Hello Eddy! Sorry couldn't resist. It's wiretapper. Here's my Funny Taliban/Osama bin Laden( Can't spell his name) putdown fic. Disclaimer: I own none of the Monster Rancher 1, 2, or 3 games and/or shows.

             Narrator: Once apon a time, ah, skip it. The rebels are in Afghanistan.
             Genki: Where's That ?
             Narrator: Shut Up!  
             Osama: We must kill Japan, Not America!
              ( Holly is armed with a . 44 Magnum, Genki a bazooka, Tiger,well, his horns,Hare is armed with a rocket launcher, Mocchi is armed with an AK 47, and Suezo is armed,well,ok, tongued with a sniper rifle. They sneak up the hill to were the remaining Taliban and Osama are. Suezo starts sniping but gets shot after firing once.)
            Suezo:Bye Bye! (dies)XD  
            (Tiger runs over da hill fries all the Taliban. Golem Tornados the Taliban that are running away. Everyone sets their sights on Osama.)
          Rebels:  Buh Bye Now!!!!
          Osama: ( Singing every other time) ...I said Let's talk about it
          Rebels:(dropping their weapons)NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  Mystery Voice: Flame Beam!
          (Osama dies. Everyone looks up. Phoenix is flying. Suddenly sees Moo.
          Phoenix: Moo! Let's destroy Afganistan !

Moo: Okay!!!!!!
          Everyone but Moo and Phoenix:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WereTiger:Later guys!  
(All MR crew coms back to life and chases WereTiger.)
WereTiger: Stop!!(everyone stops) I know your worst nightmares and can make them real!
All: NOOOOOOO!!!!!
WereTiger: Tiger shall pay first!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Tiger screams and runs but turns into a pup which Grey Wolf starts to torture by putting Tiger in a diaper, baby bonet,baby carriage, and when he cries Grey Wolf zaps his butt.)
Grey Wolf: Is my little big brother in pain? Well It's for your own good!
WereTiger: HAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAA! Hare You'll never get money! Genki,Holly, you'll never get married! Golem you'll always have to fight! Mocchi, You'll never see Genki again! (Suddenly WereTiger becomes a puppy Grey Wolf and his dad, Grey Wolf, zaps his butt to teach him not to torture everyone.)G.W. Except Suezo!