Part 1: "No Need For Attempts"

As usual, Tenchi wakes up to the usual morning sounds around his house, Ryoko and Ayeka fighting,(again),Mihoshi watching a TV show, Ryo-Ohki and Sasami in the kitchen cooking breakfast,and Washu in her Lab working on an experiment.

Tenchi gets up and dressed then walks downstairs.At the bottom he meets Ayeka and Ryoko,"What are you two arguing about so early in the morning?"Tenchi asks.

They both pause, look at each other, and think for a second "Actually I guess we forgot." Ayeka says after a few second of thought.

"Well why don't you two go sit on the the couch,with Mihoshi while I do my morning chores?" says Tenchi walking out the door.

Tenchi walked up the tall set of stairs that led to the shrine,looking at the familar sites, the path to Ryoko's cave, the path to the pond where the brain of Yosho's ship has taken root and the path to the small lake in front of Tenchi's house. As he walks up to the shrine he notices somthing different about Ryoko's cave but decides to keeps going. When he gets up the stairs he sweep the the leaves that have fallen since yesterday, and picks some vegetables from the garden. When he gets back breakfast is ready and everyone is at the table waiting for him.


Later that day Ryoko gets Tenchi to come with her to her cave alone."Umm so what did you want to talk to me about?" Tenchi asked.

"Well Tenchi I just wanted to..." Ryoko is interrupted by a very angry Ayeka.

"So there you are Ryoko, who dare you try to get Tenchi all to yourself," Ayeka fumes.

"Tenchi and I were made for each other,"Ryoko yells.

"Tenchi is mine!" Ayeka argues.

"No,he is mine," Ryoko yells back, as they continue Sasami ,Ryo-Ohki, Mihoshi,and Washu walk up all of them looking for Ryoko,Ayeka, and Tenchi.

"Oh there you are Tenchi," Sasmi giggles running up to Tenchi. Suddenly..

"Okay I've had enough," Ryoko yells "It's time to settle this once and for all!"

"Finally something we can agree on."Ayeka agrees powering up an energy ball.

"Say bye bye princess!" Ryoko yells.

"I don't think so!" Ayeka yells as they thow their energy balls, both colliding into each other making a vortex "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"everyone screams as they get sucked in.