Chapter 1: is it soup yet?

Narrator:Monday! The first day of school. The false joy of everyone. Back to work, back to lectures back to -ack!!!!

Tasuki: *Throws narrator of stage* WE GET THE &%&$*ING IDEA!

Amber: Psst!! Tasuki that wasn't in the script.

Tasuki: %&%$! I'm not doing this &%$@#$ing thing!!

Sara: What's going on?

Amber: Tasuki isn't going to be part of the fic.

Sara: Why?

Tasuki: Because I have to $^^#$^ act with girls!!!!

Gothkitty: -_-# And what is so bad about girls?? HMMM???!!!

Tasuki: Nothing it's just that....I'M NOT DOING IT!

Gothkitty: PLEEEEASE!

Tasuki: no...

Amber:If you go on we'll let you crisp Tamahome..


Sara: Relax Miaka... it's not like Tamahome isnt's going to die..

Gothkitty: Yeah she's right...although that one time in that Roger Rabbit movie....

Miaka: O.O

Sara & Amber: GOTHKITTY!!!!!!!!

Amber: Don't worry! Tamahome is going to be fine, in the mean time have a sundae.

Miaka: *Squeals* SUNDAE!! *About to reach of the icecream* HEY!!! YOU TRICKED ME!!!!

Sara: Comon Miaka!! Tasuki isn't going to do this unless we let him have fun.


Miaka: No..

Gothkitty: If we don't do this we're all going to be in debt!

Miaka: Nope.

Sara: ....

Amber: How about if you let us use Tamahome we'll give you a dinner for two at the really nice restraunt across town and a coupon to dunken doughnuts?


Sara: That's our final offer!

*Tension in the room starts to build up.*

Audience: Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Sara: SHUT UP!

Audience: *quiets* *ten seconds later* JERRY! JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!

Sara and Amber: SHUT UP!!!!!!

Miaka: ....

Tasuki: *under breath* stupid Jerry Springer fans...


Sara, Amber and Gothkitty: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Throws dynamite at the audience*


Audience: Jerry..jerry..jerry..*Starts to give off static at the sides and explodes*

Washu: *Running from back stage* MY ROBOT AUDIENCE!!!

S,A&G: YOU DID THAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!

Washu: Well unfortunately nobody really knows about this show so..

Sara: What??? I thought we passed out flyers..who was in charge of passing them out?

Amber: *Looking through list* ....Mihoshi...

Gothkitty: *smacks head* Should have known....

Washu: Oh's a good thing we brought the camera. *Walks backstage*

Sara: So..uh Miaka did you make your decision?? ...Miaka? Yoohoo..Miaka?

Amber and Gothkitty: *Taps Miaka on the head*

Miaka: ZZZZ.....

All three facefault.

Gothkitty: WAKE UP MIAKA WE HAVE A SHOW TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miaka: Huh?? okay.

Sara: AND WE HAVE AN ANSWER! Gloy Hallejah!!!!

Amber: Finally!!! *Walks backstage*

Gothkitty: Uh..Jon you're up!

Jon: As I was saying before a certain bad mouthed, fang toothed, red...

Tasuki: -_-# Ahem!

Jon as I was say the first day of school had started!!

Chapter 2: SCHOOL TIME!!

School starts and three paticular girls in a school like anyother were discussing...if you guessed hot boy bands you're way off. They were discusing normal stuff don't be ecchi's now. The three girls were Amber, Sara and Gothkitty. Amber has long brownish red hair and is tall, Sara has short black hair and is also tall..Gothkitty has short black hair and is ahem...short...*don't laugh!!!!* All of them are juniors in high school.

Amber: So.. what have you guys been doing over summer break?

Sara: Nothing much..saw a few movies...nothing special.

Gothkitty: Same as Sara...sat infront of the computer rotting my brain off..

Sara: Did you hear..there's suppose to be a whole bunch of new students coming today..

Gothkitty: Yeah..I heard that some of them were suppose to be from Japan or something..

*The bell rings*

The three go through the hallways to get to homeroom when Sara stops to a halt.

Sara: O.O

Amber: Hey Sara what's wrong?

Sara: I thought I saw Tenchi...

Amber and Gothkitty: NANI?????

Amber: Uh..Sara I think you've been watching too much anime...

Sara: But I saw him...

Gothkitty Let's just go to class before we get after school on our first day...

In Sara homeroom half of the class was empty. Due to the notice that almost 1/3 of the school left due to most of them were either graduating or for other reasons. Mr. Smith *okay I suck at names* was droning on about how he and his wife spent their summer vacation doting over one another *A/N *makes gagging noises*

The door opens up and a bunch of students walk in. One of them is a young man with long black hair which is pulled back in a braid. He is elegant looking and tall. He's wearing a long sleeve shirt with tight slacks, another is a pretty looking girl with long black hair in a braid and wearing a blue shirt and white shorts, the third is another young man with long brown hair that's in a braid and is wearing a black and white shirt with black slacks. Another girl walks in, she has long purple hair with a weird looking hair cut, she's wearing a turtle neck tee with a long skirt. Another girl walks in. She has long black hair and is wearing a purple shirt with a white skirt. the fith student was a boy with a buzz cut like hair with a small pony tail in the back. He wore a brown long sleeved shrit and black pants. Another student was a young man with short bright red hair and was wearing a few necklaces a white shirt and a red jacket over it, and blue jeans. The last student is a girl with auburn colored hair that's in to chinese style buns and is wearing a short brown shirt and white shirt.

Mr. Smith: Class this is our new students will you please introduce yourself.

First student: I'm's nice to meet you. You all seem to be nice..although not as nice as me.

Second student: *happily waves at the students* Ohayo! I'm Misao! *bows a little*

Third student: Yo...The names Duo whuzzup???

Fourth student: Hi I'm Ayeka it's very nice to meet you.

Fifth student: Hello I'm Megumi.

Sixth student: Hi I'm Tenchi Misaki.

seventh student: Hi..the name's Tasuki...yeah...

eighth student: Hello! I'm Miaka!

Mr. Smith: Please find seats at what ever desk is avalible.

Sara: O.O *OH MY GOD!!!!!*

In Amber's homeroom the new students filed into the classroom. Once again roll call!! The first student had long blond hair, tall and was wearing a red button up shirt and white slacks, the next student was a girl with long spiky cyran colored hair and was wearing a tanktop with shorts, another was a girl with long semi curly blond hair that was up in a pony tail held up with a ribbon, she wore a pink shirt and white pants. The third girl had long black hair held up in a pony tail with a scarf. She wore a yellow t shirt with blue jeans. The other student was a young man with long blueish black hair that was put in different bands. He wore a jersey and blue jeans. The other one was a beautiful girl with long black hair and was wearing a red shirt that said cutie on the front and had blue jeans on. the final student was a tall young man with spiky brown hair and was wearing a with long sleeve shirt and long white slacks. Mrs. Tanaka: These are the new students that will be joining us this year.

1st student: Hello..I'm Millardo

2nd student: Yo I'm Ryoko.

3rd student: Hello I'm Mihoshi.

4th student: Hi I'm Kaoru

5th student: Whazzup? The name's Tamahome.

6th student: Hello everyone I'm Nuriko.

7th student: Yo the name's Sano..

Amber: O_o *hehehe...

*Fianlly the last roll call..sorry readers please bear with me this hopefully will be the last *beepin roll call in the fic! In Gothkitty's class the same thing happened..The first student had long teal hair and was wearing a long white sweater and leggings, the 2nd was a young man with short blondish brown hair and was wearing a teal tank top, the 3rd student was a young man with long red hair and a cross scar on his left check and was wearing a maroon shirt and white pants, the other one was a blue haired young man with a buzz cut with one side had long bangs that stood up, he was wearing a grey sweatshirt, and blue jeans, the last student was a young man who was a bit buffer then the two other guys, he wore a blue tank top and coriroy pants.

Ms. Li: These students will be joining us, will you please say who you are.

1st student: Hello I'm Kiyone.

2nd student: Hello I'm Heero.

3rd student: Ohayo I'm Kenshin!

4th person: Hi no da! I'm Chichiri no da!

5th person ....I'm Mitsukake...hi...

Gothkitty: O_O *NANI???? WHAT IN THE *BEEP*?????

If you're wondering what happened to the other characters. Sasami went to 3rd grade, Chiriko went to 7th grade and Yahiko went to 5th grade.

Coming up...

Amber: Stupid Tasuki!!

Tasuki: Huh?

Sara: Can we kill him?

Gothkitty: Nope, the company would never forgive us..

Tasuki: What the fuck did I do?

Tenchi: Coming up Holy..*Beep*

S, A, G: -_-#

WHEW!!!!!!!! That's alot of stuff to type! Thankyou for bearing with me so far. In the near future things will get better. Arigato!

Chapter: 3 Holy *Beep*

Narrator: From where we left off we met the three girls named Amber, Sara and Gothkitty. All three of them went to homeroom and found out who their new class mates were.

A,S&G: HOLY *BEEP*!!!!!!!!!

Narrator: Was that necessary?

A,S&G: COOOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Narrator: -_- ...never mind....Back to the show...

The camera pans to out side of the school. It's all quiet and peaceful you could hear a pin drop.

From the school: HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The three girls walk out of their classrooms looking as if they seen a ghost.

Amber:*running towards Sara and Gothkitty* Did you notice that....

Sara and Gothkitty: Yep.....

A,S&G:*starry eyed* COOL!!!!

Mr. Johnson: What are you girls doing in the hallway??? Get to class before you I decide to give you after school!

Tasuki: *Walks towards the girls and *BS'ed Teacher* Yo chill, what class do you have next?

Mr. Johnson: *Walks off muttering something about ungrateful kids and when he was younger etc.

Sara: Uh...home ec.

Amber: Same as her.

Gothkitty: geometry..

Tasuki: I'm on my way to home ec so I'll walk you down.

Tamahome: *whispers to the girls* You're lucky...that's the first time he ever said that to a girl...

Tasuki: I heard that martial arts boy!!!

Tamahome: Yeah yeah..whatever...*underbreath* fangboy...


10 minutes later

Gothkitty: Uh Tasuki-san...home ec class is up-

Tasuki: Yeah yeah...realx I know exactly where we're going.

Sara: No wonder it's a fact that men never ask for direction...stupid pride...

Amber: Ms. Carlota is going to kill us!!!!

After running up two flights of stairs due to Tasuki's stubborn head they finally headed to their final destination...

S&A: FINALLY!!! *reaches for the door*


S&A&G: *Tears start to come out of their eyes like waterfalls*

Mrs. Carlota: And where have you two been????

Amber: We got lost...

Mrs. Carlota: That's no excuse! Two of you have an hour after school to make up the class!

Amber and Sara: *gives Tasuki the death glare*

Mrs. Carlota: You two young man!!

Tasuki: Aww comon it's the first ficken day of school for pete's sake!!!

Mrs. Carlota: 20 minutes have been added to your after school.

Tasuki: BUT!

Mrs. Carlota: Shall I add 30??

Tasuki: *shuts up*

Mrs. Carlota: Same for you young lady!!

Gothkitty: *Gives Tasuki the death glare as well*

During Lunch

Amber: -_-# Stupid pyromaniac idiot!

Gothkitty: what did we do to diserve this kind of treatment....

Sara: Why does this happen to us?...

Amber: Maybe the gods hate us for some strange reason...

The Tenchigumi walks up to the girls.

Tenchi: it okay if we sit here?

Sara: Sure!

Tenchi: Thanks.

Gothkitty:*hyped up on sugar* Maybe they were kidnapped by aliens and had their brains disected of all it's gooey filling to make jelly for their PBJ sandwiches?!

Amber and Sara: O.o;;;

Amber:*Takes away sugar coated coffee candy* I think you had enough sugar...

Gothkitty: Hehe...sorry....

Ryoko: Earth people are so weird...

Ayeka: For once I agree...

Mihoshi: ZZZ...

Amber: She's not weird..only when she's hyped up on sugar.

Ryoko: Oh...

Gothkitty: *drool* CANDY!



Everyone in the room jumps and looks up to see Duo and Heero sweat dropping at a very pissed Tasuki and Tamahhome who's are trying to get at eachother's necks for the umpteenth time while Kenshin and Chichiri try to keep them apart. From judging at the scene it looked like a bio fire hazard singed the wall across from Tamahome. If one had noticed, that Tasuki was responsible for the damage due to the magical fan he had in his hand.

Principal: OH MY GOD!!!! GIVE ME THAT THING! *Takes fan away from Tasuki* 6 HOURS AFTER SCHOOL!!!!!!! I WANT TO SEE YOU IN MY OFFICE NOW!!!!

Tasuki: *Swearing under his breath*

Nuriko: Oh boy... this isn't good..

Chichiri: Taiitsukun is going to kill us for this no da!!!

Miaka: *Looks up from gobbling her food* At least no one died...

Megumi: Good thing it didn't make a hole in the wall...

Mitsukake: ....

Duo: Heero,...was that just a bit scary..?

Heero: O.O


Kenshin: OROROROOOOOO!!!!!!!! Sano!!! p-leeease stop shaking me!!!!!!!! ORORORORO!!!!!

Kaoru: *Smacks Sano over the head with her boken* SANO STOP SHAKING KENSHIN!!!

Sano: Thanks Jouchan...

Kenshin: *collapeses* Oro...*goes swirlly eyed*

The FYgumi and Tenchigumi: O.o;;

Amber: Holy crud....

Sara: ....Poor Sano has issues...

Gothkitty: Woah...

Ryoko: That was kind of pitiful...

Ayeka: Ryoko!

Ryoko: What??

Tenchi: The whole building could have collapsed!

Ryoko:...Oops.. I'm sorry Tenchi please don't hate me! *cuddles up to Tenchi*

Ayeka: *Poe'd* LET GO OF TENCHI!!!

After lunch the students go to their next classes. And our three heroines...what else science class!!

Sara: Huh?? What happened to Mr. Sarnay?

Gothkitty: Don't long as we don't have to discet those frogs again...may be he was kid-


Washu: Okay class. Welcome to Science class. My name is Professor Washu please raise your hand when I call your name.

S,G,A: *All look at eachother*

Washu: Jonny, Samon, Amber, Mihoshi *god help me!*, Sara, Gothkitty, Heero, Hotohori, Kaoru, and Millardo.

Washu: Mr. Sarnay..unfortunately he's going through a hard *ahem* time right now so I'll be subbing for him for the time being! Now open your books to pg 135...

Class: *Groans*

Washu: *Throws away subsitute lesson plans* On the other hand...*picks up teacher addition to the science book* I want all of you to tear up these books...that's right just tear it up! Like this *zaps book with a energy beam*

Class: Coool!!!!!

Jonny: *takes out lighter and sets book on fire* AHAHAHA BURN FOUL DEMON BOOK BURN!!!!!!!

Washu: *Smacks him over the head with her fan* Not like that!! You want to start a fire in a science lab??

Jonny: Sorry....

Amber: ALRIGHT! *Pumps fist into the air and starts to maul the book*

Gothkitty: *starts to knaw at the book while trearing out the pages*

Sara: *Holds up book over her head and brings it down on the table* THIS IS FOR MAKING ME MISS MY FAVORITE SHOWS! *WHAM* THIS IS FOR YOUR STUPID HIGH VOCABULARY!!!!! *WHAM* THIS IS FOR-EEEK!!!!!

As she was about to bring the book down on the table the book bursted into flames and burned in one of the lab's sinks. The flames were then extinguished.

Sara: *Looking at her hands* Holy..*BEEP*


Gothkitty: O.o

The rest of the class immeadiately stops from their book mauling and looks at the now burnt book.


Sara: I..I..didn't do that...

Washu: Of course you did!!! That was amazing!!!! You don't mind if I examin your hands after school hmm??

Sara: O.o Uh..I have to meet another teacher...

Washu: Okay some other time. *To the class* After tearing up your books I want you to put them in the trash can. Now I would like for all of you to take out a note tablet and pencil. We are now going to learn the basic things of science. *Turns off lights and the projector shows up* Now does anyone know what science is?

Heero: A group of subjects that have logical meanings??

Washu: That's right! Now I want you all to take notes of what's on the screen.

After school the three girls along with Tasuki are lead to the detention room where Mrs. Carlota was waiting.

Principal: You three will stay here until the time that you are assigned. As for you young man you aren't allowed to leave the school grounds until Mrs. Carlota feels that you're ready to! *Leaves the room*

Ms. Carlota: Now! Ms. Sara and Ms. Amber we are going to learn about the food pyramid. Please write down what is on the board. The same goes for you Mr. Tasuki! As for you Ms. Gothkitty your math teacher gave me the work you missed today. Here is the book now get started! *Her Cell Phone rings* Hello? Oh hi Mitchel! What?? Really?? *giggles like a school girl and blushes*

Tasuki: *from the back of the room makes gagging noises while holding onto his neck*

A,S,G: *Giggles*

Ms. Carlota: REALLY???? I'll be there in ten minutes!!!! *turns phone off.* The three of you stay here until I come back if you as much as move an inch from this room you'll be in school suspention faster then you can say Jimminy cricket!! *Leaves the class room*

Amber: Jimminy Cricket??? Who says that term anymore?

Sara: Hey where are you going?

Tasuki: *Crawling out the window* What the hell does it look like I'm doing??? I'm leaving!

Gothkitty: Yeah but!

Tasuki: If you the three of you are worried about getting in trouble come back here tomorrow at 4 in the morning and wait.

Sara: Not a bad idea..kind of gives me a plan...

Gothkitty: NO! Not another of your wacky plans this time I'm not listening!!!!

Sara: We leave the school then we come back and pretend we were here all night long..

Gothkitty: I'm not hearing this la dee da I can't hear you!

Sara: Then when Ms. Carlota returns the next morning she'll be so sorry for leaving us here all alone she'll probabaly forget about the whole missing class thing!

Amber: That's a good idea! *Walks towards the window.*

Gothkitty:*Rumages through the desk* What's in here?? Baseball, lighter, a squeeze ball, Sara's Gundam folder, Amber's Tenchi postcards, Chocolate! *eats the piece of chocolate* Tasuki-san's tessen (fan) Hey my choker!! *Pockets the three items and put on the choker.

Tasuki: Hey? What the hell is that jingling noise??

Amber and Sara: *Looks toward Gothkitty*

Gothkitty:*Hyper* Lookie what I found!! *Holds up the three items*

Amber: MY TENCHI POSTCARDS!! Where did you find them?

Gothkitty: In the desk over there.

Sara: My folder! Thanks to the principal I ended up doing my final exam all over again from scratch since that had all my notes! THANK YOU!

Tasuki: Hey my tessen. Can I have it back please?

Gothkitty: Um..I don't know..we could make a lot of money with this thing on E-bay..

Tasuki: E-bay?..

Amber: She means a place where they auction off items..


Gothkitty: Hey it was just a joke!

Tasuki: So are you going to give it back?

Gothkitty: Um..not until you answer this question..

Tasuki: Fine..what is the *beeping* question...

Gothkitty:*Lands infront of Tasuki almost inches from his face and pauses for a few seconds* Who do you like?

Tasuki: *Face faults* THAT'S YOUR FUCKING QUESTION?!!!!!

Gothkitty: Yep! Now answer the question.

Amber and Sara: *Lean over from where they're standing*

Tasuki: *Mumbles*

Gothkitty: Nani??

Tasuki: I said.... I LIKE KIYONE CHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amber, Sara and Gothkitty: O_O

Gothkitty: KAWAII!!!!!!!! *Drops tessen and runs around the room towards the window and out on to the tree outside the room.* Tasuki and Kiyone sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G! First comes love then comes marriage then comes-


Gothkitty: AAAHHHH!!!!


Sara: Baka hyper idiot!

Amber: *sweat drops*

The three climb out the window and climb down the tree to find a swirly eyed Gothkitty on the ground.

Gothkitty: Itai.... *Gets up*

Tasuki: Serves you right.

Gothkitty: Gomen...

Tasuki: So now I have a question for you.. who do you like?

Gothkitty: *Blushes*

Tasuki: I told you now you tell me..

Gothkitty: *Cherry red* Um...

Tasuki: YES....

Gothkitty: *Very quietly* Chichiri san....

Tasuki: YOU LIKE HIM??

Gothkitty: *Fire cracker red* Yes...

Sara and Amber: O.O

Sara: CUTE!!! My friends first crush!!!

Tasuki: You mean...AHAHAHAHA!!!


Amber: SHHHHH!!!!!!

*Cell phone rings from Tasuki's pocket.*

Tasuki: *fumbling with the phone* How the hell do you work this stupid thing. Hello?

On the other side of town in a hotel room the FYgumi are goofing off.

Chichiri: Tasuki where are you no da?

Tasuki: I'm in friggin study hall!

Chichiri: At 8 at night no da??

Tasuki: The stupid teacher took off leaving us behind!

Chichiri: Us??

Tasuki: Yeah me and these three other girls from school, ya know the three weird ones who were gawking at us during lunch.

Amber, Sara and Gothkitty: -_-#

Chichiri: Oh those girls no da..

Tamahome and Miaka are looking into eachothers eyes. (A/N I have no idea where this thing started but..oh well.)

Tamahome: Miaka

Miaka: Tamahome

Tamahome: Miaka

Miaka: Tamahome

Tamahome: Miaka


Tasuki *on the other side of the phone cracks up laughing*

Miaka: *drools* Fried chicken...*eyes glued to the tv as the commercial continues.*

Anyway Chiriko, Nuriko and Mitsukake were involved in a card game of go fish while Hotohori was admireing his reflection in the mirror.

Tasuki: Looks like everyone's having fun..

Chichiri: So what are you and the girls going to do now no da?

Tasuki: Well we broke out of school and I'm on my way back to the hotel. What room was it again?

Chichiri: A134 no da.

Tasuki: *snickers*

Chichiri: What no da? What's so funny?

Tasuki: Nothing..nothing at all...hehe..AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! *In the background*

Gothkitty: TASUKI SHUT UP!!!!!!

Chichiri:*Sweat drops* Ano..uh Tasuki what's going on?

Tasuki:'s just that I know someone who likes you..

In the background we hear a very loud *TASUKI YOU BAKA!!!!*

Chichiri: *Blushes* HUH??? What are you talking about no da?

Chiriko: Chichiri san why is your face red?

The entire group looks at him.

Chichiri:*waves his hand* It's nothing no da!

Tasuki: You know one of those weird girls who were staring at us?

Chichiri: Yeah...

Tasuki: Well you know the short one..she *mph!!!!!!*

Chichiri: Tasuki?? Hello no da? Anyone there?

In the background we can hear the sound of someone being mauled as well as a few muffled yells and a blue streak of swearing coming from Tasuki.

Tasuki: Sorry about that..that's why I hate I was saying...*under breath* The short girl...she ....uh..*very quickly* theshortgirllikesyou! GOTTA GO BYE!!*

Chichiri: =O.O= da.....

Miaka: *waves hand infront of his face* Huh?? Chichiri? Hello Chichiri?

Chichiri: Huh??

Miaka: Are you okay?

Chichiri: Hai no da!

Nuriko: Who was on the phone?

Chichiri: That was Tasuki he's on his way back..

Nuriko: Right..that still doesn't explain why your face is red even if you have the mask on...


Tasuki is tearing down the street with a girl chasing him close behind.


Sara: Hey Gothkitty chill!

Amber: I don't think she heard you...

The two girls chase the two into the hotel. Tasuki gets into the elevator before the three girls could get there.

Tasuki: NYAH!!! *Sticks tounge out at them.*

Amber:...You think we should??

Sara: Yep..


Sara: Amber is she scaring you right now..

Amber: *nods head*

The elevator arrives and the three walk in. Fianlly on the 10th floor Tasuki gets out and does an imeadiate does a double take. Infront of him is Amber, Sara and Gothkitty.

Tasuki: Okay I'm sorry if I embarassed you okay...can you atleast act mature about this??

Gothkitty: Okay! Sorry for snapping...

Amber and Sara: THAT'S IT?!!!!


Inside the room.

Nuriko: That must be Tasuki... *Goes to open the door.*

Outside the room

Tasuki: *walks towards the door, trips and falls on top the the girls.*

Amber, Sara and Gothkitty: *Eyes twitching*....*Stands up and punches Tasuki* ECCHI!!!!!!!!!!

The door opens and Tasuki flies into the room and onto the floor. The FYgumi look at Tasuki in surprise then at the three girls then back at Tasuki.


Amber, Sara and Gothkitty: Huh??

Sara: SORRY!!!!

Amber: Sorry Tasuki-san that was a reflex...

Gothkitty: A really fast reflex.

Tasuki: You call that a fucking reflex????!!!!!!!!


Amber: We can explain..

Coming up...

Amber: I never want to go through that again!

Sara: Gothkitty has a crush on Chichiri san!!

Gothkitty: SHUT UP!!!!

Chichiri: In our next episode our story rolls on as the three girls get to know their new fellow school mates no da!

Heero: And something weird happens to Amber.

Amber: Huh??

Ryoko: Hey wait a sec..why did we come here again??

Heero: Next up A book, request and a challenge.

Whew that was a long chapter...

Chapter 4: A book, request and a challenge

Inside the hotel room the FYgumi look flustered at what had just occured. First they heard Tasuki yelling out the hallway then he comes in flying through the door with three girls standing in front of the door way looking pissed. Finally they appologize.

Miaka: Will sombody please tell me what's going on???!!!!!!!!!

Amber: Well it's kind of funny...

Sara: You's started out that...

*Enter the chibi's!!!!*

Mr. Johnson: I'm going to give you girls after school if you don't get to class!!!

Tasuki: I'll take them to class..


Tasuki: SHUT UP YOU!!!!!

Amber& Sara: ....okay...

The five chibis walk through the school with Tasuki in the lead. Finally they make it to the class and the bell rings.

Ms. Carlota: *Has devil horns coming out of her head* The four of you have after school!

Lunch time: Tasuki: REKKA SHIEN!!!!!

Principal: *PO'ed* YOU IN MY OFFICE!!!

Amber: *Tearing pages out of science book*

Sara: *Slams book on the table repeatedly* DIE STUPID BOOK!!!!!!!!! *Book desintigrates in her hands*

Sara, Amber and Gothkitty: THE HELL?????

That night..

Gothkitty: LOOKIE!!!!

Tasuki: MY TESSEN!!

Gothkitty: LET'S SELL IT!!

Tasuki: REKKA SHIEN!!!!

Gothkitty: *Swirly eyed*



Gothkitty:*blushing* OKAY THEY GET THE IDEA!!!!

Miaka: Aww..It was getting who does she like?

Tasuki: Well...She likes-ack!

Gothkitty: *Smacks Tasuki over the head with his fan* Nothing! Nobody..oh look at the time gotta go!!! *drags a giggling Sara and Amber out the door.*

The FYgumi: O.o;;

Chiriko: Mitsukake san...they're weird..

Mitsukake: Maybe people in this world are?

Miaka: We're not!

Hotohori: If not, those three were...

Nuriko: Especially the short one..I think she's crazy..

Tasuki; Crazy is right, that's because she likes ACK! * His fan come flying through the window and hits him in the head causing him to collapse.*

FYgumi: O.o;;

Amber, Gothkitty and Sara are walking down the street towards their homes.

Amber: Hey Sara..

Sara: Yeah..

Amber: Remeber what happened in Science did you do that??

Sara: I don't was like all of a sudden my hands released fire yet it didn't only felt warm...


Sara: COOL!!!!...Do you think that's possible...

Gothkitty: Our favorite anime characters came to life so I suppose anything goes now.

Amber: As long as Relena isn't here I'll be fine...

Gothkitty: You really don't like her do you..?

Amber: YEP!

Sara: Hey maybe if she's here we can do all that stuff to her! Like make her get hit by a bus!

Amber: No..even though I would love to see that... the author will never permit that due to that this doesn't have anything to do with Relena...

Sara: Author??

Amber: Isn't this a fanfic?

Gothkitty: Um..Amber I think you have been writing too long... I think the shock has finally got to her.

Sara: May be...*Feels her and Amber's forehead.*

Amber: I don't have a fever!!

Sara: Maybe you should go to bed when you get home..

The three walk to Amber's house and drop her off.

Sara: Remember we have to get up early tomorrow morning. Let's meet infront of the school at 4 in the morning.

Amber: *Saluting* ROGER!!

Sara: *Walks to her house and goes in* I'M HOME!!

Mom: Where have you been?

Sara: Gothkitty , Amber and I had after school.

Mom: How can you get after school on your first day??

Sara: We got lost...

Mom: And you had to stay out this late??

Sara: Yeah.. *you can say something like that*...

Mom: Have you had dinner yet?

Sara: Yeah..we stopped by a McDonalds on the way back..

Mom: That's good..Do you have any homework?

Sara: No..I'm going to bed..

Mom: Okay..Goodnight sweetie.

Sara: Night..

The next morning..

Three flashlights flickered in the mist of the morning as three girls walked through the school feild towards the school.

Amber: Jeeze didn't realize the tree was this tall last night...

Gothkitty: Tall or not we have to get up there..

Amber&Gothkitty: Sara??

Sara: What? Okay fine I'll go first..*underbreath* Chickens..*

Sara climbs up the tree and pops into the window and waves.

Sara: Okay it's open come on *mph!!*

Amber & Gothkitty: SARA??!!!

The two scramble up the tree and into the window to find a shadowed figure clutching Sara.

Amber: Let her go you jerk!!

Gothkitty: Don't make us hurt you!!

?: Relax, jeeze!!!

Amber: Heero??

Heero:*Lets go of Sara who promptly punches him in the arm* Yeah..what are you three doing here so early?

Sara: We had after school yesterday. The teacher left us and forgot about us. So we left.

Gothkitty: What are you doing here??

Heero: Well..I thought that I'd get here early since we weren't really given a schedule of what time school actually starts so..

Outside the window a loud sound is head followed by a loud stream of curses.

Amber: Tasuki san you can come out now.

Tasuki: *popping his head up* How the hell did you know it was me??

Sara, Amber, & Gothkitty: Your language..

Heero: Well I'll see you guys later..Going to make sure Duo doesn't skip. Bye.

S, G, A: BYE!!!

Tasuki: So what do we do now?

Sara: We get some sleep.

The four find places to sleep and immeadiately fall asleep. Amber begins to turn in her sleep as she dreams.

Amber: Huh?? Where am I

Around her was a lush landscape with high moutains and clear blue skys. Looking down she is wearing a aqua blue traditional chinese dress. her hair was done up in a bun and had a lotus blossom in it. She wore a pendant made of blue jade that was shaped like a tear drop.

Amber: Huh??? What the heck is going on??

? Welcome water goddess... Meiying...

Amber: Who's there..where am I..

?: My name is Taiitsukun..I am the provider of the universe of the four gods.

Amber: But what does that have to do with me?

Taiitsukun: You and your friends are the reincarnations of the three missing goddesses of this world and ours. The three of you link together both worlds without the three of you none of this would seem to exist.

Amber: Yeah but what about the gods of earth, air and those others??

Taiitsukun: Your station is water the creator of life in the western area you rule the constellations of Cancer,Scorpio,and Pisces. Sara or as also known as Yang is the creator of fire which creates land she rules the constellations of Aries,Leo, and Sagittarius. And Gothkitty or Tao is sky which creates air rules the constellations Gemini, Libria, and Aquarius.

Amber: But..I don't understand..why us, what happened to the other three goddesses?

Taiitsukun: A long time ago the former fire goddess Chu Hua had fallen in love with a young man named Gan. She chose mortality instead of immortality to be with him. The two other goddesses Shina the Water goddess and Yin the Air goddess died because after Chu Hua left all of life just stopped.

Amber: But I thought Goddesses were immortal..

Taiitsukun: They are..except when people stop believing or when they choose mortality. The higher gods some how changed the rules of immortalizim a little over the past few years. If a immortal being falls in love with a mortal they can stay immortal while still being who they are.How this works is that every month for three days after the full moon they can visit the mortal world or if they choose they walk around the mortal world disquised as regular humans.

Amber: So what you're trying to tell me is that my friends and I are goddesses???

Taiitsukun: Yes. Also when visiting the mortal world there's two forms you can take. Human or animal.

Amber: Holy shit!!!!

Taiitsukun: Watch your mouth girlie!! The three of you still have alot to go. Don't think it'll be that easy. Good luck!

Amber jolts up as the class room door opens.

Principle: What are you four doing here in this class room so early??? Your after school ended last night!

Tasuki: We didn't know if we could leave or not. Ms. Carlota told us to stay here because she had something important to do so she left and never came back.

Principle: Is that so...I'll have a talk with her. *Nervously* One more thing...please don't tell your parents about this...You may go now...

The four walk out of the class room with a very disturbed looking Principle closing the door after them. Walking past a few classrooms and began to crack up laughing while a few early students looking at them as if they were insane.

Amber: Did you see the look on his face?!!!

Sara: HEHEHE!!!! Told ya it was a good plan!

Gothkitty:*Rubbing hands together* Now we have a subject to black mail him if we get in trouble for something we didn't do! Thanks Tasuki.

Tasuki: You're how about you paying me ne?

Sara: OHMYGOD!!! *Shakes head in horror*

Tasuki: What?

Gothkitty: IT CAN'T BE???


The Tenchigumi now have entered the school and is staring at the four.

Ryoko: Told you earth people are weird...


Tasuki: SHUT UP!!!!

Gothkitty: In fact I think he's starting to change hair color now...

Tasuki: *Now freaked out* HUH????

Sara: Yeah you're starting to get a blue streak on the top of your head...

Tasuki: WHAT??????

Amber: Yeah and pretty soon he'll be starting to like girls...

Tasuki: *blushes*

Sara: Relax we were just joking!!! Here's 10 dollars for your help..thanks..

Amber: Uh Tasuki?? *Waves hand in front of his face.* Helllooo??

Gothkitty: I think we broke him...

All three of them get really close to Tasuki who hasn't moved nor change his face expression. All of a sudden Tasuki gives them a really scary looking smile causing the three to jump back.

Tasuki: *Takes the money from Sara* That was a good joke...thanks for the money..but... *Walks over to Amber and hauls her over his shoulder*

Amber: Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing????

Tasuki: Just saying thanks.. *shoves her in to her locker and locks the door*


Sara: Hey! You can't do that!

Tasuki: *Does the same thing to Sara and Gothkitty, then walks away*

Sara: Tasuki let us out! We're sorry!! It was just a joke comon!!

Gothkitty: He's not going to listen...*sigh* Hey Sara...

Sara: Yeah..

Gothkitty: What time do you have?

Sara: 6:30 why?

Gothkitty: Just wondering how long we have to try and get out of here...

Sara: Hey Amber..

Amber: Yeah..

Sara: You've been awfully quiet since we left the detention room..are you okay?

Amber: Yeah...It's just I had a weird dream this morning..

Gothkitty: What kind of dream??

Amber: Ya know the character from FY, Taiitsukun?

Gothkitty: Yeah..

Amber: She appeared in my dream and told me that we were goddesses..

Gothkitty: Really?

Amber: Yeah she said that I was the goddess of water, Sara was the goddess of fire and you were the goddess of air..except we were reincarnations...

Gothkitty: Oooh!! You mean like in the book On a Pale Horse? You mean like how Thanatos was the reincarnation of Death??? HUH???

Amber: Uh..Something like that..although I have no idea what you are talking about...

Sara: May be that explains what happened yesterday in science class...

Gothkitty: Maybe...Huh??

Amber: Gothkitty...what's wrong..

Gothkitty: O.O Something just moved on the top shelf of my locker..I just hope it's not a roach...

After saying these words something soft landed on her head.

?: So this is where the Kasa lead to no da...

Gothkitty: EEEEEKKK!!!!!!!! ROACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Begins to sqirm around franticly* GET IF OFF! GET IT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Huh..wait a minute? da??

Chichiri: *Looks down* Huh?? *Jumps up onto the top shelf* Oh I'm sorry!!! Are you alright no da??

Gothkitty: Yea I'm fine.. Just fine...

Amber: Hey Gothkitty who are you talking to?

Gothkitty: No one..

Chichiri: What are you doing in your locker no da??

Gothkitty: Um..

Sara: Hey is that Chichiri?

Chichiri: Hai it's me no da who's that?

Sara: It's Sara..where are you.

Chichiri: In Gothkitty's locker..

Gothkitty: Damnit!!!.....

Amber: Ooooh!!!!

Gothkitty: Man I'm never going hear the end of this afterwards....!!

Chichiri: So why are you stuck in your locker?

Gothkitty: Um..We kind of played a little joke on Tasuki he got pissed and shoved us in our lockers..

Chichiri:*Frowning* That wasn't very nice of him no da...

Amber: Hey Chichiri san!!

Chichichi: Hai!

Amber: ^_^ Are you seeing anyone??

Gothkitty: AMBER!!!!

Chichiri: O.o;; Uh no...why no da..

Amber: Oh nothing..just because..

Sara: Because we know some who likes you...

Chichiri: Tasuki told me something about that last night...

Gothkitty: -_-# Sara, Amber if you two don't shut up now I'm going to kill the two of you!!!

Sara: ^_^ That's because..



Chichiri: *Faceing her* You do no da..?

Gothkitty: *Blushing* Um..

Chichiri then hops down from where he was and immeadiately changes back out of his Super Deformed mode and stands infront of her.

Sara and Amber: *Trying to listen through the lockers*

Chichiri: Um.. huh?

Gothkitty: *bluefaced* Can't breath...Chichiri san um can you please move...

Chichiri: Gomen no da!! *pops back to SD mode, dissapears into his Kasa and appears outside of the

lockers* What's your combination Amber no da?

Amber: Um right 5, 0, left 10 and right 20.

Amber's locker door opens and she jumps and begins stretch her legs..

Amber: ow...Thanks.

Chichiri: You're welcome no da..Gothkitty no da..

Gothkitty: *Blushing* Huh?

Chichiri: What's your combination no da?

Gothkitty: 3, 20, 0, 9...

Gothkitty:*Gothkitty's locker door opens and she gets out still blushing and stand next to Amber.* Thanks...

Chichiri: You're welcome no da.. Sara no da.

Sara: Hai! It's 6, 30, 53, 10.

Sara's locker door opens and she runs out and hugs the closets person next to her who happens to be Milardo.

Sara: *Jumping up and down* FREEDOM!!! AHAHAHA FREEEDOM!!!!!!!

Milardo: *Blue faced* Hey miss ya mind letting go I can't breathe!!!

Sara: Huh? *Blushing* SORRY!!

Gothkitty: *Whispering* Looks like I'm not the only one with a crush...

Sara:*Takes out a huge mallet and slams her over the head* -_-#

Gothkitty: Ow...

Amber: Thanks for helping us..*drags Sara and Gothkitty after her.*

Chichiri: You're welcome no da!

The three walked down the hallway and went to class. During the first half of school neither of them could pay attention. All were preoccupied with their thoughts and the most important one was why were they goddesses...

Durning lunch...

Sara: Are you guys confused too?

Amber: Completely..

Gothkitty: Totally...

Heero: Huh? Hey what's wrong with the three of you? Got after school again?

Amber: That's not helping Heero san...

Ayeka: What's with you three? You've been like that all day...

Sara: Well for starters we can't figure out how you guys could be here in a high school, second we're trying to figure out the meaning of the dream Amber had and finally we don't know if we should believe it or not...

Tasuki: Mind sharing?

A, G, S: O.O;;

Tasuki: What? Look I'm sorry for snapping make it up here's your money back..

Sara: No thanks you keep it.

Gothkitty: Anyway..Amber had a dream and said that Taiitsukun told her that she was a water goddess I was a air goddess and Sara was a fire goddess...

Miaka: Taiitsukun?? She talked to Amber?

Amber: Yeah.. she did.

Tamahome: Wow..must have been something really important if she would talk to someone in this world..

Hotohori: Maybe it was real..I remeber a really old prophicey that when the three goddesss of nature dissapeared three more from another world would take their spots.. That's before Miaka arrived..

Sara: Yeah but how would we know?

Ryoko: There would be a mark on your body just like Suzaku Seishi.

Duo: Really? *Lifts Amber's shirt*

Amber: HEY YOU MIND?? LET GO YOU PERV!!!! *Slaps his hand*

Chichiri: How did you know that?

Ryoko: *Shrugs* Washu's a genius she tells me things..

Sara: And I thought you didn't like her?

Ryoko: Even though she says she's my mom I still have to listen to her...

Sano *Chokes on his water* Wha?? SHE'S YOUR MOM??? HOW FU-I MEAN HOW IN HE- HOW THE FUCK IS THAT POSSIBLE?!!!!!!!

Ayeka: To let you know she 20, 000 years old...

Heero: O.O Wow...and I thought Vash was old.. *Note Vash is a character from Trigun*

Sano: Hehe..and if Yahiko-CHAN was here...he would be making some comment about Jou-chan..

Kaoru: *holding up her bokken* Don't start with me Sanosuke!!!!

Kenshin: Maa maa!! Calm down Kaoru-dono!!

Gothkitty: Something still confuses me...why and how did you get here?

Tenchi: Who wants to go first?

Heero: I will... What happened is that Wufei was digging through the storage bin and happened to come across our old grades..*underbreath* Thought I burned those* Um..anyway Quarte challenged us to go back to high school. If we managed to bring up our grades then he'll do all our chorse for the year. And if we lost we would do his chorse..

Sara: Wow..that also involves your chorse as well huh?

Duo: Yep... I still think we should have made him sing the lumber jack song in public in a tutu..

All: O.o;;;

Duo: What?

Amber: So Tenchi how did you guys get here?

Tenchi: Well..*flashback to a month ago*

Ryoko: You know why Tenchi would never pick you is because you're a prissy princess!

Ayeka: What about you?? You're a monster plus you have the manners of a orge and you have no respect what so ever!!!

Ryoko: WHY YOU!!!!!! *Sends lighting bolts at her which she misses*

Ayeka: Is that all you got??

Two go at it without mercy. Immeadiately the entire living is reduced to charred embers and shatteed glass.


Ryoko: Tenchi!

Ayeka: Lord Techi..

Tenchi:*Freaked* My living room..what happened?!!

Sasami: *Gasp* Oh no...What happened?!!

Washu: It seems that one of Ayeka and Ryoko's fights got out of hand. And I for one am sick of this. The two of you need to stop this. And if it's alright with lord Tenchi I think the two of you need some sort of punishment!

Ayeka: But Little Washu! That's-

Washu: Ayeka you were much involved in this as Ryoko so you equally are to be blamed...

Ryoko: Tenchi...

Tenchi: Ryoko, Washu is right this time it's gotten way out of hand and she can't always just fix thinks just like that, it'll would be taking advantage of her time.

Washu: What I request is proper schooling.

Ayeka: But I already went to school..

Washu: I'm sorry Ayeka but that's my too Ryoko..Tell you what, to make it fair to the both of you we will all go to school even Tenchi. Is that okay with the two of you?

Ayeka: It would seem good to see what the schools are like on earth...

Ryoko: long as I get to be with Tenchi. ^_^

Sasami: Yeah! I get to school!! You too Ryoohki!

Ryoohki: MYA!! *pops into human form*

*flashback to the present*

Amber: So that's it..

Miaka: Guess we're next... *Flashback to a week or so ago*

The seven seishi along with the Suzaku no miko were inside the palace of Konan doing their normal stuff.

Tasuki: HEY Demon boy!!!

Tamahome: What? Fang boy?

Tasuki: What's that on your shirt?

Tamahome: Huh? *looks down and Tasuki flicks his nose* OW! HEY What the hell is the big idea??

Tasuki: Nothing at all..

Tamahome: What's that on your shirt?

Tasuki: I'm not falling for that trick.

Tamahome: Seriously look!!! I think it's a bug or something!!!

Tasuki: Huh?? *Tamahome flicks his nose* OW!!!

Tamahome: Bachi Fang boy!!

Tasuki: I'll bachi you! REEKA SHIEN!!!!!

Tamahome runs with a Rekka Shiening Tasuki while Mitsukake and Nuriko sweat drop.

Miaka: They're still at that huh?

Nuriko: Unfortunately you taught Tasuki a bad thing...

Chiriko: *reading a book*

Chichiri: da..

Miaka: What's wrong Chichiri?

Chichiri: I feel a very weird on your gaurd...

All of a sudden the ground beneath them gave away and the seven seishi along with one miko fell though dementions and on to a hard concrete floor.

Tamahome: head...where are we??

Miaka: We're in my world!

Seven Seishi: NANI?!!!!

Taiitsukun: I can explain for you..

All: Taiitsukun?!!!

Tasuki: What the *Beep* is going on here??

Taiitsukun: I've decided to give all of you a break..since you have all work hard for a while it looked like you needed some fun. These are for you. *hands them cell phones*

Tasuki: what the*beep* is this??

Taiitsukun: This is a cell phone. It's a way of advanced communication. Press the button on the top to turn on or off. To call someone press the black button to turn on the phone then dial the numbe. To send the number press the green button. It will imeadiately send the measage to that person. Oh and. *Snaps fingers* I suggest you wear these clothes in this world or people will think that's your'e weird. Now here's is some money and your luggage of what you would need. Have fun bye! and behave that goes for you Tasuki!

Tasuki: Yeah what ever...

After a few days Miaka showed them around town. Then one day..

Cop: Hey you kids what are you doing out of school??

Chichiri: School no da?

Cop: What school are you listed in?

Miaka: We aren't listed in any school here. We're here for vacation..

Cop: No school huh? What's this world coming to???...I expect you eight to be enlisted by next week or I'll call your parents or gaurdians..!!

Hotohori: We have to go to school??

Taiitsukun: Don't worry I already listed you in..

Tasuki: YAAAHHHH!!!! Don't do that dammit!!

Taiitsukun: Sorry hehe... Here is your phone numbers and here is the school's name and adress. Good luck!

Tamahome: Did that just seem that she tricked us into going back to school?

All: Yep...

*Flash to the prestent*


Sano: Does this mean we also have to say something??

Sara: I'm afaid so Sano..

Sano: To make a long story short Kenshin and I went fishing, Kaoru was training the brat as usual, Misao went shopping with Aoshi and then that night the same thing happned to us like it did to the Seishi except we already had our modern clothes already packed and all the other stuff wierd huh?

Amber: Very....

Whew another long chapter..

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