"No Need for Genocide" By: Holly-chan

Tiger smiled as Gray Wolf ripped off his Moo symbol. “Little brother…” He said, eyes wavering. Gray Wolf smiled at him.

“Forget Moo,” Gray Wolf said, “I want to travel with you guys.” Tiger, Mocchi, and Genki smiled.

“Yeah!” Genki exclaimed, jumping into the air with Mocchi. “The more the better!” Holly laughed to herself. Genki and Mocchi would always be the same.

“Glad to have you aboard, Gray Wolf!” Suezo said, smiling.

“Now there’s only one Big Bad Four member left…” Hare said, trailing off.

“Naga…” Holly and Golem finished, looking at the horizon with everyone else.


“What? Gray Wolf is a traitor too?” Naga hissed as a Blue Kato reported to him. Then he smiled. “I’ll tell Master Moo right away.” The Blue Kato left as Naga looked out the window, smiling more. “More power for me!” The thought of having control over four general’s armies was bliss for Naga, who had always been power-hungry. Even so, he was still very loyal to Moo.

Though, with Gray Wolf betraying, I’m in a bit of trouble. Naga thought to himself. Now the rebels have him on their side. I’ll never say it outloud, but Gray Wolf is very powerful. It’s best to get him and the other rebels out of the picture…for good. Who could do the job though? Naga thought hard until he came to the perfect conclusion. “Genocider….of course….” He chuckled/hissed evilly.


“Yeah! I’m the monster champ!” Of course, it was Genki laughing, rollerblading ahead of everyone else as usual.

“Does he always do that?” Gray Wolf asked Tiger. Tiger laughed.

“Always.” He replied. “He’s almost fallen off a cliff a couple of times, and he’s actually fallen off about three or four times now.” Gray Wolf sweated.

“And that’s funny?” He asked.

“Well, no, but we’ve gotten used to it.” Before Gray Wolf could respond, there was a loud yell in front of them.

“AAAHHHH! HELP!” Genki’s voice cried. Holly sighed.

“Not again…. GENKI, WE’RE COMING!” She and Mocchi ran ahead, everyone but the Tiger brothers following.

“See what I mean?” Tiger said as Gray Wolf sweated more. They ran to catch up with the others. They came just in time to see Golem pull Genki up with one large hand.

“Whew. Thanks Golem.” Genki said gratefully, wiping his forehead with his arm. Holly knelt down next to him.

“You okay?” She asked. Genki smiled and nodded.

“Of course I am! I’ve been hurt worse!” He said. “Remember, laugh it off!” Holly and Gray Wolf sweated as the rest of the rebels laughed strangely. A shadow appeared behind a tree, unknown to anyone.

You’re about to get hurt more than you ever have, little boy… The shadow creature thought, only his mouth with sharp, pointed teeth revealed as he laughed in his throat evilly.


“Funny how we haven’t run into any of Naga’s badies yet.” Gray Wolf said as he eyed Holly’s stew hungrily. Golem and Suezo nodded in agreement.

“We haven’t run into anything for five days straight.” Genki replied, also eyeing the stew as Holly stirred it. “No Evil Hares, Plants, Worms, nothing! Not even a sub-breed of Jells! It’s scary.”

“Maybe Naga has a really strong badie in store for us, waiting for the right moment.” Holly said, testing her stew. “It’s ready!” She backed away and sweated as the others except Golem swarmed over the stew like a bunch of wild animals. Holly sighed as the food quickly started to disappear. “Don’t save any for me…” She mumbled to herself. Genki looked up from his food.

“Oh, I’m sorry Holly,” he said, “want the rest of mine?” he asked offering her his bowl of food. Holly smiled and took the bowl.

“Thank you Genki,” She said appreciatively. “You’re sweet.” Genki blushed slightly as Holly ate her food A LOT neater than everyone else did.

“You’re welcome.” Genki replied.


Genocider chuckled to himself as he watched the rebels sleep soundly.

This will be all too easy… He thought snidely, chuckling. With a swish of his spear (His sword was in its sheath), he disappeared, his evil laughter echoing. Soon, the rebels were twitching in their sleep. Genocider reappeared above them, smiling. “Soon the rebels will face their deepest, darkest fears…”


Tiger ran through and past large flames of fire. “Brother! Brother! Where are you?” Tiger halted when he saw Gray Wolf lying down in front of him, bleeding and dead. “Gray Wolf!”


Gray Wolf faced Tiger, who was snarling at him. “Brother, please…”

Gray Wolf pleaded. With a roar, Tiger jumped up and lashed out at Gray Wolf, and the gray Tiger collapsed on the ground, pain shooting up his side. His eyes wavered as he looked at Tiger, glaring at him coldly. “Big brother…”


Hare looked around to see Moo coming towards him, ready to blast him into oblivion.

“AAAAAHHHHHH! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HELP MMMMMEEEEE!" Hare cried, tears streaming out of his eyes as he ran from Moo.


Golem looked around to realize in horror that he was reliving the ancient battle, the one he was the lone survivor of. One of Golem’s good friends, a Stone Dragon (Dragon/Golem), hit the ground with a thud, turning into a Lost Disk.

“NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!” Golem cried, eyes glowing white. He attacked all the monsters in a rage, instantly turning them into Lost Disks. He didn’t stop until every single monster was dead. Golem’s eyes stopped glowing, and he looked around in shock, tears flowing down his rock face.

“What have I done?”


Mocchi sweated as Genki looked at him, face full of hatred. “Genki, chi?” Mocchi asked backing up. Genki frowned.

“Mocchi, you’re such a weakling.” Genki growled. “Why do I even put up with your babyish attitude?” Genki leapt forward, kicking Mocchi hard with his foot, sending the pink monster slamming into a wall.

“Genki…chi…” Mocchi cried weakly as Genki grimaced.


“Pink Eye?” Suezo asked unbelievingly. From out of the darkness, Rover and Blue Hare stepped out. “Huh? Guys, what’s going on?” Suezo was totally confused. His three thought-to-be-dead friends glared at him coldly as Holly came up behind them, also looking at Suezo coldly. Suezo sweated. “Uh, guys?” With a yell, the three monsters leapt up and attacked Suezo.

“AAAAAAHHHHH! HHHOOOLLLLLLYYYYYY!” Suezo cried in pain. Holly only watched the eyeball monster get beat up, face hard and cruel.


“Guys? Where are you?” Holly asked, looking around in the darkness. She stopped abruptly when she saw her biggest fear in front of her— Genki lay dead on the ground.

“GENKI!” Holly ran over to his limp body. She turned him over to see his eyes glazed over. There was no doubt he was dead. The one person Holly truly cared for, loved, was gone.

“NNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” Holly sobbed, tears streaming down her face.


“Mocchi? Suezo? Hare? Tiger? Golem? Gray Wolf? HOLLY?” Genki cried, running through the darkness. Suddenly, Moo appeared in front of him. “Huh? Moo?” Genki blinked in confusion. Then his puzzled expression turned to anger. “What have you done with my friends?!” Moo laughed evilly.

“You shall see…” Moo trailed off. With a swish of his cloak, he was gone, and in his place was a limp figure lying on the ground, surrounded by blood. Genki instantly realized with horror who it was…

“HOLLY!” Tears streamed down Genki’s cheeks as he ran over to her. “No…” He clenched his fists and looked up at the black sky, eyes closed in rage. “HHHHOOOOLLLLLLYYYYY!!!!!!”


Genocider chuckled to himself as the rebels groaned in their sleep. He noticed both the humans were crying.

“Pathetic.” Genocider mumbled to himself. “Now it’s time to take care of them.” He cut his spear through the air, and disappeared.


Genki wept over Holly’s dead body when he heard evil laughter behind him. He turned around just in time to see a spear shoot out at him. With a yelp, Genki ducked the spear and looked up. “Huh? A Genocider?” He asked. Genocider frowned and tried to pull his spear out of the ground.

“Darnit. I missed.” He hissed. Genki realized what was going on as the Durhan/Joker tugged and tugged on his spear, which didn’t move an inch.

So, looks like Genocider is using some of his Joker traits. Genki thought. Mind tricks. Better break his concentration and get out of this dream. Just as Genocider managed to pull his spear out, Genki kicked him hard in the stomach. Genocider grunted and everything inverted in color, and Genki and Genocider disappeared.


The rebels woke up with a jolt, Holly and Genki both tear stained.

“Thank God it was only a nightmare….” Holly said, deeply relieved. Genki sweated as he looked up.

“It’s not over yet…” He said, eyes small as Genocider appeared in front of them.

“Stupid human…” he hissed, glaring deadly at Genki. “I had it all done perfectly, then you had to break my concentration!” Tiger stepped forward.

“You mean you were the one who gave us those nightmares?!” He yelled angrily, Gray Wolf growling next to him. The others looked just as mad.

“That wasn’t funny at all!” Holly exclaimed as Genocider chuckled.

“It was to me.” Genocider sneered. “You rebels are so pathetic and mushy. Especially you humans. “He glared at Holly. “You really had the waterworks on when you thought the boy was dead.” The rebels stared at Holly, who had turned beet red.

“That’s none of your business!” Holly yelled, feeling her face get hot. Genocider laughed.

“Like I said, pathetic.” He chuckled. “But enough of this, Lightning!” Genocider shot blue bolts of electricity at the rebels. Golem leaned down and put his arms in front of Holly, Mocchi, Tiger, Hare, Suezo, and Gray Wolf, protecting them as Genki jumped out of the way. When the dust cleared, Genki rollerbladed forward.

“Bring it on, Genocider!” Genki shouted, jumping up to kick the badie. Genocider glared at the boy and stuck his hand out. Orange waves of energy shot out of his hand, aimed at Genki. Genki tried to dodge it, which was almost impossible in mid-air, so the energy waves grazed his side. Genki screamed in pain and was blasted back past the others.

“GENKI!” Holly and Mocchi cried. The rebels glared at Genocider.

“You jerk!” Tiger growled. He charged forward. “Cold Bullet!” A small blast of snow shot out of Tiger’s mouth and zoomed towards Genocider. Genocider simply knocked it away with his spear. He shot a red beam out of his spear point and hit Tiger. Tiger groaned and fell down. He slowly got back to his feet, glaring at Genocider.

“Torpedo!” Tiger yelled, blue balls of energy shooting out of his horns. They stopped a few feet away from Genocider, bouncing off a force field.

“Is that the best you rebels have?” Genocider mocked. “Blast shot!” he hit Tiger hard with his powerful attack, sending the rebel crashing into Golem. Tiger twitched in pain and tried to get up, only to fall back down.

“I’ll take care of him.” Gray Wolf told Tiger. Tiger’s eyes wavered as he looked at his brother.

“Little brother….” Tiger said. Gray Wolf smiled and nodded. Behind Golem, Holly, Hare, and Mocchi tended to Genki.

“You’ll be okay, Genki. Chi…” Mocchi said, wiping sweat off of Genki’s brow. Gray wolf’s body zipped past them and hit the ground with a thud.

“Gray Wolf!” Everyone shouted. Gray Wolf weakly got to his feet.

“Is that the best you got?” He said, though everyone could see he was really beat-up. He started back towards Genocider when Genki’s voice stopped him.

“Wait Gray Wolf!” Genki said. Everyone looked at him.

“Genki?” Holly asked as Genki struggled to get up, eyes tightly closed in pain. Genki finally managed to stand up.

“You stay back Gray Wolf,” Genki told the gray Tiger. “I’ll get Genocider.” As he spoke, Holly blinked at looked at his side. She noticed a small red stain on the side of his shirt as Genki approached Genocider, who only glared at him. Genki stopped a few feet from the Durahan/Joker, face stone cold.

“Genki…” Holly whispered, eyes wavering.

“I’ll fight you, Genocider.” Genki said bravely, trying his best to stand upright. “I’m ready.” Genocider stood still and said nothing. Suddenly, he turned his spear upside-down and held it carefully by its arrowhead. He tapped Genki’s side with the bottom of his spear. Genki’s eyes snapped and he grabbed his side, growling in pain.

“GENKI!” Holly cried as Genki keeled over in pain; beads of sweat rolling down his face

“You’re in no condition to fight.” Genocider said simply as Genki winced in pain. “Nevertheless, I’ll get rid of you.” Genocider flipped his spear back the right way and raised his arm up, spear ready to impale Genki. “Goodbye.” He hissed.

“NNNNNNOOOOO!” Genocider brought his spear down, when suddenly a blur zipped past him. There was a snapping sound, and half of Genocider’s spear broke off and clattered to the ground.

“What the—?” Genocider growled. He and everyone else (Including Genki) looked behind them to see who had broken his spear. All the rebels’ jaws dropped when they saw it was….

“HOLLY?!” The rebels gasped. Indeed, Holly stood behind Genocider, arm extended out with her father’s dagger in her hand (Like she had just cut something. Which she had). She was panting, out of breath, grimacing at Genocider. Holly put her father’s dagger back in it sheath.

“Don’t touch Genki.” She growled.

“Holly…” Genki whispered, eyes wavering.

“How dare you break my spear!” Genocider snarled. Then he smirked and straightened up. “Doesn’t matter.” He said. “I still have my sword. Your attack shall be in vain, human, for I shall kill you, and then the boy.” He withdrew his sword and stepped towards Holly.

“No!” Genki cried weakly. He weakly rose to his feet. With all the strength he could muster, Genki leapt forward and kicked Genocider in the back, knocking the sword out of his hand and making the badie land hard on his stomach.

“Stupid human!” Genocider, elbowing Genki so hard in the stomach that the boy went tumbling back. Genki stopped on his back, groaning in extreme pain.

“GENKI!” Holly cried.

“That’s it!” Tiger growled, managing to get up. “All for one attack!”

“Yeah!” The other monsters shouted. They formed a line and charged at Genocider.

“Huh?” Genocider growled. Holly yelped and ran past Genocider so she wouldn’t get hit on accident. Tiger leapt forward and attacked, the others following his lead.







They all slammed their attacks at Genocider, who flew back and crashed into a rock wall.

“You shall pay for this!” Genocider hissed hoarsely as he turned into a Lost Disk. The monsters gave a cheer.

“All right chi!” Mocchi cried, jumping into the air with Hare and Suezo. Behind them, Holly knelt by Genki.

“Genki?” She asked concernedly. Genki only replied with a grumble of agony, gripping his side, eyes closed and twitching.

“Let me see,” Holly said softly, gently moving his hands away from Genki’s side. What Holly saw made her stomach churn. The bloodstain on Genki’s side had gotten considerably larger.

“Stupid Genocider!” Genki groaned, beads of sweat rolling down his face. Holly pulled out her handkerchief for her side pouch and wiped some of the sweat away.

“Don’t worry Genki,” she said as the others came over. “we’ll get that taken care of.” Genki only grunted in reply.

“Man! He really got nailed!” Gray wolf exclaimed, looking at Genki.

“We need to get him to a doctor.” Holly said seriously. Golem nodded. “Give him to me,” He said, leaning down and reaching his hand out. Holly and Mocchi dragged an uncomplaining Genki over to Golem’s hand. Golem carefully lifted Genki up.

“Let’s go.” Tiger said, running ahead with Gray Wolf.


“Yeech. What happened to him?” The doctor asked after he took care of Genki.

“Trust me, you don’t wanna know.” Hare said.

“I’ll take your word for it then.” The doctor replied. “He’ll be stuck here for at least a week, so you’ll have plenty of time to see him.” He left the room and let the rebels inside.

“How you feeling Genki?” Holly asked.

“As good as you can when there’s a good sized hole in your side.” Genki replied. Holly and the others smiled weakly.

“Nice to see you still have a sense of humor.” Tiger said.

“Yeah.” Genki agreed. “Thank you everyone, especially Holly.”

“What for?” Holly asked, curious. Genki smiled.

“For helping me out.” He said. “Holly, if it weren’t for you, Genocider would’ve impaled me. Thanks a lot.” Holly smiled.

“You’re welcome.” She replied. “Get some sleep Genki, you look like you need it.” Genki’s eyes wavered before closing. Soon he was snoring softly.

“Holly, why did you fight chi?” Mocchi asked.

“Wha?” Holly asked, surprised.

“You know, it is kinda strange that Holly fought to help Genki.” Hare said. “She never did before.” He looked at Holly slyly. “Maybe there’s a certain personal reason why Holly fought.”

“Yeah, you did say, ‘Don’t touch Genki,’ after all.” Tiger replied, also grinning slyly. Holly turned bright red.

“Oh, leave me alone!” She cried, face getting hot. The monsters laughed as Holly turned even redder.

“Hey! I mean it!” Holly cried. The others continued to laugh, even Golem and Gray wolf. “Guys!” From where he slept on the bed, Genki smiled.

Well, whadda ya think? This is my first long-short story MR fic. E-mail me and tell me what you think! Please? *Does the cute face with the wavering eyes* Pleeeeaaassseee?