New Love

Space Cadet: Err….my first romance fic. May enrage some couple fans, but hey, I like to be original. Flames will be thrown in the furnace where they belong.

After joining up with the rebels again, Pixie was wide awake and watching him. It was early morning; the sun had barely begun to rise. She glanced at it a moment, then resumed observing his sleeping form. The sunrise was beautiful, but not as much as he was.

Sure, he was a little young, but…one could dream couldn’t they? Pixie sighed, knowing he couldn’t possibly feel the same way. It was a little hopeless, but that was how it was for many. Just a dream, one that could never come true.

He would get older, but Pixie would too. Still…if only there was at least a little hope. She sighed again, lost in thought and dreaming of what could be. He was just perfect for her. She had saved him one time, and surely, he would repay the favour, and maybe it could develop?

She looked up as he began to stir and observed him quietly as he yawned loudly. He looked around and noticed Pixie staring at him dreamily. “What is it?” He asked cheerfully, as usual.

Pixie snapped out of it and blushed, mumbling something.

“Hmm?” He asked, not being able to hear her.

Pixie took in a breath. “Nothing…nothing really…” she trailed off sadly.

“You sure?” He came in front of her, not really believing.

“Well…I was thinking…”

“About what?” He asked her innocently.

Blushing again, she responded. “About…someone…who I like…but…they couldn’t possibly…I mean, well…” She shook her head.

Finally, he seemed to understand. “Why not?”

“Because…the one I like…he…”


“He’s….you.” She finally looked up, gazing into his bright eyes sadly.

To her surprise, he smiled happily and hugged her. “I love you too, Pixie. I didn’t think you loved me back, though.” He whispered.

Pixie found her eyes tearing as she hugged him back. “I guess that makes both of us…I’m glad you feel the same.”

“Me too.”

Pixie smirked as a thought crossed her mind. “Heh…imagine how the others will think of this.” She said, amused.

“Hee Hee!!” He chuckled good-naturedly.

They gave each other another hug as the others began to wake up. “Let’s keep it a secret for now.” Pixie whispered.

“Chi!!” He exclaimed, nodding.


Space Cadet: Heh…shocked? I’m not surprised. Even I don’t really know where this came from O.o;…..well, maybe I do. I was at this website, can’t remember which, and I was quite surprised to find out that the same person who does the voice for Mocchi also does Pixie’s voice…perhaps that’s how I came up with this. Hope you enjoyed it, as always.