"My Brother, My Foe" By:Lauren

~Tiger's Point of View~

Brother, I swore I would be the one to defeat you

Now, finally we are face to face

No one is here to interfere

None of the Cabalos you used to shed the blood of innocents

No Genki to insist we do this as a team

Some battles must be fought alone

You snarl and leap and I charge to meet you

As we clash I see the storm clouds gather in the sky

The wind shrieks its rage over our battlefield

The rain pours down, as though it is crying

Crying for a past that is best forgotten

Crying for a future that may never be

Brother, I remember we faced the storms together

We hunted, we stole, we survived together

Does all that mean nothing to you now?

I look into your eyes for a glimpse of hope

Just one sign that you are still my brother

But all I see is Moo's evil

Our battle continues, blow after bow

In the wind and rain and mud

And then it is all over

I stand there a moment, disbelieving

While the rain falls down, soaking my fur

Moo is going to pay

I hear the others come up behind me

They know in a glance what has happened

No one speaks. Not even Hare

I pad back over to them, away from the Lost Disk

The wind howls to the darkened sky

I hope you liked it, even though there must be at least twenty versions of this battle already. Although in most of them Grey Wolf joins the group... Well, anyway, I'll have the next story soon, unless inspiration suddenly strikes again.