Moo's Castle: the Weird Side

Disclaimer: I don't legally own Monster Rancher apart from the characters I create, this story is just for fun

"Master Moo, I know where the girl is" Captain Weed crowed.

"Bring her here" Moo pointed a finger at him.

The purple plant creature looked up "You know, you're kinda cute"

"What?" Moo just stared down at him, sweat-dropping.

"Will, will you go out with me, Master Moo?"

"Umm, maybe, I'll be back in a minute, wait here" Moo starts backing away from him.

"Hey, where are you going?" Captain Weed calls.

"Umm, nowhere" Moo suddenly runs for it, the purple plant in hot pursuit.

Moo crashes into a room where his Evil Hare troops are playing poker, one looks up, a cheesed off look on his face.

"Hey, do you mind, we're playing strip poker here"

"Help, hide me, Captain Weed wants to go out with me"

"Yeah, yeah, not halfway through our weekly game of strip poker"

"Master Moo, WHERE ARE YOU?"

The leader of the baddies sneaks out the side door as Captain Weed enters the room.

"Have you seen Master Moo?"

"Yeah, he went that way" one of the Evil Hares said, pointing at the door Moo disappeared through.

"Backstabbers" Moo glares at them and bolts from the poker room.

Then Gali floats into the poker room "Groovy, strip poker, can I join in?"

"Umm, how can you play, you haven't got any hands?" an Evil Hare asks.

Gali grins and shrugs off his cloak "There, I've stripped, now can I play?"

The Evil Hare wearing the poker dealer's cap just slaps his hand against his forehead while the others all groan.

Suddenly Naga pops up out of nowhere "Gali, you're cute when you're naked, want to go for a drink?"

"Ok, let's go"

In the tv room, Gray Wolf sits in an old, tattered armchair, munching popcorn from a blue bowl, surrounded by his soldiers.

"Man, she's cute" he sighs, staring at the screen.

Moo crashes into the room, trying to escape from Captain Weed and knocks the tv off its stand, smashing it into a thousand pieces

"WAHHH and I was watching Lassie" Gray Wolf bursts into tears and runs from the room as his Cabalos troops all sweatdrop.

"Oh, Master MOOOO"

"ARGGGGHHH" the golden-armored titan runs from the tv room.

"What the heck is going on?" one Cabalos asks.

Halfway down the corridor, Moo stops and suddenly blinks "Wait, why am I running away from him?"

"Now will you go out with me?" Captain Weed comes down the hallway.

"No" Moo bellowed, grabbing him and slinging the purple plant out the nearest window.

"You know, he's cute when he's angry" Captain Weed grins as he falls towards the ground.