced smile on her face eyes shut as not to show the tears the shone in them.

"Can you tell me what this place is?"

Angel nodded and sat on the side of the bed "Sure I can, I’ll tell you anything you want. This place is an underground shelter. It’s a good thing we found it since we have lots of injured people and monsters to take care of, this was once a church you know. There is lots of ruins down hear, this one is the only one left intact. The house of god the only one left standing, ironic the most flimsily built building was the only one to survive while the rich man’s house was the first to crumble." Angel smiled at Holly he returned the smile."Of coarse the church was in bad shape when we found it, but are Friends, a group of Hoppers helped reconstruct the area."

"I heard that Genki’s group had four others, who are they you and Durahan?"

Angel laughed a shook her head. "No,I never venture out of hear my job is just to care for the injured, the group is Blue Thunder, Aiko, Azami, and Anna-May, and White Hound"

"Hmmm, But Monol said there was only 4 fighters on Genki’s team." Holly thought aloud. Angel smiled and shrugged her shoulders. "Oh well, Whoever that Monol person was is wrong, there’s five."

"What are they like?"

"Oh, well, Blue Thunder he’s a noble warrior the only thing keeping him from falling under moo’s virus is his purity and purity alone."

"Blue Thunder? He’s a monster?"

"No" Angel laughed softly. "He’s human, well sort of."

"I don’t understand."

"Well, you see Blue Thunder was found uncurious in a pile of ruble, he was found and saved by Aiko. However he had lost lots of blood and Aiko, Genki, Azami, and Anna-may did not have the right blood type so the only one able to give blood was a monster, a Blue Thunder. The transfusion was success but BT had lost all his memory so he is now just known as Blue Thunder."

"Oh," Holly nodded in understanding." What about the others?"

"There’s Aiko, she’s a good gun handler."

"What’s a gun?" Holly asked confused.

"What? Oh ya that’s right your not from this world. A gun is a weapon that shoots metal at a very fast distance, it’s not something to be played with, it’s very dangerous." Angel warned before continuing on about Aiko.

"Aiko is Amazes older sister, they act like they hate each other but they really do care for each other with all there hearts. There parents were members of a gang, they were part of the Mafia! You can say Azami and Aiko are Gang Princess. But dispite all that They are both very nice people." Angel sighed a little "But when you meet Aiko don’t be hurt if she acts a bit cold, after all what she has seen threw her life she doesn’t open up to others very easily."

"Oh I see. Is Azami much like her sister?"

"Oh no! Not at all! Azami’s a sweet little girl, she is suppose to stay with me to tend to the hurt but she always ventures outside." Angel sighed taking a sip of tea. "She hates being treated like a child."

"Oh, what about White Hound, is he a monster or is he like Blue Thunder?"

"He’s a monster, a Tiger that Genki’s sister Yoko had created to Battle Moo’s armies and Protect Genki. Yoko really had cared for her brother."

Holly was about to open her mouth to speak when a bubbly voice stopped her. "Hi Angel! So I see are Guest is up!" Holly looked over at the doorway to see a girl around 15 with light pink hair tied in to lose pig tails measuring down to her slender waist, she was clothed in a long skirt and sailor top{the school uniforms you often see in Anime}

"My name’s Anna-May Sakura what about yours?" Anna-May smiled at holy brightly.

"My name is Holly. The name Sakura.....are you part of Genki’s family?"

Anna-May laughed lightly shaking her head "No. But someday I will."

Holly could only look at her stunned.

"Dr. Wilo!" Genki called making his way threw the crowed laboratory.

"This place is messy!" Mocchi commented eyeing the place.

"You sure can say that again Mocchi." Genki agreed whole fully.

"Well, since when did you be come a neat-freak Genki." An elderly voice said from somewhere in the Laboratory.

"Dr. Wilo, where are you?" Genki asked looking around but could only see beakers and machines and swirly lights where ever he looked.

"Over hear my boy!"

"Where’s hear?"

"Oh, behind that machine you and your little friend are standing near."

"Oh, ok." Genki said as he slipped around the big machine, he saw Dr.Wilo setting at a desk, he turned to them, his gray hair was plastered to her face with sweat and his skin so wet with the substance his glasses had slid down to the end of his nose.

"Genki, I found the cure, I’m absolutely sure of it this time."

"Yah, and what makes you so sure?" Genki asked folding his arms.

"I have found the mixture and it’s running right through your friend’s veins." Dr. Wilo said looking at Mocchi as Genki gasped.

Chapter 4

“Dr.Wilo!” Genki said angrily hitting the Doc over the head with a fist. “What the hell are you talking about!?”

“Calm down Genki.” Dr.Wilo tried his best to calm him down. “I’ll explain.”

Genki relaxed and sat down cross legged on the floor Mocchi on his lap.

“You see.” Dr.Wilo began to explain. “Remember when I took a little bit of your blood?”


“Remember Genki, because your body is one with the Phoenix you are immune to the Virus. We had injected Aiko, Azami, BT, and Anna-May with that Vaccine, and it has prevented them from getting the Virus. However since you are more Human than Monster this Vaccine did work on the monsters which left them vulnerable to Moo’s Darkness.”

“Ya, Ya!” Genki grumbled tiredly. “What does any of that have to do with Mocchi?”

“Ya, what does it have to do with me?” Mocchi chimed in.

“Hold your horses! I’m explaining that!” Dr.Wilo snapped annoyed.” You see Genki when you brought Mouchie into existents you did more than unlock a monster you created a monster from a piece of yourself.”

“What!?”Genki and Mocchi exclaimed.

“Now, Now let me explain. Genki certain traits of yours had been passed onto Mocchi when you created him. For example your last name Sakura that means Cherry Blossom and your friend attacks is “Cherry Blossom Blizzard.” Also you both share a deep bond, one that is right from the heart, this kind of bond is the type of bond that can never be broken it’s the bond of love and friendship.. Since Mocchi had bonded with you therefore bonding also with the Phoenix he now is also part of the Phoenix and is immune to the virus.” Dr.Wilo explained.

“Oh wow....” Genki said awed, his mouth dry.

“Chiiiii.” Mocchi trailed off awed as well.

“Genki, remember your blood was used to create the Vaccine for Humans, therefore we can use some of Mocchi’s blood to create a vaccine for Monsters. Once these Antibodies are injected into another monsters system they to will become immune to the virus and therefore we will never run out of the shortage of the vaccine.”

“Great!!” Genki exclaimed jumping to his feet. “Now we can save Tiger and the others!!”

“Chii!!!!” Mocchi clapped happily jumping up and down in joy with his friend.

“HOLD IT!!!” Dr.Wilo’s voice halted them.

“Ehhh?” Genki and Mocchi looked at him confused.

“As you know Genki, the blood will not do the trick alone, remember? For the cure in the humans Vaccine we needed to add other certain chemicals. I did the same with this Vaccine.” Dr.Wilo held up a needle filled with the Monster Vaccine. “But I’m not sure if it will work the same way the Human Vaccine did. It might just make the transformation start faster.”

Genki and Mocchi’s face faulted and they stopped cheering. “Then what do we do?” Genki asked.

“We can test it out...............”

“No way in nell am I going to use one of my friends as a Damn Genniue Pig got that pops!!?” Genki growled angrily grabbing Dr.Wilo by the shirt.

“Genki, don’t, yell Chi! Your scaring me!” Mocchi sniffled looking up at him sadly.

Genki clamed down and let go of Dr.Wilo’s shirt. “Sorry.” he said partly to Mocchi and partly to Dr.Wilo.

The Doc opened his mouth to speak when a Howl silenced him.

“TIGER!!” Genki exclaimed running out of the room Mocchi hot on his heels.

“Genki? Genki! wait!” Dr.Wilo called only to be ignore.

“Tiger!!” Genki gasped as he threw open the door.

Tiger was shaking in pain and howling in anguish. The sounds where horrible and made Genki freeze backing away into a wall.

“Tiger...” he whispered shakily. Seeing Tiger that one he always thought of as a kind of father, in such pain was scary and horrifying, and he felt guilt Eating away at him. ‘if it weren’t for me, that would have been still home, where they were save’

“Genki catch!” Dr.Wilo tossed him the needle. “Quickly, get that vaccine into his veins, at least this way we have a chance to stop him from becoming one of Moo demons!”

He stared down at the needle for a moment letting what Dr. Wilo Say register. There was a crash as Tiger fell of the bed and onto the floor, his eyes gazing at them in intense pain, eyes that every now and than flashed a wicked red. Genki dashed towards Tiger dropping on his knees next to him.

“Forgive me Tiger, but I’ve got to try!” and with those words he plugged the needle into Tigers Veins.

Chapter 5

Tiger hissed in pain and blindly slapped Genki away sending he crashing into a wall like a rag doll.

“Tiger!” Genki cried as he watched his friend roll in pain on the ground after a few minutes his movements stopped and he went limp. Genki gasped in horror and crawled towards him still hurting from the earlier attack.

“Tiger.” he repeated putting a hand on Tigers side, he could feel tears sting his eyes, but he held them in. He refused to cry, he had to be strong. He had to be....he choked back a sob whispering “I’m so sorry.”

“Genki......?” Tiger muttered hoarsely.

Genki’s face brightened instantly “Tiger!! Your OK? The vaccine worked!?” Genki cheered with amazement, joy, and relief.

“I have no idea what your talking about kid, But I can asure you I felt better.” Tiger groaned as Holly, Halo and Anna-May came rushing into the room.

“What’s going on!? We heard a crash!” Halo exclaimed paniced.

“Tiger?Are you OK!?” Holly fell to Tigers side.

“Holly? You're OK?” Tiger asked her surprised and tried to get up but fell back down with a gasp of pain.

“His leg is probably broke.” Genki informed Holly.

“That’s not good.” Holly swallowed examining Tiger’s leg.

“No, Problem I can fix that.” Halo knelt down beside Tiger and put her hand on the bone.

She glowed a healthy blue and the others watched in amazement as the bone healed instantly.Halo fell back with a gasp panting.

“Halo-Chan?” Anna-May asked concerned. “Are you all right?”

“Yes, It’s just that....that move takes a lot of engery.”

“Thank you.” Tiger told her as he got up, leg as good as new.

“I did not know Angel’s could heal people.” Holly said. “Well, you see.” Anna-May started smiling at her sweetly. “These monsters are not like the one’s in your world. There much more stronger.”

She looked at Tiger who gave her a dirty look in return.

”No offense to you or your friends of course Holly. To bad they weren’t made weaker than we would not be in such a mess right now. When monsters are turned bad hear they become 10X more powerful. And the Moo hear is 50X more powerful than the one you and Genki faced as kids.” Anna-May winked at them. “But in this battle not strongest doesn’t win.” She taps her head “It’s the smartest.”

“Great she’s starting to sound like Hare.” Genki bit his lip to keep from chuckling.

“Well, Hares are my favorite kind of monsters.......but I think you meant that comment as an insult. Aren’t I right.” Anna-May laughed softly, her voice like porcline she knelt down and petted Tiger on the head. “But you know Tigers are cute to.”

Tiger blushed and turned away from the girl. “I’m not cute!!”

“Tsk...Genki-Chan, are all your friends so modiest?” She flickered her eyes lashes at him sweetly.

Holly bit her bottom lips jealously as she watched Anna-May droop her arms over Genki’s shoulders giving him a quick peck on the cheek which she noted felling a bit hurt he returned.

“So Genki have you got any idea how to defeat Moo?” Tiger asked.

Genki and Anna-May paused and sighed embarassment “No we don’t.”

“Than...than.....what....” Holly sputtered.

“I know it all sounds hopeless.”

“After Butch created Moo, Dr.Wilo” Anna-May waved her hand towards the old man who stood silently in the corner. “And all of us hear right now tried to create something to defeat him, not the way the Ancients in your world did, but to kill him once and for all. It was going to be called the sliver Phoenix but......we created the mind and was about to start on the body when Moo’s troops destroyed the place and we have no idea what happened to the sliver phoenix’s mind. Perhaps it to was destroyed.” Anna-May explained grimly.

“So how where you planning to defeat Moo Chii?” Mocchi asked him as he finally came into the room.

“We really were just fighting. We have no idea on how to beat him but we refuse to give up. We just can’t let him win.”

“Now that sounds like are Genki.” Tiger smiled looking at him proud.

“Yeah.” Holly agreed.

“We really should let Genki and Dr.W , cure the rest of your friends now. I just can’t stand needles! There so pointy!” Anna-May trembled at the thought of an injection.

“Why not we go get a little something to eat? I haven’t had anybody to talk about Girl stuff with for a long time now! Aiko to much of a Tom Boy and Azami’s to young! I know you and I’ll be great friends.” Anna-May giggled.

“Eh? OK.” Holly said reluctantly and let Anna-May begin to lead her out of the room. Half way out the door Anna-May paused and turned around with a ditzy smile on her face.

“Hey, you! Sweaty Cake!” She called, Mocchi looked at her sweating. “Come on, you look hungry, come get a bite to eat with us.”

“OK Chii!” Mouchie exclaimed happily jumping up on to Anna-May’s back. Holly just stared not sure what to think about her.

Aiko jumped at Durhan with a sword clutched tightly in her hand, she yelped as she felt herself swatted away. “Your slaking of with you training Aiko.” He told her in a cold voice.

“Bah! I’m more of a fire arm.” Aiko snapped rubbing the bruise on her hip.

“That will not do in combat, guns run out of bullets.”

“And swords can be taken away. So see your idea of fighting is no better than I!” Aiko said stubbornly.

“Than we fight hand to hand.” Durahan threw his sword to the floor and approached Aiko cracking his knuckles.

“Oh, Damn it. Why do I get myself into these things?” She backfliped to avoid one of durhan’s punches and somersault herself into the air to land a jump Kick but was rewarded by being thrown to the ground as he caught her foot, quickly handstanding she wrapped her legs around his neck and threw him to the ground.

“You could kill a human with this but your forgetting something.” Durhan spoke.

“Yeah? What?”

“I’m a monster!” Duraha karate chopped her leg causing her to let go clutching the bone in pain.

“You're getting weak, we’ll resume training tomorrow. Where is Genki? He needs to work harder.”

“He’s probably with those friends of his. Or with the ditz Anna-May. Why don’t you put her threw training?”

“Your kidding right? I’d probably kill her on the account she’d whine so much.”

“For once your right.” Aiko grimaced as she got to her feet she looked up to see Durahan leaving. “big, brute.” she muttered.

“Hey Aiko. Was Durahan too ruff?” BT asked as he came up behind her.

“No not at all.” Aiko blushed embarrzetly. “I’m a tuff girl I can handle it.”

BT grinned. “OK, lets eat then.”

“It’s funny BT. With your appetite it’s a mystery why your so fit.” Aiko smiled at him about to lean over a kiss him on the check when......

“Hey BT!! Wait for us!” Azami called giggling as she ran towards them.

“Oh great.” Aiko muttered swetdroping.

“What you mean us?” BT eyed her curiousitly.

“Me and my friend here.” She gestured upward and BT and Aiko followed her gesture and ended up staring a Golem.


“He’s big.” Aiko commented

“Uh, Hi there.” BT greeted. “You guys want to eat with us?”

“Thank you BT.” Golem answered in that slow manner of his.

“So much for a romantic dinner for two huh.” Aiko whispered as she nudged BT who sweatdroped.

“Ah! ant’t these cookies good!” Anna-May said perky as she gave another cookie to Mocchi. “Yummy!”

“You're such a cute little monster. Did I ever mention pink is my absolute favorite Color!”

Holly looked at her unsure of what to think. She seemed like a very nice girl...sort of a ditz but was warm and friendly and didn’t even seem to mind that she and Genki faced an adventure together before, she wasn’t even jelous but looked to be friends. Normally Holly would have accepted the offer without thought but........she was hurt that Genki had chosen her, it was his choice and it wasn’t really Anna-Mays fault but......she did not know why but there was just something about this girl, behind the friendly ways and sweet ways, just something mistrustful.

“Holly, it was so thoughtful of you to come hear to help us. You must really care about Genki.”

Holly jumped starled as Anna-May interrupted her thoughts. “Uh...well..yeah.”

“So your after my boyfriend?”

Holy blushed red and began to stutter.

“Nah, don’t worry, I’m not mad at you Holly-Chan but he is MY boy friend however”she reminded seriously but than smiled “But who he wants to love is up to him, hey who knows you might still have a chance. A very slim one but maybe. Hopefully not, no offense intended it’s just that I love him with all my heart, and I couldn’t bare loosing him.”

Holly had to hand it to her, she was blunt and had made a clear point as to stop her from ever tring to take away her boyfriend.

“So, Holly-Chan, how everything in your world? Are you and your father getting along?” Anna-May blushed instantly and put her hand over her mouth “I’m sorry, I guess that is none of my business is it?”

Holly smiled as she took a sip of tea “It’s all right. Me and my father is getting along well. I know he was under Moo’s control, all those horrible things was not his will.”

“Hmmm, To bad the same couldn’t be said about Butch.” Anna-May whispered quietly looking at her feet kind of sad.

“What?” Holly asked surprised. She snapped out of it and look up at her with a perky smile. “Oh it’s nothing.” Her gold colored eyes glanced over to her side and she turned around waving “HEY BT, AIKO, AZAMI!!!.............BIG ROCK GUY!! COME SIT WITH US!!”

‘Big rock guy’ Holly thought as she and golem and everyone else sweat dropped.

“Shut up you big ditz.” Aiko sneered but sat down next to her anyway. “Hi, you must be...Holly..from the monster world.” She gruffed grabbing a chicken leg off of the table, taking a big bite she groaned “This food tastes worse and worse everytime I eat it.”

“Oh, It’s not that bad.” BT scold as he sat next to her taking a bite and instantly turning green.

“Are you ok BT?” Azami asked sincerely setting next to him. “AM-chan, how can you eat this stuff??”

“ It’s easy when you have no taste.” Aiko scrawled.

“She means that realy.” Anna-May laughed looking at Holly “I had an accident when I was young that permanently damaged my sense of taste and smell, which up until this war started I had always been down about but now I’m thankful very thankful!”

“An Idiot would say something like that.” Aiko grumbled.

“What did you say!? You need to relax Aiko-chan, loosen up abit! Your almost as grumpy as the Soul Takers Six!”

“Don’t refer to me as Chan. We are not friends!”

“All right, Aiko-Chan.”

Aiko tips.

“Hello, you must be Genki’s friend Holly. I’m BT, that’s short for Blue Thunder and no I’m not a monster in disguise as a human.”

“Nice to meet you, and Angel told me the story.”

“She would.” BT laughed “She’s a nice monster but can be pretty gossipy. I bit she’s the first gossipy monster ever right?”

Holly laughed.

“My name is Azami, I’m Aiko’s younger sister.” Azami introduced grinning ear from ear.

“Well Hello to you.” They smiled at each other as they shook hands.

“So are you a Golem? It’s nice to meet you. In my room hear in the underground I’ve got a little rose garden, perhaps you and I can go and see it later.” Anna-May smiled up at him sweetly.

“Golem would like that.” Golem answered happy at the kindness of this girl and her love of flowers.

“Good. Azami would you like to come to?”


“What about you Holly?” Anna-May eyed her hopefully probably because she didn’t want to leave her alone with Genki..

“I’ll see.”

“So, are we really healed?” Hare asked looking at the needle mark.

“We better be!!That hurt!!” Suezo hissed.

“Sorry, we made it as painful...I mean painless as possible.” Halo smirked.

“Really, Hare I thought you where suppose to be so tuff.” Tiger said sarcastically.

“What was that!?” Hare snarled at Tiger.

“You heard me!”

They began to fight.

“Stop it, we don’t need that now!.” Genki held them apart. They backed off looking at Genki surprised.

“You put some mussel on, kid.” Tiger commented.

“Must have been all that traning with Durahan.”

“Traning with what?” Suzo asked hoping over to him.

“With swords and Martial Arts.”

BANG, BANG, BANG, something echoed above them. It sounded close, very close.

“It seems like that training is going to be useful,” Hare said nervously trembling.

“Dr.Wilo , Halo get the injured down to the basement area. Find the others and hide OK?” Genki instructed seriously.

“Right away.” Halo nodded dashing out of the room with Dr.Wilo panting behind her.

“Guys, maybe you should----”

“Not a chance Genki. We're fighting.” Tiger said.

“Ya...sure we are, Right Suezo.” Hare nudged him slightly.


“Genki, The demons, it’s a flock of falcons and Vanitys, there breaking into the shelter!” White Hound rushed into the room.

“Into the shelter!? Are you sure?” Genki gasped.

“In what room should they breack in? Perhaps we can trap them.”

“Let me check.” White Hound sniffed the air. “The dining room!”

“No!” Genki shouted in terror. “Holly and the others are in there!”

He rushed towards the room at full speed the monsters following him.

“You know that reminds me.....”

“Wait!” Bt stopped Anna-May in mid sentence. “I sense something.”

Bang Bang Bang

“What was that.” Azami gasped griping her sister fearfully.

“I don’t know, But were safe in the shelter.” Aiko comforted..

“They sound close...” AM mumbled.

“That’s because they are.” And at BT’s words they demons burst threw the ceiling.