"One Last Breath-To Say Good-Bye" By:CP

Holly's Point of View:

So here I lay, shangled and torn

I know I am too weak to breath as he holds my body.

Moo tried to wave his first attack on us..

My father spat out a wave of energy at my friends..

I couldn't leave it to be.

I am the weaker one..

Always hiding behind Golem..

I'm only good for the Magic Stone..

And since we found the Phoenix, I knew I wasn't needed..

So I took the wave..

Pain filled my body as Moo's red eyes snapped.

Did my father scream in his head?

Or did he laugh at my foolishness?

I collapsed after a minute, feeling my warm blood run down my clothes.

These moments I'm alive..

I look into the eyes of my friends.

Genki holds me..he feels so warm..

Suezo is telling me to stay alive..

Moo stands there, I do not know how he feels.

I smile at all of them, my lungs stopping to breath in the icy air

At least God, please..

Give me one last breath to stay alive...