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"One Last Breath" By:CP


One Last Breath: Prolouge

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon belongs to her creator and for the Anime version, DiC.


"Momma?" a brown haired girl called into the darkness. "M_momma?"

She continued her way through the darkness. A laughter echoed the mist filled room which she couldn't make out because of the thick darkness.

"Where are you?!" she demanded, her voice crackling with fear.

Then, the mist cleared and a faint glimmer lite up the room. That's when she saw her.

"MOM!!" she screamed, running towards her mother's body laying on the floor.

As she touched her back, a red substance ran from her stomache, leaking under her feet. She screamed...and screamed again, crawling backwards from the blood. The laughter grew louder as a dark figure appeared from her mother's lifeless body. With a sudden movement, the figure kicked her mother out of the way carelessly.

"WHO ARE YOU?!" she demanded, her eyes tearing up.

The figure didn't respond, it only laughed harder. Then, it held out it's hand and shot out a ray of lightning. She wanted to run, get out of the way, but something was holding her back. She looked down in fear.

"," a bloody looking Sailor Moon begged as she held her feet.

"Let go!" Molly shrieked, looking at the ray closing in.

She screamed as another pair of hands grabbed her ankles.

"," a strangled Sailor Mars begged.

Molly screamed as the ray drew so close, she could feel the warmth of it.

"NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!" she screamed as the ray shot her in the stomache.


"NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOO!!" Molly Baker screamed as she darted up from her sleep.

She breathed heavily as she felt beads of sweat run down her face. [What the hell was all that about?!]

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Parts 1-4

Chapter 1



"OOOHHH-NNNNOOOO! I'm late!!" Serena screamed as she rushed out of her house one morning. "Why am I always so late!? *Yawn*, I'm so sleepy.."

Serena continued her dash to school while moaning about how they should start school later. She ran past a trudging Molly.

"HI MOLLY!" Serena yelled. She ran right past Molly who continued to trudge down the street. "BYE MOL--"

Serena stopped dead in her tracks. She looked at Molly who moaned and yawned tiredly. Serena gasped at the large bags under her eyes.

"Molly?" Serena asked consernly, walking over to her friend.

"Oh, hi Serena," Molly yawned.

"MOLLY!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!! WE'RE SOO LATE!!" Serena exclaimed.

"Ah, who cares," Molly replied.

Serena gasped as a sweat drop appeared on her head. "W_w_what did you say?"

Molly shook her head and replied,"Nevermind! Let's start running!!"

Serena watched as Molly started to rush off. [Something's wrong--and I'm gonna find out.]

Serena snapped out of it and yelled after her,"MOOOLLLLLYYYYY! WWAAIITT!!"


In Ms. Harruna's class, a student read a poem as Molly stared down at her desk lazily.

"Molly?" Ms. Harruna called out to her.

"Yeah?" Molly replied, looking up to see the whole class staring at her.

"Are you okay? I called your name already about two times to read your poem you had to do for the weekend," Ms. Harruna replied sympathetically.

"Oh," Molly replied. "I'm okay, it's just that I couldn't sleep because..."

She paused when the whole class including Ms. Harruna leaned forward, listening too attentively. A sweat drop rolled down her head slowly.

"Um, nevermind..," she said quickly.

She pulled out her poem and started to read it aloud. Amy turned to Serena.

"Psst! Serena, I think something's wrong with Molly," Amy whispered.

"I know, I know. Could it be Neflyte?" Serena whispered back.

"Maybe, but I doubt it."

"Then what?"

Amy shrugged in reply. [I wish I knew..]


Raye Hino sat infront of the sacred fire that night. She closed her eyes and placed her hands together in a prayer.

[I felt a strange force today--an evil force. Oh, sacred fire, what new threat has entered our lives now?] Raye thought.

"RRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEE!" Rini and Serena's voice screamed from behind her.

Raye looked up and clenched her teeth angrily and got up to face Rini and Serena who played tug-of-war over her latest issue of Sailor Venus.

"How many times have I told you guys to NOT INTERRUPT ME WHEN I'M FIRE READING?!" Raye exclaimed angrily.

Serena finally kicked Rini off the comic book and stuck out her tongue at Rini who sat on the floor, angrily staring up at Serena.

"If you don't give me back that comic book, I'll tell Darien that you pigged out on all those cakes!" Rini blackmailed. ("Emerald Takes Over")

Serena growled and handed her the comic book as Rini ran out of the room.

"Why don't you follow Rini and leave?" Raye asked, still a little annoyed with Serena as she sat back down infront of the fire.

Serena wiggled her thumbs and looked down. "Raye?"

"What?!" Raye huffed, her anger slowly increasing.

"Can your fire tell what's wrong with people?" Serena asked sheepishly.

Raye looked up at Serena, seeing that she was serious, she smiled and shook her head 'no'. Serena looked down in disappointment. Raye grimaced and walked over to her, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Serena? What's the problem?" Raye asked sympathetically.

"Molly's been acting...distant," Serena sighed.

"Oh! Like you haven't to her?! You and her use to be good friends! Why do you keep her at arm's length anyway?" Raye snapped.

Serena's eyes filled with tears. [She's gone too far this time!]


She sobbed and turned. Raye's eyes widened as Serena rushed out, crying all the way. She looked down slowly in shame. The sacred fire crackled loudly as Raye stood in the middle of the room sadly.

[I never had any real, good friends before the Sailor Scouts. I was the 'weird fire, reading girl' to the other girls. Oh, Raye! Why must you be like this?!] Raye thought angrily.

She fell to her knees and stared long and hard at the fire which seemed something bad was coming. Something real bad..


Chapter 2

"Momma, Are You There?"


"Momma? Momma?" Molly asked through the same darkness.

She looked around, biting her fingernails.

"Heeellllpppppp mmmmeeeee," a weak voice groaned from on the floor.

It wasn't Sailor Moon or Mars. It sounded

"Neflyte?" Molly asked.

She looked down to see Neflyte with a wound in his arm. Molly sobbed and leaned down to him.

"Oh, Neflyte!" she gasped.

Neflyte started to laugh evilly. He continued over and over as her mother's body appeared next to him, dead. Molly shrieked and yelled at Neflyte to stop laughing. He laughed harder.

" *Baka Molly!" he laughed.

( *Baka means stupid in Japan)

Molly gasped. "Wha_wha?"

"Let DEATH BE UPON YOU!!" he screamed as he turned into the figure.

"NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Molly screamed as she was shot by the same ray.


"NO!" Molly gasped, waking up from her dream.

"Molly! Molly!" someone screamed, shaking her.

"Huh? Wha?" Molly gasped, looking up at her mother in her night gown and cap.

"Molly, you were screaming in your sleep! Are you okay?" Mrs. Baker asked.

"No, no I'm not," Molly replied, hugging her mother close.

Mrs. Baker looked down at her daughter sympathetically. "Molly, do you want to talk about it?"

Molly shook her head no. "Just promise you won't die."


"Serena! Amy!" a voice called from behind Serena who walked down the street with Luna and Amy the next day.

Serena and Amy stopped and then turned around to see Mrs. Baker run towards them.

"Hey! Isn't that Mrs. Baker?" asked Amy.

Serena nodded and they ran up to Mrs. Baker who was in a purple dress with her hair in a ponytail.

"Hi Mrs. Baker!" Amy greeted.

"Hello girls," Mrs. Baker sighed.

"What's wrong?" Serena asked.

Mrs. Baker sighed and looked down. "Molly's been acting strange lately.."


Molly's hand shook wildly as she picked up her orange juice on morning. Mrs. Baker watched sadly across from her the table.

"Molly?" Mrs. Baker asked.

Molly looked up, finally getting the glass of juice to her mouth.

"What's wrong? Is it about that Maxfield guy again?" Mrs. Baker asked.

Molly looked down. "No."

"Sweetie, you were screaming in your sleep."

Molly looked back up again. "I'm having nightmares."

Mrs. Baker took her free hand into hers and replied, "If you ever want to talk to me, I'm here for you, Molly."

........End of Flashback..............

"Poor Molly," Serena said.

"Yes, these nightmares must be really intense," Amy agreed. "Maybe you should bring her to a shrink."

Mrs. Baker sighed, "No. No, I don't want to--yet."

Serena looked down sadly, remembering what Raye had said. [[Oh! Like you haven't to her?! You and her use to be good friends! Why do you keep her at arm's length anyway?]]

Serena looked back up in determination. [Raye's right! I'll talk to her! Ready or not, Molly, here I come!]

She dashed off, leaving a thick trail of dust behind her.

"SERENA!! WAAAAIIITTTT!" Amy exclaimed as she and Luna rushed after Serena.

Mrs. Baker watched them quietly. [I hope they know what they're doing. I wonder what Molly meant by "Promise you won't die"....]


Chapter 3

"Nightmares Do Come True"


Molly sat in Kushi's Diner in downtown Tokyo. She sighed and stared at her milkshake sadly.

"Molly!" she heard a very familiar voice call.

Molly looked up to see Serena and Amy with Luna on Serena's shoulder.

"Hi Serenah," Molly sighed in her Brooklyn accent.

Serena looked at Luna as Amy said,"Your mother told us you're having some bad dreams."

Molly looked up into Amy's blue eyes and replied,"Really bad."

Luna jumped down from Serena's shoulder and landed on the table infront of Molly. Amy slid onto the chair infront of Molly while Serena sat herself on the chair next to Molly.

"They can't be *that* bad!" Serena laughed, but when Molly looked into her eyes, Serena stopped laughing. "Can they?"

Amy sighed and looked at her watch. "OH-NO! I'm late for my foreign languages class!"

With a wave good-bye, Amy dashed out, leaving Serena, Luna and Molly with sweat drops over their heads.

"More school.., the thought makes me cringe," Serena mumbled.


Molly, Serena and Luna walked down to the temple a few seconds later to seek out Raye. Serena hesitated at the bottom of the stairs. Molly and Luna got half way up until they finally realized Serena was just standing at the bottom.

"Hey Serenah, what's wrong?" Molly asked.

"I yelled at Raye before and I think I hurt her feelings," Serena replied. "I don't wanna go now."

Molly glanced down at Luna who meowed questionably.

[Serena? Yelling at Raye? What a change of action!] Luna thought.

"Aw, come on Serenah!" Molly sighed.

She paused and gasped when she saw a lone, dark figure walk towards her jewelry store.

"NO! Momma!" Molly screamed, running down the steps at full speed.

"Molly! Molly!" Serena yelled after her as Molly ran towards the figure. "MOLLY!"

Raye Hino swept the top stairs silently, watching the scene unfold from below. She put down her broom and scratched her chin, watching Serena run after Molly, leaving Luna behind.

"What's wrong?!" Luna called after Serena. "Serena!!"

Raye rushed down the stairs and asked Luna,"Where are they going!?!"

Luna replied,"I don't know, but Molly looked upset and frightened! She may be in danger! Transform NOW!"

"Okay! MARS STAR.....POWER!!!" Raye yelled, holding her pen high in the air.

With a flash of fire ribbons and energy, Sailor Mars transformed out of Raye.

"Let's go LUNAAA!!" Sailor Mars exclaimed, imitating Sailor Moon.

"Okay!" Luna agreed as they dashed after the two girls.


The figure turned to see Molly running after her and she too started to run.


The figure stopped and turned around to face Molly. "ZOI!" She exclaimed.

A dark energy ray hit Molly, knocking her back into unconsciousness.


Serena watched in horror as Molly flew back, hitting her head on a bench. Her eyes instantly closed.

"Oooh! You'll pay for that! MOON CRYSTAL...POWER!!" Serena yelled, holding her locket high into the air.

She transformed into Sailor Moon as the figure watched with a crooked smile.

"I am Sailor Moon! The champion of justice. You dare harm my friends? Then in the name of the moon--you're dusted!" Sailor Moon exclaimed while striking a pose.

"That routine is getting SOO old! Heh, heh, heh!" a familiar, cold woman's voice laughed.

"ZOISITE?!" Sailor Moon cried.

Molly's eyes slowly opened,"You're the one...that..that...killed..Neflyte.." She groaned and slipped into unconsciousness again.

Zoisite laughed. "Aw, poor baby! Did I hurt you?" She laughed, then continued. "Thanks to that handsome Prince Diamond, I'm reborn to finish the job!"

"But, how?" Sailor Moon asked.

"You really want to know? Well, since I died by Queen Beryl, a power petal of mine was left behind." (*power petal, as I call it, was the petals she disappeared in when she died or left a scene). "The dark energy from the Negamoon grew it into me! Ha hahahahaha!"

"Oh great," Sailor Moon mumbled. "Another energy-crazed psycho."

"That's it! I'm getting sick of you! ZOI!!" Zoisite yelled, throwing a crystal at Sailor Moon.

With a shriek, Sailor Moon jumped out of the way. Zoisite formed another one in her hands, but a rose flew down from the sky, stabbing her hand.

"Ow!" she yelped, looking from where the rose came from.

"Tuxedo Mask!" Sailor Moon exclaimed happily.

"Sailor Moon! I saw another figure running towards Molly's place! Finish her off! I'll meet you there!" Tuxedo Mask shouted from on top of a phone pole.

"You got it!" Sailor Moon agreed, pulling out her moon scepter."MOOOONNNN.....SCEPTER! ELIMINATION!!!!!"

Zoisite wanted to jump out of the way, but a pair of hands held her down. Looking down, she saw Molly, bleeding from the head.

"Let GO!" Zoisite screamed.

Molly only laughed. "Go to hell."

Zoisite screamed as the moon energy wrapped her up, exploding her into pink petals. Molly got up, ripping the last petal apart.

"No more," she said.

"Molly, go to Raye's temple! That wound is serious!" Sailor Moon said sympathetically, touching Molly's bloody head gently.

"No... I've," Molly replied, dragging herself towards her house.

"Huh?" Sailor Moon asked.

"My..dream.. It was about you and Sailor Mars mother dead..that figure...laughing.. Then it killed me," Molly explained.

Sailor Moon stopped her. "Please don't go, Molly. You're too weak."

Molly stubbornly trudged on. "No."

Sailor Moon touched her shoulder. Molly turned to see Sailor Moon..crying?

"Please Molly, I don't want you to get huuuuurrrrrt!" Sailor Moon whined through tears, just like how she told Sailor Jupiter to forget about fighting. ("A Knight to Remember")

Molly looked deep into her eyes. "Serena?"


Chapter 4

"The Final Stand"


"Huh? Eeeerrr," Sailor Moon gasped.

"Don't worry, Serenah. I won't tell anyone. Now, let's go!" Molly said, her eyes staring towards her mother's jewelry store.

"What do you mean 'let's' Molly, you're too weak, you might bleed to death," Sailor Moon sobbed.

"Nevermind me, my mother is going to die, according to my dream. I'm going, and no one can stop me. I'm sorry, Sailor Moon, but you can't stop me either," Molly said.

"Okay, but at least let me help you with your wound..," Sailor Moon begged.

"No time, I'll survive. Let's go!" Molly replied with a smile.

Molly ran off with her blood running down her neck.

"Ooh, Molly-chan," Sailor Moon mumbled.

Suddenly, Sailor Mars leaped over with Luna behind her legs.

"What did I miss?" Mars asked.

"Zoisite came back, hurt Molly real bad. We killed her, but, Molly ran off to help her mother because Tuxedo Mask saw another person head towards Molly's place, even though she has a bad wound in her head which is bleeding like crazy!" Sailor Moon blurted out through sobs. "Oh Raye! I'm so worried!"

She cried as Sailor Mars looked ahead. "It's okay, we'll protect her."

She looked down at Sailor Moon and smiled. "Just like we protect you, princess."

Sailor Moon smiled through her tears. "Thank you."

Sailor Mars nodded with a smile, then the three ran after Molly.


Molly rushed down the street, ignoring the pain and dizziness with filled her head.

"Momma, I'm coming! I won't let anyone hurt you, ever!" she gasped.

She had to pause for a second to catch her breath and to wipe the blood out off her face. Molly continued to run, trying to ignore Sailor Moon and Mars' voice screaming at her to stop.

"Molly!" Sailor Mars yelled. "WAIT!"

Sailor Moon and Mars finally caught up with Molly, who's running soon decreased into a jog.

"Maybe you should let us handle it," Mars told her.

Molly looked ahead to see her mother's jewelry store a few feet away. "Not now."

She resumed her dash and ran inside the store with Mars and Moon behind her.

"AAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" a familiar voice screamed as a blinding light filled the room.

"Rini?!" Sailor Moon yelped.

"Huh? Your cousin?!" Molly asked Sailor Moon.

"Long story," Sailor Moon sighed.

Then another scream, different from Rini's filled the room.

"Momma!" Molly cried.

"Molly!!" Mrs. Baker cried from somewhere. "Help me!"

"There will be no help!" a cold voice replied.

"That voice!" Sailor Mars gasped.

"It can't be!" Luna gasped.

"You're telling me, your cat talks!" Molly replied.

Luna covered her mouth with a 'meow'. Molly smiled.

"That's all I expect from Sailor Moon's cat," Molly told Luna with a wink.

"Okay then, we must help Rini and your mother!" Luna told her. She paused and gasped. "Molly, your head!"

Molly felt her blood run down her face slowly. Once again, she wiped the blood away stubbornly.

Molly turned to Sailor Moon. "Serenah." She whispered. "Rini wazn't in my dream!"

Sailor Moon replied,"Well, she's here!"

Suddenly, a blonde headed, evil-looking man appeared infront of them."Hello, Sailor brats!"

"JADEITE!" Sailor Moon, Mars and Luna screamed.

"Molly, go look for your mom! We'll take care of him!" Sailor Mars ordered.

Molly nodded and rushed off. She looked behind a counter of rings to see Rini and LunaP huddled in a corner. Molly reached out her hand as Rini looked up at her, frightened.

"Who's there?!" Rini demanded.

"Molly Baker!" Molly replied.


Molly smiled at the little girl. Rini gasped and touched her head.

"You're bleeding, Molly!" Rini gasped. "Alot!"

"No big deal. Where's my mom?" asked Molly, looking around.

She turned in time to see a ray fly towards her in fast motion, before she could move, a figure swooped down, scooped the girls into his arms and landed safely behind a nearby counter.

"Tuxedo Mask!" Rini cried.

Molly, who had her eyes closed, holding Rini to her chest, looked up to see a masked man in a tuxedo. Rini leaped out of her arms and hugged him.

"Thanks alot," Molly breathed.

"No problem, Molly. Don't worry about your mother, she's right behind you!" Tuxedo Mask told her.

Molly turned her head to see her mother staring at her with wide eyes filled with fear and concern.

"Oh Molly-sama!" Mrs. Baker gasped, wrapping her arms around Molly tightly.

"Momma," Molly half sobbed, relieved to see her mother okay.

Rini looked up at Tuxedo Mask and said,"What about Sailor Moon and Mars?"

Tuxedo Mask's eyes went wide under his mask as he heard their screams after a crashing sound.

"SAILOR MOON!! SAILOR MARS!!" he screamed, leaping away to help the scouts.

Mrs. Baker touched Molly's bleeding head. "What are you doing here?! You should be at a hospital!"

"I luv you too," Molly replied, half sarcastically.

Meanwhile, Sailor Moon and Mars dodged another energy beam from Jadeite, screaming.

"MARS CELESTIAL.......FIRE.....SURROUND!!!!!!!!" Sailor Mars screamed, releasing a bunch of fire rings at Jadeite.

Jadeite laughed and held out his hand. The rings bounced right off of it! Sailor Mars' jaw almost reached the ground.

Sailor Moon shrieked,"OOooh NNOO! He's too powerful!"

"That's right! Ever since Queen Beryl was destroyed, her spell on me was broken! I escaped right before our kingdom was destroyed," Jadeite laughed.

Tuxedo Mask landed behind Sailor Moon and watched Jadeite with cold, unforgiving eyes.

"I'm growing tired of this game, I'll just pick on your friends!" Jadeite laughed, then he disappeared.

Luna gasped,"Huh?! Oh no! Rini!"

Meanwhile, Mrs. Baker along with Molly, Rini and LunaP tried to sneak out of the store. Rini looked around, then spotted Sailor Moon, who looked around with a worried look streaked across her face.

"Sailor Moon!" Rini yelled, running into her arms.

"Oh Rini!" Sailor Moon laughed. "You're okay!"

Sailor Mars and Tuxedo Mask huddled around Sailor Moon and Rini. They thought Jadeite was gone. ......WRONG....

Jadeite sat on nothing in the air, watching Molly and Mrs. Baker head to the door. He laughed silently, so only they could hear him. Mrs. Baker and Molly turned around and gasped.

"Aww, look at what that naughty Zoisite did to your head!" Jadeite laughed.

"That's nothin' compared to what Sailor Moon will do to *you*!" Molly challenged.

"Oh please. DARK ENERGY, GIVE ME YOUR POWER!!!!" Jadeite yelled, raising his hand in the air.

"OOH NOO!" Mrs. Baker screamed. "HEELLP!"

Sailor Moon looked up with the others. Jadeite zapped a ray at Mrs. Baker. She screamed and froze in terror.

"MOMMA!!" Molly screamed.


~Neflyte....Neflyte...she needs you...~

Neflyte looked up from his sleep in a beautiful, bright place. [Molly! NO! It's not your time!]


Molly dashed over to her mother and pinned her down.

"MOLLY! NO!" Mrs. Baker screamed.

"I must," Molly replied, her eyes welling up with tears. "I love you."

Sailor Moon screamed,"MMMOOOLLLYYYY!" As she saw Jadeite's beam come closer and closer towards her friend. She pulled out her scepter quickly. "MMMMMMMMOOOONNN....SCEPTER...ELIMINATION!!!!!!!"

The scepter's magic instantly vanished Jadeite into dust. But, it was too late.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!" Sailor Moon heard one of her best friend's scream in agony, and her Mrs. Bakers scream in fear.

Molly's scream decreased into a loud moan, then, silence. Mrs. Baker sobbed loudly, hugging her limp daughter close to her. Sailor Mars, although her leg was burnt, rushed over to Molly.

"NNNNNNNNOOOOO!!" Sailor Moon screamed, rushing to Molly too, but her burnt knee caused her to trip and fall.

Sailor Moon coughed as the wind was knocked out of her. Tuxedo Mask helped the crying Sailor Moon up. He watched Sailor Mars fall to her knees by Mrs. Baker. Molly's head bled more then ever as she weakly opened her eyes to see her mother--who she loved more then anything else and Sailor Mars.

"I_I'm....sorry....I...don't wanna go..," Molly coughed.

Rini rushed over, but Sailor Mars held her close so she couldn't watch.

[I can't let Rini watch someone in pain--possibly dying--at such a young, happy age..] she thought through her own tears.

But Rini knew what was going on, and she began to cry.

"Aaaww, Rini...don't cry..," Molly gasped weakly. "You can't be sad...over me."

Rini hugged Sailor Mars tightly, shaking with sobs. Molly breathed heavily, looking up at her mother.

"M_Molly! Don't say this..we'll get you a doctor! A good one! Then...," Mrs. Baker paused and sobbed. "Then everything will be all right!" She kissed her daughter's head, although it was so bloody.

Molly laughed weakly. "No, it won't... Not now..but, one day.."

Mrs. Baker cried harder, along with everyone else. Suddenly, Sailor Venus, Jupiter and Mercury rushed in with Artimus. They gasped, seeing Molly and everyone crying.

"Oh NO! Molly!" Mercury screamed through tears which already began to flow.

Sailor Jupiter and Venus rushed to Sailor Moon with Artimus rushing to Luna.

"Sailor Moon! What happend here?!" Jupiter asked.

Sailor Moon army crawled to Molly with long, tearful sobs. "Molly-chan.... Don't leave me.. What about Melvin? Your mother?"

Molly smiled through her tears. Sailor Moon could tell it wasn't a real smile, but a fake one to calm her down. "Thanks....for....everything........."

Sailor Moon grabbed her friend's hand which was dripping with warm blood. "No...Molly..."

Molly looked up at the ceiling. "One last breath.." she whispered.

With that, a blankness streaked across her bluish-green eyes. But before she could breath a last breath, she dissolved into colorful bubbles.

"MOLLY! MOLLY!" Mrs. Baker screamed.

Everyone burst into more tears, noticing the bubbles and colors were the same as Nefltye's when he died. Soon, nothing was left of Sailor Moon's first best friend except for beautiful bubbles floating up into the ceiling and out into the night sky.

".....Molly...," Sailor Mercury mumbled through her tears and sobs.

"NNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Mrs. Baker and Sailor Moon screamed.

Sailor mars hugged Rini closer, but Rini joined in with Sailor Moon and Mrs. Baker's screams of anguish. Sailor Moon sobbed her dead friend's name once more and fell to the ground, ignoring the pain in her face as she landed on top of it.

[Why must this happen to such innocence? Serena, I will help you through this anguish--I promise.] Tuxedo Mask thought, a little teary himself. [Good-bye, Mol.]



Later that night, Serena laid on her bed, crying as her family watched the news in their living room.

"A young girl was murdered today by some unknown man. The police never found her body. That girl was Molly Baker," the news man said.

Serena's mom hugged her husband. "Serena will never get over this. The poor thing, murdered."

Upstairs, Serena continued to cry as Luna looked up into the night sky. Suddenly, a faint, ghostly image of Molly appeared infront of her face.

"RRRRRRROOOWWWRRRR!" Luna cried, jumping off the bed in horror.

"Serena....," Molly called to her.

Serena looked up in shock. "Molly?! Molly?! Is that you?!"

Serena stood up infront of the ghost. She ran into Molly's arms, crying. Molly hugged her back, a little surprised she could.

"Serenah, remember a few hours ago? I didn't die. I'm up in a middle world with Neflyte. He's healing me back to health so I can come back healthy," Molly explained.

"You can come back?" Serena asked, happily. "How? When?!"

"You have to use your silver crystal to bring me back. Neflyte can't come back because he's already dead. What you're seeing is just a hologram of me."

"Don't worry, Molly! I'll bring you back!"

"Thanks, Sailor Moon." With that, her image disappeared.

Luna got back up onto the bed and spat. "Serena! How will you do that. You can't even find your way to-----!"

"For friendship, Luna, nothing is impossible! Call the other scouts! We're going--tomorrow!" Serena exclaimed.

"You goofball! Call them this late?! You meatball----!"


THE END...for now...