"I'll get you soon, soon. My hunger festers for you, boy. Your life force is so strong, strong enough so I can gain immortality. "

Rated R for violence/adult language

After defeating Moo, Genki gets sent back to the real world... along Holly, Mocchi, Suezo, Golem, Tiger and Hare. It seems Moos' creators' great, great, great grandson has unlocked Moos' original body, and now rules the Earth with the power of Moo. When they get back, instead of going back to Japan (supposedly...) they end up in a now demolished America, they meet up with a young man named Chris (specifics later) who knows of Genki, and says time sped up while they were in the world of Monster Rancher ( In the story, the rest will be explained.). Now they search for the Cinder Bird, as shrines pop up all over the place, and common houshold CD-ROMS turned into Mystery Discs. They soon leave to find the Cinder Bird, and destroy the evil person, who unlocked Moo.

Although CP has pretty much explained the other characters, here's Chrises' profile As a 14 year old adventurer, Chris thought he knew it all... until Moos' forces destroyed his hometown, he joined his friends in a guerilla task force to destroy Moo. He was attacked by Moos' forces and lost everyone he knew. Before that, he was the champion Monster Rancher player in America, and was supposed to challenge Genki in a Final match... before he was informes Genki was missing in (presumably) Tokyo. He is a known medical expert and a loyal friend. He is not trusting of others and belives that friends are the only thing that one needs. He is not trusting of others and will protect his friends... with his life. The strange gold knife he keeps on his belt is inscribed with an ancient, unknown script. He might be the only one with the power to destroy the creator of Moo...

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Chris' Journal

Prolouge-Part 4
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