Chapter 5: The Legend of the Lost Disks

Skye yawned and stretched her arms high above her head. The morning sunshine glimmered through the window of her small room. It had been really nice of Pixie and Big Blue to let the group stay after their battle with some Terror Dogs. The rain was practically gone from the ground and leaves. The sun had quickly dried Skye's clothes as well, and she felt refreshed and ready to continue. She got out of bed and changed into her dry clothes that lay on the back of a chair. After she was fully dressed, she headed outside to meet up with the others. Saffire greeted her happily and leaped into her arms.

"Good morning, Skye! Did you sleep well?" asked Holly with a smile.

"Yes, thanks. Thank you, Pixie, for letting us stay in this hut of yours." Skye told the monster, who sat on top of Big Blue's shoulder.

"Actually, I don't know who's it is. Comfortable, though, huh?" Pixie said and shrugged.

Everyone sweatdropped.

"You mean we spent the night in some stranger's house?!" Tiger cried.

"Why didn't you tell us!?" Genki shouted, just as angry as Tiger.

Pixie shrugged.

"Master Pixie said they wouldn't care." Big Blue told them all and nodded.

Skye slapped her forehead while Saffire leaped from her arms to the soft grass below.

"Well, we'd better get going. After all, we have a lot of walking to do before we get to the Phoenix Castle." Gray Wolf said and stood up on all fours from his sitting position.

"Phoenix Castle?" asked Skye in confusion.

"Oh, sorry. You weren't here when we decided to make our way to Phoenix Castle. From there, we can get to Agnias a lot easier. The empress there can tell us what this creature Mistress Nine is looking for really is." Holly explained.

"Why not go striate to Agnias? What is it anyway?" Skye asked.

"Angais is the head kingdom that rules over the monster world. It's a new feature that appeared after Moo's defeat. Help's keep many evil things out, but it missed Mistress Nine, obviously. Anyway, Angais can't be entered without the assistance of someone from the Phoenix Castle. That castle was also built after Moo was destroyed. It honors the Phoenix monster. The Mystery Disk of it is kept inside that castle, guarded by powerful magic. Many people pray to it." Gray Wolf explained.

"Sounds reasonable enough. Well, let's go!" Skye said happily.

After saying good-bye to Pixie and Big Blue, who had to leave quickly when the owner of the house saw them, they headed through the rolling hills of green grass and wide plains. Genki roller bladed forward, enjoying the air while the others ran to keep up. The wind whipped through Skye's hair, making it fly in different directions. Skye laughed happily as Saffire struggled to keep up. It was great and instantly, Skye forgot the problems that had been lingering in her head for quite sometime. However her blissful moment was quickly interrupted by everyone's sudden halt. Skye stopped at the head of the group and gazed at what everyone was staring at. What had been a forest was now nothing but stumps and dead grass. Smoke curled up from a few places and Skye knew what had happened.

"Baddies." Tiger snarled coldly, reading everyone's mind.

"They destroyed this......this WHOLE forest?" Skye gasped.

"They can do much more than this, Skye. Much more. It looks like this accident just happened to." Gray Wolf said and began to enter the dead land.

Everyone followed, gingerly making their way through it. Saffire whimpered softly as if telling everyone she was worried.

"Mistress Nine is defiantly looking for someone alright. Either that or she's just using that as an excuse to destroy the land." Genki said while scanning the area.

For miles, the dead land stretched. It stretched, what seemed like forever, across the plains and hills.

"I hope Freya didn't come this way...." Skye whispered to herself while she surveyed the area.

Suddenly, a little flash of pink, purple and yellow went by. Skye turned around and saw a tree stump rocking from side to side slowly as if something had just gone into it. A flash of green and another stump was the same.

"What was that?" asked Holly in alarm.

"Good, I wasn't seeing things." Skye said, afraid that it had something to do with her weird dreams.

Saffire cocked her head and bounded over to the tree stump. She sniffed it with her noise before suddenly seeing a butterfly land on top of it. Crouching low, she leapt and landed hard on the stump, disappearing instantly while the butterfly flew off.

"Saffire!" cried Skye and ran to the stump.

She gently pushed it open and looked inside it. It was too small for anyone else.

"Great, now we have to go after her." Gray Wolf sighed.

"How?" Genki asked almost instantly.

"Easy, we blast it to make it bigger!" Tiger said and charged up his horns.

"Wait, Tiger!" Holly cried but it was too late.

Tiger released his Torpedo and the whole stump exploded. The whole was now large enough for all of them. Tiger snorted.

"Easy enough." He said and leaped inside it.

"So much for a quiet entrance." Holly sighed and followed.

Genki followed her and then Gray Wolf. Skye gulped and then jumped in. A rush of wind came at her as she sped down the dark tunnel. It was like a waterslid, but with no water in it. The twist and turns were enough to make this the most scariest waterslid every. Skye was just about to get sick when light poured into her eyes and she landed hard on rocky ground.

"Ow....." Skye groaned as she stood up.

Everyone had as they searched around. Skye took her place at the front of the group and scanned the surroundings. The place they had landed in was pretty much like ruins of some old buildings that lay everywhere. The hole in which they had came out of was in the center of a piece of an old building wall. Veins and trees grew all over the ruins as the group walked gingerly on. Suddenly, a little silver and white flash jumped at them. Skye leaped back and missed catching Saffire, who smashed face first into the ground. Skye sweatdropped.

"Uh.....sorry Saffire. I didn't know it was you." she said as the little monster stood up, grumbling.

"What is this place? Some kind of hidden forest?" Tiger asked.

"Dunno." Genki answered in the same awe Tiger had in his voice.

"It looks like the ancient ruins of the lost city called Safiera. This city was home to people that had the ability to summon magical creatures from many other worlds and bring them into this one to help fight enemies. Also dwelling here were people that had characteristics of animals. Like ears and tails and fur. However this city disappeared and both tribes perished, never to be seen again." Holly explained with such a mysterious tone, it scared Skye.

"Was this what Mistress Nine was after? This old city?" Skye guessed.

"But why? Nothing is left here but ruins." Gray Wolf pointed out.

Saffire sniffed a branch and it suddenly moved. She yelped and ran behind Skye as a huge, sliding door opened from a large building covered with vines and tree roots.

"Another secret door? Just how many are there?" Skye asked as she went forward into the darkness.

After a short tunnel, Skye and her group appeared in an enclosed area. It was surrounded by stone walls covered in moss, vines and tree roots. Large trees were connected to the giant roots and surrounded the whole are. In the area were Lost Disks, also covered in moss. Many looked new while others looked ancient. There were thousands of them, covering the whole area of grass.

"This looks Golem's place...." Genki gasped in awe.

"It dose....." Holly agreed in the same awe tone.

"What is this place? A graveyard?" Skye asked.

Saffire peeked from behind Skye's leg, gasping at the sight.

"It's the graveyard of all the Lost Disks that are gone forever." Came a small voice from behind them.

Everyone turned and saw two shadows walk up into the light. The voice had come from a little girl with short purple hair and a huge yellow bow in the middle of her head at the very top. A little gray horn came from her head and was barely visible. She had a pink shirt that was almost like a turtle neck and came down in long sleeves. It also connected gloves that covered her hands. Her shirt then stopped above her belly and lighter, tighter pink pants took place, covering her legs and front. A yellow outfit that had thin straps went down in front of her and then split open, showing her pink pants. The yellow pants itself were wide and big. They stopped were her shoes began. Her shoes were brown and white with, what Skye guessed, no socks. The yellow outfit had her chest covered with a yellow plat almost, but it was part of her outfit. Little wings came from her back, but Skye guessed they were just part of her clothes and not real. She had green eyes and a kind of bossy look.

The creature next to her floated in the area beside her and was an almost lime green, but a lot duller. It had sharp claws and looked like a dragon with long ears that almost touched the ground if it ever landed. Small dragon wings were on it's back, the samce color as its boby. A small, ruby red horn was in the center of its head and looked almost like a stone. It had a tail that was wide and came down in millions of feathers the same color as its body. It had a cute face as it blinked at them with tiny brown eyes. The girl walked past them and the creature disappeared into a sparkle of red dust. The little girl now stood in front of them all, staring at all the Lost Disks.

"It's kinda like a spirit ground. See, these Disks can never be brought back. Not by a phoenix or by powerful magic. Nothing can ever bring them back." the girl said and turned to them.

"How do you know all this?" Holly asked, steping forward a little.

The girl placed her hands on her hips angrily.

"Just because I'm six doesn't mean I don't know the history of this place!" she snapped.

"Oh, I know that, but-"

"Then don't ask!"

"Excuse me, but, what's your name?" Skye asked, taking over the conversation.

"Me? I'm Eiko, pleased to meet you! Are you guys the group that plans to go after Mistress Nine?" she asked eagerly.

"That's us. Say, what happened to the forest up there?" Skye asked.

"It was destroyed by Sentra under orders to find this place. I don't know why, though. No one lives here but me and Mewtara, and Ruby." Eiko said.

"Who are they?" Tiger asked.

"I'll let you meet them! Follow me and I'll take you to my house!" Eiko said happily and skipped off towards the wall.

When she got there, she press a stone and, like magic, the wall opened and reveled a house that seemed to be made of rock, like the surroundings.

There wasn't a door, but an open door way with beads hanging over it.

"I've heard so much about you all. How you all are going against Mistress Nine and to stop her from destroying the Monster World. I think it's really brave!" Eiko told them as she lead them towards the house.

"Do you, really?" asked Skye in surprise.

"Sure!" Eiko told her happily.

"Eiko, who's there?" came a voice.

The little dragon creature flew from the house as pink sparkles swirled in front of Eiko and reveled a young woman standing there, her hands on her hips. Eiko leaped back and ran into Skye. She fell hard on the ground after he r hit. The woman was actually about Holly's age with brown hair that came a little past her shoulders. She had little pink cat ears and a pink head band on top of her head. She had bright blue eyes and a kind of scolding look on her face. She had a light pink shirt on that was long sleeved. A darker pink short skirt looked like it was attached to her shirt, but it wasn't. Her legs were bear and her feet looked like cat's feet, but were covered in pink and white socks that were the shape of her normal feet. A long, skinny white tail curled from behind and was pink at the tip where the fur ruffled.

"This is Mewtara!" Eiko said, pointing at the girl. Then she pointed at the little dragon creature floating beside Mewtara. "And that's Ruby! We're the only ones who live here, so don't worry about baddies. They don't know this place is here!"

Eiko stood up and Mewtara looked at them hard for a moment before smiling warmly.

"Yes, the group who wishes to fight against Mistress Nine. Please come in and make yourselves at home!" she offered.

"Thank you." Skye said and smiled at her as the group entered.

Holly stared at the three with curious eyes as they entered. Inside was a room with many bookshelves and books. In the center was a table that also looked like it was made of stone. A doorway went off into the kitchen. A waterfall ran down some rocks near the kitchen, which was missing that one wall. Steps went down from the kitchen to a dock that floated on a river. The path also went into a hidden cave under the house. After everyone was settled, it was time for questions.

"So, why can't all those Mystery Disks be revived up there?" Genki began.

"They were all destroyed more than once. All those monsters were either badies twice and killed, or just monsters that were destroyed twice. Some of those were fused, and can't come back." Mewtara explained while sipping from a cup.

"But I was fused, and I'm here!" Tiger protested in alarm.

"Yes, but you were strong enough to survive through it and still keep your own mind. Many others aren't." Mewtara answered sadly.

"Mocchi.....and the others. Do you know about.....them?" Genki asked, voice choking as if he really didn't want to know.

Mewtara nodded with sad eyes and looked up at him. "I'm afraid Tiger was the only one who survived from the fight against Moo. I'm sorry."

"NO!! Suezo!" Holly gasped and shook her head, causing tears to fly from her eyes.

"Mocchi......Hare......Golem.....Suezo......they're all gone.......forever....." Genki whispered and looked at the ground, trying to hid his tears that fell.

"Dammnit, but why!" Skye suddenly cried and slammed her fist down on the table.

"Because they weren't strong enough." Mewtara answered simply.

"They were too!" cried Genki, raising his head up quickly. His tears sparkled.

Mewtara looked sadly at the ground, not knowing what else to say. She could only be sorry, and that was it. Skye sighed and shook her head. Saffire looked up at her sadly and rubbed her head against her leg, trying to comfort her.

"Maybe I could try and revive them!" Eiko suddenly said brightly.

Ruby squeaked in horror and dashed under the table, shaking.

"Are you insane!? Eiko, you'll be killed if you try!! Your not a strong summoner yet and you can't summon dead spirits!" Mewtara cried in more of a worried tone than anger.

"Summoner.....your a summoner, Eiko!?" Holly yelped in surprise, seeming to forget about the loss of her friends.

Eiko blinked at her and nodded.

"Impossible! Summoner tribes are gone! They don't exist!" Holly cried, standing up.

"I know......I'm the only one left." Eiko answered sadly.

"Then you must be the last animal person that lived here!" Holly cried and pointed at Mewtara.

"No, I am not the last Furry, if that's what you mean. There are many of us, but we live in a secret village. I came here to watch over this place when I learned the baddies were trying to take over it. From what I here, Mistress Nine had discovered some ancient power that is able to find what she's after." Mewtara explained simply.

"What is she after, anyway?" Tiger asked.

"A powerful spirit, but I don't know any detail." Mewtara admitted.

"Hmmmm......strange..." Skye said and thought about it.

Suddenly, a white flash entered her mind and showed her Eiko's still face laying on the floor. Another flash showed Skye's face, staring at Eiko. Then another flash showed the bloody dagger dripping with blood. Then Skye's face twisting into a cold smile of evil. Then, it was gone and Skye couldn't remember what had happened. She shook her head, but no one seemed to notice this.

"Thanks for your help, Mewtara, but I really think we need to be-"

A huge explosion interrupted Genki and the house shook.

"The baddies!" Eiko gasped.

"They must have followed us here!" Skye realized in horror.

Ruby suddenly disappeared into Eiko's horn in a sparkle of ruby red light. Eiko took this as a signal and headed out the door. Mewtara followed and the group followed her.

They raced into the graveyard of the Lost Disks as Scaled Hares and Jells leapt from the dark hole at them. Genki was on his roller blades and punched two Scaled Hares, turning them into Lost Disks. Holly backed away as a Jell came after her. Genki jumped in the way and destroyed it.

"Since Golem won't be here, it'll be my job to protect you!" Genki told Holly and winked.

Holly blushed badly and looked at the ground.

"Torpedo!!" Gray Wolf and Tiger cried together as they fried some Scaled Hares.

Saffire suddenly was surrounded in white embers. She ran at them with such speed that she became a living white fireball and smashed into many Jells. The monsters were instantly Lost Disks. Skye had her sword and was slashing left and right at all the attacking monsters. Mewtara floated in the air and collected a pink beam in her hand.

"Elimination Beam!!" she cried and shot her hands forward.

The beam was launched from her hands and exploded into the ground, destroying several monsters. Lost Disks appeared where the monsters had been. Eiko brought out a strange kind of flute that was white with small angel wings at the front. She played a strange tune and at that music, Ruby appeared in sparkling ruby red light. Her horn glowed red and grew very long. Ruby pulled her head back and then shot it forward, piercing the enemies with red beams of light. Suddenly, Sentra appeared above them all. She gave an evil laugh and began to collect the Lost Disks.

"What's she doing!? You can't bring them back!!" cried Tiger as he dodged an attack from a Scaled Hare.

"Mistress Nine must be powerful enough to revive them into evil monsters. Either that or she dosen't know about this place!" Skye pointed out and turned a Jell into a Lost Disk.

"I do know about this place. That's why I'm here." Sentra snapped as she collected more.

Soon, she had an arm full, which disappeared in black light. She began to collect more.

"No, stop! I won't let you turn those monsters evil!" Genki cried and raced forward.

He threw a powerful punch towards her but was blasted back by a powerful black ray. Sentra shot at him again, hitting both him and Holly. They both sunk to the ground in pain. Eiko suddenly played another tune on her flute and green sparkling light surrounded Holly and Genki. When the light disappeared, they were both cured from injury.

"B-But how!! How can such a little brat know magic! It's impossible!" Sentra cried as more disks disappeared.

"I'm not a little brat! I'm a lady!" Eiko cried angrily.

Sentra laughed and rose into the air, collecting a black beam in her hands.

"Well, then, Lady Eiko, take this!!" Sentra cried and shot the beam.

It exploded and Eiko flew back into the stone wall.

"I'll destroy you first, since you have the magic to cure." Sentra announced and powered up another beam.

Eiko was faster and blew on her flute. Ruby appeared again and her horn grew longer once more. She shot a red beam at Eiko that engulfed her then disappeared. Ruby disappeared and Eiko leaped to her feet, a sparkling red light glowing in front of her. Sentra shot the beam, but it hit the red light instead. The light glow and bounced the beam back at her. She was hit and screamed as she smashed into the stone wall harder than Eiko had. Dust flew from the nice hole she had made. Mewtara shot her hands forward in a piercing beam of white light. It hit Sentra and exploded with white light. Skye was so busy watching the action that she didn't realize the Scaled Hare behind her till it smacked her on the head and hard. She fell forward and her weapon skidded from her reach. The Scaled Hare was ready to strike with his fist again when a spear flew from behind and stabbed the Scaled Hare badly. He fell back and became a Lost Disk as Freya jumped in front of Skye to recollect her spear.

"Freya! You came back!" Skye cried happily,standing up and gathering her weapon.

"I followed you here. I had a feeling you would need me again." Freya said and put her spear out in front of her, long ways, while she faced where Sentra was.

The evil cat woman had appeared above them. Scaled Hares and Jells, the ones left, began grabbing Lost Disks and disappearing with them.

"So, you've joined them. Now I'll have the pleasure of destroying you, too!" Sentra sneered at Freya.

"You wish!" Freya snapped back and leaped into the air, disappearing against the sky.

Sentra shot a bunch of black rays at everyone. Mewtara protected herself with a pink bubble, Skye blasted the lightning away with a blue beam shot from her sword, Tiger. Saffire and Gray Wolf dodged them all easily, Eiko reflected the beams that hit her while Holly and Genki hid behind Eiko. Sentra dodge the beams that had been sent back at her as she shot a bigger one. Everyone was hit and landed in different places. Skye smashed hard into three of the Lost Disks there, knocking them over in the process. Saffire was up and shot a blast of white fire with a silver glow around it. It exploded on the wall. Sentra had dodged the move with blinding speed. With a swipe of her claws, Saffire was thrown back and landed in Skye's lap.


Sentra shot her hands forward and reflected the blow back at Tiger and Gray Wolf. The two monsters were thrown into some Lost Disks. Genki didn't dare try to punch at her, though Holly did have to hold him back. Mewtara powered up her attack.

"Elimination Beam!!"

Sentra dodged it and it exploded among the Lost Disks. Eiko blew on her flute and attacked with white light, but it missed. Freya suddenly came down and stabbed Sentra badly, but she smashed Freya away with a black ray. Sentra suddenly healed herself with black light and then flew back to the ground. She quickly grabbed a few more Lost Disks before laughing and disappearing from their sight.

"Fools! You cannot beet me!" was all they heard before everyone passed out.

Mistress Nine stood, staring out the window of her tall, black castle. She starred out the window with cold eyes. Sentra came in and bowed on one knee to her.

"Mistress, all has worked. The Mystery Disks are ready to be revived." she told her.

"Did you find the source of power within Safiera?" Mistress Nine asked coldly.

"Um, no, mistress. I sensed the power comeing from there, but isn't there now." Sentra answered, bowing even lower to show more respect against her failed task.

"Then find that power where ever it may be!! Get out!!" Mistress Nine spat and Sentra quickly did as told.

A moment pasted before a monster arrived, bowing low to her.

"We are ready, mistress." said the monster.

"Very good, Jessy. Proceed." Mistress Nine said.

Jessy nodded and was about to exit the door when Mistress Nine called out to her. She turned to face her mistress.


"Yes, mistress?"

"Jessy, make sure our visitor is aware of his fate. Make sure he knows that if he doesn't agree to my plan, he will have to see his beloved, destroyed."

"Yes, mistress." Jessy said and bowed before leaving the room.

Jessy walked down the long dark hallway before coming to a room. The large room was filled with monsters running here and there. Her mission was different as she strolled up to the cage in the very center.

"My mistress says that if you don't agree to her plan, she'll destroy your beloved! Do you understand that, by disagreeing, you are only hurting yourself?" Jessy smirked.

" Skye.....please.......leave her alone......anything but her......." the voice inside the cage pleaded.

"Then you agree to my mistress's plans?" Jessy asked, a hint of annoyance in her voice.

"No........I........I can't help you turn the Lost Disks into monsters........I......I told you it was impossible....." the voice sobbed.

"Liar!!" Jessy snapped and showed bright white teeth. "You say that so we'll spare your worthless life!!"

"I.......I know of someone......someone who can......" the voice continued, trying to sound strong.

"Do you speak the truth? Who? Tell me, peasant! Who can revive the Lost Disks?" Jessy snarled fiercely.

"I........I'm not a peasant.......I'm the king of this-"

"I asked you for an answer!!!" Jessy cried with rage and shot a million red lightning bolts into the cage.

The man screamed in pain and then was quiet. The monsters that had been in the room froze for a moment before running off. Jessy was now alone in the room with the captive. She growled at him in a low growl.

"Maybe you were a king for a while, but it's over. You and your wife made that choice and you became a peasant while she rules the Monster World." Jessy sneered with anger still bubbling in her voice.

"I..............I'll help you.......but.....please......don't hurt her......I beg you.......not Skye........" the voice sobbed.

"Excellent. Now, who has the powers you speak of?" Jessy asked and sat down to listen.

"All ready?" Eiko asked as everyone stood on the tallest grassy hill.

"Let's just get it over with." Skye mumbled.

"You'll like it, I promise!" Eiko said happily and turned to the destroyed forest. "I'll miss my home, but it'll be more fun to travel around with you guys!"

"I agree. To fight against an evil so powerful as Mistress Nine should prove interesting indeed." Came Freya from behind everyone.

They all turned to stare at her.

"Your-your coming!?" Skye cried.

Freya crossed her arms over her chest.

"Yes, I am. Is that not alright?" she asked, a frown on her face.

"No, no, that's great! I just can't believe you finally decided to come." Skye said and smiled.

"Me neither. But I want revenge on Sentra for what she did. So, I'll join you." she said and joined beside everyone.

"This should be fun. Ready Eiko?" Mewtara asked.

Eiko nodded and ran to the top of the grassy hill. Everyone came around her, Saffire shivering by Skye's legs against the cold wind that suddenly blew up. Eiko suddenly blew a beautiful tune on her small flute that she had called an Angel Flute. With this music came a rush of wind and suddenly, Skye and her friends were no longer on the ground. The only one who was, was Mewtara.

"H-Hey! Wait up!" she called and lunched herself after them.

The wind was carrying them across the blue sky faster than Skye though the wind could go. Everything below was so beautiful, Skye loved it. Saffire had her paws over her eyes as she flew with the others. Mewtara joined up beside them, laughing at Saffire.

"So, this is the wind spirit? Dose he, or she, have a physical form?" asked Holly.

"Yup! See, Ruby can protect me and others by casting Reflect, or by attacking the enemy with light. There're a bunch of different summons. I only know a few, and the wind is one of them. He has a form, but he don't show himself. He just sends the wind to carry us! Cool, huh?" Eiko asked with excitement filling her voice.

"What happens if we fall?" Tiger gulped while looking down.

"You can't! The wind spirit won't let you!" laughed Mewtara.

"Good!" Gray Wolf sighed.

"I'm assuming it's because the spirit is being controlled by you?" Freya asked Eiko.

"Yeah, I'm like it's master! It has to listen to me!" Eiko agreed.

"Um, what if you have to go to the bathroom?" Genki asked and blushed with embarrassment.

Skye laughed and spread her arms out wide, almost like she was flying with her arms. They all laughed as they went on. This way, they would get out of this valley for sure. And their adventure would continue. However what no one knew was, many new things waited to greet them, and none of them were friendly.

To Be Continued........

Quick Note: Eiko is cpoyrighted from Final Fantasy IX with all rights reserved. I'm just using her in mu story with a whole differant purpose than in the game, but it is still the same characters. I just wanted to point that all rights are reserved and you can't sue cause I'm not making money off this. However, Skye, Saffire, Mewtara and all the new characters to come are my idea. Please don't steal them! Thanks!

Chapter 6: The Freedom of the Pixie Clan

"Guys, is anyone else hungry besides me?" asked Genki as the group continued to fly along with the wind.

"I am, to tell the truth." Eiko chimed in.

"Me too!" Mewtara added from next to Eiko.

"Okay, we're all hungry. Let's land and eat some food!" Skye agreed.

The group scanned the area. It hadn't been that long since they had left the grassy hill area and entered a place with trees for as far as the eye could see. Finally, they found a clear spot surrounded in trees. They landed there easily, despite the wind they were riding.

"I say we look for berries and fruits to eat. I didn't pack enough food for everyone, you know." Skye informed the hungry group of friends.

"Okay, let's see....Holly and I will stay here with the camp and set the fire up. Gray Wolf and Mewtara can also stay for protection. Freya, Eiko, Tiger, Saffire and Skye can go search for food. Sound good?" Genki asked.

"Works for me! Let's go everyone!" Eiko said happily and skipped into the forest with the others following.

"Maybe we should split into groups?" Skye suggested as they continued to walk.

"There's an odd number, so we should just all stick together." Freya said and they left it at that.

Soon, they came to a large, sparkling river filled with fish.

"This is my specialty! Leave it to us, right Saffire?" Tiger asked the little fox, who nodded.

The two monsters jumped into the river. Tiger let the water rush past his legs as he stood still, waiting for a dumb fish to swim too close to him. Saffire, since she was smaller, lay on a branch and stared into the water. She suddenly saw one and scooped it up and onto the ground, where it flopped around wildly.

"Hey, look! Mangos!" Eiko cried happily, pointing to the juicy yellow fruit in the trees.

"I can get that." Freya said as her spear appeared in her hand.

She pulled the spear back and threw it hard. The spear hit five mangos in the center and brought them to the ground.

"I'll pick the berries then." Skye said and walked over to a bush full of bright red berries.

"Lemme help! I can tell which ones are poisonous and which ones aren't!" Eiko said and went over to Skye.

The group continued to hunt down the fish, pick the berries and gather the mangos from the area. Meanwhile, the others had the camp set up.

"Well, that wasn't difficult." Genki said and sat down in front of the black pot full of boiling water.

"I hope they hurry. I need to make this stew for everyone and I need the berries in order too. I have everything else." Holly said while stirring the other ingredients in.

"I'm sure they'll be back soon....but knowing them, they might start playing in the river or something." Gray Wolf sighed, resting his head on his paws.

"I hope not!" Mewtara said and rubbed her growling stomach. "I'm so hungry its not even funny!"

"Me too! Hopefully they hurry...." Holly sighed and began to stir the stew again.

Unfortunately for the hungry souls, Gray Wolf was right. After gathering all the food, Tiger had knocked Saffire into the river for fun. Well, Saffire then pulled Tiger in and soon, the two were splashing and fighting away. When Skye tried to stop them, she was dragged into the river as well. Eiko thought it looked like fun so she joined in. Freya, on the other hand, knew she couldn't stop them so she took this chance to relax in the sun. The group was unaware of a Dixie that watched them through the bushes. A Night Flyer quickly came up to her.

"Are they the ones?" Night Flyer asked.

Dixie nodded. "Yes...yes, I think they are."

"Hmmm....they seem very strong...are you sure this was Mint's orders?" Night Flyer asked.

"Of course I am!" Dixie snapped. "I know my orders!"

"Fine." Night Flyer sad with a frown. "But they don't look like baddies to me."

With that, the two disappeared. Freya slowly opened one eye from her pretend sleep. (So...we're being followed.) Freya stood up. At her motion, the water war stopped.

"Okay..." laughed Skye, trying to calm herself. "Okay...let's get out now..."

The two wet people followed by two, equally as wet monsters climbed out of the river. Tiger and Saffire shook the water off while Eiko and Skye had no choice but to wait until their clothes dried. Freya placed her hands on her hips angrily.

"About time! Listen, we were being followed while all of you were splashing around!" Freya snapped.

"Followed!? By who!?" Skye cried in panic.

"I'm not sure...but there was a Dixie and a Night Flyer. I heard their conversation and I suggest we head back with the food to inform the others." Freya replied sternly.

"Alright...let's go!" Skye agreed.

The group gathered the food and headed back to others. By the time they had gotten to camp, the sun was down. When they entered the camp, they were attacked.

"Where WERE you guys!?" Genki demanded.

"Yeah!! We're starving!!!" Gray Wolf agreed.

"Hurry up with the food!!" Holly cried.

"I'M GONNA DIE OF STARVATION!!!" Mewtara screamed at the top of her lungs.

The others sweatdropped at the groups reaction. Skye gingerly held out the food in a bag Eiko had made from twigs and leaves.


Genki grabbed it and tore the bag open. They all insanely put the food into the stew and began to stir like crazy. Everyone watches with huge sweatdrops.

"Um....maybe we should...ya know...get a bowl before they eat it all..." Tiger suggested.

"Yeah...." Eiko agreed and Saffire nodded.

Soon, the stew was ready and everyone gobbled it down like insane idiots while sitting near the fire. Freya placed her bowl down and looked at everyone. They all were done.

"We're being followed," she announced.

"WHAT!?" everyone cried and turned to her quickly.

Freya nodded calmly. "Yes, its true. While we were gathering food, a Dixie and a Night Flyer we're talking."

Freya then repeated the conversation she had heard.

" whoever this Mint is thinks we're baddies...." Skye sighed.

"Maybe...either that or we invaded their forest...." Genki suggested.

"Or both..." Tiger sighed.

"Whatever the reason, we have to be careful. Not only is Sentra after us, but now this Mint is, too." Freya warned.

"Alright...let's get some sleep now." Holly said and yawned, stretching her arms over her head.

"Fine by me." Gray Wolf agreed.

Soon, everyone was asleep. The next morning came quickly. The group agreed to leave in the afternoon. Skye and Eiko decided they would go and fetch some berries for breakfast. They walked through the thick woods, Eiko skipping ahead of Skye. As they walked, a flash of blue was seen out of the concern of Skye's eye. She turned sharply, but saw nothing. (What was that....?) Eiko stopped skipping and turned to Skye.

"Skye? What's wrong?" she asked.

Skye turned to Eiko just in time.

"Eiko, look out!!"

She was too late as a Dixie and a Night Flyer wrested her to the ground and knocked her out. They then held her arms behind her back, glaring coldly at Skye. Skye reached for her sword instantly.

"Don't try it!" Came a voice from behind her. "If you pull out your sword, I will have her killed!"

Skye froze and slowly let her hand leave her sword. She then turned and stared at what Freya had warned them about. It was a Mint...a Tiger and Pixie monster. Her bushy tail swayed in the breeze as she stood there, an unreadable look on her face. The only difference in her and a regular Mint was her hair. It was longer than a regular Mint's hair. The blue hair came down to the center of her back, like Skye's hair did.

" were the ones spying on us!" Skye cried.

"So you knew..." Mint said. "My name is Lusita, but you will call me nothing but Mint, understand, human?"

"Why are you treating me like I'm evil? If you think I'm a baddie, you're wrong!" Skye snapped. "I'm trying to STOP Mistress Nine!"

"Lies....that's all they ever are...." Mint mumbled before staring at Skye coldly. "I suggest you shut up and listen closely, human. If you stay one more night in this forest, you shall be killed in your sleep. If you insist on not listening, then so be it! But I'm giving you the chance to escape now."

Skye glared at her angrily. She couldn't believe it! She and Eiko...they didn't even LOOK like baddies! Skye didn't answer. She only glared at Mint with hatred. Mint stared back with equal hatred. There was an uneasy silence as the two glared at each other.

"I'm sorry, Mint." she said, sneering the name. "But I do insist on not listening."

Skye didn't wait for a reaction. She grabbed her sword and brought the blade out. She then whipped it around and slashed at the air, causing a wave if blue light to smash into the Dixie and Night Flyer. They cried in pain and instantly dropped Eiko. Skye then turned and whipped her sword around, causing the same blue wave. Mint powered her wings and flew up into the air to dodge it. Skye ran over and made sure Eiko was alright.


Skye turned sharply and slashed at the blue lightning that hurled at her. The lightning cracked and then disappeared upon meeting her blade. Mint laughed.

"You're pretty good, human." she sneered. "Big Bang!!"

Skye grabbed Eiko and dodged the attack. It exploded and missed by inches. The explosion sent birds flying every where, cawing in fear. Freya snapped her head up from the campsite as did everyone else.

"Their in trouble," she said simply and stood up, her spear appearing in her hand.

"What?! Eiko and Skye!?" Genki cried.

"Tiger, Gray Wolf, with me! The rest of you guard the camp!" Freya called as she raced into the forest. Tiger and Gray Wolf ran after he with their lightning quick speed.

"No way! I always miss the action!" Genki grumbled.

"Not this time..." Mewtara said uneasily.

Genki turned and saw a Dixie and a Night Flyer. Both were ready for a fight. Genki quickly pulled on his roller blades.

"Now were talking!" he cried and sped toward them.

"Lightning!!" the two chorused and shot Genki back.

"Genki!!" Holly cried in horror as she ran to him.

"Elimination Beam!!" Mewtara cried and shot her attack.

The attack was fatal and both became Lost Disk. Genki sat up, mumbling unpleasant things as Holly sweatdropped.


Skye, again, blocked the attack with her sword. Skye then charged and slashed Mint sideways and then raised her sword to slash her downward. Mint cried in pain and was able to kick Skye back.


"Cold Bullet!!"

The attacks hit and threw Mint backward. The two Tiger brothers leapt in front of Skye and Eiko. Freya joined them, her spear pointed long ways at them. Mint flew into the air and glared at them.

" be it then," she snarled before flying off.

The group was forced to stay another night because of Eiko's injuries. She was too weak to travel. Skye told the group everything.

"Don't worry...they won't kill us in our sleep." Freya said.

"How do you know?" Genki asked.

"I don't...but I hope they won't."

Everyone sweatdropped. The night grew on them and soon, the group drifted off to sleep under the eye of a Dixie, different from the one that had been with Mint. This one was a baddie. She silently flew off and came to her master, Allure.

"They're asleep, Master Allure." the Dixie said.

"Good. This should prove easy." Allure said and laughed.

Allure was ready for their power....but she also knew that this was the only way for her to gain the power Mistress Nine wanted. After she had it, she would destroy Mistress Nine with it and use it to rule the monster world herself. Allure smiled with evil and powered her wings. She flew off towards the sleeping friends. Allure got to the camp site and quietly powered up a new attack Mistress Nine had given her.

"Rise and shine!!" she cried as the attack was ready. The group jumped up, but it was too late. "Spider's Web!!"

Thousands of stick threads surrounded the group, trapping them good and pinning them to the ground.

"Great....just when you think things can't get worse..." Skye mumbled.


Tiger's attack did nothing to the net. Allure laughed with evil.

"Too bad for you that this is the end. Now, to find out who has the power." Allure sneered and walked forward.

She placed her hand over the group and a red light exploded from her hand and shined on the group. The pain was horrible and Skye thought she was going to pass out when the light was gone.

"NO!! Dammit, I don't believe it! None of you have that power!" Allure cried in anger.

Suddenly, black smoke appeared in the air and Sentra appeared. She floated down and landed on the ground in front of the group.

"Well, who has the power, Allure?" Sentra asked coldly.

Freya snarled at Sentra, remembering her for what she had done to her kingdom. Allure bowed to Sentra.

"None have the power, mistress." Allure said in a shakily voice.

"What!? Th-that can't be!! I sensed that power coming from that place while they were there! Dammit!!" Sentra cursed and clenched and fist tightly.

"Sentra!" Freya suddenly yelled.

Sentra stared down at her and an evil smile crossed her face.

"Destroy them!" she ordered to the Allure and flew up into the air, arms crossed over her chest.

Allure was up in a blink of an eye.

"Lightning!!" she cried and shot her attack towards them.


Even through the web of sticky thread, Tiger's Torpedo was able to counter the Lighting shot by Allure. Allure was thrown back by her own attack. Skye pulled out her sword and tried to snap the web, but it didn't work.

"We have to get out!" Skye cried and struggled more with the net.

"This isn't working!" cried Genki in frustration.

"Allow me!" Eiko said and blew on her flute.

A giant phoenix suddenly appeared in the air. It was totally different from the monster phoenix, however. It shot a blast of hot flames at the web and snapped it easily. Then it turned and hit Allure with a sea of flames. She was badly burnt, but not beaten as she staggered to her feet. The phoenix screeched and disappeared in a flash of sparkling embers. The group piled out of the web and got their weapons ready to fight Allure. Freya suddenly leaped into the air as Allure's Spider's Web attack missed. Sentra smiled with evil as she watched the battle with cold eyes.


Allure dodged Gray Wolf's attack, but didn't dodge Freya as her spear stabbed Allure's right wing, making it impossible to fly. Freya came down and reclaimed her spear, pointing it long ways at Allure.


Eiko blew on her flute and Ruby appeared. Her horn grew and she shot red light at everyone. Everyone was quickly protected by a sparkling red light. Ruby disappeared in a flash of sparkles as the Lightning attack bounced off them and hit Allure instead. Saffire suddenly released white embers that missed Allure. Even without one wing, she was quick on her feet. Skye had her sword ready as she charged. She slashed at Allure, but missed. Allure leapt and kicked Skye in the stomach, sending her flying backward and smashing into all her friends. They all landed in a tangled pile.

"You idiots! You can't win!" Allure sneered and gave a horrible, evil laugh. "Spider's Web!!"

The attack was too fast and caught everyone completely by surprise. They were, once again, pinned to the ground. Allure walked over and snatched Skye's weapon. She let the blade disappear before grabbing Eiko's Angel Flute and Freya's spear. She tossed the three weapons into some bushes, way out of their reach. Skye clenched her teeth in anger. What now? They were defiantly stuck. Allure gave an evil laugh.

"This is the end, rebels." she said and powered up an attack. "Lig-"

"LIGHTING!!! cried a chorus of voices.

The lightning bolts struck Allure and she gave a horrible scream. She stumbled away, smoking from the attack.

"Wha-!?" Sentra gasped and turned to the sky. "No!! Damn that Pixie Clan!"

Skye looked up and couldn't believe what she was seeing. Hundreds of Pixies, Allures, Night Flyers, you name it were flying towards them. They were all lead by Mint, the one that had attacked Skye earlier.

"Alright troops!" she called to all the Pixies. "Attack again, but this time at Sentra!"


Sentra was hit and sent crashing to the ground, screaming in pain.

"Good! Keep it up!" Mint ordered and veered down to the group trapped in the sticky thread.

"Mint...? said-"

"Forget what I said, Skye. I was stupid for believing you all were baddies." Mint said. "I had an Allure keep an eye on you until you left. When she told me you were fighting baddies....I knew I had to help you since I was so mean and accusing earlier."

"That's great ya mind getting us out?" asked Genki, who was being squashed by Freya, Holly and Tiger.

Mint worked at the net while the word 'Lightning' was being shouted every minute or so.

"I can't.....break it...." Mint said, struggling with it.

Skye had no idea what to do now. She couldn't get out.

"Mint, get our weapons!" Freya cried.

Mint, giving up on the thread, ran over and collected the weapons. She gave them back to their owners and began struggling with the net again. Skye looked at her sword in frustration. (This thing is useless now...) Suddenly, one of the icy blue jewels at the base of the sword glowed a fiery red. Skye blinked at it and touched it, pressing it in like a button. The blade of the sword shot out and changed from a blue glow to a red glow. Skye looked at it before slicing through the sticky web, releasing her friends. Mint stubbled back in surprise as the net cut open easily. After that, she pressed the same jewel and the glow went back to blue.

"Who knew!" Holly laughed.

Sentra and Allure were now fighting the Pixie Clan back.

"Pixies, retreat!" Mint ordered.

The clan did just that. Sentra turned and ppointed to the group.

"Allure, finish your job!" she ordered.



The blue lightning smashed into each other and exploded in a display of light. When they disappeared, Allure attacked.

"Big Bang!!"

The attack exploded and sent everyone sprawling in different directions. Skye was up and held her sword firmly as she swung it to the side and then swung it back around. The blue wave smashed into Allure and sent her to the ground. She struggled to get up and soon did so. Freya suddenly brought her spear in front of her and her free hand in front of her spear. A pink light exploded from her free hand and she pulled it back, whipping her spear back and then throwing it forward. It landed in front of Allure and a giant pink dragon head made out of pink smoke circled Allure with cherry blossoms surrounding the head. Then the dragon head disappeared into the night sky and Freya recollected her spear. Allure began to gasp in pain and kneel.

"Torpedo!!" the two Tiger brothers chorused together as the lightning bolts struck Allure.

She shrieked in pain and was on the ground, panting and breathing hard. Sentra continued to watch, smirking with evil. Saffire shot another column of white flames, but missed. Eiko blew on her flute and summon the fire bird, Phoenix. Amazingly, Allure dodged that attack and it missed. However Mint's attack didn't.


With a horrible scream, Allure became a Lot Disk in an instant. Sentra cursed loudly and that caused them all to look up.

"Mark my words, rebels! The next time I show my face to you, it'll be the end for you all!" she spat and disappeared in a cloud of black smoke.

The next morning, everyone was healed, thanks to Eiko, and ready to go. They made their way out of the forest and began to climb a tall, grassy hill. They reached the top when they were suddenly stopped.

"Skye! Skye, wait!"

They all turned to see Mint flying at them full speed. She slowed down and then landed in front of them all.

"Skye...I wanna come with you..." she panted.

"You do?" Skye asked in awe.

"Yeah...I told my clan that I was coming and I left someone else in charge. Is it alright if I do?" Mint asked.

"Or course it is!" Holly said with a warm smile.

Mint smiled back. "Great!"

"Hey Eiko...are we gonna use the wind again?" Genki asked.

"I really don't want to..." Eiko sighed. "I'm to tired for summoning right now."

"That's alright...we don't mind walking." Tiger said and Gray Wolf nodded.

"Says you!" Genki cried.

Mewtara floated about them with a smug look on her face.

"I don't have to walk cause I can float!" she laughed happily.

Genki began to cry, waterfall tears flying from his eyes.

"IT'S NOT FAIR!!!" he sobbed loudly while everyone sweatdropped.

"Maybe you should try, Eiko." Freya sighed.

"Nah!" Eiko laughed. "This is too much fun to watch!"

"I agree!" Mint laughed.

Skye and Saffire nodded as they watched the two argue.

"Mistress?" came a Scaled Hare's quivering voice.

Mistress Nine stared down at him with cold, blue eyes. "What?"

"We...have located the person who can bring the Lost Disks back...." he s aid, shaking all over.

"Did he tell us?"

"Y-Yes, mistress....he did....on one condition..."

"I don't make conditions with peasants!" she shouted, making the Scaled Hare shake violently and fall to the ground in a bow.

"I-I'm s-sorry...I-I didn't k-k-know!"

Mistress Nine stood up and looked at the cowering monster. "What condition?"

"Th-that you d-din't h-h-hurt S-Skye...."

A cruel smile curled on Mistress Nine's bright red lips.

"Get out."

The Scaled Hare scurried away with relief. Mistress Nine gave a small chuckle.

"Fool....that peasant has no idea." she snarled. "I have special plans for Skye....and she knows it!"

An evil laugh followed Mistress Nine's statement.

To Be Continued......

Part 7


Chapter 7 Underground Ambush

The group had been walking for hours. The sun beat down on them and it was so hot, Skye thought she would pass out.

“It’s so hot.....” Mint grumbled.

“You don’t have to tell me that...” Skye sighed, wiping the sweat from her forehead.

Saffire nodded in agreement at Skye’s feet. Freya raised her hand to cover her face and look at the sky.

“No sign of rain, either.” she observed.

The group groaned.

“Sorry...” Freya said with a sweatdrop.

“I voluntary rest.” Tiger said.

“I second that!” Gray Wolf agreed.

“I third.” Eiko said.

“Alright, everyone keep their eyes open for a shady spot to rest.” Skye called to everyone and then noticed Mewtara.

She was walking at the very back of the group, staring at her feet. It was strange because Mewtara usually floated in the air above them, avoiding walking. Skye wondered why she wasn’t doing so. She let everyone walk past her until she was side by side with Mewtara, walking with her.

“Anything wrong?” Skye asked.

Mewtara jumped and placed a hand to her chest.

“You scared me!” she gasped.


Mewtara shook her head and then looked back at her feet.

“Something is’s stupid...”

“No,” Skye insisted. “it’s not stupid if it’s bothering you! Tell me!”

“Well....I’m worried purpose in this mission.” Mewtara said and made a face at her words. “Stupid, I know.”

“Would you stop saying that!” Skye laughed. “Your purpose is filled for simply being here!! Don’t worry about that!”

“But....everyone has a reason but me!” Mewtara insisted, looking up at Skye. “Everyone is fighting against Mistress Nine for a reason....because she did this to them or that....but I’m just going for nothing.”

Skye shook her head and took the time to wip more sweat from her forehead.

“Don’t say that! It doesn't matter if you’re here for a reason, as long as you are!” Skye said and left it at that.

Mewtara sighed and looked back at the ground. (Maybe Skye’s right....but still....I feel like I have a destiny somewhere. A destiny to for fill for this mission alone! But....what?) Mewtara’s thoughts were interrupted by the sudden halt of the group. Mewtara looked up and gasped at what everyone saw.

A giant tree was in front of them with lots of green leaves and thick branches. Under it was lots of shade, a perfect spot to rest.

“YEAH!!!!” Eiko cheered. “Finally!! We can rest!!”

Everyone quickly headed toward it and into the shade.

“Aaahhh.....nice.” Freya sighed and took off her tall red hat.

Skye blinked at her ears that she had never seen before. Her ears were defiantly of their own style. They were rounded a bit but were mostly pointed and triangular. It was almost like a triangle with the sides widened and rounded. They were rather large and made Skye get the feeling they were good for hearing. Freya laughed at Skye’s expression.

“This is the reason I hear so well!”

“I would guess!” Skye said, surprised.

Holly stretched her arms over her head and leaned on the giant trunk of the tree. It was so relaxing, and much cooler than it was in the sun.

“I wonder if I can climb this tree...” Genki pondered out loud, staring up at the big branches.

“Don’t try it....” Tiger grumbled, lifting his head from his paws to look at Genki. “You’ll kill yourself.”

Gray Wolf chuckled from next to Tiger, eyes close. He didn’t add his own comment, though.

“I will not! You just watch!” Genki growled angrily and leapt, grabbing a low tree branch.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t strong enough to hold him. It snapped and he fell hard, a pile of leaves soon covered him after. Tiger snorted while Gray Wolf, Eiko, Mint, Mewtara and Saffire laughed. Freya rolled her eyes and Skye was trying not to laugh.

“See!” Tiger said. “He didn’t even get high up and already he’s trying to kill himself!

Holly ran up to him and knelt down. She brushed some leaves off him. “Genki! Are you okay?” she asked.

She sweatdropped at Genki’s spiral eyes. Mint walked over and leapt, grabbing a stronger branch. She pulled herself up and then looked down at Genki, who blinked up at her.

“You have to check the thickness of the branch before grabbing on to it. That way, you’ll know if its good to climb up or not.” she said matter-of-factly.

“I knew that....” Genki grumbled angrily.

“I’m sure you did.” Mint chuckled and continued her climb.

She got to a strong, sturdy branch near the center of the tree finally before being satisfied. She sat down and leaned on the trunk with a smug smile.

“It’s better sitting down here anyway....” Genki grumbled and stood up, brushing himself off while Holly giggled.

Mewtara smiled and flew up to a branch a little higher above Mint. She sat there with a smile. Mint growled angrily with a vein on her head. Skye smiled at Mewtara, glad she wasn’t worrying anymore.

“Um...I had a question.” Holly spoke up.

Everyone looked over to her. Holly cleared her throat.

“Dose any one know where were going?”

There was an awkward moment of silences before Genki ran up to her.

“We thought YOU knew where Phoenix Castle is!? Doesn't the Magic Stone lead us there!?” he demanded.

Holly smiled sheepishly. “Yes....but it seems to be broken. I’ve tried it, and it doesn't work.....”

Everyone tripped with sweatdrops.

“Now you tell us!!!” Mint cried from above. “So were lost!!!”

“ looks that way...” Holly said and then laughed as everyone sweatdropped.

Everyone sat down in despair, realizing the truth. After a moment, Eiko spoke, trying to change the subject. “It’s nice having the shade but....we don’t have any water...and I’m really thirsty.”

Saffire nodded in agreement, panting hard.

“We drank the last bit we had earlier.” Skye said while digging in her bag. “We have none left.”

“If only their was a stream or something near by.” Mint sighed from above.

“I would smell the water if their was.” Tiger said.

“Doesn't hurt to check.” Skye said, throwing her backpack back on. “I’ll venture out a bit and see if I can find something. C’mon Saffire!”

Skye headed off to the left of the tree with Saffire panting at her heels, but following. The grass was very tall and right to Skye’s shoulders. She pushed her way through it, making sure not to loose sight of the tree. She kept going until she heard a splash. She looked down and saw her foot in crystal clear water.

“Yes! GUYS!!! COME OVER HERE! I FOUND WATER!!” she cried.

Saffire went forward and began to lap up the water as quick as possible. A few seconds later, her friends came running.

“Ah! Fresh water!” Freya said and sat her hat down by her feet.

“Yeah! Skye, fill some of the empty bottles up!” Mint sighed gleefully and knelt down to take a drink.

Suddenly, two arrows shot from a small tree with thick leaves that hung over the small stream.

“Yikes!” Mint yelped and leapt back with Saffire.

The two arrows stabbed the ground right where the two had had their heads. Freya quickly had her spear ready as everyone turned to the tree.

“No one drinks from me stream! Go away, baddies!” came a snarling voice.

“Show yourself!” Gray Wolf challenged.

Their was a rustle of leaves and a white flash leapt from the tree. She landed hard in front of them and stood up to her full height. She was an animal and human creature like Mewtara and Freya. She had white fur covering her whole body that glistened in the hot sunlight. She had baby blue eyes and long silver hair that rest on her back in a loose ponytail. Her face was that of a fox and she let some strands of her hair fall around it. She wore a strange outfit that seemed to be made of steel, or metal. Her top was white and short, only covering her chest. Thin, black straps held it and went over her shoulder. She had a golden armlet wrapped around her left arm near her shoulder. On her right arm was a metal glove that came up to her elbow. Her slender fingers were visible and, on the knuckles of this glove, were small holes. Skye guess it was a sort of weapon. She had a silver boot on her left leg only that was oddly made. It didn’t cover her toes, which were like a fox’s paw, or her heel. It came up a little past her ankle before ending in a wave pattern. The wave pattern was a silver snake pendent with green gems for eyes. On her right foot, the boot was the same expect it went up and covered her whole leg in silver armor. It connected with the bottom part of her outfit, which looked like the bottom part of a bikini bathing suit, but it was silver and metal. She had two, bushy white fox tails that touched the ground behind her. On her back were strapped a case full of arrows that reminded Skye of Robin Hood. She also had the bow strapped on her back with the string crossed over her front like the strap for the case of arrows. She had a slender form and a mean glare.

“I said get out of here! Baddies aren’t wanted here!!” she snarled furiously.

“How come everyone thinks were baddies!?!?” cried Genki.

“We don’t look like baddies at we?” Holly pondered out loud. “We are not baddies! Who are you and why won’t you let us drink?” Freya demanded angrily, spear pointed long ways at the fox lady.

She laughed. “You are to baddies! You are NOT going to drink here, because I want you to die of thirst!”

“Hey! We aren’t baddies!” cried Mewtara, stepping forward. “We just want a drink so we can move on! You can watch us carefully if you want!”

“I won’t fall for your tricks!” she growled and raised her right hand in a fist. “I slice all the baddies into pieces that come here!”

With that, three, longer silver claws shot from the tiny holes that were in her glove. Skye gulped. So she was right. They were weapons.

“Now scram or else I slice!” she said.

Freya narrowed her green eyes and picked up her red hat, putting it back on her head. She then pointed her spear at her vertically. The girl raised an eyebrow at her.

“You wish to fight me, baddie?” she sneered. “Then I warn you that no baddie as ever beaten me!”

“We are not baddies!! I am Freya Crescent, a Dragoon Knight of the Associla Kingdom! I will not lose to a peasant like you!”

“W-What?!” the girl gasped and took a step back. “The Associla Kingdom!? Why didn’t you say so!!”

The girl let the claws go back in the holes before bowing to them. Freya lowered her spear, but did no put it away. Everyone blinked at her in confusion.

“My name is Remina and I, too, am from the Associla Kingdom. My father was a experienced knight from the near by kingdom, Refterl. He met my mother and they moved to Associla, where I was born.”

Freya gave her a strange look before placing her spear on her back, instead of letting it disappear. Skye wasn’t sure why. Remina returned to a normal stand and smiled.

“Forgive my behavior. I do not trust strangers much, for the fear of baddies. Please, drink!” she sighed and spread her arms to the stream.

Everyone rushed forward and drank. After everyone had had their fill, Skye filled up all the bottles and placed them back in her pack. She smiled at Remina.

“Thank you for letting us drink!” she said.

Remina smiled back. “Of course! Anytime!”

“She wouldn’t have said that a second ago....” Genki mumbled under his breath.

“Do you want me to shoot you!?” Remina snarled.

Genki screamed and ran behind Holly, who sweatdropped. Remina laughed and turned to Freya.

“So, what brings a great Dragoon Knight out here?” she asked.

Freya then explained the whole thing. Skye was surprised she even mentioned why she was here, with Sentra and everything. Remina was shocked that the Associla Kingdom had been destroyed. However she was impressed that this group was going against Mistress Nine. When she heard of their problem about finding Phoenix Castle, she instantly wanted to help.

“I know exactly how to get there!” she said proudly.

“Really!? Do mind telling us?” Skye asked.

“Even better! I’ll show you! It’s an underground cave called the Underground Passway. It leads straight into Forest Perun, which leads to Phoenix Castle. I’ll take you through the cave, but after that you’ll be on your own.” Remina said.

“Great! Thanks!” Skye said as her friends cheered.

They all were happy they weren’t lost any more. Remina made sure they were ready before leading them through the tall grass on the other side of the stream. She lead them through the grass until it was well over eveyone’s head. To prevent from getting separated, everyone grabbed each other’s hands, or held onto the person’s shoulder. Remina continued to lead them and suddenly, they entered a spot with short grass. The tall grass continued around it and beyond, but the thing everyone saw was the large doors that seemed to be in the ground. It reminded Skye of the bulkhead she use to have in her house coming from the basement. The two doors were stone with moss and mold all over it. There was a large, ancient carving of a phoenix on the front that was barely visible through all the junk covering it.

“That’s it?” asked Mewtara.

“Yup,” Remina said. “This is the way to Forest Perun and then on to Phoenix Castle. I’ll lead you to the end. It’s not very long, but after a while it gets old.”

With that, Remina pulled the two doors open with a loud screech. They flopped open easily and reveled a pitch black drop. Everyone gulped.

“Got any sticks?” Remina asked the group casually.

“Yeah, I think I have one in my fur.” Tiger said sarcastically and rolled his eyes.

Remina thought for a second and then snapped her fingers.

“Be right back!” she said and disappeared into the tall grass.

It wasn’t long before she came back with a thick tree branch. She held it out to Eiko.

“I’m guessing you can light this?” she asked.

“You bet!” Eiko said.

She raised her hands to it and then pulled back as the branch was lit with a blaze of fire.

“Great! Follow me!” Remina said and turned to the black hole.

She knelt down and turned, feeling with her foot. She finally got a grip on the rusty ladder and began to make her way down. The other’s followed suit. They all went down and down for what seemed like forever. It got darker and colder as they descended. The only light came from the small blaze that Remina held. The light that they had seen from above that came from the outside was gone. There wasn’t a trace of it at all. When Skye was sure they had gone too far, Remina finally called up to everyone.

“Go down slow! We’re reaching the bottom soon and its quit a jump!”

Everyone followed her orders. Skye went as slow as she could until she felt Freya, who had been underneath her, leave the ladder. As Skye looked down, she could see the flicker blaze of the torch. She gathered her courage and leapt. It was pretty far and Skye knew she wouldn’t fall on her feet. She fell and was suddenly caught. Her feet hit the ground hard, causing pain in her legs. Skye realized that Freya had half caught her and half let her hit on her own.

“You okay?” Freya asked.

“Yes,” Skye said, though she was shaken up a bit by it.

Skye caught Saffire and Eiko, both too small to land on their own. Genki claimed he didn’t need help, but Freya did any way. Tiger, Gray Wolf and Mint didn’t need any help nor did Mewtara. Holly was helped by Genki, who caught her the same way Freya had Skye. They both blushed as this happened. Saffire shivered at Skye’s feet from the cold. It was very damp too, making it all the worse.

“Welcome to the Underground Passway, my friends!” Remina said and brought the flaming blaze out in front of her a ways.

It was a long tunnel with stalagmites and stalactites all around. The tunnel stretched as far as the light would let them see and beyond.

“Well, come on!” Remina said and began to walk forward.

Everyone huddled close to Remina, or as close as one another allowed, so they could be near the warmth and light of the fire. Soon, the tunnel got to narrow for that, so everyone had to form a single file line. Eiko was behind Remina because she claimed she was afraid of the dark. (She is not, Mewtara had claimed) Freya followed and then Skye. Holly was behind her and then Genki, Mewtara, Mint, Tiger and Gray Wolf followed. Skye carried a shivering Saffire in her arms, since the little monster refused to walk alone. Remina constantly had to stop and relight the thick branch, since it kept going out from the fairly large water droplets that dripped from the ceiling. Sometimes the tunnel was large and they would all huddle together again. But most of it was narrow and impossible to group in. Several times they would have to stop and rest their feet, or paws. After a few hours, Skye was growing very tired. She wondered if the sun had gone down or not.

“We’ll rest the next large area we come too! It should be soon!” Remina called finally, her voice echoing everywhere.

(Finally....I’m so tired....) Skye sighed in her mind. It seemed like hours to Skye when they finally reached the large open area. The tunnel seemed to go on wide like this for a while. Everyone was very relived to rest as they all sat on the slippery wet rocks or on the damp ground. Mewtara sat off as far away from the others as possible, but close enough to feel the warmth of the fire from the large branch. (So we’re on our way to Phoenix Castle.....and I STILL haven’t done anything worthy of being on this journey! What’s my this journey.....? Why did I come here when I have no reason?) Mewtara brought her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. She rested her chin on her knees, staring off into the darkness. (I....I just wish I knew.....what my reason was....? I’m sure I went for a reason more than just to be with Eiko? I’m sure I did!) Mewtara let out a frustrated sigh. It was useless trying to figure it out. She just couldn’t. Suddenly, the whole area lit up with lights. Torches along the walls were set ablaze. Everyone leapt up, but were too late as a shower of black beams smashed into everyone, sending everyone into different directions. An evil laugh was heard and everyone knew right away who it was.

“Sentra!” Freya snarled angrily.

Sentra appeared above them all, laughing.

“I knew you’d all come to this place to make your way to Phoenix Castle!” she laughed.

“How the hell did she know!?” cried Tiger.

“I have ways!” Sentra sneered and launched another attack of black rays.


“Cold Bullet!!”

“Elimination Beam!!”

“Big Bang!!”

All these attacks plus Saffire’s white fire collided with some of the beams. However most of them hit the ground, exploding. Freya quickly pulled her spear form her back while Skye took out her sword.

“I promised that the next time we meet, it will be the final battle! That time is now!” she shouted and launched a large ray.

Skye slashed at the beam as it came forward. The beam exploded right in front of her, sending her flying backward. Remina had slipped into the shadows behind Sentra. She quickly took an arrow from her back and took the bow from her back as well. She pulled back and let the arrow fly. Sentra turned and caught the arrow. She shot a ray at Remina, who did a series of back flips to avoid each one shot. Sentra finally hit her and she cried in pain. Freya quickly did a quick calculation in her head of how high the cave ceiling was and cursed it. It wasn’t high enough for her to jump. Freya suddenly realized a beam was coming toward her, but it was too late. It smashed into her and wrapped itself around her like a chain. Her spear clattered to the cave ground.

“Freya!” Skye cried and suddenly cried out.

The same black light wrapped around her. The light soon caught everyone and brought them to the ground. Skye’s sword landed in front of her and the blade disappeared as Skye fell next to it. Sentra laughed with evil as everyone struggled to break free.

“Now....who should I kill first....Ah! I know!” Sentra said and then began to launch black ray after black ray.

She hit everyone randomly until finally, no one had the strength to move. Sentra laughed at the fallen party.

“Mistress Nine will be very pleased!” she cackled. “Who wants to die first and spare the torture?”

Skye gritted her teeth angrily at Sentra. This couldn’t be how it all ended! She had to save the Monster World! (I...I have to win! I have to beat Mistress Nine and save this world! For all my friends...and for everyone!) Skye used all her strength to push her arms outward. Sentra laughed.

“You can’t break free! I guess that means you voluntary first!” she said.

Skye continued to move her arms, trying to break the black light that held her. She pushed hard with her legs too. She brought her arms and legs out as if she was going to jump into the air and touch her toes with her hands. Everyone watched as she continued to fight the black light. Suddenly, the light ripped and exploded into a million pieces, disappearing.

“WH-WHAT!?!?” Sentra exploded.

“Way to go, Skye!” Eiko cheered.

“Yeah! You can do it!” Holly agreed.

Skye staggered to her feet and snatched her sword from the ground. The blade quickly reappeared, its blue glow seeming to shin even brighter. Skye quickly swung the blade around and the blue wave of light broke all the other black lights that held her friends. Everyone quickly staggered to their feet, Freya with her spear ready. Skye was already injured pretty badly, like the others.

“This is impossible!! Damn you!! You go first!!!!” Sentra cried and shot a very large black beam.

“Skye!!” cried Mint.

Skye didn’t have enough strength to move. She closed her eyes, ready for the hit. It never came. Their was a scream of pain instead. Skye’s eyes flew open and her heart stopped. The beam had hit Mewtara instead, who had jumped in front of her. Her scream of pain had stopped as the beam’s aftermath life shot past Skye, rippling her hair.

“NNNOOOO!!!! MEWTARA!!!” Skye screamed in horror at the sight.

Mewtara fell backward, eyes rolling in the back of her head. Skye dropped her sword and caught her friend. Skye went down on her knees, Mewtara’s head in her lap. Tears stung her eyes and trickled down her face.

“Mewtara....Mewtara....please....wake up....” she begged, her voice chocked and her tears running down constantly like a foist.

Skye wasn’t sure she would wake up. Mewtara’s hair was all ruffled and messed up. Her ears drooped down and her pink headband had been blown off. Her pink shirt was ripped in several places. Her whole left sleeve had been ripped at the shoulder, so it now hung down over her hand and reveled her shoulder. The bottom right corner had been ripped off and her skirt was only ripped around the edges. Her tail hung limp and she was bleeding everywhere. Mewtara slowly opened her brown eyes half way. She saw Skye crying for her.

“’s okay....” she managed to say weakly. “I’m fine....I’m going to be all right....I promise....”

Skye sniffed and nodded, slowly placing Mewtara’s head on the rocky ground. She stood up and grabbed her sword. She held it in front of her, narrowing her teary eyes. Her hair also had been messed up and she had small rips and tears in her shirt, but none as serve. She was also bleeding from small cuts, but nothing serious. Sentra crossed her arms over her chest, staring down at Skye. She was floating above them all with a glare.

“You....I’ve had enough of you...” she sneered and floated down.

Her shoes clicked as she touched the rocky ground. She held her right hand out and black light formed a black sword of light. It was unlike Skye’s, since hers had a blade and this one didn’t. It was nothing but a long thin piece of black light. It looked like a light saber from Star Wars, Skye thought. She then erased that thought with rage. Hatred and rage for Sentra....and what she had done to Mewtara.

“You won’t live,” Skye said horsily. “for what you have done...”

Sentra gave an amused chuckle. “I’m sure....Well, Skye....if so...then prove it.”

Skye’s rage hit the peak at those words. Her sword glowed with a fierce blue. It suddenly got longer with a sharper point and a little curve in the end. The bottom of it also got longer, causing Skye to have to use both hands. She quickly took her left hand and put it on the longer part. Sentra gave an evil smile and got her sword of light ready. Skye, without a second thought, charged and took a slash at Sentra. Sentra shot a bunch of rays out instead of blocking it, which was a mistake for her. Skye slashed all the rays that came after her and swung at Sentra, slashing her hard. Sentra screamed in pain and flew back into a large rock, crumbling it.

“Should we help her?” asked Holly.

“No,” Freya said sternly. “She can do this.”

Sentra shot up and swung with her own sword. Skye blocked it easily. Sentra moved her sword and tried to slash at another angle. It was also blocked. Sentra tried again and again to slash Skye, but every time she tried, Skye blocked it easily. She finally gave up and leapt backward. She held up her free hand and shot a large black ray at Skye. She failed to dodged and was hit hard, smashing into the ground. Sentra used this chance to strike, and lunged forward with her sword ready. Skye was slashed hard across the chest that sent her flying to the left and into the wall of the tunnel. Remina cringed at that. It made her hurt just watching. Skye staggered to her feet pain stabbing her everywhere. Sentra laughed with evil and lunged again. Skye pulled her sword to the left and swung hard to the right in a very fast motion. The wave of blue light was larger now and it shot out at a very high speed. To make it more painful, there were two. Both waves smashed into Sen tra and sent her back into the opposite wall. Skye waited until Sentra was standing before running forward and slashing at Sentra. Sentra blocked with her sword and then blocked Skye again. The two went into a fierce sword fight, one slashing while the other blocked. Then they would switch.

“They’re tied!” Gray Wolf said, watching the fight with large eyes.

“Yeah....” Tiger said, not really hearing him.

Eiko hugged Saffire close as they all watched in horror. Freya and Remina were watching the battle and trying to help Mewtara at the same time. Mewtara just watched Skye, brown eyes steady on her all the time. Sentra leapt into the air and launched a series of black rays again. Skye dodged them and slashed some of them. Sentra lunged again with her sword and Skye ducked the slash. She then brought her sword blade up and straight through Sentra’s stomach. Sentra gasped and her eyes went wide in pain. She didn’t cry out, however. Skye swung her off the sword blade and she landed in a heap in front of Skye. She looked up at Skye as her sword disappeared. Skye watched her with hate in her eye.

“You....prove yourself....well.....” Sentra gasped before screaming in terror and pain.

Black light engulfed her and she turned into a black crystal the size of Tiger. It floated down and half of it disappeared into the ground. It flicked black before going dull. Green vines came up from the ground and covered the crystal partly. Everyone stared in horror at the crystal, the final resting place of Sentra and her rein of terror. Freya hung her head.

“May the Gods help you....” she whispered under her breath as a silent prayer to her long hated enemy.

Skye stared at the crystal for a moment before letting her sword return to normal. The blade disappeared and Skye placed it back in its case. She turned and ran to Mewtara, kneeling to her. Freya and Remina backed away with the others. Skye sat on her knees and carefully took Mewtara’s head, placing it in her lap again. Tears swelled in her eyes at her friends condition.

“C’mon Mewtara.....stand up....” she said, her voice chocked. “You have to come with us.....we have to get going....”

“Skye....I....I...found my....purpose on this was my....purpose.....and my destiny save you....” Mewtara said weakly.

“No....No, Mewtara! Please! Get up!” Skye begged, squeezing her eyes tightly.

Holly covered her mouth with one hand, tears swelling in her eyes. Genki also couldn’t help but let tears stream down his face. Neither could Tiger and Gray Wolf, both crying a little. Saffire, still in Eiko’s arms, sobbed. Eiko sniffed and hugged Saffire tighter, watching the scene through teary eyes. Freya and Remina, though strong ladies, watched with tears.

“It was was my reason for....for coming with you....on this quest....I....had to save for a reason.....” Mewtara closed her eyes and smiled. “I....I don’t know.....I don’t know what the reason was.....but....but it’s imporant.....because it was my save you......Skye......give.........the........others.......strangth..............

and....... ...and......hope.....because ....Nine......I”

Mewtara’s head went limp and rested on Skye’s lap, her eyes closed for the final and last time.

“No....Mewtara.....” Skye sobbed softly, tears flowing from her eyes and landing on her still friend.

Everyone looked either down or away in sadness. Skye closed her eyes as the tear’s continued to flow. She hugged her friend close and cried. She cried for her friend and her cruel purpose....her destiny.

“I...promise, Mewtara....” Skye sobbed. “I’ll make your destiny worth it....I promise....”

Free....The Dream Within

The Stars are Crying

A Tear.....A Sigh

Escapes from Heaven

.....And Worlds End

Breathe.....The Dream Within

The Mystifying

We Tremble ad Spin

Suspended Within.....


Where Hearts Can See

Dream In Peace

Trust Love....Believe

We Tremble and Spin

Suspended Within.....

Free.....The Dream Within

The Voices Calling

A Song....A Prayer

From Deep Inside You

.....To Guide You

Be....The Dream Within

The Light is Shinning

A flame On the Wind

Salvation Begins.....


Where Hearts Can See

Dream In Peace

Trust Love....Believe

We Tremble and Spin

Suspended Within

Free....The Dream Within

The Star are Crying

A Tear....A Sigh

Escapes from Heaven

....And Worlds......End

To Be Continued.......

Chapter 6: Forest Perun

Everyone greatly welcomed the sunlight as they climbed out of the underground tunnel they had been in for what seemed like days. Bleeding in several places, tired and depressed,the group had nothing to say. No one spoke out of pure sadness. Mewtara had died to save Skye, and everyone was thinking of nothing else. They had taken her to the only place that had soil.

Remina had brought them there so they could bury her. They even placed some rocks onto of her grave in the shape of a cross. Remina had decided to join them, since she wanted to defeat the baddies after what they had done. Even though Mewtara’s murder, Sentra, had been destroyed thanks to Skye, the group wanted more than ever now to destroy Mistress Nine and who ever faced them.

The group continued toward the Forest Perun in silence.

The dark, gloomy castle seemed to have a never ending darkness that surrounded it. Swirls of icy cold mist hung around it, nearly hiding it from everyone’s view. Inside the castle, at the very top, was the chamber of M istress Nine. Her long black hair dragged the floor behind her and her black, sleeveless dress was split open a little in the front. Glittering pearls were strung across the opening, going from one shoulder to the other. Her black, high heeled shoes were invisible, hidden by her long black dress. She had long finger nails on her slender hands that traced lines and shadows displayed by her crystal ball. Her icy blue eyes narrowed at certain shadows and shapes. At some shown, she would twist her bright red lips into a evil smile. A black star was on her forehead, giving symbol to her power.

“So, Sentra was least she destroyed one of those pesky brats first.” Mistress Nine sneered in her cold heartless voice that made even the toughest monsters shiver. “Perhaps you could do better?”

Catze bowed low on one knee, closing her blue eyes and giving an evil smile with her bright red lips.

“Yes....I will destroy the leader, Skye. Then they will-”

“NO!!” Mistress Nine cried, startling Catze. “Do NOT kill her!!”

Mistress Nine lowered her voice, her lips curled into an evil smile. “I have special....plans for her....” she snarled, putting stress on the word ‘plans’.

“Yes, of course, mistress. Forgive me.” Catze said and stood up.

“I bet you I could do a much better job.” Jessy sneered, stepping into the room.

“I could have them all killed and then bring Skye to you, mistress.”

Jessy walked in, her claws clicking on the black marble floor. She gave an evil smile as Catze glared.

“I can do a better job!! After all,” Catze sad angrily. “that’s why she picked me to deal with them first!”

Jessy laughed. “The weakest come first, like the numbers on the number line. You start with weakest, and get stronger! She just wants to destroy you first, to get you out of the way.”

“Why you-”


Mistress Nine turned and they both straightened up.

“Shut up, both of you! It dosen’t matter who finishes them off as long as it is done! Now, Catze, get to work!”

They both bowed low to show respect.

“I will not disappoint you, mistress.” Catze said and then disappeared, almost like a broken TV screen. (AN: Think Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo...^_^;;;)

Jessy turned and began to walk out, her claws clicking.


Jessy stopped and turned. She shifted her golden wings a bit.


“How is our....guest doing?” she asked, sneering the word ‘guest’ especially.

“We have gathered the information and have found the person he tells off, mistress.” Jessy said. “She is under high security.”

Mistress Nine gave a smile of evil glee.

“And she can turn all the Lost Disks we collected at the Summoner Village into monsters again?”

“Yes, she can. We also have the prisoner locked away. He is of no more use to us.”

Mistress Nine nodded and turned back to her glowing crystal ball.

“Very well.....keep our prize safely guarded and as for the other,” She gave and evil smile. “kill him.”

Jessy bowed and left as Mistress Nine peered into the crystal ball.

“The sands of time run low....for you.” she whispered.

The group was struggling through the Forest Perun, trying their best to get to the end so they could reach Phoenix Castle. Eiko had healed them all before they had entered, so they were good to go.

“This is one freaky forest!” Genki exclaimed, looking around.

He had finally broken the silences between everyone. Skye nodded in agreement. The forest was indeed strange. It was basically a rain forest with vines and thick leaves covering the sky above. The sunlight was barely visible and only in a few rare places did it stream done to the ground. Beautiful flowers of all colors lined the left and right of the group while they struggled through the mess of vines. One planet had actually bit one of Saffire’s tails. Tiger had to fry it in order for it to let go. Some of the vines weren’t really vines either. It wasn’t once that Skye grabbed the tail of a giant snake instead of a vine. The others would then have to scare it or, if the snake was really big, kill it. Usually, the big snakes were easy to spot. Skye was in awe of this was very strange. The thing she was amazed the most about was the trees. They were huge! Many were taller than a skyscraper and wider than comparison. Skye was enchanted by the height of them.

“Well, now I can say I’ve been to the rain forest.” Skye sighed, brushing some more low branches with thick leaves out of her way.

“It sounded better in books.” Genki said.

“Ahh....Tiger....I found another snake....” Holly said in a small voice.

Everyone turned to see a fairly large, light green snake with dark green spots. It was curled on top of Holly’s head, flickering its tongue in and out. Remina and Freya quickly made a slow grab for it. They counted to three before grabbing it and throwing it into a pile of leaves. Holly sighed with relief as they continued. Skye was curious about why there weren’t any bugs. Before she could ask anyone, Saffire came to a sudden halt. Her ears twitched and she sniffed the air. Everyone stopped at seeing this.

“What’s up, Saffire?” Skye asked.

Saffire suddenly darted in front of Skye and disappeared into some thick brush.

“Hey! Wait!” Skye yelped and ran after her.

Everyone did, pushing and shoving their way through the brush of leaves and vines. Skye nearly stepped on Saffire as she finally came to a halt. Everyone crashed out of the brush and into a small clearing.

“Aw, look! How cute!” Eiko said and pointed straight ahead.

A little cry was heard from the creature as everyone looked. It was a small white tiger, the size of a dog. It had black strips and beautiful green eyes. It also had a emerald green diamond shimmering in the center of its forehead. The thing that caught everyone’s eye were the great feathered wings that were emerald green. They hung limp and the little creature let out a small cry of pain.

“Look, it has its leg stuck in those branches.” Freya observed and pointed a long, pink nail at the tangled animal’s leg.

“Yeah, branches with thorns! Poor thing! And look, it has cuts and bruises all over its leg from struggling.” Remina said.

The tiger struggled again and then saw them. It flattened its ears against it head and hissed.

“G-Get away!” it grounded in a small, child like voice. “I can bite!”

“It’s a little female cub!” Skye said.

“Yeah, and she talks.” Gray Wolf said with a raised eyebrow.

“G-Get away!” she said and snarled.

She pulled at her leg and whimpered.

“Don’t worry, we just want to help you.” Skye said, walking over slowly.

She knelt down and reached for the branches. Skye carefully untangled the branches, careful not to stab herself or the little tiger. After a minute of work, the little tiger’s leg was freed. Eiko came over while the little tiger was licking her paw. She quietly pulled out her flute and played a short little tune. Blue sparkled around the little tiger, who blinked and pawed at it playfully. Skye giggled at the movement. The blue glow disappeared and the little tiger blinked in confusion and looked around, ears up and eye alert. She then realized her leg was better. Both Eiko and Skye backed away from her as the little tiger stood up, trying her leg out. After a moment, she flew in the air with a shout of glee that scared everyone.

“YYYEEEAAAHHHH!!!! I’m well and better and free again!!!” she cried happily.

Everyone sweatdropped as the little tiger darted around and around in a circle, shouting the same thing over and over again.

“Umm...who are you...? Do you have a name..?” Skye asked.

The little tiger stopped and fluttered in front of Skye. She sniffed her and then smiled gleefully.

“Hiya, lady! You saved me, didn’t you? You and your happy go luck friends!!” the little tiger exclaimed and giggled at her own joke.

Everyone sweatdroped major as the little tiger began to do loops in the air, repeating the last sentence she had said.

“Happy...go luck....?” Gray Wolf repeated, sweatdropping the most.

“She sure has a lot of energy....” Holly observed.

“I would have never guessed.” Tiger replied sarcastically.

“Um...your name?” Skye repeated.

The tiger stopped and giggled happily.

“Hiya, peeps! My name is Jade!”

“Jade, huh? Well, I’m Skye! Nice to meet you!”

“Who are they? Huh, huh!!! Who are they!?!” Jade said, doing back flips in the air.

Skye sweatdroped.

“Introduce yourself, guys....” she said and stepped away.

Saffire snorted in annoyance. Jade swooped down to her and giggled.

“Your name is-” She then repeated the sound Saffire had made. “Nice to meet you-” And she did it again.

Saffire screamed in horror and ran behind Skye, who was sweatdropping.

“Actually, she’s my monster, Saffire. She can’t speak.” Skye explained.

“Okie-dokie somkey!!” she said and flew higher up, laughing.

“Um...My name is Holly.”

“I’m Genki.”

“Gray Wolf.”

“Tiger of the Wind.”

“Tiger of the Wind!? THE Tiger of the Wind!?!” Jade cried.


Jade screamed and flew at Tiger. She wrapped her little paws around his neck and hugged him, folding her wings in.

“You’re so cute!!!” she cried happily.

Tiger sweatdropped as Gray Wolf giggled.

“I’ve heard so many stories about you from my folks!” she continued. “How you did this and that...and then I saw your picture and I thought it would be the COOLEST thing to meet you!!! Now I am!!!! Your cuter than the picture!!”

Tiger sweatdropped even more and Gray Wolf burst out laughing. Tiger’s sweatdrop turned into a large vein as he growled at Gray Wolf, rolling on the ground with laughter. Everyone else was sweatdropping too, but managed to introduce themselves.

“My name is...umm...Freya....”

“I’m Remina....”

“Name’s Lusita, but you can call me Mint.”

Jade let Tiger go, who was very reviled, and flew to Mint.

“You have two names?” she asked.

“ real name is Lusita, but I go by Mint...” she explained.

“So....which one is your name?”

Mint fell over with a sweatdrop.

“So, uh, live around here?” Skye asked, breaking the conversation.

“Yes, I do!” Jade said, fluttering up to her. “I live here all alone, hiding from the baddies!”

“All alone? But...don’t you have parents?”

“They were taken by the baddies....I think they were eaten.” Jade said sadly.

“Oh, I’m so sorry...” Skye said, thinking of Mewtara and how she had lost her to the baddies as well. “I shouldn’t have asked.

“No, that’s okay!” Jade said and suddenly brightened up. “Wait a are the group that is going after Mistress Nine, aren’t you!?!?”

“Well...yes, but-”


Everyone sweatdropped once more as she did a series of back flips, front flips, side flips and a strange little thing that Skye guessed was a dance.

“ you know how to get to Phoenix Castle, then?” Skye continued.

“Do I!? Of course!!!! I know this place like that back of by paw!” she said, fluttering up to Skye again. “I’d be happy to lead you guys there!”

“Great, thanks!” Skye said.

“On one condition!” she said, holding up a clawed finger. “I get to join you guys and fight against Mistress Nine too!”

“WHAT!?!?” Tiger cried and leapt up. “NO!! Never!”

Jade frowned and flew to him, wrapping her arms around his neck again. Gray Wolf gave a loud snort.

“What’s wrong Tiger, Wiger. You don’t want me to join and help you fight against the dark evil forces.....? And why not, my love?” Jade asked soothingly.

“AAAHHH!!!” Tiger yelped and jumped back, throwing Jade off.

Everyone burst out laughing, Gray Wolf rolling on the ground.

“AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! My love!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!! Wiger!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!” Gray Wolf cried, tears forming in his eyes.

Tiger growled angrily and turned to him.


Gray Wolf stopped laughing as the attack hit. He sat there, all crispy and black. He coughed up a black puff of smoke before falling over. Everyone quickly stopped laughed and sweatdropped. Remina coughed and then was silent.

“Come on, Tiger....let Jade join....” Skye said, trying to conivnce herself of this.

“Yesyesyesyesyes!!! Lemme join!! Pla-eeessseee? Please? Pretty Pla-eeessseeee?” Jade said, looking up at him with huge puppy dog eyes.

Tiger sweatdropped and then sighed.

“All right....”

“YEAH!!!” Jade cried and hugged him around the neck again.

Tiger sighed again. Skye smiled.

“Okay then...lead the way, Jade!” Skye said.

“Righty!” Jade said and left Tiger.

She quickly took her spot at the head of the group and began to fly off. Everyone followed quickly after her.

“You guys don’t have to worry one tiny little bit!” Jade said as she flew in front of Skye.

Saffire grumbled at Skye’s feet, not liking that she had joined them. No one did, but it was only because they needed her help.

“I’m sure we don’t.” Skye said.

“Yeah! Especially since I know the short cut! It’s the quickest route and, I’m assuming, that you want to get there before sundown.” Jade said happily, proud of herself.

“Yes, that would be great!” Skye said and nodded.

The group pushed their way through the thick brush and past giant trees. As the went on, it became harder and harder. Jade, however, seemed confident they were going the right way. She would blabber on and on about how beautiful the short cut was, and how she use to always play at the spot. Then she would start talking about all her adventures she had had, which Skye was sure she was making up. All the while, everyone was getting tired and hungry as they pushed through the thick brush. Finally, after hours of walking, Jade stopped.

“What’s the hold up?” Freya called from the back.

Jade smiled gleefully. “We’re here!! Everyone, feast your eyes on the short cut! Rainbow Isla!!”

With that, Jade pulled back some thick leaves to revealed the most beautiful place Skye had ever seen. The name of the place was easy to under stand, since the grass and leaves were a rainbow color. Every color you’d see on the rainbow glistened as the leaves and grass. The colors in the rainbow, however, were kind of dull. Maybe so not to hurt the eyes of visitors, Skye wasn’t sure. The trunks of the trees were a light brown, not dark. They were almost white, that’s how light they were. The low brush and other usually green things were rainbow colored as well. As Jade began to lead them through it, Skye noticed a stream that followed the path they were walking on. The water changed colors every five seconds. Starting with white and going through every shade of blue that existed, then moving on to purple, and then pink and so on. It was so beautiful to watch.

“See? Isn’t it great?” Jade said.

“Yes...beautiful!” Skye breathed.

“The water...see it? Well, the colors tell you what kind of magic the water will do for you!” Jade said.

“What do you mean?” Mint called.

“See...the water’s a bright yellow? That means it’ll give you power to block the sunlight from a really powerful sunscreen...and that color there! The very dark gives red foods the gift to never spoil!” Jade explained.

“Wow! That’s really amazing!” Holly said.

“Yeah...wish we had one of this streams in my house!” Genki joked.

Suddenly, a shinning silver thing reflected the sunlight in the distance, catching Eiko’s eye. She stopped and squinted at it.

“Hey! Look at this!” she called and pointed to the silver that stuck from the ground.

“What is it?” asked Remina.

“Look’s like....a giant piece of metal!” Jade said happily.

Everyone sweatdropped and sighed.

“Let’s take a look.” Freya suggested.

“But...we have to make it to Phoenix Castle before dark.” Skye protested.

She didn’t want to run into baddies. She suddenly had a fear of them, after Mewtara’s death. She knew it was silly, and tried to fight it, since she had to be strong for her friends. She was ready to fight and would fight if needed what if one of her friends....died too?

“Oh, come on! If baddies attack, we can take care of ‘em!” Genki said.

“Yeah, let’s look! What if someone’s hurt?” Mint said and placed her hands on her hips.

Saffire looked up at Skye and whimpered.

“....Okay...” Skye finally decided.

“Yeah!” Jade cheered and, once again, lead the way toward it.

They soon reached the strange metal thing and gasped at what it was. It was a large ship made of steel that reflected the sunlight. It had two wing like things that came from the side that were made of material like a kite. They looked like bat wings and were blue in color. The steel was colored a dark green and it had circle shaped windows along both sides. A door was on the side that faced them and seemed half open. The back and front of the ship were the same, making Skye curious of how to tell the differences. The front and back were both pointed and covered in gold. The top of the ship had another fin that looked like the wings, expect it was shaped like a giant version of a dolphin fin.

“What the hell is this?” Mint demanded.

“Good question....” Gray Wolf agreed.

Jade cocked her head and noticed the door, barely open, but open. She flew to it and pawed at the door in curiosity. Saffire soon joined her at pawing the door. Everyone else walked over. Freya examined it, looking at it for the hinges that it used to open. There were none.

“Strange...there are no hinges....” Freya said and pointed to were they should’ve been. “It must be impossible to open this door.”

“Wait, look!” Remina said and pointed to the bottom of the door. “It dosen’t open from right to left. It opens from the bottom.”

“But...that’s impossible!” Holly said. “There aren’t any hinges at the top, either!”

“Try and open it that way.” Tiger suggested.

Freya took her blue spear from her back and shoved the blade under the partly open door. She then began to press on the bottom of the spear, like an orange juice maker. She pushed down hard and, finally, the door flew open. It sprang up ward, making a hissing noise as it disappeared into the ceiling. Everyone blinked as Freya carefully removed her spear.

“This ship is like Star Wars or something future like.” Skye said and scratched her head.

Suddenly, a metal ramp shot down and landed at Freya’s feet. Everyone jumped at the sudden movement.

“Must be some sort of stair way.” Jade said and flew into the ship.

Freya followed with everyone close behind. The inside of the was even stranger than the outside. A large screen was to the right of them with a back panel in front and a single chair....that floated above the ground. Skye blinked at it, making sure it wasn’t her imagination.

“Is that chair....floating?” Holly asked, staring at it.

“Cool!” Eiko cried.

Behind that was a small podium with a large orb floating above it. The orb was black, obviously out of use. Surrounding the orb was a few white rings. They rested in a flat position, out of line with the orb and surrounding it like the rings of Saturn. In front of the podium was nothing, which was somehow odd to Skye. A large hole was to the left of that podium with a ladder going down into a black hole. A single light was on over this area and it barely showed what was on the left.

The left was basically nothing, expect a few more black panels, one on the left side and one on the right side with two of the strange floating chairs. That was all on that side. Jade fluttered over to the ladder and peered down.

“Yikes! That’s a long drop! And its dark as night down there!” she said and quickly leapt back.

“This technology....its so high advanced....much more than the ancient people! Wow!” Holly exclaimed, running her slender hand over the black panel in the front, the right of the ship from the door. It was as smooth as a marble floor and Holly found it very strange.

“As farfetched as this sounds, maybe this ship isn’t from our time.” Tiger suggested.

Everyone turned to him.

“This ship? From a different time?” Remina asked and laughed. “Come on, Tiger!”

“That’s impossible!” Gray Wolf agreed.

Jade flew down and rubbed her head against Tiger.

“Tiger, Wiger....don’t talk such nonsense!” she said lovingly.

Tiger sweatdropped and quickly pulled away, making Jade fall over with a loud thump. Suddenly, a shadow blocked the sunlight that streamed through the door. Everyone turned and gasped at the strange woman who stood in the door way. She was half white tiger, with a flat face instead of a tiger one. She had baby blue eyes and a pink, triangular nose like a cat. Two, small, yet sharp white teeth were visible, coming from the top of her mouth. White fur covered her whole body, showing her tiger half. A few black strips surrounded her face and half her forehead was covered by her white bangs. Her hair was white and tied in a loose ponytail that rested on her back. She had pointed, elf like ears that came from the side of her head, in the same place normal h uman ears were expect hers were long and pointed at the end. She wore a outfit that reminded Skye of a police officer. Her shirt was a dark blue had large sleeves that were short. She had a red tie that hung down and was connected to her red collar. A golden badge was clipped on her shirt on the right.

The shirt itself had black on the sleeves and bottom of the shirt. A red piece of cloth was wrapped around her waist and the two pieces that made the knot hung down to the right. Her shirt was obviously tucked inside it, since it kind of stuck out a bit near the end. Her shorts had been rolled up and they were very short. Her legs were long and thin, however strong looking. Her legs were covered with black strips, like her face. She had two, black gun holders on her legs with white guns in the cases. They were very strange looking. It reminded Skye of the way Lora Croft held her guns. Her feet were very odd, like the rest of her looks. The way she stood on them was the same way a dinosaur would stand on its feet. She had sharp claws on her three toes and had a thumb that was higher than the toes. It was like the thumb on the front paws of a cat. Her strange feet were covered in a tight red materiel that came a littler past her ankles. Her toes and small “thumb” were visible, however.

Her hands had sharp, white claws as finger nails and she had red gloves on that showed her fingers. It came to her wrist and stopped in a kind of fold. Her arms were covered with white fur and black strips that went until Skye could no longer see them. On her right arm was a white, machine almost. It was a white machine that covered her whole arm from the elbow up. Her red glove on her hand was still visible as the white machine went across her palm and around were a small white gun was attached to the top of her hand. Skye wasn’t sure if it could be taken off.

“What the hell are you weirdoes doing on my ship?” she demanded.

“Who are you?” Skye asked in a small voice.

“My name is Tigress and I want you off!” she shouted. “Or else!”

“Or else what?” Tiger taunted.

Tigress narrowed her eyes and balled her right had into a fist. She flipped the small gun from its pointing backward position to its pointing front position with a flick of her wrist. It made a click noise, a signal it was ready.

“Or else I burn your fur off, wolf, and use it as a coat!” she snarled.

Tiger snarled, his rage getting the better of him.

“Just try it, freak!” he cried.

Three shots exploded from the strange weapon. They were yellow colored lasers and they sped towards everyone with incredible speed. All three hit Tiger and sent him crashing hard into the back wall.

“Tiger!” Holly cried and ran to him.

Everyone turned to Tigress, angry at her attack. Freya pointed her spear long ways at her while Remina held up her fists, shifting into a fighting stance.

“Get lost now!” Tigress ordered.

“Stop it, guys!” Skye said, stepping in between them and Tigress. “Look, Tigress, were sorry and we didn’t mean to burst in on the ship, but-”

Suddenly, the whole, ship rocked to the side and sent everyone flying into the back wall. Tigress scrambled up as the others tried to.

“Baddies!” she hissed and ran out.

Skye and the others followed her and they all stopped, facing a pack of Tropicals (AN: Tiger/Planet...but I’m not sure if Tropical is what their called...*shrug*). The leader was the largest and he wore a silver plat that covered his chest and half his back. He gave an evil grin.

“Give us the ship!” he ordered in a scratchy voice.

“Never!” Tigress cried and pulled out her two white guns.

“Torpedo!!” the leader Tropical cried and the left gun exploded in Tigress’s hand.

She cried out and staggered back.

“ATTACK!!!!” the leader ordered as the whole pack leapt forward.

Skye had her sword out quickly as she slashed as the Torpicals left and right. One leapt from behind at her, but Tigress quickly used her white gun to shoot a series of yellow lasers at the monster. It was instantly a Lost Disk.

“Thanks!” Skye said.

Tigress didn't answer as she dodged a Bite attack from another Tropical.

“TORPEDO!!” Tiger and Gray Wolf chorused as they fried a number of the baddies.

“Lightning!!” one cried and shot its attack.

Gray Wolf and Tiger leapt away as the attack hit in between them. Remina delivered a hard punch to the face to one of them before spinning around on her heel and kicking another in the chest. She leapt away from a Torpedo attack and did a series of back flips, dodging each lightning bolt shot at her. She landed hard in a crouch position before doing another back flip and smashing three Torpicals into a tree. She landed in the crouch position again and leapt high into a tree to dodge a slash from one of them. She leapt from the tree and smashed into its back. She then leapt off into the air, spinning around and kicking one with both her feet.

“Big Bang!!” cried Mint and exploded the ground beneath a good number of the Torpicals.

Mint quickly spun around as two leapt at her.


They were quickly Lost Disks. Freya leapt back ward as a Lightning attack struck the ground were she had been. Freya landed on her feet and brought her spear long ways. Four came at her in different directions. Freya spun her spear around and threw the one in front of her into the one on her left. She dodged and other two and then leapt high into the air. She gathered her power and hurled her spear at the two below. They yelped in pain as the spear passed through them. Freya landed hard behind the Lost Disks and recollected her spear. Saffire shot a series of white fire balls at a few, and dodged many attacks. She used a powerful white beam of flames to knock a large tree down, crushing many of them. Jade was shivering, trying to hide in the shadows. She didn’t know how to fight. Two Torpicals found her. They laughed with evil as they approached her, ready to leap.


The two were zapped as Tiger leapt in front of Jade and slashed at the two with powerful strikes. They were Lost Disks. Jade watched Tiger with watery eyes.

“ fighting to save me....Maybe...I have powers too....” Jade said to herself and slipped form the shadows.

Eiko blew a tune on her flew and summoned the giant phoenix. It gave a screech before attacking with a sea of flames. It screeched again and disappeared in a shower of golden, sparkleing embers. Two Torpicals leapt at Eiko from behind. She dodged and blew another tune. A burst of white light shot from behind her and surrounded the Torpicals. It disappeared in a sparkling bang as the two monsters became Lost Disks.

“That Holy spell sure came in handy!” Eiko said and dodged another attack.

Genki punched and kicked as hard as he could while dodging the attacks with his roller blades. At the same time, he did his best to protect Holly. Holly herself was doing her best to beat off the Tropicals, but wasn’t having much luck. Gray Wolf and Saffire quickly leapt to her aid and helped Genki in protecting her. Skye charged and slashed at the lead Tropical, who dodged.

“Lightning!!” he shouted and shot at her.

Skye ducked and rolled to one side as the lightning flashed over head. Tigress stepped up and shot more of the lasers with her white gun she had on her hand. Tropical was hit and flew back. He quickly staggered to his feet and dodged Skye’s blade. He landed on her back and sent her into the ground before leaping off to the ground. Mint flew up high and dodged a Torpedo attack that missed her wing by inches.


The attack fried a few Torpicals good. Genki sped forward and then thrust his two feet forward, kicking a Tropical hard in the chest. Soon, only the leader of the baddies were left. Everyone got into a group, ready to fight. Jade, however, still hung in the shadows behind the giant monster. (I have to help....but how....) Jade suddenly had an idea.

“So, you’ve beaten everyone....Impressive....but not all of you are strong.” he growled.

Tropical suddenly leapt with a warning, mouth open, straight at Holly. No one a change to move as he leapt past her. He landed on the ground and pushed off.

“HOLLY!!!” cried Genki as Tropical slashed at her from the back.

To everyone’s horror, there was a loud crack as Tropical slashed at Holly. Skye thought for sure that the monster had broken Holly’s back or worse, her neck. Suddenly, Tropical howled in pain and fell on his feet. His right leg was all bent out of shape and it made Skye sick. Holly fell forward and landed on the ground, three bloody scratches on her back. Jade flew and landed in front of Tropical. Skye wasn’t really sure what had happened. Tropical staggered to his three good paws, his front right hung limp. He snarled.

“You little pest! Torpedo!!”

Jade’s green diamond on her forehead glowed with green light and a green shield appeared in front of her. The attack was absorbed by the shield. The shield disappeared and the jewel glowed blue.

“Back at ya! Torpedo!!” Jade shouted and the attack shot from the jewel, hitting Tropical.

He yelped in pain and rolled away on the grass. He tried to stand, but it was no good. Jade lifted a clawed paw and slashed him hard across the face. He howled in pain and instantly was a Lost Disk.

“Take that, baddie scum!! That was for my parents!!” Jade said and smiled happily.

“Holly, are you all right?” Genki asked, helping her up.

Holly winced and had to lean on him for support.

“I’m okay....but my back hurts.” she said weakly.

“So...what exactly happened?” Freya asked, placing one finger to her mouth.

“Well, I discovered I could run really fast!” Jade said and suddenly disappeared.

The green blur ran around them before stopping in the same spot. Everyone blinked in surprise.

“So I used it to block Tropical’s attack! When he leapt and slashed with his claws, he hit my shield. Then I zoomed off and broke his leg! Well, when he fell, his left claws were able to scratch Holly.” Jade explained.

“Wow! Great job!” Skye said.

Saffire nodded in agreement.

“You sure have great power for such a little creature.” Remina agreed.

“I AM NOT LITTLE!!!!” she exploded.

Everyone fell backward in surprise. Jade sweatdropped.

“Sorry....” she said sheepishly.

“Well...I must say I am impressed with your fighting skills.” Tigress spoke up.

“Thanks! But....we should be going. We need to get to Phoenix Castle before dark.” Skye said.

“May I accompany you?” Tigress asked. “I would be very helpful in fights, and I want to get back at Mistress Nine for crashing my ship.”

“She crashed your ship...? How?” Mint asked.

“Well, you see, I’m from the year 4003 and I-”

“4003!?!?” everyone exploded in surprise.


“Whoa, COOL!!!! You really ARE from the future!!!” Eiko exclaimed.

“Told you.” Tiger said matter-of-factly.

“What’s the future like? Dose it have flying cars?” asked Jade eagerly.

“Slow down! I’m not telling you guys anything! I don’t want to mess up the time line more than it already is!” Tigress said.

“Aw, darn.” Genki sighed. “I wanted to know if I would become famous and marry Holly.”

Everyone sweatdropped as Holly turned red. Genki looked up and turned red too, looking around wildly.

“Did I say that out loud?” he asked dumbly, red flushed on his face.

Tigress cleared her throat to get everyone’s attention again.

“Anyway, I was in my ship going through space toward home when a Space Time Rift opened up in front of me. It sucked me in and killed all my crew members. I was left alone and stuck in this place. I’ve been in my ship, trying to fix it and fighting off the baddies who keep trying to steal it.” Tigress explained.

“How do you know Mistress Nine did this?” Gray Wolf inquired.

“Her baddies announced that. They said Mistress Nine opened the rift in hopes of pulling a ship like mine into it. What she needs it for, I have no idea.” Tigress answered and shrugged.

“Well then, you can come with us!” Skye said and smiled.

“Thank you!” Tigress said and smiled.

She reached down and pulled off the gun holder on her left leg. She threw it into her ship before closing the door.

“Maybe we can find someone to fix your ship, too!” Eiko said happily.

“Perhaps.” Tigress agreed.

“Well, Jade, lead the way!” Skye said.

It was another hour before they finally left the Rainbow Isla and had to climb up a steep, grass hill.

“I’m so....tired.....” Genki moaned.

“My back really hurts....” Holly sighed softly.

“Sorry Holly....I’m to tried to use magic.” Eiko said wearily.

“Ah! Look!!” Jade cried and ran up to the top.

Everyone went up and smiles spread across their faces. The sun was slowly sinking behind the great white castle in front ot them. It had two tall towers on either side of a large blade of a sword. The large stone phoenix rose from behind it and covered half the sword with its wings.

“Phoenix Castle! That’s it!” Freya cried happily.

“We made it!!!” Jade cheered and hugged Tiger, who sweatdropped.

Everyone cheered as the sun disappeared behind the giant castle. The greatest accomplishments, however, were yet to come.

To Be Continued........