Chapter 6

"Wahhhh!" Azami screamed digging her head into Aiko. "I don’t want to dieeeee!"

"Damn it!" Aiko hissed looking at the demonds" Azami, let go." She tried to push Azami of as she reached for her gun.

"But I’m scared!!!!!!" She wailed hugging tighter.

"GET OFF OF ME YOU LITTLE PEST!" the older screamed knocking her to the floor and took aim shooting one of the vanities in the wing causing it to fall to the ground.

"They don’t look like demons...." Holly commented looking at the vanities and falcons as she remembered the demond Pixie they fought before looked like a demon, these looked just like regular monsters.

"That’s because the curse did not take full effect of them yet. Right now is the easiest time to kill them." Blue Thunder answered dogging an attack and slicing the head of the falcon neatly with his sword.

"Wah!! This is going to leave a bruise, you little slut!!" The Vanity Aiko had shot hissed barring it’s teeth at her.

Aiko pulled the trigger shooting the fallen vanity in the chest. "If these one thing I can’t stand it’s monsters who only care about there looks."

"There to much of them to fight!!" Azami cried staring at the 15 remaining baddies.

"Lightning!!" White Hound exclaimed as he leept into the room attacking three of the monsters, knocking them to the ground turning them into lost disks.

"Cold Bullet!" Tiger exclaimed as he shot a vanity down, who trembled as she tried to get back up. "Forgive me...I...." She said cowardly. "Attack them!" She pointed to the other Vanities. A gun shot is heard and the Vanity fell dead.

"Another thing I can’t stand is cowardly backstabers." Aiko commented blowing the smoke away from the gun.

"Die Humans!" A falcon shouted as he dove towards Holy, Anna-may and Azami.

"Not a chance!" genki shouted from a higher level of the room he jumped with his sword bared hitting the falcon with it threw it’s back, which turned into a lost desk. To everyone from the monster worlds surprise Genki stayed levitating in the air.

"What the----How he doing that!?" Suezo exclaimed staring up at him.

"Genki still has the power of the Phoenix, but it’s still no use against Moo or the higher demonds. Right now Genki’s full power is the same as the Moo you fought in your world." White Hound told them coldly.

His friends gasp.

"You got to be kidding." Hare muttered shaking his head in disbelief.

"Die!!" A demon-like Vanity shouted knocking him out of the sky. He crashed to the floor with a cry of pain.

"GENKI!!" Holly and Anna-May scream.

"Oh now lady you made me Angry!!" Ann-may growled. "Razor Fan!" She shouted, two golden vans appear in her hands out of no where and she throws them at the Vanity. They twirled threw the air like golden boomerangs, one cutting the wing off and the other cutting the leg, the pixie fell to the ground.

"See, It doesn’t do to be on the side of evil now does it?" AM asked panting tiredly as she touched the fans they disappeared.

"" The Vanity began to shake than died.

"Let’s get out of hear!" A falcon shouted and him and the remaning Baddies began to flea, Genki uttered a low growl glowing a pale red "Fire wave!" A wave a fire shot out of his hands and engulfed the baddies who whimpered as they where mercilessly burned. Holy covering her mouth and nose with her hands and the stink of roasting flesh filled her nostrils. She looked away from the burnt bodies with teary eyes ‘how horrible.’

"Oh, Genki!" Anna-May whimpered throwing her arms around him. "I was sooo scared! You where so brave!! Are you hurt, hear let me kiss it all better!" She planted a soft kiss on his lips which Holy watched hurt as he returned it.

"Annie, I’m all right, you where pretty brave yourself. You all where." he smiled at all his friends warmly.

"We should get down to the basement, Incase more of them come." White Hound suggested. It was not a request, more of an order.

"Yeah, it would not do well, if we where to go back into battle worn out." BT agreed tucking away his crimson stained sword.

"But how did they find us?" Aiko asked silently as she stared up at the midnight sky.

Halo gasped looking up as the secret door to the basement opened. She griped her staff tightly in her hand but let it drop with a sigh of relief as Genki and the others walk in.

"Thank the Queen of Heaven that your all right!" She exclaimed happily.

"Halo, we have serious trouble, they know where we are now." Genki informed her and everyone watched as the grin faded from her face and was replaced with a look of shear horror. "No it....they can’t. How.......?"

"There must be a traitor among us." Aiko stated eyeing the other curiosity.

"Hey come on, no one hear is a traitor! You can’t just go around accusing freinds about things like that!" Genki exclaimed firmly. Aiko looked at him disgusted.

"Well, For all we know you could be slipping Butch information! He was going to be you brother in law you know!" She snapped.

Genki turned away from her clenching his fist in anger.

"Aiko!" Anna-May scolded, wrapping her arms around Genki. "How can you be so thoughtless, don’t you know how hurt Genki is about Yoko’s death? That was the last thing he needed to be remined of!"

"You mean, his sister was engaged to Butch?" Holy whispered to BT. The young man frowned and nodded.

"But than....How could somebody kill someone they love?"

"Jealously can make even the kindness person become a devil."

"It reminds me of what happened to my father."

"Aiko." Azami hissed looking at her sister with her hands on her hips. "That was mean, no one hear is a traitor."

"Do I look like I need advice from a rug rat like you?" Aiko glared at the younger.

"Ahem, Aiko." BT cleared his throught giving her a look. She blushed looking at her feet.

"Fine, I’m sorry."

"Hmm," Genki grunted in reply as he sat down onto the cold wet floor. "It doesn’t matter, even thought I hardly think anyone of us is a traitor we need to figure out how they found us."

The others sat around him all lost in thought.

"Genki, could it had been Lilim?" White hound asked looking up at the boy slowly who drew his breath in sharply.

"Yes. I’m shure of it. She commands all the Pixie type breeds, and so far it had been all Pixie demonds that have been attacking......"

"So are mission is clear, we must defeat Lilim." BT said undoing his sword from his belt "I’m ready for battle any time!"

"We need more training before we can take on one of the Soul Takers!!" Anna-May exclaimed looking at him threw wide eyes.

"Who are the soul takers." Hare asked curiosity.

"Are they anything like the big bad four?" Tiger questioned.

"If, they are we can take care of them." Suzo gloated.

"No."White Hound hissed harshly at them. " The big bad four is child’s play compared to this. Lilim is the weakess of the Soul takers and she is still stronger than all of us put together. The soul takers 6, are a group of baddies created by the power of darkness itself. They steal the souls of the monsters and people they kill and use them to make themselves even stronger, and gain control of there bodies turning them into mindless zombies." White Hound eyed Tiger up and down than smirked. "Lilim is a strong monster, her and all her Pixie friends there have the Ability to feed on the life source of males. She’s dangeous. You better sit this one out."

"Just what are you applying!" Tiger snapped angrily.

"I’m saying that you don’t have a chance."


"Why not we take this outside, hmmm?"

"That’s fine with me." Tiger growled.

"Hey!" Genki shouted at the two Tigers. "Cut that out! Were not going to fight each other!"

"Yeah, Genki’s right. We have more important things to worry about than you two ripping each others thoughts out." Holy agreed.

"Fine. He’s not worth it anyway." White Hound muttered turning away from Tiger coolly.

Tiger growled angrily before turning away from him.

" That brings up a problem. If they freed off of men, what about BT and Genki?And you know those, certain pixie hobby with seducing men." Halo finished kind of oddly.

"Well, if they weren’t so evil, I really wouldn’t mind one of those cute Pixie’s seducing me." BT whispered to Genki nudging him playfully. "Would you?"

Genki laughed a nevouse sounding laugh "BT, quite you want Anna to kill me."

"Maybe we can fool them" Dr.Wilo suggested.

"Fool them?"Bt repeated

"Just what do you have in mind?" Genki asked.

"There all done!" Halo laughed with Dr.Wilo as they studied BT and Genki from all sides.

"We had to ask." Genki whimpered.

"I think I’m dying from embrazement!" BT wailed tears began streaming down bofe of there cheeks.

"Oh, come on, let your friends see you!" Halo laughed giving them a shove into a clearing where all there friends stood.All males began to laugh while the females stand there with huge swetdrops.

"Oh My God!" Gasped Aiko.

"Oh, I think I’m going to have nightmares!" Azami gaped.

"This is.....I refuse to believe this!!" Anna-May cried.

"I never would of.....oh dear god." Whimpered Holy.

They were all staring at Genki and drag.

"And hear we have the ever so lovely, Betty." Halo giggled flying just above them with a microphone in her hand, the other hand was waving towards BT.

"She is wearing a lovely short blue mini dress, completed with zip over white vest, and a overly stuffed wonder bra." BT flushed red at the last comment. "For her hair we have a lovely curly red wig, and her beautiful make up is blue eye shadow, nail polish, and some lovely mascara."

"Somebody shoot me." BT muttered bowing his head shamefully.

"And next we have Genkai, who is wearing a lovely pair of pink shorts and a light pink peasant top completed with a beautiful pink wig! And pink lip stick, outliner, eye shadow, nail polish, and also a overly stuffed bra."

"Why did I get stuck with all the pink?" Genki said also bowed in shame.

"Because you look so good in the coular." Dr.Wilo smiled sleazy.

Halo flew over to the girls. "You know I always wanted to be an announcer for a fanishon show. I guess this is good experience, eh?" She laughed, finally causing all the girls to laugh to.

"Genki, you look so funny!" Holly giggled looking at the cross dressed Genki. Genki at her and grinned.

"Well I did always like to make you smile."

"Yeah." Holy smiled at him warmly.

Anna-May glanced at Holly and Genki looking at each other and bit her thoung. ‘damn, I hope this is not what I think. Does he still have feelings for her? Hmmm, I’ll have to find some way to stop this before they get to close.’

"Hey, BT!" Azami laughed hopping up to him. "Do you really think This will fool Lilim?"

"Better question." Aiko smirked and pointed to there feet "Do you think you’ll even be able to walk in those high heels?"

"Of corse we can, right Genki?" BT boasted.


"See!" BT took one step forward and fell onto his face.

"No, BT you have to go Heal,Toe." Genki walking in a circle around him.

"Well, we see, that BT needs practice, but Genki’s doing fine." Hare obsevered.

"Now why does that make me feel kind of worried." Suzo looked at Genki stangely.

"Just what kind of Hobbies to you have genki!" Tiger exclaimed looking at the boy in shock.


"Talk about damned if do, or damned if you can’t." BT muttered setting up.

"What are you all doing down hear?" Durahan asked in a mean voice as he came down the stares to the secret passageway. He stopped when he seen Genki and BT.

"Ever mind I don’t want to know, I don’t want to know."

"It’s not what you think!!" Wailed the two boys.

"Durahan!" Breathed Halo with a shy smile on her face. "They are going up against Lilim, could you train them all, those two while wearing those clothes. You know as well as I that Lilim and her clan feeds on the life force of men."

"My pleasure. Who is going?"

"Well me and BT." Genki stated the obvious.

"I’m." White hound volunteered.

"So am I." Tiger glared at the other competitively.

"I’m Not going to be left out of this one!" Aiko laughed.

" I’ll go." Holly whispered.

"Wha--- Holly, but it’s very dangerous!" Genki protested in shock.

"Hey, Genki, I didn’t come all the way hear just to stay where it’s safe."

"Well, I’ll go to then! Me and Holly-chan can come up with a diversion or something." Anna-May smiled mostly at the thought of stopping Holly and Genki from being alone together.

"Hmmmm, well all right. But as soon as there is trouble I want you two to come back hear, OK?"

"Sure thing."

Holly frowned at Anna, her looked back at her and smiled. It was not a friendly smile.

"So, Golem." Anna-may looked up at him. "Don’t you think the flower garden is beautiful?"

"Very pretty."

" Yes, It’s very pretty chee! Did you plant all these flowers yourself."

"No, A friend of mine, named Daisy helped me. She was a serenity. But she is now part of Lilim’s army."

"It’s sinful..." Holly sighed staring at a pink rose with teary eyes.


She was setting by a pawn, sighing, as she socked her bandaged foot in the cold water.

"I must be a real pain, I’m slowing everyone down." she said to her reflection.

"That’s not true." Genki popped up from behind, causing her to jump.

"Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you. Holly, I know something’s wrong what is it?" He sat down beside her looking at her threw his brown eyes. It was the first time the Holly ever really noticed just how clear they were. How free of hate, vengeance, sorrow, jealously, they were. They did not appear to be happy, courageous, heroic, or brave either, even thought he was all those things. All what his eyes showed was warmth and kindness.

"Genki...I.....well you see Moo........" She trailed off uncertain if she should tell him.

"I know Holly." He said surprising her. "I know who he is. It’s not your father’s fault, that Moo took over him."

"I know father, he should’s all his fault!"

Holly whimpered biting her lip to keep from crying.

"Holly, if somebody were to kick a rock from the cliff over head, and it were to land and break your toe would it be the rocks fault?"


"Or this rose." Genki held a pink rose out to her. "If it’s torns were to prick you, would the rose be evil?"

"No, it can’t help what it does." Realistion stuck her as she turned and looked at Genki threw teary eyes.

"Holly, it’s all right to cry. I like to make you smile, and you’ll never smile if you don’t let all your feelings out. Those tears will forever haunt you."

She stop fighting back her tears and clasped in his arms sobbing on his shoulder while her comforted her all threw the night.

end flash back

Holy glanced at Anna-May who was laughing with Golem and Mocchi.

‘had Genki ever comforted her, does he love her? or maybe I should be asking myself if he ever loved me."

Genki somersaulted dodging a blow from Durahan’s sword. He grabbed his sword, pushing himself from the wall at Durhan, sticking him in the arm. With the arm that was left undamaged Durahan grabbed Genki by the wrist throwing him to the ground.

"Genki!" His monster pals uttered in shock as Durahan continued to bend his wrist back.

Azami who had been watching, whimpered covering her eyes.

"Say mercy, you brat."

"Never." Groaned Genki as Durahan continued to bend his wrist until they heard a snap and a short cry of pain. As Genki grabbed his broken wrist Durahan sent a kick to his stomach sending him against a wall. He laid there breathing heavily with what looked like a broken spine!

"You killed him!!" Hare exclaimed eyes wide with shock.

"No, he didn’t." Halo smiled a small smile as she approached the fallen warrior knelling beside him, she outstretched her hands healing his wounds the same way she had healed tigers.

Genki sat up shaking his head dizzily.

"If your going to be fighting Lilim you better train some more." Durahan spoke coldly.

"Hai." Genki nodded climbing to his feet. "I’m getting clumsy."

"He’s not serious, his not going to fight against the monster again." Hare bite his lower lip looking sort of sick.

"Just watching that made me hurt!" Suzo said.

"Genki, never was the type to give up, was he?" Aiko shock her head as she watched the young boy get thrown against the wall.

"You said it." BT grinned at the sound of another broken bone.

"LIGHTING!" Tiger roared attacking White Hound who dodge, leaping forward he pounced knocking Tiger to the floor.

"Grrr, Cold bullet!" White hound was knocked off.

"Good, shot, now try, BLIZZARD!!" Tiger hit up against a nearby wall.

"Your pretty good." White hound commented standing over the other with a look of victory.

"Hmph, your not bad yourself, but your forgetting something."

"Oh and what’s that?"

"Never show mercy to your enemy even when there down. LIGHTNING!!"

White Hound yelped in surprise and fell to the floor.

"That’s enough training for know, ok guys." Genki looking pretty bruised up approached them.

"Fine." Tiger glared at White Hound who was getting back on his feet.

"Yeah, you should get some rest Genki, you looked beat up, you don’t want to go into battle looking ragged out."

"Ha! Yeah your right, I think I’ll look beat up enough after fighting Lilim." he laughed funning a hand threw his spiky hair. It was funny how much he changed yet stayed the same. He was taller now, allot more mussels, very long spiked bangs the rest of his hair tied back in a lose pony tail. But of all things that changed the most was his eyes, they were still clear and soft, warm, kind but they know held a tint of darkness.

Holly yawned tiredly, as she fell back in a small bed. It wasn’t that comfortable but it beat sleeping on the floor. She glanced to her side at the four other beds to her side. They belonged to Halo, Anna-May, Aiko and Azami.

Halo was sleeping soundly along with Azami. Holly smiled as she watched them. Anna-May and Aiko, they were not in there beds right now. Holly glanced at the time on a clock next to the bed.


were could they be?

"Ohh." Azami moaned tiredly as she sat up in bed rubbing her eyes sleepily. "I...have to go to the bathroom. Hello Miss.Holly, are you going to bed? Have a nice sleep."

Azami smiled dashing out of the room.

"yeah thanks, you to." Holly smiled waving to the child.

‘I better not get caught.’ the girl thought looking around the hall for any others.

‘the only one’s up at this hour are Genki and that halfling. There probably still training with Durahan, but I don’t know about those monsters, it wont do if they catch me." The girl tip toed down the hall until she got to a room. She peeked in watching Dr.Wilo and the monsters sleeping.

"Hmmmph, there no danger. OK now it’s time to go see master Butch." The girl disappeared.

She reappeared in the desoryed laboratory.

"Master Butch." She bowed to a figure who stood in the darkness surrounded by candles.

"You, what are your reports on the boy and his comrades." he spoke harshly.

"Genki’s friends from the monster world is us know. But they are week, no need to worry about them."

"You cannot judge the quality of the iron until it has been tested in the fire. Tomorrow we shall see. Make shure they make it to Lilim, if they can defeat her than don’t kill them, if they can’t let my demonds tear them limb from limb. But under no circumstance must you let the neither the halfling or the boy be hurt. If I turned them to my side, with there powers I’ll be unstoppable. You are dismissed."

"Yes, my lord." The girl bowed her head and vanished.

"Hmmm, Soon, everything will fall into place."

"Well that was a work out! Huh Genki?" Bt asked wiping the swet from of his face.

"Yeah, it was something all right." He anwsered as he pulled of his shirt.

"So bro, what do you think of Anna-May? You know the babe has it all out for you."

Genki sighed taking a drink of water from a nearby water bottle. "Ya I know, she’s sweet and all, and I guess I do love her, but....I don’t know...."

"Think about Holy?" Bt raised an eyebrow at him.


"Hey man, it’s obvious you like her, you certainly have away of picking women, she is a cute little thing."


"Oh, don’t be so shy, but really who do you love most Anna, of Holly?" Bt pressed.

"I...I...don’t know...I guess I love them botj......"

BT sighed shaking his head "If you don’t start cooking soon then get the hell out of the kitchen. If you don’t act soon you’ll lose them both."

"I know but......"

"HI GENKI!!" Anna-May squealed as she walked towards them, with a wide grin on her face.

"My, didn’t we do lots of traning tonight. You look so cute with out your shirt on." She wrapped her arms around him giving him a peck on the cheek.

"Anna, what are you doing up at this hour?"

"Oh, I couldn’t sleep well, I’m so nevouse about those demons coming back. Can I sleep with you tonight?" She batted her eye lashes at him looking at him threw her huge hopeful golden eyes.


"BT quite that." Blushing genki hissed at his friend who grinned back. "Er...Anna-may don’t"

"Oh, you men all think alike, were only going to sleep in the same bed together, nothing more than that. I know I can trust you not to take advantage of me."

"Heh, heh.....shure....." Genki said nervously.

"Oh goodie I hate being alone!!" She giggled hugging him.

"HEY!!" Azami giggle sounded threw the hall as she ran up towards them. "BT, hi!"

"Azami, what are you doing up?" he asked smiling warmly.

"I wanted to see you, did Durahan hurt you?"

"Ah, no."

"Then why do you have all those bandages?"

BT swet drops in embarrassment.

"Hey, uh, Azami have you seen Aiko anywhere. She left in such a hurry she forgot her gun." BT changed the subject.

"No, she wasn’t in bed when I got up."

"Hmmm, that’s odd."

"Perhaps, she just went to get something to eat, speaking of food, I’m starving! Lets get something to eat." Genki rubbed his empty stomach

"Shure!! I can go for that!" Anna-May giggled clutching Genki’s arm.

"Shure, OK, I can’t remember last time I ate!" BT grinned.

"Oh, can I come?"

"Shure Azami."

BT looked over at Anna-May and Genki who were already leaving the room, and let himself be pulled out by Azami.

I wonder if it’s the right choice to go after lilim, are we strong enough yet. If it were just me who was going than I wouldn’t be so afraid right now, but If Genki, Anna, White-hound, the others from the monster world or Aiko were to get hurt.........I couldn’t live with myself, expeshly if Aiko were to get hurt.

He grunted out of suprize and a little pain when he felt himself walk into something. The thing had also grunted falling back a few steps.

"Aiko? I’m sorry I didn’t see you. Where did you pop up from? You weren’t in bed, I was worried."

" I was just........visiting someone." She chewed on the bottom of her lip nervously tucking a strain of lose blue hair behind her ear.

"Oh? Who?" BT asked curiosity.

"None of your business." She turned to Azami studying her with her with her hawk like face.

"Aza, go bed." She said bitterly grabbing the her sisters hand, she began to drag her down the hall.

"Ouch, your hurting me!! BT, I’ll see you tomorrow."

Who could she have been one unless.....BT’s eyes widened with realization unless she was visiting.....him.

Chapter 7

“Everyone, were are you!? Suezo? Hare? Tiger!? Genki.....?” Holly called out in the darkness which engulfed her, she tried to walk forward but was frozen in the air and was forced to float as she watched as pictures fill her eyes appearing out of the shadows as terrible nightmares.

The first was Aiko laying bloody and torn on the ground. Bones twisted, her spin broke. Holly turned away scared, and trembling. She did not want to turn back, did not want to see, but after awhile she felt compelled, and turned around again.

Ann-may was laying on the ground trembling, blood running dripping out from the side of her mouth. A sword implied through her belly. Holly twisted around running face to face with the bodies of her friends all dead.

“Oh no!No!” She whimpered turning away one final time and screamed as she saw Genki laying there in a pool of blood.

“Hmmmm, so Genki, what do you think of my nightdress.” Anna-May asked as she approached him, wearing a rather skimpy red nightdress.

He blushed turning his eyes away. “It’s very nice...”

“Oh, come on Genki look at me.” Anna-May leaned over turning his head towards her.


“Oh, come on Genki. We are adults, we”



“What the....?” Anna-May gasped startled looking down the hall from where the scream sounded.

“Holly!” Genki gasped jumping out of bed leaving Anna-May setting there stunned than she growled “Damn! I was so close!”

“I thought you didn’t want to be taken advantage of.” BT said teasingly threw the shadows.

Anna-may looked up in surprise blushing furiously. “What are you doing here!?”

“Me and Genki share a bedroom remember?”

“Oh yeah!” Anna-May laughed putting a hand behind her head “You almost had a free show BT!”

BT sweatdrops.

“Wha---?” Aiko muttered as she was rudely awoken. She glared at Holy angrily “What’s your problem?” Her angry face softened as she saw the terrified expression on her face.

“What’s wrong?” Aiko asked sounding concerned for once, she crawled over to Holly’s bed, gently holding her shoulders trying to get her to stop shaking.

“Aiko, what’s going on?” Azami yawned sleepily, rubbing her eyes tiredly.

“Holly? What the---? What’s wrong?” Halo asked surprised and ran over to Holly’s bed side along with Azami.

“I don’t know she just woke up screaming.” Aiko admitted.

“She appears to be in shock. Holly? Holy!!” Halo shook her but Holly still just sat there with a frightened look on her face.

“Holy!!” Genki shouted as he ran into the room. The girls moved away from her as Genki leaned over he bed side to grab her shoulders.“Holy snap out of it!”

Holy awoke from her trance startled, her eyes wavered as she saw Genki in front of her. In a swift movement she threw her arms around him a began to cry as BT and Anna-May showed up.

“Oh Genki I dreamt that you, and everyone was dead! It was so horrible....”

“Shh.” Genki hushed, brushing her soft brown hair back with his hand. “It’s all right Holly, it’s all right. Just let your tears out, everything will be OK.”

‘ Oh, I really don’t like how this is going , That Holly she’s getting to close to my Genki. She was hear for only a day and she’s already got her arms all around him, I have to break them apart somehow, but I really don’t want to hurt Genki’s feelings..... Look, relax, this Holly girl, will be going back home soon, than Genki will be left all to me, but what If he gives his love to Holly? if he gives her that, he’ll never be fully mine. I have to do something.’ Anna-May thought bitterly as she glared at the them.’Well, at least I’ll have him for myself, after we go back to bed’. She smiled evilly.

‘This really isn’t what I had in mind.” Anna growled pulling what ever little blanket she received to her chest, her back turned to Genki who slept beside her, and Holly who slept beside him. “You think, she would able to fall back to sleep in her own bed.”


Anna-May swet drops. [Great, I get to sleep in the same room with three others who snores. Maybe I should have slept in my own bed, no baddie would be worse than this!]

The next morning

“Wow! I had wonderful sleep what about you Holly?” Genki smiled at Holly who was just waking up.

“Yeah, I didn’t have any more nightmares.” She returned the smile than frowned. “I’m sorry If I crowed you and Anna-May, I just was too scared......”

“It’s OK.” Genki reassured. “Anna was here for the same reason.”

“Yeah.” Anna-May sat up, her looks made Holly and Genki draw back frightened. There were dark circles under her eyes and her hair was a mess.

“Anna? Are you all right? You look like you haven’t slept a wink!”

“Oh? What{yawn} makes you think that Genki-Chan?” She blinked sleepily yawning once more. “I just need to{Yawn.}” She falls on the bed, quickly going back to sleep. Genki and Holy exchange dumbfounded looks.

“Aiko, look I need to speak with you.” BT growled grabbing Aiko by her hand.

“What!?” She hissed angrily.

He had been trying to ask her about last night all he could but she refused to answer him.

“Tell me, were you visiting him?”

Aiko looked at him hurt in her eyes. “How did you know?”

“Aiko, I know you better than you think, I love you.” Bt put his hands around her shoulders.

“I know you care about him.”

“Well, he is my father.” Aiko said softly” But I don’t give flying f**k about!” She flushed with Anger.

“Aiko, Your father is laying there dying just in the room right across from us, show some compassion. You know you don’t mean that, he is you father. And if you hate him so much, why did you even vist him?”

“To wish him a fast death.” She grumbled.

“Don’t lie.” Bt scolded.

“I’m not! I hate the jerk I hate him!!”

In the room across from them, where many monsters and humans laid dying, a single tear fell down the check of an old man.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Azami asked as she walked up to them.

“Nothing.” Aiko turned away bitterly.

“ were just having a little argument, it’s nothing Aza.” Bt patted her head forcing a smile.

“Oh, I don’t like fights. Please make-up soon.” Azami frowned walking away from them. Bt turned to Aiko once he was positive Azami was out of ear shot.

“Aiko, shouldn’t Azami have the right to know that her father is hear? That he’s still alive, at least for a little while longer? She should at least be able to say goodbye.”

“NO!!” Aiko hissed turning to face him suddenly, rage filling her eyes. “He’s not her father! And even if he was, I would not let Aza around him! He hated him, he abused me, her, my mother! A man like that shouldn’t be allowed to even breath!”


“Look, I don’t want to talk about, OK?” Aiko turned and began to slowly walk away.

“Aiko, I wish I could help you.” He whispered watching her as she left. “Don’t feel, bad you tried your best, It’s her choice, all you can do is be there for her.” He turned around surprised but than relaxed as he saw Hare.

“Thanks, I just wish there was more I could do.”

“Genki.” Holly laughed as he took her by the hand, telling her to keep her eyes shut. “Where are we going?”

“You’ll see, just keep your eyes closed.”

Even though Holly couldn’t see she could sense him smiling and smiled at him in return. She let him lead her up some old stairs, she could tell that they were old by the way they squeaked under there weight. Holly could feel wind on her face and the warm glow of the sun when Genki stopped and told her to open her eyes.

As she did she gasped in both surprise and delight.

“Oh Genki! This is beautiful!” They were outside, standing on beautiful green grass, the sky was clear blue and the clouds washed over it like cream on coffee. Roses more beautiful than the one’s in Anna-May’s garden could ever be, surrounded them.

“It’s the only place where the depression of Moo does not hang over. It did not change at all since the war started, It just stayed beautiful, like as if the hand of god is protecting it from harm.” Genki told her in a quiet yet pleasant sounding voice.

Holly smiled “ How did you find this place Genki?”

“I don’t know, I guess it was fate, just like I was fated to meet you.” He turned to her with a warm smile on his face. Holly blushed looking down, than slowly back into his eyes.

“At first, when I unlocked your desk and found you I was disappointed that it was not the Phoenix.” She grinned. “Or so I thought, but afterward, I felt in my heart, that if I had a choice between unlocking you or the “Phoenix” I would still have chosen you that day.”

“Holly I.......”

“Hey Holly!” A voice startled them, causing them to look away from each other, at the intruder . “Suezo? Oh, Hi?” Holly said still blushing.

Suezo looked from Genki to Holly and gave to a sly look “I thought I’d fine You to together.”

They both blush crimson looking turning slightly away from each other.

“Oh, soooooooo shy.” Suezo teased. “The others told me to get you to, there going to be reviewing the plans of attack on Lilim. Holly are you sure you want to go?” He asked in a smaller almost pleading voice.

“Of corse I’m Suezo.” Holly replied shortly forcing a smile at the thought of battle and Anna-May.

Genki stood there for a moment watching her leave.

“Hey Genki! Come on!” Suezo hollered at him.

“Oh yeah, I’m coming.”

I love her, what I feel for I really feel the same way for Anna-May?]

“Hey, There you guys are!” BT exclaimed with a goofy grin on his face as they came into the room.

“What took you so long?” Aiko demand.

“Oh, we were just talking.” Genki awnsered simply blushing a little.

Anna-May looked at him with a hurt expression on her face, her eyes tearing. No one else seemed to notice the happiness fade from her face except for Holly.

Holly suddenly felt really guilty. She knew Anna-May was not very smart, and could be ofuly competitive at times, but she did try to be her friend didn’t she? Or was it all an act to keep her away from Genki? Still she really did not seem like a bad person, and Holy felt bad. Even though Anna was mean to her at times, it was probably just because she did not want her to take Genki away, could she honestly say she wouldn’t try the same if She was Anna and Anna was her? ‘ I love Genki.......But is it fair for me to hurt others just to get what a want?’

“All right, people we got the plans ready, listen up. Anna-May, Holly.” Durahan said in a low gruffy voice.

The mentioned snapped there heads up at the mention of their names. “ You both will go there pretending to want to join them. While Genki, BT and the other monsters will sneak in threw this air vent. This will be a dangerous mission, you shure your up for it?” The monster studied them with sharply.

“I’m in.” Tiger said.

“Me too!” White hound barked competivly glaring at Tiger.

“Hell, I laugh in the face of danger! You don’t need to worry about me. As if you would anyway.” Aiko finished off her sentence in a whisper.

“You can count on me and Genki!” BT threw an arm around Genki shoulder and began to laugh boasting about how strong they were while Genki just stood there with a huge sweatdrop on his head.

“Well! You can count on us Girls, Hmmm Holly-chan! “ Anna-May giggled throwing her arms around Holly in a friendly gesture. Holly grimace at the girls forced smile.

“Hey!” Halo came into a room with a sly smile on her face.

“Halo? What are you doing here?” Asked Durahan.

“I was just wondering , If ya’ll were ready?”

“Yes we are.” The group answered.

“No. Genki, BT aren’t you forgetting something?” Angel looked at them surprised, looking as if they forgot something really important.


“These!!” Halo suddenly laughed evilly and threw her hands that were behind her back forward holding the most horrible site Genki and BT ever saw. The clothes, the drag clothes.

“You weren’t serious when you said to, dress up like a girl, were you!?!?!?” They screamed while everyone else just sweated.

“Nah, Come on, get dressed.” Halo scolded tossing them the bundle of clothing and pushed them out of the room.

“Hey Holy! We should get changed to! If were going to play the role of some stupid ditz, heheh!” Anna-May giggled smiling widely.

Holy sweatdrops.

“There wont be much acting on your part.” Aiko grumbled sourly.

“Hey! What do ya mean!?” Anna-May growled angrily.

“I’m saying, that your a useless ditz, who is always boy crazy, and has no sense of responsiblity or IQ. You rather spend your day thinking up ways to get Genki to make out with you, instead of more important things.”

“YOU!!! YOU!!! YOU!!!!!” Anna-May began to roar at the top of her lungs an bluish aura surrounded her as she powered up causing everyone to take a step back in fear. All of a sudden the aura disappeared

“Oh, yeah, you right, Hahahah, except for that Useless and no IQ remark.” She laughed with a dizy smile on her face while everyone stares at her with the biggest Anime sweat drops possible.

“Oh really? You have an IQ Anna-Chan?” Aiko asked with fake sweetness. “What’s 23 + 0 ?”

“Oh that’s easy!! What you think I’m stupid?” Anna rolled her eyes “It’s 230!”

Everyone falls over.

“So, Holly-Chan.” Anna-May smiled . “ You know, If were going to make you look like a idiot girl, looking to join “the dark side.” we really got to fix you up.”

‘Oh?”Holly let Anna-May set her down on a chair.

“Don’t worry! I’m a fashion expert!” Anna exclaimed proudly tapping her chest. “OK lets see.” She took Holly’s hair out of the pony tail, letting the brown waves spill down the others back. As Anna-May began to brush her hair she began to talk.

“Holly, what do you feel about Genki? What were you talking about this morning?”

Holly blushed. ‘Um...Well just about old times.”

Anna-may looked down sadly. “I know you like him Holly. So don’t even pretend.” She said threw clench teeth. “You must think I’m nothing but a useless ditz, and that I don’t deserve such a wonderful guy like Genki. But I love him, OK? You know very well that your not hear to stay, so why do want to take him away from me? Are you really that selfish Holly-Chan?”

Holly did not know what to say and only looked at her with an hurt expression.

“Certainly, you must have a boyfriend or something back in your own world, so just back off!” The girl scrowled than let her expression soften. “I’m sorry Holly-chan, It’s just that I really do love him .”

“I understand.” Holly sighed sadly

Anna-May smiled “ That’s good, it’s good that you your not as thick headed as Aiko.” The girl began to tie Holly’s hair up in a thick braid. “ You know, I really would like us to get along, I bit if Genki-chan saw us arguing he would be pretty hurt.”

“Yeah, I guess he would......”

“Hey, Holly.” Anna-may put a hand on her shoulder causing Holly to turn and look at her. “Hey it’s not to late for us to be friends is it?”

“No I guess it’s not.” Holly forced a smile, ‘even thought I don’t like Anna-May that much I just don’t feel it’s right to break her heart, but is right for me to break mine?’

Chapter 8

“You know, right now I really hate Halo.” BT growled as he stared at his reflection in the mirror. “I feel like such a...a...Pervert!”

“Hmmmm, I know what you mean.” Genki answered with a sigh.

“Hey, bro, whats up?”

“It’s Annie-Chan and Holly-Chan, I....”

“Genkiiiiii!” BT groaned rolling his eyes. “ Do you love Anna?”


“Do you love Holly?”


“ In the same way?”

Genki paused and finally turned around to look at his friend. “No. I feel different love for each of them, I just don’t know what kind of love is which.”

“Your confusing yourself pal, Just look inside you heart and you’ll find the answer.”

“Thanks, BT, that was helpful, if I can help you, let me know.”

“Well, One thing.”

“Yeah, what?”

“ What looks better, Beach Pink or Fire Engine red?” BT held up to tubes of lip stick.

“You are differently a Beach person.”

“Thanks I could never have figured that out on my own.”

“You guys are really worrying me.” Suezo said nervously as he bounced into the room, eyeing them strangely.

“Eh!? Suezo.” Genki gasped startled, his cheeks burning.

“Never mind! Your adults, you can make your own decision.” Suezo turned away hoping out of the door.

Genki and BT swetdrop.

“Arghhhhhhhh!!” Holly screamed as she looked in the mirror, her eyes wide in terror.

“Opps, I guess I did go kind of overboard.” Anna-May grinned sheepishly.

“You dyed my hair green!!”

“It washes out!” Anna-May protested. ”Look I’ll be fair you can turn my hair any color you want, take you pick.” Anna-May gestured towards many bottles of wash out dye.

“Deal.” Holly picked up a bottle of purple hair dye looking at her vengefully. Anna-May sweat drops.

“Now, come on, take your pick of outfit.” Anna held up two different skimpy outfits.

“Are those clothes!?” Holly exclaimed shocked.

“Yeah, There wild huh? I made them myself!” Anna exclaimed proudly and threw one of the outfits to Holly.

She studied it curiously. It was short thight black shorts that went only high enough to hide the middle of her legs, and was made out of leather, and the top was red and very tight, and the black leather boats went up higher than her knees, along with gloves that went to her elbows.

“Oh god.” She muttered teary eyed. “I’ll never live this down, when Suezo and the others see me dressed like this!”

“Ok, is everyone hear.” Durahan asked the small group who were clustered together.

“Wait, Holly or Anna-May is not hear yet.” Suezo commented looking around.

“Wait we’re hear!” Anna-May’s bubbly voice called out as she dashed in the room

* guys whistles at her new look*

“Holly-chan, come on out, don’t be shy.” she giggled blushing at the attention she was receiving.

“Er, ok.” Holly muttered reluctantly and walked into the light.

“HOLLY!?” The monsters and Genki gasped. Even BT and Aiko had shocked expressions on there faces.

“I don’t really have to where this do I?” Holly sweated as she looked down at herself.

“Oh, I hope that no demons attack us before we get to Lilim.” Anna-may shivered huddling close to Genki’s chest.

“That’s a chance we have to take. All we can do is hope for the best.” Genki mummers lost in thought as he ran his hand threw her hair reassuringly.

“Well, I feel safe with you around.” Anna smiled blushingly wrapping her arms around him.

“Hey, It’s bad enough you got me into this thing you call a car, don’t start with the mush.” Tiger shot them a warning glare.

Genki and Anna-May sweatdrop and pull away from each other blushing furiously. Holly looked at them frowning and turned towards the window in disgust. The car they drove in was small so only Aiko who drove, BT setting in the seat next to her watching threw the review mirror for any Baddies. And Genki, Holly, Suezo{who demand he come, if only to watch out for Holly} Anna-may and Tiger and White hound whom laid across the knees of the humans while poor suezo was squished up against the window.

“Hey, how do we know where Lilim is?” Holly asked looking over in Genki’s direction, But it was Anna-May who answered first.

“I was waiting for you to ask that question.” She smiled flicking a piece of Purple hair over her exposed shoulders. “There are 4 power points in the town, where 4 of the soul takers 6 six rule. Over in the east is fire that area is ruled by Garuda he commands a group of evil Durahan’s. In the north ruled by a monster who calls itself Mink, We don’t know what kind of monster it is but it leads a group of Wrackies the north is commanded by water, in the west is area of air ruled by Shadow an very evil Terror Dog, he leads a group of very serious tiger breeds, and finally there is Lilim who rules the area of earth.”

“Yeah.” Genki chimed in. “They took over the power points, Human’s can not see the energy field that clearly marks the places of all Power points, but since BT has monster Blood and I’m hafe monster.” He said the last part with a frown. “We can see them. The power points have taken over but the main source of each power point has not been corrupted yet. They are hidden well inside the areas, none of the soul takers must have found them yet.”

“Yeah, and this can really work in our favor!” Anna-May smiled. “If we unlock the power for the good side we can use the power to defeat Moo but, if all four power points are taken over by the darkness all our chances of defeating Moo are over, since the sliver phoenix plan failed.” She frowned in worry.

“That is very interesting, do you have any idea who the other two of the soul takers are?”

Anna-may’s face changed in an unreadable sort of way and she went quite. “I’m not shure I want to know.....” Anna-May said finally.

“They are stronger than all the soul takers put together, they are the top demonds and no one knows who they are, except for Butch, not even the other soul takers know!”

“That’s weird, do you have any idea on who they could be, Genki?” Holy asked.

Genki frowned in thought for a moment than hunched his shoulders. “ I have no idea, to tell you the truth. I suppose it could be anyone.”

“Yeah, maybe even one of us.” Aiko said in a very creepy voice from the front seat.

“That’s Not Funny Aiko!” Anna-May explode. “ No one here is a soul Taker! You Know very well that all the soul taker are monsters and I’m shure that Halo, Durahan and White Hound our no traitots! So Stop with those foolish accusations!”

Everyone looks at her surprised.

“......Sorry....I was only joking.” Aiko said stunned.

“Annie? Are you ok?’ Genki asked concered.

The girl blushed and looked down at her feet. “Sorry, I’m just so nervous, I’m so frighten of these demonds, I’m using all my courage to go out there tonight, but I’d do anything to help you.” She leaned over to give him a kiss when the car came to a sudden stop, throwing everyone in the back forward.

“Ohhh,Aiko why did you stop?” BT groaned rubbing a large bruise on his forehead.

“Oh! Don’t we such a baby.” Aiko rolled his eyes than pointed forward. “Look.”

“Hey, that’s a Silhouette{sp? It’s a pixie/monol}” he exclaimed.

‘Wha--? Let me see!” Genki pushed himself forward to get a better look.

The Silhouette laid in a twisted position on the wet road, she appeared unconious. In a matter of moments Genki climbed out of the car and rushed towards her, BT quickly flowed giving instructions to the girls to stay behind in case of danger, and for the two tigers to protect them.

“She does not seem like a demon, do you think she could be good?” BT asked not removing his eyes from the wounded Pixie-monster.

“I don’t know, she appears beat up.” Genki tenderly brushed back her hair to examine a deep cut on her pale forehead.

“Genki, look she’s waking up.” BT pointed out.

The Silhouette’s eye brows creased in pain as she opened a pair of pale blue eyes.

“What? Where am I? Who are you....?” She asked staring up at the two boys. “Oh. Your the rebels. Go ahead than kill me.”

”We are not here to harm you.” BT reassured. ‘You should not speak so lightly of death, you have a long life ahead of you.”

“What’s the point of it. My own sister did this to me, I’m hated by everyone, just go and ahead and end my pitful pointless existence.”

Genki looked at her sadly “You seem so sad, You remind me of someone I use to know as a kid. You don’t need to be with the baddies, they don’t love you because they don’t love anyone or anything but power!”

Anna-May’s eyes teared as she listened to him from the car.

“Your the boy with the phoenixes powers right?” she asked setting herself up.

“Um, yeah, your right. How did you know that?”

“Butch had big plans for you and the hafeling. Something about your inner powers.” She explained than stood to her feet. “I wish you the best of luck against my sister Lilim.” she began to walk away. Genki frowned and was about to go back to the car when he saw a red light from above. He turned towards it and saw a beam blast of engery heading towards Silhoutte.

“Watch Out!” He exclaimed springing off the ground pushing the Silhouette to the ground as the blast hit the spot where she had been standing a moment ago. The pixie was to startled to speak and just sat there with a dazed look on her face while Genki turned towards the area where the light had once been and saw a demond Pixie.

“Damn I missed!” She pouted. “ But this time I won’t.” She charged up another a fireball.

“Fire wave!” Genki exclaimed shouting a beam of fire at the pixie turning her into burnt ash.

“You.....saved me?” Silhouette asked in disbelief. “Why?”

“Because, I can tell you have a heart.”

“It is very nice of you to say that. My name is Shadow.”

“Mine is Genki.” He smiled shaking her hand.

“I thank you again for saving me, but I don’t have a heart, it has been stone for a long time, and it will always be. I’ll give you some tips for battling Lilim, she looks to use engery draining attacks and life sucking attacks, but she will attack Physically once in awhile. However she has a special attack she can only use once, a beam that will kill anyone with one hit, even if it only grazed your arm it will quickly take all life away from you.”

“Thanks for the warning.”

“Genki, I’ll pay you back one day for saving my life.” She began to walk away.

“Shadow you really don’t hafe to do anything for me.”

“I made a promise to myself. That if anyone someday would be nice to me that I would repay there kindness.” she turned around a small smile curved on her lips. “Just one last tip.”

“Yeah? What?”

“Change back into male clothes, you look ridiculous!” Genki swetdrops. “You keep yourself safe ok?” He said recovering from his embarrassment.

“Yeah.” Shadow’s smile faded away as she dissolved into the night.

Chapter 9

“Why are we stopping BT?” Anna-May asked, as Bt stopped the car suddenly in a dark alleyway.

“We, can’t just drive up to Lilim’s fortress, that would be a death wish.” BT said{he and Genki where not dressed like girls anymore.}

“Yeah, we are not exactly welcomed hear you know!” Aiko snapped .

“I was not talking to you Aiko!” AM snapped defensively pushing herself off the seat to get a good swing at Aiko.

“This is no time to fight!” Genki growled pushing Anna back into her seat.”We hafe to plan are next move carefully. If we just blunder our way threw this we’ll end up dead!” “Your right, I’m sorry Genki-san.” Anna-May sniffled.

“Hmmmmm, ok, there’s an air vent in the back of the building. We can get in threw that, this is where you Anna-may, and Holy come in. We wont be able to the back of the building without them spotting us, we need you two to go and make a distraction, . When we exit the air vent and go into the building an alarm will sound, you two run, get in the car and drive away ok? Wait for us in here if you can.” Bt Instructed.

‘Yes, we can do that, don’t worry about a thing.” Anna-May smiled but it was evident she was scared just by looking at her face.

“Yes, we’ll try our best.” Holy agreed.

“I know you will.” Genki smiled, than turned to Suzo. “Suzo, you go and watch Holy and Anna ok? Incase they get attacked.” He whispered softly so the girls could not here him. Suzo nodded in agreement.

“BT, how’d you know about the airvent and alarm?” Aiko asked curiously.

“Well, to be honest. That Night when I bumped into you in the hall. Me and Genki went hear and checked it out. It was only an hour away and we thought it would be smart to check it out.”

“But, that was dangous!” She exclaimed her face flushing in anger at the fact that they could endanger themselves.

“We just wanted to make shure that everyone would be safe.” He he smiled a sad little smile and whispered in her ear.

“I would never forgive myself if something happened to you.”

Aiko blushed deeply and quited down.

“The fortress is very close, just a few meters away.Anna, Holy, Incase you need it, hears a gun.” Aiko handed the gun to Anna-May. “Don’t shoot yourself with it now.” She smirked at her own mean jock.

“I can use a gun just fine!” Anna-May grumbled.

“Remember that time you accidentally shot Genki in the shoulder?” Aiko remind.

“Oh come on! I was only seven!” the ditz exclaimed devensily.

‘Seven?’ Holy thought looking up in shock and turning towards the arguing Anna-May and Aiko and the swet dropping, Tigers and Genki.

Flash Back

~Holy Point of View~

The day was hot a sweaty, so she was glad that the group had decided to take a breck in the nice shaded woods. She just hoped that no baddie would attack and ruin the comfort of this area. She pushed threw some tress as she followed Genki’s foot prints, searching for him, so he would not mess his chance to eat that night. She began to worry ‘what if a baddie got him?’ but the next bushes she pushed over reviled a clearing with a nice water pool, and Genki relaxing in the cold water, seeming as if he was asleep. Holy approached him picking up his white shirt which had been discarded onto the treestump. She knelt down next to him and studied his face. She had been right he was asleep. She smiled and brushed a soggy piece of bang away from his eyes.She hated to wake him, he seemed so innocent so peaceful in his rest but she knew he would be grumpy if he did not have supper. She reached out her hand tenderly to shake his shoulder but drew her hand back putting it to her mouth in concern. On his right shoulder was a deep hole about the size of a dime, it was easy to see by all the red and blue marks around it that it was brusied and/or infected. “You did he get this?” She wonder outloud, useing her hand to shake his other shoulder. He woke startled, looking around in confusion. He relaxed as he saw her and ran his wet fingers threw his soggy hair.

“Oh, Holy, Hi. Sorry, I guess I fell asleep.” He greeted sheepishly.

“That’s all right.” I smiled and waited for him to climb out of the water before handing him the shirt. I knew it was sort of rude but I let my curiosity get the better of me.

“Genki what happened to your shoulder?” I asked innocently.

Genki looked surprised than smiled. “Oh, that. I had the since I was seven.”

“Seven?” I replied surprised. “It looks like you’ve just got it. What happened?”

“Oh, Me and a friend of mine where playing a game and we found this gun, we thought it was only a toy but it turned out it was real, you probably guess how we found out eh?”

“Ouch. So a gun is weapon?”

“Yeah. I’m glad I only got shot in the shoulder. I’m glad she playing good cop, or else she would have aimed for my head or something. And I’d be dead.”

“Oh? The sounds scary. I’m glad guns don’t exist in this world.” I than frowned, he had never really mentioned any of he friends back in his world until now, he must miss them, I thought feeling guilty that it was actually my fault he had been taken away from his world.

“I’m sorry. You must really miss you friends.”

“Yeah, but I have even better one’s now. AM-chan is cool and all, but you guys are more important to me.”

“Genki.” I smiled blushing.

End of flash back

‘Had he really known her that long?’ Holy thought sadly. ‘I thought they only just met, but they known each since they were little children, I only knew him for a little bit over an year, how could I possibly compete with that?’

“Holy are you ready?” BT asked.


“Don’t worry Holy-chan, we’ll get threw this thing ok.” Anna-May reassured. “ Who knows me and you, we may turn out to be a real good team!”

“Hai.” Holy answered faking a smile.

It took them less than 4 minuets to pile out the car and go over a brief review of the plan. They traveled threw the dark streets silently until a huge building came into view. “Thats the base!” Anna-May looked at it in disbelief trying to hide her smile.

“Just because it’s a shopping mall dose not mean that it’s safe.” Aiko answered trying to keep her tuff attuide but was chewing off her lips to keep a straight face.

“But why would they pick the mall as a hideout?” AM frowned in confusion.

“They can’t help it if the mall was bulit ontop of the power point.” White Hound replied.

“Well, at least it’s not spooky.” She smiled breathing a sigh of relief.

The atmosphere turned more serious as Genki looked towards Anna-May, Holy and Suzo.

“You guys be careful.”

“Of corse we will Genki.” Holy reassured.

“You be careful too kid.” Suzo responded standing near Holly’s side.

“Genki, don’t die on me.” Anna kissed his cheek looking at him sadly.”Promise me?”

“I promise.”

Holy looked away from the two of them painfully, she could feel the tears bulid up to her eyes but she blinked them back forcefully.

“Holy what’s wrong?” Suzo asked quietly.

“Nothing.” She lied.

“All of you be careful, please.” Genki asked them his eyes watching Holy with concern.

“Yes, of corse, we will Genki.” Holy forced a smile on her face as she watched Genki take cover with the with the others near a few trees waiting for there chance to sneak into the back.

Anna-may turned towards Holy and Suzo with a sad smile.

“I know Genki can do this. Come on, lets do our part now.”

“Yes, lets.”

They walked up to the front of the shopping mall, and knocked on the door. They waited for a moment feeling very tense. Nothing Happen.

“I guess there not home.” Anna-May shrugged turning towards Holy.

“Auuuu, spoke to soon!” Suzo gasped looking upward as a Daina and a Dixie appeared on the roof of the old building.

“Who are you intruders!” The Diana ordered.

“Ehh....umm.....” Anna-May stuttered for words looking up at the two demond pixies.

“Well come on! out with it!” The Dixie exclaimed in a high pitched squeaky voice.

“Well, we were, like, wanting to, like, join you!” Anna-May exclaimed in a voice that made her normally dizty tone sound serious. Holy felt her nudge her in the ribs.

“Oh yeah, like, for, shure!!” Holy mocked Anna-may’s tone quickly.

The two two Pixies looked at them amused.

“Really?” Daina smirked.

“And what, help would you be to us?” The Dixie laughed.

Anna-May and Holy paused glancing at each nervously.

“Um....our sister is with the resistance.” Anna-May lied, the two Pixies got an interested look on there faces.

“Uh, yeah.....”Holy agreed giving Anna a strange look.

“We, can help lead you to there hide out!” Anna-May blurted out suddenly, causing the Pixies to look surprised and pleased at the same time.

“Soooooo,” Diana trailed off. “You know the resistance? Would you perhaps be able to lure the hafleing and the boy to us? Or our you mearly hear to fool us?”

“Fool you? wouldn’t dream of it.” Holy protested.

“Then, why do you want to join us?’ Dixie pressed leaning forward.

“ Those two boys your after, are our boyfriends! And they dumped us!! !! We want revenge! We want justice! We want there heads!!” Anna-may went and sounding like she was on somesort of weird soap-opera. Holy and Suzo swet droped.

“Shhhh, be quite.” Genki warned as they crept threw the bushes while Holy and Anna-may distracted the Pixies.

“Well, duh!” Aiko muttered rolling her eyes.

“Look there’s the air vent.” White hound said looking towards the entrance.

“All right. everyone stay low to the ground.” BT hushed leading the group towards the vent.

Genki took a glance back at the two girls.

‘Holy, becareful’

Suzo glanced over at the small group as the crawled over to the back of the building. He felt his nerves tense up knowing that the alarm would sound at any minuet.

~Holy, There at the vent, be ready to run~ he told her telepathically. He had finally gotten control of some of his telepathic power, except the teleport.

Holy nodded her head at him to acknowledge she heard him and began to size up the destance from there to the car.

“Ok, guys, get ready. On the count of Ten this vent is coming off. Be ready to move quickly.” Bt told them and took his sword out ready to pry of the vent.

10: *Lilim’s going down!* Aiko thought determinedly.

9: * She will pay for all what she has done!* BT told himself ready with the dagger

8: * This seems like a promising challenge Tiger grinned

7: * I can’t wait to get my claws into that Murderous Bitch, I just hope that Genki will not be careless White Hound thought.

6: * She will not get away with all the killing she has done, nor will she succeed in unlocking the power point of earth! I hope your watching Yoko, I’ll make you proud!* Genki told his sister silently.

5: ~Holy, promise me you’ll be careful.~ Suzo pleaded.

4: Holy looks over at Suzo, smiles, and nods, and whispers ‘you too’

3: ~Oh, Genki hurry up, I don’t know how much longer I can destract them.Oh Genki becareful, I love you so much.~ Anna-May began to pray to god silently for his protection.

2: “................Lilim...............” A shadowy figure whispered as it watched them.

1: “Now!” BT exclaimed as he pried the air vent off.


The alarm sounded threw the night, causing Holy and Suzo to jump and Anna-May to scream.

“What, The-----!!” Diana shouted startled look around her.

“Come on Anna! Lets get out of hear!!’ Holy exclaimed as she garbed the other by the arm.

“Yes, lets get outta hear!!” Anna-may whimpered scampering away.

“Diana there getting away!” Dixie exclaimed pointing towards the retreating girl and suzo.

“Those fucking backstabing sluts!! I’ll kill them for tricking me!!” Diana took after them at full speed.

“Hehehe! Yeah! Lets rip there lying little throats out!” Dixie giggled going after Diana.

“Damn! There chasing us! Oh what do we doooooooooo!!!” Anna moaned, tears flowing down her cheeks.

“JUST KEEP RUNNING!!” Suzo exclaimed.

“Look, there’s the car!” Holy pointed ahead.

“Yeah! Were going to make it! Yeah!” AM cheered her tears turning from ones of terror to relief then back to terror as a blast lightning exploded in front of them halting them.

“Ohhhh...Nooooo! There after us!” AM wailed.

“What do we do!?” Holy worried.

“TAIL ATTACK!” Suzo shouted suddenly attacking Diana who swooped in for the kill. he was batted away like a fly and hit the ground hard. Holly’s eyes widened in horror as she heard the crack of bones.

“SUZO!!” She scream tears running down her checks she fell to her knees beside her friend as her began to cough up blood.

“Holy.....” He whispered his big eye watering. “Run.......” He head dropped to his side leaving Holy to stare at him stunned.

“I wont leave you! Suzo, please, please wake up......”

She threw her arms around him and began to cry heavily. She gasped as she felt his body become replaced with an lost desk. She stared at it dumfounded then screamed “NOOO!” The screams echoed throughout the lonely night sky.

“Hahaha!! I’ll destroy you in one blow!” Diana laughed raising her hand getting ready to deliver the final blow.

Holy stared up at her helplessly, to sad and scared to more, she good only set and stare at her death approaching. She shut her eyes waiting for the pain but what came was not pain but a strange popping noise. She opened one eye and saw Anna-May standing infront of her with the gun Aiko had given them pointing it at Diana. Just Pointing it. Holy looked up at Diana her was just floating there look at Anna-May with a puzzled expression, looking like she was trying to figure out what the hell this little girl was trying to do. Then Holy noticed a flash of red, Diana noticed to. A gapping whole in her chest sprayed blood. The Pixie opened her mouth to say something but a puddle of blood began to pour out falling to the ground




and she fell dead.

Time seemed to stop for the two girls as they stared at the two lost desks.

“Oh, my god, I killed something..........” Anna-May trailed off, tears begging to sting her eyes. She turned to Holy a look of sorrow and concern covered her face.

“Holy.......I’m so sorry......”

Holy just continued to cry as she stared at Suzo’s lost desk.

“He best friend.....we had been together so long....I can’t believe he’s gone.....He died to save’s my fault......”

Anna-May knelt down beside Holy putting her hands on her shoulders.

“Don’t say that. It’s not your fault, there was nothing you could have done. Though the body is gone his spirit well always live on. Just keep him in your heart,and in your memory. As long as you remember someone there never gone.”

“Your right...thank you, for saving me.” Holy despertly wiped at her tears.

“No problem. When we get back, Let’s clean you up, have some warm tea, and I’ll tell you a bed time story.” The girl smiled at her. “Does that sound good?”

Holy smiled faintly. “Yeah.”

Anna-may Helped Holy to her feet and began to lead her to the car.

“YOU!!” A screechy voice halted them. They spun around and stared at Dixie.

“YOU KILLERS!! HOW THERE YOU KILL MY BEST FRIEND!!!!!!” The Dixie screamed. “ I’LL KILL YOU!! I’LL KILL YOU!! DIE! DIE!” “Oh, fittle sticks! Holy, lets get out of here.” Anna-may yanked her arm dashing towards the car. Holy felt herself being pushed into the drivers seat With Anna-May landing in the seat next to her.

“Holy, drive! I’ll try to shoot her out of the sky!”

“Drive? I don’t know how to drive!”

“Just hit the gas petal! NOW!!”

Holy pushed her foot on the petal and the car went off into a zooming start.

“Arghhh!” Bofe girls screamed as Holy headed for a wall.

“Turn!! Turn!!” AM grabed the streaing weal steering the car away from the wall and onto the road. She then popped herself half way out the window taking a shoot at Dixie which missed.

Holy griped the wheel until her hands began to to turn right, barely advoiding crashing into things and the steady bangs of Anna-May’s Gun was not real helping her.

“I GOT HER!!” AM exclaimed in triump as the Dixie crashed to the ground with a hole in her right breast.

“Not so fast, you little bitch...” She muttered summing a fireball. “Die.” The attack slammed into the car.

“ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” The two girls screamed. AM threw her arms around Holy frightened. “Hold on to me, and no matter what don’t let me go!”


“Because.....If they want you in heaven they will have to take me too!!”


“Let me put this simply........YES!!!!! WAHHHHHH!!!”

The car spun to it’s side crashing over a ramp sending them flying threw the air and crashing on it’s roof. There was no sign of movement in the car.

“Woah! What a battle!” Aiko exclaimed wiping swet from her brow looking at the five demonds they had been force to battle almost as soon as they entered. “What a waist of life.” BT frowned kicking one of the bodies away.

“Yeah.” Genki agreed wiping some blood away from a deep gash on his forehead.

“Your shure that you didn’t get cut to deep?” White Hound asked with motherly concern.

The boy grinned. “Of corse I’m OK! I’m Mr.Engery!”

“Just because your hyper does not mean you can’t die.” White Hound reminded with a sigh . “Ahhh! You really took the fun out of saying that!’ He grumbled turning away from the tiger.

“ Do you have any idea where Lilim is?” Aiko asked looking down three different twisting paths.

“No, but she should be in the main section of the building.”

“You went shopping hear enough Aiko, don’t you know where the main area is?” BT reminded only to get a sneer in return.

“The building has totally changed since then you know. Completely changed, I don’t recognize a thing.”

Tiger sniffed the ground getting the sent of a few Pixie monsters in every direction.

Whitehound grinned at Tiger in mockery “That did not help much did it?”

Tiger growled as White Hound began to sniff the floor.

“Over to the right there are Two monsters, in the middle is four and then to your left is five. I would imagine Lilim to have body guards so I would think that the left path is correct.” White Hound informed his voice teasing making Tiger feel his blood boil.

“Yes, But we just can’t go in headfirst. We need to sneak in somehow....”Aiko trailed off in thought.

“Your right but how.......” Genki looked around himself then snapped his fingers. “Of course! Remember this building was built on top of an old Temple?”

“Yeah, I did a protest to stop the destruction of the temple, so what about it?” Aiko looked began pulling on a strain of lose hair, something she had always done when confused.

“Well, the ruins are probably still below. We can travel underground.”

“Yeah, and how are we suppose to get down there?” Tiger questioned.

“Easy!” Genki smiled proudly. “I can use my ‘Heat Beam’ attack to melt a hole in the floor.”

“Genki.” White Hound said worriedly. “Are you shure it’s wise to use your powers that way? You’ll weaken yourself, and your going into battle.......”

“Nah! Don’t be such a worry wart!” Genki interrupted.

“Well, Bro I think that is a good idea. We don’t have anything to lose”

“Except our lives.” Aiko added.

BT rolled his eyes at Aiko’s response “Let’s try it.”

“All right everyone, stand back. HEAT BEAM!!” The fire shot out of Genki’s hands hitting the floor below with much force melting it in a few moments.

“Argh!” Aiko screamed a short startled burst as water began to poor on them from above.

“...Eh? Oh yeah, forgot the sprinklers.....” Genki grinned sheepishly.

BT and the others swetdrop.

“Master Lilim, I have captured two of the people from the resistance.” Dixie bowed cluthing her still beelding breast.

“Is it the Phoenix boy and the hafeling?” Lilim asked her voice as dark as the shadows that blocked her image from the Dixie’s eyes.

“.....No, Master Lilim, But one of them appears to be Anna-May but with a sluttish make-over. From my sources she and the Phoenix Child seem to be close. We can perhaps use her as bait.”

“What about the other?” “The other? I don’t know. No one has seen her with the resistance before. She does not appear to be a treat to us. She could not even defend her own monster from Diana.”

“Speaking of Diana.Why is she not hear?”

Dixie gulped. “She was killed by Anna-May....She was shot.”

Even though the Dixie could not see her masters face she could sense a smirk on her face.

“And you. Why are you cluthing your body like that? are you hurt?’ Lilim laughed lightly.

The Dixie began to tremble.

“I don’t have any need for weaklings. Go away, because you were loyal I’ll let you live.” The Dixie could feel her heart pounding fast, as she got up barely able to stand on her shaking legs.

“Yes Master.” She bowed and began to leave. She was almost to the door when a Poison and a Serenity blocked her path.

“What?” She turned her head to look at her master and saw two shinny eyes glowing in the darkness a mocking laugh bounced off the walls.

“Your so gullible! You actually thought I would let you live? Now, tell Diana hi for me when you get to hell.”

“Wha---??” She was silenced as an engery blast smashed into her chest and threw her back. She fell onto her knees looking looking dazed.

“I guess this is my punishment for all the things I’ve done wrong......Lilim, I’ll see you in hell.” She fell to the floor dead a puddle of blood flowing out from under her.

“Despose of this mess.” Lilim said in disgust.

“Yes Master Lilim.” The Poison bowed and began gathering the body in her arms.

“Lilim sama, What should we do with the prisoners?” the Allure questioned coming out of the shadows.

“They can work well as bait. Chain them on the wall, it will take the Phoenix Boy and his friends off guard when they come.”

“What makes you think there hear?” the Allure asked.

“You question me, Selina? I thought you was smarter then that.”

Selina gasps “I’m sorry master.”

Lilim smirks “I can sense them, underground. They’ll be arriving hear shortly, and when they do, then the fun starts.”

Part 10

Holly slowly opened her eyes, she grimaced as she felt a sharp pain in her head. ‘What happened?’ she thought to herself trying to move her arm but discovered that she was chained to the wall by her arms, the tip of her toes barely touching the floor. ‘where am I?’ she asked herself looking around large room, which appeared empty except for a puddle of red blood near the front doors. ‘I remember the car accident, but what happened after that? Were we caught? Oh no!’ her eyes widened as she suddenly realized, the fact. She turned her head to her side spotting Anna-may chained to the wall much like herself. Dozens deep cuts were slashed across the girls tender skin, all what remained of her clothes were a few scraps hear and there, not much left, but enough to cover up her body. The girl still had not woken and Holly feared for a moment that she might be dead, but relief came over her as she saw the girl’s stomach swell with breath, he breathing was slow, but Holly was pretty sure that the girl would live. Holly paused and looked at herself the best she could, wondering if she was in the same shape. She gasped surprised as she saw blood streaming down her legs, she wondered why she had not been felt any pain, but then again that could be because her whole body was numb.

“Hmmm, It’s seems that one of are little guests are awake.” Selina said in her snake like tone causing Holly to look over to her right and saw a huge very expensive looking chair with Lilim setting in it sipping some wine, not even paying attention to her in the slightest. Next to her stood an Allure, who caused up at her threw soulless eyes.

“So it appears...” Lilim hunched her shoulders not really looking like she gave a damn. “ Find someway to keep her from speaking, we can’t have her warning her friends about our trap when they arrive.”

“Trap?” Holly repeated looking around the room which appeared empty except for her, Anna-may and the two pixie demonds. At first she saw nothing then slowly, 10 shinning red eye appear out of the darkness from the ceiling above.

Holly gasped shocked and then turned her head angrily towards Saleina who approached her with a roll of duct tape.

“What? No don’t you dare!” Holly demanded angrily as Seleina raised the tape up to her mouth.

“Quite, human.” the Pixie spat out the last word like a curse and slapped her across the face.

“Why are you doing this?’ Holly questioned, her cheek burning with pain.

Selina made a look of disgust at her her and roughly gagged her.

“Shut up human, there is nothing you can do to stop us, now watch, watch as your friends die!”

“This place is so dusty, my eyes are hurting.” BT whimpered rubbing at his puffy eyes.

“Oh, BT grow up!” Aiko scolded.

“Genki, are you sure this was a good idea, it seems like we have been wondering underground for hours.” Tiger asked.

“Well, it was the best idea I could think of. Attacking head first would just get us an early grave. White Hound, you sure were going the right way?”

“I’m positive.” the white tiger responded.

“How much longer should it be?” Genki half asked half whined.

“Yeah! If I stay hear underground a second longer I’m going to go insane. I HATE being underground. I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!” BT cried.

“BT, when your like this, I wonder how I could be in love with you! Grow up!” Aiko hissed.

“but I’m scared.” BT sniffled.

“Oye men.” Aiko groaned swetdroping.

“Genki!” White hound exclaimed suddenly, his blue eyes wide in shock.

“What? What is it!” Genki asked startled.

“I sense Anna-may’s and Holly’s sent up above.”

“Holly!?” Tiger growled angry at the thought of her being captured.

“Wha--?” Genki’s face grew pale.

“Oh no! They were captured?” BT said alarmed.

“I told you we shouldn’t have used such weaklings for a distraction! I knew that this would happen. Damn stupid idiots, we all knew that they would fail, so why be so surprised? After all, how could they have done something right? Anna-may is just a stupid Bimbo and that Holly girl seems to week and afraid to do anything.”

Genki glared at her shaking in anger, barely restraining himself from hitting her.

“Aiko...” he said his voice low and thick with anger. “SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH !!”

The small group looked at him surprised, expechily Tiger who in all his life never saw Genki so angry at an ally before. Infact, the boy was so enraged that he was shaking so bad with the anger that he could barely keep his blance.

“Genki...I’m...sorry...I.. didn’t...I...” Aiko bit her lip fearfully griping BT’s shoulders.

“Genki.” White Hound said in a warning tone. “Clam down, you remember was happens when you get to angry.” White Hound warned.

This clamed Genki down alittle and her turned away from Aiko.

Aiko breathed in relief and let go of BT.

“You shouldn’t be so sassy all the time.” Bt frowned slightly.

“I’m sorry, I really am....” Aiko told Genki barely above a whisper.

“Hey, what does happen when he gets angry?” Tiger questioned Bt in a whisper slightly confused by White Hound’s words.

“His power, he complete loses control of it when his rage goes beyond a certain level, he can be really dangerous when that happens. Once when we were battling off some humans turned demon and one of them tried to rape Anna, he got so angry that his power sky rocketed to a level that was inhuman, impossible for even a Monster to reach. Suddenly all of the demons began to scream “My’s hot.” and then they burst into flames, and it wasn’t just the demons that was infected us too. Lucky the power became to much for his body to take an he clasped. He did not want to burn Me and everyone else along with the demons but as I told you, he loses all control over his power.” BT exclaimed in a hush whisper. “But the scary thing is, that he did not even use any of his power to burn them up, what fried them was the energy of his anger .”

‘ The kid has that kind of power? It’s hard to believe that he could cause people to burn up using energy alone! It’s impossible!’

“White Hound, there right above us, aren’t they?” Genki questioned.

“Yes, but we need to plan an attack first, gen---”

White Hound did not have time to Finnish before Genki blasted a whole threw the roof of the temple and jumped threw it.

“Finally were outta this whole. Come on Aiko we have a date with evil.” Bt grinned scooping Aiko into his arms.

“That’s fine, but next time we go on a date, can we go to a nice French restaurant?” Aiko asked with a teasing smile as BT followed Genki threw the hole.

“You can stay down here, if your scared.” White Hound mocked looking at Tiger with a sly smile.” Your to weak to do any good.You’ll just get yourself killed.”

Tiger growled. “We’ll see who dies.”

“Good luck, you’ll need it.” White Hound commented as he and Tiger jumped threw the hole.

‘Well, well, looks like the fun has arrived.’ Lilim though, a smile playing across her thin lips.

“I know, what your thinking, Lilim, this is not fun... no, this is evil.” A voice whispered from far off in the darkness of the room.

The group stood in the center of the room in awe at the size of it.

“Holly! Anna!” Genki exclaimed spotting the two girls chained to the wall.

“Holly!!” Tiger hissed, spotting the girl, chained to a wall gagged and bleeding from many deep gashes.

“Mphhh!!” Holly shook her head, trying to warn them to run but it was to late.

“Welcome, Halfing, Phoenix child. Welcome to your death!” Lillie laughed, and suddenly eleven Pixie type demons attack from above.

“What the fuck! Damn! It was a trap!” Aiko exclaimed reaching to her side to pull out her gun. “How did she know we were coming!?”

Two pixie demons flew infront of her.

“Foolish human, our great master could easily smell you and your dirty friends a mile away.” A Vanity turned up her noise at her.

“Now prepare to die, heh heh!” A Kittin giggled and began to claw at Aiko with her long sharp fingernails.

“AIKO!” BT screamed as he watched her being clawed and kicked at by the two pixie demons, he removed his sword from his side and charged towards the attackers, to be stopped in his tracks by a serenity and a Mint.

“Your cute, dance with us?” The Mint laughed.

“Get away from me!” Bt hissed.

“But, I’m really hungry...and your life force would taste so sweet.” The Serenity drooped her arms his shoulders, freezing him he could feel himself becoming dizzy as the Serenity closed in for a life draining kiss.

“Arghh! Stop it!” The sounds of Aiko’s cries and her gun going off snapped him out of his trance. He looked over to his right were the Vanity laid in a puddle of blood on the floor and at Aiko who was being clawed into by the Kittin her gun a few feet away from her.

“NO!” BT growled, slashing at the Serenity with his sword as she began to suck away his life force.

The Serenity staggered back away from him startled, her hands gripping her cut neck.

“How did you break my spell...?” She mumbled falling to the floor dead.

“Epp! Serenity!” the Mint cried panicked watching her friend fall dead, she began to began to back away fearfully as Bt approached her.

“If you don’t attack I wont attack you, get out of hear and you will not die by my blade.” he told her before rushing off toward Aiko.

The Mint just watched him threw wide eyes.

“AIKO!!” He roared attacking the Kittin with his sword, only causing little damage, but enough for her to back away from Aiko.

“ouh, my body is so sore.” Aiko whimpered, barely keeping her blance. Her face was pale from blood lost.

“Aiko, take cover I’ll battle her off.” BT got ready to attack.

“Well, Men are more fun to kill then women anyway.” The Kittin sneered and sent a lightning attack at him.

“BT!” Aiko’s eyes widened as the lightning stuck his sword sending the shocks up his arms. She spotted her gun laying to her side and rushed towards it, picking it up with her hand she noted. “Only one bullet left, I don’t have time to refill it. I have to make this shot good.” She turned to the Kittin her face in twisted in anger.

“Hey bitch, your musical ends with a bullet.”

Kittin looked up at her confused. “What? Musical? I was never in a musical.”

“What, have you never seen ‘Cats?’ to bad, you really would have liked it, but I’m afraid that they don’t show it in hell, so you’ll never be able to see it.” Aiko grinned and pulled the trigger, shooting the kittin in the forehead.

“Damn, how could I let my guard down so easily?” those were the Kittins last words.

“Bt!” Aiko gasped running towards him as he fell on his knees his hair sticking straight up from the shock of the lightning.

“I think I need some hair spray.” the boy blinked looking up at his hair.

“Oh, Bt.” Aiko giggled. “I’m glad your all right.”

“DIE!!!” a voice suddenly shouted and Aiko and BT look towards the source startled, the Mint was flying straight at them, her horns charging up for a blast of lightning.

“Argh!” Aiko cried gripping onto BT tightly.

as fast as a snake would strike at an unexpecting felid mouse BT stuck out his sword, the blade going threw the Mint’s chest.

“Oh, BT, you killed it.” Aiko commented looking at the body on the ground, quickly blushing as she realized that she had been holding onto BT in fear.

“No, she’s still alive.” he answered quietly.

‘What?” Aiko gasped in surprise. “BT what are you doing.”

Bt walked over to the Mint who laid on the floor breathing heavily, a puddle of blood slowly forming underneath her.

“I gave you a chance to excape, why did you choose to die?You knew attacking head on like that while I had my sword out would be a invitation to death.”

“I knew, but Lilim would hunt me down and kill me anyway if I ran, and I would rather be killed by someone with a soul then someone without.”

Bt’s eyes widened and filled with tears as the Mint’s head fell to her side and her breathing came no more.

“Everyone of Lilim’s followers” Bt looked around at the remaining six Pixie demons {minus Selina} “is being forced to do what they are out of fear.”

“So, are you afraid, yet?” White hound laughed, looking at Tiger out of the corner of his eye.

“I’m not but what about you?”

“I’m just fine, I’ll take on the Dryad, Unico, and Poison.” White Hound replied looking at three of The Pixie’s that encircled him and Tiger an anger suddenly clouding over his eyes.”You can have the Jilt, Jinnee,and Lepus, if you can handle it that is.”

“The question is can you?”

“Watch and see.”

“Like, lets, like, get this show on like, on the road.” The Lepus tapped her foot on the floor impatiently.

“can’t wait to die?” Tiger grinned.

“I wont be the one whoes going to die.” The Lepus replied. “All right girls! Lets, like, attack!”

“Burn!” The three Pixie demons attacking Tiger fired fire at him, while the ones attacking White Hound fired lightning.

Both of the Tiger doged, jumping into the hair, both charging up there lightning attacks.

“LIGHTING!!” They shouted at the same time.

White Hound’s attack hit the Unico with full force, while Tigers hit Jilt

The Unico was old and frail while the Jilt was ill looking and weak, bofe were killed instantly.

“MOTHER!! TRINKY!!!! The remaining pixies scream.

“You heartless bastrads, how dare you kill my mother and my sister!” Poison growled, tears of rage streaming down her cheeks.

“We are the heartless ones? At least we don’t go slaughtering helpless babies like you!” White Hound growled, his eyes narrowed. “You and your family killed people and monsters by the thousands, but you all were to scared to fight against someone who could defeat you, so you attacked the old and sick, you slaughtered helpless infants by the hundreds. I’ll always remember that night when you and your family attacked, it’ll be implanted in my mind forever”

*Flash Back*

There was fire, so much fire burning the area to the ground. Genki, Aiko, Anna-May and even Azami were fighting off many demon changed monsters, leaving him to try and save wounded bystanders.

He had gotten two children out of a burning building, a boy around the age of five and a little girl about the age of two.

“Hide hear, I’ll be back I just need to help my friends fight ok?”He had said to the children.

“Your not going to leave us all alone are you?” The two year old girl sniffled hugging her teddy bear close to her heart.

“Just for a little while, just stay hear and hide in the alleyway OK? You’ll be safe from the attacks hear.

“Ok, did my big brother excape from the house?” The little boy questioned, his eyes teary.

“I wasn’t able to reach him, I sensed him in the building, but the flames were to high, I’m sorry.” White Hound told the child frowning.

“Adrian....” The boy sniffled while the little girl began to cry louder.

“Don’t worry maybe he is still all right. I gotta go now, I’ll be right back ok?”

“You promise we wont die?” the boy asked fear dancing in his bright blue eyes.

“I promise.” White hound smiled and ran off to join his friends in the battle.

The battle had gone quite easy, and they celebrated the demons defeat, but the joy was not to last as he ran back to the alleyway, to see to his horror, six pixie monsters crowded around the body of the fallen boy, blood slipping from a wound in his chest. The little girl laid over the Jilts shoulder.

“Wow, it was so easy to set fire to that house!” The Unico laughed.

“Yeah, The resistance did not, like, even, like, see us! They were to, like, busy fighting off the,like, weaker demons! Now we can excape with our prize!” Lepus giggled.

“Yeah, it was a pain in the butt finding this brat, why does Master Butch want such a flimsy child?” Poison questioned.

“Ah! I don’t know, just as long as we got our job done good, we wont be killed.” Jilt said.

“Yeah, I guess it’s our lives that really matter in the end.” the Dryad frowned crossing her arms over her chest.

“Yeah, lets get back to headquarters and get some sleep, all this murdering children has gotten me so sleepily!” the Jinnee yawned.

“WAIT!” White Hound shouted as he ran towards them.

“Oh? Sorry, but we will kill you next time wolfy, right now it’s bed time!” Jinnee yawned again.

“Yeah! Bye bye!” Lepus giggled.

“I guess you failed in keeping these brats safe, eh?” Unico laughed as she, her daughters, and the little girl disappeared.

“WAIT COME BACK!!!!” the tiger cried hopelessly, than turned to the little boy who still barely breathed.

“Hey, hang on. I have a friend who’ll fix you up, just hang on ok?” White Hound fought to keep tears from falling from his eyes.

“You...You..lied to me.” The little boy choked on the blood he was coughing up.

“I lied?”

“You promised I wouldn’t die...” White Hound’s eyes grew wide with shock as the Little boy stopped breath, a tears sliding threw forever closed eyes.

“NOOOOOO!!!” The Tiger cries of grief echoed in the darkness the night

~End Of Flash back~

“That little boys last words will forever haunt me, but even though I can’t change the past, I can advenge his death.” White Hound snarled.

Tiger watched the other tiger this time, knowing that this was his battle, he would prove that he was stronger next time.

“Well, What a tale of sorrow, what you expect us to feel guilty or something.” Jinnee giggled along with her sisters.

White hounds eyes flashed with rage. “You don’t even” White hound could feel his rage build with the sound of everyone of there giggles.

“ LAUGH!!” White hound suddenly let his anger explode as he jump into the air “HAIL GUN!!!”

“Wha--?” Tiger eyed the new attack with surprise.

The pixie monsters scream as hail the size of bullets fired into there skin full force, the round bits of ice going right threw there bodies.After the storm cleared and they could see the victims of the new attack again, laying in a huge puddle of blood. Holes, the size of hail all over there bodies.

“I got my revenge on them for killing that child now, I just hope that now his soul can rest in peace.” white hound commented staring at the piles of bodies.

“Yeah. We’ll settle whose the stronger of us after, lets defeat Lilim.”

White Hound smiled up at his rival. “For once I agree with you.”

“Phoenix boy! I wont let you attack, Master Lilim! I’ll protect her with my life!” Selina growled facing off against Genki.

“Why protect someone who doesn’t give a damn about you?”

Selina’s face twisted in rage. “She cares, she does care about me!I know she loves me, and I’ll fight to the end to protect the one I love!”

“Your such a fool!” Genki said disgusted drawing out his sword.

“What, happened? Oh yeah, the car accident, hmm what’s happening’ Anna-may thought as she opened her eye weakly. She gasped as she saw the bodies of the pixies laid sprawled out on the floor. “What in the world!?”

“Mphhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Holly tried to say but the tape around her mouth was making it impossible to speak.

“Oh!? Holly? What you doing over there, were we captured?”

“Hmmmphh!” Holly nodded her head.

“I can’t understand what your saying, why don’t you take that gag off, it’s not very fashionable.” Anna-may blinked confused.

Holly swetdrops.

“Wait, Genki!? GENKI!!” Anna-may smiled seeing him not giving care to the fact that he was in battle.

Genki grinned at her slightly. “I’ll be right there Anna-chan, Holly-chan, as soon as a dispose of this flit!”

“Try as you might you can’t win against me! I’m deferent than any Pixie monster you’ve seen, so you have no idea what to expect, but I know everything you can throw at me Phoenix boy! So I have the advantage! You’ll die!”

Genki grinned. “Lets see who die then. I’ll give you the advantage of first attack.”

“Your to cocky .” Selina eyed him disgustedly. “but it’s your death. LIGHNING RAY!!!”

Two rays of lightning shot forth from her hands towards Genki who jumped into the air advoiding the attack fully.

“HEAT BEAM!!” He shouted hitting Selina in the back.

“Arghh!” She growled then her angry frown slowly turned to a smile. “It’ll take more than that to kill me Phoenix boy! LIGHT OF DARKNESS!!!”

Genki’s eyes widened in surprise as the attack hit him full force and he fell to the floor.

Holly’s eyes widened in terror ‘ Genki! No! No!’

“GENKI-CHAN!!!!!!” Anna-may cried tears falling from her cheeks.

Genki garbed his head in pain.

“What the hell did you do to me?” Genki hissed his body trembling.

“heheheh! The attack I used on you brings all the negative forces out of your soul,and it takes over your mind, your ours now.”

“What does she mean by that!?” Aiko exclaimed, all of the resistance watched Genki and Selina in shock and fear.

“She means that Genki’s going to become evil.” BT replied in his eye wide.

“No Genki!” White Hound gasped in alarm.

“Genki!!” Tiger’s eyes grew wide as he watched the boy slowly got to his feet.

“GENKI-CHANNNNNNNNN!!! “ Anna-May screamed, he voice taking on a desperate plea.

“No! No! Genki, please no!” Holly screamed in her mind, so terrified that she didn’t even notice the tears running down her cheeks.

Genki stood silent for a moment then turned to his friends from the resistance, his normally clear brown eye completely one coular, his face expressionless. And then ever so slowly a smile spread across his face, a smile that was to be there invitation to death.