Chapter 11

The group was silent as they watched Genki look at them threw soulless brown eyes.

“ wrong?” Bt questioned taking a step towards him.

Genki remained silent watching calmly as Bt approached him.

“Hey, buddy, come on talk to me, that was quite a attack she used on you, are you all right?”

Bt was standing right infront of Genki now, waiting for a response. “Her attack, did not work on you....did it?” Bt’s voice trembled.

It was silent than the sound of a slap echoed off the walls.

Genki had just slapped BT across the face, sending him skidding back several inches.

The group gasped in shock, as Selina laughed smoothly. “It seems like the once courageous phoenix has joined the forces of evil.”

“No Genki!” White Hound screamed to the boy, who showed no reaction to White hounds words.

“This is not real!” Tiger gasped shaking his head dumbfounded.

“Genki!Snap out of it!” Aiko pleaded looking up at him from Bt’s side.

“GENKI-CHAN!! COME ON WAKE UP!! DON’T BETRY US...DON’T DO LIKE----” Anna-may began to pled, tears streaming down from her cheeks.

Genki slowly turned towards her, as she hung on the wall. “Shut up woman.” he scrowled,then suddenly he threw his hat to the floor and ran his fingers threw his long bangs.

Holly’s eyes widened surprised at what he said, but even more shocked to see a little smile creep up on Anna-may’s face.

“So, who wants to die first?” Genki laughed looking from Bt, to Aiko, then to the two tigers and back.

“I’ll take on each of you, no holding back now! I want to see your true abilities, I want you to parish knowing that your best wasn’t good enough!” Genki grinned, then threw his sword to the floor. “And to make it fair, I wont use any weapons and only 5% of my true power.”

“Someone’s confidant of victory.” Aiko remarked with a scrowl on her face.

“I hate to do this to you kid, but I have no other choice.” Tiger got ready to attack.

“Your my best friend, Genki-kun, but I know that if you were yourself right now you would want me to end your life so you wouldn’t harm anybody. I hope that you’ll forgive me, but I’m willing to fight to the death!” BT growled pulling out his sword.

“BT!Your not going to kill him!!” Anna-may screamed panicked her already large eyes went wide in horror.

‘Oh my god! Genki!! This can’t be happening!’ Holly let the tears slid freely down her cheeks. ‘Come on, I lost my father to darkness, I can’t lose you to the shadows too....’

Genki glanced over at Holly his face taking on a concerned expression for a moment but then he turned back towards the battle, his face hard and cold once again.

“What you think a puny little mortal like you can kill me! Ha! I’d like to see you try.Come on! Attack me from any direction.”

“Fine,if you really want to die! Here I come!!” BT lept into the air air his sword, but Genki advoided the attack, just like Bt thought he would, but he had been ready for it.

“Sword flare!” Bt suddenly screamed sending a blast of light from his sword, hitting Genki right in the stomach.

Genki grimaced holding onto his stomach, then slowly straightened himself. “Mawhahaha!! You actually thought that puny attack would hurt me? Hahahahahahaha!!!”

Bt growled “You bastard, Genki would never act like this if he had control again.”

“Oh? So, you think so, then take this on! FIRE BALL!!”

Genki tossed the attack at Bt, which sent him sprawling back.

“Ohhh, I can’t lose against you....” Bt groaned getting up to his feet. “Damn! And that was only 5% of his full power? Fuck! We don’t stand a chance against him! He could melt us into a pile of flesh at any second!”

“Ewwww....don’t you think that would be gross Holly-chan?” Anna-may wrinkled her nose in disgust.

Holly looked at her with wide eyes ‘What? You mean he can melt people now too!? I hope I’ll never have to see him do that.......’

“Oh! I’m so bored hanging up on this wall, I want to get down now.” Anna-may mumbled, giving the shackles which held her captive and small thug shattering them completely.

“Ack!? You Steroide pusher!” Selina gasped staring at the girl in shock.

“You mean, you could have freed yourself at anytime!?” Aiko exclaimed. “Why wait until now!?”

“I forgot that I could free myself....heh!”Anna-may reached over a pulled the shackles off Holly’s hands letting her fall to the floor.

Everyone including Genki swetdrops.

“So, the idiot has some powers after all.....I wonder where she got them...” Lilim thought as she watched Anna-may free herself and Holly.

“Enough of this foolishness!” Genki scrowled. “Lets get this battle over with now!”

“Fine, if you want to do things the hard way! Everyone attack him at once!” BT screamed leaping towards Genki his sword aimed towards the boys chest.

“Ha! Pitaful attack!” Genki growled sending a powerful kick to Bt’s stomach sending him against a wall, the attack leaving him week and defenseless.

“MY TURN!! TASTE BULLTES PAL!!!” Aiko took out her gun a began to shot all six shots to all different parts of his body.

“Foolish.” Genki remarked shooting a wave of fire out of his hand melting the bullets instantly.

“Ah!”Aiko gasped as the flames from his attack covered her, causing her to fall to the floor burnt and unconiuess.

“Aiko...chan....” Bt mumbled as he watched her fall unable to help her.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe Genki is doing this...”Holly trailed off tears dancing in her eyes as she watched him attack Tiger.

“Yeah! Go Genki! Go! Go! You can win!!” Anna-may began cheering suddenly having Pom Pom’s and a cheerleading outfit on.

“Hey!! whoes side are you on!?” Holly growled.

“Opps, I mean.....Come on,Good guys! defeat my evil boy friend!Heh!Heh!”

Holly swetdrops.

“Genki! Why are you doing this?” Tiger asked with a hint of sadness in his voice.

The boy frowned for a moment but then smiled a crule smile once again.”What if I say because I want to?”

“Then I would say your not the Genki I knew and cared about!”

“Your words touch me! But words alone will not save you! Try your best Tiger, try and kill me.” Genki mocked, causing Tiger to growl.

“It’s not my wish to hurt you.” Tiger responded sadly then looked up at him, his eyes fiery. “But it seems I have no choice! Cold bullet!!”

“Reflect” Genki responded calmly, a clear glass shield appeared in his hands reflecting Tigers attack off and straight back at him. Tiger screamed as he watched his own attack come at him,knowing that it was impossible to doge, and it hit him full force, throwing him back servile inches.

“Genki......” Tiger coughed before passing out.

“NOOOOO TIGER!!!” Holly screamed trying to run toward her fallen friend.

“Stop! Are you crazy! Just stay out of it Holly-Chan!!” Anna-may grabbed Holly from around the waist, holding her back.

“Let me go! I need to help Tiger right now! I wont let him be hurt! I wont let any of them be killed!” Holly growled trashing about in Anna’s arms.

“Holly-chan! I’m not letting you go! For Genki’s sake I cant let you go out there!For everyone’s sake!” Anna-may hissed sharply in Holly’s ear.

“What are you talking about!? Genki please stop this now! PLEASE! We are you friends don’t you remember? All the good times we shared? All what we went threw! Please, fight back against the Allure’s spell! Fight it Genki!” Holly pleaded, tears starting to sting her eyes once again

“Pitful human! Don’t you see that his soul is completely mine? He is part of the darkness now, he obeys only myself and Master Lilim, nothing you say can reach him now, face it you’ve lost, with the Phoenix on my our side we are completely unstoppable!” Selina bragged.

“ can’t be...Genki tell me this is not threw.” Holly whispered.

“Sorry but it is, I obey only my masters.” Genki replied his voice like ice.

Holly could feel her heart break into, horror feeling her body. “NO! NOOOOOOOO!!” She screamed, the terror and shock of it all taking over her senses.

“Holly.” Genki mumbled under his breath frowning slightly.

“Pheniox boy, your job is of yet incomplete, Finnish off that tiger right now.” Selina demanded pointing towards White Hound.

“It will be my pleasure.” Genki smiled evilly approaching the last standing warrior “Why haven’t you attack yet, White Hound?”

“Because I know your not evil....” White Hound mumbled. “So I cannot hurt you.”

“Oh? And what makes you say that? Have you not witnessed the fall of your friends by my hand ?” Genki grinned.

“I have, but I know you did not want to harm them.” White Hound replied looking straight into his eyes.

“And what makes you say that?’ Genki asked amused.

“Because I know....” White Hound grinned.

“Oh is that so?”

“Yeah, I know you don’t want to harm any of us, but it’s the only choice you have go ahead and attack me. I can’t harm you. SO ATTACK!!”

“If you insist.” Genki mumbled. “Power drain!!”

White Hound gasped as the attack hit him, draining all of his power out of his body as he fell to the floor, no longer having strength to stand.

“You were abit merciful on that last one...” Selina observed disdainfully but then smiled slyly. “But you have proven your lolaity to me. Now you can Finnish these two dogs off.” Selina looked towards Anna-May and Holly.

“What ever you wish, Master Selina....” Genki bowed. Picking up his sword he began walking towards Holly and Anna-may, who backed up fearfully against the wall.

Selina stepped beside Genki to observe the girls terrified expressions.

“Genki-chan....please don’thurt me...” Anna-may whimpered hiding her face in her hands.

Holly just stared at him in dispair and fear, tears still falling from her eyes.

“So whose going to be the first to taste the cold steal of you sword?’ Selina smirked loving the look of fear on the faces of the young girls.

“You’ll never guess who.” Genki replied.

“Is that right?” Selina laughed. “And who shall that unexpected person be?Your dear sweet Annie-chan?”

“No, you.” Genki replied.

“Wha---Argh!” Selina cried as Genki’s sword suddenly embedded itself threw her back, and into her heart area.

Holly gasped as Selina staggered backward, holding onto the bleeding hole in her body, teeth going threw her lips as she held in her screams of pain.

“You.... I did you break free of my control?” Selina coughed, her vision beginning to get blurry.

“How could he break from you control when he was never under it in the first place.I knew the whole time.” Anna-may giggled running up to Genki throwing her arms around him.

“What?” Holly gasped surprised.

“What you mean he was faking this whole time!?” Selina screamed in rage looking at both Genki and Anna-may .”How did a fool like you know , and not I !?”

“Ever sense we were young, whenever Genki told me something he didn’t mean and could not tell me he didn’t mean what he said outloud he would always throw his hat of and run his hand threw his hair. That’s how I knew, Isn’t that right Genki-chan?”

“Yeah, 100% right Annie-chan.” Genki grinned his eyes back to normal now.

Holly gasped as she remembered Genki doing the action Anna-may had just explained. ‘So he was faking the whole time? I thought for sure...I mean, I don’t know if I should be happy or angry. If he wasn’t under any spell how could he attack his own friends like that? He really has changed allot....’

“YOU MEAN THIS WHOLE TIME YOU WERE PLAYING WITH ME!!??” Selina screamed her voice thick with rage.

“Of corse, No matter how powerful your magic is, I would never join the forces of evil! I merely toyed with you Selina, waited until your guard was down.....I did to you what you have done to so many. How does it feel eh?To be a fool?” Genki mocked.

“You bastard. Ha! But while tricking me, you have still destroyed your friends, so your as crule and cold hearted as me!” Selina laughed cruelly.

“No, I would never inflect damage onto the people I love that I could not undo.” Genki responded.

“Annie-chan hold this for a moment.” Genki asked handing her his blood stained sword.

“What ever you say Genki-chan.” Anna-may smiled happily.

“What does he mean he can undo the damage he’s done to them?” Holly asked confused.

“Just what he means Holly-chan.” Anna answered.

Genki closed his eyes calmly, a golden aroua surrounded him, glowing brighter by the second. Holly stared in amazement as the glow around Genki brightened, and the golden aura went to BT,Aiko, Tiger and White Hound. Slowly all of there wounds closed up and they woke.

“Augh? What happened?” Bt moaned rubbing his head.

“I remember that we were attacked by Genki....”Aiko trailed off.

“That’s right! Genki!” Tiger turned towards the boy who smiled at them, but this time it was a smile of peace.

“I’m so sorry I had to ruff you up like that, but I had to make it look believable or I would never had fooled Selina into letting her guard down.”

“You...You mean....”Bt sputtered his eyes wide and shocked.


“I knew your weren’t evil! I knew it!” White Hound laughed running up to him.

“That’s our Genki....” Tiger shook his head smileing.”You never know what’s going on in that mind of his. Always thinking up somesort of crazy plan.”

“Wow, you really had us fooled..Hehe, but I knew the whole time that you were faking it.” BT grinned.

“Yeah, sure you did, Bt.” Aiko laughed.

Bt blushes, then throws his arm around Aiko’s shoulder. “That’s my girl, you can always tell when I’m lying can’t you?”

Holly stepped forward to go to Genki’side, but then saw out of the corner of her eye Selina raising out her hand for a final attack on Genki.

“GENKI LOOK OUT!” Holly screamed jumping forward knocking him out of the way of Selina’s attack.

“Argh!” Holly cried as Selina’s attack hit her in the leg.snapping the bone the bone into.

“Holly-chan!” Genki gasped, in shock, fear in his eyes and voice.

“I’m ok it’s just my leg.” Holly forced a week smile which turned into a grimace of pain.

“Holly-chan, you saved my life thank you...” Genki tailed off tears begging to sting his eyes. “I really didn’t want you to get hurt...”

“I would have been in much more pain if you have gotten hurt Genki-chan.”


Anna-may watched them her eyes wide, a worried look on her face. ‘did she just tell him that she loves him...? No, no, it’s just because there friends right? Anyone would sacrifice themselves for there friends right...wouldn’t they? Yeah, he just loves her as a friend, he has to....yeah, he loves her as a friend, that’s it.I hope.’ Anna-may took her eyes away from the two of them in time to see Selina charge up another attack.

“Not on your life bitch!” Anna-may growled suddenly remembering she held Genki’s sword, she lept towards Selina grasping the sword tightly.

“What?” Selina gasped seeing the girl and the crimson coulared blade heading straight towards her.Being to weak to doge the attack, the Allure could only watch as the sword embedded itself threw her right lung.

Everyone in the room was salient as Selina fell onto the floor falling infront of Lilim.

“Oh...Lilim, I’m sorry I couldn’t destroy them tried...I really did....but heal me and we could overthrow them together, we can defeat them with the power of our love....” Selina’s voice broke off as she began to cough up blood.

Lilim watched her saliently then slowly reached down and took her hand.

“I knew you cared about me Master Lilim.....I knew that boy was lying to me when he said you did not love me....” Selina smiled her eyes begging to tear in happiness.

Lilim smiled back but not with the same kind of smile as Selina, her smile was so cruel that it would send shivers down the spines of even the most bravest men.

“My dear, Selina, what a fool you are to think that I could ever care about a weakling like you!I was mearly using you this whole time, but now that you proved you are to weak to be of use to me I might as well rid myself of your ugly face!”

One could see Selina’s heart breaking with Lilim’s words, and tears began to pour down her cheeks. “You can’t mean that...”

“I’m sorry Selina.” Lilim’s face and voice took on a sympathetic tone.

“Really, Oh, I know you didn’t mean what you said to me, I knew you was just kidding.” Selina’s face brightened once again.

“I’m sorry but you should have lessened to the boy.”


“Lightning!” Lilim attacked, sending the attack into Selina’s body slowly barbecueing her.

Genki and everyone else in the group watched speechless as Lilim let go of Selina’s dead hand, letting it fall to the floor with a cold to thud.

“How can someone kill there own troops!!” Bt growled.

“I don’t know, but the sadess thing about this was that Selina was actually in love with her.” Anna-may frowned, tears coming to her eyes.

“The poor fool...”Holly muttered.

“Yes girl, she was a fool to believe that I could ever love flit like her! AND YOU ARE FOOLS IF YOU THINK YOU CAN DEFEAT ME!! IF YOUR BRAVE ENOUGH, MEET ME ON THE ROOF, WE WILL PLAY OUT OUR BATTLE THERE, HAHAHAHAHA!!!” Lilim slowly faded away, only the echo of laugh remained.

“Lilim, will pay for all what she’s done.” Aiko vowed.

“Yeah, we will do whatever to takes to defeat her!” Bt agreed.

“I wont let her get away with hurting Holly.” Tiger said looking at Holly’s wounds angrily.

“And, I will not stand by and let her harm anyone else.” White hound said.

“I’ll fight to! I know I may not be the strongest around hear, but being a priestist of the goddess Althenia I should have enough power to be able to fight against this evil.I’ll never know the full of my power if I never battle.” Anna-may laughed cheerfully. “I mean up until now I never knew I could use a sword, but I certainly showed Selina that I was capital of that.”

Genki laughed slightly. “You sure did Annie-chan, I should teach you how to sword fight someday, you could actually become very good at it.”

“Aww, Genki your making me blush.” Anna-may giggled looking at her feet.”but it’s so sweet of you to say that.”

“Genki, I know I can’t fight but...I don’t want to just leave you guys to battle all alone...” Holly frowned sadly.

“Holly, you did enough right now, you rest ok? We will all be all right, besides I don’t want to see you hurt anymore ok?” Genki said brushing her hair away form her face.

“Genki-chan...” Holly smiled.

“Before we go to battle, I should heal you and Anna, your both cut up pretty bad...were is Suzo, if he’s hurt I could heal him to...”

Holly felt tears sting her eyes at the sound of her friends name. “Oh Genki-chan!” She she cried allowing the tears to come. “Suzo’s gone..he’s dead...they killed him.”

“Oh my god..Holly.”Genki whispered softly holding Holly close to him as she cried letting her tears wet his shirt.

“I can’t believe it, Suzo’s gone...?’ Tiger gasped shocked.

Everyone in room held sad expressions until Genki spoke.

“Holly perhaps I might be able to revive him..maybe I still have the power to restore lost disks....”

Holly gasped her look of sorrow becoming a look of joy. ‘That’s right, maybe you still can! Genki thank you!”

“No problem Holly-chan. Now, hold still while I heal you ok? You to Anna-chan.”

Genki began to glow with the golden coular again, Holly could feel the warmth of the engery as it was passed onto her, she could feel herself regaining full strength and engery, and her wounds healing then as soon as it came the warm feeling left and she opened her eyes.

“There don’t you both feel better now?” Genki asked smiling.

“Yeah! I feel so much more alive! And now I don’t have to worry about getting any scars over my body.” Anna-may cheered.

“Thank you Genki, I feel great.” Holly smiled standing up on her now healed leg, she was happy to see also that the blood that had covered he legs had disappeared also.

“ I’m glad I could heal you both,There’s one more thing to do before we attack Lilim though.”

“What is it genki?” Holly questioned.

“I can’t leave you hear defenseless incase something happens, let me see your dagger for a moment?” Genki asked.”If you allow me to, I can inpower it so you’ll have protection.”

“Oh? All right.” Holly slowly handed him the dagger. ‘Thank you.”

“Your welcome Holly.” Genki smiled then closed his eyes in concertraion.The blade began to glow a peaceful and powerful blue as Genki gave it back to Holly.

“It will only glow when you hold it, so only you can use it. If anyone attacks you while we are gone this can defeat them with this ok?’

Part 12

Azami sat on down on the floor, her head down her face hidden beneath her long bangs.

“Azami, is anything wrong?” Golem asked as he came up behind her.

“Oh!?” Azami let out a startled yelp of surprise, then smiled up at the rock giant. “Hi, Golem. Nothing’s wrong I was just worried about, Bt and.....Aiko.Of course I’m worried about the others and all, but I think I’m in love with Bt.” Azami blushed looking away, her expression then turned sad. “I’m worried about Aiko to....I don’t want to see her hurt, or dead, I don’t want to lose her....even thought she hates me.....she is the only family I have left.”

“Azami, Aiko does not hate you.” Golem told her looking at her sympathicly.

“Hmmm....yeah...well, then why does she act like it?”

‘Poor, Azami.....’ Halo thought as she watched the small girl and the rock giant speak. ‘Aiko is so afraid that she will lose you, like she lost everyone else she cares afraid to let you into her heart...that she does not know the harm she is causing you......and herself.”

“Damn! They have been gone to long!” Hare exclaimed hitting his fists down on a table in the dinning room.

“I’m getting worried Chi.” Moochi sniffed. “Is Genki and Holly OK?”

“I wish I knew, Moochi I really do. I wish now that I have gone with them....If they died I would feel so responsible.....” Hare said with a pained expression on her face.

“If they die they die, there’s nothing you can do about it.” Durahan rudely said as he came into the room.

“Is that all you have to say!?’ Hare growled.

“Your not very nice Chi!” Moochi puffed his cheeks in anger.

“ Idiots...if your so very worried about your friends then why aren’t you over there fighting with them, instead of over hear sniffling like babies.” Durahan sneered.

“Well if your so great then why aren’t *you* there fighting with them!?” Hare hissed.

Durahan stood silent for a moment then grinned. “Well, I was just heading over to Lilim myself, if you two are so brave then come with me.”

“You can count on it Durahan.”

“Yeah Chi!”

“Find then, your ride to hell awaits.” Durahan laughed as he lead Hare and Moochi out of the room.

“Genki-chan, she said she would be on the roof?” Anna-may asked as she clinged close to Genki’s arm.

“Yeah...Wonder why she wanted to fight on the roof.” Genki frowned in thought.

“Eh! Probably more dramatic looking.” Aiko shrugged her shoulders.

“What’s that!?” Tiger suddenly exclaimed stopping in his tracks.

“Tiger? What is it?” Genki asked, looking over at his friend.

White Hound stopped also, his ears twitching. “It sounds”

“An Elevator!” Bt suddenly exclaimed pointing to there right were an elevator door opened.

“Looks like Lilim sent us some quick travel.” Aiko smirked.

“Yeah! I hate climbing so much stares, but.....It could be a trap.” Anna-may frowned.

“Nah, don’t think so. Crushing people in elevators is not Lilim’s style.” Genki answered.

“Really?” Anna-may sighed with relief.

“Yeah, she likes to torture them first.”

Anna-may’s face faulted. “I know you were just trying to clam me down but....that really did not help.....”

“Sorry, Annie-chan.” Genki grinned at her.

“That’s OK...just hold my hand as we get on OK....incase the elevator breaks..Then you can fly me to safety.”

“ Hey! What about us!?” Aiko growled. “Your going let the rest of us die!?”

“. . . .Yeah . . . “

everyone except Anna-may swetdrops.

Genki laughed. “Ok Annie-chan, I’ll hold your hand.”

The elevator slowly rose, everyone on the elevator stood in silence, each lost in there own thoughts, each knowing that this might be there final moment of life, but each ready to accept there faith. The elevator stopped after a few minuets which had seemed hours to the passengers, stopped and the doors slowly opened.

“This is it guys, be brave and be careful.” Genki told his friends.

“Yes, we will try our very best.” Anna-may smiled taking Genki’s hand as the stepped out of the elevator.

“I’ll be fine, just worry about yourself kid.” Tiger replied.

“Genki, be careful, promise me.” White Hound begged, his eyes pleading.

“Of course I will.” Genki smiled.

“Come on! Are we just going to talk or are we going to beat the crap outta this bitch.” Aiko grinned hitting her fist into the palm of her hand.

“Aiko, just incase one of us don’t make it....” BT said looking down at his feet blushing.

“Bt?” Aiko asked confused, then her eyes grew wide as Bt suddenly pulled her into a long and passionate kiss the lasted at least five minuets.

“............Get a room....” White Hound muttered under his breath.

“Oh wow! Bt!” Aiko exclaimed after they pulled away.

“I love you, Aiko-chan.”

Aiko’s eyes teared. “I...your....that’s so sweet, I care about you more then words could ever express Bt....”

“Hey...Genki....” Anna-may looked over at him slyly. “What about a kiss like that for me eh?”

Genki blushed, lowering his eyes to the ground. “”

Anna-may giggled lightly “Oh Genki your always so innocent.But after we win, give me a great big victory kiss ok?Promise?”

Genki grinned back. “OK, I promise.”

“Well, now that you have said your final good-byes, it’s time for you all to die.” A voice said from the darkness above.

“Lilim!!” The group exclaimed.

“I did not think you had the guts to show up, but it seems like you’ve proven me wrong...but face the facts you have no chance of winning, your only humans.”

“It doesn’t matter if your strong.” Anna-may growled looking up at the pixie-bread. “We will win because we have a soul unlike you! I knew from the very moment I laid my eyes on you, that your very soul has been eaten away by Moo’s evil! Your nothing but a damn pupette!!! A mindless, black hearted puppet!!”

Lilim laughed, a laugh so full of hate and contempt it could make a WW2 solider shiver.

“Dramatic words for a little girl, words that you’ll soon regret!You’ll see what it’s like not to ‘own yourself ‘ ” Lilim’s eye glow a bright red.

Ann-may gasped as she felt her right hand snatched the sword away from Genki’s side.

“Wha---? Annie-chan!? What are you doing!?” Genki gasped, his eyes growing wide.

“...I....I can’t control my body it’s doing this by itself!!” The girl cried as she pressed the blade of the sword to her neck.

“Annie-chan, no!!” Genki exclaimed in panic.

“ don’t want to die!” Anna-may cried then suddenly a bright aura of sliver surround her stopping her hand from pressing the sword into her neck.

“....Genki...chan...I can’t...hold Lilim’s..spell off much longer....” Anna-may warned tears of fear coming down her cheeks.

Genki stared at Anna-may for a moment then turned to Lilim with his face twisted in anger.

“LEAVE HER ALONE, BITCH!! YAHHHHHH!!!!” Genki threw about seven huge fireballs at Lilim, who as they each hit her one by one, broke her spell on Anna-may who let the sword fall to the ground with a loud clatter.

“Oh thank you Genki!” Anna-may cried in joy as she threw her arms around him.” I thought I was going to die!”

“Did you get her?” Aiko asked, peering threw the smoke of the flames trying to find Lilim.

“Ha! You think I’m so easily destroyed?” Lilim laughed as the smoke cleared.

The groups eyes widened in terror.

“Everyone attack her at once!” Genki exclaimed. “Fire beam!”

“Cold Bullet!” Tiger attacked

“Blizzard!” White Hound exclaimed

“Energy channel...” Aiko mumbled, glowing a bright orange as she channeled her energy into her gun.

“Sword Slash!” Bt jumped into the air raising his sword

“Golden blades!” Anna-may exclaimed throwing her two magical boomerangs.

The group attacked.

Each of the attacks hit Lilim at once. The group stood panting tiredly, the smoke of the attack filling the area were Lilim had floated in the sky.

The group grinned in victory as Lilim appeared out of the sky, battered and brusied, bleeding from many deep gashes.

“All right!” Aiko exclaimed throwing her arms around Bt.

“We did it!’ Bt laughed holding Aiko close.

“Ha..ha...ha...” The group looked up startled as Lilim began to laugh a crule mocking laugh. “Fools, it’s not so easy to destroy me.” a green force field surrounded the pixie monster and the group stared in horror as the wounds slowly began to close up.

“DAMN IT!” Aiko exclaimed shooting her gun at the monster.

“Idiot.” lilim sneered at the girl as the bullet bounced of the shield and came right back at her.

Aiko cried out shielding her face with her arms as the bullet headed straight for her forehead.

“Aiko!” Bt gasped putting his arm infront of her taking the bullet.

“No! Bt!” Aiko exclaimed as she stared at the bullet lunched in his arm and the blood coming from the wound.

“Ha, it’s nothing serious. I have been injured much worse then this.” Bt managed a small laugh.

“You see it’s useless, I have the ability to heal myself, So you see I cannot be killed by such babyish attacks!” Lilim bragged. “You cannot win, bow to me and I may decide to spare your lives.”

“Ha! I would rather die then bow to anyone!” Genki mocked. “and I certainly would never bow to someone who does not even own themselves.”

Lilim’s face twisted in anger. “You--!!” the monster flew down at quick speed caught Genki by the shoulders.

Genki gasped in pain as her finger nails sank into his skin and then his eyes grew wide with shock and terror as he felt her teeth sink into his neck.

“Argh!” He cried as he felt his body weakening, it was then that he realized that she was sucking the life out of him.

“GENKI!!” White Hound exclaimed head butting Lilim away from the boy.

“Pest!” Lilim snarled backhanding White Hound away.

“White Hound!” Genki exclaimed as he watched his friend hit the floor with a loud thud. he tried to get pull himself away from the Pixies death grip, but with her sucking the very life from his body he did not have the strength.

“Genki!” Aiko exclaimed aiming her gun.

“No! Aiko! You’ll hit Genki.” Bt stopped her.

“Damn, then what are we suppose to do!?” Aiko hissed.

“G..genki.” White Hound coughed as he weekly pulled himself to the feet.

Lilim laughed as she flew up high bringing Genki with her.

“Genki! Lilim your such a coward come down hear and fight!” Tiger growled.

‘No...Genki...I got to do something..!’ Anna-may felt power begin to boil up inside of her body. ‘I wont let him die, I wont let Lilim win!’ the power inside of her raised higher as she continued to watch Lilim suck the life out of him. ‘Genki-chan . . .’

“Haha! Your barely alive Phoenix boy... I’ll let you go now, so you can watch each of your friends die, one by one.” Lilim laughed cruelly as she let Genki drop.

Genki did not have enough strength left inside of him to scream as he fell downward. ‘It can’t end this way . . .’ he thought.

“Noooo Genki!!!!!!!!” Anna-may screamed, the power that had been building up inside of her burst forward in a giant sliver colored aura.

“Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She screamed as she began to charge up her energy.

“What the--?” Tiger gasped as he watched her.

“Huh? what’s going on!?” Aiko screamed stunned.

“Anna-may!? that power is so strong, how can it be coming from Anna-may!?” Bt said watching with eyes wide with surprise.

“....I don’t get this..nothing makes any sense...” White hound mumbled.


“Die Lilim! Once and for all!” Anna-may screamed throwing the huge sliver energy orb at her.

and as the energy was about to hit her Lilim finally felt fear for the first time in her life.

Holly looked up startled as she heard a huge explosion come from above.

“Oh, Genki, Tiger! Please be all right.” She prayed as she sat in the middle of the room crowed with bodies and stank with the smell of blood.

“Huh?” Holly looked down in surprise as her stone began to glow. “The magic stone, why is it glowing?” she pulled the stone out and saw that it was pointing to her left.

“I know that Genki said to stay hear...but I feel that I should fallow the has to be trying to lead me towards something important.” Holly said to herself as climbed to her feet. “I should leave them a note, incase they arrive be for I come back.” Holly scribbled down a note and began to walk in the direction that her stone was pointing unaware that something was following her.

Chapter 13

* "Where am I ?" Genki asked himself looking around himself. He was in a black void, no floor was beneath him, and he realized he was floating. As far as he could tell he was alone, and he was cold. "I'm , I dead?" he wondered tiredly. A sudden scream startled him out of his thoughts. "Holly!?" he called, recognizing the voice. He tried to run forward towards the noise but he couldn't move. But ever so slowly a image appeared out of the darkness. It showed Holly laying on the ground bleeding, struggling to breath. He could not describe the horror and anguish he felt as he stared at her body, he slowly looked up to see the killer...................

"Genki-chan! Genki-chan! Wake up! PLEASE!!!" Anna-may screamed as she shook him by the shoulders violently. The rest of the rebels stood in a circle around Anna-may and Genki all praying that the young boy would awaken.

"Genki please don't die." Anna-may sobbed, her tears falling onto Genki's face.

Genki groaned as he opened his eyes, he felt very dizzy, but became fully awaken as he saw Anna-may sobbing uncontrollably over him.

'Annie-chan..." He coughed, reaching up his hand to brush her tears way.

Anna-may looked startled then a moment but then a huge smile of relief and joy spread across her face.

"Oh Genki-chan! Genki-chan!! I knew you would not leave me!" She laughed, tears of joy streaming down her cheeks as she threw her arms around him.

"Annie-chan..." Genki smiled warmly, holding her close to him as he pushed himself upward.

"All right Genki!" Bt cheered. "I knew you would make it pal!"

"I have to admit, for a second there I thought Lilim was going to win." White Hound admitted.

" But we won, and we all are safe.Now lets get Holly and get out of this place." Genki smiled.

"Yeah! I can't wait to go home, and wash this dye out of my hair." Anna-may giggled still being held in Genki's arms.

"I knew we would never be defeated but, I never thought that it would be Anna-may of all people who ended up saving all our butts!" Aiko exclaimed. "Speaking of which, how on earth was you able to do such an attack? I must admit, I'm amazed!I mean look at her!"

The group turned there heads to look at the body of Lilim laying on the floor in a crumbled position. A huge puddle of blood had formed from under her, and It looked like she had broken her neck in the fall.

"Wow, remind me never to get Anna-may mad at me.." Bt whistled.

Anna-may blushed slightly. "I don't know how I done it, perhaps the power came from Althenia...Mostly, I'm only able to summon up those golden fans, but I guess the old saying is true . . ."

"What old saying is that Annie-chan?" Genki questioned.

The young girl looked over at him,smileing sweetly. "That you only reach your true power when trying to save someone you love . "

Genki blushed softly.

"Well it seems we won, and if you remember the promise you made me. . ." Anna-may laughed as she leaned closer to him, her eyes closing.

Genki shut his eyes two as there lips neared. . .

"DIE!!" a voice screamed and all of the rebels turned in horror to look at Lilim as she stood to her feet, barely able to keep her balance.

"How can she still be alive!?' Aiko shouted.

The rest of the rebels words were droned out For Anna-may and Genki as a huge beam headed straight towards them.

'she has one special attack, a giant beam that will kill you instantly, even if it only grazes your arm, it will quickly drain away your life.' Genki remember Shadow's words as he watched the beam approach him and Anna-may. The others had time to move out of they way, but the beam was so huge and coming so fast the weakened Anna-may and Genki could only watch as it came to deliver the blow that would kill them both.

"Genki!!" Anna-may screamed squeezing his shoulders in fear.

"Annie-chan!" Genki gasped trying his best to protect the girls body from the beam with his own.

'No, Genki! Protect yourself! Please!" Anna-may begged, her eyes tearing as she watched him cover her with his own body and the beam coming up from behind him.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!" A scream pierced threw the sky and Genki and Anna-may gasped in surprise as something flew in the way of the beam.

The white energy of the attack exploded as it hit it's target. Everyone was blinded by the light and was forced to shield there eyes.When the light faded Genki and Anna-may saw the form of there savior laying, unmoving, on the roof.

"Shadow!" Genki gasped rushing over to the young Pixie's side, holding her limp body in his hands.

Everyone including Lilim stayed still as the stared at the young pixie,all feeling different emotions, but all of them feeling surprise

"Shadow, please wake up!" Genki exclaimed.

The silhouette opened her blue eyes weakly. "I returned the favor . . ." she coughed.

"Shadow, you know you never owed me anything." He reminded tearfully.

"I know, but I could stand back and watch Lilim take away another life." Her blue eyes wavered."All what I have been doing threw this whole battle is cowering. I watched many of my friends die because I was to afraid to help them, to afraid to lose my own life. It was only after Lilim, killed my best friend......t..that that I had no one killed them all..what of ...liv..livng if everyone is...dead?" she began to tremble, her voice was turning raspy and weaker with every word she spoke.

"Shadow . . . " Genki said softly searching for words to say a tear falling from his eyes.

"Genki, After Lilim killed everyone I cared about, I was afraid to care about anyone else...So..I..just turned my heart to stone..don't cry for someone who does own a...heart." Shadow forced a smile. "and don't you go a feel bad about my death, I died a long time ago and all...what was left..was a shadow of my former self...anyway, you did...more for me then anyone ever showed me...that..someone on this earth..actuly cares enough for hold me while I die....Thank you Genki....I will remember your kindness always......."A single tear made of crystal fell from Shadow's eye, and rested on her pale cheek as her breathing came no more and her blue eyes closed forever.

"Your heart was not made of stone......No one with a heart of stone would ever have gave there lives for someone else, or could they regret the past."

"Who knows," Anna-may whispered as she came up behind him and gestured towards the crystal-like tear. "maybe that single crystal tear was her heart." the girl picked up the crystal teardrop in her hand, studying it sadly.

"What a fool, how could she give her life to save a human!" Lilim snarled in disgust. "What a pitfall excuse for a creature, I guess my attack wasn't all that wasted, at least it got rid of that annoying fool."

Genki could feel his anger boil at the sound of Lilim words. "YOU BITCH!!" Genki snarled.

The group gasped in surprise and shock as they watched Lilim suddenly burst into flames.

'YOU WON'T DEFEAT MY MASTER!!' was Lilim's last words as she was turned into a crisp.

Everyone stood stunned.

"Do you think she's really dead this time..?" Bt finally asked after a few moments.

"I think so, she was burnt to a crisp." White Hound observed.

"No one could have survived that." Tiger agreed turning away from the horrible image.

"Let's get out of here." Aiko said putting her gun away. "We saw enough death for one day."

"Yeah your right, come on Genki-chan let's get Holly and leave." Anna-may pulled Genki to his feet as she got up.

"Yeah, lets go." he agreed 'I hope Holly is still OK.'

Chapter 14

"Hey!? Where on earth did she go!?" Anna-may gasped as they arrived in the room where Holly should have been.

"Damn! Was she captured or something?' Aiko cursed.

"Lets hope not." Bt responded looking around the room.

"Holly! Holly!" Tiger called out trying to find her.

"Holly-chan! Come out, please! Holly-chan! Where are you!?" Anna-may called her voice echoing over the room.

Genki could feel his body trembling as he remember the image from his dream. He did not believe in god but he prayed anyway that she was OK. It was then that he found her note laying on the floor.

Dear; Genki

I know you said for me to wait for you here, but my magic stone began to glow, and it was pointing something out. I had this feeling that it was important, so I went to check it out. ---Holly.

"Guys, listen to this." He called out to the others holding the note in his hands. The group lessened to the short note and sighed in relief.

"I guess that means she's OK." Anna-may said with a smile.

"Maybe not, look over there." Tiger said his voice thick with worry.

The group looked over to where Tiger was pointing and gasped in surprise. There was streak of blood along the floor, like something bleeding had been dragged across it.

Genki could feel his body freeze, the bleeding Holly from his dream re-entering his mind. "'s?" he stuttered.

Tiger sniffed the blood, a look of relief crossed his face. "No. Thank god. I don't know whose it is."

"Let me see." White Hound said pushing past Tiger and began sniffing the blood, the tiger's blue eyes widened in shock.

'This blood...! It belongs to Selina!" He exclaimed.

"What---hey where is her body! I don't see it!" Aiko asked looking around surprised.

"You don't suspose..that..Selina is still alive! How could she be! Ack! We got to go warn Holly-chan!" Anna-may gasped.

"It probably fallow her, Tiger, White Hound try and find Holly quick!" Genki said in worry.

The two tigers began to sniff the ground for Holly's sent.

"She's over threw the left doors! Come on!" Tiger called as he ran after her sent.

'Oh, Please! Let Holly be OK!" Genki thought as he ran after Tiger.

Holly shivered. The hallway was dark and creepy. It did not look like it had been used for along time. If it wasn't for the light from her stone, Holly thought she would had probably not have been able to see her hand in front of her face.

"Why do I keep on feeling like someone is following me?" She asked outloud as she looked behind her. "It's probably just my imagination. I sure hope Genki is all right . . ." She stopped walking as came to an dead end. The stone glow brighter, and she looked down. Below her was a cellar door. She grabbed it's steel handle in her hand and gave it a hard pull. The door opened and a cloud of smoke filled the air. Holly coughed covering her mouth and eyes as she waited for the smoke to clear.

"I wonder why the stone brought me down hear...I guess I should cheek it out.." Holly climbed down stairs leading into the cellar.

"Hmmm, it does not look like nothing is hear..."Holly trailed off looking around her. It was mostly filled with canned goods. She walked along the shelves following her stone until she reached the shelf where the stone seemed to be pointing.

'Wow, look at all the junk food on this shelf, cookies, chocolate bars, beef jerky, candy, chips, nothing I would ever eat." Holly dismissed the food and looked at her stone once again.

"Why is it pointing here? The only thing hear is junk food, unless...."

With a grunt, Holly gave the shelf a push to it's side. It moved a little and Holly could see an hole in the wall behind it.

"I knew it!This shelf was covering up a hole in the wall! Now, if only I can make an opening large enough for me to fit threw.

Holly groaned as she gave the shelf other push.It fell to it's side with a crash which echoed off the walls.

Holy peered threw the wall, it did not seem to go back to far and at the very end she could see a small green light.Her stone began to glow brighter and became hotter with every step she took towards the light.

"What's this?" Holly asked as she knelt infront of a statue that contained the green light. The statue was that of a beautiful goddess, standing in a field of flowers and trees. In the middle of her hands she held a green stone.

Holly reached her hand forward to touch it when a blast of lightning grazed by her, nearly hitting her. The attack crashed into the statue breaking it into millions of little pieces. Holly screamed as a bright green light burst threw the broken remains of the once beautiful statue.

"What the---!! What is that!?" Hare exclaimed as he, Moochi and Durahan saw the blast of light come threw the roof of the store as they drove towards it in the back-up car.

"What happened Chi!?"

"I think the party has just ended without us." Durahan whispered looking up at the bright light the shot up towards the heavens.

Holly twisted around to see Selina crawling along the ground.

"Ha, ha, ha..." she coughed weekly. 'I have claimed the power point for Moo's side.... even though you defeated lost the battle in the end. You and your friends caused my beloved Lilim to hate me, so if I kill you, then perhaps when I join her in the after life she will love me again."

"You mean your still in love with her, even after what she done to you! You must be Crazy!!" Holly gasped taking a step away from her.

"Crazy, ha! YOU'LL SEE WHOES CRAZY WHEN YOUR DEAD!! ARGHH!" Selina scream leaping towards Holly with her teeth ready to take a piece out of the girl's troat.

Holly screamed, and without noticing she removed her dagger from her side and slashed it out infront of her. When Holly reopened her eyes which she had closed, she saw that her dagger at hit Selina, slashing her across the troat. Holly stood shivering as Selina fell to the floor dead.

"Holly!" Genki exclaimed as he suddenly rushed threw the opening. Holly looked over at him still stunned.

"Holly, speak to me, are you all right!? What happened!?" He exclaimed rushing over to her.

Holly could feel herself spinning, and she fainted into his arms.

"Holly-chan!!" Genki gasped in surprise as he caught her.

"Holly-chan! What happened, to her!!?" Anna-may gasped running up to Genki to examine Holly.

"I don't know, she just fainted."Genki explained, his voice quivering in worry.

"...It looks like Selina attacked..." Aiko said pointing towards Selina who laid on the floor bleeding from her troat.

Genki looked over the the body, and then he saw Holly's dagger stained with blood laying on the floor and sighed with relief. "Holly must have killed Selina, she probably fainted because of the shock. I know Holly, she does not like to see things hurt, so the shock of killing someone must have been to much for her."

"Genki, what's that light." Tiger asked looking up at the beam of light.

The group gathered around to stare up at it.

"Wow, it's so pretty..." Anna-may whispered. 'But at the same scary..I can sense strong evil and power coming from it, Genki-chan where is all that power coming from?"

"Yeah, Bt, do you know what it is." Aiko questioned.

Genki and Bt exchanged sad looks.

"This mission, was a failure." Bt informed the group.

"What!? What do you mean!?" Aiko gasped in surprise at his words.

"Genki-chan, what is going on!? What does this light mean!?" Anna-may asked alarmed.

"How can this mission be a failure, we defeated Lilim and her followers!" Tiger said.

"Genki, Bt, this can't be---" White Hound trailed off his eyes wide in horror.

"The power point of earth." Genki finished. 'It's been corrupted, and now it's adding to Moo's power."

Gasps of alarm went out threw the whole group.

"Oh no! Genki-chan! That can't be true, Butch and Moo are even more stronger!"Anna-may whimpered.

"That is true, but there are still the other power points, so we still have a chance."

"That's right Genki." Bt smiled. "All right everyone! Let's get get out of hear and get some rest! Then we can go fight another battle, another day."

'another day, another fight.' Anna-may thought sadly. 'everyday that passes I stand the chance to lose someone I care about. We all stand the chance to lose someone we love. Like poor Holly-chan, her and that Suzo seemed so close...I hope that Genki-chan can revive him for her sake...even though I'm afraid that She might steal Genki away from me...I can't help but like her, she's so kind, I don't want to see her sad, but I know that she loves Genki-chan, and I know that seeing me with him makes her sad, but I just love him to much to let him go, even if it does make her sad. Oh well, she'll go back home to her world soon, and I wont have to worry about it, in the mean time, I hope me and her can be friends."

Anna-may looked at Holly being carried in Genki's arms and smiled softly. 'even though I'm not ever going to give Genki up to Holly, even I got to admit, they would have looked cute together.'

Chapter 15

* Holly found herself standing the center of an old building. She looked around herself questionably.

“Where am I? What is this place?”

“So your saying that the rebels have destroyed Lilim?” A voice asked from the distance.

“Yes, Master Butch, threw this experiment we have found that the Phoenix-boy’s power alone is enough to bring Moo fully back into exsistance.” A second female voice replied.

‘Butch...the one who re-created Moo...but what did the other person mean when they said ‘to bring Moo fully back into existence?’ Holly frowned in thought.

“Yoke, go transform, and bring me back more information, about Genki and the hafeling.” Butch ordered.

Holly’s eyes widened and she peered forward into the darkness, ‘I have to see who the second person is...’

The area was to dark to see anything but as Holly peered forward she could see a small flash of something Pink... *

“Holly, come on, wake up.” Halo pleaded with her.

Holly coughed as her eyes slowly opened. “Eh...where am I?”

“Holly-chan,” Genki smiled, relief clearly in his on his face.

“Genki, did we make it back? Are we safe?” Holly asked.

“Yeah, I’m glad your ok, for a second, I thought the shock had been to much for you.” Genki said sadly as he sat on the side of her bed.

“The shock?” Holly repeated, as the images of her killing Selina came back into her head.

“Yeah, don’t worry Holly-chan, she was already dead, all what you did was free her soul.” He reassured.

“Genki, I’m going to go look after the other patients now, if either of you need anything just call ok?” Halo smiled.

‘Kay, thanks.”

Holly looked around herself, it seemed like a hospital room, there where many beds, all filled with humans and monsters, both young and old.

“How many people do you have down hear?” Holly questioned.

“Twenty in all, most of them children...we try are very best to heal them..but, most of them wont be hear much longer. When we are not training or fighting or plotting startigies against Butch most of the time we are in hear trying to cheer up the children.” Genki explained.” Even Durahan sometimes.”

“Can I meet them?’ Holly asked looking at the beds.

Genki blinked then grinned. “Yeah, sure, I bet all the children will be happy to meet you.”

“Thanks, Genki.” Holly smiled, blushing as Genki took her hand, helping her out of the bed.

“Hey, Durahan! Have you seen any of the girls? I can’t find any of them anywhere?” Bt asked, his hands on his hips in frustration.

“That Monster-world girl is in the healing area.” Durahan answered as he continued to polish his sword.

“Yeah, I know, Genki is with her. But I’m not looking for her, I’m looking For Aiko, maybe even Azami, Hell! Even Anna-may would be *someone* to talk to! I’m bored out of my mind!I want Aiko...where is she...? She’s missing allot lately...always disappearing somewhere...could she..could she have another boyfriend!?”

“Bt? just down the hall in her room.....” Anna-may told him as she walked up behind him.

“Aiko!” Bt grinned running down the hall.

“Wait! Bt, Don’t!! She is-------”

Bt opens the door.


Anna-may swetdrops. “She’s getting dressed.....”

“PERVERT!!!!!!!” Aiko’s screams could be heard echoing down the hall.

“Och! Aiko!! I’m sorry! Och! Stop throwing things at me! Och! Help!! Someone!! Heeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllpppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Anna-may and Durahan sweat.

“He didn’t even sound this scared when we was battling Lilim.....”

“Well, there is one thing more scaryer then the soul takers six...”

“What’s that Durahan?”


“That’s true enough.”

Genki and Holly where setting in the park area the Genki showed to Holly just before they went to battle Lilim.

“’s so horrible to know that there were so many little kids could anyone be so evil?...Even the Moo in my world had *some* limits. but the one here....”

“The one here is pure evil.” Genki finished his eyes getting a sad look in them. “I still can’t believe Butch did something like this...”

Holly stared at him for a moment questionably. “Genki, tell me, what was Butch like before this whole thing started.”

“I never told the others this but he was very kind to me, he always treated me nice...stood up for me when some other kids would pick on see I never knew my father or my mother really well and Yoko and Butch were together for almost as long as I could remember. They were kind of like parents to I sometimes really can’t believe that Butch as become what he has...but he always did desire power...I guess that what happens when someone desires power to much. They get corrupted by it.”

Holly frowned at him putting a hand on his shoulder making him turn around to face her.

“Genki, I’m really sorry. I know how you feel, I know it hurts but I promise we’ll make it true this all right.”

Genki smiled at her weakly and turned his eyes back to the sky, a sad guiltily look was hidden in them.

“Since I woke up you looked at me with that guiltily look, It’s Suzo isn’t it?’ Holly said suddenly causing Genki to look at her startled.

“You weren’t able to revive him were you.” Holly continued, tears formed in her eyes as she spoke.

Genki shook his head sadly. “I tried my best...but something...something just wouldn’t allow me to revive him...I’m very sorry. I’m getting Dr.Wilo to look into it to find a reason why my power wouldn’t work on him, maybe it will give me the answer I need and then perhaps I’ll be able to.”

Holly nodded tears spilling over her cheeks. “But I can’t believe he’s gone...” she bit her lips in hopes to stop the tears from spilling forth but it wasn’t working to well.

“Holly.” Genki whispered putting an arm around the young girl holding her close to him and allowing her to burying her head into his chest and she sobbed loud cries for her lost friend.

‘Holly...Please don’t cry...It makes me so sad to see you cry, I wish I could protect you from all harms but I know I can’t but I will try my best to do so...I’d do anything to keep the beautiful smile on your face Holly-chan.’

‘Hmmm, the phoenix boy seems to have such strong feelings for her...This just might prove useful in the future...’ a figure thought as it walked away from the two humans a smirk appearing on it’s face.