Of Princes and Peasants

By: Sorceress Sakura

Chapter One: Meet the Prince

"Hm… He's quite a cute one isn't he? Such a shame." a voice replied looking at a picture of a young boy. "A few more years and-"

"Rena, we're not here to fantasize with princes, we're here to kidnap one. Pay attention." The one known as Rena pouted.

"Hey, just because I think he's cute doesn't mean I'm going to fall in love with him. At least it's with the opposite gender, right Hare?" Hare just glared at her. "God, come on, we've got a job to do." With that, they jumped over the houses of the city, roof top to roof top into the night sky. Palace of Nao

"My prince, you mustn't leave! Your father is most displeased at the moment. My prince! Please listen!"

"I'm tired of listening to what my father wants or feels like. I'm going into town." The young boy, or should I say prince replied as he paced down the hallway, servant in tow.

"But Lord Genki, your father, the king, will be furious when he finds out you left the grounds, especially by yourself!" Genki (AN: I'M not going to call him Lord or Prince, I'm the author! But the characters will most of the time) just smiled.

"I know you're trying to take care of me Fara, but don't worry that pretty little head of yours. I'll be fine. I've been there a bazillion times, and never got caught by anything once."

"I'm sorry to say my Lord, but you are being stupid." "Whatever."

Fara just sighed. There was no getting to this kid! Fara twirled her green bangs and sighed. "Lord Genki, I am serious! You must go back to your room to prepare for your fiancé. You can't just go and run wherever you want1 It's too dangerous! You're the next king, you must take responsibility… and he's not even there anymore is he?" She turned around to find not a trace of Genki.

"I thought so." This is when she screamed her head off.

Fioru Town

"Get out of here you trouble making menace!" The resturaunt manager yelled as he threw his pan at the girl. She barely dodged it and ran away as fast as possible. "I'm sorry!" She yelled back. Her brown hair flew wildly around her face as her hazel eyes looked over her shoulder. She eventually slowed down and tried getting her breath back.

"I just wanted a job… I didn't mean to mess up…" she panted as she walked slowly to her 'home'. She walked through the alleys, knowing her way around mostly, until trouble found her.

"What do we have here?" She turned around and gasped. "Hey, it's little Holly! What an honor it is to meet you here. Why don't we have a little fun?" The giant man grabbed her arm as she struggled to get away.

"Somebody, please help me!" Holly screamed as she instantly started kicking and scratching her way free. "Ooh, she's quite the feisty one, ain't she? We ARE going to have fun tonight…"

"Let her go!" someone screamed and the next thing she knew, the man was down on the ground and she was lifted up bridal style by a young boy. The others just stared at him and grew angry.

"Get him!" one of them yelled as they charged at Holly and the boy. Holly screamed, but the boy dodged all of the attacks. He drew out his sword (AN: I LOVE swords, and you all know who it is) and hit them to the ground with the flat side. The struggled to get up, but the boy pointed the blade at the top man's throat.

"Leave her alone or I will make you wish you were dead." He said with a cold, deathly tone. They soon ran off, as the boy put away his sword, and looked down at the girl. Holly looked dazed as she was taking a moment to analyze what happened. She soon snapped out of it as she looked up into clear brown eyes and dark, chocolate hair. She stared at him a moment, then took in a breath.